Top 10 Best Zero Turn Mowers Reviewed In 2017

It’s no secret that Americans love their lawns. Not so cutting them, however. The average person wants to get that lawn mowed in a hurry and then get on to the next job or perhaps something fun. And even people who like to cut their lawns have their limits. This ambivalence – love the lawn but hate the cutting – has resulted in a demand for machines that cut grass efficiently and make fewer physical demands of the operator. Over the years, manufacturers have developed more efficient grass-cutting machines, and the most recent expression of this is known loosely as a zero-turn mower. This is a machine that steers using the rear wheels and is far removed from the traditional front-wheel-steering tractor design of other products.



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№1 – Z-Beast 48ZB Heavy-Duty 48? Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Z-Beast 48ZB Heavy-Duty 48? Zero-Turn Riding Mower
Roll Bar
Safety Seated

This zero-turn mower features a 48-inch width cut, a powerful 20 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, dual hydrostatic drive system and large 20?8-inch wheels for handling uneven terrain. It also has a 12-gauge stamped steel cutting deck that is fairly durable and should provide years of life. This mower also has a number of safety features which include a seat belt system and a roll bar. The manufacturer also added a quick adjust floating deck that can be adjusted from 1.5-inches all the way to 5-inches using half-inch increments. This model also comes equipped with a cup holder, so you always have a place for your water bottle or glass of ice tea.


№2 – Troy-Bilt XP 25HP 60-Inch FAB Deck Zero Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt XP 25HP 60-Inch FAB Deck Zero Turn Mower
60-inch Cut
25 HP V-Twin Engine
Electric Power Take-Off

Equipped with a 60-inch fabricated deck, the Troy-Bilt XP 25HP 60-Inch FAB Deck Zero Turn Mower makes short work of even the toughest mowing jobs. It has a powerful 25 HP Briggs & Stratton twin engine, a reinforced steel frame, a dual hydro-gear ZT-2800 transmission and electric blade engagement that they have named the “Power Take-Off System.” It also features 20-inch rear wheels which allow it to handle different types of terrain. While this mower comes with an impressive suite of features, it’s a bit more expensive than many of its competitors.


№3 – Ariens Max Zoom ZTR

Ariens Max Zoom ZTR
60-inch Cut
25 HP V-Twin Engine
Welded Steel Frame

The Ariens Max Zoom ZTR is a zero-turn mower that features a number of exquisite features. It has a welded steel frame that has 6-deck wheels, 20-inch back wheels, and 13-inch front wheels. Its deck can be raised to one of 9 cutting heights and this mower can mow grass at a speed of up to 8 miles-per-hour. This professional quality also has a 10-gauge cast iron spindle deck that gives it improved durability and performance.


№4 – Husqvarna M-ZT61 Zero Turn 61? Lawn Mower

Husqvarna M-ZT61 Zero Turn 61? Lawn Mower
61-inch Cut
Roll-Over Protection
Fabricated Steel Cutting Deck

The Husqvarna M-ZT61 Zero Turn 61? Lawn Mower is a powerful zero-turn mower that The Husqvarna M-ZT61 Zero Turn 61? Lawn Mower is a powerful zero-turn mower that features an 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck with a 61-inch cutting width, a hydrostatic transmission and a 23-hp FR Series Kawasaki V-Twin engine that delivers a blade-tip speed of 18,500 fpm. It also has a foot-assisted height adjustment that allows the user to adjust the cutting height from 1.5-inches to 4.5-inches. While this mower doesn’t have seat belts, it does have a rollover protection system to keep the operator safe during a mishap.
This mower’s V-twin engine provides professional level grass cutting and this mower is exceptionally easy to handle thanks to its transmission. This professional mower might be a little expensive for homeowners though, and that’s something worth considering before purchasing it.


№5 – Troy-Bilt 42 XP Mustang

Troy-Bilt 42 XP Mustang
42-inch Cut
Electric Power Take-Off

The Troy-Bilt 42 XP Mustang Zero-Turn Mower is an inexpensive mower that does a good job at mowing grass. This is thanks to its 22HP Twin Courage Kohler engine and its dual EZT transmission. These features allow this mower to move forward at a speed of about 7 miles-per-hour and to reverse at a speed of about 2.5 miles-per-hour. It also comes equipped with an electric powered blade engagement system that allows you to your mowing started a lot quicker. This mower also features a heavy-duty frame and 8-deck height positions.


№6 – Poulan Pro 541ZX Dual Hydro-Gear Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

Poulan Pro 541ZX Dual Hydro-Gear Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower
54-inch Cut
Dual Hydro-Gear EZT Drive System
Electric Blade Engagement

The Poulan Pro 541ZX Dual Hydro-Gear Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is a mower that’s more inexpensive than many of the models it competes against but doesn’t skimp on quality. This mower features a 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Professional engine, an electric clutch 3-blade engagement system and its deck can be adjusted from 1.5-inches all the way up to 4-inches. It also features a dual hydro-gear EZT drive system and can move forward at a top speed of 6 miles-per-hour.


№7 – Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower
61-inch Cut
Hydrostatic Gear Transmission
Electric Blade Engagement
Powerful Briggs and Stratton Endurance Engine

The Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower is not only durable and a solid performer but it also manages to squeeze in a number of features which make this mower a lot more comfortable to use. This mower features a 61-inch cutting deck that’s made out of fabricated steel and features a smooth hydrostatic gear transmission. It also has seats with high backs and armrests that make this machine a lot easier to use on long mower jobs. And to top it all off, it’s powered with a 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance V-twin engine.


№8 – Swisher ZT2760B Zero Turn Riding Mower

Swisher ZT2760B Zero Turn Riding Mower
60-inch Cut
Welded Steel Cutting Deck
8-Gallon Fuel Capacity
Powerful Briggs and Stratton Endurance Engine

The Swisher ZT2760B Zero Turn Riding Mower is a professional mower designed for professionals. It features a 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Extended Life Series V-twin electric start engine that’s mounted on an 11-gauge welded steel cutting deck that has a 60-inch cutting path. This z-turn mower features an hydrostatic transmission, pivoting front axle, 3 mulching blades, 20-inch rear tires and a manual spring-assisted deck lift. All the tools needed to get the job done right.


№9 – Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Mower

Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX Mower
54-inch Cut
Hydro gear EZT transmission
10-Year Warranty
Powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine

Professional grade jobs require professional grade mowers such as the Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX. This zero-turn mower features a 24 HP Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine on a 54-inch stamped cutting deck with a Hydro-gear EZT transmission. It also features an electric clutch, seats with high backs, 18-inch rear tires and a 3.5-gallon fuel tank. The Poulan Pro 967331001 P54ZX is a zero-turn mower which can handle a multitude of jobs and get them done quickly and efficiently.


№10 – Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin Zero Turn Mower
54-inch Cut
Dual hydro-gear EZT transmission

Although the Husqvarna 967324101 V-Twin Zero Turn Mower is priced like many of its lower-priced competitors and this mower manages to do a professional level job. It features a 54-inch stamped steel cutting deck, a dual Hydro-gear EZT transmission and a spring-assisted deck lift system. And all of this is powered by a 24 HP 724cc V-twin Endurance engine. This mower has just the right features to accomplish just about any job before it.


Why Buy A Zero Turn Mower?

Precise Mowing

Zero turn mowers can get up close and personal with any obstacle, including trees and flower beds and because of its ability to turn on the spot you will never miss a single blade of grass ever again.

Extended Reach

Zero turn mowers can cut your mowing time in half. If you have a lawn of more than 3/4 of an acre getting a zero turn mower can really help making mowing much less of a chore.

Easy To Use

Zero turn mowers don’t require a licence or any special training, infact its more like using a shopping trolley than a motorised vehicle, learning is so easy that it can be mastered in minutes.

Grass Striping

Ever wanted the type of striping you see at professional football fields or really fancy houses? Well now you can, with a little practice you can turn your own lawn into something that wouldn’t look out of place at a professional sports stadium.

Great Investment

If you take care of your zero turn mower and keep it well maintained then your mower could last you many, many years. A really well kept zero turn mower could be your trusty companion for many decades.

Types Of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers come in all different shapes and sizes, the smaller variations are perfect for those smaller lawn areas while the commercial grade models are used on far larger areas, these are the kinds you will see mowing parks or golf courses. Unsurprisingly the larger the mower the more expensive the price, if you know the size of your lawn then you should be able to easily work out the best zero turn mower to suit your needs.

Compact Residential

Zero turn mowers, just like your typical ride-on mower, come in all shapes and sizes, the smallest being a compact version. These small Zero Turn Mowers are usually about half the size of full commercial size models with deck sizes ranging between 32 and 42 inches. These compact mowers offer a lot in terms of performance and power, whilst not costing as much as a larger zero turn mower.


A residential zero turn mower will have a deck size of between 42 and 52 inches. They are larger than the compact variants and offer more cutting options as well as a larger engine. They will also often come with other additional features such as foot assisted deck lifts, hour gauges etc. If you have a lawn larger than one acre but less than 1.5 acres then this is the best zero turn mower to own.

Estate Class

Estate class zero turn mowers are similar in size to residential zero turn mowers but offer larger engines, greater construction and are far more rugged and durable.

Entry Level Commercial

Designed for those with larger gardens, these entry-level commercial zero turn mowers tend to have far larger decks than your typical residential zero turn mower, typically between 42 and 61 inches.


You will see these large machines on your golf course, parks and other public property around your town or city. They have the widest cutting path, largest engines, premium drive systems, larger fuel tanks and more speed than the smaller models. Commercial zero turn mowers generally cost at least twice that of an average residential zero turn mower and can have decks as large as 72 inches!

Factors To Consider When Buying A Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

Lawn Size

If you have a small lawn then their is absolutely no reason to buy a zero turn lawn mower, however, if you have over 1/4 acre then a zero turn mower can be one of the best tools you ever purchase. Those who have a lot of land may wish to choose a faster mower so you can get the job done quicker.


One of the best features of a zero turn mower is the speed in which you can get the job done. The zero turn mower is far faster than their bulkier lawn tractor cousins and will reach speeds of up to 8 MPH or more. Those with large lawns will find the faster zero turn mowers far more beneficial to them as they will get the job done quicker.


If you’re going to be spending time on a mower then you want the seat to be comfortable, ensuring that the seat is ergonomic and designed with comfort in mind will make the task of mowing the lawn a far more pleasant experience.


A zero turn mower has a lot of parts, peace of mind is something that many people look for when making such a large purchase. Many of the best zero turn mower models will come with warranties of between 2 and 5 years, if this is something that worries you then you may want to look at a mower with one of the longer warranties.

High Performance Engine

The fastest mowers on the market, commercial zero turns will zip across the grass at speeds up to 13 miles per hour (mph).

These mowers are powered by high-performance Kawasaki or Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines. Considered some of the best lawn mower engines available, these reliable powerhouses have up to 30 horsepower (HP) of grass devouring strength.


When you’re mowing all day, you want as comfortable a ride as possible. Look for a commercial zero turn mower with full-suspension for the smoothest ride.

Full suspension isn’t just good for the operator, it actually allows the mower to cut better. With full-suspension, the mower will follow the contours of the lawn for the most consistent cut. The reduced shock also requires less repairs.

Mowing Deck

It’s not all about size, it’s how you use it… Sure a 61″ deck is more than 5 feet of cutting girth, but the decks on commercial zero turns are built with performance features not found elsewhere.

Look for decks with sloped fronts, which push the grass up, resulting in a more consistent cut. Some decks on commercial ZTR mowers include a revolutionary cutting system that allows for superior airflow discharge and enhanced cut quality.

Stand-On Mowers

Time-Saving Technology

One of my biggest gripes with riding mowers is the huge time consumption. I get it; they’re made for larger acres of land after all. The thing is all that extra time spent curving around houses, trees and flower beds (and even the stray pet or two) add up.

The extra maneuverability gained from a zero-turn mower will shred your mowing time down to a fraction of what it once was. This also means a reduced cost in gas consumption every time its time for a trim.

Reduced Hassle

The new technology doesn’t stop at the wheels. You will also notice at the end of every mow that your lawn looks more even and tame than before. This is due to the higher blade tip speed over traditional mowers, decreasing the volume of grassy debris strewn across your lawn.

This speed coupled with its maneuverability guarantees the easiest time you will ever experience when moving near obstacles. I can no longer use the ‘weird edges’ at the end of my flower bed as an excuse to ignore them. Less trimming, less mulch, less hassle and more efficiency. Simple.

Longer Lifespan

You’ll be thankful for all the time saved once you make your purchase and so will your mower! More time saved means less time spent on the task, increasing the life expectancy of your new mower significantly. It is definitely an investment worth making if you’re like me and face this daunting task on a weekly basis.

The Zero-Turn Trend

The machines that we tested are direct descendants of the commercial cutting machines introduced several years ago. They are designed to cut so closely around obstacles that they nearly eliminate the need to trim. One advantage of these machines is that they pivot through 180 degrees without leaving a circle of uncut grass (the radius or diameter of the uncut circle is one measure of a conventional mower’s cutting ability).

The typical design of a zero-turn mower has each rear wheel connected to a hydrostatic transmission – a device that creates wheel rotation using pressurized fluid. Rotational force from the engine turns a pulley-operated pump that pressurizes the transmission fluid. When you move a steering/speed lever, you are controlling the flow of fluid through the transmission and the rotational speed or the forward/reverse direction of a drive wheel. Maximum lever movement means maximum fluid flow, which translates into a rapidly turning wheel. If one drive wheel turns more rapidly than the other, the machine moves along a curved path. If both wheels turn at the same speed, the machine follows a straight path. If one wheel stops and the other turns, or if the wheels turn in opposite directions, the mower pivots.

Are these machines a good fit for you? It’s true that they deal effectively with maneuverability – aggressively so, in fact. The question is: Do you want or need that much maneuverability? Read on to sort it out.

Shake Out

Well, here’s how it all shakes out. Husqvarna has had years of experience with its machine overseas, so it has had time to work the bugs out of its design. Its machine proved to be the most refined and easiest to use. It was comfortable and comparatively quiet, and its four-wheel design allowed it to work well over either smooth or bumpy ground. In all, it’s a great mower.

Next is the Simplicity. Although it tested as the loudest mower, it was well designed, and it cut nicely.

The Craftsman and Ariens mowers, not surprisingly, ranked very closely together, with the Craftsman just barely edging out the Ariens for third place because it seemed slightly more comfortable. The Ariens is appreciably quieter, however.

We wanted at least one of the test mowers to mark the outside edge of what a homeowner can buy, and this slot was assigned Cub Cadet because it was the only manufacturer that had such a broad line of these machines. The Cub received high marks for its rugged, commercial-like construction, but it handled a bit too aggressively, we thought, so it’s probably not a good fit for the suburban homeowner. We would recommend, however, considering the company’s smaller, lighter and less powerful mowers.

That leaves the Snapper. The testers were unanimous on this one. We understand that Snapper wanted to build a big, rugged machine that’s simple to operate and maintain, hence the single joystick. But we just don’t agree with where the company took the product’s design. If you like the basic, farm implement nature of Snapper’s products, perhaps you will like this mower. It just wasn’t for us.

Consider your lawn

Say your lawn is riddled with little nooks and crannies you need to reach, I know mine sure is with all those weird edges along my flower bed. You should then firstly consider the size of your cutting deck. Too wide a cutting deck and those narrow spaces would become a hassle to fit your mower through. Cutting deck heights usually range from 1.5” to 4.5”.

The next component to consider would be the mower’s engine. If you have previous experience hauling around larger riding mowers, you would be thankful for the volume you’ll be saving with a zero-turn mower. Since the task requires much less time, the fuel tank does not need to be as large. It would normally come equipped with a fuel tank that has about 5 gallon capacity and can be upgraded or downgraded to suit your lawn size.

Engine power also tends sit within a range of 20-45 gross horsepower and is again dependant on the extent of lawn you are working with. Considering my lawn to be somewhat average in size, I have settled with a 25 gross HP engine. Do not forget to accompany any more powerful engines with the appropriate battery supply! The power you need should not really exceed this unless you customize your mower to an extent that requires that sort of output.

Speaking of customization, let me walk you through some of the variety that you will be in store for.

Customizable Parts

There exists an array of customizable parts available for your zero-turn mower, including everything from air filters and alternators to anti-vibration mounts and cruise control. You can even customize your very own decal to give your mower a bit of personality!

I would argue the most important parts to consider would be your wheels and their corresponding drivetrain dimensions. Where does your mower plan to go? Do you need deck wheels to cross over wooden surfaces or high wheels to tackle taller grass? There exist much more types such as caster wheels, cartwheels, plastic wheels and even solid tire assemblies to accommodate any possible surface you can imagine.

Don’t forget! Equally as important are your drivetrain dimensions, so if you intend to change your wheels, remember to consider its length. These measurements will differ between the tires, with your front requiring a shorter, thinner drivetrain and your rear requiring a longer, thicker drivetrain.

Now you have everything you need to know about the zero-turn mower… well almost everything. There’s just one more point to cover.

Cutting Types


The majority of pedestrian mowers are rotary type mowers. This means the cutting of the grass is done by a blade or blades. IGM supply pedestrian rotary mowers from ProPlus, Simplicity and Honda and can all be bought from our website. If you are interested in buying a Honda pedestrian mower, here is a useful buying guide to assist you in making your decision

Flail Mowers

A flail mower is a type of mower that uses banks of ‘flails’ instead of blades. Flail mowers are used for cutting heavier grass/scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with. A flail mower will excel in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, utility, maintenance, construction sites, road right-of-ways, trails and all other areas needing bush or overgrown area control. If there are loose objects such as hidden in the scrub the deck will throw the object out, and the mower will simply bounce off any hard immovable objects.

Multi-purpose Single Axle mowers

Irish Grass Machinery supply single axle multi-purpose mowers from AEBI. These mowers are highly versatile and are ideal for use by professional contractors and public works, where steep embankments, wet conditions and bad weather will be encountered. There is a choice of tyre available for different terrain and the cutting method can be interchanged – flail mower, mowing device, cutter, double cutter. There are also snow plough and brush attachments.

Grass Collection / Discharge

Bagging System

The majority of pedestrian mowers include a grass collection bag to the rear to collect the grass and allow you to dispose of the grass easily.


Mulching is the process by which cut grass cut further into much smaller pieces and then returned to your lawn without the need for bagging.

Some pedestrian mowers both cut and mulch and a mulching plug is available which, when inserted, allows the colecction bag to be removed, the Honda HRX range of pedestrian mowers have the ‘VersaMow’ system which gives the user the option of collecting the grass or mulching, by simply moving a lever.

Cutting Width

Most pedestrian lawnmowers have a cutting width between 18″ and 22″. The wider the cutting width the quicker it will be to cut your lawn. If you are a contractor looking for a pedestrian lawnmower for larger areas, or areas that may be overgrown or embankments, then the Ferris range of pedestrian mowers is for you. The Ferris range have huge cutting widths, from 32″ up to 61″

Method of Propulsion

Push Mowers

For smaller, level gardens, a push mower may be sufficient for your needs. While the rotary blade is powered by petrol, the user has to push the mower around the garden. Push mowers are at the lower end of the price range of pedestrian mowers but will provide a top class cut for your lawn

Self Propelled Mowers

A self propelled mower will travel under its own power meaning there is no great effort required on the part of the user, apart from guiding the lawnmower, changing direction and avoiding obstacles. A combination of self propulsion and manual pushing can be used on gradients. Self Propelled lawn mowers can come with variable speed– Honda HRX476 – or one speed – Pro Plus 18″ lawnmower.


If you are an occasional lawnmower user, with a small to medium sized garden, engine size andpower may not be as important to you as a professional contractor who is using the mower on a daily basis.

Transmission Type

Hydrostatic transmissions are available on higher end pedestrian lawnmowers. A hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are used to power the lawnmower. A lawnmower with a hydrostatic transmission can provide a high amount of power in a compact size, once the components are checked regularly and maintained a hydrostatic lawnmower will outlast a conventional lawnmower

Other Things to think about before purchasing a pedestrian lawnmower

Cutting Height

Cutting height is important for anybody using a lawn mower. For lawncare and professional groundscare a low cutting height is very important, more so than for a professional contractor looking for a machine for cutting verges, large green areas and embankments. Adjustable cutting height is something to look out for when buying a lawn mower. There may be times, such as a the start of the grass cutting season, when your lawn or grassy area is particularly long or overgrown, in this instance a higher cutting height would be useful for the first cut, therefore a mower with adjustable cutting height is important. Most have adjustable heights, some are adjustable using one lever, others have adjustable levers on the individual wheels.

Lawnmower Parts, maintenance, repairs

After making your purchase it is important to keep your mower well maintained, this should be done according to the manufacturers instructions, ensuring safety at all times, by the user or a professional. The availability of parts should also be taken into account when buying, Irish Grass Machinery supply parts for all the major brands it supplies. Sometimes, when buying lower end machines from big brand stores, the buyer will have difficulty sourcing a part.


At the end of the summer season, and between cuts, the lawnmower needs to be stored in a safe secure location, away from the elements. If your storage space is limited you may need to think about buying a lawnmower with a folding handle to save space. Also, the larger the cutting width, the wider the space required to store the lawnmower.

Servicing your Lawnmower

Regular servicing ensures you get the most from your lawnmower. You can get your mower professionally service, but with pedestrian lawnmowers you can do this yourself. Here is a handy video from Briggs and Stratton on how to service your lawnmower with Briggs and Stratton engine.

Simplicity (view the Simplicity Range) are a Briggs and Stratton company, and Irish Grass Machinery are the distributor for Simplicity products in Ireland.

Types: Lap-Bar, Steering Wheel/Joy-Stick, Stand-on.

Grillo Front Deck ZTR. Styles: Mid-Deck, Front Deck. Mid-deck mowers are the most common and you sit over the deck. A front deck mower is where the deck sticks out the front of the mower. The front deck mower is highly maneuverable and gives you the highest quality of cut.

Before we get into the specifics of the different mowers you may want to read this article: Do you really need a zero-turn mower? 17 reasons why you may not want one.

Economy Lap Bar Zero Turn

If a lap-bar zero-turn looks too complicated to learn or you are not willing to spend the extra money for the second transmission on a steering wheel ZTR the Craftsman Yard Tractors and Craftsman Pro Series Lawn Tractors with the Turn-Tight steering will mow and trim your lawn almost as fast. They use a special front steering that makes the lawn tractors almost as agile as a zero-turn mower. * Watch this video to see the original advertising claim: Toro Time Cutter

Economy Steering Wheel Zero Turn

Lap-Bar zero-turns are the most agile and are easy to learn to use for most people. They give you the most time savings. Steering wheel zero-turns are more expensive but anyone can use them because they drive just like your car. The steering wheel versions give you the advantages of a zero turn mower without tearing up your lawn.

If an Economy Zero Turn Is Best For You go here to select the best size and brand for you: 2017 Economy Zero-Turns

Good For: Smooth-ish Lawns With Light/Medium Slopes

This is the most popular segment of zero-turns for homeowners. These mowers are an upgrade over your old lawn or garden tractor. This quality level of zero turn mower will easily cut your mowing time in half because they are more agile than a lawn or garden tractor and are designed to mow faster than your tractor. These mowers will mow well at 5-7 mph.

Different Classes of Zero Turn Mowers

Buying a zero turn mower is not quite as simple as purchasing your standard lawnmower. While buying a riding mower is really nothing more than deciding how much power and cut width you want, there are some other considerations when purchasing a zero turn. There are several classifications that these machines fall into, and knowing the difference will help you make the right purchase for your needs.


These are the larger cousins of Compact Residential mowers, and have a larger footprint. Often, they have more cutting widths and horsepower options available. Residential units also contain more options that may include hour gauges, electric clutches, and foot assisted deck lifts. However, these models may be bigger than the compact units, but they are good options for the customer with more available space, more yard to cut and are looking for a higher comfort level. Generally deck sizes range from 42” to 54”.

Estate Class

Estate class Zero Turn mowers are heavier duty residential class mowers. Normally the biggest difference is in cutting deck. Estate class mowers typically have fabricated decks which are heavier construction that stamped decks. As they are designed for larger jobs, they also may have premium engines, higher performance transmissions and better quality seats for superior comfort. The Estate Class mowers are truly designed for large homeowner demands and these mowers were manufactured for that exact purpose.

Entry Level C ommercial

These Zero Turn mowers are designed for commercial needs on a budget. They are often commercial quality machines with all the necessities but fewer creature comforts. While these models have high power, quality and performance, they may have smaller transmissions, standard seats and thinner gauge cutting decks. Small landscapers and owner operators enjoy this class of mower because they fit perfect in their business plans and are great investments. Generally deck sizes range from 42” to 61”.


Commercial Zero Turn mowers are what most people think of when they picture a Zero turn mower. They are large, powerful, have a wide cut path and many ergonomically designed comfort features. These models include heavier duty cutting decks, premium drive systems, higher fuel capacities, greater speeds, and premium manufactured qualities. Commercial models are designed for contractors with multiple users, that will use the mower for a full workday and demand minimum down time. Productivity, serviceability, and durability are the foundation building blocks for Commercial Zero-Turn mowers. Generally deck sizes range from 48” to 72”.

What Are Some Technologies That This Lawn Mower Offer?

With some of the most modern advancements in lawn maintenance today, the Husqvarna Z264I series offers a number of user-friendly options. First, it boasts SmartSwitch ignition technology, which allows for easy functionality. This means you don’t need to go searching for the key anymore—at the touch of a button (and without a key entirely), your mower is up and running and ready to go. The buttons on this panel also function as a numbered personal keypad to unlock with your personalized security code. Don’t worry—if you need to reset your passcode for any reason, the new entry is super easy to reset. Also, don’t waste time trouble shooting the battery. The SmartSwitch panel lights up to show that the battery is charged and it’s ready to be started so that you know everything is operating properly with the battery.

Other panel features in easy reach are the blade rotation and mower engine speed. Slide the lever forward to increase speed of both the engine and the blades. Slide the lever backward to decrease speed. Easily engage the mower blades by pulling up on the red knob that activates the blades. Also, one of the most convenient features of the power panel in this Husqvarna is the hour meter. By easily displaying the hours in which your machine has worked, you can see when it’s time for a maintenance check-up so you can service your machine before something goes wrong.

A convenient feature this mower presents is the removable foot plate. With just a quick turn of a knob, you can easily access all the parts and belts which will need regular replacement. This makes maintenance a breeze and keeps your mower healthy and on the lawn instead of in the garage!

For the actual cutting deck, you can enjoy some cool and advanced features. There are anti-scalp gage wheels mounted to the base of the mowing deck for the times you’re on uneven terrain and risk damaging your blades by cutting too closely. These small wheels help ensure your mowing deck aligns correctly with the surface you’re on. This allows you to be able to mow on some mildly uneven or even hilly terrain.

The engine itself is highly advanced with a 23HP/724cc Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series V-Twin OHV Engine. Offering a quieter sound, this engine operates more smoothly than many comparable engines. It is also mounted with a 46-Inch Reinforced Stamped Steel Mower Deck. This is a heavy-grade steel that prevents damage. You can also engage your blades easily with a smooth clutch that’s easy to operate.

What is Air Induction Technology?

One of the most advanced and helpful features of this Husqvarna zero turn mower is its air induction technology. While some mowers have no such technology, this machine guarantees the best cut. Air induction technology draws air from the top and bottom of the deck in order to lift the grass up to be cut. This makes cutting quick, smooth, and even as opposed to a difficult or hacked job if grass lays over on its side. A mower that doesn’t offer this technology leaves a completely different cut than one which has the air induction.

If you ever get a little too close to an object, with this machine it’s not an issue. There’s a clever design on the front of the mower to prevent damaging the actual unit. This advanced and cool-looking bumper prevents any mishaps and allows you the peace of mind you need when taking care of your lawn. It also houses the new LED headlights which are easily turned on and off at the touch of a button. With LED lights, your pathway will be well lit and easy to see.

On top of all these advanced technologies, you have some great options. If you’re adhering to a budget but would like to bag your cut grass, you can choose to purchase a perfectly-fitting double bin collection system. This catches the grass you’ve cut. Or, if you’re looking for maximum storage and don’t mind paying an additional bit up front, try the triple bag collection system which bags up to three separate bins for catching the grass you’ve cut.

Drive safe

While manual transmission is a solid budget choice, an automatic/hydrostatic transmission model will allow you to speed up, slow down and reverse without changing gears. You can even get cruise control on some models, to make long mowing sessions more comfortable.

If you will have to back up, look for models that either automatically stop the blades when you select reverse or have a reverse override switch. A seat shut-off switch that stops the blades if you get off the mower is also an essential safety feature.




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Final Word

Each mower has individual features and users. Some mowers are for commercial uses; some are for household uses. But now it’s your choice which one should you buy within your budget. Here in this top 10 best zero turn reviews 2017, we figured out only the best products for you comparing all the features and the quality of the machine.

If you are still confused, you can go through these zero turn mowers review again to figure out which one is best for you. Go to the buyer’s guideline section and read them carefully and decide which type of mower you want. Also, what things you should keep in mind before choosing one of them.

All the above best zero turn mowers provide high-performance and own great features. Select your budget, go for one of the zero turn mowers, and turn your lawn into a beautiful art piece over years as no one had ever seen.

So, TOP10 of Zero Turn Mowers:



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