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Top Of The Best Wooden Games Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Wooden Games of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Hansen Games Classic Wooden Chess Set 15″ Inlaid Board with Hand Carved Chessmen and Storage

Hansen Games Classic Wooden Chess Set 15
GREAT FOR BEGINNERS-Board measures 15″x15″ and includes 32 hand carved Staunton (standard) chess pieces with instructions.
QUALITY- Inlaid burlwood board and hand carved pieces with felt bases. Antique brass clasp.
STORAGE- Interior of the board has felted storage compartments for each piece– no rattling!


№2 – Bits and Pieces – Mikado Rules Wooden Board Game-A Classic wooden Land Mine Board Game Family Game – Board Measures 11-1/2” x 7”

Bits and Pieces - Mikado Rules Wooden Board Game-A Classic wooden Land Mine Board Game Family Game - Board Measures 11-1/2'' x 7''
Here’s a venerable challenge that could humble even a Japanese emperor!
The object is to remove the pieces one by one without the spring loaded arm sending the other pieces flying.
Accumulate points by pulling and collecting colored pieces.


№3 – Monkey Pod Games Premium Wooden Puzzle Gift Set

Monkey Pod Games Premium Wooden Puzzle Gift Set
A fabulous box that contains beautiful and finely crafted wooden puzzles.
Includes access to full solution.



If you are brand new to this woodworking thing, here is some advice to get you going with a router. First, make sure that you are always moving the router opposite the rotation of the bit.

That sounds confusing, but this will help you keep control of the router because your bit will be digging into the wood and moving forward. You’ll probably know when you are doing it wrong because the router will feel more erratic in your hand. A router going in the right direction will feel very smooth and almost effortless.

Also when first starting, make sure you practice on some wood that you don’t care too much about.

It sounds obvious, but you’ll be so anxious that you’ll want to dive right in and start making dovetails and dados on your antique wood cabinets or something crazy…

Here is some more advice for beginners from the Family Handyman.

Requirements of do-it-all Router

Ample power to run any bit, even the largest panel-raisers.

A variable-speed motor with soft-start and electronic feedback for maintaining speed under load.

Good balance and features for handheld fixed-depth routing.

Changing router bits is very quick to do.

As you can see, there are a lot of good things to say about the Dewalt DWP611PK combo kit router. One of the big game changers is the reliability of the dust collection hood, which you won’t find on just any router.

Also the fact that you’re buying a combo kit ready for plunge routing means that you’ll be able to tackle just about any job. 


If you’re new to woodworking it really can be a great skill and enjoyable hobby for people of all ages.

Your router is going to be your best friend, so my suggestion is that you don’t skimp on it. As they say, if you buy on price you buy twice. The DeWalt model we recommend isn’t overly expensive, but it really will get the job done for people of all skill levels.

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Are you newly retired and looking to stay active? Perhaps you’re looking for a sport that you can learn to play quickly. Pickleball is a fast-paced paddle sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels.  

Having the right pickleball equipment is essential to learning and enjoying the game right away.  The rules of the game are fairly simple to understand for beginners.

Since this fun sport involves several elements of ping-pong, tennis and badminton, you need a special paddle to play with. Choosing the right paddle can be a daunting task since like any other sport, the right equipment plays a crucial role in helping you win the point.


Pickleball Paddle: You cannot start your game without a paddle. There are hundreds of paddles available on the market today, all in various colors and styles. Users must also pay attention to the material and weight of the paddle before making a purchase.

Pickleball Balls: Pickleball balls are unlike any other you have ever seen before. The hollow plastic balls have several holes and are categorized for outdoor or indoor use. The indoor balls typically have larger holes and are not as durable while on the other hand, outdoor balls are constructed using harder plastic and have much smaller holes.  Pickleball balls typically come in packs of or 1and can vary in color based on the court you’re playing on.

Pickleball Net: If you are about to set up your own court, you will require a net. There are several net systems you can choose from and most of them come with a handy carrying bag. Invest in a portable net system that you can set up anywhere you go or simply purchase a simple net if you have a permanent court with sturdy posts.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Pickleball Paddle

The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a great pair of dedicated pickleball shoes.  You can read more about how pickleball shoes can help prevent injuries here.  You can read about the best pickleball shoes here. The second essential piece of pickleball equipment you need is a paddle. The paddle must feel comfortable in your hands and should be easy to maneuver. Here are a couple of important factors you should keep in mind to select a paddle that is right for you:

Grip Size

Paddles are available in a variety of sizes, hence you should choose one according to your grip size. A larger paddle can easily slip from your hands, causing injury. People usually prefer smaller grips as it improves wrist action, leading to more control and spin. To determine which grip size is right for you, print out a handy size chart or use a ruler to measure the distance from the middle crease of your palm to the tip of your ring finger.

If you are between grip sizes, we recommend you opt for a smaller grip for better control or use an overgrip. An overgrip is a soft padding that is taped around the grip of the paddle to keep it from slipping in your hands.

Weight is one of the most important factors when choosing the right paddle. The normal weight ranges between oz. to 1oz.  Lighter paddles stay between to oz. while heavier ones are oz. and above. While a heavier paddle may be difficult to maneuver, lighter does not necessarily mean better. Choose the weight according to your age, skill level and most importantly, comfort. The weight of the paddle affects the swing speed and the reaction time.

Heavy-weight Paddles

A heavier paddle aids in driving the ball, helping you make awesome power shots but offers less control. Additionally, the extra weight can strain your arm and affect your overall performance. Sometimes, a weak player can benefit from a heavier paddle as it increases deflection or power, allowing you to hit the ball at a much faster rate without putting in too much effort. Use a heavy paddle for single matches if you want to add more oomph to your slams and hard shots.

Light-weight Paddles

Lightweight paddles are easier to maneuver and offer better control. However, a paddle that is too light may cause more vibration in your arm and elbow, affecting your control and accuracy.  In addition, lighter paddles may make it harder to place deep shots to your opponent’s baseline.  Deep shots are a key component to pickleball strategy, so choosing a paddle that allows for that is essential.

You want to look good when you are winning right? Pickleball paddles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can choose one according to your preferences. Basic paddles like wooden ones tend to be vanilla looking, however the more high-tech paddles offer bright color schemes and immediately give off the impression of an advanced player.  If you don’t have the skills, you can at least look the part with these paddles!

If you thought color does not play an important role in the game, you are wrong. The USAPA makes it illegal for players to use yellow paddles or wear yellow shirts as it makes it harder for your opponent to see the ball coming off the paddle.  No cheating!

Handle Length

A longer handle shortens the paddle face. Newer players who want to enjoy the sport are likely to benefit from a longer handle length for greater comfort and control. Additionally, some players state a longer handle improves paddle balance and offers more stability.

Paddle Deflection

Paddle deflection is a term used to measure how rigid a paddle is. The deflection can be measured by putting a weight on the center of the paddle and measuring how much the paddle bends.  Most composite paddles have the heaviest amount of deflection because of their textured surface.  This allows them to be great options for putting spin on the ball.

Different Kinds of Paddles

Choosing the right pickleball paddle can be overwhelming.  Paddles can be categorized into different types, based on materials.  These materials give the paddle different attributes, strengths and weaknesses.  Needless to say, the paddle can be the most confusing piece of pickleball equipment you’ll ever buy.  However, we’re here to shed some light on the subject and walk you through the pros and cons of each type of pickleball paddle.  Some of the most common paddle types include:

Wooden Pickleball Paddles

Wooden pickleball paddles are a decent choice for beginners  or those who have just started playing the sport. These paddles are lightweight and offer a better grip. Additionally, wooden paddles are inexpensive as compared to other materials and can also be used by children without worrying about damage.

Swinger Pickleball Paddle

Affordable Price: Unlike other paddles on the market, the Swinger Pickleball Paddle is available at an incredibly reasonable price.

Sturdy Build: The sturdy and strong build offers a better grip to the user, preventing accidents and resulting in better shots.

Offers Flexibility: The wooden paddle offers more control and power, allowing the user to swing the ball naturally and with better flexibility.

Heavy: While Swinger Pickleball Paddles are available at an affordable price, they are heavier than most wooden paddles in the market and are not much different in weight than graphite paddles. Many players have complained that this paddle has resulted in arm strain.

Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle

The Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle is constructed from hardwood. Each paddle is cut from 7-ply hardwood, resulting in a highly durable product. A large number of community centers, youth programs and recreation centers invest in these paddles to train inexperienced players without worrying about causing damage to expensive products.

Lightweigh t Construction: The Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle is much lighter than other wooden paddles in the market.

Quality Black Tape Grip: This well-constructed wooden paddle features a quality black tape grip that provides comfort and also results in better performance. Additionally, you can take off the grip if it bothers you.

Rope Wrist Strap: Does the paddle keep slipping out of your hands? Rest assured, the Taiwan Diller Wood Paddle features a rope strap that you can hang on your wrist, keeping the paddle secure in your arm instead of worrying about it falling on the floor.

Only for Beginners: These paddles are best suited for beginners, hence if you wish to play pickleball as a competitive sport, you will have to invest in a composite, or graphite paddle instead.

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Graphite Pickleball paddles are among the most popular paddle types on the market today. However, players must understand that there is no such thing as a 100% graphite pickleball paddle and there are several different grades of graphite.

Pro Lite Sports Aero-D Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Aero-D Graphite Paddle is one of the lightest graphite paddles ever – 6.oz! The lightweight design features carbon fiber to improve responsive performance and result in better shots. This is the lightest paddle in the Pro-Lite series and is a popular paddle among pickleball enthusiasts.

Lightweight Construction: The lightweight construction allows users to play for longer periods without experiencing fatigue. Additionally, the paddle is easy to maneuver and handle for new and experienced players.

Longer Handle: The Aero-D Graphite Paddle features a longer hand that provides extra comfort to players, especially those who are accustomed to playing tennis.

Reasonable Price: Unlike other graphite paddles in the market, the Aero-D Graphite Paddle is available at an affordable price.

Too Light: The Aero-D Graphite Paddle is not a good choice for players who are looking for a heavy paddle that will add more power to their shots.

Smaller Paddle Face: The Aero-D Graphite Paddle features a smaller paddle face than other paddles on the market, making it harder to hit the squarely on the paddle’s sweet spot.  This is not ideal for beginners.

Overall, the Aero-D Graphite Paddle is not a bad buy but it is more suitable for experienced players.

Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle

The Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle features the i nherent powers of the PowerCore technology. The paddle features an intricate graphite surface with a slick glossy finish that is great for under-spin and top-spin shots. Additionally, the polymer core increases responsiveness and allows the player to take the best shots with ease.

Exceptional Design: The Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle features a lightly textured graphite face with a honeycomb core structure to help you get extra spin and prevent dead spots. The eye-catching design is sure to catch the attention of your opponent while increasing your performance.

Vibrant Colors: For anybody who wishes to add more color in their life at the pickleball court, the Epic Polymer PowerCore Graphite Paddle is the solution to all your problems. The vibrant colors are a showstopper and will give you an extra oomph when you are performing.

Durability: The high quality design combined with the edge guard increases the longevity of the product, making it resistant to external damage.

Bad Paint Job: Some players have complained about the paint fading. This appears to be the only con of the product. However, keep in mind that the PowerCore Graphite Paddle features an excellent design and comes in vibrant colors.

Attack 2.0 Paddle

The Attack 2.0 Paddle is an excellent paddle that offers great power and comfort for all kinds of players, irrespective of age and skill level. The paddle features a graphite face, covered with UV vinyl and is designed to withstand the harsh rays of the sun. The paddle features an aluminum honey comb core like the original Attack paddle but offers extra spin to help you make those tricky “dink” shots.

Wide Paddle Surface: The Attack 2.0 Paddle features a wide paddle surface of 8” that provides a sufficient hitting surface to users.

Tall Paddle: The paddle has a total length of 15-3/4” that is comparatively much larger than other paddles on the market.

Black Edge Guard: The paddle features a black edge guard that protects the paddle against damage in case you plan on playing outdoors or drop the paddle on a rough surface.

Heavy-weight: The paddle weighs around 5.pounds that may be too heavy for some players, especially beginners.

Composite Pickleball Paddle

Composite pickleball paddles generally consist of fiberglass hitting surfaces combined with an aluminum or polymer core. These paddles are highly sought after in the world of pickleball as they feature an incredible combination of strength, feel and spin you won’t find anywhere else.  Their textured surfaces allow for the paddle to grab the ball momentarily and add spin to your serves and return of serves.  

NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle

The NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle not only offers players the supreme control a paddle requires but is also designed to withstand heavy usage. The elegant and stylish paddle features a stunning blue or red background and has the ideal paddle length.

Ideal Weight: The paddle is available at an ideal weight which offers the player both power and finesse while playing the game.

Small Grip: The paddle features small grip that conveniently fits in the hands of most users.

Wide Paddle Face: The paddle face is comparatively wider than other paddles in the market, eliminating the chances of the ball hitting the edge guard and increasing “sweet spot” accuracy.

Not Suitable for Beginners: The wide paddle design may be difficult to balance for new players.

Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

Built from Quality Materials: The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is built using quality materials and designed to withstand heavy usage for long periods without suffering damage.

Features Premium Grade Tape: The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle features premium grade tape that offers a better grip.

Rugged Edge Guard: From striking the ground to hitting harsh shots, the Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is designed to withstand damage, thanks to its rugged edge guard. : The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is certainly not the lightest paddle on the market but it is not so bad for its low price tag.

Too Small: Users with big hands may find the paddle too small to use.

Children’s Wooden Toys.

There was a time when toys made out of wood were the common thing. These days in most markets they have become a novelty. You only have to ask around to realise the premium, crazy prices being charged by stores for wooden toys for children. Wooden toys are a hot selling category for many reasons.

They are considered a novelty, safer than toys made from other materials and they usually last a very long time. The result is that parents and everybody is ready to pay top dollar to buy even the simplest of wooden toys as long as they are well made from quality wood.

Since this is an item for children, you do need to make the toys safe, sturdy and durable. Do not compromise on the materials you use. It is very common to have a different set of laws coming into play when making things for children is concerned. Make sure you find out what these are in your state and to adhere to them completely.

Follow this link to read more reasons why children’s furniture are a hot selling woodworking niche to work in. In short, parents are in dire need for special furniture for their kids. Good quality is appreciated and duly compensated for.


You should know that outdoors woodworking projects are extremely popular. There are many small projects you can do for the garden, portico etc. A very charming and popular woodworking project is a birdhouse.

It’s a little strange but you can charge premium prices for birdhouses and people are ready to pay for it. People who want to enjoy birds coming to the garden, attach a high value to a functional and nice looking bird-house. And who doesn’t really want pretty birds coming and chirping in their gardens. Therefore, birdhouse is one of the top-selling woodworking projects.

A blanket chest is a good wood project. In fact, any kind of a chest is usually a good project to make and sell. Wooden chests look great anywhere in the house and they can be used as a convenient storage for lots of things, including blankets. You can even design one to work as a centre table as well as storage.

Blanket Chest.

I can tell you from my experience and perhaps you know this as well, a blanket chest is an item of great utility. A blanket chest is not necessarily an item to be only used in cold weather places.

Most of the households use items that need to be stored away either during the day or at night. For example, extra throw pillows need to be removed from the bed every night before sleeping. Similarly, sheets, covers, blankets that are used while sleeping need to be stored in a convenient and accessible place during the day.

A blanket chest is a utility item of everyday need in a majority of households. And that makes it one of the best sellers. Once again, the stress on making this woodworking project is on quality, endurance and finish. The design and the construction can be left simple.

You step in to wholly different skill set when you start working with a lathe. You can make simple objects with a lathe and still create best sellers. Some examples of wood crafts made with a lathe are bowls, spoons, paper weights, baseball bats, candle holders and more.

Wooden Spoons and Ladles.

A very very interesting woodworking project you can undertake is to make spoons and ladles of all sizes out of wood. These items are really coming back in a big way. I sincerely feel you can attract a lot of attention and sell these items very well. People are beginning to use more wholesome utensils in the kitchens. Wooden spoons and ladles are going to be raging popular products. Getting a lathe will go a long way in making any kind of wood bowls, spoons and ladles.

Wooden flooring

There’s something strikingly elegant about a solid or engineered wood floor. The beauty of natural wood is that it offers infinite and unique variations in knotting, markings, grain and colour. Our display samples will give you a good idea of what it will look like, but once laid, it will have a character of its own. It’s quite usual for it to have small knots and splits and these blemishes add character!

An oiled finish will give you a very natural and different look compared to a lacquer finish, though the latter is more water-resistant and easier to maintain, so is a wise choice if children and animals are likely to take their toll on your floor.

The lighter the colour, the more light will be reflected, but wear and tear is likely to show more readily. You should expect that once your wood is exposed to normal sunlight, it’s subject to colour change – part of its beauty! Wet areas such as bathrooms are really not suitable for wood flooring.

Wooden flooring can be softened using rugs, which are also a lovely way to create zones in large rooms. They’re easily updatable, so you can refresh your décor without replacing your flooring.

Wood expands and contracts with extremes of temperature, to the extent where small gaps may appear temporarily. We’ll ask you to pick the finish you’d like to cover the gap left around the perimeter of your floor to allow its expansion. Wood flooring needs a level surface and this will be included in your estimate.

If you have a new concrete floor, it needs time to dry out completely. Wood flooring should be placed in the area where it is to be installed to enable it to “acclimatise” or adjust its moisture content to correspond with that of its surroundings. When acclimatising wood flooring, the packs should be stacked to enable air to circulate around them. They must never be opened during this period, and expect pre-finished wooden flooring to take 4- 7hours to acclimatise.

Laminate flooring is made by laminating an image of wood onto a board backing. Good quality laminate can be very convincing, and is a great way to get the look of wood at an affordable price. It’s durable, chip-proof and scratch resistant, which makes it low maintenance. It is easy to install, especially the type that comes in interlocking planks and needs no glue.

Laminates should not normally be used in ares where it’s likely to become wet. The exception to this is the Quickstep Impressive range that’s designed to withstand moisture if used with Quickstep underlay.

Engineered wood is strong, stable and easier to lay than solid wood, so you can achieve a cleaner, sharper finish. It’s made of layers of wood boards glued together and topped with a layer of timber, from walnut to oak to cherry or maple. It’s good at resisting warping, buckling and cracking, even during seasonal variations in temperature and humidity.

All our engineered wood flooring has a wear layer which is thick enough to allow the floor to be sanded at least once. Underfloor heating is not usually considered suitable for solid wood flooring, but it’s fine for engineered wood with its good resistance to heat.

Vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles – are an excellent alternative to natural materials and can be used anywhere in the house. They’re designed to be tough, durable, hygienic and easy to clean, and so are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Amtico – is our best quality of vinyl tiles. It’s a great investment as it looks beautiful and comes with a lifetime, 100% replacement guarantee – which is fully transferable should the property be sold. Amtico floors are made up of tiles and strips that can be combined to make different designs, including checker board, parquet, and bordered design layouts. It’s possible to create individual designs for any room, and there’s plenty of scope for creativity.

Most Amtico tiles are made up of several layers of vinyl, finished with a 1mm wear layer. The wear layer offers outstanding performance, which in normal domestic use, will last as long as you want. Spacia is Amtico’s other brand offering a stylish, practical alternative at a lower price. Suitable for all areas of the home, it’s just as easy to maintain and comes with a 25-year warranty.

John Lewis Vinyl floor coverings are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a plastic material. Available in a wide range of designs, styles and widths, it’s cushioned for comfort and insulation and impervious to water, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also hardwearing and long-lasting, as long as the subfloor (concrete, floorboards, etc) is well prepared before laying. It’s often necessary to have your floor levelled and smoothed first, otherwise the vinyl could show undulations and crease when warm. John Lewis vinyl is available in wood, tile, design and smooth/plain patterns.

Harvey Maria floor tiles are easy to clean, slip-resistant and 100% waterproof. The tough durable finish is also resistant to scuffs and scratches, bacteria, dust mites and allergens, making them a good choice for the family home. Tiles also work well with underfloor heating. All Harvey Maria floors are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and conservatories and include patterns from designers such asNeisha Crossland, Dee Hardwicke and Cath Kidston.

They can be used for

However a router is pretty useless without router bits. Each bit influences the type of cuts you could achieve, and the quality of the cut, though dependent on your skill and router, is also influenced by the type of bits you use.

Router Cutter Bit Materials

First lets understand what router bits are made of. The most common materials used on the market are:

HSS (High Speed Steel). These are carbon steel based bits which are made to resist high temperatures. However several tests over the years have proven that these are nowhere near as long lasting as Carbide Tipped bits.

Carbide Tipped. These are amazingly sharp bits, and certainly superior to HSS bits. However the carbide tips are easy to break as they are brittle. Slated to last nearly twice as long as HSS router bits, carbide tipped bits are slightly more expensive.

Solid Carbide. The most expensive of the lot and not easily available in all brands. However you should consider these especially if you intend on intricate design work.

Rabbetting Router Bits

If you are looking to create a groove where another piece of the project is to fit in, then you need a rabbeting router bit. They usually include a pilot bearing that rotates at the tip. The bearings allow control of the diameters that are being carved out, usually by switching bearing sizes.

Rabetting Router Bit Buying tip: if you plan on a lot of joinery work then try and buy a router bit with a range of diameter bearings as they may be cheaper in a set rather than single diametered bearings.

Flush Trim Router Bits

These are by far the most varied router bits, as they come on many many patterns. The most common is of course the standard straight edge flush bit. These bits are used for flushing or trimming the edge of your projects. They are quite popular for aligning two pieces that need flush edges to fit right.

Edge Forming Router Bits

There are several types of edge forming router bits, most of which are generally used for cutting finishing decorations. Decent edge forming bits usually include a bearing allowing better control. Round over bits and cove bits are good examples of common router bits.

Edge Forming Router Bit Buying tip: aim for at least a medium quality router bit primarily because these would have a bearing. These bits are for finishing projects and as such you want good quality ones.


Shape Sorting Clock is a great one to have and grow with! Right now we are using it as a shape and numbers learning, but with my older kids I have started to introduce the concept of time with this same toy. Great long term investment.

Build a Caterpillar Educational Set Wooden Toy has got to be our favorite sorter! A bit of a challenge at first to get all those body parts on, but great practice! are most popular.


Doodle Jump – While we have to give props to PapiJump as the clear inspiration for Doodle Jump, Lima Sky has managed to take the game to a whole new level and succeeded in creating a true iPhone classic. Doodle Jump has sold over a million copies to date and even been casually referenced on primetime TV sitcoms. Every day we hear from up and coming developers who claim they have come up with “the next Doodle Jump” but so far Lima Sky’s title hasn’t truly been dethroned. (Review, App Store)

Flight Control – Another iPhone game that will go down in history as one of the classics for the platform. Firemint’s CEO Rob Murray took some of his free time during last year’s Christmas break to whip up a prototype of a game that eventually became Flight Control. The game has single handedly defined a genre on the iPhone of “line drawing” games and has been endlessly imitated throughout the year. (Review, App Store) iDracula – iDracula was one of the original dual-stick survival shooters. It wasn’t the first, but it’s the one that popularized the concept and opened the doors to a ton of play-alikes. (Article, App Store)

Only on iPhone

Zen Bound – Ok, technically this started life as a PC Game, but Zen Bound didn’t really come into its own until it became an iPhone game in 200 The game just came to life on the iPhone with multi-touch and tilt controls along with mood and music to perfectly and completely engross you as a player. An experience as much as a game. (Review, App Store)

Eliss – A multi-touch masterpiece. Eliss delivers a unique, challenging and undeniably iPhone experience. Pinching and combining on-screen planets without letting them touch make for some frantic and riveting gameplay. (Review, App Store)

Sway – The unique multi-touch “swinging” controls of Sway may have ultimately been its downfall. If you can master the steep learning curve of the game’s controls, an amazing iPhone platforming experience awaits. (Review, App Store)

Space Ninja – A great use of the iPhone’s accelerometer that allows you to dodge enemy fire and invoke slow motion “bullet time”. Unfortunately, a recent 3GS update adds some strange and distracting visual effects, though the developer is said to be working on making those optional in a future release. (Review, App Store)

Meteor Blitz – This is the best space shooter we’ve seen for the iPhone. It delivers unlockable worlds with a good variety of enemies, perfect dual stick controls, and a lot of fun. The art and animation are top notch with all the flourishes you’d expect. (Review, App Store)

Space Invaders Infinity Gene – A really fresh and amazing modernization of the classic Space Invaders formula. Great controls, plenty of unlockables, as well as a unique music-based level generator. (Review, App Store)

Pac Man CE – Developed by the original Pac-Man designer, TЕЌru Iwatani, Pac-Man Championship Edition succeeds in breathing new life in to this arcade classic. With great controls, colorful graphics, and fast-paced game modes, Pac-Man Championship Edition is by far the best Pac-Man game on the platform. (Review, App Store)

I Dig It / I Dig It Expeditions – Take your tractor turned subterranean digger underground to search for valuable diggins to save the family farm. In the sequel, you take your digger on the road and search for lost treasure in several different environments including the antarctic and even underwater. Both games in the series are worth owning, although Expeditions does offer improvements over the original. (Review, I Dig It / I Dig It Expeditions)


Rolando – Sequel to one of the iPhone’s early original games, Rolando did great justice to the series with 3D level effects, more great music and larger levels. (Review, App Store)

Soosiz – This game adopts the usual trappings of a traditional 2d platformer but perfectly mixes in a gravity defying mechanism that turns out to be a lot more than just a cute gimmick. Combine that with great controls and a ton of content, and you have one of our favorite iPhone games. (Review, App Store)

Hook Champ – Take the same swinging gameplay mechanics popularized by other games, add an RPG style equipment upgrade system, seamless online leaderboards, and fantastic pixelated retro graphics and you’ve got Hook Champ. (Review, App Store)

First Person Shooters

Eliminate Pro – We know some readers were unable to get past this game’s pay model, but we’ve logged more hours in this game than almost every other… and we never paid a single penny for it. Online FPS deathmatch with our friends and quick sessions throughout the day kept us playing this regularly. (Review, App Store)

N.O.V.A. – Drawing inspiration from Sci-Fi console classics, NOVA is a surprisingly complete and full featured iPhone first person shooter. With an epic single player campaign that will take you several hours to complete, graphics which are among the best currently available on the platform, and four player online deathmatch modes, NOVA has successfully lived up to the insane amount of pre-release hype. (Review, App Store)

Bookworm – A game that should need no introduction, Popcap’s word searching classic fits great on the iPhone. The touch controls work effortlessly, and the gameplay is perfect for the casual play style of many iPhone gamers. (Review, App Store)

Cult Classics

Minigore – This dual stick shooter isn’t necessarily any better than other dual stick shooters on the platform, but the extent that it has managed to captivate our community is rivaled by very few games. Stricken by problems with Apple’s approval process, MiniGore is only now beginning to see the features Mountain Sheep intended on implementing long ago. (Review, App Store)

Pocket God – It’s hard to even categorize or summarize Pocket God. Existing somewhere in between a entertainment app and a collection of mini games, Bolt Creative has managed to amass an army of millions of fans worldwide by consistently releasing free content updates and making players feel like they’re a part of the project by constantly interacting with and implementing ideas generated by the community. You KNOW you like Pocket God. (Review, App Store)

Strategy geoDefense / geoDefense Swarm – Whether you prefer open field or fixed path tower defense games, the geoDefense series are among the best available on the platform. Featuring difficulty levels that range from difficult to really really difficult, geoDefense is balanced in a way which will always keep you on your toes. (Review, geoDefense / Swarm)

Defender Chronicles – This odd hybrid between a tower defense game and an RPG has seen an absolute ridiculous amount of content added to it since its initial release. 20 different types of units, hundreds of items, multiple difficulty levels and game modes along with online leaderboards and voiceovers make Defender Chronicles among the best in its genre. (Review, App Store)

Role Playing

Zenonia – While the amount of grinding to level up may have lessened the experience for some, Zenonia still seems to be the benchmark that most RPG’s are compared to amongst our community. The game will take you around 40 hours to complete, and the five included character classes will tempt you to play through it multiple times. (Review, App Store)

Underworlds – A great dungeon crawler with tons of monsters to slay and loot to pick up. Underworlds was the first of its kind on the platform, and a recent content update made it even better. (Review, App Store)

Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone – The sequel of The Chronicles of Inotia sports considerable improvements to nearly all aspects of the game. Multiple character classes, a well designed battle system, mercenaries that can be added to your party, and a surprisingly full featured online component combine in to a game that will be hard for fans of roleplaying games to pass up. (Review, App Store)

Ravensword – While this RPG may lack some gameplay elements which have become standard in modern games, it marks an amazing accomplishment in iPhone development. Created by a team of two, RavenSword features an expansive and beautiful open world filled with quests to complete, hidden areas to find, and countless monsters to slay. (Review, App Store)


Peggle – If you don’t know what Peggle is by now, you must have spent the past few years on Mars with your eyes closed and fingers in your ears. Inspired by pachinko and loaded with style, gratuitous graphical effects, and the Ode To Joy, this may be the perfect casual game. (Review, App Store)

Ragdoll Blaster – Fire ragdolls out of a cannon to complete over 100 different levels. Frustrating at times, Ragdoll Blaster is fun enough to keep you coming back for more– Even after you’ve spent the last 1minutes retrying the same level so many times that you lost count. (Review, App Store) iBlast Moki – The goal is to get the Mokis from point A to point B through the use of bombs, ropes, balloons, wheels and more as you traverse through the worlds and 70 levels. The overall quality of iBlast Moki as well as the inclusion of a level editor with sharable levels make this game really stand out. (Review, App Store)

Baseball Superstars 20- Not only a great baseball game, it is also packed with RPG elements that add an amazing amount of depth. Aside from playing standard games of baseball, both super batters and super pitchers can be leveled up in season modes. These characters can be customized in a number of ways, allowing for hours upon hours of gameplay with each character. (Review, App Store)

Homerun Battle 3D – This one will always be known as Baseball Slugger to us, but since changed its name to Homerun Battle 3D. If you’re not a sports game fan, don’t let the sports theme throw you off, Homerun Battle 3D is one of the best. It also represented the first massively successful online matchup system we’ve seen in the App Store allowing you to easily compete head-to-head against others around the world. (Review, App Store)

Backbreaker Football – While nowhere near as deep as the “full” football games on the platform, Backbreaker is probably more fun. The game is laid out in series of challenges where you guide your player to the end zone, hopefully scoring bonus points by “showboating”. (Review, App Store)

Let’s Golf – The closest thing available on the App Store to Hot Shots Golf. This arcade golf game features 6holes, local multiplayer, and different control modes that appeal to both casual players and those looking for a slightly more technical game of golf. (Review, App Store)

Callaway XR 1Fairway Wood

Callaway have taken 201by storm with the launch of the Epic fairway woods, but, for those still wet behind the ears in golfing terms, we think the XR 16s have more to give.

For starters, every base is covered, with both left and right-handed orientation, and a range of lofts from 14-2degrees. The stock shaft is the impressive Fujikura Speeder, with flex options regular, senior and stiff.


Almost every serious hockey player uses a composite stick these days. You can find them in one and two-piece models. This allows players to use wooden or composite bladed with lighter shafts. Composite sticks are also more flexible than their wooden counterparts. Most players prefer one-piece sticks, but they can be expensive and they can also break once in awhile. They’re basically used to shoot the puck harder rather than for longevity, but many newer models are extremely strong and could last recreational players for two or three years.


Aluminum sticks were the first non-wood hockey sticks to become popular. The shafts are constructed with aluminum while replaceable composite or wood blades are inserted into the shaft. The sticks are less expensive, lighter and stronger than fiberglass and wood, but not as light as Kevlar and graphite. (Aluminum sticks are hard to find)


Graphite sticks are quite popular as the material can be used to coat or reinforce wooden sticks and can be combined with Kevlar to create a shaft. Also, an entire one-piece stick can be made of graphite. These sticks are nice and light, but cost more than aluminum, wood, and fiberglass models. However, they’re not as expensive as titanium and Kevlar. Typically most composite sticks are made of Graphite, or Graphite blend.

This material can also be combined with another material such as carbon to create a stick or used on its own. They’re relatively expensive, but one of the lightest and strongest available.

Stick Height

The length and weight of your stick is a personal decision. Some players prefer shorter and lighter shafts so they can stickhandle in cramped quarters and release their shots quicker while defensemen typically prefer longer and heavier sticks to check the opposition from a greater distance and clear out the front of the net. Your position and skating style may affect your preference. If you skate with a hunched-over style then a shorter stick may suit you better while upright skaters will be better off with a longer stick.

According to some experts, the top of the stick should touch your chin when you’re on skates. But in reality, you need to find a stick that is comfortable, suits your style of play, and is productive for you regardless of the length, weight, type of curve, flex, and the hockey stick lie.

Hockey Stick sizes

It’s hard to handle the puck if your stick’s too short or long. Most manufacturers make sticks in two specific sizes, which are junior, and senior. Junior sticks are usually between 4and 5inches while senior models are from 5to 6inches. Shaft diameters range from Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.  Most defensemen use longer sticks as they give them a longer reach for poke checks and intercepting passes and will help add a bit more power to the slapshot.

Hockey Stick Weight

Most forwards prefer lighter sticks for maneuverability as they enable you to pass and shoot quicker. Defensemen generally prefer heavier sticks for checking with, but still prefer composite models over wood since they’re more durable. Anything under 450 grams is pretty light!

Hockey Stick Lie

The lie of the hockey stick is the angle between the blade of the stick and the shaft. Most sticks will have a lie between and and each lie is a two-degree difference in the angle. For example, a lie is 13degree while a lie is 13degrees and so forth.

Lower lies are usually better for players who carry the puck out in front of them and skate lower to the ice. Higher stick lies are often used by those who carry the puck closer to their skates and skate upright. Basically, when standing on the rink you want the entire blade to be flat on the ice, not just the heel or toe.

Hockey Monkey

How to ensure the games are safe for your kids

It’s up to us as parents, caregivers, and educators to ensure that we provide children with the best educational games and apps possible. Once you’ve identified the types of learning games you’re after, consider two additional tips:

1. Get familiar with the games. Play them yourself, watch trailers or reviews online, and read reviews. Make sure you know what you’re giving your child.

2. Seek endorsement from trusted resources, such as teachers and reputable third-party companies that include learning experts so that all content is educator-approved.





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Most important, have fun and choose your Wooden Games wisely! Good luck!

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