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Top Of The Best Vanity Mirrors Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Vanity Mirrors of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Vanity Mirrors by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – WanEway Lighted Vanity Mirror with 12 x 3W Dimmable LED Bulbs and Touch Control Design, Hollywood Style Makeup Cosmetic Mirrors with Lights , White

WanEway Lighted Vanity Mirror with 12 x 3W Dimmable LED Bulbs and Touch Control Design, Hollywood Style Makeup Cosmetic Mirrors with Lights , White
Natural and Bright Lighting – 12 LED bulbs with warm light ( 3000-4000K color temperature) / daylight ( 5000-6000K color temperature) settings and adjustable brightness, provide a clean and bright reflection and allow you to get the most natural application of makeup, even at night.


№2 – LED Makeup Mirrors, HOSYO 22 LED Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror USB/Battery Powered, Countertop Cosmetic LED Vanity Mirror with 10X Removable Magnifying Mirror (Blush Brush, Batteries Included)

LED Makeup Mirrors, HOSYO 22 LED Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror USB/Battery Powered, Countertop Cosmetic LED Vanity Mirror with 10X Removable Magnifying Mirror (Blush Brush, Batteries Included)
[See Promotion to Get One Silicone Gel Sponge]HOSYO 22 LED LIGHTED MAKE UP MIRROR builts in 22pcs dimmable LED lighted, which allows you to do your make-up in the dark or poorly lit place. Two power supplier methods(USB cable and battery). It comes with 10x Removable Magnifying Mirror, 1x Blush Brush and 4 pack AA batteries and USB Cable. It helps you to get more beauty in your daily life.


№3 – Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit for Makeup Dressing Table Vanity Set Mirrors with Dimmer and Power Supply Plug in Lighting Fixture Strip, 13.5 Foot, Mirror Not Included

Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit for Makeup Dressing Table Vanity Set Mirrors with Dimmer and Power Supply Plug in Lighting Fixture Strip, 13.5 Foot, Mirror Not Included
10 LED bulbs produce a soft and bright glow. 6,000K white light closely simulates natural sunlight, providing a professional color-correct lighting for makeup.
Securely attach on a mirror, mirror frame or wall with the supplied double-sided tapes in a few minutes, and plug and play with the included 12V power supply.



The Terresa Makeup Mirror has a unique tri-fold design that sets it apart from other models, giving you multiple views of your face. This and some additional features not found in many other mirrors make this an excellent choice for a makeup mirror.

Kedsum 8x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Kedsum makeup mirror is a perfect mirror for travel with features you may only expect in a larger model, such as powerful magnification and LED lights. Its compact cordless design makes this a great choice for slipping into any type of luggage.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, illuminates the whole room. This type of light provides enough illumination to safely navigate through the space, read the labels in a first-aid kit and bathe kiddos in the tub. When used with a dimmer, ambient light can also transform into warm, soft illumination to offset the bright glow that results from task lighting.

Ambient lighting is most often achieved through ceiling lighting. A flush mount ceiling light with a frosted diffuser is perfect for providing just enough warm, ambient light to illuminate the whole bathroom.

Accent Lighting

As the finishing touch to a bathroom lighting arrangement, accent lighting balances out the overall brightness of the room. Enhancing ambient lighting and softening task lighting, accent lighting provides a subtle glow that creates depth and highlights different parts of the bathroom.

An easy way to add accent lighting to a bathroom is through the addition of wall sconces. Positioned next to a door, a piece of art or mounted on a blank wall, a wall sconce will provide soft, diffused light to counterbalance ambient and task lighting.

Areas of a Bathroom to Light

Now that the type of light that is needed in a bathroom has been determined, it is important to identify the appropriate areas that need to be illuminated and what light fixtures will sufficiently illuminate the space.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

A ceiling light is a successful way to provide the necessary general light that is needed in a bathroom. The previously mentioned flush mount light is a great option, as is an arrangement of hardly noticeable recessed lights throughout. Both will casting general light downwards while blending in subtly with any design.

The placement of ceiling lighting in a bathroom is also key. The center of the room is perfect for casting light around the whole space. Definitely avoid putting a ceiling light directly above the vanity—the result will be splotchy illumination, unwanted shadows and potentially a glare from the light bouncing off of the mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

For tall or round mirrors, or for personal design preferences, simply mount a wall sconce along either side of the mirror. The wall sconces should be mounted 60 inches from the ground and 2inches apart to provide the proper distribution of task lighting.

Or you can forego the separate installation of lighting and mirror by combining the two together. Lighted mirrors put the lights just where you need them without the need to measure or take up more wall space.

Bathroom Wall Lights

Apart from their possible duties flanking a mirror, elsewhere in a bathroom, wall lights add a soft fill light that enhances ambient light and balances out bright task lighting. A single wall sconce is perfect for lighting a dark corner or highlighting a piece of art. A second option is to create a symmetrical installation by framing a door or window with a wall sconce mounted on both sides. For best results, mount wall lights at eye-level, or 5-feet off the ground.

Wet Location

In areas directly exposed to water, like the area around a shower or bathtub, bathroom lights should be listed for wet locations. This means that, even if the light fixture is splashed or comes in contact with water, the water will not damage or build up in the electrical area of the lamp.

Becca Bird

Becca is a Senior Site Merchandiser for YLighting and a firm believer in the idea that sometimes more really is more. As a lover of bright colors and bold patterns, Becca loves for her affinity of color to transcend into all aspect of her life – from her clothes to her home decor. When not at work, Becca can often be found online shopping, watching the latest scary movie, or brushing up on her fun facts.

Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fitted with a soft Halo lighting, this double-sided mirror from Conair offers 1x and 7x magnification to give you a magnified view of your face. It is available in three color options and has a chrome finish. The face of the mirror is oval in shape and is flexible enough to rotate in all directions without the requirement of a battery. The mirror gives a fog-free viewing to you so that you can check your makeup and skin closely. The price is affordable as compared to the quality.

What we like about it: This double-sided mirror is perfect for touch-ups and makeup application when you are short of space for large mirrors. It is lightweight and handy. back to menu ↑

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

A makeup mirror with light settings, this mirror offers much more than regular makeup mirrors. It is a tri-fold mirror which has 1x and 5x magnification. It has a built-in electrical outlet which can be used to plug in your styling tools. The central mirror swivels while the two side mirrors give you a panoramic view to check your makeup and hair. The mirror has two fluorescent bar lights along with color correction settings for home and office at night and day. The price is moderate.

What we like about it: This three-in-one makeup mirror will make your morning makeup routine so easy and flawless with its light settings and folding mirrors which offer a good magnification for fixing makeup mistakes. back to menu ↑

Absolutely Lush Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror

A makeup mirror which comes with a detachable spot mirror, this product is good for women who like to do their makeup in natural daylight. The mirror offers touch screen dimming to adjust the light intensity. It gives you a 180-degree viewing angle. The high-definition mirror used in this product provides great clarity. Another great feature of this mirror is that the detachable spot mirror it comes with gives a 10x magnification for retouching. The price is lesser as compared to other mirrors.

What we like about it: This touch screen dimming feature of this mirror is unique which offers a natural and soft light to do your makeup. The spot mirror and the lightweight design make it easy to carry this mirror around with you. back to menu ↑

Miusco 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

One of the most expensive lighted makeup mirrors available in the market, this mirror gives you two lights options to do your makeup. One option uses natural daylight and the other option uses bright LED light so that you can do your makeup under the lighting you are going to face when you go out. The mirror can be operated using both electricity and batteries. The two sides of the mirror offer 1x and 7x magnification to bring your attention to detail. The price is very high.

What we like about it: The sophisticated design of this mirror with the two light options makes it worth the high price. The mirror is also very durable so it will last for years. back to menu ↑

TEC.BEAN Double Sided Natural LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

The unique design of this mirror makes it fit easily into your makeup bag for outdoor shoots and other occasions. It is a double-sided mirror which has a 1x and x magnifications. The mirror can rotate 180 degrees to offer you full control over the viewing angle. The light used in this mirror is of a soft halo type which is neither too bright nor too dim. The fog-free design and an anti-slip base are added features. The price of the mirror is higher as compared to other mirrors.

What we like about it: The shape and design of this mirror make it a perfect accessory for traveling to weddings etc. The soft halo light and the two magnifications make it easy to pay attention to detail. back to menu ↑

Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Made with the finest mirror of the highest quality, this makeup mirror provides you with the most accurate natural light for makeup. The mirror comes with a suction cup which attaches the mirror to any surface. It comes with a travel pouch so you can carry the mirror easily for any outdoor requirements. The 10x magnification helps you during tweezing, skin issues, and detailed makeup applications. The price of the mirror is moderate but you can find it at a discount online.

What we like about it: The natural light mimicked by this mirror gives you a good idea of how your makeup is going to look under natural light. The compact size and the sophisticated design add to its features. back to menu ↑

Shape & Size

Go for circular or rectangular mirrors depending on your requirements and the decor of the surroundings. A circular mirror has ring lights while the rectangular mirrors have side lights or bar lights. The size of the mirror should be portable and lightweight.


Generally, makeup mirrors offer a 7x or 10x magnifications on one side and normal viewing on the other side. There are some mirrors which give magnified results with the touch of a button. Try different mirrors to see which level of magnification you are comfortable with.

Here are some general tips and tricks which you should keep in mind when buying and using a lighted makeup mirror:

So these are ten of the most popular lighted makeup mirrors which are the perfect addition to your vanity table. These mirrors will help you check your makeup look for any unblended areas and smudges. They will also magnify your features and provide you with a natural light to apply your makeup easily. Use this buyer guide to find the right mirror for your vanity and make your makeup routine a lot easier and better with this mirror.


Bathroom mirrors are generally best placed where they will be most practical and this is almost always above the wash basin. Due to bathroom layout, this is sometimes not possible due to windows, however, an adjacent wall may provide the necessary space. Failing this, a freestanding bathroom mirror that can sit on the windowsill might be the best solution.

Most, but not all, bathroom mirrors are designed in a portrait format (taller than they are wide) as this layout requires less wall space, tends to suit more user height ranges and often is a similar width to the basin it sits above.

A landscape mirror is great for larger bathrooms and those with a wider basin beneath.

In all cases, the larger the mirror, the more light that will be reflected around the room resulting in a brighter bathroom with an enhanced feeling of space.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

Similar in design to backlit mirrors but with smaller illuminated areas.

The number of LED bulbs will be quite high to give the mirror stance and presence.

Virtually any pattern of lights is possible although these will often be based along straight lines.

The Insider Pick

Makeup organizers should make your makeup routine easier, and that’s exactly what the Jerrybox 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Multi-Function Cosmetic Storage Box does. It’s super customizable, keeps your cosmetics within reach, is large enough to hold many products, and displays everything elegantly with its carousel design.

A makeup organizer may sound like a purchase you simply don’t need, but it can actually save you a good amount of time as well as space. If you’re constantly digging through purses and crammed pouches to find the cosmetics you need every day, you’re just adding time to your morning makeup routine. If your makeup is spread out all over the place, it’s likely taking up more space than it needs to, plus it just looks messy.

Makeup organizers allow you to access the brushes, palettes, and other cosmetics you need without much thought. Once you know where every piece of your makeup collection is, picking up the product you need doesn’t require any extra effort. An organizer can help you condense your collection, encouraging you to keep products that you actually use and throw out ones that you haven’t used in years, and are likely expired.

Most standard makeup organizers aren’t that expensive and since , a decent organizer is worth protecting your cosmetic investments. 

Organizers are increasingly made out of acrylic materials nowadays, but there are also wooden and fabric-lined ones. 

Regardless of how well you take care of your organizer, makeup is simply prone to leaving behind power, reside, or liquids, so you should always consider how easily the materials of the organizer can be cleaned.

My Favorite Makeup Organizers. 

Reviews applaud the product for holding so many items and having such a unique design, such as this reviewer who writes, “I am in love with this thing. Whoever came up with it is a Genius OMG!!!” Reviewers have uploaded more than 180 pictures of the product in use and videos

One reviewer  actually uploaded a handy unboxing and assembly video to give you an idea of how easy it is to set up.

As far as downsides go, they are few and far between. Some reviewers say it can’t hold flat palettes and other cosmetics well, and a few complain that it looks cheap.  Overall, most reviewers approve of the design and how easy it is to use, though.

Pros: Adjustable shelves, makes products easy access, unique swivel design, price, stylish look

Cons: Quality of materials is questionable, not ideal for ‘flat’ makeup

Choosing the Right Fit

Should you buy a 60 inch bathroom vanity or a 30 inch vanity? What about a 4inch bathroom vanity or a 2inch vanity? No two bathrooms are built alike because no two homes are built identically either. If you’re remodeling your current bathroom, start by measure the height, width, and length of your current bathroom vanity units as a reference point for what you should purchase. Thankfully Maykke has you covered with dozens of bathroom vanities to choose from, ranging from 1- 2inch contemporary bathroom vanities to 6- 7inch transitional bathroom vanities.

Choosing the right size for your new bathroom furniture requires that you thoroughly examine the layout of your current bathroom floor plan. Will your new vanity units fit within the current space that your previous vanity occupied? If you are considering larger bathroom vanity units, how will they fit with your current bathroom configuration? Do you have enough clearance in your current layout to accommodate a 60 inch vanity, or would opting for one of Maykke’s space-saving modern bathroom vanities be a better solution for your bathroom furniture needs? Once you’ve decided upon a location for your new bathroom vanity set, you will want to take the following measurements into consideration:

Height: Examine existing medicine cabinets, vanity units, and your ideal faucet height when choosing the height of your new bathroom vanity set. The standard height for a bathroom vanity is 3inches, though depending on your personal preferences and design choices, you may want your vanity to have more, or less, height to suit your needs.

While many bathroom vanities range in height from 3- 3inches, some modern bathroom vanities feature a legless design that is meant to be wall-mounted, giving you the ability to raise or lower the vanity units to your specifications. If opting for a vessel sink, you may want to choose a vanity with a lower overall height to accommodate the height of your vessel sink. You will also want to take into account your other vanity units, such as your bathroom wall cabinets, standard bathroom cabinets, and your bathroom vanity mirrors when deciding on the height of your vanity.

Width: Ensure that all existing bathroom fixtures are clear of your vanity and that your vanity’s doors can open and close within the space allotted for them. The width of your vanity ultimately dictates three design decisions, how much counter space will you have, what type of sink will you install, and how many sinks can you install. A small width vanity, such as the 1inch Wren Vanity Set with Brockton Ceramic Sinktop is just wide enough to accommodate a single sink, while 60 inch Aiden Vanity can either function as a double sink vanity, or a single sink with extended counter space.

Depth: Leave enough space to maneuver comfortably around your vanity while you or guests are using your bathroom. If space is a concern, a space-saving design, such as the 1inch Addison vanity may be the perfect solution for your small space. Rather than large swinging doors, this design features cabinet drawers to store your bathroom essentials. If space is not a concern, you may want to consider a design such as the 6inch Cecelia Vanity Collection, featuring tons of counter space and deep bathroom cabinets for additional bathroom storage. You will also need to factor in which way your bathroom door swings opened and where it opens in proximity to your new vanity.

Another important consideration to make when thinking about the placement of your new vanity units is the location of other bathroom furniture, bathroom wall cabinets, bathroom vanity mirrors, and most importantly, your current bathroom plumbing. Unless you are planning on rerouting your existing plumbing, chances are you will be limited to the area in immediate proximity to your existing plumbing. Bathroom vanities with tops will require some extra planning, as their plumbing access may be pre-installed.

Trending Designs

While contemporary bathroom vanities and bathroom furniture will also have a place, modern designs for bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities, and bathroom vanity mirrors are trending toward sleek and minimalist. Your bathroom is a place where you will start your day and end your evening, and for many people, a sleek, beautiful, and inspired look is something that they desire in their bathroom.

The Dani collection of bathroom vanities embodies this design and is optimal for small spaces. Paired with one of Maykke’s LED bathroom vanity mirrors, such as the Taylor LED mirror with Bluetooth Speakers, this sleek, modern design will be the focal point of your bathroom for years to come.

In modern bathrooms, space is often a commodity, and making the most use out of minimal space is a must. Bathroom vanity units such as bathroom vanity mirrors can serve double duty as a mirrored bathroom cabinet. Bathroom wall cabinets and bathroom and bathroom vanity mirrors may also be purchased in matching or accompanying sets to tie together the overall design of your bathroom and vanity set. Whether you are adding a double sink vanity, replacing old bathroom vanity mirrors, updating your bathroom wall cabinets, you want to make sure that each piece of bathroom furniture that you incorporate into your redesign serves a unique and specific purpose.

If one of the all-in-one designs offered by Maykke does not fit your personal style, you can always build your own custom bathroom vanities by mixing and matching a base, countertop, sink, faucet and hardware then matching your custom vanity with one of Maykke’s framed wall mirrors.

Add some mirror magic

Mirrors are great pieces of furniture that can do a lot for a room aesthetically. When strategically placed, mirrors can enlarge a room, and the illusion has been rendered effective enough for numerous business establishments who are short on space. 

Aside from being good for creating the illusion of space, mirrors in themselves can also be decorative. In fact, many companies have taken to stylizing mirror frames in different, unique designs. The mirror frame is usually a good venue of creativity, as they can be used to accent patterns—anything from classic curlicues to much more modern zig zags and geometric designs. Mirrors can also come in several shapes, from rectangular floor lengths to circular vanity mirrors. 

Floor mirrors are used both residentially and commercially. For instance, in shoe stores, floor mirrors help highlight shoe fits and other great products. Wall mirrors serve a more functional purpose, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, they also play a part in funhouses, or eccentrically themed buildings, where they lend a surreal air brought about by ingenious plays on reflection. 

Decorative mirrors are used primarily to add an extra sense of beauty to a place. They can also serve functional purposes, such as vanity mirrors in the hallway with shiny silver finishes. Whether you need to make a place look bigger or prettier, a strategic placement of mirrors can go a long way in changing the overall ambiance of your home. 

Double-sided feature

The double-sided feature that comes with this great product makes it one of the best choices that you can ever have. One thing to note is that the mirror is suitable for applying makeup since it comes with the exceptional quality double-sided mirror with the thinnest distortion. In addition to that, you may want to use it for shaving, and that can make a right choice of the same product. Another remarkable thing about this feature is that the product comes with the capacity and ability to be adjusted to fit the magnification power that you want. That function is possible due to the presence the magnification setting that is included in the mirror.

Versatile nature

The product is not only suitable for your home makeup application but also is the best for countertop among other places. Of course, you can also use it for commercial purposes. That means you can have it in your salon or any other makeup destination and that is the best of this great product. The fact that it comes with two sides for viewing and the 360 degrees swivel makes it even better for great performance. Therefore, if you find it suitable, you can have it for your needs.

Compact and folding feature

What you will note about this great product is that it comes with the capacity to fold. The compact nature and the ability to fold makes it unique and functional for its purpose. Here, when you need to travel with it, you will not feel the pinch of the weight or bulk, but instead, you will enjoy traveling with it in your small travel bag or wallet. When you have it, you can enjoy the naturally bright and soft light illumination that comes from the same this making it more attractive and enjoyable.

Strong suction cup

If you are going to mount this great mirror on the wall or anywhere in your room, you have the possibility to do that with the strong suction cup that comes with this unique feature. The suction cup is there for the attachment purpose, and therefore, you can always have the best of this product in your house. Another important and unique feature that comes with this type is that you can have the ability to rotate the same since it can rotate up to an angle of 360 degrees thus making it the best makeup mirror that you can find on the market.

Touch sensor switch

Of course, you do not want to have the LED lights on every time. Sometimes, you have to switch them off, and if you are looking for a product that will give you the same feature, you just found the best with this type, and the next step for you is to make a choice. Apart from the touch sensor switch, you also have a variety of features to enjoy, and that should include the free rotation that goes up to 180 degrees making your makeup application simple and enjoyable. For sure, these features will get you enjoy your makeup application everywhere you want.

Incandescent Glow

First, let me mention one of the facts before I can dwell on the one highlighted above. Here, the product comes with a capacity to make your room glitter with beauty. The stylish coated and polished chrome finish just makes the mirror look pleasant and attractive. Here, let us now focus on the radiant glow, and this feature is what makes the mirror look even more appealing and you can always enjoy the glowing nature and the beauty that it gives. For sure, you will always love to travel and boast with it when you are with your friends. Therefore, no need to be hesitant in making your choice.

In summary, the only way to get the best-lighted mirror is to go through what we have on the list, and you are not going to miss the type that will surely impress you. Once you are impressed, you can proceed to order your product. For your information, the products come with different prices, but you can find the one for your budget.

Ease of installation

The first thing that you need to check, of course, is the installation of the lights if that is not already-made with the manufacturer. Here, some of the lights are just designed and come without the mirrors and that calls for your attention on the installation of the same. You should, therefore, check with the ease of installing the mirrors whether framed or not. Therefore, this is one of the considerations that you should make so that you do not land your mirror into problems while trying to install the lights.

Number of light bulbs

The other thing that you should consider when you are looking for the best vanity mirror with lights is the number of lights built in it. The various brands and the types that you will find on the market come with the different number, and that calls for you to consider getting the type that suits your needs. Of course, if you need a mirror with a good number of lights for better illumination during the dark or in poorly lit areas, then you will surely find on the list.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Vanity Mirrors by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Vanity Mirrors wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Vanity Mirrors



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