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Top Of The Best Trunks Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Trunks of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – KEFITEVD Men’s No Ride up Trunks Soft Underwear Breathable Basic Boxer Briefs

KEFITEVD Men's No Ride up Trunks Soft Underwear Breathable Basic Boxer Briefs
95% Cotton and 5% Spandex
The TAG is manufacturer’s size that display on the product, please kindly refer to the size instruction we offer, you can use the US size and the waist circumference to check
BREATHABLE & SOFT COTTON – We adopt High-end Cotton Fabric to adds breathability and flexibility, ultra-soft, absorbs excess moisture and sweat to keep you dry and fresh, a better comfort


№2 – JINSHI Mens Bamboo Underwear Boxer Briefs Short Leg Tagless Pouch Trunk

JINSHI Mens Bamboo Underwear Boxer Briefs Short Leg Tagless Pouch Trunk
95% Bamboo Fiber + 5% Spandex
Bamboo Fiber Characteristic:soft,breathable,lightweight,supportive,dries quickly
Machine wash


№3 – Fruit of the Loom Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief Low Rise Trunk (Packs of 2 and 4)

Fruit of the Loom Men's Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief Low Rise Trunk (Packs of 2 and 4)
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Machine Wash


Square-cut shorts on the left; jammers on the right.

Square-cut shorts are a body-hugging style that covers the wearer from the waist to the upper thigh. The leg openings are cut straight across for a boxy look that is slightly less revealing than angled swim briefs.

Jammers are knee-length, skintight suits used by competitive swimmers and other water sports athletes to reduce drag. They resemble bike shorts, but without the padded crotch and seat.

Wetsuits and drysuits are insulated suits designed for prolonged immersion, usually in the context of snorkeling, scuba diving, or board sports. They are quite close-fitting.

Rash guards are a looser form of all-body swimwear than a wetsuit, and are generally used by water sports participants such as surfers, kayakers, and paddleboarders. Most are made from a UV-reflective fabric with a UPF rating.

Swim shirts are an upper-body-only version of a rash guard, and are gaining popularity as a sun and surf protection option for casual bathers.

All of the above styles can come in nearly any color or pattern imaginable, provided one is willing to shop around long enough. Traditional colors and patterns for men include solid navy blue, blue-and-white striping, and floral or Hawaiian-style prints.

Cydia installer 2018

Today, I am here to discuss one of the most effective objects of this modern era namely Trunk Organizer!

For lots of people, keeping their car organized is like a nightmare. But it is essential to keep your car organized and clean. Sometimes you travel on a bumpy road or you are carrying something vulnerable in our trunk which needs special attention. Now in order to avoid damage to those valuable but vulnerable goods, you can resort to trunk organizer. It would give you the most effective solution to all these problems.

However, if you are thinking to pick a car organizer for your car then I strongly recommend you to read the article thoroughly. Why? Because before purchasing a trunk organizer for myself, I studied a lot! My study showed me those items are best of best! Let’s check out which are the best trunk organizers 2018.

DRIVE Car Trunk Organizer

Drive Car Trunk Organizer is another coolest car trunk organizer where you can keep all your essential accessories in an arranged manner. It comes with an elite look and with lots of large pockets. The frame is also sturdy enough as it designed with durable Premium Oxford 600D Fabrics and plastic material.

The Drive Car Trunk Organizer is large enough with 2inches of size and it includes Tie-Down strap System that ties down the organizer in your trunk like a cargo.

It features Big Front Pockets with Fully Wrapped Ridged Panels that can hold Coffee Mugs / Water Bottles as well. However, it also has Mesh Side Pockets and Folding Compartments too.

Wonderoto Trunk Cargo Organizer

Meet the most portable Trunk organizer that is also folded easily! The Wonderoto Trunk Cargo Organizer is suitable for cars, Minivan, trucks and it is the best trunk organizer for your SUVs as well.

The Wonderoto Trunk Cargo Organizer is flexible enough with individual compartments where you can keep your travel time accessories with ease.

This amazing car organizer is, however, lightweight, where your groceries and accessories will not side or slip at all. The design specially reduces the pain of storage while not in use.

Feezen Car Trunk Organizer

In order to keep your car completely organized this Feezen Car Trunk Organizer has no comparison. It is one of the best car trunk organizers for the money as well. It fits perfectly in SUV, Cars, Truck, Auto, Minivan etc.

The Freezen Car Trunk Organizer is heavy duty with non-skid construction. However, it designed with most strongest and durable 1680D Oxford Polyester materials and it contains large compartments for lots of accessories.  The construction of this organizer is non- skid and it has the waterproof bottom as well.

Don’t miss the chance to keep your car organized with this easy to clean and store car trunk organizer. Pick it immediately before stock turns out.

Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer

The foldable and easy to carry Cargo Trunk Organizer is knocking your door to make difference! It has huge storage capacity and includes the metal handle to move with ease.

Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer designed with premium 1680D polyester material that makes it enough durable. It has large compartment capacity where you can keep plenty of accessories and the design is yet innovative.

It features superior Velcro at the bottom, different size storage, and mesh side pockets with zippers.

Fold Away Car Trunk Organizer

While driving, if you need to accessories safe and secure consider the Fold Away Car Trunk Organizer which is another amazing model in our list. It has non-slip Velcro base that prevents auto rolling and make the organizer sturdy.

It is specially designed to keep large and heavyweight items with two individual compartments. You can keep your sports gear, groceries, auto supplies and your working tools as well.

The car trunk organizer features mesh side pockets with large capacity compartments. However, this organizer looks very stylish as well.


Most of the car trunk organizers from well-known brands are made with high-quality polyester materials. However, those polyesters are durable enough. But while choosing don’t be a fool and pick an organizer that made with the duplicate polyester material.

Installation System

Nobody wants to fight with the organizer and car trunk while installing it! So, don’t forget to check the installation procedure. Some of the car trunk organizers have easily folded facility. If you want to pick the best one, I strongly recommend you to pick the one that has easy folding facility included for easy storage and cleaning.

Triathlon Shorts:  What to Look For

Tri shorts are a key part of your training and your race.  Few other garments are expected to deliver on the all-purpose duty that you will need from your shorts.  They need to be both durable and breathable.  They need to do well in the water as well as on the bike.  Those are tall orders for any pair of shorts, but fortunately today’s tri gear makers have done a nice job of blending the right fabric and features so you truly can wear one pair of shorts throughout the race. A good pair of tri shorts quickly become a go-to garment that you can use for training for any event, as well as on race day.  Note, however, that tri shorts are not intended to be used in chlorinated pools.  Doing so will wear them out quickly.  Most triathletes who we know reserve their tri shorts for bricks (combo bike and run workouts) and race day, using swim jammers in the pool and cycling shorts on their longer rides.

Tri shorts are different from cycling shorts or compression shorts.  While compression gear is meant truly to increase blood flow and recovery, and cycling shorts built purpose-built specifically for the activity of cycling, tri shorts are much more versatile in both form and function.

When you are buying your shorts, key things to look for include:

Fabric that is truly all-purpose.   The material in your shorts need to be breathable on the bike and run, quick drying out of the water, but great during the swim.  Most makers know how to create great fabric blends that are good during the swim but will essentially be dry by the time you get on the bike.  We don’t know how they do it, but they do.

Seams that you can’t feel.  Like a good pair of compression shorts or compression tights, the seams in a triathlon short need to be flat enough so you don’t even know they are there, yet strong enough so they are durable.  Seam construction is one of the things that usually improves as you spend more on the shorts.

Recommended Triathlon Shorts

That leaves us with the question of “what shorts should you buy?”  Many shorts from many tri gear makers do just fine, but here are the favorites that we have personally used, and that combine quality with value.  We would stand behind (and in) any of them.

Like these Sugoi shorts, the top tri shorts tend to be from reliable triathlon gear makers like Pearl Izumi, Tyr, and 2XU.

Cargo Room

When children arrive, parents use their vehicle’s trunk more frequently and tend to carry larger items, such as giant boxes of diapers and baby wipes. When assessing the utility of a new family vehicle, check whether your largest stroller can fit in the trunk and determine if everything the family requires for a trip can be stowed in the cargo area.

For crossovers and SUVs, remember that car companies often quote cargo volume measurements that are valid only when the cargo area is stacked to the roof. This, of course, is dangerous. If cargo is stacked to the roof, and a divider is not installed, the cargo could fall onto a child if the driver brakes hard, as during a panic stop.

Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carriers

Check the back of your car, under the trunk. Do you see a square steel hole there? That’s the trailer hitch. If your car has one, then you can use a hitch-mounted cargo carrier. Can’t find anything like it down there? Relax, contact your dealership or local towing companies. They can set one up for a fee.

A car hitch receiver can be either 2-inches of 1.25-inches. Most hitch carriers are made for 2-inches receivers while some work with both with the help of adapters. To install the carrier, you just need to slide its main shaft into the receiver hitch, insert the locking pin or fasten a locking screw, and you’re done.

The biggest advantage of having a hitch-mounted cargo carrier is you can load and unload your cargo easily. Whether it’s a heavy propane tank, a giant luggage, or a cooler with tons of ice and drinks in it, you can get them on and off the cargo rack with relative ease.

The second biggest advantage is the high load capability. Many hitch carriers are rated at 500 pounds, and that’s a lot. Even for an over-packer, it’s going to be hard to load the rack up to its maximum weight capacity.

A hitch carrier also doesn’t affect your gas mileage as much as a roof-mounted one. Since it’s mounted on the back of your car, wind resistance is negligible, and you don’t have to push the pedal harder to get up to speed. “Hang on, how can I open the hatch with all my stuff on the hitch carrier?”

Worry not. A lot of hitch cargo carriers have tilting mechanisms. They tilt down at an angle so that your hatch has enough clearing to fully open. It’s harder to tilt them once you pack your stuff because of the weight, but it’s still doable. You just need a helping hand to engage the tilting mechanism while you hold the rack’s weight so that the lock that keeps the rack straight up isn’t jammed. “Is tilting the carrier really enough for the hatch to open without obstruction?”

In most cases, yes. To be absolutely sure, you can always use a hitch extender to increase the clearance between the rack and the back of your car. An extender also helps if you have a rear-mounted spare tire.  The downside of using an extender is it will cut the weight capacity of the carrier by 50%, give or take. It’s simple physics. The farther the weight is from the pivot, the greater the torque. So if the distance is twice longer, the torque will be twice greater, unless you cut the weight by half.

One important thing you need take into account when using a hitch mounted carrier is whether your license plate is obscured. Different states have different laws, but in many places, you can get pulled over for obscured license plate.

The simple fix for this is to move the plate to the back of the carrier. Some carriers already come with the necessary bracket for this, but you can also buy a license plate attachment separately.

If you have a small car, a hitch-mounted carrier may also block the tail lights. In such a case, installing lighting kits is necessary for your own and other people’s safety. Blocked tail lights may also give you trouble with the law, so it’s best to play safe and install one.

Cargo Carrier Bags

Boxes are not the only thing that can carry your load. Cargo carrier bags work well too.  One of the great things about carrier bags is that they’re much more affordable than cargo boxes. They make an excellent cargo-hauling gear when you’re not ready to invest in the more expensive cargo box.

Cargo bags are versatile. You can use them on the roof with or without any basket or tray. You can also use them on a hitch-mounted cargo carrier or throw them on your truck bed. When you don’t need it, you can fold it compact and put it in the trunk for later use.

Unlike cargo boxes, cargo bags are flexible. This allows you to pack oddly-shaped items as well as the big and bulky ones. This flexibility is both a good and bad thing. You see, when you don’t pack it fully, the material will flap in the wind, and that’s really irritating.  You can always tighten the straps attaching the bag to the car, but it is always a good idea to pack it full instead. Pillows and blankets make great stuffing for this purpose. They add a lot of volumes but not the weight.

Zippers and Velcro straps are the two most common closure choices for cargo bags. Both are simple to use, but bags with zippers are the ones you should pick. Why? Because Velcro straps might rip open when you drive at high speed. They also tend to gather lint, so they won’t stick as firmly as they used to when you first buy the bags. Go for bags with big and heavy-duty zippers. They’ll last longer than bags with Velcro closures.

Most cargo carrier bags are waterproof. Some are made of waterproof material, and some include a rain cover to protect the bag against rain and snow. However, in most cases, the former is better than the latter. A rain cover is nice and simple to use, but you still have to remember to put it over the bag all the time. When the weather has been nice for weeks, people tend to forget to put the cover on. When they’re caught with sudden rain in the middle of their trips, they end up with soaking wet spare clothes and everything.

Being waterproof takes more than just using waterproof material or using a rain cover. The best kind of cargo bag also uses clever designs to prevent water from getting into the bag when you drive through torrential rain. For instance, using flaps to cover the surrounding zippers, placing the zippers inside the flap to keep the wind from blowing rainwater in, and electrically-welded instead of stitched seams.

That last instance is a pretty big deal. When the seams are stitched, no matter how neatly it is done, the holes can get bigger and bigger as you stuff the bag.

Cargo bags are kept in place using straps. The straps are usually sewn on top of the bag, so there’s no chance of you losing them. The straps can connect the bag to at least four tie-down points. Some even use eight points to ensure the bag is not moving about at all.

Roof Rack Cross Bars

Having cross bars is essential if you want to use rooftop cargo carriers. Even though you can use rooftop cargo carriers that don’t require crossbars, regarding reliability, cargo carriers mounted on cross bars are better than those mounted on bare roof.

Roof rack cross bars often have many attachments available to improve its carrying ability. That means you can use it to haul not just camping gears, but also bikes, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and even boats. However, you still need to check for compatibility, which is sometimes brand-specific.

The simplest cross bars are only square metal bars with feet that you mount on the roof rails. Square-shaped cross bars are far from aerodynamic, but they get the job done nonetheless.  Round crossbars are better in terms of aerodynamics, but slim bars are the best. They cut through the wind smoothly and whisper quiet. These slim bars are often referred to as aero bars. To improve the noise reducing capability, some of these crossbars have specially-designed rubber strips the top parts and end caps covering the bar ends.

Crossbars are quite easy to install. They have clamps to secure them to the roof rails. To accommodate different car sizes and roof racks, crossbars come in different length. There’s always a perfect fit for your car regardless of how wide or narrow the distance between the roof rails on your car is. Please note that the crossbars should not extend beyond the side mirrors. That’s dangerous because you might yank or hit something when you drive. It’s also illegal in some states, and you might get fined for that.

If you don’t have factory side rails installed and you’re not interested in installing them, you can still use crossbars. There are cross bars that use hooks to grip the window frames. You just need to turn some knobs to tighten the hooks. These bars can be as durable and reliable as the ones mounted on roof rails. Still, you need to make sure to get them from reputable manufacturers.

For cars with sloping rooftop (like the kinds you see on SUVs lately), a fit kit may be required to complete the installation. The bottom of the fit kit mold with the contour of the roof, so all the feet stands horizontally instead of at an angle.

To prevent the bars from being stolen, most bars have some kind of locking device located at the feet. You can also buy the locks separately if the one you already have has no locking mechanism.


Cargo racks and basket are usually made of steel or aluminum. A small number is made of polycarbonate, but if you value your gears, just stick with metal carriers.

Cargo racks and basket made of steel are tough but heavy. They also need protection from the elements. Manufacturers usually use powder coating instead of simple paint job since powder coating is more resilient and last a lot longer protecting the steel from the elements.

Aluminum is perfect when you aim for the lightest setup possible. Aluminum is kind of soft, but with the right manufacturing process, aluminum cargo racks can be as tough and durable as steel racks. Aluminum also resists rust pretty well. No fancy coating or finish is required. What people don’t like about aluminum is the threading doesn’t last as long as steel.

For cargo bags, the common material is Polyester. It’s basically the same kind of material used to make ordinary bags. To protect it from the elements, manufacturers use their own secret recipes, but most of them just use vinyl layering on both the exterior and interior.

Cargo boxes are made of ABS plastic. It’s tough, durable, and resists the elements pretty well. To make the box more pleasing to the eyes, manufacturers use glossy finish. Such finish also makes the box easier to clean from dirt, grime, and bug splatter.

Features & Accessories

For a hitch mount cargo carrier, the most useful features are folding and tilting mechanism. With a folding mechanism, you can use normal parking spaces as if you don’t have anything mounted on the back of your car. You don’t always have the luxury of an open and wide parking space on your destination, right?

A tilting mechanism is useful to give you access to the trunk or hatch when the carrier is loaded with stuff. You’ll have enough clearance to let the trunk open and close unobstructed. For accessories, there is quite a number of them.  There’s the anti rattle, hitch lock, lighting kit, and hitch adapter.

Anti-rattles tighten the connection between the carrier and hitch receiver. Without any play, there won’t be any more rattling.  A hitch lock is essential to prevent your carrier from getting stolen. Anti-rattles sometimes have locking mechanism too.

A lighting kit is crucial to improve visibility. During heavy downpour or nighttime, other road users can notice the carrier easier with the lights on. Since the lighting kits are also connected to your turn signals, you can turn left and right safely without other people blaring their horns and cursing at you.

With a hitch adapter, you don’t need to worry about hitch receiver size difference anymore. If you happen to buy a carrier that connects to a 2-inches receiver, but the one on your car is only 1.25-inches, you can still install the carrier safely. Some adapters are curved or raised. These adapters are meant for cars with low ground clearance so that the carrier won’t scratch the road when you go through speed bumps or climbing steep inclines.

What Car You Drive

For other types of cars (SUV, minivan, MPV, Jeep, crossovers, sedan) all kinds of cargo carriers will work just fine. A hitch-mounted bike and cargo carrier, for example, will work well for sedans too. Carriers with raised trays are easy to find these days, so even though a sedan has low ground clearance, you can still install a hitch-mounted cargo carrier. You can also use a hitch raiser for the same purpose.

If you have a car with sliding doors, then the only type of cargo carrier you may want to avoid is a rooftop cargo bag with long pass-through straps that loop under the roof. The straps might block the door sensors, and you’re going to need to close the doors manually every time.

Comfort While Driving

When you add something on top of your car or the back, you will need to adjust your driving style accordingly – there’s no way around it. You may not notice it much when you drive in a straight line, but you will notice it when you need to make a sharp turn. For example, with a hitch-mounted cargo bag on the back, you may feel that your driving is less stable. Turning the steering wheel doesn’t give the same feedback as it used to. This is why you need to do a test drive with the cargo carrier fully loaded before the actual trip. It lets you know how much that extra luggage affect your driving. A couple rounds around the block should suffice. Take your time and go with a longer route if you feel it’s necessary.

Ease Of Assembly And Installation

Other than rooftop cargo boxes and bags, the other types of carriers usually require some kind of assembly. Sadly, some manufacturers skimp on the assembly instructions, so you need to do some guess works to put everything together. It’s really not that hard, though. If you already know how it should look like, you just need to lay every single part on the floor and sort out which part goes where.

You can always rely on YouTube when you’re stuck. Just search for the exact make and model of your carrier, and there’s a 99% chance someone already have a video describing how to assemble and install that particular carrier.


An aerodynamic carrier won’t cause annoying wind noise that you can’t help but hear throughout your trip. It also means your gas mileage won’t drop significantly. When it comes to aerodynamics, a hitch mounted carrier wins over any rooftop boxes. Yes, even the most streamlined ones. Being located at the back of your car, a hitch mount carrier doesn’t even need to be aerodynamic. That hitch carrier just tags along.

Yes, brand still matters. Reputable brands have a lot at stake. Those who have been building their credentials for decades can’t afford to make and selling crap anymore. It’s a different story from run-of-the-mill brands that buy OEM products from China and then rebrand them as their own. Things are way easier for them. When things go south, they can just start over under a new company name and slap a new brand on the same OEM products the used to sell.

Cargo Carrier FAQs

Can’t I just use ratchet straps to secure my canoe or kayak to the crossbars?

Of course you can, but there’s a 99% guarantee it will fly off your car when you go speed bumps or make a sharp turn. Use crossbars with proper canoe or kayak racks if you want to transport them safely. The racks will keep them centered and safely


Cargoloc is a cargo carrier brand from Allied International. This company makes more than just cargo carriers. Under the Cargoloc brand, this company also makes anchors, bike storage,          bungee cords, cable ties, garage storage solutions, shop accessories, straps, tarps, and tie downs. In summary, Cargoloc is a brand that covers your every cargo carrying needs.

CURT Manufacturing

This company is well-known for its towing equipment. Actually, that has been the case since 199Their line of custom color hitches hit the market on 199Since then, the name CURT has been synonymous to a reliable cargo management solution that the average people can rely on to take care all of their gear. Their commitment to their customers is the main reason why people trust CURT products.

E-GO Bike LLC is a company headquartered in Hayward, California. E-GO specializes in fashionable e-bikes and e-bike accessories. However, the quality of their cargo carriers is nothing to scoff at. Their cargo carriers are made to last while remaining aesthetically pleasing. A cargo carrier may not leave much room for any fashionable and chic touches, but if you have an E-GO carrier, you know it won’t be an eyesore.

The Goplus brand is a familiar one in the automotive world. You will come across it when you shop for bike hitch carriers, hitch-mounted luggage basket, garage floor jack, and various other tools and hardware related to cars. Goplus products are affordable yet tough and dependable.


Heininger has been around for quite a while, offering people like you the solution to their limited space problems. Heininger’s cargo carrier is easy to assemble and includes an anti-wobbling device that minimizes Established in February 1998, Heininger’s quest to enhance road travel continues to this day.


As one of the leaders in cargo management, Highland is determined to make your road trips as stress-free as possible. Their cargo organizing lines include rooftop carriers, truck racks, bike racks, cargo trays and bags, storage nets and cargo bars, and interior organization solutions. The experiences they have gained since 194give them the ability to exceed your expectations.

Pro Series

When you want a towing product that gives you Legendary Value, you go with Pro Series product line. Such is the promise of Cequent Performance Products that owns the Pro Series trademark. This company makes a diverse array of products, and their goal is to make products that offer the best value and made by the best people.

RAGE Powersports

Once you start searching for cargo management solutions, you will stumble upon RAGE Powersports product again and again. This brand is one of the most trusted names when it comes to loading, hauling, and transporting. Whether you need to carry bags, bikes, or pets, RAGE Powersports has got your back covered.

Rightline Gear

On any road trip, you can always count on Rightline Gear carriers to haul your cargo around. Both their top and back carriers are popular due to their strength and waterproof feature. Rightline Gear also makes a variety of Pop-up, SUV, and truck tents. If your family loves to go camping, you’re going to love Rightline Gear.

Coming from down under, ROLA made its first roof rack to accommodate the need of an avid Australian windsurfer to carry a surfboard in a convenient and stylish manner. Today, it’s not just Aussies that put their confidence in ROLA whenever they need durable cargo carriers. Wherever your adventures are taking you, ROLA is ready to haul your gears in style.


Not everyone has roof racks on their cars, and Roofbag knows this very well. This company, as you might have guessed, makes roof bags that fit cars with or without roof racks or crossbars. The sheer convenience and unique design have made Roofbag a popular choice among adventurers with bare car roofs.

It’s pretty rare to come across companies that are willing to give a lifetime warranty on their products. Saris is one of those rare breeds. Saris makes highly efficient bike racks that fit on the back of your car easily. Their rock-solid lifetime warranty is a clear sign of how confident they are about the quality of their bike racks.


SportRack’s bike racks, cargo boxes, and roof racks are well-received by consumers because of SportRacks commitment to quality. Their products are loaded with useful and innovative features that make cargo carrying a less stressful chore for adventurous families.

Surco cargo carriers are made in the USA. They rely on in-house manufacturing facilities instead of asking other company to make the cargo racks for them and then slap the Surco brand all over. That means, you don’t just get a generic product, but something that’s developed and made by a company that understands what their customers want.

No doubt you’ve heard of this brand being recommended in many forums and online discussion whenever the topic of cargo carrying pops up. Established in 194in Sweden, Thule has come a long way. They’ve been helping millions of people bringing their boards, bikes, skis, camping gears wherever they want to go. That’s their mission, and you can be sure they will continue doing that for years to come.

TMS is well-known for its aluminum SUV roof racks. The reason is pretty obvious; their roof racks strike a balance between a high-quality product and a reasonable price tag. Their products appeal to those who wishes for dependable roof racks for their cargo that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

Yakima is right there with Thule as the most well-appreciated brands in the world of cargo carrying. Their cargo boxes and rack systems are superb and, just like Thule, have been recommended over and over again by people who already used them for numerous outdoor adventures.


Perfect for:  Moderate Sports, Everyday, Dressing Up, Going Out

Low-rise Brief:  Low-rise briefs sit below the natural waistline on the hips giving you just enough fabric to cover you up, and not much more; additionally, many are engineered to enhance the package.

Wear With:  Low-rise jeans and shorts, workout pants and shorts.

Mid-rise Brief:  The waistband of a mid-rise briefs sits at the natural waistline.

Wear With: Regular cut jeans, dress pants and board shorts.

High-rise Brief:  The waistband of a high-rise brief sits right below the belly button, providing a more traditional fit.  A high-rise brief can streamline the waist, eliminating love handles and smoothing the stomach.

A Physical Retail Store vs. An Online Outlet

Fancy abstract Thai Trunks vs. The Classic Simple Thai Trunks

One factor that can greatly impact the price of these types of shorts is the specific designs that are featured on them. Basic shorts with little to no designs are always cheaper, while shorts that have more designs on them, such as signature Yodsanklai Fairtex shorts, will always cost more money.

Quality of the Materials That are Used To Construct the Trunks

This is something else that will help to determine how much your shorts will end up costing. Some brands used materials in their shorts that are cheaper, the end result of which becomes the shorts being see-through whenever they get wet.

How to choose a bike rack

The first question is how far and how frequently do you need to carry bikes? Then what type of bikes, and how many bikes you need to carry. Which vehicle — or vehicles — do you have, and will you be taking a mixture of bikes? Are they heavy, do they have thru-axles, and will they be getting dirty?

The main types of bike rack are hitch-mounted, roof-mounted and strap-mounted

The next question is how do you want to carry the bikes? On top of the vehicle? Off the back? Does your vehicle have a receiver hitch? Bike’s front wheel on or off? Another thing to consider is if you want or need to carry other sporting equipment.

Bikes vary widely in cost, style, size and weight too, all of which should be factors when looking for a means of transporting them. You probably won’t want to risk carrying your expensive super bike on a rack that costs less than one of its ultra-light tires.

Also consider practicality: whether the rack will suit your needs now and in the future; ease of use — how easy it is to fit to the vehicle and load; security — whether it holds the bikes safely and locks the bikes and to the vehicle; and how much storage space it will take up when not in use.


Hitch-mounted bike racks connect to a 1/4in or 2in receiver hitch that is mounted to your vehicle. They’re usually more expensive than other bike rack styles, but the ease of loading and unloading bikes, and not having to lift bikes onto the vehicle’s roof, make them a popular option.

Most feature locks that lock the bike to the rack and the rack to the vehicle. Clever designs enable almost one-handed fitting, while hinged load sections provide access to the boot/tailgate of the vehicle without having to remove the bikes. 

As a basic rule, the more features a rack has such as built-in locks, repair stands, lightweight materials, etc., the more it costs. You also need a hitch on your vehicle, which can be an extra expense if you don’t already have one, and some vehicles are only compatible with 1/4in hitches, which typically limit the rack to two bikes instead of four or five bikes as with a 2in hitch.

Hitch-mounted racks most commonly hold bikes by their wheels with an arm securing the front wheel (as shown above) or by hanging from their top tubes (image below). 


Most roof racks consist of feet that attach to your vehicle’s roof, and cross bars that the accessories attach to. Bike racks for roof racks vary between ones that require front wheel removal and racks that allow both wheels to remain on the bike.

Front wheel removal keeps the bike lower (great for tall SUVs), can be easier and lighter to load, and is the classic way of hauling bikes up top. Bike racks that keep both wheels on the bike are taller, generally cost more, and can be less stable. Either option likely uses integrated locks to lock your bike to the rack. And of course the rack is locked to the bars, and the bars are locked to your vehicle.

Roof-mounted bike racks require a factory roof rack or aftermarket base bar system

There are more simple roof-mounted bike racks available that don’t require a dedicated base bar set up, such as the Sea Sucker rack (shown below) that uses suction cups to attach to your car, and roof-mounted bike racks that attach to your vehicle’s factory installed roof rack. 

Roof-mounted bike racks can also be simple and much less involved

While not permanent, roof racks generally stay on your vehicle all the time as they are hugely versatile. Being able to add and remove sport-specific accessories lets you carry bikes, kayaks, skis, SUP boards, cargo boxes, etc. Basically any big, bulky item is fair game for a roof rack, even ladders, lumber, and other non-sports items. 

Roof racks can be used for a huge variety of gear-hauling duties

Pros: Super versatile for all kinds of gear hauling. One of the most secure racks available. Doesn’t hinder access to any doors/boot/hatch/tailgate.

Cons: Drive under something low if you’ve forgotten about your bikes and you could wreck all your bikes and damage your vehicle. You’re also adding aero-drag to your vehicle, so fuel consumption will likely increase.


Trunk-mounted racks tend to be the least expensive option, and the least secure. The main thing holding them to your vehicle is a bunch of straps that hook around the lip of your vehicle’s trunk/hatchback/bumper.

Such racks are usually highly adjustable, so you can fit them to the rear of almost any vehicle. Rubber or foam ‘feet’ grip the vehicle, with the whole unit pulled taught and secured by the straps. This is the most affordable style of rack, but relies heavily on it being fitted properly and the hooks that hold the straps to the vehicle can sometimes damage paintwork.

Low-end trunk racks typically don’t have a way to lock your bike, or a way to be locked to your vehicle, so they’re also relatively easy to steal.

Trunk racks vary greatly in quality, spending a bit more is worth it

Pros: Easy to fit and usually the least expensive option. Easy to remove, small and fold for easy storage.

Cons: Least secure way to haul bikes. If you don’t fit it right you can lose the lot when driving, and the bikes are easy to steal.





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Most important, have fun and choose your Trunks wisely! Good luck!

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