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Top Of The Best Trash Compactors Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Trash Compactors of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Ramddy 18 Gallon Compactor Trash Bags, Green, 100 Counts

Ramddy 18 Gallon Compactor Trash Bags, Green, 100 Counts
No smell, more durable
Consist of 100 bags of 18 gal garbage bags
Extra strong and thick bags perform a load-bearing role for tear and rip-resistant


№2 – Eagrye 18 Gallon Compactor Trash Bags, Heavy Duty, Black, 85 Counts/ 2 Rolls

Eagrye 18 Gallon Compactor Trash Bags, Heavy Duty, Black, 85 Counts/ 2 Rolls
85 counts heavy duty 18 gallon black trash compactor bags
Suitable for trash can with diameter ≤ 16.5 “, depth ≤ 39.5 “
Flat opening garbage bag


№3 – Krushr K018-DOOR Door with T Bar Handle, Stainless Steel

Krushr K018-DOOR Door with T Bar Handle, Stainless Steel
High grade stainless steel door
T-bar style stainless steel handle
Built to fit K018 compactors
Reliable! I really like this!



As the name of this website suggests, we will introduce you to all the right ‘tools’, that you can own so that your garbage disposal.

With the dawn of the technological age, a lot of new gadgets and inventions have been born. So it’s not surprising that there are plenty of these so-called garbage disposal tools. They are everywhere on the markets these days, and it can be difficult to select which ones are right for you.

Of course the selection process is not that simple, because you will have to consider your budget first. Which of these tools can you afford? What ones will give you more value for your money? Which can give you the right performance for the right price? These are only the beginning of the questions that we will help you answer with the articles on this site.

There are also other factors, such as which garbage disposal tools will fit your lifestyle. You will have to assess which method of garbage disposal suits the way you live so that you can make the right choice, own  best garbage disposal

By reading our reviews about several different Garbage Disposal Tools, you can begin to understand which ones are worth your money, and which ones are not. This is so that you don’t have to spend a single dollar on anything that will not function well enough to suit your tastes. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned cash on an unworthy item, or something that is not functional enough. And even with a warranty nobody wants to go through the hassle of contacting customer assistance to get a replacement.

We want to obtain the best tools on our first try. It’s because we simply want to move on with living our lives, instead of spending every minute trying to put things together. We want our houses to become homes as soon as possible, so we can enjoy it right away.

This is where we help you out. Yes, but before to continue, you will ask and what about the cans, cartons and other bigger sized garbage, what to do with it, we could not throw it in garbage disposal tools? And here is an solution for this problem: read best trash compactor reviews from our partner.


For example, we have buying guides and reviews on top rated garbage disposal units. These are also known as disposers or disposals, and they are some of the most environmentally-responsible kinds of devices.

If you haven’t heard of them before, these are simple machines that you can hook up to your sink, so that you can grind up those pesky bits of food waste instead of throwing them in the garbage bin.

So lets continue! Ecologically-speaking, this is the better to grind the food waste because we all know that trash goes into landfills. And those landfills are practically hazard pits that could produce methane. It is a greenhouse gas that is harmful for our atmosphere. Other than ripping a huge hole into our ozone layer, some of these gases are also flammable. Thereby being capable of producing even more dangerous effects.

Instead of putting nature into that kind of struggle, why not get a garbage disposal tools and shred those biodegradable waste? Let your drainpipes get rid of them for you! The food waste harmlessly goes into the city’s sewers.

These machines work with grind rings and centrifugal force caused by different motors that are measured by horsepower.

On this site, you will know the difference between 1/HP and HP garbage disposal tools. You will even get to know which kind will suit your home best.

To give you an idea of how these motors work, you will basically need to assess how often you will be using your garbage disposal tool. How many chunks of biodegradable food waste are you planning to push down your sink? How many people are living in your home?

If you live alone, or with a single companion, you may be better off with a 1/HP or a 1/HP garbage disposal tool. These are small and weak, but they are efficient enough for infrequent use. They are also a lot more affordable.

If you have more than three people living in your home, you may opt for the garbage disposal tools with a 3/HP or a HP motor. These are more expensive, but also more powerful. If you need a bit more grinding power, then one of these models may just do the thing for you.

If you own a commercial establishment, there are even more powerful tools out there that are more commonly known as commercial garbage disposals. These are highly powerful, and will easily keep up with the pace you require.

Here at DisposalTools you will find all sorts of reviews for all these different kinds of tools. All you will have to do is select one that suits you.

The environment is everyone’s concern. That’s why it is in our best interest to find the right tools that will fix the garbage disposal problems of the world.

Hopefully, when you get familiar with the concepts of these fascinating machinery, you will learn how important they are. Maybe you will appreciate the key role they play in our society. When buying garbage disposal tools, it is always good to know the environment-friendly option.

Whirlpool Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor

This budget-friendly unit is perfect for small spaces. The sleek black unit can be mounted under any countertop and has easy to use tap controls for quick, efficient compacting. Great for food, paper and cardboard, it has anti-jam sensors to ensure it operates smoothly and a toe-touch bar for easy opening.

The unit also comes with fitted bags and has a lock key for safe operation. A bargain unit with high-end abilities.

Why You Need a Trash Compactor? Are Trash Compactors Worth it?

Knowing what a compactor can do is only the beginning. You also need to understand all the ways it can help you (and your poor scared kids/hubby). Let’s look at the benefits of owning one:

Cuts Down on Trips to Take Out the Trash: With a compactor you can fit more garbage into one bag, in some cases reducing bags of garbage down to one. That means making weekly, or even bi-weekly trips to the garbage bins, instead of daily.

This is particularly useful during those cold winter months, if you work late nights or if you value your time.

Maintenance Free: Most models require no upkeep and can be wiped down when you change the bags, making clean-up a snap.

Makes Your House Cleaner: Since you can fit more trash in each bag, it saves you from having to pile up trash in the garbage or front gate in-between weekly trips from the trash collectors. This eliminates and makes your house tidier.

Eliminates Odors and Messes: Many models have a charcoal filter to control odors, and fewer trips to the trash mean less chances of bags are leaking and spilling- keeping you and your house mess free.

Saves You Time: Are Trash Compactors Worth to buy? Fewer trips to remove the trash, or take the recycling to the center, saves you time and energy. So no more schlepping out to the middle of nowhere when you could still be sleeping in bed.

Saves You Money: These appliances save you money in several ways. They cut down on the number of bags you use, cut down on garbage costs if you use a removal company and pay by volume and save on trips to the recycling center, so you save on fuel.

Environmentally Friendly: Less trash means fewer bags to use, which is good for the environment because there are less bags in the landfills.

Pros and Cons of Trash Compactors

Last, but not east, you must consider the pros and cons before buying one of these units. Efficient and easy to use and maintain, they save you time and money, making trash day a monthly event and cutting down on trash volume.

They also keep your home tidy and fresh, minimizing garbage and odors and help reduce trash in our environment.

On the down side, there are some materials it can’t compact, so you must be aware of what you put in them, and if you put foods like fish in them regularly, you may have to deal with a little odor from time to time.

You can refrain from throwing in too many smelly foods, or use a garbage disposal to eliminate this problem.


Toe bar Switch: The most important feature to look for in a compactor is a toe bar switch. This is a switch that automatically opens the trash compactor after clicking it with the foot. It is always located around the base of the compactor. When the arms are carrying larger items to dispose, the toe bar switch makes life easier.

Air Freshener: Choose a waste compactor with charcoal filters or air freshener compartments to reduce odor.

Also, analyze the various models, giving attention to the following features:

Power & Performance

You should also check the motor horsepower. If the compactor has high capacity and lower horsepower, it will make lot of noise.

The compactor should have a high compaction ratio. For instance, if a specific model has a compaction ratio of 3:it means it will compress bags of trash into one.

Weight and Size

Another thing to consider when buying a trash compactor is space. Ensure you have enough space to accommodate the compactor. Ideally, take the measurements and take them with you while shopping. Most trash compactors have a height of thirty four to thirty five inches and width of twelve to fifteen inches; small enough to fit in most under counter spaces.

Gladiator Modular Garage Trash Compactor

This trash compactor offers the convenience and all the benefits you would be looking for a in a high-end trash compactor, without taking up too much space in your home. It features a rugged styling and casters to facilitate easy mobility.

The Gladiator GarageWorks Modular Garage is equipped with a third horsepower motor and has compaction rate of 4:It reduces waste by 7percent. If you are looking for a heavy duty compactor, this is the best choice.

Manual Trash Compactor

The manufacture of this trash compactor hails it as a simple solution to garbage problems. This manual compactor is designed to help you make the most of your wheeled trash bin. With it, you won?t have to worry about having too much trash between pick-ups, or being charged extra amount for having too much trash. As soon as you notice that your trash lid won?t close, just place your foot on the lid and press down to super compact the trash with your big foot. This trash compactor works by flattening plastic bottles, cardboards, and all other voluminous trash that take up too much space. It is easy to operate, lightweight, eco-friendly and made of 100% galvanized steel.

EKO 50L Phantom Sensor Trash Compactor

Unlike other trash compactors that we have reviewed in this article, EKO 50L Phantom comes with lid sensors that open the compactor from up to 1inches away. It closes and opens automatically, meaning your hands and trash stay clean. Also, it features a removable rim plastic bag fixer that makes changing trash bags ultra-easy. More important, the wings located on the rim anchors the trash bag in position, leaving none visible after the compactor is closed.

Commercial Zone Trash Compactor

Make recycling of all aluminum cans easy and super quick by purchasing the Commercial Zone Compactor. It is fitted with a combination of recycling bin and a crusher. The crusher is located towards the top and it automatically throws the compressed can into the bin? located at the bottom. This crusher is hand-run and easy to operate. This this trash compactor is big enough (measuring 16l by 22w by 33h inches) to holds as much as 400 crushed cans.

Power & Performance

Most trash compactors come with a volume of 1.to 1.cubic feet and their compacting force can be between 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. Generally, more compacting force represents a higher price. And you also pay attention to the motor’s horsepower. If a compactor offers a high capacity but its motor has a lower horsepower, you will probably get a noisy one. This means when it is working, it is louder than other models. And another key feature you need to notice is the compaction ratio. Too high or too low ratio is not suitable. For example, a compactor with a 4:ratio can compact bags of trash into bag. Lower ratio means you need to frequently take out the trash to the curb. However, if the ratio is too high, you need to consider whether you and other family members can lift the compacted trash safely. For old people, the high ratio is not recommended.

Other Features

Besides the essential feature: compaction and capacity, the one you choose should also be easy, safe and convenient to use. One essential feature is a toe bar which allows you to open your compactor by just easy kicking it with your foot. This toe bar on the floor is a must-have feature. When your hands are not free, this feature will make your life much easier. Once you have a compactor, this also means you will not take out the trash to the curb every day, so how to deal with the odor from the waste is important. And to reduce odor, you need to buy one with charcoal filters or air freshener compartments. Considering your children’s safety, the one with removable key-knob controls is the best, because this feature can prevent accidental use. Another useful feature is the anti-jam sensors which can alert you when your compactor is full.


Most home appliances need maintenance on a regular basis, but trash compactors can be maintenance free. And you need to replace trash bags as usual. Some models use regular plastic bags, but some of them have proprietary bags which only are compatible with their compactors.

Show Details

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Product Information

Joseph Joseph are ahead of the times when it comes to household waste disposal and the evidence is clear, the proof is in with their 30 litre Tritan Trash Compactor. There’s no more over-filling and you will use fewer liners as this bin holds up to times the waste of a similarly sized household bin.

The Tritan Trash Compactor features a hygienic compaction system so you will empty your bin less often and the odour neutraliser hidden away in the lid will neutralise any unpleasant smells. With a clever anti-tear design which won’t pinch or stretch the extra-strong custom liner, rubbish can be handled and managed easily while your hands remain clean.

To operate, depress the broad pedal to open the lid then place rubbish into the bin as usual. Lift the silver handle to an upright position, activating the compression pad then press down firmly. Lift and release the silver handle and close the lid, ready to use again and again. The lid holds a (replaceable) carbon filter to help manage odours plus the entire unit carries a year warranty for your peace of mind.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Trash Compactors by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Trash Compactors wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Trash Compactors



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