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Top Of The Best Toaster Ovens Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Toaster Ovens of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Hamilton Beach 31333 Convection Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel

Hamilton Beach 31333 Convection Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel
Designed for easy access
Large, curved glass door improves access to food
Convection cooks food more evenly


№2 – Hamilton Beach 31401 Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster Oven Broiler

Hamilton Beach 31401 Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster Oven Broiler
Uses up to 75% less energy and is 28% faster than a typical kitchen oven when reheating precooked frozen chicken nuggets
Fits a 9″ pizza or 4 slices of toast
30 minute timer with auto shutoff


№3 – Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Silver

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Silver
Element IQ delievers the right power at the right time and when adjusted to taste, remembers
9 present functions: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm
1800W with 5 Quartz heating elements


The Insider Pick

Toaster ovens serve as a miniature version of the traditional oven and they offer an array of functions, including broiling, roasting, toasting, and convection cooking. The Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ is at the top of our list because of its durability, patented heating technology, and stylish, easy-to-clean design.

Living in environmentally-conscious times, it may feel like a waste heating up a full-size oven just to make a small meal. And, if you have a small kitchen, a traditional oven may not be an option. This is where toaster ovens can help you save on space and utility bills.

Even if you have a large kitchen, a toaster oven is useful for the heavy-cooking holidays, such as Thanksgiving when you need to cook and warm several dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

There are almost as many heating options available as there are brands. When buying a toaster oven, you also want to consider how much space you will have. Most models will fit between your counter and the bottom of your cabinets. If space is at a premium in your dwelling, be sure to pay special attention to the dimensions of the toaster ovens you are interested in.

We examined the ratings and reviews of hundreds of top users and experts to see which toaster ovens offer the best value for your money, do what they say they can do, and perform consistently. Read on to learn all about our top picks.

Although the Breville Mini Smart Oven is our top pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Cuisinart Exact Heat Toaster Oven Broiler, the Oster Large Capacity Digital Convection Toaster Oven, the Panasonic Flash Xpress Toaster Oven, and the Breville Compact Smart Oven.

Number of wire racks included

An interior light for easy viewing of food as it is cooking

How much space does it take up on the counter-top. Check the height, width and depth

Check the weight of the machine as this will determine how portable it will be

No timer cancel button.

Some customers complained about the build quality of the dials

Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven Stainless Steel

This Breville appliance is among the best small toaster ovens available and is in a different league and indeed price bracket compared to the more basic toaster ovens.

Cuisinart TOB-40N Custom Classic Toaster Oven

Cuisinart TOB-40N is a 1800-watt oven that you can use to bake, toast, broil, and a bagel. The full-size interior of this unit has the ability to hold up to 1inches of pizza and six slices of bread. The design of this oven will fit any kitchen. We love the stainless steel front that has rubberized dials as well as cool touch handle. To enhance your convenience, the oven also comes with a convenient auto side rack that allows for hands free loading and removal of cooked foods.

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Oven with Convection

If you are looking for something unique, this oven from Hamilton Beach might be the best model for you. This oven is very powerful ensuring that it offers you with enough power to cook the food evenly within the shortest time possible. The unit is designed to offer you with a simple experience when cooking a variety of foods. To cook the food faster, this oven utilizes convection air. The unit also comes with three cooking function that includes toast, bake and broil functions. It also includes a baking pan, bake rack that has two rack positions as well as a 30 minutes timer with a ready bell.


The size and weight of the oven also matter. Before you decide the model that you would want to purchase, ensure that you have ample space to accommodate it. Additionally, you should make sure that the oven has enough interior space to meet your required needs.

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Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven ​This toaster oven from Oster features an interior that has the light inside for convenient viewing, and digital controls. It is large enough to fit larger food such as pizzas or batches of cookies. It can fit pans that are 1x inches in size, to be exact.

It also has a removable crumb tray. The rack can also be set at two different positions. You can set it to whichever height is convenient for you at any given moment. It also includes a baking pan, which is a great addition to your kitchen.​

The controls are digital.     ○ No need to worry about breaking buttons by pushing them too hard.

It has many functions.     ○ It can broil, bake, defrost, cook pizza, and so much more!

It has an interior light.     ○ It’s easy to monitor your cooking to make sure it comes out perfect every single time.

It has a removable crumb tray.    ○ Crumbs are easier to clean off your oven, keeping it presentable and ready for the next batch of food.

The interior light automatically goes on when you start the oven up.     ○ This might annoy a lot of people, though it’s easy to turn off by pushing a button.

Finding a replacement rack is challenging because the manufacturer itself does not sell any.    ○ You can purchase a new rack someplace else though, just remember to check the dimensions.

Best for: ​This is great for people who find interested in cooking larger meals. It’s a good choice for big families, people who want to prepare for parties, or those who cook in advance. The large capacity means it’s easy to cook huge batches of food without actually having to use a full-sized oven. ​This is especially good for those who like cooking using the oven a lot but have a small living space. It’s still a countertop toaster oven so it doesn’t eat up as much space as a regular oven would. The variety of functions also makes it inspiring to cook a variety of meals on this toaster oven.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven ​This toaster oven from Breville boasts its Element IQ cooking technology. It guarantees that your food will be cooked faster and more evenly. This oven offers nine different functions, letting you cook your food just the way you like it. ​The nine functions are pre-set with the heat needed but you can customize the output to your tastes as well. Furthermore, the interior is non-stick and you can adjust the rack to three different positions. It has an LCD screen so you can easily read the information you need.

It automatically shuts off and has a sound that alerts you when it’s done.   ○ You will no longer forget about your food in the oven, leaving it cold!


It is easy to go for something basic that performs well. But never overlook the design elements. As the toaster oven is going to be in permanent residence on the counter top it makes sense to pick something that is going to enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. Co-ordinate with other prized kitchen appliances, even think about matching colors. The very popular Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer is one example of mixing in matching color schemes for your prized shiny kitchen gadgets.

On to what we feel are the best toaster ovens with the best reviews and toaster oven ratings.

Cuisinart TOB-155

Another oven from Cuisinart, makers of the amazing Cuisinart MultiClad Pro cookware set. This has a great black and stainless steel finish that is certainly going to add a real sense of elegance and quality to the kitchen.

The glossy color looks amazing against other brighter kitchen gadgets, and there is certainly no doubt it is excellent value.

Oster 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

The Oster 629is actually almost a budget toaster oven in terms of price but performance is great, it looks expensive and has a great number of very positive reviews too. Certainly worth taking a closer look at and very good value for money.

Toaster Oven Ratings

Be sure to take a look at the toaster oven ratings. This is of prime importance as we want to make sure that what we buy is suitable. Many put a convection oven at the top of the list and this is a good idea. It allows you to use the toaster oven much the same as your main oven.

Get something with a good capacity and you will not regret it.


Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

The Breville Smart Oven has a larger oven cavity than our top pick, so it can fit a 12-inch frozen pizza or six slices of bread. The Breville Smart Oven also has a more modern, intuitive interface than the Panasonic FlashXpress and an easy-to-read display. This oven is about twice the price of our pick, but it turned out pizza bagels and toast that were nearly as good as the Panasonic FlashXpress and our upgrade pick, the Cuisinart TOB-260N1.

Upgrade pick

The Panasonic FlashXpress excels at the basics, but the larger Cuisinart TOB-260Ncan perform more like a full-duty oven. It delivers even heat to up to nine slices of bread, and it can easily handle a 13-inch frozen pizza. The three-year warranty is outstanding, as are the impressive accessories, which include a pizza stone. It was the best toaster oven we tested, but we feel its size and price are both more than most people need.

Who should get this

A toaster oven is a great multipurpose small appliance that lets you toast bread and bake and reheat foods without firing up your full-sized oven. A compact one works well when you’re making single-serving meals and snacks or if your rental has a tiny kitchen with an oven that doesn’t work well (or is missing altogether). If your kitchen is so active that the oven is full, you can use the toaster oven like Martha Rose Shulman, chef and author of The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking. When she runs out of room, she said, she turns to the toaster oven to make gratins, lasagne, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

And what about regular old toasters? We have picks for those, too. In our original guide, Ganda Suthivarakom likened a toaster oven to a passenger car, while your big oven is like an SUV: ”both are useful, and both will take you where you need to go, but the little car may be faster, more energy efficient, and more convenient for those shorter, smaller trips you commonly take.”

How we picked and tested

Toasting bread in the Breville Smart Oven. Photo: Michael Hession

As for extra features, some are clever and genuinely useful and convenient, like automatic cooking modes and racks that pull out when you open the door. Others are less clearly valuable—we saw everything from toaster/toaster-oven crossbreeds to models with rotisseries built in. Really, we were only looking for straightforward ovens that could handle baking, toasting, and other standard tasks well.

One feature manufacturers like to tout is convection, which basically means a fan circulates the hot air inside the oven. The fan can be deactivated if you want to broil meat or just melt cheese on an open-faced sandwich. Convection has a benefit in full-size ovens, where it can reduce cooking times, but it’s not clear how useful it is in small ovens, as Consumer Reports notes. We didn’t consider convection a must-have feature when we selected models to test.

While most people wouldn’t shop for a toaster oven by examining its heating elements, three main types featured prominently in our research, and the differences between them helped explain why certain models performed better than others. Nichrome heaters (metal wires, like in a slot toaster) are very common, and quartz elements (which look like long coils encased in a glass tube) tend to appear in more expensive models. The big advantage quartz has over nichrome is that it heats up considerably faster. The third type is a ceramic element, which is often found in space heaters. None of the models we tested use ceramic exclusively, but one model, the Panasonic FlashXpress, uses both quartz and ceramic.

For this update, we put seven toasters through a battery of tests with three tasters in our New York City test kitchen.

Our heat-map test results from five of the better ovens we looked at. Photo: Katie Hausenbauer-Koster

First, for our toast test, we filled each toaster with as many slices of basic white bread as we could. For consistency, we set each machine to the medium shade setting and used the toasted results to create a heat map. This showed us any hot spots, as well as how each one performed as a toaster.

For the second test, we made break-and-bake Toll House cookies, evaluating the finished cookies for color and consistency—were they crunchy outside and a little gooey inside (like they should be)? Or were they underdone or burned? We also tested pizza Bagel Bites, keeping an eye on how browned the cheese was, whether or not the cheese effectively melted from its frozen cubic shape, and how crunchy the bagel got on the underside. To keep the ovens on an even playing field, none of the ovens’ convection settings were turned on when we tested.

In the five models we thought had the most promise after the heat-map toast test, we also ran a bonus round of testing on boneless, skinless chicken thighs. We wanted to test the effectiveness of each oven’s broil mode (except the Panasonic FlashXpress, which doesn’t have one). The results were disappointing on every single model, so don’t expect much from this feature, even if the oven can roast and bake with no problem.

The compact, Panasonic FlashXpress excels at basic tasks like toasting bread, reheating pizza slices, and cooking bite-sized snacks. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

This compact toaster oven evenly toasts bread, bakes cookies, and brings frozen foods to life as well as or better than competitors that cost significantly more.

We recommend the Panasonic FlashXpress for its strong baking performance, compact size, and reasonable price. It cooked toast and other foods to an even, lovely golden-brown better than most other models we tried, and its toast shade settings were among the most accurate we tested. For a relatively low price, the FlashXpress stands out from a crowded pack of mediocre, cheap models, offering performance and features we found comparable to toaster ovens that are larger and double the cost.

The Panasonic FlashXpress made crispy-yet-melty Bagel Bites that were more consistently browned from one edge of the oven cavity to the other. Some ovens’ results weren’t dark enough; others put out too much heat or hot spots in the center. Up against bigger, more expensive toaster ovens, the FlashXpress more than held its own.

The Panasonic FlashXpress browned frozen pizza Bagel Bites better than the other small toaster ovens we tested and about as well as ovens costing twice as much. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

Pull Quote

Up against bigger, more expensive toaster ovens, the FlashXpress more than held its own.

Bread toasted on the medium setting came out beautifully golden brown without any scorching or charring. Only one other toaster oven we tested was able to toast bread as impressively—the Cuisinart TOB-260NOther models we tested, such as the KitchenAid KCO273SS, toasted bread unevenly, with extreme light and dark patches. The Panasonic FlashXpress was the only toaster oven we tested that had both quartz and ceramic infrared heating elements, which consistently produced evenly browned toast batch after batch.

The shade control for toast was accurate, giving us perfectly browned toast on the medium setting. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

The Panasonic FlashXpress was one of the smallest toaster ovens we tested, so it’s a great option if you have limited counter space (it measures a bit more than one cubic foot at 13.by 13.by 14.inches). It takes up only a little more space than most four-slot pop-up toasters and fits four pieces of bread (compared with up to nine in some of the other toaster ovens we tested). We think that’s fine; an overwhelming majority of our survey respondents said they would only want to toast two to four pieces of bread at a time. You can’t cook a casserole or a loaf of bread in this toaster oven, but there’s still plenty of space for items like leftover pizza, frozen waffles, and cookies.

We liked the spring-loaded auto-eject rack designed into the Panasonic. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

Beyond performance, there are other features that set the Panasonic FlashXpress apart from the competition. Hooks on the door help eject the toaster’s wire rack so you don’t have to reach your hand as far into the oven cavity to retrieve your food. Though this feature was common with some of the larger, more expensive models we tested, the Panasonic FlashXpress was one of the few to include door hooks at a lower price.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Unlike the dial-centric designs typical of other toaster ovens, the Panasonic FlashXpress has membrane buttons. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

When mapping out the Panasonic’s internal heat distribution, we found a 1-inch margin right behind the door where the toast didn’t brown well. Since you can’t fit full slices of bread in that space anyway, it’s not a huge deal (just remember to push your bread all the way to the back of the oven rack). However, it did affect other foods that were in that zone. While Bagel Bites and cookies placed in the cool area were thoroughly cooked, they weren’t as pleasantly browned. However, similar problems were common in many of the ovens we tested.

Low heat—and a lack of color—on the two pieces of bread we put in the front of the oven. Photo: Katie Hausenbauer-Koster

Using a retro red LED display, the Panasonic FlashXpress’s timer looks more like a time bomb from a 1990s action thriller than a modern kitchen appliance. While it’s not hard to read the display dead-on, it can be tricky to discern from off-angles. Our testers found that the displays on the pricier Breville and Cuisinart toaster ovens were easier to read.

The retro LED display on the FlashXpress’s timer is not the easiest to read at sharp angles. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

Additionally, the Panasonic FlashXpress, as a Japanese appliance, is understandably designed around degrees Celsius for temperature input. There’s a converted-to-Fahrenheit selector on the temperature indicator, but the markings are oddly spaced. Want to punch in 400 °F? You can get either 42°F or 390 °F but nothing between. That said, this idiosyncrasy didn’t negatively impact any of the items we cooked.

The Panasonic’s stamped metal crumb tray was warped after only a few cycles. Photo: Brendan Nystedt

Also, the Panasonic FlashXpress has a somewhat flimsy stamped metal crumb tray compared to the sturdier trays on our other picks. After only a few cycles, the Panasonic tray was already warped. However, the warping didn’t make it overly difficult to pull or clean the tray. We’ll keep an eye on this to see if it presents any problems down the road.

Should you encounter any problems with the FlashXpress under warranty, contact Panasonic.

The roomier Breville Smart Oven is our runner-up pick. Photo: Michael Hession.

Care and maintenance

Among all the toaster ovens we tested, only a couple of manufacturers noted the importance of getting the oven ready for its first use by running several test cycles with the machine empty before using it on anything you plan to eat. This way, any industrial residues inside the oven (which are applied to prevent corrosion while the machines are shipped and stored) can burn off and don’t have a chance to get into your food. Do this in a ventilated space if possible; depending on the oven, you’ll smell fumes in the first round or two. While you wait, take the time to wash the rack and accessories in warm soapy water.

Once you’re up and running, we recommend you empty the crumb tray often. If you’re cooking something that could drip grease on the lower heating element, be sure to use foil and a pan underneath the item. If grease splatters inside the oven, clean the interior according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The competition

Though it’s more expensive, the Breville Smart Oven Pro is nearly identical to our runner-up pick, the Breville Smart Oven. While the Pro adds a couple of minor features (a slow cook mode and an internal light), the Bagel Bites we toasted between the door and the front of the oven’s rack were noticeably paler than those in the middle and back of the oven. Consumer Reports found the same thing, giving the Pro a lower score on “full batch” than the Smart Oven.

The Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven didn’t do well in many of our tests. Its price is decent if you don’t need the capacity of the big Breville Smart Oven, but it’s still more than the Panasonic that we like more overall.

The Hamilton Beach 31230 Set & Forget Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking was our previous runner-up pick. However, in a new round of testing, we found that it produced pale toast on the medium setting and cooked unevenly compared to the Breville Smart Oven.

We tested the KitchenAid KCO273SS 12” Convection Bake Digital Countertop Oven and found that it was about as capable as the Breville Smart Oven but underperformed when compared to the Cuisinart. It came with very nice racks and had the clearest display out of all the toaster ovens we tested, but since the KitchenAid only has a 1-year warranty, we think the Cuisinart is worth the extra money for the 3-year coverage and better performance.

We were underwhelmed by the Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster Oven. We dismissed this model because it was plagued by the same problems as the Black and Decker TO1303SB model.

The Black and Decker TO1332SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven was the most inconsistent in our tests, burning some things and undercooking others. Consumer Reports gave this model a score of 48, noting that while it was very easy to use, it didn’t bake as well as others.

The Oster TSSTTVMNDG Digital Large Capacity Toaster Oven has cheap plastic components. In our tests, its performance was inconsistent and it had hotspots and high running temperatures. Consumer Reports gave it a score of 6and chose it as their best buy in the category, but said, “the model’s overall toasting performance was only so-so.”

The Cuisinart TOB-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler is easy to use, but bread became too dark on its medium setting. Also, this model has no timer, so you’ll have to keep a close watch on your food to prevent it from overcooking.

The Cuisinart TOB-13toasted bread unevenly and its temperature control was less consistent, so we were able to dismiss it.

The Cuisinart CSO-300, more of a steam oven than a toaster oven, promises to speed up cooking times up to 40 percent by incorporating steam heat. We didn’t test it, but this toaster is significantly more expensive than our pick.

Multiple heating functions

The most common heating functions of a toaster oven are bake, broil and toast. With these three options, you can use your toaster oven to bake dinners and snacks without heating up the whole kitchen and broil chicken or fish for family dinner. Howerver, these aren’t the only options available in these appliances. More advanced electric toaster ovens include such heating functions as reheat, roast, defrost, pizza and cookies options. Some toaster ovens even have brick inserts to replicate the authenticity and flavor of brick-oven cooking.

Perfect toast

You can even select the exact shade of toast you desire, from pale white to dark brown. And don’t ever worry again about thinking you left your oven on when you’ve left the house, this one has a 90-minute countdown that automatically shuts off the oven once complete.

Hamilton Beach Toaster and Mini Oven

Want a more affordable toaster oven option? Here you go. This unit is perfect for cooking up to  slices  from a 16-inch pizza, as well as pastries, and other flat foods. It’s not Oster but Hamilton isn’t far behind being a reputable manufacturer so expect good things.

You might also like my review of the top cookware for glass cooktops.

Unique design

This model is a little peculiar because it actually has a slice toaster on top and a mini oven below and this in functionality will help you save counter space. The toaster slots are 1.5-inch width, perfect for fitting bagels and English muffin halves.

Auto slide

Something really cool is the handy auto side-out rack that’s perfect for hands-free loading and also for easily removing food that’s already cooked. This is an incredibly convenient feature because it can prevent a lot of burns from the trays when trying to pull them out manually.

This oven doesn’t come with convection but its 1800 watts are more than enough to cook your food since that is very powerful for a mini oven.

Ovens On Our List

The models that we included come with a wide variety of features, sizes and starting price points. Whether you are cooking for one person or many, whether you want to just toast or cook everyday meals for the family, we tried to find an array of top performers that accommodate just about anyone looking for a new counterop cooker, baker, toaster or broiler. We have read through thousands of customer reviews and tried to find the best toaster ovens that owners love and recommend the most. A Breville smart oven is going to be a solid choice based on our criteria, but you also cannot go wrong with a KitchenAid or Cuisinart toaster oven. These three brands have garnered the highest spot on our list for good reason. Users love them.


A regular toaster oven has heating elements at the top and at the bottom. This means that air in the different parts of the oven can have different temperature. A toaster oven with convection functionality has a fan that circulates hot air in the oven, ensuring even temperature inside of the oven for better cooking results.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is a very convenient feature because it shows you how much time remains until your food is done. Some ovens simply have a sound signal to indicate that the time is over. Others switch to keep warm mode and keep your food hot and ready even if you don’t take it out of the oven right away.

KitchenAid KCO275AQ

KitchenAid KCO275AQ is a convection countertop oven. It has an even-heat technology that provides consistent and even heat.

The oven has enough room to cook two 12-inch pizzas. You can also easily fit up to slices of bread at once. The cavity of the oven has a non-stick coating that is extremely easy to clean.

There are pre-programed functions that range from high sear to roasting. The functions are the following: Pizza, Bagel, Bake, Asado Roast, Toast, Broil, Keep Warm, Reheat, Cookie.

This toaster oven really shines when because you can use it to replace small baking jobs such as a quick batch of cookies. The convention feature makes the baking process fast and the results are outstanding. Because this oven is toaster-size, it heats up much quicker than a regular size oven. It is a perfect solution for those who have ample counter space and do a lot of baking on a smaller scale.

KitchenAid KCO275AQ comes with a 120-minute timer that you can set up to notify you when the dish is ready.

Included with the oven are one 12-inch nonstick pan, one 12-inch broiling rack, one non-stick tray and one cooking rack.

The dimensions of this oven are 16.inches by 1inches by 12.inches. KitchenAid KCO275AQ weighs 19.pounds.

The timer can be set up to 2minutes of time.

This toaster oven has a removable crumb tray. The interior is non-stick and easy to clean.

The dimensions of this unit are 13.inches by 14.inches by 13.inches. Panasonic NB-G110P weighs 11.pounds.


Oster TSSTTVMNDG is a 6-slice toaster oven with convection functionality. It is also a top rated toaster oven. This toaster oven has a fully digital control panel for precise heat and time adjustments. It also has several pre-set cooking functions.

There is a 90-minute worry-free timer that shuts off the oven once it finished cooking.

Oster TSSTTVMNDG has a roomy interior that will fit up to a 13-inch by 9-inch pan. You can use this toaster oven to prepare a variety of foods from pizzas to meat roasts.

This toaster oven has two rack positions. The temperature range is 150F to 450F. You can even choose the desired darkness of your toast, from light to dark.

Cooking modes include bake, convection bake, pizza, toast, broil, defrost and keep warm.

There are a see-through door and an interior light that allow monitoring of cooking progress.

The dimensions of the unit are 15.inches by 19.inches by 11.inches. The oven weighs 20.pounds.

Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven

Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven

If you want to have a complete cooking machine, this Black & Decker CTO7100B can be one of your best choices. Besides as a toaster oven, it also can double as a rotisserie, making it the most versatile toaster oven on this list. This oven is not a manual control model. With its one-touch presets, you can use it to bake pizza, cookies, potatoes, as well as frozen snacks. Of course, it also can be used to toast, broil, bake and rotisserie. Plus, it comes with a 1-hour timer.

Although this one is a little pricey, it deserves to have, because it can nearly replace a conventional oven and cook faster. If you need a versatile and convenient roaster oven, this one is the best.

Simple Controls

Offering plenty of settings seems nice, but these settings may make a toaster oven more complex to use. If the settings are complex, people tend to only use a few of them and forget most of them. Of course, reading the manual is a good way, but the controls should be simple enough that you will feel the cooking is also simple.

Audible alerts.

Once the food is done and the toaster oven should tell you immediately, because fresh food should be served as soon as possible, or it will lose its taste. Therefore, you just need to choose a model which can beeps once the food is done. And the sound should be loud enough and not like a smoke alarm.

Auto-eject racks.

This feature is not included in all toaster ovens. A rack which can automatically pop out halfway when you just open the door helps you easily to move hot food. If the model you choose doesn’t have auto-eject racks, pulling out a very hot rack will be so awkward.

Proper-sized accessories.

Generally, a drip pan and a baking rack are included when you buy a toaster oven. If they don’t offer, you may need to buy them separately. When you are choosing these essential accessories, make sure they can fit in your oven, and choose the right-sized accessories.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Toaster Ovens by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Toaster Ovens wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Toaster Ovens



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Toaster Ovens is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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