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Top Of The Best Table Toppers Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Table Toppers of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Table Toppers Disposable Placemats For…

Table Toppers Disposable Placemats For...
MAKE BABY EATING TIME MORE FUN! Help your little ones have fun and learn during a meal, snack, or craft time with our disposable, biodegradable, BPA free placemats. Our kids placemats disposable feature makes clean up time a breeze! Just use and dispose when you are finished.


№2 – Ecape Cupcake Toppers,Bicycle Acrylic Toppers For Bridal Shower, Birthday,Wedding Table Cake Decorations DIY Party Favors Kits Cupcake Picks Set of 8 (Bicycle)

Ecape Cupcake Toppers,Bicycle Acrylic Toppers For Bridal Shower, Birthday,Wedding Table Cake Decorations DIY Party Favors Kits Cupcake Picks Set of 8 (Bicycle)
CUTE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – This cake topper measures 1.57 Inches wide by 2.9 inches tall.Mini cupcake toppers.This lightweight topper can stand on cupcake with one pongs.It is very sturdy.Comes 8 piece cupcake topper in a ecape cardboard box (this box designed in case of broken.)


№3 – Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable…

Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable...
Favorite characters form a fun and educational design, teaching age appropriate lessons
Sticks in place in adhesive strips, providing a sanitary eating surface for baby
Features resealable zip lock packs


The Saw Guy

As with anything, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of types, sizes, features, colors, weights, what, when, why, where, who…(let me catch my breath). For now, let’s focus on what’s right for you with our Best Table Saw Guide. We’ll start by identifying quality brands that align with your needs. Besides, who wants to buy something that won’t work?


A circular saw is great for initial cuts of plywood sheets or single cuts. The miter saw is what you would use to make precise angled crosscuts. A jigsaw is good for curving cuts or anything intricate. The table saw is a must when you have a significant amount of ripping and lumber style crosscuts.

The great thing about the Dewalt 7491RS is that it folds up small enough to store and not be in the way. It also has a number of add-ons like the table top slide out extensions (side and back) which work very well.

Generally, portable table saws do not have a broad enough surface to cut full sheets of plywood, sheet metal, etc… A full sheet would have to be cut into a partial to use on a portable table saw safely.

What truly sets the DeWalt 7491RS apart from any other in its class is the rack and pinion system. No other portable table saw has this feature.                                     

The rack and pinion fence is very precise and consistent. It can easily rip within 1/1of an inch or less. Not to mention this saw has the largest rip capacity out of any like it at 32-1/inches.

The Dewalt 7491RS has all the safety features one can imagine in a table saw. The two safety features I’d like to point out are the on/off switch and the blade-guard/riving knife setup.


Secondly, the blade-guard and riving knife set up is very easy to install. The reason this is such a big deal is that the main reason most people don’t use blade-guards is because they are such a pain to work with. Not anymore on this machine.

Please remember though, safety features should never be a substitute for good ole fashion paying attention.

The Dewalt 7491RS is a 15amp saw and should be operated on a 20amp circuit. It can be operated on 15amps but it could trip the breaker on harder material or if any other source is drawing amps.

Ensure to refer to the manual to make all the adjustments and measurements for vertical, zero-miter, parallel to fence, rip scale, etc. It takes approximately 30 minutes and will result in much higher accuracy. This just saves you time and frustration in the long run.

Why heavy is a good thing

The heftiness of the Makita is also one of the best features. A lot of contractors that use table saws every day will buy the Makita because it will hold up to a beating due to its extremely solid construction.

At the same time, if you won’t be using it every day, or if you have back problems, or your just not that strong, the Makita 2705Xmight be a little too much to handle.

Although the stand on the Makita 2705Xis nice, they could have used bigger wheels (like DeWalt) to make it easier to traverse steps and other job-site debris. But what you don’t get with many other stands is the adjustable height.

The stand for the Makita 2705Xhas different heights it can be adjusted to, and that could definitely come in handy.

The table on the Makita 2705Xis pretty nice and extends very smoothly when needed to cut wide material. The rip fence is just okay and certainly isn’t the best table-saw fence ever made.

If you are only cutting 2x4x8’s it works just fine. However, when you get into cutting sheets, plywood, or anything beyond 8ft it has a tendency to get bumped out of alignment.

So, if you’re not careful you could ruin your material if you are looking for precise cuts. There is, however, a fairly inexpensive solution to this issue. Purchase a set of decent clamps that stay with the saw and any time you are cutting large material you can utilize them.

It seems like a big hassle but in the end it really isn’t.

How’s this for convenient

If you have a mid-sized truck you can just roll the Makita 2705Xright up to the tail gate and push the edge of the stand, lift at the same time, and slide the saw right in. That’s a pretty nice feature when you have a table saw that weighs 194lbs.

Budget Saw tips

One thing I recommend is going over the saw and tightening up screws and other hardware when possible. Use grease and oil where necessary. Doing little things like this can go a long way and may eliminate future issues.

One major issue many people have with the SKIL table saw is its inability to accept modifications or after-market parts. Let’s say you wanted to build a cross-cut sled for your saw…

With most of the best table saws the grooves on the face of the saw are 3/With the SKIL table saw, however, this is not the case. For some reason, SKIL decided to build their saw with two teeth on each end of the grooves on the face of the saw, thus making it impossible to use a cross-cut sled. Here is my opinion though…

If you are doing the type of woodwork that requires after-market products and cross-cut sleds you are probably not even considering buying a SKIL table saw in the first place.

Earlier I mentioned how if you are purchasing a SKIL table saw you probably aren’t doing any fancy woodwork. However, one thing that impressed me about this saw is its ability to do DADO cuts. and is thus differentiated from a

The SKIL table saw has the riving knife safety feature that helps prevent kick back. I also really like the fact that the blade guard has a quick disconnect because it helps promote safety by making it easy to remove and install. And, if you do remove any of the accessories, there is a place to store everything right on the saw.

Shop all

Firmer is not always better. You need to be able to sink a little into your mattress or else your spine won’t be aligned.

If you’re light and pick an extra firm mattress, the springs won’t compress and you won’t sink at all. Similarly, if you like to sleep on your side, you could end up with too much pressure on your shoulders and hips.

If you’ve a preference for firmness, you can always make the surface softer by purchasing a separate mattress topper. This is also useful if you have a partner who might find a firmer mattress uncomfortable.

Deep quilt

Fabric is stitched to the filling with some extra padding, so the finish is more comfy and you’re unlikely to feel the springs beneath the surface.

A damask fibre finish has a smooth, luxurious feel and will help you to stay cooler in bed.

Mattress protector

A protector can be purchased to protect the mattress from moisture. The average adult sweats a pint of moisture every night. If this enters the mattress, along with dead skin and hair cells, it can increase the likelihood of dust mites and allergens. A protector can also help prolong your mattresses’ life.

View now

Eve is an online only brand that has developed one mattress to fit all, with an ethos of keeping things simple, beautiful and affordable for every budget.

The Eve mattress comprises of three stacked layers: a high density base layer, a breathable cooling layer and a new generation memory foam layer to top it off. What’s different from the standard pure base foam is that Eve use an ultra resilient Reflex base foam that reacts to your movements, making the whole mattress reactive to your needs.

The memory layer is unlike other leading memory-foam mattresses where you get that sinking feeling, quite literally. The high-point elasticity has been developed to provide a responsive, soft cushioning without cocooning the contours of the body.

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Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba Hybrid is one of the new breed of mattresses that pops out of a handy-sized box. It’s the way the world of mattress shopping is going, as it’s convenient and super easy – order it today, get it tomorrow and trial it for 100 nights! Once unleashed from its box, the mattress takes 3-hours to fully take shape, ready for a night’s sleep.

Simba Sleep claims its high-tech mattress satisfies the sleep needs of 95% of the population. With odds that high, we asked what makes it so ground breaking? James Cox – CEO and co-founder of Simba Sleep told us, ‘It’s the first dual-spring and memory-foam mattress of its kind in the UK market. Its cutting-edge technology offers the comfort of five layers of memory foam with the support of 2,500 patented conical pocket springs.’

The patented springs make these mattresses unique, moving horizontally and vertically to fit the shape of your body and give you the best sleep. The Simbatex layer provides cool, gentle support, whilst the Visco memory foam moulds expertly to your body shape. It’s like a mattress that’s tailor-made for you.

Hovag Pocket Sprung Mattress

This is Ikea’s best-selling mattress by a mile! There’s no denying its unbelievable value, ideal for those on a budget. Take note first-time buyers and renters! One of the Ideal Home team was so impressed after testing it that they went and bought it. They describe it as the perfect balance between firm support and comfort.

You get support in all the right places thanks to the individually wrapped pocket springs that work independently and closely to follow the contours of your body. It’s designed to be slept on one side only, therefore it doesn’t require turning – although it’s fairly light. This is the best cheap mattress you can get.

Tempur Cloud 2Medium Mattress

The original masters of memory foam, the Tempur design model provides a top comfort layer made of a specially developed ‘extra Soft’ material for a feeling of instant relaxation. This unique fabric was designed to regulate temperature and humidity. Aptly named the cloud, the nature of this mouldable mattress material cocoons your body as it reacts to your body heat, making it ideal for relieving pressure points, such as hips and spine.

Working in perfect harmony with the lower support layers, once you settle your body weight is redistributed reducing pressure while you sleep. In addition to the comfort factor, this mattress also features a removable and washable cover, which is ideal if you are an allergy sufferer.

The Drysdale Pocket Sprung Mattress

This is the best-selling model from UK sleep experts Button & Sprung. Founder Adam Black tells us this is popular due to the unique IQ Spring system and six-layers of all-natural filling – with cotton, that’s strong, breathable and temperature-responsive.

The IQ system is something the Button & Sprung team developed exclusively. It provides an advanced level of comfort by offering ‘progressive support’. In other words, the more you push it the more it pushes back so everyone, regardless of their weight, gets exactly the right amount of support.

Number of Players

How many players frequent your poker game? Ten or less, and one table will suffice; however, if you expect 1or more players you will obviously need to purchase an additional table. If you are planning on running multi-table tournaments you will need several tables and cost will be a big factor in your decision making.

Most tournaments are followed up with a live-action game. In this situation it is common to purchase one expensive, quality poker table for the live game and several inexpensive table toppers for the duration of the tournament.


Large fire pits can hold more wood, therefore creating a bigger fire, but do you have the means to accommodate this bigger size? If you intend on moving your fire pit often, it might not be the best option. Think carefully before purchasing a fire pit over feet wide because when it comes down to it, fire pits are supposed to be enjoyable, not a hassle.


Perhaps the most important element when deciding on your perfect fire pit is the material used to construct it. The materials not only equate to durability; they also create a certain style. Depending on your needs and your style preference, the prominent component of your fire pit will have a huge impact.

Steel fire pits consist of a wide variety of models that vary in price and quality. Steel is a great material because it can be easily molded into any shape imaginable. Just be careful, unprotected steel does rust over time, so be sure to purchase one that is powder coated and be aware of the physical changes that your fire pit may endure. High-end models are usually handmade by a steel artisan and are extremely unique, while the less expensive models are very common and come in many styles and sizes. see more steel fire pits here

Tile and stone fire pits are very unique and artistic. They are made with a solid steel frame and mesh body, with tiles, rocks or bricks then applied to the mesh body using standard masonry procedures. These rock fire pits are generally very heavy so frequent movement is not recommended. see more brick fire pits here

Copper is the cream of the crop when it comes to fire pits. These will not rust – in fact, most fire pits made from copper develop a desirable patina over years of use. Copper can be molded into ultimately any shape and will last virtually forever. Copper products do tend to be on the expensive side, but the cost is worth it in the long run. see more copper patina fire pits here

Cast Iron is one of the most common materials used in construction and fire pits are no different. Cast iron is inexpensive, easy to work with and light enough to move around when needed. Cast iron is not as strong as wrought iron nor as heavy, but to some the lightweight nature of cast iron is desirable. see more cast-iron fire pits here

Stainless Steel fire pits come with all the great features of stainless steel, including a rust-free, durable material that will stay looking great for years. Many people like the industrial look of stainless steel, as well the functionality. Unfortunately, stainless steel fire pits are rare and only come in very few styles due to their expensive price. see more stainless-steel fire pits here


When choosing the perfect fire pit, you also want to consider what you want to use the fire pit for. Do you just want to enjoy an outdoor fire or do you also want to use it to cook food? Maybe you just want it to act as furniture or décor in your outdoor space? Today, there are fire pits to accommodate anything you may want.

Grilling is as American as apple pie and having a fire pit that can double as a grill is extremely efficient. Many people also think that food prepared over an open flame is more delicious as well! Many of Serenity Health’s fire pits come with a cooking grate, but you can also buy a grate to fit fire pits that don’t already come with one. see more grill grates here

Fire pit tables function in multiple ways. These multipurpose fixtures provide heat for chilly nights spent in your outdoor area and offer a great surface to place drinks when having an outdoor get together. Fire pit tables range in size from coffee table height to dining or bar table height. With beautiful designs like mosaic tile, decorative glass, wrought iron and more, you can easily incorporate this kind of table into your outdoor furniture set. see more patio table fireplaces here

Artistic fire pits are great for those who want a more unique look on their porch or pool area. All of these fire pits are handcrafted by skilled artisans to create an artistic look that’s sure to make a statement in any outdoor area. see more artistic fire pits here

A campfire ring is a great lightweight and safe option for backyard campfires. If you want to enjoy a simple campfire safely without breaking the bank or making more work for yourself, a fire ring may be the perfect option. see more decorative fire rings here

Whether you’re purchasing a toaster or a TV, brands are part of your decision process.  Although brand name fire pits are often less known than Sony or Toshiba, there are some definite differences between manufacturers that consumers should know. 

The Sunnydaze Decor brand is one of the newest outdoor living companies out there, but they are quickly making a splash. Sunnydaze Decor is constantly developing new and interesting designs while keeping the prices lower than much of the competition. This brand also offers a great 1-year warranty on all of their products. They also have great customer service in case you ever have a problem with your fire pit once you use it. check out the Sunnydaze fire pits here

Uniflame has been in the fire pit business for a long time and they are a subdivision of the Blue Rhino Company, a company most well-known for its nationwide propane tank exchange system. Due to Blue Rhino’s history with natural gas and propane, many of their fire pits can be converted to work with either propane or natural gas. They have a plethora of unique products, ranging from wood burning steel fireplaces to gas fueled granite fire tables. check out the Uniflame brand here

Landmann is one of the oldest names in the fireplace equipment industry and grills are their specialty. Their fire pits range in styles and offer a nice variety of copper, steel and cast iron models. Landmann Fire Pits are sturdy in construction and always get high reviews from consumers.

Grill Friends Silicone Brush

Silicone brushes are the best thing to happen to barbecue since the charcoal briquet. I long ago relegated my natural and nylon bristle brushes to cleaning computer keyboards. Silicone brushes load up with lots of sauce, deliver it evenly, and are easy to clean and decontaminate. They are dishwasher safe. We have three: One for barbecue, one my wife uses for egg washes and other baking, and one for whatever. There are many brands on the market.

There are pros and cons to using a cover.

Pros. They keep rain, snow, wasps, birds, and other vermin out. If you have a shinyt stainless steel rig, it will keep it shinier. An expensive grill under cover will attract fewer thieves.

Cons. They are a bit of a pain because you have to wait til the grill cools and they gather rain when left off. But they can also trap moisture and humidity underneath and actually encourage rust and mold growth. For these reasons I cover only my grills and smokers that can collect water on the inside like my Weber Smokey Mountain, my Hasty Bake, and my pellet smoker (if the pellets ever melt and then dry out, getting your smoker up and running is an all day sucker).

Cheapo covers last only a year or two. A good cover will last five years or more. All the plastic or vinyl ones I’ve tried cracked and fell apart in two to three years. The canvas covers rotted in a few years. The best were canvas laminated or impregnated with polyurethane or PVC.

Weber’s Grill Pan Sears and Allows Smoke Through

Another favorite grill topper is the Weber Style Grill Pan, and I was pleased to see the folks at Cooks Illustrated agree. It has plenty of slots for smoke to travel through, and plenty of surface to brown things like salmon cakes.

Lodge Logic Pro Cast Iron Griddle Can Put a Gorgeous Sear on Salmon, Steak, or Use It For Pancakes And Eggs

You need a good cast iron griddle. Especially if you like fish, burgers, grilled sandwiches, home fries, or pancakes. Coat the flat side with oil, and you can sear fish so it is golden and crispy on the outside just like that great pan-seared fish you get in restaurants. Throw some dried herbs onto the flame, and you’ll get a whisp of smoke in the meat.

You can even bring it indoors and it will straddle two burners. Use the flat side for pancakes. Flip it over and you get grill marks and conduction cooking from the ridges on steaks, burgers, or asparagus, and the fats and juices drip into the grooves where they vaporize and flavor the meat and cook by radiation.

This is a very handy tool. One word of caution. You may need two. If you use it for fish a lot, the flavor will remain on the surface, even after cleaning, so you won’t be able to use it for pancakes.

I have two of them by Lodge, known for quality cast iron, and I use the ridged sides of both, one on top and one on the bottom, for making paninis. And my spatchcocked (butterflied) Cornish game hens pressed between the flat sides are unbelievably crisp and juicy in only 20 minutes. It is 20″ x 7/16″.

Lodge Cast Iron Panini Press Makes World Class Paninis And Grilled Cheese

These flat weights are great for making grilled cheese sandwiches and other paninis, and even bacon. When I make sandwiches I preheat the press on high on the side burner, and then put the sandwich on the grill grates and the hot press on top so I can cook both sides at once. You can use them for keeping bacon from curling up on the grill with these, too. The Lodge model is preseasoned. Although the handle is supposed to provide heat protection, wear a glove.

Thermoworks Timestick Is The Best Cook’s Stopwatch And Alarm

I keep a cooking diary. In it I write down vital info about every cook so I can learn what works and what doesn’t. OK. So I’m anal. But being anal got me this gig. The two most important variables to track in any cook are time and temp. So I used to wear a stopwatch around my neck when I cooked. Click when I fire up. Click when it is up to temp. Click when the meat goes on. Click when I add more wood or charcoal. Click when I turn. Click when I sauce. Click when I take it off. But have you seen the new digital stopwatches? They are a real pain with faaaar too many features and bells and whistles. My last one sat in my desk between cooks and beeped every hour and the only way I could make it shut up was with a hammer. True story. Now I use the very sinple user friendly Timestick.

It can count down or up and when a count down alarm sounds, the count up timer starts so you can see how much time has elapsed since your alarm. It’s range is 9hours 9minutes and 9seconds, there is a keypad lock so you don’t accidentally screw things up, there’s a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, it comes in nine colors, it’s splash proof, and it has a magnet on back so I can stick it to my grill, fridge, or oven. Operates between 3and 104°F. Best of all, you won’t need to read the manual. Love it.

Knob Where You Need It Makes Grilling Safer And Easier

You’re supposed to turn off the propane tank between cooks to prevent expensive leaks and more expensive explosions. But many grills don’t have easy access to the tanks, and it sure is easy to forget. Knob Where You Need It makes it easy to turn off the gas and easy ti remember. There are no instructions in the box so you need to go to their website. I suggest printing them. Installation is easy for most people (I made a dumb mistake). Please note: You need to drill a 1/2″ hole in your grill. Watch the video below to see the installation process. –

Chimney Cap

Most kamado smokers have an airflow control/chimney at the top that is very good at controlling the oven temp. They have one innate flaw: When it rains, water gets into the cooking chamber! If you have a Big Green Egg, Primo, or Kamado Joe, or any other leaky kamado, here’s the solution. Made from aluminum, it is simple and effective.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

The best way to store food more than a week is in the freezer. Foods lose few nutirents and little quality when frozen. But if they are kept for longer than a few weeks, meats can oxidize, fats can get rancid, and the surface can harden from freezer burn. Especially pork and seafood. Oxygen is the enemy. So I pack food for storage is with a vacuum sealer like the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. You put the food in a plastic bag, insert it into the machine and it sucks out the air and seals the bag. Make sure you mark the date on the bag. It is a great way to store cooked foods too. Put your pulled pork in the bag, add a little sauce and seal. When it is time to serve, place the bag into a pot of simmering water. It reheats rapidly and tastes almost as good as when it came out of the smoker.

Grill Grabber

Use a Grill Grabber to lift your hot and dirty grill grates, even if there’s the food still on them. I use mine when I need to add coals, wood, water to water pans, or to rescue food that has dropped through the grates. This may seem like a frivolity, but it is a thoroughly useful tool.

OXO Good Grips Tongs

Dishwasher safe stainless steel with OXO’s popular nonslip rubber handles, they are the winner of the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. They are spring loaded and the ends are scalloped for better gripping. There is a loop for hanging and a mechanism that locks them in closed position for storing (which has failed after several years on all three pairs that I have). Regardless, they are still my faves. I just store them with a cardboard toilet paper core over the ends.

The 18″ tongs don’t have the locking mechanism, but they are necessary if you have a deep pit. But be warned, the longer the tongs, the less leverage you have and the harder it is to get a grip. I also recommend their nylon tipped tongs for use on non-stick cookware.

LamsonSharp Fish Tongs

A jumbo hybrid of tongs and spatulas, this is the proper tool for flipping fish, burgers, and other crumbly foods. Rosewood handle protects you against the heat, and there is a leather loop for hanging. They come with a lifetime warranty. I find them to be indispensable.

Stiff Metal Spatula

Spatulae come in slotted and solid, and I recommend the solid with a good insulated sturdy handle. The solid is best for pressing things down on a griddle, like when you are making Diner Burgers on a griddle or in a frying pan. I like the Weber Style 644Professional-Grade Fish Turner.

I took mine down to the basement and ground the edge very sharp with a grinder. Now it slips easily under food that is stuck to the grates.

Double Pie Iron

Here’s how to make two perfectly toasted panini style grilled sandwiches at once. Use this old fashioned double pie iron, originally designed for filled pies, for everything from Grilled Cheese to Pulled Pork.

Just butter your sandwich on the outside, open up the hinged mold, insert the sandwiches and put it over the coals, campfire, or gas grill. This Old Mountain cast iron double square pie iron is 1/2″ x 1/4″ and is pre-seasoned and ready to use. The long handle allows you to grill in comfort away from a camp fire. – Meathead

My wife hasn’t noticed the burn hole yet. It’s pretty substantial. For the life of me I don’t understand why the deck didn’t go up in flames and take the house with it. Must be some sort of flame retardant in the wood. But a hunk of charcoal somehow jumped from my grill and tried to escape before I caught it. But not before it burned a serious hole. come in a variety of sizes, shapes and logos. I got mine with a Florida Gator logo, my alma mater.

Bayou Classic 8.Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Forget the fancy high end pricey Le Cruset French Oven, this is the one you want for cowboy cooking and camping, and it comes in handy around the house. It’s perfect for whole chickens or slow braising in the oven or in the grill.

You can even sit it on top of coals and shovel more coals on top of the flat lid with a raised rim, and you can cook classic chili, baked beans, cornbread, casseroles, and even cobblers. It is 13″ wide x 7″ high, weighs 2pounds and includes a perforated aluminum basket for steaming, frying, or boiling.

Kitchen shears

You want good stiff scissors for cutting a chicken apart, for snipping herbs, cutting pizza, butcher string, opening packages, and many other tasks. Get sturdy stainless blades so you can cut through the ribs of chickens. The best models come apart at the hinge so they can go in the dishwasher and you can get them really clean.

Garlic press

When a recipe calls for garlic to be crushed, minced, or pressed, I use a garlic press. A good garlic press releases more oils and flavors than mincing with a knife and pressed garlic coats the food more evenly than mincing.

A good garlic press is an important kitchen tool. Get one that is sturdily built, that is easy to grip, that is easy to clean, and has a large hopper to hold big cloves. Avoid non-stick models. I have a well-used Trudeau Garlic Press

Digital kitchen scale

I don’t know how I lived without a good, accurate digital kitchen scale for so many years. It is so important. Look at salt for example, cup of table salt has almost twice as much salinity as a cup of Morton’s kosher salt because Morton’s kosher salt has more air space between the grains. But a pound of all salts contain exactly the same amount of sodium chloride.

Without a scale, making a brine requires a calculator. Flour and sugar have the same problem. Packed brown sugar or loose brown sugar. Big diff. Ever try to measure a tablespoon of honey? Did you get it all into the bowl or leave a lot of it on the spoon. There are plenty of conversion tables out there that help you convert. My favorite is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display.

It can weight accurately up to 1pounds as well as fractions of an ounce. Push a button and it converts to metric. Put the bowl on the scale and push a button and it zeros out so the bowl’s weight is not included. The top comes off for easy cleaning. It will significantly improve your cooking.

Now here’s one of those slap your forehead and mumble “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

I first heard about this from a competition cook. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. A spot remover that will remove the grease stains on almost all my shirts is something I considered to be as elusive as unicorns and perpetual motion machines. So I bought a ounce bottle and tried it on one of my t-shirts.

The instructions say that all you need is just a drop. Sure. I used three drops. My shirt came out so clean I could not find where the stain had been originally. So I tried it on a dress shirt, but fearful it would ruin it, I used only one drop. Again, the grease was gone! So I hauled out all my saucy and greasy shirt, 1in all, put Grandma to work, tossed them all into one tub, and before long, I had a new wardrobe. Utterly amazing stuff. And just for the record, I have been doing my own laundry since I went away to college, even through 40 years of marriage. May be a contributing factor to our longevity.

Even my wife is impressed with Grandma. She has used it on some of her finery including her Mom’s table cloth with ancient spaghetti stains, stains that Oxi-Clean, her go to remover, couldn’t handle.

The label says it is good for “oil, grease, paint, makeup, grass, inks, blood, baby formula, tar, spaghetti sauce, coffee, rust, beadine, tumeric, fabric bleed, and pet stains”. The only caveat on the label is to “check garment for colorfastness.”

Store Brand Diapers

There are more to choose from than just name brands. Yes, almost all of the big box stores offer their own store brand diaper.

According to independent tests, a great performer is up & up by Target, a decent chlorine-free diaper for a great price. up & up diapers by Target

FuzziBunz One Size Diapers

The world of cloth diapers is shockingly vast, with a whole new set of acronyms to learn. Our full cloth diaper content is coming soon! In the meantime, please check the new video content we produced with Mat York (that Dad Mat) ~ 

Hybrids gDiapers gDiapers consists of a hybrid outer/inner system that also has a diaper cover and a washable, compostable (pee only) or flushable (with some work required) insert. You can use their cloth inserts (wash and re-use), or you can use their biodegradable/disposable liners.

The refills are 40-4cents each, which is more than a whole disposable diaper, but they make sense if you can use the cloth inserts the majority of the time and the disposable inserts for travel, outings, and such.

Diaper Sacks

For tossing stinky diapers on the go (especially while traveling!), get yourself a few rolls of disposable diaper sacks. We like Sassy and Munchkin (Arm & Hammer). Doggie poop bags work fine too. Keep them in your diaper bag for good measure.

Diaper Pails

My method: For the first months (while on the breastmilk/formula-only diet), you can put poopy diapers in your diaper pail without creating a gross smell. But after your kiddo starts real food? Forget it, all bets are off. Out of the or diapers you change per day, about or of them will be poopy.

Plant base

This is the latest kind of topper available in the market. Here plant derived oils are used to enhance the properties of memory foam improving its breath-ability and eliminating heat retention issues. It is also more eco-friendly than its petroleum-based counterparts. They also reduce off-gassing problems and have less response time.


This category has nothing to do with the type of foam used. The main problem with memory foam is heat retention, so as a solution to increase airflow, evenly spaced fine vertical holes are drilled into the foam. Toppers with such vertical holes are called ventilated toppers. Any types of foam including traditional, gel or plant-based can be ventilated.


This type of topper contains two or more layers with varying thickness and foam density. This is usually done to ‘mix’ the properties of different kinds of foam and also to make it double sided. They are usually two layered with one firmer layer and a softer one. The advantage is you can rotate it to sleep on the firmer side if you prefer a firm topper or use the softer side otherwise.

Make sure it is thick enough

It varies from to inches. It is an important factor in deciding the comfort and support of a topper. A thicker topper offers better support and comfort levels. The most sold toppers fall into the 3-inch category followed by 4” thick ones. For an average person, 3-inch thickness is apt. If you opt for a thinner topper make sure that you buy a denser one. Of course the thicker the foam the costlier the topper is. The apt thickness also depends on the use it is put to. If the topper needs to be frequently moved around, like for camping trips, I would recommend a 2-inch thick 4-pound dense product. This is because thick toppers are hard to be rolled and moved around.

Choose the right fit

Memory foam mattress toppers are available in all standard bed sizes. As a mattress topper is laid on top of your existing mattress, both should have the same size. For example, a king size mattress should have a king size mattress topper. There are also cases where people buy toppers for their side only since their partners do not need it.

Twin – This is the smallest available size for a topper. 38” wide and 75” tall it can easily accommodate an adult or a kid. It is the second most popular size opted by buyers.

Twin XL – A little taller than regular Twin size, Twin XL measures 38” widthwise and 80” lengthwise. If you are more than feet in height and sleep alone this is the right size for you.

Full – Full/Double size toppers are good enough for two people though there won’t be much room for movements. They measure 54”x75” and is a great choice for accommodating two children.

Full XL – The XL size is for adults taller than feet. It has the same width as its counterpart but measures 80 inches in length.

Queen – This is the most popular size for buyers. A Queen size memory foam mattress topper is 60” in width and 80” in length. This is a great choice for most couples.

King – This is the third most popular and the second largest topper size available in the market. A bit roomier than the Queen size, a King size topper measures 76”x80”.

California King – This is the largest size available for any mattress or topper in the market. It has a width of 7inches, inches smaller than King size, and a length of 8inches. Definitely, this is for taller couples who like a bit more space.

Look for certifications

All manufacturers in the US follow strict quality guidelines, so usually, there is no need for concern over this. But some brands manufacture and import from other countries like China, in such cases, make sure that the product has valid certifications. The easiest way to get the best memory foam mattress topper is to buy from a branded company. In any case, either one of the two certifications below is a must.

View This Product

It is also available in size Twin, Twin XL, Full, King and California King

This is a Queen sized 3-inch memory foam mattress topper with a foam density of pounds. A 4-pound density is more than good for an average person. This is specially designed to provide additional support in places where your mattress may be dipping or sagging. This is manufactured and packaged entirely in the USA and it holds PURGreen Certification which assures the quality and safety of the foam from harmful chemicals. As you know the PURGreen certification is awarded only if strict norms are followed, criteria like the non-use of ozone-depleting chemicals, use of natural resources through internationally accepted ISO regulations etc are very strictly observed.

Increase the life of mattress

The main purpose of using a mattress topper is to improve the comfort and longevity of the mattress. By using a topper you do not sleep in direct contact with the mattress. This will reduce the direct pressure applied on the mattress and keeps it resilient over a long time. When one topper gets worn out you can switch to a new one instead of changing the whole costly mattress.

Cheaper compared to mattresses

They are way too cheaper than mattresses. Of course, this is not a fair comparison but when considering the benefits of having a memory foam mattress topper the money paid is totally worth it. Also consider that a topper can be used as a mattress, which many people do, adding another point to the cost factor.

Better comfort

Using a topper improves the comfort level of your sleep. Let’s say you are not happy with the level of firmness/support your mattress has. Then buy a topper which supplements its comfort level. You can increase or reduce the softness/support of your bed by choosing the right topper.

Chemical odor

The memory foam material has an initial chemical odour. Usually, it is mild but some people have complained about the really intense smell. I think it may vary with each product but generally speaking, the smell is mild. A few days of airing out can completely solve this problem.

Aches & pains

Memory foam moulds to your body contours and distribute body weight evenly. This avoids the building up of any pressure points under your body. These pressure points are the main reason behind most body pains associated with sleep, by removing them you wake up fresh and rejuvenated. Many doctors suggest the use of memory foam to alleviate chronic body aches.

Better comfort for couples

Couples often have disturbed nights due to the movements of their partners. Conventional bedding materials easily pass the movements of your partner to your side but memory foam absorbs those disturbances. It gives a comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

Cheaper than a mattress

This is a no-brainer. If your mattress is not too old then instead of replacing it with a new one a more economical solution would be buying a mattress topper. It costs only a fraction of a new mattress and turns your old one into new & comfortable.

Does an MFMT works for all mattresses

A memory foam mattress topper improves the comfort of your bed, but that improvement depends a lot on the present condition of your mattress. If it is years old and sagging in the middle there isn’t much even the best memory foam mattress toppers can do. It takes the form of the mattress beneath it so a sagging bed will have a sagging topper. If your mattress is in good condition then using a mattress topper will definitely improve the comfort of your sleep.

Best Air Mattress Reviews of 201(your best choice)

Traditional Fryer

Traditional fryers use substantially more oil than the air fryer. The oil used has to have a high smoking point, and quite often cheap and relatively tasteless. The two types of oil that fit these criteria are di-fractionated palm oil and semi refined sunflower oil. With palm oil being more saturated and having a higher smoking point, it is the preferred choice for deep frying.

Foods high in fat, such as fried foods are also higher in calories. Each gram of fat contains calories whereas protein and carbohydrates contain per gram. Foods high in fat are linked to increased obesity, stroke, diabetes, and cancer risk. Limiting the oil/fat intake can significantly reduce the risks mentioned above.

The Insider Pick

When trying to beat the summer heat outdoors, a glass of lemonade at the pool works great. Beating the heat indoors works best with an electric fan. The best electric fan is the Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator fan, as it provides the best mix of versatility, good airflow, and quiet operation. 

Most people love summer, but there are three little things that make it rough: Excessive heat, the stinky sweat that heat causes, and nasty tan lines. You wear high socks one time while mowing the lawn, and you have to live down the bad tan line all summer.

Fortunately, the best electric fans can help you with the first two problems. Electric fans move a volume of air around your body, allowing you to feel cooler and sweat less. When a larger fan moves air, it circulates the air throughout a room, eliminating hot spots and cold spots.

Electric fans have been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stood still, just spinning their wheels … or blades. Even a simple home appliance like an electric fan has seen impressive gains in function and performance over recent years. With all of the available designs, finding a fan that can meet your specific needs has never been easier.

Considerations for a fan

Although a fan seems like a simple device, it actually has a variety of uses that make it a valuable appliance for your home. Sure, you could buy a basic fan with no features for a really low price. But missing out on these features means you might as well go back to the Victorian era with fancy handheld fans. Just don’t go back to wearing heavy, long clothing in the summer, or that stinky sweat problem we mentioned earlier will grow about ten-fold, fan or no fan.

Keep cool

Having air move across your skin helps keep you cool, so a fan is a great option. Not only does the moving air feel good against your skin, but, as

Gizmodo discusses, it also evaporates sweat on the skin, which is the body’s method of cooling itself.


An oscillating fan turns back and forth, allowing the air movement to shift throughout the room. If you have multiple people in the room — or if your big dog likes to lay directly in front of the non-oscillating fan — the rotation of the fan works well, making sure everyone feels some air movement.

Non-traditional fans

A non-traditional fan won’t feature spinning blades. Some of these types of fans also will work as heaters by flipping a switch. These uncommon fan designs will carry a higher price point than bladed fans. Some non-traditional fans use a decorative design to hide the fact that they are fans, allowing them to work well in a room’s décor, according to

Personal fans

A small personal fan may include a clip, allowing you to place it almost anywhere … even on a shirt collar. These tiny fans don’t move air around an entire room but may help you feel cooler while sitting at a desk or at a baseball game. Some of these fans run from batteries.

Tower fans

A tower fan is a specific non-traditional fan design. Towers are tall and thin, meaning they occupy less space than a traditional fan that has a large, round fan blade housing. Tower fans tend to run quieter than traditional fan blade designs.

We’ve rounded up the best electric fans you can buy for any room or need. We’ve included highly rated normal fans, tower styles, personal ones, and other special fan designs.  Read on to learn all about our top picks and find the fan for you. If you’re in the market for an air conditioner, too, you should check out best laundry baskets and hampers, and more on 

Insider Picks

Although the Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan is our top electric fan pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan, the Avalon Convertible Table-Top and Clip Fan, the Rowenta VU555Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan, and the Dyson Air Multiplier AM0Table Fan.


Why you’ll love it: The Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator fan sets itself apart from the crowd with multiple air flow settings and a small footprint.

For a versatile electric fan, the Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator earns high marks. It works in a number of different situations and locations, so it should fit almost everyone’s needs. The fan is small enough to set on a desk and keep you cool as a personal fan, but the Vornado 660 has enough power at the highest setting to circulate the air properly in a large room, too.

Gizmodo’s  review highlights the high level of air circulation power you’ll receive with the Vornado 660 versus its size. It only measures about 1x 13.x 1inches, so it can fit just about anywhere. Don’t let its small size fool you, though. The

Boing Boing review praises the power of the 660 fan and points out that it offers four air speed settings, as well as a longer than average power cord, which frees you up to place the fan in multiple locations. loves the fact that the Vornado 660 runs silently on the lowest power setting, while delivering an impressive level of air flow at the highest power setting, if you don’t mind a bit of noise. However, another  felt this fan didn’t deliver enough airflow power for its high price. 

Most buyers seem to agree that the Vornado fan is more than powerful enough to cool large or small spaces, and expert reviewers consistently praise this fan. It is pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment for a powerful fan that’s built to work in a variety of situations.

Four power settings to precisely adjust airflow, small footprint versus some fans of equal power, longer than average power cord, available in black or white colors, silent operation on low setting

Seville Classics

Why you’ll love it: The Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan offers the best combination of silent operation and airflow in an attractive tower fan design.

One of the most common complaints we all have about electric fans is noise. Sure, almost any electric fan can move a lot of air. However, it may sound like a fleet of airplanes have invaded your home when your old box fan gets going on the high setting.

If you need a quiet fan that also moves a decent amount of air, the Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan is a terrific option. This tower style fan runs far quieter than most blade style fans, while offering a good price point, according to

Find Your Capsize

While average size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also come in petite and large sizes. Consider that many also have adjustable straps that give up to 1/2″ so that you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

To determine the right size wig for you, measure the circumference of your head from the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and then back to the front hairline. Jot down your measurement, then consult the table below. Please note that sizes may vary slightly by brand and that not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Table Toppers by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Table Toppers wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Table Toppers



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Chatting about Table Toppers is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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