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Top Of The Best Rug Pads Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Rug Pads of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Rug Pads by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Superior Lock 1/4″ Area Rug Pad by Rug Pad USA, Non-Slip Felt & Rubber Rug Padding for Hardwood Floors, Rug Preservation + Floor Protection (2×3)

Superior Lock 1/4
PERFORMANCE: Textured checker rubber backing made with an additional 5oz for better non slip performance and pad durability
CUSHION: Dense 1/4″ thick (22oz) felt cushions your rug as well as preserve your area rugs by providing a plush surface for the rug to lay on.


№2 – Eco Plush 1/4″ Felt Rug Pad by Rug Pad USA, Preserve & Protect, Cushioned Rug Padding SAFE FOR ALL FLOORS – 20 YEAR WARRANTY (5×7)

Eco Plush 1/4
PROTECTION: Preserves rug and acts as a barrier between contaminants that fall through rug and damage a floor
ECO-FRIENDLY: Our felt rug pads are 100% safe for all floors. CRI Green Label Plus and LEED certified.
COMFORT: 1/4″ Dense (20oz sq/yd) felt between your oriental rug and your floor providing cushion and protection for your rug


№3 – Mohawk Home Dual Surface Rug Pad, 8’x10′, Multi

Mohawk Home Dual Surface Rug Pad, 8'x10', Multi
A rug pad is essential to keeping your rug attractive and to extend the life of your rug.
Height: 0.25 in
Rug pads should be spot cleaned with a solution of mild detergent and water or cleaned professionally. Do not machine wash.


Rugs On Carpet

Rugs on carpet tend to buckle, creep and wrinkle. While Ultra Premium can be reversed with rubber side up to hold rugs on carpet, the best choice is our No-Muv. No-Muv works especially well under rugs that have furniture on them. The weight of the furniture tends to cause buckling of the rug and No-Muv is designed to resist this weight and keep your rug as flat as possible on carpet.


Natural Fiber

Crafted from jute, bamboo, and sea grass, natural fiber rugs are perfect for the eco-friendly and are among the most affordable. Some can feel scratchy and rough, so make sure to test each one before buying to make sure they are smooth and comfortable. Natural fiber rugs go best in dry rooms with low possibility of being stained, as they can be difficult to clean.


Durable, easy to care for and stain resistant, synthetic rugs are a good option for indoor/outdoor spaces. Though the most common materials are polypropylene and polyester, you can find a variety of durable materials found in these types of rugs.


As the name implies, this technique involves the rug fibers being knotted by hand on a loom. This time-tested method creates durable rugs that will last you a lifetime. However, this technique comes with a higher price.

Attached to a latex backing, tufted rugs are made by trimming the tops of loops of yarn to create a flat, plush surface. Easy on the wallet, these rugs come in a wide variety of styles. Just keep in mind that they are prone to shedding and require frequent vacuuming.

Hooked rugs are basically the same as tufted rugs. Only in this instance the tops are not lopped off, giving the rug a nubby and textured quality. This is beneficial because they shed less.


Reversible with the pattern visible on both sides, flatwoven rugs are great for high-traffic areas like entryways and living rooms. They are mat-like rugs that are versatile and durable. They do not come with any backing, however, so a rug pad is highly recommended with these.

Machine Made

Machine made rugs and woven on electric looms can encompass a wide variety of styles and materials. They are often cheaper and are highly resistant to stains. But they can crush easily, so they are best under dining tables, which have low foot traffic (but stains are likely).


As mentioned above, a few rugs require more vacuuming than others. But however often you do it, make sure to vacuum with care. Vacuums are powerful, and they will easily suck up all the dust and dirt from your rug, but they also have a tendency to loosen the fibers. Use the attachments, which are gentler, especially around the bindings at the edges. It is also worth pointing out that for the first few months of a new rug, shedding is normal and not a cause for alarm.

Non-slip Pad

This is the other type of non-slip pad available. The main reason for this type of rug pad purchase is to prevent rugs from slipping on a budget. Although most will prevent slipping, one must be careful as to choose one that will not mark your floor. Make sure the pad is not sprayed with an adhesive to give it a sticky, or tacky, feel. This adhesive could eventually rub off onto your floor. This thinner pad is good under area rugs that slip where a thicker pad may be an issue, such as where doors open up over the rug.

Flat Rubber

For the ultimate in luxury and long wear consider using 1-22lb density flat rubber carpet cushion. This is the best carpet padding available, but it is extremely pricey and difficult to find. The average consumer would not consider this carpet cushion because of its cost. However, it will make a 10-year-old synthetic carpet look as if it were installed yesterday. While it is recommended that you replace carpet cushion with each carpet installation, flat rubber may be the only carpet padding that could outlast the carpet and survive a second carpet installation.

Within these general categories there are countless subcategories so it is best to ask your local carpet store what they offer. These are simply guidelines to follow in order to stretch your flooring investment the furthest. At The Carpet Workroom, we guarantee you the best quality padding at the lowest price.

Expert Rug Care Tips

Parents with young children will get the most out of their area rug by following these expert tips from Lisa Wagner, NIRC Certified Rug Specialist and International Rug Care Trainer.

Vacuum: Invest in a very good vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle. The more often you use it, the longer you can wait between washings of a natural fiber rug or steam cleanings of a synthetic fiber rug.

Clean Spots: Get to spills quickly so that you can stop the damage. Since rugs usually don’t come with care instructions, ask your local rug cleaner for the best way to tackle stains on your particular rug, based on the fiber type and rug construction.

Tackle Spills: For spills on rugs treated with a fiber protector, the best remedy is to blot up the spill, do a little bit of rinsing (while taking care to not get the area too wet) and then lay a folded cotton towel over and under the area with weight placed on it to help wick moisture out. Again, consult your local rug cleaner for tips specific to your rug type.

There are a couple of other storage considerations

DO place your rolled rug in an area that is climate controlled. You’ll want to avoid the excessive heat of an attic and the moisture of a basement or garage.

DON’T be tempted to stand your rolled rug for storage, as it may sag on its own weight and bend the end of the roll beyond recovery.

Ideas to Floor You

In an open-concept home, an area rug is the perfect way to designate an open space as a particular “room,” such as adding a rug under your table and chairs to create a dining room.

Photo: In these before and after photos of a room renovation, you can see the furniture and lighting choices made with a bright rug as the modern inspiration.

Size It Up: Selecting the Right Rug Size and Shape for Your Room


Photo: Rugs can be placed under all four legs of the bed or under just the back to legs in order to maximize the area of the floor covered by the rug.

Photo: When selecting the right size rug for under your dining room table, allow for enough room that chairs can be comfortably pulled back from the table and still remain on the rug.

Photo: Anchoring your rug in place with the front feet of your couch and chairs is a great way to tie your conversation area together in a cohesive way.  A great rule of thumb for placing your new area rug is to think of it as the glue that holds all the elements of your design together. Place your rug so that it touches at least the front legs of your furniture, or all the legs, if it’s big enough.

As you consider your rug placement, keep comfort in mind. You not only want to enjoy the beauty of the rug with your eyes, but with your feet, too. Make sure to place your rug where you can maximize the enjoyment as you step out of bed in the morning or as you curl up on the sofa at night.

Whether you’re a dog lover, an active outdoor family or an eco-maven, take the time to research and find the perfect area rug to complete your home!

Our picks

Our recommended rugs were the ones our nine testers thought felt nicest underfoot. While we each had particular style preferences, we could agree that some rugs had patterns and designs that were well-executed—and that others looked like bad print jobs. A few of our picks held up better in stain and cat-claw tests (we put only our favorites through the wringer). In this guide we note how each fared in our tests, which rooms they will hold up in best, and how much shipping will cost when you purchase the rug online.

Choosing the right carpet padding is very important!

If the padding is for your home and you want your new carpet to last as long as possible, then you must select a padding that can support your carpet properly and is capable of handling your level of foot traffic.  Padding for stairs must be of sufficient density (at least 8-pound) or it will fail faster than other areas. Carpet padding in basements must be able to breathe sufficiently to allow any moisture to evaporate up and through the pad and carpet.

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The type of fiber used determines the basic performance and appearance of the carpet. The biggest trend today is: soft. Homeowners seek comfort, and carpet offers a cushion underfoot. It also suppresses noise. The fiber content is usually listed on a specification sheet on the back of the sample. While names may differ among manufacturers, products still fall within one of five basic categories.

All Natural Wool Rug Pad

This 100% natural wool rug pad is biodegradable, non-flammable, water resistant, and durable. We recommend this rug pad for large area rugs (5ft x 8ft and up) since gripping the floor is not as important as with small rugs, but it still provides a barrier between the rug and the floor for increased rug longevity. This rug pad is thick and supremely comfortable underfoot.


Rugs create islands within your living space for which your furniture will live on. Without a rug to anchor your furniture grouping, the room will never look finished. Rug designers create new styles every few years and trendy rugs can change the dynamics of any ho-hum room instantly. Whether you prefer a natural jute rug, geometric patterns, or a traditional Persian rug, the patterns and color schemes are endless.

What rug pad to use

This type of rug pad is best for small rugs and runners that are located in high-traffic areas of your home, such as entryways and hallways. The natural rubber material is safe for all hardwood flooring and all finishes, and wont stain or strip anything away from your flooring. One of the best things about this type of rug pad is that it has no added glues, plastics, or adhesives, making it a safe option for your hardwood.

Natural Rubber and Plant Jute

If you’re looking for maximum durability and grip for your rugs and hardwood, this is the rug pad for you. Made of natural rubber and plant jute, this rug pad will provide a strong grip, instead of sticking to your hardwood. It is also eco-friendly, as it contains no polyester, PVC, and adhesives, and does not emit any harmful odors. This rug pad will not only extend the life of your rug, but also your hardwood.

Recycled Felt and Natural Rubber

Made to have the most cushioning along with the highest level of durability, recycled felt and natural rubber is the way to go. Your rug will be firmly affixed to the floor, without it leaving any damage. This type of rug pad is best for hardwood floors that have polyurethane and other glossy floor finishes prone to staining. It is safe for all rugs and flooring, meaning that your hardwood will be protected for years to come.


Product information

No more tripping over the loose corners of rugs, for both you and your pets. This trusty underlay holds down rugs and protects your floor with its special grip for use on both carpets and wooden floors.

Very large rugs may require more than one piece of underlay. Simply place the pieces side by side, no taping is necessary. Can be cut to size with scissors.

Interest Free Credit: If you buy this product in our shops, it’s eligible for Interest Free Credit, which is available when you spend £1000 or more on selected home products. Terms and conditions apply: find out more

0% APR Representative: If you buy this product in our shops, it’s eligible for Interest Free Credit, which is available when you spend £1000 or more on selected home products. Terms and conditions apply: find out more

Tile Flooring Underlayment

Tile floors remain a popular choice, especially for bathrooms, entryways and other places a water-resistant surface is desired. The impressive variety of tile styles, shapes and colors allows you to customize your design. Tile underlayment must provide solid support, so the tile and grout won’t crack when walked on. However, it must also be somewhat flexible to absorb movement and any expansion or contraction that comes with changing temperature and humidity. Two materials meet these requirements exceptionally well.

DITRA Uncoupling Membrane

This premium underlay is manufactured from polyethylene with a unique design. DITRA features a grid structure of square cavities, the base of each cavity being larger than the top. This allows tile mortar, which bonds to the tile, to anchor within the cavity when it hardens. Check out our in-depth guide to Schulter Ditra.

The DITRA membrane, which is 1/8” thick, prevents the mortar from bonding to the subfloor. Instead, a fleece backing is laminated to the underside of the DITRA, and the backing is adhered to the wood or concrete subfloor using thin-set mortar.

DITRA is an underlayment that allows for movement and expansion/contraction while preventing the transfer of stress that commonly cracks grout and tile. This polyethylene membrane is an excellent moisture and vapor barrier too, and it can be installed over wood or concrete including floors with radiant heat. DITRA and the thicker DITRA-XL come in rolls 3’ wide.

Hardwood Flooring Underlayment

For our discussion of underlayment, a wide range of flooring comes under the heading of hardwood. It includes domestic solid hardwood flooring such as oak, maple, hickory and ash, and exotic varieties like Brazilian cherrywood, koa, teak or sakura. Engineered flooring with a layer of solid hardwood on top and layers of composite material beneath is included. We’ll throw in cork and bamboo too, since the underlay options are the same as for hardwood.

Cork Hardwood Floor Underlayment

Cork is also used beneath hardwood flooring, and you’ll find products with and without a moisture barrier included. Generally speaking, wood should be allowed to breath, and hence, no moisture barrier is needed.

However, in high-humidity locations, it’s safer to use a barrier. Remember, solid hardwood shouldn’t be installed in basements or wet locations.

Top brands: Eco-Cork, AcoustiCORK, Manton, WidgetCo, QEP

Cork underlayment installation: This is a pliable material that can be easily trimmed to accommodate drains, doorways and other obstacles.

Rubber Hardwood Floor Underlayment

Rubber underlayment is a third choice for use with hardwood floors. In addition to excellent moisture resistance, the rubber does a good job reducing noise. It does not need to be glued down, and that saves time and hassle during installation and removal in the future.

Available from 2mm (5/64”) to 9mm (3/8”), rubber underlayment offers a moisture barrier and better sound-reducing qualities than foam or cork. Rubber also offers superior insulation. It is easy to work with, but it costs more than other underlayment options.

Top brands: Sound Terminator, RB Silent Tread, Absorba Sound, Rubber Flooring

Rubber underlayment installation: This material is produced in rolls and is easily cut to size and trimmed for fit. No gluing is required. Seams should be butted rather than overlapped.

Foam Underlay for Engineered Hardwood

Foam is a versatile underlay that provides good sound absorption, resists mold and can be recycled. Upgraded foam includes rubber or fibers of other material to increase density, moisture resistance and durability. You’ve got your option of foam with a moisture barrier included, often called combination foam, or foam without a barrier. The combination foam is the right choice where high-humidity conditions exist in the room or in space beneath the room where hardwood floors are installed. This underlay is similar to the foam underlay for laminate.

Top brands: QEP Roberts, LVT, MP Global, Courey Eco-Friendly, KronoSwiss

Foam underlayment installation: Foam underlay is available in rolls and will be easy to install if you have basic experience using hand tools. Roll out the material and use scissors or a utility knife to trim edges and around obstacles. The edges should be butted, not overlapped.

Carpet Underlayment

The primary type of carpet underlay is foam or rubber carpet padding, especially when the subfloor of wood or concrete is in good condition. Today’s padding options are larger than ever. Popular types include:

Top brands: ScotchGard, Step Ahead, Memory Foam, Traffic Master

Carpet padding Installation: The padding is easy to cut and trim around obstacles with scissors or a carpet knife. Seams are butted, and the material is installed with a staple gun and one staple every two to three square foot.

See our carpet buyers guide for more carpet buying and installation info.

Vinyl Underlayment

Top brands: All home improvement stores sell this material in open stock, and it usually doesn’t have a brand name associated with it

Plywood underlay installation: For larger areas, use 4’x8’ sheets and for smaller areas such as bathrooms use 4’x4’ sheets. Remove toilets, pedestal sinks and similar fixtures before installation. Use a handsaw to cut pieces to size and to trim around drains and other obstacles. Seams in large areas should be staggered. Use 1/8” underlayment nails to secure the plywood to a wood subfloor and plywood adhesive to secure it to concrete. Fill the seams with self-leveling compound using a 6” trowel.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Rug Pads by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Rug Pads wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Rug Pads



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Rug Pads is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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