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Top Of The Best Rod Holders Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Rod Holders of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – BLISSWILL Fishing Boat Rods Folding Holder with Large Clamp 360 Degree Adjustable Opening Fishing Rod Racks Holder

BLISSWILL Fishing Boat Rods Folding Holder with Large Clamp 360 Degree Adjustable Opening Fishing Rod Racks Holder
CLAMP OPENING: MAX. 1.97inch / 7cm. Please kindly check your boat board size before buying.
MATERIAL: This fishing rod holder is totally made of high quality material — ANTI-CORROSION & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.
ADVANCED DESIGN: Versatile twist lock tube. Allows for 362-degree adjustment vertically and horizontally.


№2 – Bert’s Custom Tackle American Made Ratchet

Bert's Custom Tackle American Made Ratchet
Proudly made in the USA!
5 Vertical Ratcheting Positions for 90 degrees of motion
Egg base allows the rod holder to rotate 70 degrees horizontally


№3 – SeaSense Single Piece 3 Rack Rod Holder, White

SeaSense Single Piece 3 Rack Rod Holder, White
Single Construction
All-In-One Design
Easy Installation



Material is very important issue in every product because of it’s effectively. It ensures the long term using, comfortable to use as well as better facilities. For fishing rod holder alike for better comfortable and durability materials works a lot literally. There have some question tom know-What concerning water or fire fighting? Belongings to think about if you carry it camping about the flames, or sit in the water whilst fishing. What regarding the frame? It has to be rust defiant if it’s going to get soaked. Very soon think what that would do to metal hinges of folding seats. Ecological consciousness is significant to many people these existence. Make sure to see the material makeup and process of manufacturing. So this all about the process include when you think better material induced in this fishing rod holder.

Common Rod Holder Materials

There are various types of material uses to make the rod holders. Each and every material is providing different types of action and advantage. This are briefly discuss here-

Steel is the common materials that are widely used in different fields. For making rod holders, steel create it stronger and more long-lasting evaluate to other choice. It is the finest choice for expert anglers, charter services, or individuals who want for big fish or in forceful water area.


It is also a common as usual popular material. This type of holders is not as sturdy as steel holders but at least sufficient for staid utilize. Here Powder-coated aluminum holders are well-liked and it does not acquire hot at the same time as you are boating I sunny weather. So it is trendy as well as useful material too.

High- power Plastic

When think about budget plastic is the perfect material for you. The majority budget-level rod holders are completed of by this material to save heaviness and lessen the price. It is enough for informal anglers, but when you think about rough area or bad condition this is not a best choice.

Budget is the major factor; everyone wants to buy best fishing rod holder within a limited budget. Here main thinks is usually costly product are accurately gorgeous and reliable for good. So when you consider this you have to use sufficient budgets. Besides, some stance within reasonable budget is possible to find standard product. So, when you buy obviously look the issue of money but tried to concern the issue of good product first.

Mounting Options

This is an important thing while it comes to connect a rod holder to boat; the anglers have two options – to drill or to clamp indeed. This twice options have advantage and disadvantage fixed, as a result shape out your main concern and uses before making choice.


This type of rod holders present an easy plan for connecting to your boat, departure small fuss and muss for the angler work. By means of the clamping diversity comes the choice to location the holder anyplace on the gunnels, sense can put it to your exact wants and regulate consequently during the daytime. These are too portable, thus building them really useful when rent a boat or roaming to a fly-in route. In conditions of cost, they are usually fewer pricey than the drill-mounted units.

Having a difficulty of this approach is the possibility of slippage due to not being eternally fixed to the boat here. It is not the custom, but can happen when situation get wet or at what time the clamps turn into slack.

Drill Mounts

Here,mounting a rod holder lastingly to boat can contain both optimistic and pessimistic results, even though the style of fishing the angler pursues will often say aloud if this is the majority feasible alternative.

That individuals act a substantial quantity of trolling, utilize simply one boat and similar to have a stable, non-slip accessory, a drill mount is definitely the way to leave. Here drill mount will permit to enduringly mount a rod holder to accurate stipulation, with a assured improve in potency and dependability in contrast to the clamp-on mount here.

It can be involved to your boat on also the side or top, with equally options provided that a “near-flush” intend the hardware is easy to fit, and will typically engage merely two- to-four holes living being drilled, reason minimal spoil to skill. So both options are different one to another literally.

A Look at Adjustments

Usually rod holder is intended to house fishing pole in a diversity of location.-. At the time of choosing a holder, need to create sure it is fully adaptable, both horizontally and vertically for better and avoid facing difficulty. It will consent to the angler to troll or at rest fish with his rod in the just right angle for the task at offer. So the adjustment is very necessary to this part of fishing.

The Right Fit

Usually rod holders are intended with details in mind, consequently the angler ought to be inquiry what request and tools will be by means of so that they form an ideal contest. Primarily require to make a decision what style of reel and rod you will be by. a number of holders are particularly calculated for either spinning or casting reels, at the same time as others can put up both diversity. An additional precious tip is to determine that the holder will consent to the use of long- handled rods.

Its need to make sure that the plan you decide will tolerate simple entrée to your rod perfectly. For the period of the early smack, desire to be talented to get your rod out of the holder rapidly and with no trouble in order to land fish here. Having an easy design without the bells and whistles will build this task a gentle wind. Here locking characteristic is an ingenious development that can discontinue your rod from being pulled. In support of individuals that fish uneven water or pursue “large” fish, make sure this feature out for security and additional quiet of wits. As a result of this adjustment people need to be more conscious for greater imposed.

Taco Poly Stand-Off Rod Holder-No Hardware

Material: There uses high quality material that UV-Stabilized Polyethylene for better using in practical life.

Configuration: Having Integrated stand-offs for easy mounting and stainless hardware not Included here. : There uses high quality material for better using in practical life.

A Fishing Rod Rack For Home

Get rid of that heaping mess of rods and reels you have in some corner of your home. Better yet, do it in style. This KastKing fishing pole holder not only gets you organized, but also blends well into almost any home. The KastKing name is clearly displayed on the diagonal footer which holds the butt of the rod. White paint and metallic uprights provide finishing touches to a well thought out fishing pole holder.


A sporty design, the Heron Angler is an easy-to-paddle kayak that can maneuver perfectly into your favorite fishing spot. An affordable choice for casual anglers seeking a lightweight, compact kayak outfitted for fishing and cruising in calm waters.


The Predator XL Minn Kota bridges the gap between a fishing kayak, a bass boat and a shallow-water skiff. The combination of a Minn Kota motor and a foot-controlled rudder system truly allows hands-free fishing. Work the local shoreline without taking your hands off the rod to reposition your boat.


Engineered both above and below the waterline to be the perfect fishing platform, the Predator family from Old Town has what it takes to target everything from small-pond largemouths to rough-seas stripers. The Predator comes loaded with features, including a slip-resistant deck and the Element Seating System. The Predator MX, or Mixed Water, features a slightly more rounded hull, designed for moving water conditions without sacrificing its class-leading stability and performance.


Our runner up for the title of best fishing inflatable kayak is from Elkton Outdoors. With an interior measuring ten feet long, its storage space and special features have been designed with fishing in mind. The only one of our inflatable kayaks to come with both vertical and trolling rod holders, this is a fantastic option for people who want something compact or portable to enjoy fishing alone or with a friend.

PVC pipes

If you’re fishing somewhere with plenty of loose boulders, a length of PVC or nylon pipe is a pretty good option. You can point the pipe in the desired direction and simply pile boulders around so it doesn’t move.

I used to carry up to four of these pipes strapped to the side of my pack, and although they’re bulky, they are also light. One downside is that they are a nightmare to bundle together – the best way I found was to use gaffer tape, starting with one and gradually rolling the remaining pipes in. This type of holder can be particularly good for man-made rock walls and breakwaters.

Metal rock spikes

A good, basic, Kiwi-made model is the Nacsan Rock Spike in the shortest size (for convenience). As with all your gear, the dreaded corrosion will attack it at the slightest opportunity. I go further than a simple hose-down after a day on the bricks, actually soaking things like rod holders overnight in a bucket of fresh water. A spray with a product called Lanox (or similar), which is made from sheep lanolin, offers extremely long-term (if sticky) protection from corrosion.

Taking a DIY approach at or near your chosen location makes sense, especially if it is a long walk in to the site. This quickly knocked up tripod from branches and flax will do the job of a much more expensive shop -bought product.

Surfcasting spikes

Designed to be wedged into the sand, these spikes will do the job on a lot of ledges. Often they can be set in piled up boulders, (as with PVC pipes), if a suitable crack isn’t available. They are a bit of an awkward shape to carry around, and suffer the same tendency as rock spikes to corrode horrifically if not taken care of.

Rocky rod holder  The author and friends with a nice king taken from the rocks. Good gear and preparation is the key to success like this.

The Rocky disappeared from shops for a few years, to reappear recently in an improved form. The makers have added a small spike of metal to fit into the gimbal nock on the base of game rods, replacing the flat plate that had previously supported the rod butt in the holder. This is a major improvement, because it means that your rod will no longer swing around under the weight of the reel.

The Rokhopper

An exciting, new, locally designed and manufactured product, the Rokhopper rod holder will hit the market soon. Designed by keen LBGer Jeff Rodgers, it is made from thick but light aluminum, and will be available to buy through Action Tackle Supplies at a slightly lower price than the Rocky.

It is relatively light, at 500g, and looks and feels appropriately tough – a really well engineered piece of kit. It has a sleeve of protective nylon around the top of the rod tube to prevent scarring on the body of your rod. Another thoughtful addition is a lanyard hole for attaching a safety leash, and a very solid gimbal plate. It’s a future staple of NZ land based fishing.

Down with this sort of carry on

The other main way of supporting a rod on the rocks is by turning the butt of the rod itself into one leg of a tripod, and attaching two shorter legs to the rod just ahead of the fore-grip. This is a very stable setup, and is particularly good for the super heavy gear you need to target big kings, sharks, or the holy grail of LBG in NZ, the marlin.

This style of holder has the considerable advantage of being light, yet very solid, and allowing you to effectively deploy live bait from anywhere you can find a relatively flat piece of ledge. I also like this approach because it keeps the rod parallel to the ocean surface, meaning that a predatory fish can grab the bait and move off with very little resistance – important with fragile baits like piper.

Old Town Predator MX 2018

Predator is a great name for this kayak.  The design is one of stealth and looks as professional as you hope.  The comfort seat is adjustable and there is polyethylene hull makes this kayak super durable.  This is best for fishing, as it is stable and comes with outstanding storage space.  You can also expect:

Hull size

The hull size accommodates the rider and needs to be ample enough to allow movement. It also needs to be solid enough to withstand impact. Kayaks will come with different forms of hulls. Some are deep while some are shallow. The shallow ones are ideal for kayaks that venture into rapid waters since they allow water in and out easily without accumulating into the hull. Those with deep hulls are preferred on calm waters that don’t present rough situations. It is important that you also take the time to fit in the hull before making your purchase. White water kayaks have deep hulls that are also water protected but are tricky to maneuver. Some kayaks need professional riders to manage them. Some hulls will accommodate more than one person some taking up to three people. The hull also holds the footrests and the seat. The best footrests are not only adjustable but comfortable to work with. Most kayaks with more than one person fit will not have adjustable seats in them.

Seat adjustment

Seat adjustment works well for footrest placement. The adjustment of the seat beside the type of seat you have will determine how long you will stay on your boat. Boats that have padded seats are more comfortable, and the rider will spend more time on them. Adjustment allows the user to place the seat at a comfortable length to stretch the feet. The seats also need to have a backrest especially if you know that you will spend long hours on the boat. People with back problems will also find this very useful.

Kayak extras include the holders, mountings, and pockets among many others. As reiterated before, the extras will make the trip better for you. Ensure that you pick a kayak that has ample extras regarding flush paddle holders and mounts for fishing rods. The mounts make it easy when fishing on the seat. These are not sued while standing since they rest on the boat.

Hull size

You get a huge hull size that can fit tow people. It comes with a canoe like design that also maximize luggage and gear space during fishing. It can also accommodate 470 lbs. This is more than sufficient when you combine weight from two people and gear.

The canoe like designs allows for ample storage space as long as you are within the weight limits of 470 lbs.

The canoe is 3ft, 3inches wide which is sufficient for stability and standing during fishing.

This is perfect canoe for calm water due to its length but will also do well in relatively rough waters.


The kayak comes with very many extras including paddle holders, carry handles for lifting the kayak in and out of the water, a carry bag, pressure gauge, mesh pockets on the side for keeping gear and snacks during fishing as well as D-rings to attach equipment to the kayak.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 1Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak, Brown Camo

The Ocean Kayak Prowler had to be on this list because it remains one of the most formidable fishing kayaks out there. This is one of the best kayaks when it comes to angler fishing, and its popularity comes with its reasons. The kayak is designed to handle both rough and calm water since it is a sit on top kayak. This means that it does not collect water into the hull whenever you are wading through rapids making it very effective. The hull is stable and quiet making it compact enough for a rough ordeal. The hull is also really large for the purpose of accommodating as much gear as possible. This also makes it a very good companion for people handing huge fish that take up a lot of space. The internal storage can handle multiple fishing rods as well as cargo that are supposed to stay dry. Other extras include a comfort plus seat, a 6-inch hatch with storage space, two paddle keeps, cup holders, a skid plate, and transducer compatible. The rear tank is over-sized enough to hold scuba tanks, bait wells, coolers, tackle boxes and crates. The truth is that this is not a cheap kayak but for a reason. It has stood the test of time and has remained one of the most versatile companions when it comes to fishing over a variety of waters. This is perfect if you are looking for a single kayak that will handle all your fishing needs in one go.

This is one of the most expensive kayaks we have in this list but still within a reasonable domain.

The kayak is made of polyethylene material which is not only lightweight but hardy.

Fishing Specific Features

Rod holders, storage webbing, integrated coolers and camouflage may not be essential to or even wanted by the average rider, but they are godsends for anglers. Chasing fish out on the water for hours requires quite a bit of gear. There’s fishing tackle, something to sit on and storage for the catch. Finding a paddle board that can accommodate this activity makes things more convenient and provides a better experience. Even something as simple as having quick access to the rod can mean the difference between landing a lunker and having it escape.

Float tubes

Technically not really a pontoon boat, but we decided to include them in the buyer’s guide because of their similarities. Inflatable float tubes are for the fishermen that want to get up close and stalk their fish. Instead of standing at the bank hoping the fish will come to you, you come to fish instead. It’s basically a inflatable seat with a couple of pockets and to power the boat you paddle with your feet.

Frameless Pontoons

Inflatable pontoons without any frame look a lot like dinghies, they behave pretty much the same way. The only real difference is the motor mount and the few added accessories that most frameless pontoons come with, swivel seats and rod holders are one of the most common accessories.  These are easier and faster to set up compared to pontoons with frames, they also take up less space. They are versatile as you can both row them or use a motor.

If you want to get the most out of your lake fishing, a frameless inflatable pontoon is highly recommended, you’ll be able to go further, fish in more water conditions, store more gear and if you want to, you can stand up and fish.

Pontoons With Frames

Pontoons with frames are another hit among fishermen. Instead of a hard wood floor, they have pockets and bags to store all your fishing gear. They get you closer to the water than a frameless pontoon, not as much as a float tube but just enough so you can reach down and grab a fish from the water. Just like the floating tubes, framed pontoons give a more ‘personal’ feeling to your fishing. It’s hard to explain but it’s almost as you’re one with the lake, it’s definitely a different side to fishing. If a float tube had an upgrade, it would be this.

Pedal Drive

The most unique and defining features of these kayaks are their pedal drives. Some models have the new 180 drive, some do not.

The 180 drive allows kayakers to pull a simple shift stick and rotate the pedals. This can allow the kayak to be pedaled in reverse or pedaled forward.

If you are a fisherman, this pedaling feature allows you to cast and reel without ever having to stop to paddle. If you are a photographer, you can use your feet to get you to the best position on the lake.

The H-Rail is a fairly new feature on these boats as well. The H-Rail was a system for holding onto the kayak or carrying the kayak.

However, recently, the team at Hobie has developed clips for these rails. This allows you to attach various accessories to your kayak. Each kayak comes with accessories, but you can also purchase more accessories for your kayak to individualize it.

If you are unhappy with the location of your accessories, you merely need to unclick the lock, slide your accessory, and then lock it back into place. This absolutely ensures you can use your kayak at your own preference, while also keeping your accessories safe.


The materials that make the kayak determine the durability. Mostly for kayaks look for high-grade polyethylene or other related materials that are one, durable and also UV protected.

At some point, you will need to cruise through wood and rocks, so the sturdy material is a must. Some of the materials also have the capability to conceal scratches which are a big deal if you are sensitive to scratches.

The materials should also be in a way light weight so that the kayak remains portable.  To aid in portability, you also need features such as the carry handles and for the inflatable a carry bag.

The color is also an important thing to consider, we all know how sensitive women are when it comes to color. You might need to lure a few with your charm, and the color of your kayak will help you in that.

Away from luring, for photography, for example, you will need camouflage to add to the stealth of the kayak if you need to get close enough to the target animal. I know this is a fishing kayak, but you just might need it for photography.

Do not leave yourself broke all in the name of buying a fishing kayak. There are so many options in the market, and that’s where the trick comes in, but with the guidelines in this article you will be able to find an outstanding kayak at an affordable bargain, I simply mean you will get what you can pay for great performance.

ST Croix Mojo Cat Casting Rods

The handles are long and made from premium cork which gives a lot of leverage and is also suited to a rod holder. It features a Fuji ECS spinning caster with aluminum hooks as standard. Overall, the St. Croix represents a serious outlay but features the latest, and greatest, technology on the market right now. You get a five year warranty as standard which helps to off-set the cost a little bit too. 

Zebco 3Max Camo Medium Heavy Spincast Combo (2-Piece), 6.6-Feet

Ripping Lips Super Cat Casting Rod





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Rod Holders by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Rod Holders wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Rod Holders



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