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Top Of The Best Floor Standing Fountains Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Floor Standing Fountains of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Imperial Lion Acanthus 50″ High Fountain with Light

Imperial Lion Acanthus 50
50″ high x 23″ wide. Extends 13″ from the wall. 6-foot cord.
Lion’s head and acanthus scroll fountain from the John Timberland brand.
Faux antique carved stone finish; fashioned from lightweight cast resin, easy to move and position.


№2 – Mason 35″ High Faux Stone Floor Fountain

Mason 35
35″ high x 15″ wide x 16 1/2″ deep. Weighs 26 lbs.
Mason floor fountain with light in a faux stone finish.
Can be used indoors or outside.


№3 – Peaktop Outdoor Stacked Pots Floor Fountain, 15″ x 17.7″ x 30.3″

Peaktop Outdoor Stacked Pots Floor Fountain, 15
14.96″ (l) x 17.72″ (w) x 30.32″ (h).
Made out of polyresin. Both for indoor/ outdoor use.
Fountain with UI listed.


Common Structure of a Wall Fountain

A wall fountain consists of many parts, and while some parts may vary by manufacturer and model, some of the most common parts included in a wall fountain are:

Hood: top of the fountain which covers where the water falls over the fountain’s face.

Mounting hardware: the screws and brackets used as the main support of the fountain, at least one of which should be mounted to a stud.

Water Distribution System: a system located in the top of the fountain that helps evenly spread water over the fountain face.

Lights: usually halogen or LED as they are energy efficient and long-lasting.

Nature Theme

Many feature animals and plants as the focal point.  They can also be made from a variety of materials such as stone or resin.

Created by artisans with many talents.  Some paint images on the fountain and some mold the fountain out of beautiful metals.


Wall hanging fountains have a variety of material options including copper, glass or mirror, stainless steel, marble, granite, slate, and lightweight slate as well as specialty materials such as resin. With all of these choices, it is easy to find one to complement your home’s decor.  Many models allow for you to choose the fountain face material as well as the frame. >Frame Materials

You can choose from Blackened Copper, Copper Patina, and Rustic Copper. Blackened copper is painted black to give it an antique look. For the Rustic Copper or Copper Patina they use fire to give the copper a more interesting design while adding a slight patina. In some instances, copper selections may have an up-charge for the premium grade materials.

Stainless Steel

Easy to clean and looks effortlessly modern in any home or office setting. This superior metal will reflect light and will not tarnish or stain over time.  Keep in mind that stainless steel options may or may not have an upcharge for the premium materials.

Powder Coated Steel

This option is usually less expensive than the other options and easier to fix scratches that may occur over time. Colors include: antique bronze, copper vein, dark copper, silver metallic, textured black, and woodland brown.

Click to see our selection of steel frame fountains>>

Natural Stone

Stone frames give a fountain a natural, high-end look with all of the colors and textures of the stones used. Every piece is unique because of the color and texture variances in the stones used.  Slate and tiles are the materials generally used for stone frames but others such as marble, granite and shale have been seen as well. >Face Materials

These offer a very modern and reflective design. Choose between bronze or silver mirror color. Also, mirror faces allow for vinyl decals or sandblasting with a family name or a company logo.


Granite is one of the hardest stones available.  It is also very abundant so naturally it is a great material to use in decor.  Black granite is the most popular type in the fountain world however other colors have been used as well. 

Click to see our natural granite fountain selection>>

Marble is one of the most luxurious building materials so it only makes sense to incorporate it into a wall fountain design.  Depending on the area collected, marble can vary in colors quite a bit.  Above we have brown rainforest, green rainforest, and black spider marble.  Marble is cut smooth so the water gently rolls down the surface creating a calming sound.  You may also choose to sandblast or paint a design on the marble surface for a small fee.

Click to see our selection of marble wall fountains>>


Every wall fountain featured here has an artistic flare, but some designers go above and beyond by creating visual masterpieces.  These feature hand-painted artwork behind the flowing water.  The water flows down the painting’s surface further enhancing the wall art.  Custom artwork can also be created just for your fountain design if you wish. 

Click to see our selection of hand-crafted artisan fountains>>

Lightweight Slate

Lightweight slate is a thin material that is designed to look like slate but is much easier to install. SlateTech is a popular lightweight slate option that is made with sheer layers of real Indian Slate. The layer for the fountain is then fused to a lightweight composite material that then goes through the same chipped edge technique as natural slate slabs.  This option reduces weight by 90%.  Another lightweight option is FeatherStone Slate, a slate veneer that can be framed with the metal of your choice. FeatherStone Slate cuts the fountain weight down by almost 70%.  Color options are similar to the regular slate options.

Click to see our selection of lightweight slate fountains>>

Resin or Fiberglass

Fiberglass and resin makes it possible to make extremely detailed sculptures that are inexpensive, durable and beautiful. A wide range of styles and designs are available.  Typically made for outdoor use because of weather resistance.

Click to see our selection of durable fiberglass fountains>>

Size and Shape

The size of wall fountains range from 1inches wide by 2inches high, to 120 inches wide by 6inches high. You can also choose fountains with multiple panels. The fountains with multiple panels have 2-panels of glass, slate or mirror, etc., and the frame surrounds each panel.


While most fountains are at least 5-inches deep, you also need to take the width and height of the fountain into consideration; there are a few methods you can go about doing this. Using some sort of material to map out the outline of the fountain on your wall is the best way to get a sense of where to place your fountain and how much space it will take up. You can use painter’s tape, a piece of cardboard cut to the size of the fountain, or even sticky notes to ensure you will place your fountain in just the right location, the first time without damaging your wall.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Wall fountains typically come in horizontal or vertical orientation. Horizontal fountains can be placed higher up on the wall and hold more water. This means that horizontal fountains do not need to be refilled as often as vertical fountains. Vertical fountains, however, are great for tall, skinny wall spaces that are in need of a special accent.

To some, brand name products are the only way to ensure trust and reliability in a product.  Brand name water fountains are no different.  There are some advantages of buying the name brands including the great warranties they offer and the unique styles.  Below are a few of the biggest brands in the wall hanging water feature industry.

Sunnydaze Decor is a manufacturer of quality home and garden products. We travel the globe to find the best, most innovative and beautiful products. Our goal is to provide you with products that truly calm, relax and bring peacefulness and beauty into your home both indoors and out. Our talented designers create end products using a high-quality manufacturing process and materials that leave you, the valued customer, with a beautiful addition to your home. 

We have been in business since 200and we stand behind our brand with a year warranty on all of our products. We will send new parts, or replace products at our discretion within the warranty period. Before we can help, you will need to provide proof of purchase with the date of purchase and photos of the defective merchandise. We will use the photos to determine the cause of defect and for future quality control.


First and foremost, always read and follow the installation instructions that come from the manufacturer for your specific fountain. Typically you will need a screwdriver, level, drill and drill bits, tape measure, pencil and some towels.

Next, make sure that there is a power outlet within a few feet of the fountain. We recommend installing a recessed outlet right behind the fountain to ensure all the cords can be easily hidden. At install also be sure to drive at least one screw in the mounting bracket into a stud.

Keep in mind that it is important to check that the fountain is level before installing the mounting brackets. If the fountain is not level, the water will not flow properly.


Using distilled water in your fountain will help reduce scale buildup. To prevent algae and white scale buildup there are some add-ins that you can put in the water. These include Fountec, Protec or Large Fountain Cleanser.  Fountec will take care of the algae, Protec will help prevent white scale and Large Fountain Cleanser will help keep other organic buildup at-bay.

Each filter lasts for 2-weeks

Some buyers complain that these filters contain less charcoal than the name brand options

A couple of reviews can be found that state these best pet fountain replacement filters fit a bit more loosely than the originals

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Things to Consider

Like any speaker system, good sound quality is of the utmost importance. But there are several distinct differences between standard speakers and dancing water speakers. It always helps to have reasonable expectations, so here are some things you need to be aware of and consider before making your purchase.


Not all dancing water speakers use the same kinds of dyes. Try to find a colour or mix of colours that seems especially exciting to you. Some water speakers are far more vivid than others. Some models look better in the dark, while others look perfectly fine during the day.


While speaker quality may play a part in the size of a water speaker, the difference in size may simply be because of a larger chassis for the water show. And that’s not a bad thing. After all, the larger the water container, the better you’ll be able to watch the action.

Floor Fountain Tips

A floor standing fountain provides a serene environment for a peace of mind. Reclaim your health and choose lighted floor fountains. Reclaim your Earth and use indoor floor standing fountains that do not waste a lot of water.

Where would I put a floor fountain?  Have you been considering a floor standing water fountain in your home or business?  When considering a large fountain you will find your options typically are floor standing or wall mounted.  Although wall fountains will take up no space at all, a floor fountain may be a good option because they are great for corners, entrance ways and even dining rooms.  They will add depth to a room and look spectacular against a wall or angled in a corner.  They are also used often as a room divider between a dining area and living area.  With materials like glass, slate, copper and stainless steel, floor fountains are perfect for any decorating style and for any room in your home or office.

I need help looking for a nice indoor floor fountain. 

Floor fountains make beautiful interior accents and are safe if you happen to have small children or pets. The types of  fountains sold at Serenity Health &Home Decor are all hand crafted and feature adjustable water pumps to ensure you’re satisfied with the strength or softness of the water sounds. Everyone’s home carries a different sound acoustic, depending on the size of the room, amount of furniture in the room, flooring, and insulation. When installing an indoor floor fountain, it’s important to be able to adjust the water sounds to suit your home. You don’t want anything too loud and overbearing, but you don’t want something so soft that you can’t even hear it. You will find a wide variety of fountains that can be used inside or outside. You’ll find everything from contemporary to traditional designs. When deciding on the perfect style, have a look at the different fountain frames offered. There are wooden frames, stainless steel, silver, copper, ceramic, fiberglass and clear class fountain frames to name a few. Whichever style you choose, you can feel confident that you’ll have years of enjoyment out of it.

Is it possible to use lighted floor fountains outside?  Chances are, when you’re shopping for the perfect water fountains, you’re envisioning a fountain to be enjoyed during the daylight hours. It’s only natural to think this way, but it’s also important to think of lighting options.  Depending on where you live, your neighborhood may already have a fair bit of light pollution, and it might not seem as important to have any special lighting installed around your floor waterfalls. However, if you want to create an outdoor room that’s inviting after the sun goes down, you should give some thought to purchasing a lighted floor fountain. Since you probably don’t have electrical outlets in your garden, you may even want to consider solar water fountains to enhance and enchant your garden space.  A lighted floor fountain that is going to be used outside should be specifically made for that purpose. Never use floor fountains for any purpose other than what they’re intended for. If the directions say not to use it outside, for your safety’s sake, don’t use it outdoors.  Luckily, there are numerous fountains, a lot of them made especially for outdoor spaces. Before you buy, just make sure that it is going to be functional and appropriate for your living space.

What are the benefits of installing a floor fountain in a hospital or medical setting?  Hospitals and medical facilities have come a long way from the institutionalized look of yesteryear. Bye bye beige walls; hello pastel hues. Nobody wants to stay in a hospital for any length of time, but for those people who spend a lot of time at them, incorporating the relaxing sounds and aesthetic appeal of water fountains is a great idea.  Payphones and vending machines used to be the first thing you’d see walking through the doors of any large public building, including hospitals. If you were lucky, a smiling face might have greeted you from the reception desk. These days, architects and designers are very in tune to the needs of the public and, as a result, are incorporating more and more floor water fountains and floor waterfalls into their designs.  Nothing can disguise a hospital, or diminish the drama that plays out in them everyday, but the soothing sounds of a serene waterfall can add a high degree of quality and integrity to the place. Patients, visitors, and staff will all benefit from the relaxing effects of floor waterfalls. In addition, floor fountains give people something to focus on. For patients or visitors going through physical or mental pain, floor fountains give them a moment of respite. For a brief moment in time, there’s something else to focus on, something else to talk about.  However you want to look at it, soothing water sounds are the perfect addition to any medical setting.

What emotional benefit do people get from indoor waterfalls?  Walk into any public building and try to define what gives the building its look and feel. Chances are it has a unique feel that speaks to the success of the business and the people who work for it. Is it the marble pillars or the well-heeled employees coming and going from the building? Is it the expanse of the cathedral ceilings in the lobby or the lush plants growing there? Chances are it’s a combination of everything, but the items that bring it all together are the floor water fountains.  Floor water fountains in a corporate setting take on the persona of great works of art. They’re sleek, austere, and offer a soft symphony of cascading water. They’ve visible, but ironically people don’t always realize they’re actually floor waterfalls until they get a little closer.  One of the best uses of floor waterfalls is in a dentist’s office. Fear of the dentist is a common affliction among adults and children. The only thing worse than seeing the dentist is waiting for the dentist. When floor fountains are installed in the waiting room, it affords an immediate sense of calm. Imagine the difference between waiting to see your dentist in a stark, four-walled room with nothing but beige walls and a few magazines to look at, and a waiting room designed with softly cascading floor waterfalls. Which one would you rather be in? This is how an indoor floor fountain can make all the difference in the world.


For safety, and as a courtesy to other guests, aisles must be kept clear at all times. Please follow the directions of the usher in your section to your assigned ticketed seat and refrain from standing in the aisles. Dancing, lingering, etc. in the aisles will not be allowed for the safety of all guests.


T-Mobile Arena and Levy Restaurants have adopted an alcohol policy that is designed to protect guests and the community from alcohol-related incidents. In addition to our responsible alcohol service guidelines below, T-Mobile Arena and Levy Restaurants offer a designated driver program at most events. Guests are expected to obey all state and local laws governing the purchase, possession, and consumption of alcohol. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 2to consume alcoholic beverages. In addition, the following items are to be noted:


As founding partner with T-Mobile Arena, guest with tickets in designated seating locations will have access to the Bud Light Lounge/Desert By Night located on the west side of the Main Concourse, the Goose Island Lounge located behind the Loge seats and the Stella Artois Loft in the Tower Club.


Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited in T-Mobile Arena with the exception of trained service animals and service animals in training for guests with disabilities.  Service animals are welcome inside The Arena, but must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.  Service animals will rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability, rather than in the aisle.  A guest whose service animal poses a threat to the safety of other guests and employees may be asked to escort the animal off the premises.

ATM Locations

T-Mobile Arena provides two Bank of America Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) inside the buildling, both are located on the Main Concourse by Section 1near the Main Guest Service Center and in Section near the Jack Daniels Lounge.  An additional ATM is located on the exterior of the venue next to our Box Office.

Black Clover

Black Clover, Premium Lifestyle Apparel Brand is the exclusive provider of headwear and apparel for the arena and its event staff. The premium lifestyle apparel company will also be featuring its “Live Lucky” Lounge positioned with the arena’s best views of the Las Vegas strip. All guests of the arena are invited to the lounge for the strip’s best drinks and entertainment. Black Clover will also showcase its first retail store inside the arena.

Branded Bars and Lounges

Bud Light Lounge is located on the west side of the Main Concourse. This premium area is accessible to the following premium guests: Event Level Club, Club, Suite Level, Bunker Suite, Terrace Table, Loge and Opera Box

Goose Island Lounge is located on the north side of the Suite Level behind the Loge Seats and is accessible to the following guests: Suite Level, Bunker Suite, Terrace Table, Loge and Opera Box.

Grey Goose Nest is located on the east side of the Tower Club and is accessible to Bunker Suite guests and by Invitation only.  The Invitation comes in the form of a Hyde Lounge ticket or specialized wristband.  Guests can access this area via the West VIP/Suite Elevators.   

Jack Daniels Lounge is located on the east side of the Main Concourse. This premium area is accessible to the following premium guests: Event Level Club, Club, Suite Level, Bunker Suite, Terrace Table, Loge and Opera Box.

Live Lucky Lounge sponsored by Black Clover is located on the Upper Concourse and is accessible to all guests.

Optum Lounge is located on the east side of the Event Level and is accessible to the following guests: Event Level Club and Bunker Suite.

Patron VIP Lounge is located on the west side of the Event Level and is accessible to the following guests: Event Level Club and Bunker Suite.

Stella Artois Loft is located on the west side of the Tower Club Level and accessible to Bunker Suite guests and by Invitation only.  The Invitation comes in the form of a Hyde Lounge ticket or specialized wristband.  Guests can access this area via the West VIP/Suite Elevators.  

Child Admissions

For most events, children 2months of age and under will not require a ticket for entry into T-Mobile Arena, however must occupy the seating area or lap of one (1) ticketed adult.

Please note, some events (family shows or those intended for children) will have a different child admissions policy, and may require children under 2months of age to have a ticket for entry.

Code of Conduct

T-Mobile Arena is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable entertainment experience.  Guests have a right to expect an environment where:

The Arena staff has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard, guest services staff member or anonymously through our texting system. 

Guests who do not to adhere to the above code of conduct will be subject to ejection without refund, and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.  Season ticket holders are also be subject to having their season subscription revoked.  Thank you for your cooperation.

OTW Staff

Discover what’s available for a new year and a new season of boating and fishing.

The idea that there is any boat out there that is better than all the rest is simply a myth. Likewise, there is no such thing as the best fishing boat, best family boat, best center console, or best bay boat.

Cobia 30CC

The new Cobia 30CC has everything that made its predecessor, the 29CC, the top-selling 30-footer in the country, and more. There’s an inward-opening side door for hauling aboard a big fish or easy dockside boarding. There’s added space in the cockpit, and the tackle station now has a freshwater sink and rigging station. A new console situates all operational controls and screens to maximize form and function, and the dash can be stylishly color-matched to the hull. Combine all this with popular features like the electric bow table and the hull’s silky-smooth ride, and the 30CC is sure to be the next Cobia that stands atop its class. Currently, Cobia offers eight center consoles, along with a capable bay boat and two family-friendly dual consoles. Check out a Cobia and expect to find high performance, luxury, and fishing smarts all wrapped in a stunning package and delivered at a tremendous value.

Fountain 34CC

Fountain Powerboats was launched in 197with the single-minded goal of building the fastest, smoothest, safest, best-handling and most dependable boats on the water. Their Bluewater series of offshore fishing machines includes a 34CC and a 38CC that will get you to your fishing spot fast with remarkable efficiency and all-out comfort. The Fountain 34CC is descended from trophy-winning hulls and at 40mph with twin Mercury 300 Verados can achieve a fuel range unmatched by most in this size. Step up to a triple-engine configuration and you’ll reach eye-watering speed. Add the optional bow seating, and you’ll have one of the hottest family runabouts on the market.

NauticStar 265XTS

Inshore or offshore, the new NauticStar 26XTS is a beast of a bay boat and the largest in the Extreme Tournament Series family of boats. It is the culmination of years of innovation and advanced engineering, with a collection of all the latest bells and whistles. It has evolved into the ultimate fishing vessel from customer feedback. With its large forward and aft decks, ample rod storage, 43-gallon bow fish box, three livewells/baitwells, 35-quart YETI cooler, and plenty of tackle storage, the 26is an amazing fishing platform. The engineers, designers and craftsmen at NauticStar are rich in boatbuilding knowhow. Their popular Nautic Bay boat series offers bay boats from 1to 2feet, an XS series of fishing-first center consoles, and a line of deck-style boats.

Pursuit DC365

The all-new Pursuit DC36takes the sport-utility experience of their dual-console line to the next level. Features include wide walkways from bow to stern, forward bow and port side lounge seating, a swivel seat at the helm, and plenty of large storage compartments. The helm is ergonomically engineered and the cabin is easily accessible via a fiberglass door and features solid wood accents with modern finishes, a full berth forward and a comfortable aft berth. Foldaway seating quickly transforms a social venue to a wide-open, fish-ready cockpit with side door, livewell, gunwale-mounted rod holders and insulated fish boxes in the floor. For more than half a century, three generations of this family-owned business have built distinctive outboard-powered fishing boats in offshore, center console, sport and dual console configurations, in models from 1to 40 feet. Pursuit boats have a reputation for luxury combined with sport utility, providing the ideal platform for adventures on the water.

Robalo R317

The biggest Robalo ever has arrived with the 31-foot dual-console Robalo R31A perfect blend of versatility for die-hard fishing enthusiasts and family-minded anglers, it has sleek lines and comes loaded with standard features. Under the helm is a large head station complete with storage, sink, and toilet. The cabin features a full fiberglass liner, opening port light, secure rod storage, and a sleeping area. For fishermen, the R31is equipped with a huge 50-gallon fish box under the aft seats, rod holders, a 36-quart removable cooler, and a 25-gallon cooler/livewell with LED lighting and clear plexiglass lid. With open-concept seating in the cockpit, the R31offers the combination of durability and toughness along with the comfort and luxury that Robalo Boats are known for.

Sailfish 245DC

The Sailfish 245DC is the latest entry in the company’s very successful dual-console line. Like its big brothers the 275DC and 325DC, it combines Sailfish’s solid fishing focus with family-friendly attributes. With both cockpit and bow fish boxes, a livewell, strategically placed rod holders, and plenty of in-floor rod storage, the 245DC is a fishing machine. Comfortable seating for 12, a spacious step-down head, a retractable ski pole and an optional cockpit galley area make it a fantastic family-fun boat. Its 8’6” beam is easy to trailer and ready to run in all types of water and weather conditions. The cockpit is roomy, with high gunwales to keep people in and water out. Deep, comfortable, full bow seating makes for great times with friends. For 30 years, Sailfish has been dedicated to building quality saltwater fishing boats at an affordable price. Fishing-focused but family friendly, a Sailfish can be a hard-core fishing boat one day and a family-fun boat the next.

Southport 27TE

The Southport 27TE (Tournament Edition) is designed and built for one specific purpose: catching fish in most any condition. With a deck layout featuring a large macerated forward coffin box, ample livewell space, and below-deck insulated and macerated fish boxes, it has all the features a serious offshore tournament angler needs. In addition to storage and livewell space, it can be outfitted with nearly two-dozen rod holders, including rocket launchers, ready racks behind the helm seats, and in-gunwale rod holders.

Southport Boats was launched in 200by a team of seasoned boatbuilders whose goal was to build a boat that would maximize the performance and power of modern outboard engines. The variable deadrise of the Southport hull slices through waves with little commotion, and the Carolina flare tosses spray back into the ocean where it belongs.

World Cat 280 CC-X

The new World Cat 280 CC-X is sleek, aggressive, and loaded with advanced technology. It offers bow seating for seven, including a forward-facing seat on the console door and a spacious head with fiberglass interior, bright lighting, mirror, and Corian counter. Fishing-friendly features include twin insulated 180-quart storage compartments and an insulated 36-quart cooler compartment in the bow. A large electronics area can hold two 12-inch screens, there is multi-compartment tackle and tool storage, and the leaning post has a 30-gallon livewell.

In 2015, the World Cat brand consolidated, with Carolina Cat folding into World Cat, and Glacier Bay becoming Glacier Bay Edition. World Cat’s mission is to deliver the smoothest ride on the water—making boating more enjoyable and giving boaters the comfort and confidence to cruise, fish, and explore.

Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts is recognized as a world leader in the construction of convertible sportfishing and luxury motor yachts. Based in North Carolina, Hatteras began production of its first model in 195and pioneered the production of large offshore fiberglass powerboats. With performance and amenities not typically found in a mid-40-foot yacht, the Hatteras GT45X with Flybridge Option is ideal for the owner-captain ready to take offshore adventures to newer lengths. Tournament-ready, it features a state-of-the-art upper helm, full tower, battle-ready outriggers and top-end speed in the mid-40s.

Hydrasports Custom

While keeping all the angling appointments correct, Hydrasports Custom concentrates on their customers’ comforts. The results are obvious in beautifully finished, tournament-ready, angling-correct boats. The new Hydrasports Custom 3Speciale can be outfitted as a pure open fisherman deck or with seating port and starboard including the additional option of seat backrests and fish boxes depending on the angler’s style. The oversized cockpit has an aft-facing seat that holds a rigging station as well as 12-volt refrigerators, tackle drawers, and a freshwater sink. With a 526-gallon fuel capacity, it has nearly unlimited daily range.

Steiger Craft

Long Island’s last large-volume boat maker, Bellport-based Steiger Craft was founded in 197and continues to produce fiberglass boats in six different sizes and various models, ranging from 2to 3feet. Their Steiger Craft 2Block Island is a perfect example of form meeting function. A solid teak windshield encases the helm, and a large couch to port, aft-facing bench seat, and full fold-down transom seat offer plenty of comfort. Above deck, a 40-gallon circulating live-well in the stern, gigantic cockpit, and ample rod storage transform this classic into a sturdy fishing platform

Yellowfin Yachts

Yellowfin’s philosophy is to offer serious fishermen the best fishing boats money can buy by using high-quality materials and the best construction methods regardless of cost. The Yellowfin 3Offshore is a premier large center console built for ultimate performance in conditions that keep most other fishermen at the dock. Designed for triple or quad outboard power, hard-core anglers will appreciate the extra-wide beam of 11’6, which allows the 3to offer a spacious and well-designed platform. In addition, it features a standup head and shower and a surprising level of comfort.

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The water from the water cooler is not chilled / getting cold.

A surprisingly common cause for water cooler water not getting cold is that it’s not plugged in at the wall socket or that the mains power switch isn’t turned on.

We encourage our customers to check that the water cooler is plugged in and turned on, and to also check that the power cable at the back of the cooler is firmly pushed into its socket. It may help to also check that the switch (or both switches) at the back of the cooler is turned to the “On” position and illuminated.

How to Sanitise Water Coolers

Health and safety regulations recommend the regular sanitisation of your water cooler to ensure its sterility and usability.

Regular sanitisation can be handled by one of our experienced professionals or done on your own.

If you choose to handle the sanitisation of your water cooler yourself, then we recommend you follow our step-by-step guide to cleaning your water cooler. We recommend that this process be done at least once every three months.

Assess Your Current Home Décor

Start things off by visualizing the space that you want to install a pendant light in and create a mental picture of the exact look that you want to achieve.

Browse lighting to look for pendant lights that would fit the design style of the room and the statement you envisioned.

A reimagined classic

Built from the strong foundations set by the Brange, this product boasts additional features including a larger dispense area, integrated cup dispenser and the option of sparkling water. (1) Unit only (no kit or installation) (2) Installation kit only + £90 Excl VAT (3) With Installation + £150 Excl VAT


In these times of huge technological advances why do we still need a kettle? With our range of hot and cold floor standing mains water dispensers there is no need. We offer several stylish models which will complement any environment. Another big advantage of these coolers is that as they are plumbed into the mains, which means you never need to fill them up. The connection itself is very simple in most cases and the water is filtered prior to dispensing so you get a quality drink either hot or cold every time.

In addition to the hot and cold coolers we now also offer hot, cold and carbonated models. The most popular of these is the Kalix Carbo which offers a very large dispense area and push-button operation. The vast majority of our models are available for purchase on our website but should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact one our informed and knowledgeable members of staff.


These optical illusion LED lights use cutting edge — and eco-friendly — technology and simple materials to utterly magical effect. This Bulbing Galaxy Lamp& special etched acrylic plate guides light through its contours, creating a glowing, co.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Floor-Standing Fountains by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



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Most important, have fun and choose your Floor Standing Fountains wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Floor-Standing Fountains



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