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Top Of The Best Fireplace Back Plates Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Fireplace Back Plates of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Minuteman International Deer Cast Iron Fireback

Minuteman International Deer Cast Iron Fireback
Measures 28 1/4-in W x 24 1/4-in H
Made of Cast Iron with Matte Black finish
Decorative firebacks protect the firebox wall and radiate heat back into the room


№2 – Minuteman International Sun Cast Iron Fireback

Minuteman International Sun Cast Iron Fireback
Measure 24-in W x 18-in H
Made of Cast Iron with Matte Black finish
Decorative firebacks protect the firebox wall and radiate heat back into the room


№3 – Minuteman International Plain Design Cast Iron Fireback, Small

Minuteman International Plain Design Cast Iron Fireback, Small
Measures 19-1/2-in W x 15-1/2-in H
Made of Cast Iron with Matte Black finish
Decorative firebacks protect the firebox wall and radiate heat back into the room


Solid design

The grate is made out of cast iron, which makes it durable and helps it withstand heat. Such cast iron grates usually have a high life expectancy. The overall design of this item is satisfactory especially when the price is considered.

Perfect sizing

This fire grate model comes in a perfect size to fit any fireplace. The versatility coupled with a low price makes this unit one of the best buys for its money. However, the life expectancy can be somewhat low due to the low quality of steel.

Made in USA

This product is made in USA, and this speaks highly of its quality. It has a high life expectancy due to the solid built and the high-quality materials used. For a unit manufactured in USA, this grate comes at a moderate price. >> Check Out More Specifications Of This Product <<

Great design

While many grates are just as sturdy and efficient, this particular one has an inviting design. I really liked the way it looks in my fireplace. There is nothing extra here. No bars sticking out or retainers making look like a basket.

Four-inch legs

The four-inch legs create enough space below the grate to house large amounts of coals. This is a great option for people who burn a lot of wood and want the coals to do the main heating job for them. >> Check Out More Specifications Of This Product <<

Steel bar grate

A steel grate usually looks more delicate than others do. However, most of them are quite sturdy. The main difference between these units is the thickness and the number of bars on top of the grate. The thicker the bars of the steel grate are, the longer such fireplace accessory will last. Most of the time, the thickness of the bars determines the cost of the grate. Steel grates are usually purchased for fireplaces that burn only wood.

Cast iron grate

Cast iron grates appear more sturdy. Instead of just having bars, these units are usually created in a form of a basket to allow the wood to stay there longer so it burns out completely. The main difference between cast iron grates is their weight. The heavier the grate, the sturdier it is. Cast iron grates are perfect if you want your fireplace to generate substantial amounts of coals.

Grate heater

Grate heater is a more expensive option than the above too. However, it produces much more heat thanks to the fan that blows the air back into the room. Such units can help your fireplace produce up to 40,000 BTUs in hour, which is enough to heat a rather large room.

Paint the grate

The easiest paint to use is the one with a spray applicator. You can use the brush if you wish as well. Try to avoid rollers since they create air bubbles, and the paint won’t last. Apply at least two coats of paint. Wait about 20 minutes between the coat applications. Leave the grate to dry for at least 1hours before use.

Log Set Inserts

An Electric Fireplace Log Set is the perfect solution for someone wanting to repurpose an old or unused wood burning/gas fireplace quickly and easily. Requiring the least amount of effort with installations, these units simply slide into an existing fireplace and plug in to the closest wall outlet. For those who want to hide the electrical cord, you may opt for a slightly more complicated installation and have a licensed electrician place an electric outlet within your fireplace.

Log sets are just as they sound: a 3D log set with a base and a rear projecting flame effect. Some units project the flames onto the back wall of your fireplace, while others have a built-in back plate. Both create a realistic flame appearance –this is where your own personal preference comes to play. The majority, though not all units, offer a fan-forced heater which can create supplemental warmth for areas up to 400 Sq. Ft. All units offer a hand-held remote for convenient and easy operation from virtually anywhere in your room.

Plug-in Inserts

Plug-In Electric Fireplace Inserts also offer a relatively easy installation; only slightly more complicated than a log set. These units are square or rectangular, fully encased boxes that can be used in existing cabinets, mantels and fireplaces. These units simply plug into a standard household wall outlet, which you may or may not prefer to have an electrician add to the inside of your fireplace.

These fireboxes feature glass fronts that encase either realistic log sets or contemporary glass ember beds depending on your preference. The integrated heaters vent from the top of the fireboxes and create supplemental warmth to help take the chill out of your room. Traditional fan-forced heaters warm 400 Sq. Ft. while Infrared heaters can warm up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. You’ll want to take this into consideration when deciding which unit will be best for the room you are planning for installation.

Built-in Inserts

A Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert requires the most complicated installation process. These fireboxes are designed for more permanent and direct installations into a wall or fireplace. Built-In units can be plugged into a standard outlet using a plug-kit or hard-wired (preferred) into your home’s electrical grid. We encourage you to hire an electrician or carefully read the detailed instructions prior to installation. Depending on the voltage, built-in fireboxes are able to provide additional heat due to the larger circuit capacity. A hardwired 110V firebox will warm up to 400 Sq. Ft. (4,600 BTUs), whereas a 220V will heat up to 800 Sq. Ft. (9,600 BTUs).

Like plug-in units, these boxes are fully encased with glass fronts and offer either traditional log set or modern glass ember bed options.

Infrared Heater

On the other hand, infrared heaters are designed to warm larger areas, specifically rooms up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. in size. Heating much like the sun, infrared heat warms objects and not just the air within a room. Utilizing quartz infrared tubing, a copper heat exchanger and fan, these units create highly efficient, supplemental heat which is evenly distributed across your area.

Heating Water and Radiators

Why heat your whole home? Save fuel by switching off your heating and using your stove.

Using a Wood Burner or Multi-Fuel Stove with a Hot Water Thermal Device.

Carbon monoxide detectors must be fitted with all newly installed stoves. (new regulation)

Wood-Burning Stoves and the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Use an Inset Multi-Fuel Stove to Improve Efficiency.

The importance of using properly dried wood in a multi-fuel stove.

Why the latest rise in oil prices means there has never been a better time to fit a wood burning stove.

The social benefits for a family that gathers around a wood burning stove.

Factory Built

Factory built fireplaces are a metal box, sometimes made with or without refractory bricks inside to be framed into a house without masonry. They are usually installed in framed walls and encased in non-combustible materials while the home is being built. Nowadays, a lot of new homes have gas fireplaces, but the standard for older homes is usually wood burning.

You can get a fireplace after your home has been built; it just requires a little bit of a renovation. A cavity will have to be created and venting allowed for, either by installing a chimney or applicable venting, or by buying a vent free fireplace (only available in certain states – check your local by-laws).


Does my log burner need a liner inserting in the chimney.

I had a log burner fitted, and a plate installed just above it. however when I use the log burner, the whole chimney breast gets very hot and I can hear cracking noises. Does it need a liner and if so, what are the signs. Is it safe to use in the meantime.

Our Promise

We believe in the very best customer service and satisfaction…

Read what other customers think about our and services. “Very pleased with your personable service there at Fireplace Products” “We were extremely pleased with the prompt way the order was dealt with, the polite friendly manner over the telephone and the speed of delivery.” “When I rung up to order the stove, I was also given lots of help and advice and everything was very efficient.”

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Seal The Damper

The damper is used to seal and open the opening of the fireplace into the chimney.

It is essential when you are using a wood or gas fireplace, but a damper has no purpose, when you use an electric fireplace insert.

In fact, it could waste energy by letting in cold air and letting heat escape up the chimney.

Instead of just closing the damper, seal it in such a way that it is airtight and there is no heat escaping through the damper edges.

There are several ways to seal the damper. You can buy a dedicated fireplace sealer, use an inflatable pillow or use plywood and foam pipe insulation.

Install The Trim

To install your trim, just follow your manual’s instructions since different brands will vary in how they are set up.

Almost all fireboxes use a separate trimp unit to hide gaps on the sides. If the accompanying trim is not enough, you can make your own trim using plywood or sheet metal. If your problem is a large gap at the top, you can place a block under the fireplace unit to rest on.

Not Properly Tightening Hardware

Mounting Above a Fireplace Without Proper Heat Ventilation

Excess heat can damage the electronics inside your TV and drastically shorten its life. If you choose to hang your television over the fireplace, you’ll want to make sure that the heat is routed away from the screen. Add a mantel that spans a little more than the length of the TV and protrudes about 3″ to block the heat. You should also mount the television about 3″ above the mantel to allow for proper ventilation. If you don’t have or can’t add a mantel, consider building a recessed bay in the wall to nestle the TV and keep it away from the heat. When mounting a TV above a fireplace, it is also a good idea to select a mount that features tilt. You won’t have to worry about straining your neck if you have the ability to angle your TV. There is a lot of information about this subject, so search the web if you have additional questions or concerns.

Grill Friends Silicone Brush

Silicone brushes are the best thing to happen to barbecue since the charcoal briquet. I long ago relegated my natural and nylon bristle brushes to cleaning computer keyboards. Silicone brushes load up with lots of sauce, deliver it evenly, and are easy to clean and decontaminate. They are dishwasher safe. We have three: One for barbecue, one my wife uses for egg washes and other baking, and one for whatever. There are many brands on the market.

There are pros and cons to using a cover.

Pros. They keep rain, snow, wasps, birds, and other vermin out. If you have a shinyt stainless steel rig, it will keep it shinier. An expensive grill under cover will attract fewer thieves.

Cons. They are a bit of a pain because you have to wait til the grill cools and they gather rain when left off. But they can also trap moisture and humidity underneath and actually encourage rust and mold growth. For these reasons I cover only my grills and smokers that can collect water on the inside like my Weber Smokey Mountain, my Hasty Bake, and my pellet smoker (if the pellets ever melt and then dry out, getting your smoker up and running is an all day sucker).

Cheapo covers last only a year or two. A good cover will last five years or more. All the plastic or vinyl ones I’ve tried cracked and fell apart in two to three years. The canvas covers rotted in a few years. The best were canvas laminated or impregnated with polyurethane or PVC.

Weber’s Grill Pan Sears and Allows Smoke Through

Another favorite grill topper is the Weber Style Grill Pan, and I was pleased to see the folks at Cooks Illustrated agree. It has plenty of slots for smoke to travel through, and plenty of surface to brown things like salmon cakes.

Lodge Logic Pro Cast Iron Griddle Can Put a Gorgeous Sear on Salmon, Steak, or Use It For Pancakes And Eggs

You need a good cast iron griddle. Especially if you like fish, burgers, grilled sandwiches, home fries, or pancakes. Coat the flat side with oil, and you can sear fish so it is golden and crispy on the outside just like that great pan-seared fish you get in restaurants. Throw some dried herbs onto the flame, and you’ll get a whisp of smoke in the meat.

You can even bring it indoors and it will straddle two burners. Use the flat side for pancakes. Flip it over and you get grill marks and conduction cooking from the ridges on steaks, burgers, or asparagus, and the fats and juices drip into the grooves where they vaporize and flavor the meat and cook by radiation.

This is a very handy tool. One word of caution. You may need two. If you use it for fish a lot, the flavor will remain on the surface, even after cleaning, so you won’t be able to use it for pancakes.

I have two of them by Lodge, known for quality cast iron, and I use the ridged sides of both, one on top and one on the bottom, for making paninis. And my spatchcocked (butterflied) Cornish game hens pressed between the flat sides are unbelievably crisp and juicy in only 20 minutes. It is 20″ x 7/16″.

Lodge Cast Iron Panini Press Makes World Class Paninis And Grilled Cheese

These flat weights are great for making grilled cheese sandwiches and other paninis, and even bacon. When I make sandwiches I preheat the press on high on the side burner, and then put the sandwich on the grill grates and the hot press on top so I can cook both sides at once. You can use them for keeping bacon from curling up on the grill with these, too. The Lodge model is preseasoned. Although the handle is supposed to provide heat protection, wear a glove.

Thermoworks Timestick Is The Best Cook’s Stopwatch And Alarm

I keep a cooking diary. In it I write down vital info about every cook so I can learn what works and what doesn’t. OK. So I’m anal. But being anal got me this gig. The two most important variables to track in any cook are time and temp. So I used to wear a stopwatch around my neck when I cooked. Click when I fire up. Click when it is up to temp. Click when the meat goes on. Click when I add more wood or charcoal. Click when I turn. Click when I sauce. Click when I take it off. But have you seen the new digital stopwatches? They are a real pain with faaaar too many features and bells and whistles. My last one sat in my desk between cooks and beeped every hour and the only way I could make it shut up was with a hammer. True story. Now I use the very sinple user friendly Timestick.

It can count down or up and when a count down alarm sounds, the count up timer starts so you can see how much time has elapsed since your alarm. It’s range is 9hours 9minutes and 9seconds, there is a keypad lock so you don’t accidentally screw things up, there’s a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, it comes in nine colors, it’s splash proof, and it has a magnet on back so I can stick it to my grill, fridge, or oven. Operates between 3and 104°F. Best of all, you won’t need to read the manual. Love it.

Knob Where You Need It Makes Grilling Safer And Easier

You’re supposed to turn off the propane tank between cooks to prevent expensive leaks and more expensive explosions. But many grills don’t have easy access to the tanks, and it sure is easy to forget. Knob Where You Need It makes it easy to turn off the gas and easy ti remember. There are no instructions in the box so you need to go to their website. I suggest printing them. Installation is easy for most people (I made a dumb mistake). Please note: You need to drill a 1/2″ hole in your grill. Watch the video below to see the installation process. –

Chimney Cap

Most kamado smokers have an airflow control/chimney at the top that is very good at controlling the oven temp. They have one innate flaw: When it rains, water gets into the cooking chamber! If you have a Big Green Egg, Primo, or Kamado Joe, or any other leaky kamado, here’s the solution. Made from aluminum, it is simple and effective.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

The best way to store food more than a week is in the freezer. Foods lose few nutirents and little quality when frozen. But if they are kept for longer than a few weeks, meats can oxidize, fats can get rancid, and the surface can harden from freezer burn. Especially pork and seafood. Oxygen is the enemy. So I pack food for storage is with a vacuum sealer like the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. You put the food in a plastic bag, insert it into the machine and it sucks out the air and seals the bag. Make sure you mark the date on the bag. It is a great way to store cooked foods too. Put your pulled pork in the bag, add a little sauce and seal. When it is time to serve, place the bag into a pot of simmering water. It reheats rapidly and tastes almost as good as when it came out of the smoker.

Grill Grabber

Use a Grill Grabber to lift your hot and dirty grill grates, even if there’s the food still on them. I use mine when I need to add coals, wood, water to water pans, or to rescue food that has dropped through the grates. This may seem like a frivolity, but it is a thoroughly useful tool.

OXO Good Grips Tongs

Dishwasher safe stainless steel with OXO’s popular nonslip rubber handles, they are the winner of the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. They are spring loaded and the ends are scalloped for better gripping. There is a loop for hanging and a mechanism that locks them in closed position for storing (which has failed after several years on all three pairs that I have). Regardless, they are still my faves. I just store them with a cardboard toilet paper core over the ends.

The 18″ tongs don’t have the locking mechanism, but they are necessary if you have a deep pit. But be warned, the longer the tongs, the less leverage you have and the harder it is to get a grip. I also recommend their nylon tipped tongs for use on non-stick cookware.

LamsonSharp Fish Tongs

A jumbo hybrid of tongs and spatulas, this is the proper tool for flipping fish, burgers, and other crumbly foods. Rosewood handle protects you against the heat, and there is a leather loop for hanging. They come with a lifetime warranty. I find them to be indispensable.

Stiff Metal Spatula

Spatulae come in slotted and solid, and I recommend the solid with a good insulated sturdy handle. The solid is best for pressing things down on a griddle, like when you are making Diner Burgers on a griddle or in a frying pan. I like the Weber Style 644Professional-Grade Fish Turner.

I took mine down to the basement and ground the edge very sharp with a grinder. Now it slips easily under food that is stuck to the grates.

Double Pie Iron

Here’s how to make two perfectly toasted panini style grilled sandwiches at once. Use this old fashioned double pie iron, originally designed for filled pies, for everything from Grilled Cheese to Pulled Pork.

Just butter your sandwich on the outside, open up the hinged mold, insert the sandwiches and put it over the coals, campfire, or gas grill. This Old Mountain cast iron double square pie iron is 1/2″ x 1/4″ and is pre-seasoned and ready to use. The long handle allows you to grill in comfort away from a camp fire. – Meathead

My wife hasn’t noticed the burn hole yet. It’s pretty substantial. For the life of me I don’t understand why the deck didn’t go up in flames and take the house with it. Must be some sort of flame retardant in the wood. But a hunk of charcoal somehow jumped from my grill and tried to escape before I caught it. But not before it burned a serious hole. come in a variety of sizes, shapes and logos. I got mine with a Florida Gator logo, my alma mater.

Bayou Classic 8.Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Forget the fancy high end pricey Le Cruset French Oven, this is the one you want for cowboy cooking and camping, and it comes in handy around the house. It’s perfect for whole chickens or slow braising in the oven or in the grill.

You can even sit it on top of coals and shovel more coals on top of the flat lid with a raised rim, and you can cook classic chili, baked beans, cornbread, casseroles, and even cobblers. It is 13″ wide x 7″ high, weighs 2pounds and includes a perforated aluminum basket for steaming, frying, or boiling.

Kitchen shears

You want good stiff scissors for cutting a chicken apart, for snipping herbs, cutting pizza, butcher string, opening packages, and many other tasks. Get sturdy stainless blades so you can cut through the ribs of chickens. The best models come apart at the hinge so they can go in the dishwasher and you can get them really clean.

Garlic press

When a recipe calls for garlic to be crushed, minced, or pressed, I use a garlic press. A good garlic press releases more oils and flavors than mincing with a knife and pressed garlic coats the food more evenly than mincing.

A good garlic press is an important kitchen tool. Get one that is sturdily built, that is easy to grip, that is easy to clean, and has a large hopper to hold big cloves. Avoid non-stick models. I have a well-used Trudeau Garlic Press

Digital kitchen scale

I don’t know how I lived without a good, accurate digital kitchen scale for so many years. It is so important. Look at salt for example, cup of table salt has almost twice as much salinity as a cup of Morton’s kosher salt because Morton’s kosher salt has more air space between the grains. But a pound of all salts contain exactly the same amount of sodium chloride.

Without a scale, making a brine requires a calculator. Flour and sugar have the same problem. Packed brown sugar or loose brown sugar. Big diff. Ever try to measure a tablespoon of honey? Did you get it all into the bowl or leave a lot of it on the spoon. There are plenty of conversion tables out there that help you convert. My favorite is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Food Scale with Pull-Out Display.

It can weight accurately up to 1pounds as well as fractions of an ounce. Push a button and it converts to metric. Put the bowl on the scale and push a button and it zeros out so the bowl’s weight is not included. The top comes off for easy cleaning. It will significantly improve your cooking.

Now here’s one of those slap your forehead and mumble “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover

I first heard about this from a competition cook. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. A spot remover that will remove the grease stains on almost all my shirts is something I considered to be as elusive as unicorns and perpetual motion machines. So I bought a ounce bottle and tried it on one of my t-shirts.

The instructions say that all you need is just a drop. Sure. I used three drops. My shirt came out so clean I could not find where the stain had been originally. So I tried it on a dress shirt, but fearful it would ruin it, I used only one drop. Again, the grease was gone! So I hauled out all my saucy and greasy shirt, 1in all, put Grandma to work, tossed them all into one tub, and before long, I had a new wardrobe. Utterly amazing stuff. And just for the record, I have been doing my own laundry since I went away to college, even through 40 years of marriage. May be a contributing factor to our longevity.

Even my wife is impressed with Grandma. She has used it on some of her finery including her Mom’s table cloth with ancient spaghetti stains, stains that Oxi-Clean, her go to remover, couldn’t handle.

The label says it is good for “oil, grease, paint, makeup, grass, inks, blood, baby formula, tar, spaghetti sauce, coffee, rust, beadine, tumeric, fabric bleed, and pet stains”. The only caveat on the label is to “check garment for colorfastness.”

Accidental Spills

Any accidental spillage of food or drinks should be mopped up immediately with an absorbent cloth and the affected area cleaned and polished with a soft brush  to reinstate the shine and the protective layer to prevent surface rust appearing.

Last Word of Warning!

Under no circumstances should a damp cloth, water or water based cleaners, or water based polishes, be used to clean cast iron products

By following these simple instructions to clean and protect your cast iron appliance it will retain its distinctive natural beauty and aesthetic appeal and provide you with many years of trouble free service.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

This is the most basic type of TV wall mount, and in many situations, it can be all that you need.

It is also commonly referred to as a flat or low profile TV wall mount. We can see an example of the Mounting Dream MD2361-K Low Profile TV Wall Bracket pictured here.

Mounting Dream MD2361-K Low Profile TV Wall Bracket

This type allows the TV to be placed as close to the wall as possible without sticking out into the room. This can make the most of the thin depth of your TV. Just make sure you allow for enough room to install cables behind the TV.

If the HDMI connections on your TV are on the rear, then you might need to consider buying right-angle HDMI adapters or cables. If the HDMI ports are on the side of the TV, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

To use this type of wall bracket, you will need a good-sized wall area. This will allow the TV to be placed in exactly the right aspect and height for your viewing position.

Some wall brackets of this type allow more options for positioning as they can slide from side-to-side – but not all mounts will do this. Therefore, if you buy a low profile wall mount you will need to be very precise when you fix the mount to the wall. Once it is in position, there is no going back – without a lot of trouble!

Tilting TV Wall Mount

This is like the low profile wall bracket except it allows the screen to tilt up or down while attached to the wall.

The tilting angle is usually around 1degrees each way, but this can vary between models. As you can see from the picture of the Echogear EGLTTilting Low Profile TV Wall Mount, it looks very much like a fixed wall mount. The difference is the ability to tilt the screen up or down

Echogear EGLTTilting Low Profile TV Wall Mount

For example, if you need to install the screen higher than

You can also adjust the viewing angle slightly if you ever need to move your seating position forward or backward a little.

Angling the screen up or down can also allow you to reduce glare from windows and lights. Older-style plasma screens could often be reflective, so this was especially useful in previous years. However, many modern flat screen LED TVs can also be reflective, so this may still prove to be a useful feature.

If you are unsure between a fixed bracket and a tilting wall mount, then maybe a tilting mount would be a wise choice. It will cost a similar amount to a fixed wall mount and will have a very similar low profile design. However, it will have the added advantage of being able to tilt if required.

You can get a more detailed review in our guide to tilting flat panel TV wall mounts.

Fully Articulating TV Wall Mount

These TV wall mounts are the most versatile type that you can buy. They are sometimes called a full motion wall mount, although that term is also used with simple articulating mounts. The

They will allow you to move the screen to almost any position you could possibly want. This allows easy day-to-day alterations to the position of the screen. Like the Mount Factory PRO-XFull Motion Articulating

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

It has an articulating arm which can retract to the wall to save space, but which will pull out to a 20-inch extension. It is rated to support TVs up to 8lbs in weight and is suitable for TVs with a screen size from 2to 42-inches.

Sanus Classic MLT1Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount

It has a tilt of up to 10°, which they claim can be moved easily with just a touch of your finger. This can be useful to reduce glare at different times of the day. Not only that, but this mount also offers lateral movement from side-to-side. So, you can slide the TV for optimal placement even after the back plate has been fixed to the wall.

Once you have your TV in the perfect position, there is a locking mechanism to hold it securely in place. There is also an optional padlock, which is not part of this package, which can be bought to add even better security.

It isn’t a wall mount that you would get for a smaller flat screen TV, but it does support a wide range of larger TVs from 3to 80-inches.

As for the weight, it will be suitable for any TV up to a maximum of 130 lbs,

SANUS OLF1Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Last, but not least in our top 5, comes another wall mount from our friends at Sanus. This time we look at one of their fully articulating wall mounts for larger TVs. And I mean

The OLF1model will support TVs from 3to 80 inches and a maximum of 12lbs (that’s a big TV). They say that the actual weight supported has been tested up to times this number, so you shouldn’t have any worries on

TV Screen Size

Each wall bracket that you see listed will be rated for a particular screen size – or more commonly a range of screen sizes.

Therefore, make sure that you buy the right mount for the size of your TV screen. For example, a wall mount may be rated for any screen from 2inches to 40 inches.


Battery Operated – The battery powered R.F. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace

2-Button ON/OFF remote control – User friendly transmitter provides simple controls of a connected fireplace

65,53Security Codes – Numerous codes allow user to choose the best option to suit their need

Multi-Purpose Receiver – Battery powered receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 1inch wires with connectors. Receiver has 20 foot range and can learn up to additional Skytech remotes. Receiver also allows manual control of fireplace with On/Remote/Off settings


The Skytech 1001-A provides remote control of gas heating fireplaces with a simple click of a button. The remote control transmitter runs on (1) 12V battery that operates a button ON/OFF function which transmits wirelessly to a receiver that operates on (4) AA batteries. The receiver connects to all standard millivolt valves, and can be mounted up to 20 feet away from the fireplace. Enjoy the ambience of a cozy fire without sacrificing the comfort of your seat using this fireplace remote control from Skytech.

Very satisfied customer!!!!

Just wanted to say Thank You!!!! You guys processed & shipped my order in like record time!!! Took like min to switch out the old unit am up & running & your prices were very reasonable too..Thanks again very satisfied customer!!!!





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Fireplace Back Plates by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Fireplace Back Plates wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Fireplace Back Plates



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Fireplace Back Plates is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

Leave a comment!

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