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Top Of The Best Drop In Ranges Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Drop In Ranges of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – GE JM250DFBB 27″ Black Drop-In Electric Coil Range

3.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Self Cleaning Oven
Dual Element Bake Alternates The Upper And Lower Element
4 6″ – 8″, 1500 – 2600 Watt Elements


№2 – GE JM250DFWW 27″ White Drop-In Electric Coil Range

3.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Self Cleaning Oven
Big View Oven Window; Glass Door
4 Elements 6″-8″ / 1,500 To 2,600 Watts


№3 – GE JD630DFWW 31.25″ Drop-In Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, None Drawer, 4.4 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in White

GE JD630DFWW 31.25
GE JD630DFWW 31.25″ Drop-In Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, None Drawer, 4.4 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in White
Reliable! I really like this!


Watch this

Here’s everything you need to know about buying an oven…

First, let’s get a few vocab terms out of the way to make sure we’re on the same page:

You should also answer a few questions before you start to shop for an oven or range:

What type of home cook are you? Do you take your cues from Top Chef challenges, or are you a frozen pizza type of cook? Do you love baking pastries, or do you stick with the stovetop? Be realistic about the features you need and will use in an oven or range to keep yourself from wasting money on upgrades you’ll never use.

What type of appliance does your kitchen accommodate? Do you have a built-in wall oven and separate cooktop, or do you only have space for a range? Stick with a product that will fit into your current setup, unless you’re ready for a big renovation to accompany your new appliance purchase.

What type of power hookup do you have? Check to see if you have a gas line or just an electric outlet.

What’s your budget? Some ranges can cost as much as a year’s salary (I’m serious). With that said, set a budget so that shiny stainless steel finishes and touchpad controls don’t blind you to the reality of what you can afford. Fortunately, our testing has shown us that you can find a good appliances at any price point. Here’s a broad view of what to expect in different price categories:


The heat output from electric cooktops is measured in watts. Output varies from stove to stove and burner to burner, but the output generally falls somewhere between 1,200 watts for low heat on a small burner and 3,800 BTUs for high heat on a large burner, though we’ve seen outliers on both ends of the spectrum. There are different types of electric cooktops from which you can select:

Smoothtop (glass-ceramic cooktop): These cooktops are made of smooth glass-ceramic with heating units under the surface. A built-in sensor lets you know when a burner is still hot. This is important with smooth electric cooking surfaces because the burner doesn’t always turn red if the heat is low. Keep in mind that this type of cooktop is prone to scratches, and not all cookware is safe to use on the surface (the appliance’s manual will let you know what’s safe to use).

Electric coil: These burners convert the electricity that runs into the coil into heat. These cooktops contain thermostat sensors that notify you when a burner is on, but not necessarily whether it is still hot. Electric coil stoves are notorious for uneven cooking because of uneven distribution of the coil. In short, it is hard to keep the coil perfectly level, which can make all of the food in the pan slide to one side. In addition, electric coil stoves are slow to heat and slow to cool. But ranges with this type of cooktop are cheaper than comparable models.

Dual fuel

Some ranges use two types of power: gas for the cooktop, and electric in the oven. These dual fuel ranges are a good compromise for folks who want the direct heat of a gas burner but the even cooking of an electric oven. However, these hybrids cost more than traditional one-power-source ranges.


These ranges don’t have a back panel and are meant to fit in flush with the surrounding countertops. countertops. Slide-in ranges are often more expensive than freestanding models because of the mechanics that go into putting all the controls up front.


Drop-in ranges are similar to slide-in models — they sit flush with the surrounding countertops and all the controls are located at the front of the unit. But this type of range looks like you dropped it between two cabinets because of a strip of cabinetry you place beneath the appliance.

Convection fans

Convection fans are built into the back of oven walls. They circulate the heat in the oven so hot air is more evenly dispersed, which means your food will bake more evenly. You’d want convection fans if you’re baking food like cookies on more than one oven rack at the same time. Midpriced ovens will have at least one convection fan. Some ovens have what’s called “true” or “European” convection, which means there’s a heating element that surrounds the fan that warms the air as the fan blows. Read more about the science of convection here.

Temperature probes

Temperature probes plug into the wall of your oven, and you use them to monitor the internal temperature of meat as it cooks. The temperature displays on the control panel of your oven, so you don’t have to open the door to see if your dish is done.

How we picked

Any range will cook your food, but after talking to several experts and comparing well over 200 different freestanding and slide-in ranges (or stoves), we learned that the best ones stick to a simple set of features because they’re more reliable that way. Here’s how we sorted through them:

Less-important features

In an attempt to make otherwise typical machines appear extraordinary, stove makers tend to shoehorn a lot of frills into their ranges. While you may appreciate some of these extras, don’t let them distract you from what’s really important.

Self-cleaning method. Pyrolitic (high-heat) self-cleaning is probably the most effective style, but it runs the risk of damaging the machine’s electronics, according to Chris Bellio, a technician at Expert Appliance Repair in Maine. A steam-clean option combined with an easy-wipe coating is safer, but requires a lot more work. Neither method is perfect, and we didn’t favor one over the other. Having both options is great!

A griddle, wok grate, temperature probe, or any other extra cooking accessories. These are all pretty cool extras, but most people won’t use them and you can always buy them separately if you do need them. We did not factor these hardware accessories into our picks.

Extra cooking modes like a delayed start, food-specific presets, healthy modes, and the like. Some people might find a few of these useful; other people will never touch any of them. When a stove has more modes, that means it has a more complicated control board and extra wiring. Jeffrey Adkins, a repair technician for Appliance Repair Experts in Las Vegas, specifically told us less is more. “A lot of newer stuff has a ton of electronics in it, and in most cases that’s just more stuff that can break,” he said. “Unless you have a need for all the extra features that newer models have, there’s no sense in buying it.” That said, it can be hard to avoid these modes. We did not go out of our way to avoid models with these kinds of cooking modes, but we didn’t favor them, either.

Wi-Fi connectivity. Do you really need an app for your stove? Probably not. Wi-Fi won’t baste the turkey or turn the cookie sheet. Even if you could think up some edge case where connectivity might come in handy a couple times per year, the extra electronics just increase the likelihood of something breaking. Not worth it.

Flaws not dealbreakers

The WFE745H0F is usually a bit more expensive than other stoves with these specs and features. But we think it’ll be worth the extra money based on stronger user reviews and better expected reliability than its closest competitors.

The other minor downside to the WFE745H0F is that the 3,000-watt power burners are slightly weaker than a handful of competing models, which have 3,200-watt power burners. We don’t think that will make much of a practical difference. Water might boil seconds slower on this Whirlpool, but that’s about all you’ll notice.

The rest of the flaws are common to all electric ranges: The burners take a while to heat up and cool down, and you don’t get the same kind of visual cue as you would with gas.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

As we mentioned, the 5-cubic-foot oven on the FGGF3059T is a little smaller oven than most ranges at this price, which are usually at least 5.cubic feet. We don’t think most people will miss that extra capacity. But if you want a bigger oven for roughly the same price, there are a few pretty good competitors you could check out.

This is really nit-picky, but the oven window on the FGGF3059T is also smaller than usual. You’ll still be able to sneak a peek at your bread rising or your turkey turning golden brown, just not as part of a large audience.

The other flaws are just the standard shortcomings of all other affordable gas ranges: The sealed burners are weaker and more prone to failure than open burners (though much easier to clean), and gas ovens are never as temperature-stable as electric ovens, even with a convection fan blowing.


We cover the mechanics extensively in our guide to portable countertop induction burners. But in a nutshell, induction cooktops run on electricity and use electromagnets to create heat directly in your cookware, rather than on the surface of the cooktop as with gas or radiant electric cooking.

Induction is the best of all worlds. It boils water in about half the time of typical gas or electric power burners, responds to temperature changes almost instantly like gas does, and holds nearly as wide a range of temperatures as radiant electric does. It’s also likely to shave a few dollars off your energy bill. Because only the cooking vessel gets hot, you’re very unlikely to burn yourself while cooking. And like many radiant electric cooktops, induction cooktops all have flat, glass-ceramic surfaces, so they’re easy to clean.

One drawback is that you need magnetic (also called ferromagnetic) cookware. That means no aluminum, glass, or copper. But any pieces made with iron, such as induction-ready stainless steel and cast iron (including enameled cast iron), are good to go.

Because the prices are high, the competition is weak, and the demand for full-on induction ranges is not really there, we didn’t spend much time looking into this category. But the Frigidaire Gallery FGIF3061NF might be a good place to start your search because it’s usually the lowest-cost induction range (it’s a freestanding design), with some better features than its competitors. The Electrolux EI30IF40LS can also fall to a reasonable price while it’s on sale, and it has strong reviews.

Double ovens

Some freestanding or slide-in ranges have two separate oven cavities, stacked on top of each other, so that you can cook separate items at separate temperatures. No surprise, they are also pretty expensive, and they have some practical downsides, like smaller individual oven capacities and limited storage space (there’s no room for a storage drawer). Unless you can get a range that’s wider than 30 inches, we’re not sure this is a great option. The concept works better in wider pro ranges, which have enough space for one main oven cavity and then a smaller oven next to it.

Care and maintenance

New stoves have a bit of a “break in” period, particularly their ovens. Here’s what you should do before you start cooking with it: “Burn in” the oven. Residue from the manufacturing process may create an unfamiliar, often oily smell when you first heat up a new oven. Your manual might have instructions for how to deal with this, but our abridged version is that you want to ventilate your kitchen and run the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for an hour or so, or until the smell disappears. When the oven has cooled, wipe down the interior with soapy water.

Calibrate the oven. Using an oven thermometer, you may find that the interior temperature is different than what the control panel (or knob) says it should be. If the temperature is off by to 3degrees, your oven is probably not defective—it likely just needs to be calibrated. Consult your range’s manual for directions on how to make the right adjustments. Calibrating your oven should take only about 1minutes.

Once your stove is ready to cook, the only regular maintenance you really need to do is to clean it. The cooktop is easy enough to keep clean with regular household cleaning products. But the oven is trickier. You have a few options, all of which have downsides.

Most ranges still have a high-heat (pyrolytic) self-cleaning option for the oven. It’s the traditional way to clean an oven, but it’s also a little risky these days. Ranges have changed over time, and now almost always incorporate electronic components (all of our picks do). High-heat cleaning can raise temperatures north of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to weaken the soldering on the control boards. Several appliance repair experts confirmed this point, with Bellio even saying he “would never auto-clean an oven after the warranty is up.” This is not a guarantee that your range will cook itself to death, and some models may keep their electronics better insulated against the heat than others. Just proceed with caution.

If you’re nervous about high-heat cleaning, you can always clean your oven the old-fashioned way: with harsh oven-cleaning chemicals and some elbow grease.

A growing number of stoves have a steam-cleaning option, and those models also usually have an easy-wipe oven coating. You spray down the crusty stuff with water, sometimes with a mini pressure cleaner provided by the manufacturer, and then let the oven run a steaming cycle. When the cycle is over, you should be able to wipe away the burnt-on debris fairly easily. This method requires more manual labor than a high-heat cleaning mode, and the Internet is awash (pun intended) with complaints that steam cleaning is just not effective—some owners say you’ll need to run the cycle several times to see any improvement at all, and others claim it’s utterly useless. Another trade-off of the easy-wipe coating is that it’s made of porcelain, which cannot hold up to chemical oven cleaners such as Easy-Off. There’s no perfect solution, so all we can say is good luck.

Special editions

The Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Hermès and the Apple Watch Edition all have the same internals and specifications as the Apple Watch Series 3, but have distinct aesthetic appearances. And you can choose between aluminium and stainless steel for the case of the Apple Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch Nike+, which is made from aluminium, is aimed at those who love running and are looking for a sport-orientated smartwatch. We see the Nike+ as an Apple Watch Sport replacement.

The Apple Watch Hermès and the Apple Watch Edition are both aesthetically different to the standard Series 3 watch, too. The Hermès is made with stainless steel, with a unique strap and a Hermès stamp on the back, while the Apple Watch Edition is made with white ceramic, giving it a unique design. Both of these watches start at more than £1,000, and are only available for the cellular model.

Apple Watch Series vs Apple Watch Series 3

If you’re not looking for the latest model, there’s the Apple Watch Series 1, which is a rebadged version of the original Apple Watch that has a new upgraded processor.

The Apple Watch Series 3 features built-in GPS, optional cellular internet, a faster processor, a faster wireless chip, IP6water and dust resistance, a 50 percent brighter screen, and a barometric altimeter – as you can see, there are plenty of improvements compared to the Series 1.

Both the Series and Series 3 come with a dual-core processor. It’s important to note, though, that the Series comes with a S1P dual-core (not to be confused with the single-core S1), while the Series 3 houses an Sdual-core processor, which should deliver substantially faster performance.

Looking at the materials used, the stainless steel version of the Series 3 has the sturdier sapphire glass screen, while the Series is protected with Ion-X glass. It should be noted that the aluminium models of the Series use the same Series glass material.

Price-wise, the Series starts at £249, while the Series starts at £32for the regular model and £39for cellular. Prices increase when you start changing size, straps and materials, though it’s worth noting that the Series is only available in Silver or Space Grey aluminium.

There is only the Sport Band available for Series models, but if you want a different strap you can purchase it separately, but that will of course cost you a few more pennies – all the same straps are compatible regardless of your watch model.

Given the price difference of just £80 between the Series and the base Series 3, it’s hard not to recommend the later model. It’s not only faster, but has several features the older model is lacking, is available in more colours, and will enjoy Apple software support for longer – it’s a better bet unless you really can’t stretch your budget beyond £249.

The straps are

Each of these is available in multiple colour options, which vary according to the model of Apple Watch you’ve selected.

There are some nice third-party straps out there too. We’ve collected our favourite first- and third-party Apple Watch straps in a separate feature on the best Apple Watch straps.

View Apple Watch Series 3 buying options on Apple Store

No Credit Card Required

A cooktop, on the other hand, is not free-standing but instead a surface that secures atop or between other cabinets, taking up far less space.

Another major difference is that ranges will generally have burners that all have the same BTU, while cooktops have burners with variable BTUs, so some will work better for simmering while some emit higher levels of heat for more powerful cooking processes.

Atwood has you covered with various models of both, whether you want your stove without or without an Atwood RV stove.

Electrolux EI30EF45QS

This electric kitchen range has dual expandable elements that can hold several pan sizes thereby allowing you to maximize heat usage. The smooth top is easy to clean using a special formula. What I like most about this model is its large size with a convenient baking space and a warming drawer for keeping your dishes warm before serving.

This affordable electric range can be used for boiling, baking, convection baking, roasting etc. The only downside with this model is that it requires immediate and consistent cleaning so as to avoid grime build up.

Frigidaire FFEF3043LS

This is a well rounded electric range brand that features all the baking functions you may need that boasts of a large bottom storage drawer. Unlike other models, Frigidaire FFEF3043LS has no convection which really helps in bringing the price down. It’s also user friendly thanks to the easy touch controls and the digital display.

Has an oven window that allows you to check on the food without sacrificing heat escape that comes with opening the door.

The only downside is that the cooktop requires regular cleaning and also, the oven preheat beep is not loud enough.


This 5.cu ft. blue interior oven can hold almost anything. Its full width racks has the ability to fit in different positions. This is by far the most oven spacing flexibility I have seen so far. Its cooktop features a warming zone plus radiant elements that heats your pans quickly. Also has a storage drawer just like many of the above models.

The console panel is very user friendly even for noobies. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have hot surface indicator.

Power of the heating element

Electric ranges are available with capacities ranging from 500 watts to 1300 watts with 1000 watts being the most common option. With a higher power rating you get a higher temperature which speeds up cooking time. Don’t buy a range at the lower end of the power scale unless you want it only for heating.

Installation Kit

Bosch Slide-In Induction Range: HIIP054U Benchmark with Reviews

With Bosch, you will enjoy new modern look: Benchmark slide-in ranges; although Bosch is better known for their dishwasher, now you have the occasion to test their other kitchen appliances.

As it belongs to one of the most well-known European appliance companies in the world, Bosch Benchmark HIIP054U 30 inch will change your cooking methods.

With this Bosch 30 inch slide-in induction range, you can forget about the piece of countertop needed to fill in the gap behind the range like on a traditional slide-in model: it is the right moment to meet a sleek, purposeful and efficient induction range that delivers faster cooking performance than traditional gas and electric range cooktops.

If you are going to search for Bosch Benchmark slide-in induction range reviews, you will see that those who have tried this item are very impressed: almost every Bosch slide in induction range review reveals the outstanding way to cook with HIIP054U Benchmark, quick heating of pans, precise cooking, and easy-to-clean cooking surface.

Reviews of Bosch slide-in induction range point the sleek look of the product that is fabulous and the features that are fantastic.

Bosch Benchmark slide-in induction range is the new Bosch slide-in range that fits in any freestanding range cutout: with a power of 3,600 watts that speeds cooking time, you will be able to select from 1specialized cooking modes and to enjoy the temperature conversion for convection cooking and fast preheat that reduces preheat time.

The Bosch slide in induction range heats up ultra quickly, and the oven provides a perfect temperature for your food.

The oven of Bosch 30 slide-in induction range is equally simple: you have to just touch the oven function you want and to enter the desired temperature on the keypad.

Then, you should touch the timer and enter the time on the keypad; the convection fan is quiet and the heat vents up the back of the range while the front of the oven stays near room temperature.

Bosch HIIP054U 30 slide-in induction range guarantees you no more slamming of the oven door with the quiet hinge technology: also, with this Bosch HIIP054U 30 Benchmark induction slide-in range stainless, you will have a warming drawer: this is a great idea for the busy family, where children eat dinner at different times.

With, this Bosch slide-in induction range sold also in Canada, you will discover an amazing speed of cooking, from boiling water in seconds to baking a cake in several minutes.

Kitchenaid Induction Slide-in Range: KSIB900ESS 30 inch Stainless Steel

Let’s talk about slide-in ranges that deliver the consistency you desire using the technology Even-Heat.

These are the new Kitchenaid induction slide-in ranges that you should consider as they are versatile appliances that bring the power and precision of a restaurant chef into any home kitchen.

Here you have an example: KSIB900ESS 30 inch Stainless Steel.

As Kitchenaid induction slide in range reviews indicate, this is a beautiful and easy-to-operate appliance with a four element cooking surface and an extra-large 7.cubic foot capacity convection oven.

The outstanding baking and roasting results are obtained thanks to a powerful Even-Heat True Convention oven that has been designed to promote even heating.

Kitchenaid slide-in induction range has an elegant ceramic black cooking surface that can be cleaned very easy after finishing cooking, while the oven cavity is just as simple to clean with the self-cleaning function.

In order to customize the interior setup of the oven cavity for large roasts and multiple casserole dishes for baking, you have three oven racks and seven rack positions.

Kitchenaid slide-in electric range induction has a convection system with a fan installed in the rear of the oven and also, a hidden bake element necessary for distributing heated air throughout the entire oven cavity.

This means that with Kitchenaid KSIB900ESS 30 slide-in induction range (stainless steel), your food will receive even heating during each and every use.

Despite all these features, with Kitchenaid induction slide in range, you will also enjoy warming drawer, bread proofing, Sabbath mode, delay cook, convenient oven lights, etc. Certainly, there is no better choice in terms of high-performance when you are looking for an electric induction range for your home.

Electrolux slide in induction range: EW30IS65JS 30 inch Stainless Steel

It is certitude the fact that Electrolux slide-in induction ranges are incredibly energy efficient and provide the precision and control to take a delicate simmer to a powerful sear for caramelized meats and vegetables.

Electrolux slide-in induction range EW30IS65JS provides a new extremely easy to use and understand technology: water boils in record time and you have great safety features; this is what Electrolux slide in induction range reviews reveal from the beginning.

There are numerous reviews for Electrolux induction slide in range that emphasize the great and precise control that you have with such an appliance.

So, if every Electrolux 30 slide in induction range review convinces you about the functionality and the design of Electrolux EW30IS65JS 30 slide-in induction range, it is time to find out more about this device.

First of all, you have to meet Electrolux 30 slide-in induction range that is loaded with great features that will have you cooking great meals in no time.

Other Electrolux stainless steel 30 in. slide-in induction range reviews mention the fact that the baking is so great and everyone is going to love the easy sliding racks and dual lighting.

And precise and exact details about the Electrolux slide-in induction range installation are available in the Electrolux slide in induction range manual.

Electrolux stainless steel induction slide in double oven range EW30IS65JS guarantees you a temperature probe that takes the guess work out of any dish cooking it to perfection; also, this feature of Electrolux 30 induction double oven slide-in electric range also alerts you when the food has reached the desired temperature and automatically adjusts to the Keep Warm setting, so you never overcook.

Electrolux stainless steel 30 in. slide-in induction range uses two fans to evenly circulate heat for savory meats and tender vegetables.

Electrolux induction range slide in EW30IS65JS has a control panel that only lights up when you first touch the panel. With this Electrolux 30 inch slide in induction range, the response time is immediate whether you are raising the heat or lowering it.

The controls and functions of Electrolux induction slide in range are nice and the convection functions produce excellent results and great tasting food. In case you are dealing with Electrolux induction slide in range E 15, this means that you have an error between the control board and electronic oven control.

For the Electrolux induction slide in range best price, you should consider other offers of authorized sellers: your Electrolux slide in induction range (also can be found in Canada) gives you faster response to power level changes than gas cooktops, too and so, you will have precise control over the cooking temperature.

And take into account that Sears offers you the possibility to have Electrolux induction slide in range as soon as possible.

Ge Induction Range Slide In: PHS925STSS and PHS 920SFSS 30 inch with Reviews

If you are looking for some of the best slide in induction ranges, you have to choose GE induction slide-in ranges as PHS 920SFSS 30 inch: with such an appliance, you have enough room to cook an entire meal at once.

GE induction range slide in reviews will clarify this from the beginning: just check the other GE PHS925STSS slide-in induction range reviews and GE profile PHS 920SFSS slide-in induction range review for more details.

GE profile PHS 920SFSS slide in induction range

With such a GE 30 slide in induction range, you are going to cook fast, safe and efficient with up to 10,600 watts of output.

The controls of GE profile induction range slide in are glass touch controls, quick and easy to use.

The induction cooktop gives incredible control (better than gas), great searing, and sauteing. The oven does an awesome job and when it comes time to clean the interior, the range takes care of itself with the Self Clean with Steam option.

Ge slide in induction range manual provides you all the information regarding the installation, the startup and all the recommendation of the manufacturer: so, you have to browse the Ge profile induction slide in range manual.

This Ge profile slide in induction electric range works great: it is amazing how quickly things heat up, and how responsive the system is to changes in temperature setting.

Ge slide in electric induction range detects pan sizes and will not turn on if the pan is off the burner or is too small.

Ge double oven induction slide in range is a very stylish appliance and the cost reflects that, but it is still worth the price if you want a great looking appliance that does a great job.

Considering some Ge profile induction slide in range specs that the older Ge PHS925STSS slide-in induction range has not, you should know that PHS 920SFSS comes with the newest GE profile design and shiny black oven with black enamel oven racks.

So, PHS 920SFSS is a new GE profile induction slide in range sold in Canada and anywhere else: it is the new GE slide in induction range with a stylish, transitional appearance with clean lines and an attractive shade of charcoal gray.

The knob-free controls that illuminate to lead through the control setting process are replaced with glass touch controls that can be cleaned with little effort and set temperatures quickly.

With GE PHS925STSS slide in range with induction cooktop, you have dual–element bake as oven features while it is not the case for Ge induction slide in range.

You have to meet this Ge PHS 920SFSS monogram induction slide in range: On the Sears site, you will find out how you can have this GE slide in induction range extremely quickly in your kitchen.

This GE cafe induction slide in range is known for its unbeatable performance, simplifying cooking with the latest technology. So, do not miss the offers of such a Ge profiletm series slide-in induction range as PHS 920SFSS with very fine control of temperature, especially low-temperature heating.

Electric Ranges

Electric ranges refer to ranges where both the oven and the cooktop are electric. These tend to be the most affordable ranges but unfortunately are also the most difficult to keep clean. However, ovens included on electric ranges have a wide variety of options to choose from including convection ovens, a small second oven, or even a warming drawer.

Gas Ranges

Fueled by gas, these cooktops are widely considered to be superior to electric models, offering the benefit of sometimes being usable during a power outage. Many chefs prefer a gas flame for easier and more precise temperature control. Heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs), and will vary from one model to another. Unless you have specialized needs, most quality ranges will be more than adequate for your cooking needs.

More expensive gas ranges often have features such as continues grates, a fifth burner, or a “bridge” burner to create a large heating surface. Gas ranges are available with ovens of varying capacities and including many features such as convection capability and warming drawers.

Dual Fuel Ranges

Dual fuel ranges combine a gas cooktop with an electric oven. This combines what many consider to be the best of both worlds, offering the precise control of a gas cooktop and the accuracy of an electric oven.

Most dual fuel ranges are higher-end models which feature professional styling, better materials used in their manufacture, and convenient features which can include the addition of a warming drawer, convection cooking, bread proofing, delay bake, and much more.


While most ranges have basic features such as a timer and broiler, modern ranges have a seemingly endless list of options to choose from. Don’t buy a range simply because it has the longest list of features. Consider what your typical usage is and start by identifying the features that would be the most beneficial.

Most ranges have features such as delay bake mode and self-cleaning capabilities. If you have children, consider features such as safety locks to keep little hands from accidentally turning on burners or opening a hot oven. Keep an eye out for ranges manufactured with durable materials, rugged racks, grates, along with intuitive features and controls.


New kitchen appliances will not only make cooking for your family and friends a little easier, but will also attract more buyers if you sell your home.

Single men and married couples said new kitchen appliances rated ‘very important’ in their home-buying decision, according to a

201survey from the National Association of Realtors. Almost seven in buyers said they would have paid more for a house with new appliances. And 3percent added or replaced appliances soon after buying.

But the choices can be daunting. Using

Consumer Reports’ 201Buying Guide, here’s a list that narrows down the options by showing the top-scoring and recommended kitchen appliances for each sub-category. Consumer Reports also selected “Best Buys,” which were not necessarily included in the below list unless they overlapped with the highest-rated appliance.

Time trial and triathlon bikes

Both these disciplines are all about out-and-out speed. The bikes themselves usually have a very aerodynamic shape, with elements like aerobars fitted to allow the rider to stay in a streamlined position on the bike.

We tested a wide selection of the best women’s road bikes available on the market

What’s the difference between women’s specific and unisex bikes? 

Helpfully, while most brands will have women’s specific bikes in their product lines, there is no unified definition of what ‘women’s specific’ actually means.

For some brands it will mean a unisex frame with women’s specific finishing kit, which may include narrower handlebars, a women’s specific saddle, and sometimes different crank lengths or wheel sizes. Brands that take this approach include Ridley.

Other brands will design bike models specifically for women, based on body geometry information taken from different sources. These bikes will have a distinct frame geometry from unisex equivalents within the brands’ ranges, and usually a shorter reach and lower standover, in addition to the features mentioned above. Brands that take this approach include Liv, Specialized and, more recently, Canyon.

Have a look at our article on the main approaches to women’s specific design to get more detail on why and how brands opt for these different philosophies.

Some women find that women’s specific bikes really suit them, others find that unisex bikes work fine. Shorter women in particular may find that the features on women’s specific bikes — such as smaller sizes, shorter reach to brake levers, shorter cranks and in some cases even smaller wheels — result in a better fit and riding experiences.

The best advice is to take any bike you’re considering out for a test ride to see what feels best for you.

Women’s road bike features and specs

As mentioned above, some women’s specific bikes will have a unique frame geometry, and others will be based around a unisex frame with different finishing kit designed to suit women.

From unisex to female-friendly: tweaks for a better bike fit


Handlebar size is related to shoulder width, and since women tend to have narrower shoulders than men, women’s specific bikes will usually have correspondingly narrower handlebars. They may also have brake and gear levers set up with a shorter reach, which give better comfort and control for smaller hands.

Most bikes will feature a women’s specific saddle. Often designed with a cutout, these are designed to more comfortably support female anatomy. Read our buyers guide to women’s saddles and women’s road bike saddles for the lowdown.

Disc brakes vs. rim brakes

As part of our testing for Women’s road bike of the year, we had feedback from our test team that hydraulic disc brakes gave them a lot more confidence on descents. This is because they are more powerful but with an easier lever action, which means they give controlled braking on long descents without needing a lot of pressure to control, which is also more comfortable.

Standover and sizes

Women’s specific bike ranges will usually offer smaller size options to suit the on-average smaller height range of women. If the frame geometry is women’s specific, the bikes may also have a lower standover height.


A few brands will offer a smaller wheelsize on the smallest frame sizes in its range. This means that handling and performance of the bike will feel uniform throughout the range. The new Canyon Endurance and Ultimate WMN bikes are good examples of this.

How to get a bargain bike

Looking to score a saving? You can save serious money if you don’t mind having the previous year’s model, though of course there may be limited sizes available.

You can also save money by buying from a direct sell brand such as Canyon, which often have excellent value for money specs. However, the downside is you don’t get a bricks-and-mortar store with staff to talk to in person or the option to test ride. That said, Canyon does hold demo events where you can try a bike if you’re thinking of getting one.  

Double Oven

Firstly decide where in your kitchen you would like your oven to be placed, as double ovens are designed to be either built in or built under they are not transferable. Built in double ovens are positioned into a column at eye level and built under will sit below your worktop.

Compact Ovens

Measuring only 46cm, compact ovens are perfect for kitchens where space is limited or one person cooking. Coming with both oven and grilling functions, these ovens are small in space but big in potential.

Grills provide an added variety to your cooking style and deliver a nice flavour. From cuts of meat, to cheese on toast, the grill will help towards some truly tasty meals!

For the more speedy or hungry of us, a fan-assisted oven speeds up cooking minutes for every hour producing food cooked to the same temperature and high standard – only quicker!

Speed of response and adjustment

When you turn the knob on your gas range the heat transfers to the pot and the food almost immediately. This is very different from what happens with a typical electric range. Most electric ranges have a lot of residual heat and it can take up to a few minutes for the heat to get to the pot and the food.

Visual feedback

Many cooks that use gas ranges love the visual feedback that gas ranges provide. You move the knob, you see the flame changing and you get a sense of how much heat your food will get. This is very different from just staring at a number on an electronic dial of an electric range.

You can use any kind of cookware

Most electric ranges limit the types of cookware you can use because of scratching issues. Induction cooktops require magnetic cookware.

These problems do not exist with gas ranges. You can use everything and anything from iron casts to aluminum pans to copper pans.

Slide-in gas ranges

A slide-in gas range does not have an oven control panel behind the cooktop. Slide-in ranges typically have all the controls on the top surface of the range or on the front panel of the range. They also usually have cooktop extensions that slightly overlap the counters on the sides to create an impression of a built-in appliance. Slide-in ranges are easier to clean because with a slide-in range you won’t have the food dripping down the sides.

Layout and Design

If you are looking to replace an older gas range with a new one, you will be pleasantly surprised. In the last decade or so gas range manufacturers have introduced and implemented a whole spectrum of layout and design innovations.

Most modern gas ranges have a surface that allows you to move pots and pans from one burner to the other with sliding, without having to lift them.

Some gas ranges come with an integrated fifth burner. It is usually located in the middle, between other burners. Using the fifth burner may not be very practical if you are cooking large amounts of food at the same time, but it can be very convenient if you need to cook a lot of small items at once.

Size and fitting your new gas range into your kitchen

Typically, gas ranges vary in size from 30 inches to 4inches or even longer for some commercial-grade models.

Before you buy a range, make sure to measure not only your kitchen but also all the spaces that your new gas range will need to travel through, such as doors, hallways, staircases and elevators.

Find out what kind of gas connection you have in your home. Verify that the unit that you are about to purchase is compatible with the gas connection that you have.

Pre-set modes and programmable options

Some expensive models have LCD screens and options such as fast water heating, advanced convection cooking, precise preheating and more.

A good rule of thumb is to see how often you use similar options on your microwave, slow cooker or grill. If you cook a lot of sophisticated dishes, use water of different temperatures and find yourself using most of the features when it comes to your other devices, chances are that a gas range with a lot of programmable options will be a great choice for you.

If, however, “add 30 seconds” is the only button you use on your microwave and if you simply turn on and off most of your other devices, then you would probably do the same with your gas range. In this case, a range with a variety of settings and controls is just not what you need.

A warming drawer

A warming drawer is a great option that lets you keep the food warm. If you cook multiple-course dishes and like to have them ready at the same time, you can keep some of them in the warming drawer while cooking others on high heat.

Ranges with double ovens do not have warming drawers because of the space issues.

Frigidaire FFGF3047LS

Frigidaire FFGF3047LS is an entry-level freestanding 30-inch gas range. Its colors are stainless steel silver and black. It is a best gas range.

This range has 4.cubic feet oven. It comes with two 9,500 BTU burners, one 12,000 BTU burner and one low simmer burner of 5,000 BTUs. All the burners are sealed for easy cleaning.

Beneath the oven, you will find a large Broil-and-Serve drawer. The drawer is perfect if you need to quickly broil foods or to keep the food warm.

This range has a timed cook option that allows you to turn the oven at a pre-determined time.

The oven has an extra-large window and an interior oven light for increased visibility.

This range is also equipped with an electronic ignitor. Frigidaire FFGF3047LS weighs 13pounds and its dimensions are 30 x 4x 28.inches. The warranty is year for parts and labor.

KitchenAid KFGD500EBL

Now it is time for gas range review for KitchenAid KFGD500EBL. It is a 30-inch gas range with burners. It also has a double convection oven with KitchenAid’s Even-Heat True Convection system. The range has a unique bow-tie design and a convection fan that heats the entire oven space and keeps it at the perfect temperature.

Electrolux EI30GF45QS

Electrolux EI30GF45QS is a 30-inch freestanding gas range with front controls. It has a 4.cubic feet oven with Perfect Taste Convection Technology. The oven is self-cleaning. It eliminated the need to scrub. The cooktop has a deep-well design that makes it easy to remove spilled liquids.

The range has burners, including a left-front burner with 9,500 BTUs or power, a left-rear burner with 14,200 BTUs, an 18,000 BTU right-front burner and a 5,000 BTU right-rear burner. The center oval burner is 10,000 BTUs. The right-front burner is a Min-2-Max burner and it can deliver anywhere between 750 and 18,000 BTUs of heat. It has dual flames that help unlock flavors.

A griddle is included for cooking with the center oval burner.

The range has continuous cast-iron grates that allow pots and pans to easily move between burners.

The oven has racks with positions. It also includes a Luxury-Glide rack.

Variable broil feature lets you choose a temperature between 400F and 500F. Perfect Temperature probe tells you the temperature of the food in the oven without you having to open the oven.

A special Sabbath mode can help implement kosher cooking practices. In our gas range reviews today, we strongly recommend this model.


GE CGS990SETSS is a freestanding 30-inch gas range. Its color is stainless steel. It is also a best rated gas range for home use.

This range has a quickset single-knob oven control and one-touch cooktop controls. It also comes with an electronic ignition system for easy start-up.

GE CGS990SETSS has two ovens. The upper oven has a capacity of 2.cubic feet. The lower oven has a capacity of 4.cubic feet.

Continuous cast-iron grates allow pans and pots to move effortlessly between the burners.

GE CGS990SETSS has burners that deliver between 5,000 BTUs and 20,000 BTUs of heat. Precise simmer burner is perfect for delicate sauces and foods. Center oval burner can accommodate cookware of large and odd sizes. PowerBoil burner delivers up to 17,000 BTUs of heat. The Tri-Ring burner can bring up to 20,000 BTUs of heat to your food.

The lower oven has a convection fan that circulates hot air throughout the oven.

Both ovens have large windows that let you monitor the cooking progress without having to open the door.

Ranges & Ovens

Cook every meal with power and precision. LG ranges and ovens boast innovative technology for restaurant-worthy performances every night of the week. And with their stylish clean lines, they’ll blend seamlessly into your décor. wolverine4126

Connect with a local agent

Ask homeowners how they feel about their smooth surface cooktop, and you’ll hear different answers. We’ve gathered these pros and cons to help you decide for yourself.

You’re determined to buy a new range, but the decisions never seem to end: Gas or electric? Standard or commercial-style? Do you need convection cooking? How about a warming drawer?

One especially important choice you’ll need to make concerns your cooktop: Do you want traditional burners or a smooth surface? This decision affects not only the way your range looks but also how you’ll cook on it and how you’ll clean it.

Smooth, sealed-burner designs are also available on many gas ranges. You may hear sales clerks refer to these models as “gas on glass.” Smooth surface gas cooktops are also available in stainless steel.

Ask homeowners how they feel about their smooth surface cooktop, and you’ll likely hear different answers. That’s why we’ve gathered these pros and cons, so you can decide for yourself.

In January 2012, Thermador took induction cooking a step further with the introduction of its Freedom Induction cooktop. The full-surface induction appliance uses mapping interfacing that recognizes cookware size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries. The cooktop is built with 4individual 3-inch induction heating elements below its surface and can accommodate a pan as large as 21-by-1inches.

AHAM’s official website

AHAM’s official test specification website. Even though a number of different consumer publications reference the chart above and give the source as AHAM, the fact that AHAM is indeed the source cannot be verified because the chart, as it has been reproduced by those same publications, doesn’t actually exist anywhere on any of AHAM’s websites.

Only two of the capacities listed in the chart – 3in the second and third row and 30 in the bottom row – correspond to actual capacities of dehumidifiers you can buy in stores. Reading the top row of the table, there are no 10, 14, 18, 22, or 2pint dehumidifiers readily available for purchase anywhere online or in stores.

The chart has a limited range. It begins at 500 square feet and ends at 2500 square feet. What if the space you need to dehumidify is smaller than 500 square feet? What if it’s larger than 2500 square feet? The chart fails to make recommendations for spaces that fall outside of the given range.

The chart fails to take into account the height of the space you need to dehumidify. Rooms with higher ceilings contain more air than rooms with lower ceilings – something that the chart above doesn’t take into account at all. Much more appropriate would be recommendations based on the volume (measured in cubic feet ), not the area of the space you need to dehumidify.

The chart is likely based on an extrapolation of test data obtained in a highly controlled environment. It’s likely not based on actual experiments in environments corresponding to the actual conditions (moderately damp, very damp, wet, extremely wet) it makes recommendations for.

How can a dehumidifier manufacturer make the claim that their 70 pint dehumidifier can actually remove 70 pints of moisture per day? The manufacturer does so by voluntarily sending it to AHAM for testing. AHAM then measures the dehumidifier’s moisture removal rate in a laboratory that is set to exactly 60% relative humidity (RH) and 80º F.

We think it’s safe to assume that AHAM doesn’t actually conduct any testing in the “wet” or “extremely wet” conditions referenced in their sizing chart. It’s highly unlikely, for example, that they conducted testing in a room with wall or floor sweat (a room that would be classified as “wet” in the chart) or in one in which laundry drying occurs (a room that would be classified as “extremely wet” in the chart). The bottom-line here is that the chart is likely based on data obtained in a space much different than the space that you actually need to dehumidify.

The chart contradicts manufacturer recommendations. See this Friedrich dehumidifier brochure, for example. It recommends that a 70 pint dehumidifier be used for a 1,000 to 2,000 sq. ft. “wet” or “extremely wet” space which contradicts the 20 pint to 3pint recommendation of the size chart above for the same size space under exactly the same conditions.

The chart contradicts our own research and testing. Take for example, the chart’s recommendation that a 4pint dehumidifier be used for a 2,500 sq. ft. “extremely wet” space. Our own experiences with all of the dehumidifiers we’ve tested so far lead us to believe that a 4pint dehumidifier (which doesn’t actually exist, but that’s beside the point here) is not nearly of a large enough capacity to dehumidify such a large space under those conditions.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, we believe that the AHAM dehumidifier sizing chart has a lot of flaws. And, because of them, it is our strong recommendation that you do not use it to determine what size dehumidifier you should buy. So, what do we recommend? Our recommendation is simply the following:

Perfect. Nothing could have been done better

These 1scores are then added up to give the dehumidifier a cumulative score. It is largely this cumulative score that we use to determine the best dehumidifier in each size category.

Dehumidifier Rankings





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Drop-In Ranges by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Drop In Ranges wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Drop-In Ranges



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Chatting about Drop-In Ranges is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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