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Top Of The Best Deep Fryers Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Deep Fryers of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Gourmia GDF475 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Dials Stainless Steel Food Capacity Anti-Grease Fry Filter with Free E-Recipe Book – 110/120V

Gourmia GDF475 Compact Electric Deep Fryer 3 Baskets Dual Thermostat & Timer Dials Stainless Steel Food Capacity Anti-Grease Fry Filter with Free E-Recipe Book - 110/120V
MULTIFRY SINGLE/DOUBLE BASKET DESIGN – Powerful 1700 watts and a huge 1 gallon/4.2 Liter frying capacity with a large basket or Multi Fry dual basket system ideal for preparing two dishes simultaneously. Adjustable thermostat to select the perfect cooking temperature for all of your cooking needs.


№2 – Safeplus Professional 5.5L Electric Deep Fryer, Stainless Steel Chicken Chips Fryer with Basket Scoop for Commercial Restaurant Countertop Family Food Cooking, Single Tank

Safeplus Professional 5.5L Electric Deep Fryer, Stainless Steel Chicken Chips Fryer with Basket Scoop for Commercial Restaurant Countertop Family Food Cooking, Single Tank
Heavy duty stainless steel construction for the electric fryer
Electrical safety isolation switch: abs control dial, plastic handles for preventing scald
Capacity: 5.5L, temperature range: 60°C -200°C/ 140°F to 392°F


№3 – T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter Fry Basket Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer, 2.6-Pound, Silver

T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter Fry Basket Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer, 2.6-Pound, Silver
Powerful 1700-watt deep fryer with 3.5-liter oil capacity and 2.65-pound food capacity to offer friends and family all their favorite fried food; dishwasher safe parts and stay-cool handles
Deep frying at the right temperature with adjustable thermostat for perfect frying results


The temperature control runs from 0 to 400-degrees F.

It comes with each 2-sided deep fryer, stainless-steel baskets, stainless-steel lid covers, frying scoop, cleaning cloth, and a User’s Manual. Warranty information is not available. It is made in China.

YesComUSA Commercial Deep Fryer Dual Tanks, 1Liters(12.Quarts)

Stainless-steel uses no coatings for home deep fryers.

Do not plug in the cord until you’ve put the oil into the unit.

Food particles left in the oil and reheated several times will cause the oil to deteriorate more quickly. The length of time oil can be used can be extended by filtering it through an oil filter paper, stronger versions of kitchen towels, or cheese cloth.

Make sure the oil has completely cooled for several hours before straining and pouring it out.

The best oil for frying is peanut oil. However, you can use canola, corn, or vegetable oil. Olive oil for frying is not recommended.

Frymaster Deep Fryers

The great selling point of these appliances is that the can significantly increase profit margins by reducing labor costs and by having heaps of energy saving features.

Electric deep fryer design has been pushed to the limit by Frymaster; the solid state design reduces movable part that makes cleaning and maintenance easier and increases the machines lifespan.

There are numerous Frymaster deep fryers out in the market today each offering different sets of features. These include:

There is a model of Frymaster fryer that features a multiple-orifice burner that requires no burner cleaning or air shutter adjustment. Other features:

Presto Deep Fryers

Presto deep fryers, manufactured by National Presto Industries, Inc, the giants of house wares and portable electric domestic appliances. The brand has successfully established itself among households through its constant efforts in developing excellent models of electric deep fryers time after time.

It makes many models but the following are among some of the popular among consumers.

The Presto Cool Daddy deep fryer, a cool touch electric deep fryer has many convenient features such as:

Rival Deep Fryers

Electronic deep fryers are becoming more and more popular as people re-discover home-cooked fried foods. One of the best selling brands at the moment is the Rival Deep Fryer. The company produces appliances packed full of innovative features that make deep frying food, effortless, safe and fun.

One other point worth mentioning is just how robust the appliances are; Rival deep fryers give years of service, producing perfect results time after time. (4./ 5)

T-Fal Deep Fryers

T-Fal deep fryers are often associated with quality and are well-loved and used by households all over the word. The company has a long history and makes numerous models of electric deep fryers that are available in different sizes. Among these are the T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Pro-Fryer, T-Fal Avante Deep Fryer and T-Fal Filtra Pro Fryer each with its own distinctive characteristics and unique features.

Charcoal Air Filter

This is a very important specification as it is present to filter frying odors. Foods like French Fries and chicken will leave your kitchen with a disturbing odor, and this feature will help avert this as the odor will be kept at bay. Others will not have this feature, and a regular filter can do the job just fine.

Removable Frying Pot

This is the area where the food is placed. The best deep frying kitchen appliance should have this vital feature, as without it no frying can be made possible. The frying pot should be easy to remove and put back in place. This is to cater and provide quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Electronic Temperature Controls and Display

High end models come with accurate thermostats that have the capability of regulating the temperature within to degrees, thus provide you with accurate temperature readings unlike the low end ones. The temperature control should be electronic, as this will save a lot of energy and they are computerized. These controllers have the capability of sensing the temperature level of the oil, and thereby regulating the temperature automatically without the need of having to control it yourself. The type of temperature display is equally important, digital and dial systems are available for you to choose from, but of course the digital display system is the easiest to work with.

Digital Timer

Your safety and security is of utmost importance, and as such any kitchen appliance, especially the electricity-powered ones should come with high quality safety mechanisms. The best deep fryer should have a Digital Timer, whose function is to stop frying once the preset time has elapsed. This will maintain and enhance your safety, and you can leave it frying and partake in another activity while your food deep fries.

Useful Additional Components

The best kitchen appliance in this category should come with some additional components. They include a slotted scoop, a storage lid and a magnetic safety cord among others. They should be easy to use and even easier to learn their usage so as to assist the users make maximum use of these additional features.

In addition to all these, it is important to know that deep frying is a cooking art on its own, hence the materials used like the oil used to cook the different types of food can determine the outcome meal. It is not only the features that determine the quality of food prepared, but the oils used play a major role too.

After getting to know the desirable features of these appliances, one question comes to mind:

Environment-Friendly and Saves You Money

As compared to other cooking alternatives like pot cooking, they are very cheap and will help you save some money even after purchasing them. In addition, you can reuse the oil used in cooking and use it at a later time, thus no need to buy oil every time you plan to deep fry some food. There is no wastage with these kitchen appliances, which provide you a high quality service at the lowest costs.

Many Size Ranges

The overall size of the fryer will determine the serving sizes. Fryers are available in very many sizes, which determine the number of people who can be served by it. Larger ones can be used for commercial purposes, while the smaller sizes can be used for domestic purposes, like homes for smaller cooking jobs.

A good deep fryer is an indispensable appliance to have around you, be it at home or in your restaurant. Even for the healthy-conscious, it is the best equipment to provide the highest delicious low-fat delicacies. It is thus key to understand all about them before placing your order or purchasing one, because it is only after this will you be able to pick out the

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

In spite of its compact design, the Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer is a great value unit. Due to its precision frying control, you can expect that the frying temperature is maintained thus obtain the best results.

T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration 3.5-Liter Deep Fryer Review

As it is manufactured by one of the leading companies, it is guaranteed that T-fal FR8000 is one of the best deep fryer in the market.

It features precise thermostat control that allows the user to select the temperature. It also has a built-in automatic system that filters the oil.

Just like other brands and models of deep fryer, this one is dishwasher safe that enables easy cleanup process. It is made of stainless steel and weighs 12.pounds and measuring 13.x 18.x 14.in. This fryer is perfect for frying food at home ensuring restaurant-quality of fried food.

With its advanced heating system, you can expect that the fried food has crunchy outer texture, yet healthier. Its cozy size makes T-fal FR8000 a perfect kitchen buddy for the family.

The ability of this fryer to filter the oil is what makes it stand out among other fryers. The control knob includes filtering, frying and oil removal functions.

The T-fal FR8000 is a great unit in terms of its features and performance. One of the customers said that the heating temperature of this fryer can ideally cook even frozen foods. Another customer gave positive review and said that it is the best fryer for people who hate oil splatter. If you love home fry cooking, you can invest buying this unit and see for yourself how it performs.

How to Choose a Deep Fryer

Having a deep fryer is an advantage to anyone who loves fried foods such French Fries, vegetable tempura, fried chicken and the likes. It spares you from the hassles of frying the traditional way and anytime you crave for fried foods you can cook it at home. This will also save you money dining in restaurants for your favorite fried chicken.

To guide you in making the right choice and decision in buying a deep fryer, we will give you some pointers to consider.


The performance of the fryer plays significant role in making a choice and how the thermostat works is a big factor. It is a must to choose a deep fryer with adjustable thermostat so that you can control the temperature. Also, consider the capacity for food and oil that the fryer can hold to know how long is the entire process.


Before deciding to buy a deep fryer, you must shop around and do research for each of your target product. The price varies depending on the features and size of the fryer. If you want larger fryers, then you should prepare for bigger amount of money.

Other Important Features Of A Deep Fryer

Our Five Best Deep Fryer For Home Use Picks 1. Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer With Timer Free Extra Odor Filter, 4.2L/17-Cup

2. Hamilton Beach 350312-Cup Oil Capacity Deep Fryer, 10.x 8.x 16.inches, Silver

3. Presto 0544CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer – White

4. VonShef Litre Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer With Viewing Window

5. Gourmia GDF500 Compact Electric Deep Fryer, Baskets With Digital Timer & Thermostat, Stainless Steel, 4.quart/1Cups Of Oil/lbs Of Food, 1700W, Silver E-Recipe Book Included


So here’s the deal. You won’t be able to achieve the crispiness that you’d like to achieve unless the oil you are cooking it in is extremely hot and of course, want a deep fryer that can give you that.

But more than just the initial high heat, you want your deep fryer to be capable of maintaining that level of heat.

Once you add raw or cold foods into the hot oil, the temperature of the oil will naturally drop to allow for the different temperature of the goods you added. You want a deep fryer that can quickly increase the power back to the high temperature.

For the novices out there, high temperatures are the best for frying especially if you want fried chicken, doughnuts, and French fries.

Machine Maintenance

Another important consideration is the maintenance of the deep fryer. The ones that don’t fling oil are easy to clean and doesn’t really take a lot of time.

For cleaning purposes, the ones with removable heating coils are definitely much more preferable; otherwise, you’ll have to keep working around it and it’s not going to be fun.

A free basket or two for the food wouldn’t go amiss, especially since you won’t have to go through the trouble of looking for one. Deep fryers with a viewing window are also a great feature to have, that way you can see your food as it cooks.

Cool To The Touch Exterior

You may forget that what you are working with is very hot and accidentally touch the sides of the deep fryer as you cook. The good thing is, there are deep fryers that feature a cool to the touch sides and exterior which will eliminate this risk for you.

Aside from accidentally touching it, I think it is a great feature to have since being able to touch the sides will help you balance the deep fryer especially when cooking something big, which are hard to flip inside and are also hard to take out. I’d rather be able to touch the sides for balance rather than have the fryer spilling over.

Cover Lids

Cover lids are also a great plus so that grease doesn’t splatter all over your kitchen, not to mention yourself. Cover lids with tiny holes to allow steam to escape are even better.

Also look for a deep fryer with a magnetic breakaway cord. This feature will enable you to remove the deep fryer quickly from the power source in case of a grease fire.

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1. Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer With Timer Free Extra Odor Filter, 4.2L/17-Cup

Secura Deep Fryer comes with three baskets, and a 4.2L capacity which makes it perfect for both your family or for having friends over for dinner.

2. Hamilton Beach 350312-Cup Oil Capacity Deep Fryer, 10.x 8.x 16.inches, Silver

This is a large fryer which can suit your cooking needs, whether it is for a small family gathering or for having friends, you can fit even a whole chicken in this. My favorite feature is the breakaway cord, which makes me feel safer as I cook.

This deep fryer features a cool to the touch exterior and handle which makes it much safer to use especially when you have a tendency to forget how hot you’re pots are.

4. VonShef Litre Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer With Viewing Window

This VonShef deep fryer is a liter smaller than the other ones we have reviewed, which makes it ideal for people who are either cooking only for themselves or for a small family. It has non-stick oil pan makes it really easy to clean.

5. Gourmia GDF500 Compact Electric Deep Fryer, Baskets With Digital Timer & Thermostat, Stainless Steel, 4.quart/1Cups Of Oil/lbs Of Food, 1700W, Silver E-Recipe Book Included

Aside from having most of the features we are looking for, this Gourmia deep fryer has the advantage of having a flavor preservation technology.

Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Bundle

Masterbuilt 2301101Butterball Indoor III Electric Fryer Cooker

Consumer Search’s Masterbuilt 2301101Butterball Indoor III electric fryer cooker is credited for its safe-to-use indoor feature. This deep fryer can cook up to a maximum weight of 1pounds turkey or other dishes using a small amount of just one-third oil and makes it more delicious than ever as compared to a traditional fryer. Likewise, it is easy to use and clean up and drains after using. It is built from a very durable stainless steel for long time use because it is sturdy and together with this is a 90-day warranty period for customers/buyers of this Masterbuilt deep fryer.


Bayou Classic Complete Deluxe Turkey Fryer Kit Aluminum Pot

This Bayou Classic Complete Deluxe Turkey Fryer Kit with Aluminum Pot is a complete combo kit containing the following: a 30 Qt. Aluminum turkey frying kit, an SS30 cooker with BGburner, a perforated steam boil basket, a 12” frying thermometer and a 14” diameter cooking surface. These are all made from stainless steel construction which you can sterilize with abandon, improving yields and profiles. The legs are attached to a single bolt, making it easy to assemble and use.

Hamilton Beach 3502Deep Fryer

This Hamilton Beach 3502Deep Fryer with Cool Touch has a wider size for greater versatility. It can hold cup oil capacity dimension and lets you fry with the lid closed to avoid or lessen splattering and will allow you to lift the basket to drain foods even when the lid is closed. This product is ideal for cooking up to cups of French fries or chicken tenders and cooks faster than any deep fryer competitors in the market. Furthermore, it has safety features which include cool-touch sides to be safe for children and anybody won’t burn hands if touched accidentally and it is packed with a magnetic power cord. It also has an easy to clean features and include dishwasher safe winning pot.

T-fal FZ700ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy Multi-Cooker

If you want to cook your lightweight favorite foods this T-Fal FZ700Actifry Low-fat Healthy dishwasher safe multi-cooker is the best for you for it perfectly fries up to 2.pounds with only a tablespoon of oil. Its on/off switch is easy to operate along with its digital countdown timer with a buzzer for easy monitoring of the fryer’s activity. This product has a removable ceramic-coated non-stick pan made for easy cleaning. Also, its lid is tightly secured for safe and splatter-free cooking; odorless cooking and stay-cool exterior. Inside the package is a free color recipe book with 3recipes available plus a measuring spoon and the easy to clean up parts.

Presto 0544CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer is perfect for chicken, shrimp, French fries, and more dishes for deep frying. This one has an adjustable thermostat permitting easy selection of your desired frying temperature. It is also equipped with a handy indicator light signals for telling when the oil is now ready for frying. Moreover, its locking cover prevents spattering and reduces odors. Through its extra-large viewing window, you can see and monitor the status of your frying without needing to open the lid. The frying pot of this product is removable for easy cleaning purposes.

National Presto 0546Stainless Steel Pro Fry

If your need to select a variety of temperatures and adjustable thermostat in cooking, this National Presto 0546stainless steel pro fry will definitely meet your demands. Also, this oblong-shaped deep fryer basket is ideal for frying large pieces of chicken or fish. It is powered by 1800 watt immersion element providing a quick heating and fast oil recovery. It has a signal light for indicating when the oil is now ready and good for frying. More so, the cover with filter serves as a splatter shield when you need to lower the foods into the hot oil. It is easy to clean and sterilize because of the removable heating element and enabled pot.

Secura 4.2L Stainless-Steel Triple-Basket Deep Fryer

If you are fond of frying fries and fish at the same time, this Secura  1700-watt stainless steel triple basket electric deep fryer will surely suit you. It’s a stainless steel deep fryer which comes with 3-baskets; one jumbo and side by side basket for smaller batches that can be fried using different cook times for it have individual controls for temperature. It is powered by a 1700 watt immersion element for preheating and recovering oil temperature in the fastest way. Its 4.2l oil tank is removable for easy clean up. Heat controls and timer are automatic and adjustable.

Makes Inordinate Appetizers as well as Desserts

Deep fryer offers lots of foods that are most appealing. If you go to a restaurant for meal or snacks, you will understand my ideas. Appetizers are always craving for tasty food in a restaurant.

They always crave for the deep fried foods. In your home, you can cook varieties of foods with the deep fryer. You do not get these opportunities by other cooking methods.

T-fal FR404Pro 3-Liter  Deep Fryer

The T-fal FR404900Family Pro Deep Fryer will help you to cook your favorite food for the whole family. It has the 1600-watt capacity to cook crispy fried food by the selected oil temperature.

The T-fal has a great capacity to cook food. It can use 3L of oil and 2.6pounds of food for everyone.

You can select your desired temperature by the thermostat. You can cook crispy chicken wing to tasty French fries with the fryer.

The fryer has a countdown timer from one to sixty minutes. The T-fal FR404900Family Pro Deep Fryer is very simple to clean, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach 3503Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is designed well to cook different foods for great versatility.

It will be fit for your kitchen. You can cook mouth-watering food or crispy food with the simple attempt.

Foods need to be lower into the hot oil and lift out at the time of closing the lid for splatter-free frying.

There is adjustable temperature and heat setting with the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers.

The appliance is very simple to clean, and most of the models are dishwasher safe having nonstick pot.

There is a cord breakaway system to store cord safely. There is a view window through which you can see the cooking process.

Then you can avoid splatter with the lids. The breakaway cord of the fryer saves the fryer from tipping over when the cable is snagged. >>Check Price Now<<

Cuisinart CDF-100 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer

The Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer takes very little time to reach the highest temperature.

It has the temperature power like the deep fryer, we have tested it. It has no capacity to cook for a large number of people.

But it can cook for well for few months. It can cook food about three to four pounds. So you should not overload the fryer with many foods.

You do not feel any problem to cook delicious fried chicken, French Fries, and doughnuts. We fill the fryer with much oil and the temperature reach 37degrees quickly.

There is an indicator light to confirm the right temperature of the product. We doubted about the temperature and tested it. We found that the highest temperature is 370-degree F. only to test temperature we conducted the tests.

Very good basket to keep your cooked food. You can use slotted spoon to remove foods.

There is a place to the side to keep the power cord. So the fryers have more room that it actually should have. >>Check Price Now<<

Presto 05420 Fry Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

The Presto Fry Daddy Deep Fryer is a good fryer for the people who are very much commercial.

It has 4.ratio which allows you to cook cups of foods by spending four cups of oil. If you like to save oil, you should not think about the fryers.

You should not buy a big fryer as it requires a lot of oil. Therefore, you need to buy a small fryer to cook small batches.

You may simply cook egg rolls, curly fries, fried pickles, and drumsticks. You can deep fry what you like. The size of the fryer is very small. As a result, you should not need a great place to keep the fryer.

You will get two years limited warranty of the product. If you see something wrong, you will get the service or new fryer.

Features of Presto 05420 Fry Daddy Electric Deep Fryer

Saves money on oil; competent 4:food to oil ration makes big servings along with just cups of oil.

Has preset thermostat to confirm perfect frying each time; out and inside non-stick surface to clean easily.

Drains, handy scoop lifts and serves; compact dimension for normal storage, no confused basket.

Fryer is made with the standard of North American Electrical grade

Saves money from buying oil: 4:oil to food ratio makes big servings with cups of oil.

Possible to cook shrimp, crispy French fries, onion rings, chicken and more

The cool shot handle will allow you to carry the fryer anywhere in your kitchen.

A bowl is removable, you can easily clean the appliance.

The viewing window permits you to see what is going on inside the fryer. You should not worry about oil splatter.

The charcoal feature saves from oil odor. Your kitchen will no longer seem a fast food restaurant.

It can only cook cups of food at the same time. The amount is not a big one for a big family or huge gathering. >>Check Price Now<<

Step Take food from the oil very carefully.

If your fryer has a basket, remove it slowly. You can use a slotted spoon to fish out food carefully. Make sure the excess oil has been removed from the food to the drain. After finishing frying, remove it carefully out of oil.

Step Keep the food for sometimes and make it dry.

Place it in the basket, keep food on the drying rack, and make it dry with a towel. You need to make the fleshy food dry before cooking.

If you do not make the appliance dry, you will perhaps eat more oil. Outside of the foods, there are some extra oil. if you remove more oil from the food, you must remove an unhealthy element from food.

Cleaning fryers  is a very tough task. If someone finds it is easier than he is a lucky one.

Moreover, it is a great advantage. You should clean your fryer every after use to avoid problems of residues or others.

Select fryers which have some easily removable parts. These parts are very simple to clean.

If the fryers have dishwasher safe parts, you can do your job simply and quickly.

You can choose a fryer which has drainage system or built-in filtration system. This will help you to strain out a few bits of nourishment or coatings. There are some filters which cannot remove, replace or wash. One should take the decision to buy the fryer according to his or her condition.

To avoid any kind injury or fire, you need to choose the best fryer for having safety fryer. Sometimes deep fryer creates oil to burst into flames for overheat; it makes potential fire problems. Some people like to have lockable lid fryer as they are saved.

Besides, it can minimize oil spills. You should consider a fryer which has a viewing window through which you can see the whole cooking process. It will help you to cook food without opening the lid safely.

You need to choose a fryer having fall and rise basket. This will help food to the oil and will shut off automatically when the power is off. Moreover, this will ensure that the heating element will turn off if the oil gets overheat.

A kind of kitchen utensil may be used to heat cooking oil, so the food plunge totally into the oil to be sauté cooked and mentioned to as deep fat fried. Deep fryer, the another name is Flash Fryers or Deep Fat Fryer are used for commercial use and home use, only the difference is features and size.

Home fryers are small in size and have the small chamber to keep oil and can fry less amount of food so individual portion or serving for a few can be cooked. Commercial varieties comprise longer oil compartment for the big amount of food.

The deep fryer is a kind of deep walled pot derived from cast iron, stainless steel or black steel which are being used on the stovetops. The pot has fry basket to hold fried content at the time of cooking.

Some use the pots basket to extract oil from the food. There are many appliances to use over the countertop.

The large Deep Fryers is manufactured for the commercial or home use. The large unit is the self-contained countertop unit with one or two removable fry baskets and fat versions for more heavy duty cooking task for using in the restaurant.

A Countertop Deep Fryer has temperature controlled options and cooking chamber to reserve cooking oil that may or may not have the lid. Little units have lids that big commercial units may have open tops.

The chamber is removable to clean quickly. This is common for some Fryers to fit with removable baskets which may be the square, round or rectangular shape. Within the basket, there is food as it is immersed in oil.

Some fryers are smaller and made with immersion baskets, and so the food is kept to the bottom of the cooking chamber. In the large deep Fryer, sealed frying chambers are good equipment, and these are not usually found in the smaller varieties.

How to Preserve Oil From a Deep Fryer

Deep frying is a kind of cooking system which is only used in the American cuisine. The southern recipes are also becoming famous deep fried, so thanks to Turkey. The deep fried foods contain the individual dose of flavor which offers crowd-pleasing dish.

The suggestion below will show you the way to preserve oil safely and efficiently to use it again.

Notice the level of oil in your cooking oil container see whether the manufacturer had added any suggestion to sort the unique brand and type of oil. Although most of the food grade are reserved in the same procedure, some may have special storage or a longer shelf life compared than the other.

Permit the oil to make it cool to the room temperature after you have turned off the heat.

Drain oil through the cheesecloth to eliminate bacteria so that you can carefully reuse the oil.

Pour the strained oil into a glass jar with a metal lid or back into its original container, if possible.

Seal the container well plus store it in the dark and cool and dry place at room temperature or the refrigerator if you are living in the hot climate. The color of the oil is cloudy after some times in the refrigerator; it may be clear again if it reaches to the room temperature.

Oil disposal

You should also know how to properly dispose of the oil used in your deep fryer. Some oils can be reused as many as five or six times. Once the oil goes off (or “rancid”), you will need to dispose of it in a safe and practical manner.

Be economical: don’t discard oil that you have not yet reused. Avoid deep fryers that fail to keep the oil inside them clean and useable; these deep fryers use way too much oil.

Wattage and temperature

Most deep fryers operate on a power of 1800 to 2200 watts. High wattage heats up the oil quickly. When the process is complete, the heat drops likewise back to the room temperature.

Deep fryers work best at around 375ºF. A temperature control, though, lets you increase or decrease the heat based on your meal. Food is less likely to burn or remain uncooked in that case.

Deep Fryer Timers

A digital timer on a deep fryer can help staff cook food for the correct amount of time and prevent under or overcooking of deep fried foods. Some deep fryers can come with an automated shutoff that will power down when the deep fryer is not being used.

Deep Fryer Temperature

Being able to control the temperature of your deep fryer is imperative. Simpler units have an on/off mechanism or perhaps a low/medium/high dial. These simplistic temperature control abilities are not very well suited to commercial cooking purposes. Particular foods contain the optimal cooking temperature and not being able to specify a particular temperature can lead to under or overcooked foods, the first of which could lead to customers falling ill.

High-end commercial deep fryers can often include picture icons of commonly cooked foods to assist the user in picking the right setting (temperature) for what they are about to cook. Dials are great for temperature control or even adjustable thermostat on a digital display can help cook food consistently for every fried meal.

Recovery Time

The recovery time is described as being the amount of time it takes for the cooking oil to return to the optimal cooking temperature after food has been immersed in it. If the temperature drops too far or does not recover quick enough, the food will end up absorbing too much fat and become limp and greasy.

Sediment Zone

The sediment zone is an important part of any deep fryer- the sediment zone is going to determine how often you will need to clean your deep fryer. While there are recommended cleaning schedules for all deep fryers, if your sediment zone is too small (or cooking the wrong foods in your deep fryer) it will fill up faster and you will need to clean it more often. The sediment zone is sometimes referred to as the “cold zone” as the cooking oil in this area is not as hot as the basket area.

Deep Fryer Recommendations

For small countertop solutions, suitable for takeaways or even cafés, Roband offers many products and entry level products such as:

For larger production kitchens Waldorf, Blue Seal Evolution, Cobra and Fastrfri (all distributed by Moffat Australia) all provide commercial deep fryer solutions depending on what you’re after.

Commercial deep fryer suggestions

The Blue Seal Evolution Series is known for producing sleek deep fryers in a variety of widths starting from 400mm in single or twin pan configurations. Blue Seal’s Vee Ray technology allows for infrared burners that can produce a lower cost and most efficient heat recovery than other brands.

Waldorf and Waldorf Bold produce commercial deep fryers with a variety of features such as single or twin pan, gas or electric fittings and several widths including 400mm, 450mm and 600mm.

Cobra branded deep fryers are Open Pot designed and contain cool zones for increasing the life of the cooking oil and ultimately making them an easy-to-clean option for any kitchen.

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Each piece of equipment has unique features. There are those Fryers that are noisy than others. Also, there are those that have digital control features and make cooking easy. The digital control features should be a key determinant when choosing a Fryer. It is advisable that you choose one with an adjustable temperature control, air circulating system or rapid air technology, and a closed cooking system so that you can get the best results.

Traditional Fryer

Traditional fryers use substantially more oil than the air fryer. The oil used has to have a high smoking point, and quite often cheap and relatively tasteless. The two types of oil that fit these criteria are di-fractionated palm oil and semi refined sunflower oil. With palm oil being more saturated and having a higher smoking point, it is the preferred choice for deep frying.

Foods high in fat, such as fried foods are also higher in calories. Each gram of fat contains calories whereas protein and carbohydrates contain per gram. Foods high in fat are linked to increased obesity, stroke, diabetes, and cancer risk. Limiting the oil/fat intake can significantly reduce the risks mentioned above.

What to Look For

First off, you’ll need to find a design with sufficient capacity for your needs. This type of design should suit your needs, which means that it should be big enough to handle multiple batches if that’s what you want to make.

There are different capacities available, such as four-cup deep fryers which make just a couple of servings, six-cup styles which make two to three big servings and twelve-cup styles, which are big enough to make sufficient food for larger families. If you want to deep-fry a turkey, the capacity will obviously need to be big enough to handle the size of the bird.

So, take this into consideration when you are shopping around.

As well, you should consider the power level of the device. When you’re searching for deep fryers, look at wattage levels. Those with higher wattages will be more powerful in terms of delivering high heat. As well, they will get oil to a preferred temperature rapidly. Most chefs and cooking experts agree that going for high wattage is one of the secrets of accessing superb performance. It helps to ensure that the outside of food is crispy and that the inside stays moist, without oil overload.

It’s also helpful to seek out a style which features an adjustable temperature option. Most foods are deep-fried at 37– however, it’s good to know that you’ll be able to change the temperature if you want to!

As well, look for designs which have non-stick surfaces on the inside – this will make clean-up easier. In terms of accessories, the big one to look for is a frying basket which is useful for draining food after it’s prepared.

We’ve covered the basic features which are found in most high-quality deep fryers. You’ll find a host of styles with different capacities and features. Hopefully, our guide will make it easier for you to find what is best for you. Since these designs come at different price points, you should have plenty to choose from. In general, you’ll be pretty safe selecting a style which is a best-seller at a larger online retailer, as long as it has high wattage and the right capacity for your needs.

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Gas vs. Electric Heating Methods

Deep fryers can be heated with gas or electricity, depending on the model (both are available for purchase). Gas-powered fryers use burners, sometimes external, whereas electric-powered fryers have burners encased in tubes that are lodged within the fry pot.  

The choice between gas-powered equipment and electric-powered equipment is often decided based on cost, and for many years, as the cost of natural gas was cheaper than the cost of electricity, kitchens with budget constraints would choose gas.  The rising cost of natural gas may reverse the cost considerations, however.  Compare the cost of electricity to natural gas in your area before settling on a decision.

There are also inherent differences in gas line/electrical outlet availability (generally, electric outlets are more numerous and easier to setup) and cooking efficiency (gas-powered fryers heat up faster and typically reach higher maximum temperatures than equivalent electric-powered fryers).


Choosing an air fryer can be a little like choosing to drive a manual or automatic car – it comes down to how much control you want over your frying.

If you’re new to frying, or prefer being able to choose from a variety of options, choose a fryer with different programs for different foods.

For maximum control, and to save a little cash, choose a fryer that has just one setting, or simply allows you to set the temperature and timer for foods cooked exactly to your method.  Some fryers also offer programs that will let you roast, grill, and other methods of cookery.

If you’re looking to get an air fryer, but are hesitant to purchase a culinary one-trick pony, consider investing in a unit that will allow you to do multiple types of cooking.


Similar to dishwasher-safe status, a nonstick surface makes cleaning your air fryer easy.

Nonstick air fryers usually have some type of coating, such as Teflon, that allows foods to easily slide off, so you don’t have to spend tons of time scrubbing stuck-on potato skins or tofu bits from your fryer’s basket or tray.

While convenient, some people choose to avoid non-stick coating due to potential health concerns from the chemicals in it. If you are concerned about the safety of non-stick coatings, look for fryers that use a stainless steel rack to lift foods away from the pan, or one that features a basket or container that is not made from nonstick materials.

For maximum safety, consult reviews from longtime owners of the air fryer you’re interested in. This will provide insight into the durability of the nonstick coating – if accounts show that the coating peels off over time, consider a different model – you don’t want that coating peeling off and winding up in your food.

Temperature Control

Deciding how much control you want over your frying experience depends largely on the variety of foods you want to cook.

If you’re eating a plant-based diet and living in a vegan household, you can likely get by with a single temperature unit – after all, the cooking temperature for most vegetables and plant-based foods is about the same.

However, if you’re planning on sharing the fryer with meat-eating roommates or family members, you may want to invest in a unit that can cook at multiple temperatures.  The other reason you may want a temperature-controlled unit is if you plan to use it for other uses than simple frying.

Some fryers allow you to roast vegetables and even bake cakes in them, so if you’re using this to replace other appliances in your kitchen, more customizability may be better.


It all starts at the bottom of the cooking area – the “Starfish” design used in the Philips Airfryer allows the superheated air to flow around and through food, ensuring an even crisp on all sides of the food.

The fryer features a variety basket with a handle, so you can easily remove the cooked food from the unit without risking burns or injuries. The basket also has a lid, which is perfect for containing lighter foods like popcorn and chips.

Lastly, this unit looks absolutely gorgeous out on a countertop. Available in black or white, the fryer has a sleek egg shape, making it a sharp, modern addition to your kitchen.

While the Philips Digital Airfryer gets stellar ratings and reviews, there is no product that is without at least small annoyances.


The GoWISE fryer features seven pre-programmed settings for easy cooking and an adjustable temperature of 175-400 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you as much or as little control over the cooking method as you please.

This model uses a 30-minute timer and an automatic standby mode, which changes the machine from active cooking to keeping your food warm, so it’s ready when you are. You won’t have to feel chained to the kitchen counter waiting to turn the unit off when it’s done, so you can spend more time doing what you like while your food is preparing itself.

T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer

If you’re cooking for a crowd, the T-Fal ActiFry is the machine for you!

Able to easily handle over two pounds of food at a time with just a tablespoon or less of oil, you can not only make large batches, but you can also reduce calories without sacrificing texture and taste.

Plant-Based Oil-Free Frying

Yes, even though you’ve given up meat and animal products, you don’t have to give up the hot, crispy crunch of fried foods. In the case of air fryers, you don’t even have to suffer that heavy feeling after the meal, because each of these machines achieves that perfect, comforting texture with a single tablespoon of oil or less.

Whichever unit you choose, an air fryer can be a smart, efficient addition to your kitchen. The ability to create crunchy, crispy fried foods without added oil, and without the intense mess left by most traditional frying jobs, you can create delicious meals for your family that are low in calories, and even more heart-healthy because they’re made out of plant-based ingredients.


You can prepare quite some fried foods using this deep fryer. Whether you want to make French fries, hamburgers, fried chicken wings, shrimps or onion rings, this deep fryer will always provide you with the best outcome.

Unlike other deep fryers that take up much storage space, this model is different because it has a compact size that makes storage easy.

Charcoal Filter

Another unique quality with the deep fryer is that it has a charcoal filter that traps odors when you are frying. Your kitchen ill always smell nice even after deep frying fish and chicken among other foods.

Presto 0546Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

Indicator Light

This is one thing that I love about this deep fryer. In other deep fryers that I have used before, it was a hard task to know when the oil is perfectly heated for the best frying. The light indicator on this fryer makes it easy for the cook to know when the oil is ready so that you can deep fry your food.

Fully Immersible Heating Element

If you love eating crispy fries, chicken, fish or any other kind of fried food, the heating elements are fully immersible to provide you with delicious and crispy food.

The deep fryer can hold food up to 2lbs on each side. This is enough food to serve for a large family or guests.

Proctor Silex 3504Proctor Silex Professional Style Deep Fryer


Hot-fat cooking is also known as deep frying.  The hot oil temperatures average 350oF and 375oF. The advantage of deep frying food over pan frying is that the food is cooked evenly (all sides are cooked simultaneously) and cooks quickly.  The term “deep fry” was not really used until the 19th century but the cooking method has been around for centuries. Deep frying pans have been around since Mesopotamia. The Egyptians were the first known culture to use a deep fry method of cooking. Greeks were also known to fry foods in olive oil. It is believed that the Portuguese actually introduced deep frying to the Japanese where they adapted it to make foods like tempura.  Tempura introduced adding multiple layers of batter. The batter is a necessity for most foods but foods high in starch content such as noodles and potatoes do not because the starch forms a shell locking the moisture in while cooking.  Meat may need to be partially pre-cooked in an oven or pan to ensure a full cook before adding it to a deep fryer.

Fried foods tend to get a reputation of being greasy, loaded with fat and nutritionally inferior. When food is fried properly, the food is no more fatty or greasy then food that is pan fried.  One of the main considerations is the temperature of the oil.  The oil needs to be at the ideal temperature between 350oF and 375oF (above 375oF the danger of fire is too risky). Some oils have a higher “smoke point” (temperature where the oil breaks down causing it to reach its “flash point” or the point at which it will ignite).  If the oil is hot enough it sears the outside of whatever is being cooked immediately.  This does two things, it keeps excess oil from penetrating and secondly it keeps moisture in.  Cooking food in oil that is too hot will cause the outside to cook before the inside.  Foods fried in different oils can have different cooking temperatures.

Fried Foods Around The World

In America, deep frying grew in popularity in the 19th century with the growing popularity of the cast iron pan. Around the same time, French fries were invented and became popular in Western Europe. The secret of fried food was out and soon to follow was the invention of delicacies like donuts, onion rings, deep fried turkeys and corn dogs.

While Africa is as diverse as North America is to South America, so is their food.  In the north of Africa “fritters”, batter filled with bits of meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit, are the fried food of choice.  In the south of Africa are more indicative of food to Europe, such as fish and chips.

Tempura, a Japanese staple, generally consists of batter and seafood or vegetables. The Japanese have several other fried dishes such as; Karaage (marinated meat coated in potato starch), Korokke (similar to a French croquette), Kushikatsu (skewered meat and vegetables), and Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet). In southeast Asia, insects are often deep fried. In Vietnam, fish, tofu, cha gio (minced pork egg roll) as well rice balls, sesame balls, hollow donuts, sweet potato pancakes, banana fritters, shrimp fritters and pillow cake are very common. In Hong Kong deep fried pig intestine is a delicacy. Like most nations, the continent of Asia is very fond of Western-style fast food.  It is very common to see American fast food chains throughout medium and larger cities in Asia.

While the Americans are known to fry anything, the Scottish were the first to deep fry a mars bar, 1990, and still find it a popular treat today. Since the early 19th century England has been proud to serve fish and chips as a common food for the working class.

Deep Fryer Brands

GoWISE – Out of Phoenix, AZ, GoWISE USA specializes in products to make your life better.  Their mission is to build eco-friendly products and save the earth while saving you money, and improving your lifestyle

Masterbuilt – founded in 197and is based in Columbus, GA, Masterbuilt Manufacturing, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets, indoor and outdoor cooking equipment. In addition to cookware, they offer apparel and cookbooks

Presto – founded in 190and based in Eau Clair, WI, National Presto Industries was in business selling small kitchen appliances.  It went public in 1969.  The company then divided into business segments, Housewares/Small Appliances; Defense; and Absorbent Products.

T-fal – owned by Groupe, SEB, this French cookware and small appliance company is named after a combination of TEFlon and ALuminium, Tefal was renamed to T-fal to not be confused with its product Teflon.  It is most famous for creating the non-stick cookware.

Waring Pro – Introduced in the 1930’s by Fred Waring, the “Miracle Mixer” was the first blender in recorded history.  He presented it at the National Restaurant show. Waring is now one of today’s leading manufacturers of appliances for the home and foodservice and laboratory industries. Waring prides itself in providing the most professional products for professional results.

You Save

Masterbuilt has developed an excellent Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer.  This fryer is so safe it has been certified to use indoors on your kitchen counter.  It also uses 33% less oil than conventional fryers.  This version can fry a turkey up to 1pounds and if that is not big enough there is an XL version that will accommodate up to a 20-pound turkey.      T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter Fry Basket Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer, 2.6-Pound

Fried Cheeses

If you weren’t convinced you would use one before, certainly after reading the list above you will find a place in your life for a home deep fryer.  So now it is time to assess what makes each of these different.

Size – Depending on how many servings you need to cook and what you are cooking, you may not need the biggest deep fryer on the market.  If you are looking to fry a lot of poultry or for larger groups, there is sure to be a deep fryer on the market to meet your demands.

Safety – Most people are afraid of deep fryers because they have a potential for fire and causing bodily harm, burns. Many deep fryers on the market today are designed for safety.  Many have lids to prevent spatter and accidental burns when adding food to the hot oil.  They are all much more stable than models in the past. Many have auto shutoff to prevent overheating and fire hazards.  While many deep fryers have all these safety features, it really comes down to use for remaining safe. Do not overload your fryer.  Pay attention to the temperature of the oil. Remember the machines can only protect you so much.

Cost – While size does drive most of the cost.  Don’t compromise and buy a machine that is too small for your needs.  It will lead to safety hazards as you try to cook too much food at one time.  On the other hand, don’t buy a machine that is too large for your needs.  It will not be cost effective even if it is a good deal at the time.  The amount of oil and energy you use will greatly outweigh any savings you may get.

Ease of Use and Cleaning – Cleaning is NOT fun.  There are now machines that drain and filter the oil after use so you can safely store it for future use.   Make sure you read about cleaning instructions.  Some machines are hand wash only while others have some dishwasher safe components.

Bells and Whistles – Extra features that may make your cooking experience much more enjoyable:

Open-Pot Frypots

Best for: Low-sediment products such as french fries, hash browns, and frozen foods.

About: Open-pot fryers have no tubes or burners in the oil, leaving the bottom wide open and easy to clean. On most open-pot models, the frypot narrows into a “V” shape at the bottom, making the cold zone smaller than on a tube-style pot. This means that this style can handle less sediment than the tube-style pot, but also uses less of its oil in the cold zone.

Open-pot fryers are almost always gas-powered, with a heating element pressed to the outside of the frypot just below where it begins to narrow. Because the heating element is outside the pot, it is less energy efficient than the tube-type pots, but also experiences lower rate of failure because it doesn’t require baffles.

Electric Burner Frypots

Best For: Operators who need countertop models for low-volume food prep and locations not set up for gas.

About: Electric fryers’ frypots are unlike those in gas-powered equipment, so they warrant their own separate discussion. Whereas all gas fryers must have their burners outside of the oil, whether that means under the frypot or in a welded-in tube, the elements in most electric fryers are submerged directly in the oil. This makes electric fryers the most heat-efficient and can provide faster temperature recovery due to the high surface area of the heat transfer area.

Electric fryers usually have cold zones below the burners, with the sizes of those varying by model. The electric elements can make this area difficult to access for cleaning, so a majority of electric fryers offer lift-out elements that swing up on a hinge. This allows easy access for cleaning both the cold zone and the elements themselves of any burned-on food.

The Insider Pick

The best deep fryers make it simple to fry French fries, chicken, donuts, fish, and other food from scratch. They are also easy to clean, safe to use, and packed full of features. The Presto Dual Basket Pro Fry Deep Fryer has all of these characteristics, is affordable, and can fry large batches of food.

Americans are in love with fried foods. From fast food to fine dining, menus are packed full of deep-fried offerings. Whether you are an adventurous cook who likes to recreate or tweak meals you have tried elsewhere or you want to save a few bucks (and calories) by making your family’s favorite foods at home, a deep fryer is a terrific addition to kitchens with extra counter space.

There are several aspects to choosing a deep fryer that you should take into consideration. Since your deep fryer will likely live on your kitchen counter, pay special attention to the dimensions of the models you are interested in to ensure they will fit. Also, some units feature filtration systems and dishwasher-safe parts that will make cleanup easier. If this is important to you, make sure you choose a fryer with these options.

Since hot oil can burn you severely, look for fryers with plenty of safety features, including splatter guards and magnetic power cords that will come unplugged when tugged, rather than yanking the entire machine and its scalding contents off the counter.

To put together this comprehensive buying guide of the top deep fryers, we poured over the reviews of users and experts to find which models are affordable, reliable, and versatile.

Although the Presto Dual Basket Pro Fry Deep Fryer is our top pick, for various reasons laid out in the slides below, you should also consider the Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer, the Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer, the T-fal Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer, and the Cuisinart Deep Fryer.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Deep Fryers wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Deep Fryers



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