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Top Of The Best Decorating & Pastry Bags Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Decorating & Pastry Bags of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Silicone Pastry Bags, Weetiee 3 Sizes Reusable Icing Piping Bags Baking Cookie Cake Decorating Bags (12’’+14’’+16’’)- 6 Pack – Bonus 6 Icing Couplers Fit to Wilton Standard Size Tips

Silicone Pastry Bags, Weetiee 3 Sizes Reusable Icing Piping Bags Baking Cookie Cake Decorating Bags (12’’+14’’+16’’)- 6 Pack - Bonus 6 Icing Couplers Fit to Wilton Standard Size Tips
HEALTHY MATERIAL IS SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY: Food grade reusable silicone bags and PP plastic couplers is nontoxic, tasteless and BPA free. You can easily decorate your cakes, pies, donuts and cookies with your kids and friends at home. Silicone piping bag is reusable and eco-friendly, do not harm to the environment.


№2 – Weetiee 16-inch Pastry Bag Cake/Cupcake Disposable Decorating Piping Bags Anti-Burst Icing Bags 50 Pack for all Sized Tips Kit and Couplers, Baking Cupcakes Cookies Candy Supplies Tools

Weetiee 16-inch Pastry Bag Cake/Cupcake Disposable Decorating Piping Bags Anti-Burst Icing Bags 50 Pack for all Sized Tips Kit and Couplers, Baking Cupcakes Cookies Candy Supplies Tools
Extra thick, durable and sturdy, less mess, more fun
Abound bags are good for the decorating projects require changing icing colors
The disposable piping bags make clean quicker and easier


№3 – Kootek 42 Pieces Cake Decorating Supplies Kit with 36 Icing Tips, 2 Silicone Pastry Bags, 2 Flower Nails, 2 Reusable Plastic Couplers Baking Supplies Frosting Tools Set for Cupcakes Cookies

Kootek 42 Pieces Cake Decorating Supplies Kit with 36 Icing Tips, 2 Silicone Pastry Bags, 2 Flower Nails, 2 Reusable Plastic Couplers Baking Supplies Frosting Tools Set for Cupcakes Cookies
Cake decorating supplies kits: 36 stainless steel icing tips, 2 reusable silicone pastry bag, 2 reusable plastic couplers, 2 flower nails, with which you can create all types of patterns on cake, cupcakes.
Decorating patterns: 11 open star tips, 7 closed star tips, 3 french tips, 3 round tips, 2 plain tips, 4 leaf tips, 3 rose petal tips, 3 special tips. 0.7 inch in diameter, 1.26 inch tall.


Start with your color scheme.

For a head-to-toe makeover, the first step is creating a palette. “I come up with a basic color scheme for the whole house, and then I take that from room to room,” reveals Gary McBournie, a designer based in Boston. “It plays itself out in different ways in different rooms.”

Warm up a room with mirrors.

Mirrored panels like the ones lining this alcove can be elegant — but don’t just slap them up, designer Jan Showers warns. Large sheets of mirror will look commercial, so try a sectioned pattern in the traditional French style instead.

Don’t skimp on the sofa.

Don’t postpone a makeover because of naturally messy kids. “Put your money into a comfortable, well-made sofa that you’ll have forever,” advises Krista Ewart, a designer based in California. “You don’t have to deny yourself that expensive designer fabric you love — just put it on something small, like a pillow.”

Amplify neutrals with texture.

Neutral decor can be interesting — just include a variety of materials. “I used a range — from fine-gauge and open-weave linen, to raw silk and taffeta, to cotton velvet and distressed velvet,” says California-based designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano. “Not only that, there’s also the contrast of matte sheens that absorb the light, and lustrous sheens that reflect it.”

Karyn R. Millet

Don’t settle for “flood warning” side panels. “For classic side panels, you really have to go all the way to the floor,” designer Scot Meacham Wood says. “If you’re looking at ready-made drapes, make sure that they touch the floor, even if you have to buy the next size up and have them hemmed.”

Favor value-add paint colors.

A temporary space can look beautiful, even with a small budget. “We are so used to having painters sand for ages to produce mirror-smooth walls, but I wasn’t about to spend the money to do that in a rental,” says designer Max Sinsteden of his bright green entryway. “It turns out the irregular surface just sparkles all the more.”

Look to the ceiling to brighten things up.

Kitchens with floor-to-ceiling cabinets can look dark, but here’s how to fool the eye: Designer Caitlin Moran will paint the ceiling a slightly paler version of the walls, so the room seems brighter even with just a few windows.

Let gold and silver hangout together.

Metallic finishes already add plenty of sparkle, but the sheen will make a bigger impact in a variety of colors. “I don’t know why people don’t mix gold with silver more often — they look so smart together,” says designer John De Bastiani. “The key is to use a lot of both; you can’t be shy with one or the other.”

Think of a straw rug as your perfect basic.

You might think of straw as an outdoor textile, but it’ll look just as good indoors. “Straw, jute, rush — natural materials and neutral tones are they always chic,” says Braff. “They’re the white T-shirt of interior design.”

Go big with dark color.

Taking the plunge on a strong hue can be intimidating, but the best way is to dive in head first. “One of the most successful strategies is to paint a strong color on everything, from the baseboard and crown molding to the walls,” says Garrow Kedigian, a designer based in New York. “It works well because it’s not contrasted against a different trim color.”

Pile on the pillows for extra luxe.

One pair of pillows always looks skimpy, says Melissa Warner, a California-based designer. Use two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures. De Bastiani agrees: “I don’t do dinky accents…small pillows look like something that came with the furniture.”

Fake square footage with a glass shower.

Most people opt for a frosted glass or an opaque curtain for extra privacy, but there’s something to be said for transparency. Glass shower doors, like in this guest bathroom by designer Amy Meier, add instant square footage. To complete the illusion, run the floor tiles straight into the stall. “It makes the room feel larger,” adds designer Alla Akimova. “If I had changed materials, it would have interrupted the space.”

Be generous with your kitchen backsplash.

Eye-catching tile can make a statement in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Cover as much of the wall as the budget allows, recommends designer Angie Hranowsky. Matthew Quinn, also a designer, agrees: “It feels more like a French bistro this way,” he says of this blue-gray backdrop.

Play the field with dining room seating.

Dining room benches might not be conventional, but they sure are cozy. “You automatically feel more friendly when you’re sharing a seat,” points out designer Thom Filicia. “It could quickly become corporate if you were looking at a room full of chairs.” Vicente Wolf, also a designer, agrees on mixing it up: “You wouldn’t have eight identical chairs in your living area.”

Welcome guests with a bar in plain sight.

Cleaning up clutter can be a good thing, but there’s one thing hosts should never stow away. “Show, don’t tell, what you’re serving with a well-appointed bar,” says Bunny Williams. “Guests feel more at home when they can help themselves.”

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of High-Low Design

Kate Reynolds, co-owner of Studio Four NYC, believes in pairing big-ticket items with budget finds. “I think a room balances out better when you have different levels of price and craftsmanship,” she says. “It helps you notice the statement piece more.”

Invite Nature Indoors

The best way to balance out sleek lines and contemporary furniture is by adding a few unique natural elements, from drift wood to greenery. “I don’t like to look around a house and not see touches from the outdoors,” interior designer Tamara Magel says.

Play With Texture

It’s easy to gravitate toward the usual suspects like wood and leather when trying to craft a textured living space, but branch outside of your comfort zone. Emilie Munroe of Studio Munroe recommends drawing from your own personal style, especially the articles of clothing and patterns you’re attracted to.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Sure, your eyes may want the most modern, chic couch in the showroom. But your back may not. “In my experience, it’s really better to test out seating and take the time to look at the dimensions,” says Sharon Blaustein. If you’re tall, for instance, you might want to opt for a depth of between 40 to 4inches for a sofa (rather than the standard depth of 3inches).

Always Shop For A Rug In Person

This is not the time for e-shopping, people. “It’s just so hard to tell on a computer screen what the color really looks like,” Arnold says. “You might think it looks red, but in reality, it’s watermelon pink.” Not to mention the texture of the rug may be totally different than what you were expecting.

Use Curtains As A Backdrop For Art

Instead of hanging a painting on a bare wall, accent it with a rich, velvet curtain background. “Curtains just create a great, calming energy in which you feel very shrouded and comforted, making for a luxurious and restful environment,” says Framel. “And being able to put a really great pop of artwork in front of that textural colored backdrop has a lot of impact.”

Upholster Antique Furniture With Modern Fabric

Make what’s old new again by invigorating antique pieces with colorful fabric from the 21st century. Take, for example, the two 18th-century French bergère chairs here, upholstered in a hot pink Maharam fabric. “Maharam is a very modern, contemporary fabric company, with velvets that are really bright in color,” says Bikoff. “That color was such a pop of freshness and youthfulness on these old chairs.”

Choose One Piece Of Artwork To Anchor The Room

In Josh Groban’s “The Great Comet” dressing room, interior designer Mike Harrison selected this constellation artwork as a clear focal point for the room. “I loved this piece for its dimensions and colors, but also as a tip of the hat to the ‘Comet’ influences that I know were of importance to Josh,” says Harrison. “I was searching for artwork that would tie together all of Josh’s design sensibilities.”

Add Faux Fur

Faux fur has quickly become a luxurious way to add a bit of depth and variety to a space. “When we use faux fur, we’re looking for some really luscious texture in the room,” says Erin Gates. “If you look at a space and everything is neat, tidy and clean, you want something that’s sumptuous and cozy. It’ll really elevate the space.”

Invest Where It Matters

If you’re on a budget, invest in the pieces that anchor a room. “It wouldn’t be a bedroom without a bed, it wouldn’t be a living room without a sofa, and it wouldn’t be a dining room without a dining table,” Thom Filicia advises.

Scale To Your Sofa

It’s so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of Emily Henderson’s rule yourself: A large room should have large furniture, medium rooms should have medium-sized furniture and small rooms (you guessed it) should have more petite furniture. Scale the rest of the furniture to your sofa.

Venus Wong

Decorating a home or apartment is a fun project, but it’s also daunting. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or looking for a statement piece to upgrade an area, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where the internet can be your best — and worst — friend. Enter a few words into Google, and you’ll open up pages and pages of every kind of bookend, end table, or table runner you can imagine. Now your search has gone from a treasure hunt to a needle-in-a-haystack hunt.

To avoid search-result overload, we’ve rounded up our favorite furniture and decor sites to take some of the headache out of home shopping. So kick back, relax, and click your way to a better apartment — without ever leaving your couch. Now that’s living.


This boutique home brand from Melbourne has just the right products to bring an uplifting makeover to your home. Featuring candy-colored linens, galaxy-print throws, tasseled cushions and a variety of bath products, this retailer is the secret to creating an Insta-worthy apartment.

HD Buttercup

This California-based brand strikes the perfect balance between luxe and contemporary decor. Working directly with manufacturers, the site sells original designs at reasonable price points. You’ll be able to find everything from sleek mid-century furniture to vintage inspired decor objects here — all imbued with a touch of Hollywood glam.

Blu Dot

This site is your one-stop-stop for modern furniture that looks like the work of renowned European maestros. Founded by a team of two architects and a sculptor, the 20-year-old brand excels in providing a line up of minimalist pieces — from sleek coffee tables to smart sectional sofas — that will stand the test of time.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods started out in 199as a marketplace for unique handmade crafts, and has since evolved into a treasure trove for homewares with fascinating stories behind them. From city-inspired bookshelves made in India to sculptural clocks exclusively sold at the site, this is the retailer to watch for one-of-a-kind home upgrades.

Anthropologie Home

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: We want to live in an Anthropologie catalog. Everything from the retailer’s home collection is not only impossibly cute, but durable and built to last. The prints are heavenly, the candles smell amazing, and you might even convince us to drop Gs on a couch here (dangerous) — they’re that beautiful.


AllModern’s sister site is one of the big guns in the home decor world. And although its pieces can run pricey, sign up for email alerts and you just may find yourself staring at a 70%-off sale soon. Bonus: The brand has a social responsibility arm as well, partnering with Habitat for Humanity, Cradles to Crayons, and other nonprofit do-gooders.


A subset of Urban Outfitters, Terrain is heaven for garden and outdoor enthusiasts. This is where you get your watering cans, outdoor furniture, planting supplies, and more. You can even pick out a fire pit here. The best part is, everything is very Pinterest- and Instagram-friendly in that rustic-chic way.

MoMa Store

Typically, we think of art museum gift shops as a place to get postcards or coffee table books. But the Museum of Modern Art’s store is actually a treasure trove of well-designed home goods. MoMa’s design department has always been at the forefront of highlighting well-made objects are as useful as they are beautiful. Its museum shop is an extension of that mission. In addition to furniture from some of modern designs biggest names (think Eames), it stocks plenty of reasonably priced basics that are anything but ordinary, like this quirky vase.

Land Of Nod

Okay, it may sound crazy to go shopping from a kid’s website for a kid-free house, but hear us out. If you can look past the child-sized armchairs and toy bins, you’ll find plenty of pieces that work for any age. Plus, a lot of the furniture and decor are priced a bit friendlier than similar stuff targeted at adults. Check out the site’s lighting, rugs, and even bedroom furniture and bedding (it runs up to queen/full) for items that will make your friends ask, “Where’d you find that?” (We won’t tell.)

West Elm

A great place to hunt for reasonably priced (but well-made) furniture, West Elm regularly offers sales and promotions throughout the year to help you snag a dream item for less. It’s also a great go-to for room accents or tabletop pieces — for you or for gifts. They also have regular collaborations with other companies and artisans, like Fish’s Eddy, Caribbean Craft, and even Casper.

Urban Outfitters

The oh-so boho retailer’s home section is perfect for tiny spaces and apartments. From storage that’s as pretty as it is functional to lightweight tables and chairs perfect for tiny corners, you’ll find lots of innovative ways to stash your stuff. You’ll also find amazing textiles, from wall hangings to duvet covers, that will give any room an eclectic, lived-in vibe.

For Inspiration and Ideas

Try: Houzz Interior Design Ideas, Free on iOS and Google Play

Browse through countless photos for inspiration, use the sketch feature to bring your dream room to life, or find a local home professional to help you out with all your decorating needs. The app’s also got a nifty product section to make sourcing products easy.

For Collecting Measurements

Love the look of a couch but aren’t quite sure if it’ll fit in the space you have? Photo Measures takes the guesswork out of this and allows you to snap photos of every room and draw measures on it. Record and save everything from your living room space to bookshelf width.

View as slideshow

Photo by Alex Hayden “When it comes to heavy, outdated drapes, a naked bank of windows is better than an ugly one,” says Lynne. Ideally, window dressings should be functional and elegant: Think sheers paired with full-length panels. If your room gets a lot of sun, opt for light colors that won’t fade. The most recommended lightweight fabrics for panels are cotton, linen, and silk blends because they tend to hang well.

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By submitting your details, you will also receive emails from Time Inc. UK, publisher of Ideal Home and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties. Please tick here if you’d prefer not to hear about:

Love Grows Wild

We’re always excited to see what Liz Fourez will remodel next. Her knack for making all white interiors look anything but boring and her ability to effortlessly blend in modern details work together to create total design eye candy. photography by Love Grows Wild

The Wood Grain Cottage

Be still our farmhouse-loving hearts. With no shortage of rustic wood, sisal rugs, and iron metalwork, you’ll love following along Shayna Orrino’s decorating journey transforming her home on a scenic Colorado cornfield. Don’t forget to look for seasonal DIYs that are not just creative but also doable—even for non-crafty people. photography by The Wood Grain Cottage

Shades of Blue

It’s all about learning how to make rustic touches and feminine pieces work together on this ultra chic blog by Rachel Pereira. But where she really excels is in her incredible before-and-after antique furniture transformations. Just look at this stunning coffee table makeover or this catalog-worthy French Bergere chair. Turn to Shades of Blue if you want advice on how to bring subtle touches of farmhouse style into your home. photography by Shades of Blue

The Inspired Room

There’s a reason why Melissa Michaels’ has four home décor books, one of which is a NY Times bestseller. The Seattle-based writer, who has been blogging at The Inspired Room for the past ten years, not only has great taste, but she’s able to be totally relatable and realistic when it comes to how to create the home of your dreams. What we love most are the looks at her own home renovation projects that don’t shy away from color or eclectic décor. photography by The Inspired Room

Thistlewood Farm

You’ll find yourself “oohing” and “aahing” over the charming DIY projects on crafter KariAnne Wood’s blog, Thistlewood Farms. Her detailed instructions are easy to follow, and the results are super pretty. Expect your hammer and drill to get a lot more use very soon. photography by Thistlewood Farm

The new Spazio900 Store

The historic Milan-based vintage design headquarters reopens

Did you ever think of using an app to furnish your home… online?

Virtually anyone has experienced the need to imagine how a piece of furniture or a home accessory might really fit into a specific place within one’s home – sooner or later giving into the fact that, unless you don’t have the necessary time and competence to create your own rendering thanks to your complex Photoshop or AutoCAD skills, even the most accurate measuring will never equal an on-site 3D visualization (read also → Total white: come arredare casa con stile).

A couple of years ago Ikea launched an app that would enable users to make 3D drawings of single pieces of furniture from the catalogue, making a first preview and, at the same time, providing an 1:real-time visualization of them set in their real environment (read also → Ikea catalogo 2018).

As one would have expected, the app market has exponentially grown, diversifying its supplies according to the users’ demands. Realmore for instance, a department of Equent communication company, has developed Augmented Furniture, an app which acts as a platform where brands can upload their 3D models of furniture, fixtures and design objects. Site filters guarantee specific searching according to typology, room or designer, while product sheets include detailed info about available colors, textures and materials. In such a way it is possible to create one’s own customized furniture, immediately viewing it from different angles within its future setting. A do-it-yourself way to decorate your home that is practical, easy and even fun at the same time.

Exclusively compatible with iOS 8.and its later versions, Houzz is both a website and app that acts as a hub for home improvement: an 1million high res photo catalogue to draw inspiration from, but also the opportunity to save and share them with friends and family thanks to the Ideabook personal albums. The user may choose among more than a million professionals connected to Houzz – architects, construction companies and producers whose accurate professional profiles are also provided by the app – utilizing Sketch, a new function in the Houzz app that enables users to give life to their ideas, directly making notes, drawings or adding products to their photo albums.

While British company Karndean Designflooring, a leader in the field of luxury flooring, has released a new app focusing on Augmented Reality home visualization and customization, Polish furniture design start-up Tylko, specialized in the production of design shelves and libraries, has developed an innovative app that enables the user to preview the selected custom piece in its real future environment and its exact actual size, finding the most suitable solutions for all kinds of homes (read also → La realtà aumentata per arredare casa: la proposta di Tylko). Besides showing the utmost attention to materials – all the wood comes from sustainable forests of Finnish birch trees, hand-oiled using non-toxic organic products and protected by a wear- and scratches resistant coating – the company has spent two years improving its building criteria in order to create solid, perfectly proportioned shelves that maintain their balance even after adding or eliminating small columns or any other partition element to optimize the project.

Tylko has recently started a collaboration with renowned designer Yves Béhar, who has given a new interpretation of the brand’s vision launching the Hub Table, a customizable project that extends to office furniture as well as to single coffee tables according to need. Through this app, customers have the opportunity to co-design Béhar’s collection, making decisions about finishes and furniture configuration.


This bedroom designed by Charleston designer Amelia Handegan has a circa-1840 American bed with a canopy in an André du Dauphiné fabric, a 19th-century Spanish table from David Skinner Antiques and an Italian mirror from John Rosselli Antiques.

Soane Britain

Every piece of furniture, lighting and fabric at Soane Britain is made locally by artisans dedicated to preserving that particular craft. But the shop has international appeal, this year Soane collaborated with American interior designer Mark D. Sikes on a collection of wicker pieces all produced at England’s last standing rattan workshop. 50-5Pimlico Rd, London SW1W 8LP

Pimlico Road

I started off my journey down Pimlico Road at Wild at Heart Flowers, but then stopped in antique purveyors Anthony Outred, Jamb, and Talisman. Pimlico Road is a quaint, consolidated block of antique and decorating shops, perfect for a pre-tea stroll. Pimlico Rd, London SW1W 8NE

Church Street

If it’s a dreadfully rainy day, head to Church Street in Marylebone and take shelter at Alfie’s. The indoor antique mall houses 7dealers peddling furniture and lighting from all eras; there’s also vintage jewelry and fashion for those who want a break from furniture. Also, the prices at some of the stalls aren’t completely outlandish if you’re deal hunting. Before you leave the area cross the street and walk into a Magus Antiques, the shop owner also runs London’s Decorative Fair and is beyond knowledgeable. 13-2Church St, London NW8DT

Colorful White Pumpkins

It’s one thing to paint your pumpkin a chic shade of white. It’s another to add some color on top of it, which’ll really get you noticed. You can do it with an easy-peasy D.I.Y. paint project that’ll have your front porch looking fabulous in no time.

Pumpkin Succulent Harvest

You don’t need to cut into the pumpkin to make this beautiful centerpiece—just grab a glue gun or some tape, and let your kids join the fun. Keep it for yourself, or gift it to a friend, as it’s the perfect fall gift for any get-together this season.

Use Furniture to Divide a Small Room

Do you live in a studio or need to make a small room do double duty? Use furniture strategically to divide your space into separate areas.

Visually separate living and sleeping areas with a screen, partial wall, or an open book case that provides storage while allowing light to travel through the whole room. In an especially tight space, place your couch at the foot of your bed and add a rug to create separation.

Patriotic Palette

In a California living room, Chloe Warner conjures a fresh take on classic red, white and blue. A Stark indoor-outdoor rug is topped by a custom Merida rug that was designed by Warner and inspired by inkblots. “I painted a watercolor, played with it in Photoshop and sent it off,” she says.

Dynamic Blues

For a blue-obsessed home, Mark D. Sikes used pops of black “to give the living room a feeling of modernity.” An Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair sofa is upholstered in Schumacher’s Kaya Medallion. The table lamps and shades are from Irving & Morrison.

Playful Prints

Bailey McCarthy injected playfulness into her Texas home with curtains in a GP & J Baker fabric, a custom sofa in a Scalamandré stripe, 1950s Italian glass lamps from Jan Showers and vintage elephant garden stools turned accent tables.

Gem Tones

For a New England grande dame, Nina Farmer took her cues from original features, like the brick mantel and wood trim. A pair of Duane Modern chairs is covered in a Rogers & Goffigon fabric. The brass-and-alabaster pendant is by Urban Archaeology. Two Vaughan lamps flank a custom sofa upholstered in a Rose Tarlow Melrose House fabric.

Gold Accents

A great room designed by Matthew Quinn  has a Napoleon gas fireplace with a mantel in polished Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone. The seating area fits a crowd comfortably with a pair of eight-foot-long Macalester sofas and two cowhide-covered Lind ottomans, along with a cocktail table, console and tripod lamp, all from Room & Board. Transparent side tables from Ballard Designs create an uncluttered look.

Velvet Couch

The custom sofa in an 1850s home, designed by Suysel dePedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster, is covered in a Schumacher velvet and the Ballard Designs ottoman in a Rogers & Goffigon tartan. The trim is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Great Barrington Green.

Neutral Tones

In the serenely neutral living room designed by Ray Booth and Elizabeth Kennedy, a custom McAlpine cocktail table joins a sofa and club chairs by Joseph Company and a tall armchair from Lee Industries. The curtains are in a Rogers & Goffigon fabric, and the cowhide rug is by Edelman Leather. 

This great room designed by Matt O’Dorisio features custom chairs covered in Zimmer + Rohde’s Lawford Stripe, and curtains in a Pindler linen. 

Pattern on Pattern

In a New York home, the living room’s banquettes flank a mantel with a combed faux finish by Dean Barger. “We don’t do animal prints often,” designer Anne Maxwell Foster says of the pillows. “But Scalamandré’s Tigre velvet is so luxe and warm, it worked here.” The 187chair is by George Jacob Hunzinger. A Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert rug was cut and trimmed to fit around the hearth.

Nautical Inspiration

The sitting room of a Massachusetts vacation home offers expansive water views. Designer Frank Roop upholstered the frame of the sectional in a Manuel Canovas fabric and its cushions in Osborne & Little’s Peregrina. Old-fashioned roll-up curtains in C&C Milano’s Laveno Mille hide modern solar shades by Lutron that lower with the press of a button to darken the room for TV watching. 

Calming Lavender

Walls in Benjamin Moore’s Misty Lilac ground lively patterns in a Park Avenue living room. Two 19th-century Chinese ancestral paintings hang over the sofa, framed by ginger jars on wall brackets. The boldest gesture in the vibrant space is Hickory Chair’s Carter sofa, upholstered in an overscale ikat by Brunschwig & Fils. 

Seaside Retreat

Walls in the a coastal cottage are sheathed in Phillip Jeffries’s Basket Case, which designer Frank Roop says has “a brawny texture that holds its own against the chunky beadboard.” A custom sofa covered in Manuel Canovas’s Brasilia invites guests to unwind and prop up their feet on the vintage root table.

Layered Rugs

Designer Celerie Kemble wanted a New York family room to have an inviting “feet-up” sensibility. The floor is covered in different vintage Moroccan rugs that create an enveloping vibe. She chose all the fabrics in the room to be comfy and durable, so the family can relax together.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Decorating & Pastry Bags by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Decorating & Pastry Bags wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Decorating & Pastry Bags



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Decorating & Pastry Bags is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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