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Top Of The Best Corkscrew Replacement Parts Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Corkscrew Replacement Parts of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Handichoice Wine Opener Rabbit Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Replacement Corkscrew Spiral – Waiter’s Pourer and Display Stand – Luxury Bronze Leverpull And Durable Metal Parts – Deluxe Gift Case

Handichoice Wine Opener Rabbit Corkscrew with Foil Cutter and Replacement Corkscrew Spiral - Waiter's Pourer and Display Stand - Luxury Bronze Leverpull And Durable Metal Parts - Deluxe Gift Case
SMOOTHEST WINE OPENER CORKSCREW IN THE MARKET: Our smooth & reliable rabbit corkscrew opener makes opening red and white vintage bottles easy and fun!
ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES: Convenience in a box! We have thoughtfully included a Sommelier Wine Pourer, Decorative Counter Display Stand, Extra Metal Spiral, and a gorgeous Magnetic Gift Box for men and women


№2 – HQY 2 Pack Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm

HQY 2 Pack Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm
3 ¼ Inches,Replace worn spirals on Other Brand corkscrews with this HQY Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm.
Extend the life of the corkscrew for years of drinking pleasure.
Constructed of high tensile steel, this spiral is made with mini-bearings in the head for a smooth fit.


№3 – Metrokane Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm

Metrokane Replacement Corkscrew Spiral/Worm
Extend the life of the corkscrew for years of drinking pleasure.
Constructed of high tensile steel, this spiral is made with mini-bearings in the head for a smooth fit.
Glide through corks effortlessly with a triple-layer non-stick coating.


Extension cords

Dismayed, she carries the bottle back to her mattress, corkscrew lodged tight in the unbudging cork, and again begins bawling while his scowling image reappears overhead.

You know the feeling. It has happened to you, man or woman. It has happened when the boss came to dinner, in a hotel room, or on a picnic. It need never happen again.

Where Bretecher’s woman screwed up was not by choosing the wrong man, but by choosing the wrong corkscrew. That simple, T-shaped device is frustration incarnate. Samuel Henshall, who patented it in 1795, should be immortalized in the wax museum beside the Marquis de Sade.

A replacement is necessary, because in this age of microchips and rocketships, most fine wines are sealed with a plug of resilient, spongy wood cut from the bark of the Quercus suber, more commonly known as the cork oak tree.

Cork hugs the glass neck of the bottle with tenacity. When kept moist by the wine in a reclining bottle, corks can last 2years or more before they have to be replaced.

So if you have acquired the civilized habit of a refreshing glass of wine with your meal, here are a few tips on selecting and using cork pullers.

Choose your weapon

The T-shaped Henshall screw is a worthless piece of junk. Right now, get up and go into your kitchen and throw yours out. The good news is there are several designs for corkscrews that work flawlessly. A few are even idiot-proof. You would not cut your lawn with a pair of scissors, and neither should you try to pull a cork with a device originally designed to remove perfume stoppers. Go out and buy a real cork remover. There are three features to look for when selecting a cork remover.

Worms not augers. The part which is inserted into the cork should be a helix formed from a heavy wire that looks like a coiled worm. These wire worms do not tear the cork as they wind through it. Augers, whose thread is more like a screw, tear corks and should be avoided.

Mechanical advantage. The device should give you a mechanical advantage with levers, gears, or screws. Its design should translate a gentle motion on your part to forceful action on the cork.

Wide and long. Make sure the worm is wide enough and long enough to get a good grip on the whole cork. Narrow worms tend to pull out only the center of the cork, while worms shorter than 1.75″ only screw through part of a long cork, and often tear it in half.

I have personally used all of these devices many many times.

Screwpulls and imitators that is great for opening a lot of bottles in a hurry. Among the better imitators are the Rabbit and Insta-Pull

Nick Guy

Even though we haven’t done new testing for this guide in a few years, we still believe the True Fabrications Truetap is the best corkscrew for most people.

If you can’t find the Truetap, go with OXO’s Steel Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew. It works the same way as our main pick, but shows OXO’s style. Though it’s few dollars more expensive, it at least comes from a well-known company and isn’t a knockoff being sold by someone claiming to be a different company.

For those with grip issues, or those looking for an opener that can handle multiple bottles without tiring out your hand, we recommend the Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener. In our tests, this rechargeable electric opener worked faster and just as easily as one that cost twice as much, and its slender profile makes it easier for smaller hands to use.

Pull Quote

You can think of a wine opener like a hammer. Sure, there are nail guns, but if you’re just driving one nail, they’re not really necessary.

As James Beard-nominated sommelier Michael McCaulley, wine director and partner at Philadelphia’s Tria, told us, you can think of a wine opener like a hammer. Sure, there are nail guns, but if you’re just driving one nail, they’re not really necessary. The same goes for Electric Wine Bottle Openers. You just need something that’ll get corks out easily and that will last.

To figure out the best options, we spoke to a number of wine servers and sommeliers— people who open bottle after bottle, night after night, among other experts. “You want a corkscrew that is easy to use and takes up as little space as possible. You also want ones that are made well and aren’t too expensive,” said Michael Madrigale, head sommelier for Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud’s Bar Boulud, Epicerie Boulud, and Boulud Sud. “For home use, simple is best,” Ray Isle, Food & Wine’s executive wine editor, agreed. “I still prefer a waiter’s corkscrew to anything else,” he told us. “I really believe that a wine key is something quite personal. For me, the best style is the classic waiter’s corkscrew … I think that this kind of model gives a person the greatest amount of control when opening a bottle. It’s sort of like the ‘stick shift’ of wine keys. No professional driver wants an automatic,” said Jordan Salcito, wine director of David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant group and formerly of Eleven Madison Park, where she was part of a James Beard Award-winning beverage team. She told us that one should look for “a wine key that fits easily in (his or her) hand, has a long, sharp, knife capable of cutting a clean edge, and can extract long corks cleanly.”

Waiter’s corkscrews go by many different names: sommelier knife, waiter’s friend, and wine key among them. Their primary function, as with any corkscrew, is to remove the corks from bottles of wine, of course, but they generally have a small blade for removing the foil, as well as a bottle opener for popping the top off a beer. They’re often quite small, with the Pulltap’s style folding down to about inches long and less than half an inch wide. “Double-hinged” refers to the metal lever that folds out from the body of the corkscrew and sits against the mouth of the bottle. There are actually two steps; you first lift from the lip in the middle, and then, once the lever has reached its apex, the one at the end. You might also see this style referred to as a double lever. Single-hinged/levered options are out there too, but they don’t offer as much leverage and therefore require more yanking. With the double-hinged style, the cork comes right out.

Again and again, the experts told us Pulltap’s is the way to go. Tria’s McCaulley told us, “For everyday purposes we recommend a double-hinged Pulltap’s … Often times when you buy a corkscrew without a double hinge, especially if you’re inexperienced, you break corks very easily.” Asked why he specifically likes this model, he said, “It’s very light…it has a nice sharp blade, and it has a ridge to the blade, and the ridge really cuts through the foil really well. It has a thin worm that is made of strong metal.”

The wine openers and the wine.

We tested each assistive wine opener with the same brand of synthetic-corked wine. Although we prefer simply pulling the foil off rather than cutting it, we did test the foil cutters each of the openers came with. I opened a bottle following the manufacturer’s instructions, and then the test was repeated by a left-handed assistant with hand strength issues. We compared notes afterwards and were able to come to an easy consensus.

True Fabrications offers an alternative to the Pulltap’s called Truetap, and we feel the most comfortable recommending it as an easily accessible option. While it’s a knockoff of the style—really, identical save for the name engraved in the hinge—it’s a high quality option with all the same benefits. Because they’re so similar, all the input from the experts we spoke to still applies.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Although we find the Truetap to be an easy-to-use, portable, and inexpensive corkscrew, it’s not for everyone. It does require a degree of physical strength and dexterity that some people may not possess. If that’s the case, consider the Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener we discuss below.

It’s also slightly larger than Truetap in all dimensions and heavier by 4grams, which lends it a pleasantly heavy feel in the hand. As far as build goes, if you’ve used OXO products before, the steel body and matte rubber handle will be very familiar.

Rather than the smooth motion that Truetap offers when you open and close it, the metal lever on this one clicks into place when compacted or extended. It won’t change positions unless you want it to. The double-lever arrangement helps in removing longer corks, as you can get leverage from two positions. It works just as well as Truetap, which is to say, very smoothly. There’s little to no difference in how good they are at removing corks.

The foil-cutting blade is rounded rather than straight and serrated, making for a smoother cut along head of the bottle, and the beer bottle opener at the other end is another nice bonus. With two lifting arms, compared to one on the Truetap, you can open a bottle either underhand or overhand, whichever is more comfortable.

Care and maintenance

When you’re ready to open a bottle, we found the method suggested by Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of Wine Library, to be about as easy as can be. First, he shows that you can simply pull the foil off the bottle, rather than cutting it. Then, place the worm in the center of the cork, and, rather than turning the opener, turn the bottle to start the drive. Once the worm is in, turn the corkscrew the rest of the way—about five rotations total. Then use the mechanics of the lever to lift it, and your vino is ready to go. If it seems hard, don’t worry. “Opening a bottle is a relatively simple procedure and gets easier with practice; if you’re not very good at it, you clearly should be drinking more wine,” said Hotel Jerome’s Zimorski.

Once the bottle is open, we’ve found that the best way to keep open wine fresh is to pick up a can of Private Preserve, recork it, and refrigerate it.

Wrapping it up

Sources “Well, when I pick up my standby home corkscrew, a Pulltap’s double-hinged waiter’s friend, I’m not wowed by the black plastic handle, flimsy metal fulcrum and serrated foil cutter. It works fine, but I confess I don’t feel much of anything about it. “

Maggie Hoffman, Which Is the Best Corkscrew?, Serious Eats, December 20, 2012

Pyora Electronic Wine Opener Set

Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Stopper

Brewberry Electric Wine Opener with Automatic Corkscrew Stand, Foil Cutter and Rechargeable Base

Waiter’s Friend Wine Key

This is a very durable and economical option which is easily replaced if lost or stolen. This is also a great gift idea for someone with a home bar, as it looks classy and professional. Given the economical price, you could even have a few of these on-hand in the event you show up to the party and you need to save the day.

With so many options and nuances, it can be hard to choose the right corkscrew. I made it easy for you with these suggestions.

GITKO offers the Waiter’s Corkscrew. This is another product with great value for your money. The rosewood handle gives the product a little more flair, while offering all of the benefits of the basic stainless steel model. It gives a sommelier a touch more class while offering the necessary functionality and durability.  Sound like something you need? Find it here.

What we looked for

Ease of use: In the case of stand and hand-held spiralizers, we wanted to be able to attach our fruit and vegetables easily, then use a simple lever or twist motion to speedily create ribbons without having to exert too much force. 

Ease of cleaning: We looked for stand spiralizers with removable components that can be washed in a dishwasher or with an old-fashioned manual scrub.

Ease of storage: While flat mandolines and pint-sized peelers will always have the edge when it comes to the size factor, we looked for compact stand and hand-held spiralizers than can be tucked away neatly.

Features: Any added bonuses, like different shaped blades to allow for various ribbon thicknesses, were taken into account – ideally a spiralizer can create thin spirals, slices and spaghetti shapes and has attachments that are easy to affix, remove and store.

How we tested

Simple hand-held spiralizers were tested with courgettes and carrots – safety, waste and quality of spiral were all noted. More expensive multi-blade spiralizers were put through their paces with a range of vegetables – from easy-to-cut courgettes to awkwardly shaped beetroot and notoriously tough butternut squash. We looked for consistency in spiral, ease of use and quality of build to judge whether their price and footprint were justified.

For more product picks, visit our reviews section. 

Automatic foil cutting. One-touch cork removal.

The best all-in-one automatic corkscrew you’ll ever own!

Cut through the foil with one side… then effortlessly remove the cork with the other side!

With our Automatic Wine Opener and Foil Cutter, opening a bottle of wine is the easiest it’ll ever get. Just place the left side over the bottle and press down to quickly and easily cut through the foil, then place the right side on the bottle and press the down button to remove the cork. Once the bottle is open, press the up button to remove the cork from the opener, pour a glass or two and enjoy! You’ll never have to dig around in a messy kitchen drawer looking for a corkscrew or deal with cork bits floating in your wine ever again!

How we began the selection process

We began by making a list of all of the top rated corkscrews that we could find for sale in high street stores and online. We then scoured literally, thousands of reviews to be able to bring you the most helpful information on the best corkscrews for home use. We listed 2models in the selection for this category.

There are a myriad of variables to consider: the materials used, the features and accessories, the build quality, the usability and how effective they were at pulling corks. There are countless styles of corkscrews for sale, and choosing the perfect one for your needs is vital to making a winning purchase.

Features and Accessories, many corkscrews come packaged with accessories such as foil cutters, presentation boxes, bottle grips or specially designed fulcrums and worms. Some models have beautiful etchings or carvings on the handle making for a truly unique corkscrew.

Usability. There are several methods employed by corkscrews in order to remove corks. This factor may also influence how effective they are at pulling corks as some methods rely a little more on brute force than others.

Materials, corkscrews tend to have their metal components made from stainless steel, ensuring that not only do they look beautiful in your kitchen but cleaning and maintenance is simple as well. Corkscrew handles can vary in the materials used, however Rosewood is a popular choice among some of the higher end models. The materials used often go hand in hand with build quality as well.

Warranty, most of these products come with a standard one year warranty. However, there are some that  come with extended warranty that will give you some longer extra protection. Some corkscrew manufacturers are so confident in their product that they offer a free lifetime warranty.

After days of reading everything from manufacturers product specifications, scientific papers and consumer product reviews (plus the occasional passionate debate between us all), we were able to narrow the list down to the top corkscrews we ultimately picked to be tested.

How we tested them

The primary function of any corkscrew is to open corked bottles with the minimum of fuss. This year we tested the corkscrews using mixed cases from

Naked Winery,we spent a long time testing different types for ease of use, strength and durability before we selected the ones for the tests (another of the fun parts of this review).

We selected our participants from our consumer panelists and then sent out the corkscrews and bottles for them to test at their leisure, we also got the corkscrews ready for our in-house panelists (including ourselves).  Once everyone had their corkscrews to test, each panelist started by noting down the build quality, materials, accessories, features and other basic statistics for them.

After a week or so the testing phase was complete, we had finished testing all the products and the panelists scorecards were collected up and analyzed.  We eagerly awaited the results so we would know what the ranking order of the top rated corkscrews was, and after a couple of days they were ready.  Then we compared the prices and discovered our favorite picks were not always the more expensive ones. Though, mostly with these products, you really do get what you pay for.

Other Picks to Consider

2. ALL ING Rabbit Style Wine Opener Corkscrew with Foil Cutter

This corkscrew makes every bottle an occasion, and ALL ING aim to make the best corkscrew available in the rabbit style, by improving on the design and materials of other lever-operated corkscrews on the market.

A Comprehensive Resource For The True Connoisseur

Have the Perfect Wine Opener at the Ready: Choosing Between a Coravin and a Classic Corkscrew

A simple corkscrew is a solid choice if you’re an experienced bottle-opener, but a double-hinged version is easier for most people to use. Image source: Flickr CC user Nigel Wade

Last summer, I was invited to a massive wine and dinner party that was attended by at least 50 guests. Since every couple brought along a bottle of wine, the two hosts scrambled to open dozens of bottles as the night wore on. About two hours into the party, one of the hosts needed to open three bottles at once, but he only had a hand-held waiter’s corkscrew to get the job done. He got the first bottle open without a hitch, but the second bottle wasn’t so lucky; as he pried the cork out, his hand slipped, cutting the cork in half before it was out of the bottle. The host spent the next minutes plucking shards of cork out of the decanter by hand, trying desperately to salvage the wine.

These two hosts would have been far better off using a simple electric wine opener for a party of that size. Although most wine experts say that double-hinged, handheld corkscrews are the best option for daily use, you have to consider your needs before you rely on a single wine opener.

Sommelier Michael McCaulley says he thinks of wine openers as construction tools; nail guns are nice to have for serious home improvement projects, but they’re overkill if you’re driving a single nail into a wall. Consider your personal collection (and party) style when you choose the best wine opener for you.

Tea Strainers

Tea strainers resemble small sieves and are used for straining tea that has been made with loose tea leaves. Tea bag tongs are small flat tongs used for squeezing and removing teabags from your cup.

Coffee filters are used when brewing coffee. Fresh coffee grounds are placed in the filter and hot water is poured on top. The filter allows the brewed coffee to seep through whilst the grounds remain in the filter. Some filters are available for individual cups of coffee, sitting in or on top of a cup.

Stencils and Shakers

Stencils and shakers are used for creating delicate patterns on top of your coffee foam with cocoa powder. These patterns can be seasonal like snowflakes or general like leaf patterns. The shaker is a tin with a perforated lid that you put the cocoa powder in. A quick shake of the tin over the stencil will create the desired pattern.


Bottle openers come in variety of designs and methods and are used for removing corks from wine bottles and crown tops from beer bottles. Popular styles of corkscrew include the winged corkscrew and the waiter’s friend – these require some effort from the user to remove the cork. Lever openers, ‘just turn’ models and electric corkscrews require less effort but are generally more expensive to buy. Models like the waiter’s friend and winged corkscrew also incorporate a crown top opener into the design. A foil cutter is used for removing the foil that covers the tops of wine bottles. Again this is incorporated into some types of corkscrew.


Bottle coolers are available in a variety of designs. The most commonly used coolers are double walled buckets that can be chilled before use, or buckets that can contain ice. Other coolers include neoprene sleeves that act like wet suits and maintain the temperature of the bottle for as long as possible. These sleeves are great for outdoor dining like picnics and barbecues as they are compact, light and small to store and pack.

French Press Cafetiere

This type of cafetiere is best described as being a jug with a filter and a plunger. Coffee grounds are placed in the bottom of the jug and hot water is poured on top. The plunger and circular filter is placed on top of the coffee and after a few minutes of brewing, the plunger is pressed down slowly until the filter reaches the bottom. This process traps the loose coffee under the filter leaving you free to enjoy the freshly pressed coffee.


Due to wear and tear over time, the mesh filter of the cafetiere will occasionally need to be replaced. Replacement filters are available, either on their own, or as part of a three piece set that includes the upper and lower discs that the mesh sit between. The upper disc incorporates a spring coil around the edge which creates resistance when you are plunging the filter.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

The pour over coffee maker is an alternative way of preparing fresh coffee, the filter cup sits on the top of the round jug with the ground beans inside, pour over hot water and allow the fresh coffee to drip down. The fresh coffee can now be poured straight from this.

Insulated Jug

These jugs are designed to hold a large amount of liquid like hot water, tea or coffee. The generous size is ideal for catering for several people at functions. The jugs will be double-walled with a vacuum in between to keep hot contents warm and cold contents cool.

Double Walled

These glasses, some with handles, are mostly used for espressos and coffees. The double walled space keeps the coffee hotter for longer whilst keeping the outside cool to the touch. Double walled glasses are very stylish too and look great as part of your daily coffee ritual.


Champagne glasses range from saucers to flutes and are a top attraction at any celebration. Champagne saucers are wide, shallow and curved glasses sat on the top of long tall stems, they always look great for serving to guests. Champagne saucers can be stacked to create a fountain, from the top Champagne is poured until it flows all the way down to the bottom until all the glasses are filled. A star attraction. Other Champagne glasses include flutes which are long tall and thin.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are just as they sound, a small cylindrical glass just about big enough for one shot. These shots are mainly associated with tequila and vodka. Shot glasses can also be used for creating chilled recipes like alcoholic jello shots or an appetiser called amuse bouche and can be a great way of serving a chilled dessert as they can be styled and served in a culinary fashion.

Electric Grinder

An electric grinder is used for grinding fresh coffee beans into a fine powder for use in a coffee filter, cafetiere or a machine. An electric grinder will use a stainless steel blade that will spin at a precise RPM to finely grid the beans into aromatic freshly ground coffee. A viewing window will allow you to determine how course or fine you want your coffee.

Manual Grinder

A manual coffee grinder is similar and sometimes referred to as a mill. The manual turn handle to grind the coffee is normally on the top, the beans will be poured in and the grinding mechanism will be operated by the handle. This allows the grade and size of ground coffee to be more controlled. The manual grinder will have a drawer or collection tray at the base called a hopper.

Tea Infuser

An Infuser is a small perforated object used for loose tea, the infuser is filled with the tea and submerged into hot water to infuse the tea flavour into the water. The design of the infuser can be a round ball, egg shaped or a novelty design such as an animal or a fish.

A water infuser is used for flavouring water with fresh fruit. A removable chamber can be filled with fruit which will infuse the water giving you naturally flavoured fruit water.

Handheld Frother

A handheld frother is used for thickening and frothing milk, it can also be used for frothing hot chocolate and coffee. The handheld frother is motorised and spins the mini frother on the end very fast to whip up the milk for the top of hot drinks or for a smooth hot chocolate.

Frothing jug

A frothing jug is perfect for using to froth your milk in due to its wide pouring spout. This makes it easier to pour as the milk will be thick and you will have more control over this. Some frothing jugs come with their own frother as part of the lid. As the plunger is pushed manually, the attached whisk at the bottom will spin to create the froth.

Coffee Pot

The stove top kettle is used for boiling water on a hob. Traditionally this is how water was boiled for tea, coffee and even for washing before the days of the electric kettle. The kettle is filled with fresh water and placed on the stove. When the water is boiled the kettle will whistle through a steam vent or flap to indicate this. These kettles are suitable for all hobs but some may exclude induction due to the material it is made from, always check manufacturer’s recommendations.

Storage pots for tea, coffee and sugar come in a range of styles and material to fit in with the theme of your kitchen. The storage jars should have a secure and sealed lid to keep moisture out.

Tea Pot

A teapot is used for brewing tea, either using tea bags or loose tea (you’ll need a tea strainer to catch the loose leaves when pouring). Teapots are generally sized by the amount of cups it can make – ranging from one cup up to 1cups. Larger teapots used for catering and events will be sized in litres.

Tea Press

A tea press is similar to a coffee cafetiere in that the tea, either bags or leaves, are put inside a central filter and left to steep. The plunger is pressed to push the tea to the bottom of the filter, locking the tea away and allowing the tea to be poured. These tea presses are more commonly used for tea leaves or herbs but tea bags can also be used in the press.

Travel Mug

A travel mug is used for carrying coffee or tea to drink on the go. These mugs are generally tall and are insulated or double walled to keep your drinks warm. The travel mug will have some form of drinking spout and many have some form of stopper to prevent spillages. Care should be taken as although travel mugs might be spill-proof they may still leak hot liquids if not kept upright.

Travel Press

A travel press is a cafetiere that you can use on the go. The tall insulated mug in addition to the leak proof lid and drinking spout also contains a plunger for steeping a pressing of your fresh coffee and tea. The fresh pressed drink can then be consumed straight from the mug.

Mug Cafetiere

A mug cafetiere is a large insulated mug with a filter and a plunger. This allows the use of fresh coffee or tea to be added to the bottom of the mug. After the water has been added and allowed time to steep, the plunger with the filter on is then pressed down and the coffee grounds or tea leaves are pressed to the bottom of the mug. The plunger itself embeds into the handle so that it is no longer visible or in the way when drinking.


Some drinkware items are designed to be stacked together, but do so with care not to scratch off any patterned or coloured areas. Delicate items like china and glass should be handled carefully and not stored with other heavy or sharp items that could damage or break them. Bulkier items should be stored separately and not stacked where they could damage other smaller delicate items.

You Need a Spiral Slicer!

Besides helping you up your veggie intake, vegetable spiralizers are easy to use and take up little space. Plus, I don’t know any kid (or adult) who doesn’t want to eat a curly vegetable!

Paleo and the rise of gluten intolerance catapulted these tools into the limelight. Even so, spiral slicers have a variety of benefits, regardless of dietary restrictions.


Every parent knows it’s tough to get kids excited about eating vegetables. Even good eaters can turn their noses up at foods like parsnips and zucchini.

A quick run through the spiralizer turns these vegetables into fun, bouncy corkscrews. These are easy for little fingers to pick up and eat, as well as fun to look at.

Giving ingredients a spiral upgrade can help little ones try new foods without the fight.

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

No one wants to feel hungry and deprived when they’re trying to lose weight.

A vegetable spiralizer can help you make good choices in your menu. Filling your plate with spiralized veggies instead of pasta gives you the same satisfying volume with a fraction of the calories.

Instead of ordering greasy french fries, you can make healthy baked curly fries at home (yum!). Plenty of vegetables, including carrots, potatoes, and cucumber, can become veggie ribbons. As well as containing fewer calories, spiral-cut veggies have way more nutrients than plain old pasta.

The spiral slicer makes it easier to stick to your diet, which means you can effortlessly reach your weight loss goals. Tracking calories becomes that much easier when you can still eat a large volume of food.

Side Note* – If you want to make curly fries at home, but you want to skip the oil, an air fryer might be for you! You get the same texture and crispiness as a deep fryer but without the oil.

Avoid Wheat and Gluten

The past few years have seen an unprecedented rise in food intolerance. Celiac and wheat sensitivities are at the forefront of this movement. As a result, the gluten-free market has exploded.

Gluten-free products have come a long way, but certain foods like pasta leave a lot to be desired.

If you or a loved one can’t eat wheat or gluten products, a spiral slicer is a must-have. While gluten-free pasta can be mushy, zucchini noodles make a perfect substitute.

You can also spiralize vegetables like beets and sweet potato, which become colorful pasta after a quick blanch in boiling water. Vegetable noodles are a delicious and allergen-friendly alternative to wheat pasta.

Hear me out!

I’ve used great, helpful, easy kitchen tools in the past. However, nothing turns me off faster than a tool that’s difficult to clean. Because I know it’s going to be a pain to wash, I think twice about using it in the first place – which is a waste!

Think about how much effort you’re willing to put into keeping your spiral slicer clean.

What We Love

The Paderno slicer uses a small corer to utilize as much of the vegetable as possible during processing. When you’re done running the vegetable through the slicer, you’re left with minimal waste, that can easily be sliced up and added to the dish. The four blades also allow for complete customizability, so you can create every dish you can think of.

What We Didn’t Like

While perfect for those with limited budgets, who those looking for a backup, this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. Some reviewers found that the blades became dull after a few uses, and others noted that it takes a looooooooong time to spiralize a single vegetable with this tool. It’s good quality for what it is, but don’t expect to receive a top-of-the-line product here.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Corkscrew Replacement Parts by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Corkscrew Replacement Parts wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Corkscrew Replacement Parts



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