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Top Of The Best Coolers Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Coolers of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Driftsun 45 Quart Ice Chest / Heavy Duty Cooler / High Performance Commercial Grade Insulation

Driftsun 45 Quart Ice Chest / Heavy Duty Cooler / High Performance Commercial Grade Insulation
INSULATED: 45 Quart Ice Chest holds ice for days on end with up to 3 inches of commercial grade insulation, Freezer Style gasket, and ColdSeal Latches
FEATURES: Military-grade nylon textured handles, GorillaGrip Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Molded Tie-Down Slots with Lock Plates, Recessed No-Leak Drain Plug, Pressure Release Valve, 2 Built-In Bottle Openers, and More!


№2 – Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest / Heavy Duty Cooler / High Performance Commercial Grade Insulation

Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest / Heavy Duty Cooler / High Performance Commercial Grade Insulation
INSULATED: 75 Quart Ice Chest holds ice for days on end with up to 3 inches of commercial grade insulation, Freezer Style gasket, and ColdSeal Latches
FEATURES: Military-grade nylon rope handles, GorillaGrip Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Molded Tie-Down Slots with Lock Plates, Recessed No-Leak Drain Plug, Pressure Release Valve, 2 Built-In Bottle Openers, and More!


№3 – Coleman 48-Quart Cooler, Blue

Coleman 48-Quart Cooler, Blue
Keeps the Ice: 3-day ice retention at temperatures up to 90 °F
Holds 63 cans; Added height to hold 2-liter bottles upright to help prevent spills
Leak-resistant drain lets you remove water without turning the cooler upside down


Corsair Air Series AF120

If you want a little bit more power, although not much, then we recommend the

Corsair Air Series AF140  instead. This CPU air cooler is not available in twin pack, but has a significantly larger airflow of 67,CFM. This air cooler can also be found with LED lights and this model has an airflow of 66,CFM. It produces an unnoticeable amount of more noise than the LED version of the AF120 and is a little larger as well (140mm x 25mm), so if you have the clearance available in your case, you should definitely get the AF140 instead of the AF120.

BE QUIET! Dark Rock Pro 3

If you need more cooling power, we suggest you take a look at liquid cooling solutions, which we will discuss now. Also don’t waste your money on a single-fan liquid CPU cooler, as they are not very efficient considering the size and price.

Ultimate CPU Water Cooler System

You want to the ultimate liquid CPU water cooler route and want a sick cooling system for your super overclocked CPU? For this task, we have found the

Corsair Hydro Series H100i vto be the best choice. This liquid CPU water cooler is the best 240mm cooler on the market right now, not to mention also one of the most budget-friendly ones as well. 240mm refers to the width of the radiator, which in this case means that it costs of two fans with 120mm width.

Desert cooler is better and provides better cooling.

However desert cooler requires more power, more space and more water. In a hot place this type of cooler should be preferred.

In a smaller room and less hot environment, room coolers should suffice.


Air coolers are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air that the cooler can blow into your home. You can use simple formula to identify the proper size of air cooler that you need. (SQUARE FEET AREA X CEILING HEIGHT) / = CFM OF AIRFLOW NEEDED.

Hence, you will need a cooler with minimum air flow of 2000 cfm.

Automatic Shutoff Dampers

There are periods when the cooler does not run specially when the summer ends. This necessitates covering the cooler.

The shutoff dampeners are flaps in discharge of fan or in duct which opens when fan starts and closes when the fan is put off. This reduces the loss of cooling from the cooler.

Thermoelectric Coolers

These coolers are super cool using no ice cubes, ice packs, or dry ice. They will cool and/or warm your foods and drinks by simply plugging it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or 12-Volt battery port. They also plug into a wall outlet. The solid-state units keep the food chilled. They are highly reliable, durable, and work. Take your cooler/warmer to tailgating events and picnics. Power cords and adapters are included with your purchase and some have trays to put small flat things on.

The portable electric coolers are perfect for chilling your beverages at home, on a road trip, in your college dorm room, for truckers, RVs, boats, airplanes, or at the office. Truckers have reported having their same cooler for up to 1years!


Thermoelectric coolers have the same insulating qualities of a typical ice chest but use electricity to keep things cool. Most of these units will keep everything inside to 3to 40-degrees F. below the surrounding area temperature.

Thermoelectric coolers normally are insulated quite well. In terms of insulation, portable coolers are the same as typical ice chest/coolers. Without the power source, the cold beverages and food should stay cold for a few hours when you keep the cooler closed so the outside heat does not get in.

Power to Cool and Warm

Having the 110/120-Volt A/C converter makes this perfect to take the cooler inside your hotel room. These coolers can sit upright similar to a refrigerator or lay down like a chest.

In a regular portable thermoelectric cooler, it will pull about 3- to 5-Amps at 12-Volts for maintaining food temperatures approximately 40-degrees F. below the outside temperature. This makes them not very efficient with its use of energy since it uses to times the current needed by a portable refrigerator. However, these units are still wonderful!

When running a 50-Watt thermoelectric cooler from a regular battery in your vehicle without the engine running, you will kill your battery after to hours. You can use an alternate method of a portable power pack with fantastic battery capacity up to 110-Volts and 12-Volts power anywhere at 130Ah.


No two coolers are created equally. While there are likely a slew of convenient features available for each and every one of the below listed options, the functionality and design of some of them are going to appeal more to your tastes than others.

So this should most certainly play a significant role in which of these you end up choosing.

ThermOZONE Tecnhonolgy

Going green was never quite this easy. The material used for this cooler doesn’t have CFCs or HCFCs, which are common environmental pollutants.

Don’t have a spot for your drink? Now you do with the molded cup holders on the lid.

Stainless Steel Hardware

The inclusion of stainless steel further ensures that this product is going to stand the test of time without succumbing to the elements that claim the lives of so many other coolers.

Sturdy latches provide a tight seal for the entire cooler, keeping the cold inside where it belongs.

Insulation Performance

The primary job of your cooler is to keep your foods/drinks as cold as possible. Make sure you look at the cooling properties of the smaller cooler you’re planning to buy.

Some small cooler can keep your drink cools for up to days- meaning they’ve superior cooling capabilities. I suggest that you go for such units.

Highlighted Features:​

Igloo Playmate Pal Quart Personal Sized Cooler Review

The Igloo Playmate Pal Quart Personal Sized Cooler makes another great model for any outdoor use, sports, events, lunch, and more.

It also comes with a compact (9.84” x 9.84” x 6.69”) and lightweight design that makes it the ideal mini cooler for your travel needs. It comes with a full range of great features, including an adequate capacity for holding your drinks and foods for the day.

One of the features exclusive to this particular model is a unique tent-shaped locking lid that allows you to easily pack your day’s drinks plus lunch, without any accidental spills. The product also comes with an easy to use, one-handed push button at the top.

This swings the lid open to either side so that you can easily access the contents inside. The cooler can carry up to nine cans and still provide enough room for ice. After use, you’ll simply need to wipe to clean it.

In summary, the Igloo Playmate Pal Quart Personal Sized Cooler is a unique personal cooler that allows you to carry your lunch and drinks everywhere conveniently. Its unique tent-shaped lid prevents the occurrence of any spills. The top push handle allows easy access to the cooler with one-handed operation.

It can hold up to cans plus ice. Made in the USA, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Where to Start

One of the first considerations is the size of your wine collection. How many bottles do you need to store? Allowing enough room for the addition of new “finds” and special purchases, you should consider a cooler sized for +75% to double the size of your current collection.

Do you favor sparkling, white, or red wine or enjoy wines of every kind? This will determine how many cooling zones you will want to consider as well as temperature control, cooling technology, and special options.

Cooling Zones

Different wines are best served at differing temperatures. Dry whites and sparkling wines usually about 20 to 2degrees colder than full-bodied reds, with fruity reds & full-bodied whites in between. Cooling zones are spaces in the cooler which can be set at specific temperatures so that your wines are kept at optimal serving conditions.

If you prefer a few specific whites or reds, a single zone cooler is perfect. For those who like more variety, most wine coolers offer at least zones, some with multiple zones for more specialized wine collections, offering a temperature range of 40-6degrees Fahrenheit. Digital temperature controls offer more precise regulation and most wine coolers use this type.

Cooling Technology

Although you may not think too much about this at first, the kind of technology used to operate the wine cooler is fairly important. You will want to take into consideration noise and energy efficiency, as well as the amount of vibration generated, since too much can adversely affect your wine. The following list provides a short explanation of each.

Compressor: This is the most common type and uses a refrigerant similar to that in refrigerators. They provide very stable temperatures in a wider range, handling ambient temperature well, while some high-end models will also regulate humidity. The downside–they tend to be heavier and produce vibration and some noise due to running of the compressor, which is not great for your wine or environment. Some of these may also include an auto-defrost option.

Thermoelectric: This cooling technology utilizes the Peltier effect which removes heat from the air instead of adding cool air. With no moving parts, these coolers offer virtually silent operation with almost no vibration and are extremely energy efficient.However, they require some clearance for air circulation and will not function as well if ambient temperatures are too high or too low. They do not get as cold as compressor models and smaller capacity coolers work the best.

Hybrid: These wine coolers use a combination of both compressor and thermoelectric technologies which provides a wider, more stable temperature range with low noise and vibration, while being very energy efficient. However, these units are considerably more expensive to purchase.

Absorption: This is a newer cooling technology which uses a physiochemical process with no motor or compressor, providing silent, vibration-free operation. These are more difficult to find and can be costly.

Cost of a Cooler

And speaking of cost, before trying to decide on all the optional features of a cooler, you will want to take a look at your budget. Wine coolers vary widely in price, even within the same size or capacity and cooling technology. Take into consideration the average price per bottle in your collection and compare it with the price per bottle for storing it (cost of the cooler divided by the bottle capacity.)

Obviously, the more you have invested in your wine, the more you will want to preserve and protect it and, generally speaking, the cheaper the appliance, the less dependable it will be. That being said, good, reasonably priced wine coolers with the options you need can be found. If you simply must have that over-budget cooler, look for discounted units such as floor models that may have slight exterior imperfections but are fully functional. Keep these price ranges in mind when shopping for your wine cooler.

If you’ve been thinking about a wine cellar, but don’t want the bother of construction, you may consider purchasing a wine cabinet or credenza or even a walk-in wine room which you can assemble inside your home and then disassemble to move with you to a new location. Needless to say these carry a hefty price tag but can be a great option for the serious collector.

Optional Features

There are many features to choose from with wine coolers and your decision will, of course, be based on your particular wine choices, lifestyle, and budget. Everything from blue LED lights to child locks to racking options can be cause for deliberation.

Doors are available with their own set of options, to name a few:

Leveling Legs are an important feature since you want your cooler (and bottles of wine) to be resting on a level plane.

Lighting of any kind may well be questioned since UV light is harmful to wine, hence dark bottles. But LED lighting, especially blue tones which are much less intense, should not affect it. You can usually choose to have the light come on only when the door is open, or remain off at all times (“black-out” mode) during Sabbath and religious occasions.

Decor: Coolers generally have exteriors and doors that blend with many different decors, such as stainless, black, or various wood finishes. Some manufacturers offer customized doors or finishes to match cabinetry so be sure to check that out if you are looking for a specific style.

When deciding on how to store your wine, whether it’s a modest novice collection, a large and varied collection or somewhere in between, you will want to consider protection from the classic enemies of wine: Heat, Humidity, Light, and Vibration. The right wine cooler will offer precise temperature settings, with some level of humidity control, while protecting the wine from UV light and operating at minimal vibration. With the wide variety available and depending on budget and space limitations, you’re sure to discover your perfect wine cooler.

What Is A Transmission Cooler

Obviously, this is an equipment that has the primary role of cooling the transmission. It is a thin and square-shaped component, which is placed near your radiator. It will be effective in cooling the transmission fluid, and in turn, will prolong the functional life of your transmission. The engine will also be cooled. Once the fluid becomes hot because of power steering or the engine, it will be directed to the cooler. After cooling the fluid, it will be re-routed to the transmission through a continuous loop.

While there are many benefits that can be yielded by the transmission cooler, proper installation should be given attention. It will effectively protect the engine as well. Also, it should be pointed out that not all transmission coolers will work for all cars. You have to research about compatibility as you decide which one should be purchased.

Brand Name.

A lot of people might not think to choose a cooler based on a brand name because it seems like a pretty generic product. However, a cooler is one of the biggest products that relies on dependability and good quality control. If a cooler is not dependable, then it is pretty much going to be worthless to the average consumer. Whereas, if the cooler experiences quality control issues, it is also going to fail in terms of its performance. Therefore, it is important to find a brand that you know and trust to depend on. By doing this, you will eliminate or at the very minimum reduce the chances of getting a bad product. Without doubt, YETI Coolers are THE best you can buy.

If a YETI cooler is out of your budget, here are some cheaper alternatives.


Another thing that you are going to want to consider when you are attempting to find and purchase your ideal cooler is the actual weight of the cooler. While a lot of people might not care how much their cooler weighs, some will not have the same kind of flexibility. If you are planning on taking your cooler a lot of places and camping, it is very likely that you are going to want to be sure that you find a cooler that is relatively lightweight and portable. For this reason, you should try to find a cooler that meets your specific weight requirements.


Another thing that you will want to make sure of is that the cooler fits within your budget parameters. A lot of people are going to have a specified budget for their cooler. Therefore, you will want to figure out what yours is and try to find a cooler that fits well within it. This is going to allow you to find a cooler that is affordable for yourself and your family.

Carrying Options.

Size matters

Air coolers come in various sizes to fit the requirements of your room. They are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air (CFM) that they can blow out in the room. Here’s a simple formula to calculate your requirements.

Multiply the area of the room in square feet with the ceiling height and divide that number by two. This will give you the CFM of the airflow needed. (Room size in sq ft X ceiling height / = CFM of airflow

Remote control

All the latest air coolers come with remote controls that make things easy and convenient when customising the modes.

Some air coolers also come with a timer, where you can set a sleep time on the unit. This is particularly helpful if you don’t want to keep the cooler switched on all night.

Sizes of CPU coolers

Many different coolers come in different sizes, some are limited by socket types, and others are limited by how much space they need. So please take these factors into considering find the best cpu cooler for you.

They take up a large amount of space, with a good example being the

Hinged handles

The Pelican ProGear is especially designed to hold beverage cans, although it can be used to hold other food items, too; you can buy pans to put in the cooler that are specifically designed for this purpose. The walls are cm thick! This cooler has a dual-handle system; there are both molded-in and hinged handles.

A popular igloo ice chest

Igloo coolers are a classic sight at many campgrounds and outdoor events, and for good reason: They hold up well under any circumstance. There are dual stainless steel locking plates on the lid, so the lid can be locked to protect against curious animals (like bears), potential food thieves, and tampering.

There is a leak-proof compression seal to lock out heat, and the cooler is rotomolded for consistent performance. This cooler is dry-ice compatible. Hinges are molded into the lid, with a stainless-steel bolt.

Igloo Logo

Igloo coolers and beverage jugs are a common sight at large outdoor gatherings, whether it’s a big game or an outdoor picnic. They are renowned for keeping food and drinks cold for exceptionally long periods of time – up to days.

Igloo has been making coolers since 1947, when they were first developed to keep water cool at outdoor work sites. Igloo coolers have many unique features; some models feature a telescoping (extending) handle, while others feature a lighted lid so party guests can see what they’re grabbing when it gets dark out.

Small Personal lunch cooler

Think carefully about what size you really need. If you are going for a long camping trip or vacation, you will want to buy a large cooler to hold all of the food and drinks you estimate you (and anyone who is also traveling with you) will need for the duration of the trip.

However, if you only need a cooler for your daily work at a job site, you might only need one that has enough space for your lunch. The size will also play a factor in the price, which is something else to keep in mind when establishing your price range.

Other Considerations

If you are going on a camping trip, you absolutely need a cooler that is bear resistant. You don’t want to have an unfortunate encounter with a bear, or encourage them to like human food. Another consideration – regardless of what you will use the cooler for – is the durability of the cooler’s handles. You don’t want the cooler’s handles to break or cause you strain.

Why Customer Ratings Are Important For Your Choice

As with any other purchase, you want to read customer reviews and ratings. You want to see how the cooler has held up for other people, and what they think of the quality. Reading customer ratings will help you make the most informed choice.

Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

The Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat has a silly name. It doesn’t have extra USB ports. But it offers a level of cooling capability that easily surpasses that of every other cooling pad we tested. Internal temperatures dropped more than 30 degrees (a combined average across multiple tests and laptops), and external temperatures were reduced by 1degrees. While air cooling can’t do much to substantially improve performance, this pad does keep things cooler better than its peers, and that’s enough to garner the top spot in our reviews. The pad has an adjustable stand, with angles between 0 and 2degrees, and the whole thing is covered by a generous three-year warranty.

Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US

The Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US is not the best laptop pad we saw for cooling your laptop; in fact, it reduced internal temperatures by only a degree or two. What it does do, however, is provide a cooling solution that will work on your lap as well as on a table. The wedge-shaped stand has open sides for open airflow and is covered with a soft layer of neoprene for unrivalled comfort when used in bed or while kicked back on a couch. A lot of the heating problems that people experience arise from setting a laptop on a blanket or pillow for casual use, so the Targus is one of the best solutions we’ve seen to the most common overheating problem.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad TNB-K0025

You probably haven’t heard of Tree New Bee, but the company’s cooling pad is pretty good. It reduced external temperatures by an average of 1degrees Fahrenheit and reduced internal heat by a full 1degrees, making it one of the better coolers we saw for actual cooling.

Unfortunately, it also rattled like an angry snake when we first turned it on, thanks to a slightly warped chassis that caused one fan to strike the cowling on every rotation. A little manual flexing fixed the problem. The feature set is fairly plain, with one extra USB port and an adjustable angle that has two height settings.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

A USB pass-through connection built into the USB power cable means you can still access all of your laptop’s ports, but we wish it offered something in the way of adjustable fan speed. Mercifully, it is one of the few coolers we reviewed that doesn’t light up like a blue glowing Christmas tree when plugged in.

Belkin CoolSpot F5L055

The Belkin CoolSpot is simple, but even in a category in which simplicity is to be expected, this pad is a bit too spartan for our liking. The small laptop cooler is made for laptops up to 1inches in size, and it comes with a single 70-millimeter fan, with no adjustments for speed or angle.

Remote Refrigeration

Remote refrigerations systems are systems where the condensing unit is separate from the box itself. Remote refrigerations give you a wider array of options as far as location; they can be located inside or outside your building, on the roof of your establishment, or even on the roof of the walk-in itself. Keep in mind, all remote refrigeration systems should always be installed by a professional.

Wall Mount Refrigeration

Wall mounted refrigeration carries many of the same benefits as the ceiling mount, with the added benefit of ease of access to a technician should the unit need servicing. Wall mount is also convenient for customers who may not have space to expand above the unit. The wall mounted option is available for both indoor and outdoor units.


Investing in kickplates is a great idea to protect your walk-in and preserve your investment. Kickplates reinforce the door against bumps, dents, scratches, and kicks from feet, equipment, and/or hand trucks. They are available in either stainless steel or diamond tread.

Orca 40 Qt Cooler

The Orca 40 is famed as the best hunting cooler. The founders of the cooler from the “Outdoor Recreation Company of America” needed a cooler that they can take hunting and fishing and that idea was the one that triggered the inception of the cooler. With the ability to withstand a bear attack, the cooler is made of 100% American material and has a lifetime warranty period. The Orca 40 weighs 2pounds while it consists of a lid gasket that can prevent ice from melting and the contents from spoiling for days. A part of the funds of each purchase is donated to a number of American conservation groups and charitable organizations.

Yeti Tundra 7Cooler

The Yeti Tundra 7is the ideal cooler that you can take on your next fishing trip. The cooler boasts of sufficient space to house your catch of the day as well as two cases of beer. The Tundra 7comprises of non-slip feet that contain the same molding of other well known boat coolers. The best deal is that this particular cooler is not limited to the waters alone. It’s is small enough for an individual to carry about while it is made of a number of layers of pressure injected insulation that can hold ice for more than a few days.

Igloo All-Terrain Cooler 120 Quart

Bringing beer to parties has never been this easy. The Igloo all-terrain cooler which is the perfect rolling cooler weighs less than 30 pounds without the beer and has the capacity to hold up to 18cans of the beverage. You can keep ice over a number of days due the cooler’s UV inhibitors. From beach bonfires to fraternity gatherings, the Igloo is possibly the best way to bring in the beer.

Yeti Hopper 30 Softside Cooler

Unlike any other soft side cooler in the market, this Yeti Hopper is known to be the first ever leak-proof softside travel cooler. Completely waterproof, the Hopper can handle 1cans of beer and 2pounds of ice. The cooler is made using the same material as high-performance whitewater rafts while it also consists of a Hydro-lock zipper.

Plastic Coolers

Often referred to as ice chests, plastic coolers are manufactured using tough molded plastic. Offered in a variety of sizes, plastic coolers are very durable. If the cooler has been designed to store large quantities of food for longer periods of time, chances are it is made of plastic. However, they consist of strong and insulated covers and side handles so that you can move it around easily. These plastic coolers have to be filled with food which is then surrounded by ice packs. They often consist of a plug which is located in the base which can be used to empty melted ice.

Electric Coolers

An electric cooler or a portable car fridge can be easily plugged into a car cigarette socket. An insulated cooler box, this is a great way to store food and keep them cold when you are taking a long drive. The mechanism of this cooler is the same as a refrigerator since it makes use of electricity to keep the food cold. Even though these are the most expensive type of coolers around at the moment, you can enjoy the same benefits as of a plastic cooler. There is no requirement to refill ice. Simply plug it in and pack as much food and beverages as you want.

Fabric Coolers

Known as an insulated cooler bag or a collapsible cooler, these fabric coolers are designed to hold fewer items than plastic coolers. The cooler is light weight and offers the perfect solution to carry about small packed lunches and drinks. Lined with a layer of insulation foam, the fabric cooler is usually made from sturdy canvas-type artificial materials.

Popular Cooler Brands

Cooler brands also offer you a variety to choose from. Brands range from general department store brands to sporting brands to outdoor camping brands. Each of these products differs in quality and price. The following are the best brands that are designed for everyday camping.


Known for their tough durability Yeti coolers have been a popular choice with hunters and fishermen throughout the years. Yeti coolers are designed to withstand tough weather conditions. With bear-proof lid locks, the Yeti Tundra cooler line is perfect for adventure lovers who are ready to tackle the most daring outdoors experiences.


Igloo coolers have been around since 194and are available in a range of sizes. You can choose from personal 7-quart coolers as well as large 120-quart ice chests depending on your requirement. The Kool Mate 40 which is also from Igloo is one of the most popular coolers in the world.

Get to know your Cooler

A cooler mainly functions because of the ice that is used within it to keep its contents cool. Usually what manufacturers suggest is to pre-chill these coolers by inserting ice packs in them or storing the cooler in a cold and dark corner of your house. This should be done preferably the day before you leave on a trip. This helps your cooler to maintain the cold for longer periods of time. A point to remember is that you should distribute the ice evenly throughout the cooler so that the entire surface area maintains the same temperature.

Number of pockets

The number of pockets you get when settling for a backpack will solely depend on the use that the bag will be put to. In the event that you will need more pockets for storing some other items than the foods and the drinks, you may have to settle for a more sophisticated backpack that gives you more pockets for the storage of the extra items that you want to take with you. It is important to put to consideration some of the needs that you may want to be taken care of before making a purchase. Putting this into consideration will help you get it right with your cooler backpack.


Comfort should actually come first when it comes to a backpack cooler or any other pack for that matter. Comfort determines the duration you get to stay with your bag and the frequency of use. You can get a comfy pack by ensuring that most of the built in features are good for you. In the event that the user expects to carry lots of food stuff, they should ensure that they get a bag with padded shoulder straps which will work towards protecting your shoulders from any form of injury and will thus give them comfort. A padded and breathable back panel is yet another option that is worth considering since it ensures that the pressure of the load inside does not affect your back. A breathable panel enhances ventilation and reduces the chances of sweating which is most often uncomfortable to the user. A backpack that will be needed for a single day may have simple comfort enhancers to avoid making it a bulky pack.

The size of the backpack cooler you choose to settle for depends on the use of your bag. A pack used to carry foodstuffs for one or two people may be smaller than one that will be used to carry foodstuff for more people. A backpack cooler that is intended for a family is larger since it will have to accommodate lots of things.  Such considerations ensure that you don’t settle for the wrong size and helps you to settle for one that gives you the best to accommodate what is important to you. The duration of your trip is another determining factor of the size of the pack that is settled for. A prolonged hike will most definitely require you to get a larger size than when you are going for day hike.

Pupsik Studio

WHAT This was created to store both bottles and breastpumps in one cooler bag. Two compartments let you stash all sorts of accessories and pump parts, while a waterproof, dirt-resistant outer layer makes it durable and easy to maintain. The fully insulated inner padding keeps milk cold for up to hours.

Mum’s Fairy

WHAT Spacious and versatile, this carrier is a discreet way to carry all the equipment you need to express your milk. You can carry by hand, use the shoulder sling, as a backpack, or attach it to your stroller. Made from a strong, longlasting material, it boasts a waterproof and insulated lining.

PARENTS SAY You’ll enjoy easy access to the contents, especially when you’re busy with your baby, thanks to the wide opening. It’s also large enough to hold most breast pumps and all its parts. Though the design is very basic, we like the versatility offered by the different ways in which we can carry it.


WHAT Simply collapse the cooler bag, pop it into the freezer for hours and it’s ready to use! Fits six bottles ― the tote handle makes it easy to carry around. The built-in cooling panels will keep your milk chilled for 1hours.

PARENTS SAY You don’t have to deal with ice packs or messy condensation with this spacious cooler bag. Although it’s expensive, you know you’re paying for something reliable. You can easily use it to transport food and drinks for outings and picnics when your pumping days are over.

Agape Babies

WHAT Pumping mums will love this portable BPA-free cooler set that will keep your breastmilk cool and safe. Comes with four Medela storage milk bottles ― very handy! ― and a contoured ice pack.

PARENTS SAY This is probably the cooler bag you’ll want to go for if you are using a Medela pump. It’s compact and portable, and the ideal fit for four Medela storage bottles. The ice pack ensures that your bottles of milk won’t go tumbling around the bag. However, some mums wish that it’s slightly bigger, especially the mums who express more than twice a day might find this bag a bit too small.

Desert air coolers

Desert air coolers are mostly used in dry climate regions. They are usually larger than personal air coolers and are designed for cooling large rooms. They use large water tanks and have huge fans that can deliver cool air to the farthest corners of the room. Desert air coolers are more preferable if you want to use them outdoors, for example, on your terrace or backyard.

Personal air coolers

Personal air coolers are more preferable for places that face humid weather conditions. They are specifically meant to be used in small or specific areas of the room. They are known to consume less energy and are also quieter than desert air coolers. They have smaller water tanks but are capable of providing cooling for hours.


Just like an air conditioner, it’s important to buy an air cooler that fits the size of your room. Airflow of an air cooler is also measured in terms of CFM (cubic feet per minute). The CFM denotes the amount of air cycled into your room each minute. You can choose the right size for the air cooler by calculating the CFM required for your room. You can calculate the required CFM by dividing the cubic feet of your room by two. For example, if your room is 300 sq feet in size, with the ceiling at a height of feet. Then the CFM required would be 1,500 (300 sq ft x ft/2).

The airflow of an air cooler also depends on whether it uses a blower or a fan. Fans can create airflow with low pressure but in large volumes; they are usually used in big air coolers. Blowers on the other hand, can create high pressure airflow at high volumes, which is why they are used in smaller models. While buying an air cooler, you should also look for models that have multiple speed settings. This lets you control the airflow, thereby controlling the temperature in the room. Most air coolers sport a three-speed regulator at the least. You can also look for an air cooler with automatic louver movement, which ensures the flow of cool air in all directions. This feature is especially important for desert air coolers that are used in large rooms.

Trending features to look for

One of the major reasons why people don’t prefer buying air coolers is because they take up space and don’t go well with the aesthetics of the room. These days, manufacturers have models with sleek and stylish designs. Tower air coolers are currently one of the most trending variants in the market. They take up less floor space but are still powerful enough to be used in big rooms.

If you plan on using your air cooler in different rooms, then it’s better to get an air cooler with castor wheels. This makes it easy to move the air cooler around the house. Some air coolers also come with the option of attachable wheels.

Air coolers that work on inverters

Air coolers are already known for their low energy consumption. Some manufacturers today have added to that feature by introducing air coolers that can even work on inverters. These air coolers consume up to 50 per cent less power than a standard air cooler. They are the best option for you if your home faces constant power cuts.





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Most important, have fun and choose your Coolers wisely! Good luck!

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