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Top Of The Best Collectible Figurines Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Collectible Figurines of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Always With You Praying Hands Religious Art Collectible Figurine by The Bradford Exchange

Always With You Praying Hands Religious Art Collectible Figurine by The Bradford Exchange
An inspiring work of religious art showcasing the beautiful imagery of acclaimed Biblical portraitist Greg Olsen, available only from The Bradford Exchange
Mr. Olsen’s touching portrait of Jesus sitting on a hilltop in a moment of private reflection is superbly reproduced in full color and vivid detail


№2 – ENNAS 4.21″H Collectible Ballerina Figurines Statue Tabletop

ENNAS 4.21
The ballerina figurine measures 1.97″ length x 1.61″ wide x 4.21″ tall.
Made of resin stone material.
Dust with soft cloth or soft brush.


№3 – Nao by Lladro Collectible Porcelain Figurine: THE GREATEST BOND – 7 1/4″ tall – mother and child

Nao by Lladro Collectible Porcelain Figurine: THE GREATEST BOND - 7 1/4
Authentic Nao by Lladro Porcelain
Made in Valencia, Spain
7-1/4″ tall by 7-1/2″ wide


Invest only in things you like

You should invest only in antiques that you are happy to have in your home for years to come.

A spokesman for Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide said: “Although you will no doubt have some interest in the financial value of your collection, this should be seen only as a bonus. Just like any market, fashions and tastes change over time. This means that something that is not valuable now may become so in the future, and vice versa.”

Look for original untouched furniture

Furniture that hasn’t been restored, preferably with provenance, is likely to be among the best investments. John Hansord from Hansord Antiques said: “Look for small, useful pieces such as Georgian and Regency desks priced from around £5,000. Chests of drawers in early walnut of good colour and patina, priced from £10,000 to £50,000, are especially desirable. These should be seen as a 10-year investment.”

Look for rare items

Rare items are usually the most valuable, so invest in antiques that are unusual. Anthea Gesua of Anthea AG Antiques, which specialises in jewellery, said: “Look for the quirky and something with an edge, something that will be noticed, such as animals, an unusual shape or real craftsmanship.”

Beware of fakes

If you suspect something is a fake, resist the temptation to buy until you can get confirmation that the piece is authentic.

Watch out for signs of restoration “If you buy a piece with original colour and patina it is much less likely to be restored as French polish and waxed finishes can hide restoration.”

Insure your collection

You will need to insure any antiques you buy, but premiums needn’t be expensive if you have only a few items. Steve Smith, managing director of specialist insurance broker Smith Greenfield, said: “A £5,000 chest of drawers would cost about £to £20 to insure on the fine art section of a typical mid or high-net-worth policy.”

Bear in mind that many standard contents policies will require items to be specified if they are worth more than a defined amount, such as £1,000. Specialist high-value policies, however, tend to need items to be specified only if items are worth more than £5,000, £15,000 or even £25,000 individually.

Make sure you keep an up-to-date valuation of the items insured. Andrew Boldt, managing director of brokers Insurance Tailors, said: “For particularly high-value items, insurers may require evidence of a valuation before they will offer cover in the first place.”

What is an Antique

When we talk about the value of an antique, we can mean several things. I greatly value the things passed down to me from loved ones and would never part with most of them as the sentimental value is too great.

Maybe I never met my great grandmother, but I look at her beautiful Flow Blue china and can touch something that she touched. The family came to the United States during the Irish Potato Famine in the mid 19th century. My great great grandfather was a laborer. So, I know that this lovely dishware meant a lot to the family. It meant that they had arrived into the middle class, that the family was established enough to spend money on a few fine things.

I remember seeing the Flow Blue at Auntie’s house, how it was rarely used, but treasured, set in a bow front cabinet to be looked upon – not touched. This is the most valuable antique of all. It’s priceless!

Value and Conditon of Antiques and Collectibles

I have a beautiful porcelain figurine of a young girl holding up the skirt of a pleated dress. Fifteen years ago, I found some information about the figure that was made in the late 1800’s or early 1900s by the Gebruder Heubach Company of Thuringia, Germany (Gebruder being German for brothers). The figure can be identified by the look of it,and the mark on the bottom, as with most valuable china and porcelain pieces. The mark is a divided circle with a sunburst on top and two over-lapped letters below.

Unfortunately, someone very close to me (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) knocked the figurine’s head off some 40 years ago. The head was neatly glued back on but the damage was done. No way I would ever get anywhere near the suggested price because it is damaged.

Which brings me to

The Condition of Antiques and Collectibles – Take Care of Your Old Things

Take proper care of your antiques and collectibles. Keep them out of harm’s way.

Do not attempt to refinish a piece of old or antique furniture. Part of the value of an old piece is determined by it’s patina, the changes that occur in the aging process. If you remove old paint or finish, you may destroy both the charm and value of the piece.

Do Not Assume

Just because something looks old, or someone else thinks that it is old does not mean that the item is actually old.

This lovely lamp may appear to be old or antique to some people, but was purchases at TJ Maxx in the 1980s. Not old.

Often older pieces, or antiques are copied and sold just because they are so darn pretty. These reproductions can be fun to buy and use but they do not have the value of a genuine antique. Reproductions of old dishes are better to use than the real thing. Today’s regulations prevent the addition of toxic elements in the production of dishware. That was not true in the past.

Identify Your Antique

Before you learn the value of a piece, you must first identify the item. If you want to identify an old item yourself be prepared to do some research. If you love antiques, this process can be a lot of fun as there is a lot to learn. Your local library will have a section of antique and collectible guides for everything from old furniture to hardware. These can be a valuable resource. Of course these kinds of books are available to purchase at a bookstore or online.

Online sites like Kovels and Replacements are an excellent resource for the identification of dishware.

Look for maker’s marks on the item. Dishware, for example, should have an image on the bottom called a back stamp. You can then look up that stamp. There are many types of, say, dishware that appear similar. My Blue Fjord plates may look a lot like the highly collectible Royal Copenhagen but a quick check of the back stamp (shown below) tells me the truth.

Many products have marks that change slightly over the years which can help you learn when the item was produced. Some furniture will show identifying marks as well. An authentic Stickley Morris type chair should have a decal on the bottom.

Selling Your Antique or Collectible Item

When selling your antiques through a dealer, it behooves you to establish a relationship with a trustworthy and reputable person. Talk to people you know who can recommend an antiques or collectibles dealer that they have done business with in the past.

Create a buzz for the antique that you wish to sell by hawking on other sites including social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Draw interest in your product by advertising, or writing articles about antiques, featuring the types of antiques or collectibles that you wish to sell.

Selling Your Antique or Collectible on Craigslist I know plenty of people who have arranged successful deal s on Craiglist both buying and selling. But there are horror stories too. If you must,arrange to meet the buyer in a public place for your own safety. Only accept cash. Of course, you can’t sell a Victorian armoire and meet the buyer in the parking lot at Denny’s. Well, maybe you can, but it may be a bit cumbersome and kind of ridiculous.

Selling Your Antique or Collectible at a Consignment Shop Most consignment shops will arrange to pick up and item at your home. They generally charge 1/of the selling price. Pay attention to the contract and their sales practices. Some consignment shops lower the price drastically if the item does not sell in a specified amount of time. You want to be sure that you are comfortable with the lowered price.

Selling Antiques at Auction can be a good resource if you have a large collection of smaller items or one real good item. Auction can be good for you if you want to move a piece quickly, but you might not always be happy with the price.


In the case of a very valuable antique, significant art, or a historically significant antique, you may want to establish provenance. If you want to sell the piece as an important artifact, you will have to do so. Provenance means that a paper trial has followed the item throughout the years. Receipts, letters, and other documents that have been handed down along with that item will serve that purpose.

Face it, anyone can say that George Washington ate off a particular plate. Someone’s say-so is not proof. Some sites claim that a photograph can show provenance. A photograph may help but to say that just because you own the same chair shown in one of Mathew Brady’s Abraham Lincoln portraits does not mean that your chair is the exact one shown in the picture.

Determining Antique Lenox Figurine Values

The best way to determine antique Lenox values is to purchase a current price guide. Do be sure that it is current because the values can change rapidly. A price guide that is more than a year or two old is not very accurate. Make sure you understand the descriptions of condition because the condition your figurine is in will have a huge effect on the value. For example, an item in the original box can sell for fifty percent more than an item without its box.

You can sign up with the Collectors’ Information Bureau. Registration is free and allows you to research many collectible items. This group tracks the sales of collectibles to help you stay up to date on the values. It also allows you to network with other collectors. This can be helpful if you wish to sell pieces from your collection later on.

Some Recent Lenox Values

While the value of collectibles can change from month to month you can get a pretty good idea of the value of your figurine by checking what they have recently sold for or are selling for on trusted sites. Lenox has created a variety of collectible figurines from angels to animals. (Prices shown are as of 2010)

If you want your figurine to become an heirloom and eventually an antique you should follow these tips:

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Finding the value of Lladro figurines depends mainly on three factors; rarity, condition, and desirability*. And of course which type of value you are looking for; book value, (estimates by knowledgeable collectors), and true value, (what someone has and will pay).

Finding True value is actually easier than finding a trustworthy Book value.

Show only

See Recent Lladro Figurine Values: • Confirm the authenticity of the Lladro factory marks with this printable factory marks chart:   Lladro History, Factory, and Makers Marks

Her book uses historical data from her own collections, and collecting efforts, as well as information from other premiere Lladro authorities.   Most Expensive LLadro Sold

Search for

A note about shopping links and referrals: Most of the product links here are referral links which benefit this site but have no affect on your price. These links have been researched to provide the cheapest prices available online so you don’t have to spend hours searching through the thousands of possibilities.

Science and Medicine

Yard sales, flea markets, school fairs, and your local antique stores are treasure troves of items that you can buy for pennies on the dollar and resell for a profit!

If you have a good eye for what sells, the sky is the limit for what you can earn.

You should be able to spot trends on colors, time periods and other item attributes and pin-point what buyers are looking for.

Tips for selling antique items

Help to attract buyers and add value to your products by styling them well. Put the products into context where you can. For example, if you are selling a pair of candlesticks, style them by putting them on a mantelpiece or dining table with complementary items surrounding them. If you are selling a vase, style the vase with flowers (fresh or faux, either is fine) and sell the buyer how the item could be used.

Remember to take photos of the item on its own also, so that buyers can see it clearly. You should also clarify in your product listing that accessories shown in your photos are not included. For more tips on selling antiques or any other items online, check out our video training course Online Selling Tactics. 

Filter Results

Show Off Your Favorites – Figurine Display Cases, Flag Boxes, Shot Glass Cases, Sports Collectibles Stands or Model Boxes

Where else can you find display cases for collectibles offered at such reasonable prices? You’d be hard pressed to find any retailer in the US with fixtures that deliver great craftsmanship combined with pricing this low. Browse our entire selection of collector’s cabinets to see different sizes, styles, and several applications for your merchandise. Along with shot glass cabinets, we carry acrylic counter cases, sports memorabilia showcases, shadow boxes and flag boxes for veterans. Our small display cases for collectibles are designed to show off your favorite pieces like model cars, authentic sports gear, or glass figurines. You can trust that the star of the show is safe from harm as all of our glass figurine cases feature locks to prevent tampering and tempered glass for extra safety. If the glass breaks, it shatters into small rounded pieces rather than sharp fragments to prevent you or your customers from injury. Given this safety feature; retail stores prefer, and often times require, that all of their fixtures be tempered. Looking for something a little more upscale and refined? Check out our wood display cases to find products in multiple grain finishes to match or complement almost any décor.

It must be love

So why have they got such a hold over me, these stylised, semi-chibi, black-eyed little guys? Why are they so important to me all of a sudden? How can I explain myself to my partner and her dad – and indeed the world at large – without the words ‘giant man-child with an addictive personality’ creeping into the dialogue? It’s perhaps useful to start with what the Pops definitely don’t mean to me, and whittle it down from there.

For a kick off, I’m not looking for a return on an investment. A Pop’s worth in the far-future is of zero interest to me. I’ve no desire to become one of those Funko fanatics who has hundreds of sealed boxes lined along their walls – people who like they’re either about to open a branch of Walmart in their bedroom, or else are being paid by SHIELD to oversee a prison facility for the tiniest criminals on earth. As soon as a Pop hits my shelf, its box is immediately sent off to join its paper-based brothers and sisters at the bottom of my recycling bin.

I don’t value them for their utility either. It goes without saying that I’m not ‘playing’ with them, despite what my partner’s father might imagine. I don’t while away my evenings setting up ‘goody’ and ‘baddie’ bases all around the living room, assembling an improvised Avengers team of Bob Belcher, Gizmo, Peter Venkman and Helena from Orphan Black, and nightly sending it into battle against the four-inch forces of evil led by Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and the old guy from Disney’s Up.

So what does that leave? That I like looking at them? That I like them being on display for others to see? Yes, of course. But why? There’s definitely a strong element of nostalgia.

One of my rows of Pops represents the horror and action movies I gorged on as a child and a teen; the iconic characters that first caught my eye as they beamed down or growled out from super-sized posters lined along the walls of my local Blockbuster. Glancing along that row brings back memories of watching Hellraiser with my big cousin; being exposed to the visually delicious and wonderfully warped imagination of HR Geiger for the first time; being huddled in the dark of my bedroom with a thumping heart – way past bedtime and without parental consent – watching all manner of claws, blades and chainsaws tearing across the screen; and, of course, memories of my first tentative steps into the world of Arnie impersonations (something everyone alive in the 80s was required by law to perfect): “Get down! Get to the choppa!”

There’s another row that speaks to my love of TV fantasy and sci-fi: an assemblage of comic book heroes, a gaggle of Doctor Whos, a smattering of the USS Enterprise crew; all of them a testament to the still-abiding passions of my youth, the people and beings that fired my imagination, broadened my horizons and probably set back the loss of my virginity by a good four years.

OCD and a sense of social justice have begun to creep into my decision-making. I ordered Arrow and Daredevil Pops because there wasn’t enough red and green in my collection’s colour-scheme. I found myself ashamed that there weren’t enough women or minorities being represented, so I checked my male white privilege and set about re-dressing the balance. Too human-centric? Time for some cartoons and cybernetic life-forms! Not enough gingers? Blast, I forgot about the gingers. Over time, these models have arranged themselves into an extension of me. In a funny sort of way, I’ve come to regard them as portable plastic tattoos; little parcels of different parts of my history and personality filtered through the prism of pop culture. Markers. Memories. Testaments.

I must confess that I still find it moderately embarrassing when my son points up at the shelves and shouts to his mother: “They Daddy’s toys, you no touch!” I did once allow him to play with a handful of Pops, only to have my misguided benevolence rewarded with a decapitation. I mightn’t have minded had the victim been Ned Stark, but… Poor Buzz. He didn’t deserve to go out like that.

But, in a strange way, although he’s forbidden from ‘playing’ with them, the Pops are as much for my little boy as they are for me. He can name almost all of them, even if he’s never seen the show or movie in which they appear (rest assured I haven’t introduced him to American Horror Story or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – that can be a treat for his fifth birthday). He could identify Riker and Geordi long before he’d ever seen them on screen, and when he did see them for the first time he greeted them with the sort of fevered exclamations usually reserved for Gods and rock-stars. His intense love of Batman and Superman cartoons can be traced directly to the presence of the diminutive versions of them he sees peering out at him from the shelves every morning.

My Pops have become a bridge between me and my son, between one generation and the next. I see my hobby as a way of passing down a plastic pop-culture alphabet for him to read and understand, so he can better understand the cultural world in which I was raised. I’m infecting him with the wide-eyed wonder and passions of my youth; rebooting my own childhood with him in the starring role and me in the director’s chair.

Simply put, I’m a giant man-child with an addictive personality who is also hopelessly nostalgic and sentimental.

In years to come, after I’m long gone, I can see him holding the Pops, one by one, studying them intently, turning them over in his hands, and saying to his wife: ‘You know, I’ve no idea who any of these models are meant to be,’ and his wife turning to him and saying, ‘I don’t want your dad’s stupid bloody toys cluttering up the house. Let’s take them to the landfill.’

You can find

German cuckoo clocks for sale all over the world. Finding a quality and authentic clock can be challenging with so many cheap imitations on the market.  Producer standards, practices, origin, and reputation are all important factors in the measure of quality. 

Germany’s southwestern region known as the Black Forest or Schwarzwald has been producing authentic cuckoo clocks for nearly 300 years. Schwarzwald is the well established home of the cuckoo clock. Black Forest wood carvers and clockmakers alike are considered to be the best in the world. These past and present craftsmen built the standard by which all coo coo clocks are measured.

In an effort to preserve the art, integrity and standards of fine cuckoo clock making the Black Forest Clock Association was formed.  Also known as VdS or Verein die Schwarzwalduhr, this group of producers, traders, and cuckoo clock experts sought to formalize the strict practices the region is so well known for. Together they created a certification process designed protect the Black Forest tradition and represent quality around the world.

The chalets of the Emmental Valley

RAILROAD HOUSE CLOCK – also known as Bahnhäusle Uhren

Born out of Friedrich Eisenlohr’s award winning design in 1850 the Railroad House clock remains one of today’s most popular cuckoo clock styles. Inspired by the 19th century era railroad guard house the clock displays a station house facade and pitched roof ornately covered in hand carved grape vines. In 185Johann Beha created a slightly different version he referred to as a Railroad Station clock. It included a detailed oil painting on the clocks face. 


Mechanical movements are the most common in Black forest cuckoo clocks. As a mater of fact, a cuckoo clock must be driven by a mechanical movement made in the Black Forest to earn the coveted Black Forest Clock Association seal and certificate of authenticity. 

Powered by weights and gravity, the hard brass movements do not require electricity to function making them eco-friendly. Once made entirely of wood, these movements have been used in black forest cuckoo clocks for centuries.

Most cuckoo clock craftsmen today use industry standard REGULA movements by SBS Feintechnik.  SBS operates in the Black Forest village of Schonach, Germany and is known throughout the region for its high quality clockworks.


Quartz movements provide a reliable alternative to their mechanical cousins. These movements are battery operated and are most often found in clocks of the lower price range. 

Music, movement and animations in quartz cuckoos are electronic simulations of the mechanical cuckoo clock. Maintenance is simple and usually limited to changing batteries.

Quartz cuckoo clocks do not qualify for VdS certification since they are imitations of the authentic mechanical movement. Still, there are reputable manufacturers that produce quality quartz cuckoo clocks with an authentic look.

Let’s cover the basics: 

The two basic cuckoo clock shut-off options are automatic and manual. 

A manual shut-off requires that you manually set a switch to the off position to disable the sound of the clock. The clocks sound will remain off until you manually change the switch back to the on position. 

1-DAY cuckoo clocks usually offer manual shut-off only. You will rarely if ever find a 1-DAY clock with an automatic shutoff. Since 1-Day are wound daily the switch is usually set while winding.

An automatic switch can be set to the on, off, or automatic position. When set to the automatic position it will silence the clock automatically for to 1hours beginning between 8pm and 10pm in the evening.

8-DAY clocks generally have a manual shut-off. Many but not all 8-DAY clocks are available with an automatic shut-off option.  Most muscial clocks in the upper price range will include the automatic shut-off feature as standard.

Useful Resources

This is the first in our series of how-to guides on buying collectibles as an investment. We’re going to start by looking at toys. I’ll begin by taking a quick look at the factors that have made toys a viable target for investment.

A Short History of Toy Collecting

While it’s likely that people have collected toys pretty much ever since the first toy was made, one of the most significant factors in the road towards modern toy collecting was probably the first mass production of toys.

In an interview given at doctorwhotoys.net, Dr Catherine Carey of the Western Kentucky University lists the following criteria that determine collectability: “aesthetic value, standardization, authentication, variation, set completion, nostalgia/notoriety/novelty, affordability, rarity, investment value, community, and a thrill of the hunt”.

Modern mass production, introducing standardized sets of items that collectors can pursue, substantially increasedthe impetus to collect.

This started with tin toys, model soldiers and model vehicles such as train sets and dinky toys, and progressed through to toys made from plastic, like Barbie dolls which first appeared in 1959.

A landmark in the perception of toy collecting was the film Star Wars which was released in 197The surprise success of the Film, (famously one of the first marketed Star Wars products was essentially an action figure IOU) spawned an immense range of toys. The long gap between films (and therefore toy releases) after Return Of The Jedi had the effect of driving up the price of some earlier collectibles to impressive levels.

Suddenly toys were widely perceived as valuable collectibles, something that may have, paradoxically, reduced their value as an investment, for reasons that will be discussed shortly.

Collecting vs. Investing

It’s worth pointing out here that this guide is intended to help you in the acquisition of toys as an investment, not as part of a collection, and it’s important that we recognise the difference between the two activities.

Certainly many toy investors start out collecting products that they have an interest in, and this interest can be tremendously valuable for an investor, bringing with it a broad range of knowledge about the products.

However it’s important that, in investing, you donot lose sight of the fact that the objective is to achieve a return on your investment. Collectors may feel compelled to purchase items because of personal preference rather than value as an investment; they may even be ignoring the fact that their particular area of interest is actually a poor choice to invest money into. It’s probably a good idea, therefore, to take a look at some of the factors that make for the ideal collectible.

The Ideal Investment

Sealed/Undamaged goods – This is a key factor in the value of toys as a collectible and any listing of collectible toys will be peppered with acronyms such as MOC (Mint On Card) or MISB (Mint In Sealed Box), which has a huge impact on their value. The simple fact is that many toys will be opened and played with, while much of the value of sealed toys comes from their scarcity. Taking the previously mentioned Star Wars collectibles, a quick

Lack of competition – “Collectibles” tend to make poor investments. The reason for the value of the aforementioned MISB toy is that almost no-one left them in that state. If a toy line is currently attracting large amounts of interest from collectors, then the chances are that down the line, your mint condition collectibles will have lots of competition from other items in a similarly perfect condition. If you are thinking to invest long term, then be particularly wary of items that are specifically marketed as collectibles, or which are primarily attracting attention only from adult collectors. A prime example of this was the Beanie Baby craze, which saw the price of the items shoot up immensely over a short period of time and then collapse to almost nothing. You should also avoid spending too much time and money acquiring limited edition or “shortpacked” chase items, which may be desirable for completionist collectors, but as an investment you may find that they fail to return the extra effort and expenditure required to track them down.

Demand – If buying new toys for long term investment, you need to think carefully about which toys are likely to appeal to tomorrow’s collectors, not today’s. Adult toy collectors tend to be driven by nostalgia, perhaps even the desire to acquire items that they are were unable to afford as a child. Look for toy lines that correspond to currently popular film and television properties, but also look at the toys themselves – are they well made? Do they seem to offer good play value? If you are attempting to acquire vintage collectibles then you need to have a good understanding of which products are the most desirable to the current collector and what they will be willing to pay for them.

Completion/Parts – As toys are played with, small parts and accessories tend to be lost. Obviously if you are keeping your collectibles in a sealed/mint state then this will not apply to your items, but it can still have a big impact on the strength of the opposition. Future collectors are much more likely to pay a premium for your MISB item if they are unable to find complete, unboxed items at a reasonable price. If you are buying vintage toys then you need to know what components should be present and which items may become easily damaged. Some items are very easily damaged and mint loose items will increase in value because of that. In particular some earlier types of plastic can easily be discoloured by sun exposure, or become brittle with age. Some paint types (especially metallic paints) can be prone to chip easily, and many items have parts that are easily snapped off.

Rarity – Items are more likely to become valuable if they are only produced in relatively small quantities or for short periods of time. Long running properties will often see multiple versions produced of the same toy, often using identical moulds. For example, “Bumblebee” a popular character featured the recent Tranformers movies, might seem like an excellent candidate for collectible, apart from the fact that there have been over 100 separate versions of the character produced since the movie’s release in 200(demonstrated in the identification table here), and that’s just counting the movie version of the character. Be wary also of the recent trend of reproducing similar or identical versions of vintage toys in near identical packaging to the original. Make sure you can distinguish these from the original items. For example the previously mentioned AT-AT toy was made available in a “vintage” edition in 2012, featuring near identical packaging to the original.

Storage – Some items are more difficult to store in good condition than others and some packaging is produced using poor quality material which is easily scratched or bent. Such packaging can obviously increase the value the value of a mint condition item, but increases the difficulty for you of properly storing the item, and acquiring an item in good condition in the first place.

Our current investment tip

Currently I’d consider Lego toys to be a good example of an item that may be expected to increase in value. Lego toys are currently experiencing a dramatic upsurge in popularity among children. They are often released in themed ranges that contain unique components and mini-figures that are not typically re-released, and which are available for a relatively short period of time. They provide strong play value and are entirely composed of numerous small parts that are easily lost when the items are played with so future collectors will be strongly inclined to seek boxed items. Many Lego items have packaging that cannot be opened without damaging it. There are also relatively few adult Lego collectors compared to properties such as Star Wars or Transformers, and many of those who do exist will open the items in order to assemble the models rather than buying the items as an investment.

Keeping your investments safe

If you intend to store items for sale at a much later date, then you will need to keep them well packaged and away from damp conditions. If you intend to put items on display, you should avoid exposing them to direct sunlight which can quickly bleach the colours from packaging or even plastic. If you have young children or pets it may also be wise to insure that the items are kept well out of sight, lest they become a source of temptation.

It’s obviously a good idea to consider how you are going to store items before you start to accumulate them, not after. If you build up a significant stock of items you may need to insure them separately from your normal household coverage and even consider their impact as a fire hazard.

Selling your items

Eventually you are going to want to sell the items that you have bought in order to recoup your investment, ideally without eating into your profits to pay expensive selling fees, or using up too much valuable times.

Trade fairs and events – Many trade fares and niche events have a traders market that gives you direct access to dedicated collectors. The cost to acquire a stall at these events is often quite high, but items at these events often sell for a considerable premium over online sales.

Flush investors take shine to rare coins

Nevertheless, Bertoia and other industry watchers say the appeal of antique toys as an investment exists.

A 201survey by Barclays Wealth and Investment Management and Ledbury Research showed that 2percent of wealthy collectors invest in such treasures or financial security if conventional investments fail, and 1percent said they are purely an investment.

However, 6percent of respondents said they simply enjoy owning their treasures.

The buyers of Claus’s boat collection ran the gamut from die-hard collectors who only wanted display pieces to those who view the items as investments.

Indeed, if someone goes about it right, collectible toys can yield returns. Experts say the trick is knowing what you’re doing. “It’s like the stock market. Can anyone really time it?” said Terry Kovel, co-author of “Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide.” He added: “It’s the same with investing in collectibles — you have to time it right. It takes a lot of research and time.”

Kovel, who has been involved in the industry since the 1950s, said the toys bringing in money now are mechanically complex examples from the 19th century.

For instance, mechanical banks. Basically, these banks were produced to encourage kids to save their money — put a coin in a slot, pull a lever, and the coin drops into a bank.

Pros and cons of long-term care insurance

Lewis Altfest, certified financial planner and CEO of Altfest Personal Wealth Management, also is leery of viewing collectibles as investments. “Don’t look at it as an investment,” said Altfest, who excludes collectibles from clients’ investment portfolios. “Look at it as a way to enjoy something you love.”

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Track and organize your collection

Quickly document everything in your collection by selecting the items you own from our extensive catalog. Easily add new items and your own photos, descriptions and item details. Upgrade to see items values and estimates on the total worth of your collection.

How CGI Is Ruining Your Favorite Movies

However much we marvel at “these new-fangled special effects,” sometimes they can get in the way of actually enjoying a film. Let’s look at how CGI is ruining your favorite movies.

Read More ) and 1970s–80s Lego sets, the tips and tricks I picked up apply to any toy in reasonably good condition (and some that aren’t).

Perhaps you collected Kinder Surprise toys! It could be anything.

Research Your Toy’s Value

To get started, you need to know what you’re planning to sell is worth. At this stage, you don’t need to take anything off of any shelves, or get anything out of the attic — as long as you know what you have, and what condition it is in, you can research its value.

You’ll find such sites with a quick Google search

1Advanced Searches To Bookmark To Become A Google Power User

1Advanced Searches To Bookmark To Become A Google Power User

Turn yourself into a true Google power user with these 1advanced searches and pro tips. This will make sure you never have to recall these searches and yet will always have them at your fingertips.

Understand the Importance of Keywords

Wherever you’re selling the item, make sure you clearly describe it in the listing title, using its most recognized name, followed by the condition it is in. This is useful both for the listings page of the site you’re using, and any search engines that might be indexing the listing site or its sub-categories.

Second guess what potential buyers might type into Google to find your item, and work with it.

Promote Your Auction

Read More. Or you might be avoiding it (plenty of security experts would say this is a good idea

Read More ) completely, or prefer to list your classic toys for sale on dedicated websites and forums.

But you will need people to know about the auctions. What better way to do this than to share the auction on Twitter, Facebook, or perhaps even Snapchat or Instagram?

Social media contacts might like to know about the sale, or have friends that might like to know more. Additionally, specialist websites dedicated to toys (or particular toy ranges) might have a discussion forum

How We Talk Online: A History of Online Forums, From Cavemen Days To The Present

How We Talk Online: A History of Online Forums, From Cavemen Days To The Present

Let’s take a step back and think about the wonders of modern technology for one second. The web has made it possible to participate in near-instant communication on a global scale. Join me as I…

Read More where you can alert fellow members to your sale. Be careful to abide by the site rules, however, and avoid spamming and repeated posts — these are frowned upon!

Limited Editions

Our price guides contain every manufacturer from Topps to Upper Deck to Fleer, Donruss and more. We not only have prices for cards but also have guides for figurines, signatures, and limited editions. No matter your sport, your age, if you’re a Mickey Mantle fan or collect all things Dale Earnhardt, our experts price everything as far back as 193Click on any of our guides to get information you need as a serious sports collector. Tuff Stuff gets you the latest prices free of charge!





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Collectible Figurines by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Collectible Figurines wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Collectible Figurines



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