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Top Of The Best Clip Rings Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Clip Rings of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Tojwi 24pcs Curtain Clips Rings Metal Drapery Curtain Rings with Clips

Tojwi 24pcs Curtain Clips Rings Metal Drapery Curtain Rings with Clips
COLOR:Nickel plating color, shiny bright surface,anti-rust,do not fade lasting a long time.
RING DIMENSION:1/8” thick; 1-1/4″ Inner diameter; 1-1/2″ External diameter,make sure you measured your rods before you order the rings.
EASY INSTALLATION: Easily install and disassemble,slide the rings to your rod,caught your curtain, drapery with clips.


№2 – ACCO Loose Leaf Binder Rings, 1 Inch Capacity, Silver, 100 Rings / Box (72202)

ACCO Loose Leaf Binder Rings, 1 Inch Capacity, Silver, 100 Rings / Box (72202)
Loose leaf rings in 1 inch capacity hold up to 175 sheets; silver; 100 per box
Binder rings lock securely; made of tough steel can withstand heavy use; strong nickel plating won’t crack, split or bend; ideal for fastening any size document stack and keys and swatches too!


№3 – AmazonBasics 1″ Curtain Clip Ring, Set of 7, Bronze (Brown)

AmazonBasics 1
Set of 7 large clip rings in Bronze for hanging curtains from a curtain rod
Plated-steel rings fit curtain rods up to 1-inch in diameter; each curtain ring can hold up to 3 pounds
Heavy-duty spring-tension clips attach securely to top edge of curtain


Recommended Binders

Basic Vinyl Round Ring Binder, 1/2″ Capacity, Black

Round Ring Economy Vinyl View Binder, 1″ Capacity, White

Flexi-View Round-Ring Presentation View Binder, 1/2″ Capacity, Navy Blue

How often will you add documents to your 3-Ring Binder?

Additional 3-Ring Binder Features: 

One-touch binder rings easily open with just one hand.

Gap-free binder rings eliminate tears and snags when turning pages. 

Back-mounted binder rings allow pages to lie flat, instead of following the curve of the ring.

Easy-insert binder spines  allow you to quickly add, remove, or swap labels.

Label holders  allow insertion of descriptive labels.

Non-stick covers prevent ink stains and smudges, so you can reuse your 3-ring binders over and over again.

I wear my wedding ring on my right hand.

The reason? I married my wife in a Ukrainian Orthodox church and have never felt the need to move it even though we live in a country where 99.99% of people wear it on the left hand.

Step outside the norm and people notice.  Depending on your goals, this may be a good thing or a bad thing.

The goal of this article is to help you understand the guidelines to wearing jewelry so you can better control the signals you send.  Because these tiny pieces of metal and stone can have a big effect on the opinions of people we’re trying to work with or get to know, you want to make sure you’re sending the right visual message.

Clip on full cover mudguards and fenders

Fret not if your bike is lacking in the eyelet department as there are other solutions out there.

And while they give decent coverage, it’s not as full as full length mudguards

Mudguards like the SKS Race Blade Pro and Crud Roadacer use o-rings (though MKof the Roadracer use a special kind of ‘super velcro’) wrapped around the frame to provide a relatively secure connection in lieu of eyelets while providing a level of coverage comparable, but not quite as thorough, as full length mudguards.

Although their light weight and sleek looks may seem appealing, be warned that this style of guards are often a bit of a faff to set up and tend to wobble about more than full cover guards.

Crud Road Racers are a great option for bikes without eyelets, but are undoubtedly a faff to fit

However, if your bike has especially tight clearances or lacks eyelets, these are the best options available.

Mudguards aren’t limited to road use and can make a world of difference off road

Clip-on mudguards and fenders

Clip-on mudguards are your last option and give the least amount of coverage of all the styles.

Though they’ll go a long way to stop the cursed brown streak of muck up your back, they’ll do little to protect your bike from the elements. 

However, for mountain bikes or those that absolutely cannot stand the idea of full cover mudguards, they’re the only option.

It utilises a cammed strap closure to keep the mudguard securely in place

Clip-on mudguards come in two distinct styles — clamp-on style like the venerable Topeak Defender and folding ones like the the popular Ass Saver.

Folding guards which mount under the crown are becoming increasingly popular on mountain bikes

Usually mounting under the saddle, crown or downtube, these will protect you from the worst spray and are best suited to mountain bikes.

Storage and subscriptions

Not all video storage is created equal. There’s cloud storage, which sends your video footage to a remote server, and local storage, which relies on a separate accessory (typically a microSD card that has a dedicated slot on the camera) to hold any footage you’d like to save.

Remote and local storage are really a matter of preference, but some cameras, like the

Field of view

How much do you want your security camera to see? Since it’s probably guarding a single area, room or point of entry, a larger field of view is generally more desirable. Piper has a 180-degree fish-eye lens — the largest of the models we’ve reviewed, although Foscam’s underwhelming IP camera had manual pan and tilt functionality that dramatically increased its field of view. Simplicam, on the other hand, has a lower 107-degree field of view.

On the horizon

There’s a lot to think about when you’re considering a DIY home security camera, but taking time to examine the characteristics that distinguish one model from the next will help guide you to the right fit.

Even so, the security industry is in flux, and there are a lot of upcoming innovations that are sure to leave their mark on the home security market. Face recognition is one intriguing new feature that we’ve already noted, but there’s a lot more on the way. We look forward to new and innovative ways to use voice control with a security camera, as well as even more third-party integrations linking your camera to other smart home devices.

They instantly turn you from great to GLAM!

There is NO OTHER accessory that will create such a change in your style as hair extensions!

They are easy to install yourself, and can be removed just as easily!

But, how do you know which clip-ins are good and right for you? There are so many vendors selling clip-ins now, so make sure you know what to look for!

1.) Make sure you know how many grams are in the clip-in set.

Hair is measured in grams because ounces are just not a small enough measurement increment.

If the amount of grams per clip-in set is not in the description of the product you want to buy, then send the seller an email and ask so that you know how much hair you are getting.

Many sets are only 100 grams which is not enough for a full head if you want to add length. How many grams you need for a full head depends on the length you want and how thick and long your own hair is.

Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

It’s instinctual, really: During the winter, people naturally prefer to hunker down indoors, protected from the frigid temperat…

Among the many advantages of high-tech home accessories is their ability to let us untangle ourselves from old-fashio…

Find Your Capsize

While average size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also come in petite and large sizes. Consider that many also have adjustable straps that give up to 1/2″ so that you can achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

To determine the right size wig for you, measure the circumference of your head from the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and then back to the front hairline. Jot down your measurement, then consult the table below. Please note that sizes may vary slightly by brand and that not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.

Valuation considerations

All shopping channel jewellery valued for Insurance Replacement Purposes by me will be valued at New Replacement Value at Shopping Channel Market Level. Simply put, the value I place on a Shopping Channel item will be equal to the likely cost to replace the item with a one of similar a style, construction, quality, content and of equal merit from a similar source, not necessarily the same channel from which it was purchased.

In short, the value will come out approximately what you had paid for the item. That statement shouldn’t surprise you, since if you wanted to buy a similar item again it would need to be sourced from a Jewellery Shopping Channel and it would cost approximately what you paid the first time around.

Some valuers (not AIJV members, I hasten to add) place a value equal to the nearest equivalent item from a High Street jeweller.  This is incorrect and will mean you pay excessive insurance premiums as a result.

Things to bear in mind

Common sense will serve you well. For instance, counter the claim that they sell way below trade prices by asking yourself the common sense question – “Why would they sell to me for £xx if they could sell into the trade for more?”

My hope is that this posting has given a slightly more unbiased view of the situation than is currently being promoted (or damned) on the internet.

Here is how it applies to you as a shopper!

It it important to be aware that hallmarking is the law in the UK and Ireland (and many other countries). A jewellery shop can not sell something as 1carat gold, 1carat etc. unless it has been hallmarked (tested to prove that it is in fact the carat claimed or higher). So if someone advertises something as gold, look for the hallmark (750, 585…). If its not there you are perfectly within your rights to ask why? 

Beware of vague or misleading labels. Magazines and fashion retailers will often list something as “gold” when they should say “gold coloured”, “gold tone” or “gold plate”. 1carat gold-plate is not 1carat gold! What is underneath? Will it make your skin turn green when the plating wears off? Is it a quality vermeil – hallmarked sterling silver (925) plated in carat gold or is it a cheap base metal? If you find a piece of jewellery that is only twenty euro more in “gold” than it is in “silver”, then it isn’t gold. 

Gold vermeil is a wonderful way to have great jewellery at a reasonable price, especially for large statement pieces such as our Pop Art collection, but if you want to enjoy your gold jewellery for years and years, without fear of fading, invest in the real thing. Nothing replaces the look or feel of solid gold (plating, no matter how good, will eventually wear off if worn regularly).

Gold is much more valuable than silver and also heavier (more dense) than silver, which is why it is much more expensive. Check the hallmark! Once you know what you are paying for and are happy with the metal and the price, then go for it!

Q: What is Vermeil or Gilded Silver? A: Vermeil (pronounced vur-may) is produced by coating sterling silver with carat gold. Sometimes referred to as gilded silver or gilt, vermeil is made using the process of electrolysis — electricity and an acid bath — to attach the gold to sterling. To be considered vermeil, the gold should be at least carat and be at least 1.microns thick. This layer of gold is thicker than that applied using the electroplating process used in gold plate, but it will still wear off over time. If it is hallmarked it will be 92for sterling silver.  At Edge Only we use 1carat and 2carat gold to plate our vermeil designs.

At Edge Only we only use solid sterling silver and solid 1and 1carat gold, hallmarked in accordance with UK and Irish law. We do NOT use gold plate or goldfill. For your information, please find below some common terms and techniques used in the wider jewellery and costume/fashion jewellery world

Hoop Earrings

These are round earrings, worn through earlobes. This type can be without any doubt called one of the most popular styles of earrings and classic as well. There are pretty many variations of the earrings, made of different metals, with or without stones. It’s important to mention, round earrings, made of variously colored gold, with white diamonds become more and more popular. Hoop earrings come in several sizes, from big to really small ones. One of the main advantages of this type of earrings is their safe clasp — it will never open accidentally. Moreover, hoop earrings are very comfortable to wear.

Ball Earrings

Ball earrings — are the most universal type of earrings, suiting both girls and women of any age. Many women and girls, who have just pierced their ears, choose gold ball earrings as their first earrings. This type of earrings comes with different clasps. Most often it’s a screw-back, as the clasp is considered the safest and the most robust. The earrings of the style can be called casual jewelry. Ball earrings make a perfect match for both a business suite and an evening dress. If you need more glamor and glare, pay attention to ball earrings with precious stones. In case you decide to buy earrings with stones, don’t forget about the eye color. Only diamond earrings suit everyone.

Cuff & Wrap Earrings

This is the most original type of earrings in our guide. You don’t have to pierce ears in order to wear them. Cuff earrings are usually worn at the edge of the ear, being fastened behind the ear with the help of a clamp or a special arch. These earrings make it possible to decorate not only the earlobe, but also your neck, hair and temple. Such earrings can be combined with other ones — you just need to put two earrings of different styles on the same ear. There are various earrings of this type, from simple rings to the models in the form of animals, butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, wings, etc. Stores offer such cuff earrings made of silver, gold and platinum. Cuffs with precious stones also look fantastic.

Drop & Dangle Earrings

The main feature of these earrings is their movable hanging details, which make them look bright and gorgeous. Long earrings are a perfect match when you have an evening out or join a celebration party. Fine dangle earrings with white diamonds will add some romantic flavor to your evening dress. Drop earrings may occur in multiple styles, from very thin chains to the ones with massive hanging up stones. Long dangle earrings suit tall women with long necks best.

Diamond Accented Earrings

This style stands for all diamond earrings. While searching for diamond earrings make sure you pay more attention to the gems themselves to choose the «right» diamonds (read the guide). Diamond accented earrings can come with one or a whole scattering of gems. This kind of jewelry can be decorated not only with diamonds, but also with other stones. Earrings with white diamonds suit all women, however it’s necessary to choose the right shape of earrings, which is perfect for their face shape. In case you don’t want to pay through the nose for gold earrings, consider silver ones with diamonds (the price of the combination will, for sure, make you surprised).

Stud Earrings

The style of these earrings makes them worth being called number one. They are a good example of elegance and laconism. Earrings of this type easily become a perfect match and an original detail, no matter what style you prefer. Earrings with only diamonds in the ring or between the pins are a so called classic model of the kind. In particular, pay your attention to stud diamond earrings – these are ideal earrings, which suit every girl and woman 100%. If you want to give earrings as a present, but have no idea of what is best — opt for stud diamond earrings, this model suits all face shapes and eye colors. The main question here is the diamond — it will set the price. The price of diamonds depends on four parameters (cut, clarity, color, carat. You can find details here).

Clip On Earrings

We have made a separate group for clip on earrings. This is a wonderful option for those, who don’t want to pierce their ears. Clip on earrings are worn thanks to a special clip placed to the ear. It’s very difficult to loose earrings with such a fastener. The safe clip makes the earrings available for everyone without exception. Stores offer clip on earrings to all tastes. There are clip on earrings of various shapes and styles. Moreover, they come in different metals and can be decorated with stones. The price of such earrings ranges from several dozens to a few thousand dollars.

Make it easier to find the lampshade you want

You don’t have to just trawl through hundreds of lampshades trying to find the exact right size or shade to fit your lamp. If you’re armed with certain pieces of information, you can shortcut your search to find the perfect lampshade.

If you have the dimensions of your old lampshade

Usually you measure a lampshade across the top to get a “top width”, across the bottom to get a “bottom width”, and along the “diagonal slant” (or vertical height for drum shades) of the side of the shade, to get a “slant height”. Consult our section below about how to measure a lamp shade if you need help. But once you know the measurements, why not jump straight to the exact right size lampshades and skip the ones that won’t look right?

If all you have is a lamp base without a shade

Fear not, because you can actually figure out the exact right size of lamp shade you need based on the size and shape/style of your lamp base. Consult the section of this guide regarding how to measure a lamp shade for tips on what size shade you’ll need depending on your lamp base size.

Generally you’ll want to get an idea of the right “size” of lampshade you need first before you consider the shape or color, otherwise it won’t have appropriate proportions and will look too big or small.

Once you have an idea of the size you may need, consider the shape of the lamp base to help you decide what kind of lamp shade to look for. See our section on How to match the shade shape to the lamp base for simple tips about matching the lamp shade shape to the style of the base. While it may be easy to just throw a typical empire shade onto your lamp, it will look better when the shape of the lampshade complements or balances or brings out the shape of the base.

Popular Lampshade Colors

Lampshades feature a wide spectrum of colors to suit almost any lamp base and environment. You will likely want to complement the base of the lamp by choosing a lamp shade color that is either understated (as to let the lamp base be featured), or to make the shade a focal point (e.g. with a more understated base). It’s also possible to strike a balance between the two components, for example picking up colors in the base to bring out with the shade – similar to how you bring out the color of your eyes.

Black Lamp Shades

A black lamp shade can allow a lamp to be understated but also gives your lamp and air of sophistication, and can also be quite a modern look. Sleek black shades might match your black furniture or act as a balance against white or brightly colored elements in the room. Explore some examples of black lamp shades.

White Lamp Shades

A white lamp shade similarly can give your lamp a look of elegance and sophistication especially allowing the lamp base to be featured if it is colorful or interesting. White shades are clean and purifying, and may reflect upon white elements in the room or act as a canvas for other colors you wish to feature. Explore some examples of white lamp shades.

Red Lamp Shades

Believe it or not, red lamp shades are one of the most searched-for colors on the internet. A red shade would likely highlight warmer tones in a lamp base or be a striking statement against an understated lamp base. Red shades might just highlight your favorite color ro pick up red or warm accents in the room. Explore some examples of red lamp shades.

Orange Lamp Shades & Yellow Lamp Shades

Orange or yellow lamp shades are not typically as popular as a color choice, since yellow tends to be quite a bright color which will stand out in a room.  You’d probably pick an orange lamp shade or yellow lamp shade if it particularly matched the lamp in some way or is part of your room’s color scheme. Explore some examples of orange and yellow lamp shades.

Green Lamp Shades

Green lamp shades also are one of the less popular colors for a lamp, mainly because green is quite a distinct color and tends not to be featured in lamp bases. Green shades may however complement a green or earth-toned or natural theme in your room and could complement a natural-toned lamp base well. Explore some examples of green lamp shades.

Blue Lamp Shades

Add a blue lamp shade to your table lamp or floor lamp and you’re instantly into making a cool statement. Blue is actually one of the most searched-for- colors of lampshades online, perhaps due to the relative rarity of blue coloring in nature in general. A blue shade will likely look quite contemporary and give your lamp a deliberate, designer look. Pair it with a lamp with blue in the base or perhaps white or black. Explore some examples of blue lamp shades.

Purple Lamp Shades and Pink Lamp Shades

Yes, pink is in. And purple too. Pink lamp shade are quite sought after and perhaps this is due to the fact that many people replacing lampshades are women. It may be a stereotype, but yes, women do seem to like to buy pink shades. And some men too, of course. A pink shade would look great on a white or gray or perhaps red or pink lamp base. Perhaps a pink or purple lamp shade would look great in a girls’ bedroom. Explore some examples of pink lamp shades and purple lamp shades.

Cream Lamp Shades

Cream lamp shades are a classic. Not so pure as to be white, but somewhat softened and warming. A cream lamp shade will match well to many lamp base designs and colors especially more classically or traditionally styled lamps. Sometimes cream includes off-white or egg-shell which are more neutral or reddish tones. Explore some examples of cream lamp shades.

Beige Lamp Shades

Beige is all the rage. A beige lamp shade suits many modern homes where beige and browns provide a soft, comforting and nurturing environment. Beige shades can complement well with brown furniture or perhaps a beige couch. Often a beige lamp shade will complement a fancy decorated lamp base well. Explore some examples of beige lamp shades.

Brown Lamp Shades

Brown lamp shades add a darker, comforting warmth to a room. A brown shade can complement a more decorative lamp base of many colors or a more plain design. With a brown shade, you can pick up on the browns in your furniture or textiles in the room. Explore some examples of brown lamp shades.

The Practical Uses of Different Lamp Shades

Different types of lamp shades serve a different purpose. Besides shielding your eyes from the glare of a light bulb, their shape is not purely for decorative reasons. The correct shade greatly affects the kind of light the lamp gives off, as well as where that light is directed. Different types of lamp shades correlate to different functions for practical purposes, be it sitting nearby, at a distance, or as an ambient light source. If you are not as concerned about how the lamp assists you in your daily activities, you may prefer to make a choice purely for decorative reasons.

Empire lamp shades for table lamp provide a spread of light for a bedside desk as well as for reading in bed.

A bell shade atop a floor lamp provides a maximum area of illumination for sitting beneath to read.

A drum lamp shade on this pendant light, radiating strong and focussed light downward over a dining table as well as illuminating the room with ambient light via the ceiling.

Bell lamp shades for table lamps provide a local spread of light for nearby seating.

A pair of floor lamps with flat drum lamp shades prove strong ambient and local light for a softer mood.

The opaque drum lamp shade on this lamp provides a decorative, less functional ambient light over a narrow side-table.

How Home Lamp Shades Affect the Light

Light emits from different shaped shades in different ways, which affects how far the light is useful and for what purposes. Light emitting from the top of the shade produces a reflected ambient light bouncing off the ceiling, while light emitting below produces a more focused light surrounding furniture. Additional light shines through the sides of the shade itself, whereby a white or light-colored shade allows the most light to pass through. Darker-colored shades and hardback shades tend to block more of the light.

Drum lamp shades provide an medium spread of light from both ends

An empire shade provides most light from the bottom, the least from the top

A bell shade provides a balance between light from the top and a wide spread of light from the bottom

Light from Bell Lamp Shades

TIP: Also consider also what other sources of light are in the room – if you have bright light from a main light fixture, your lamps may provide accent lighting, or mood lighting when used alone. If you need them to be a primary light source for sitting and reading, opt for a more flared shape of shade such as empire/coolie, provided it complements the style of the base. Also consider a hard-backed shade for increasing the light output from below the shade.

Hard-Back Lamp Shades

Lampshades hold their shape either due to a hard lining or with the use of a metal framework. A `hard-backed` shade is typically lined with plastic or or other materials designed to prevent light from passing through the sides of the shade. The hard lining allows the shape of the shade to be quite firm and less likely to change over time. The firm backing is glued into place behind a more attractive outer material.

Soft-Back Lamp Shades

A soft-back shade does not have a firm lining, although it may still potentially be lined. The lining, however, would be flexible, such as a linen or paper, and so does not provide support for maintaining the shape of the lampshade. As a result, soft-back or `un-backed` shades require additional vertical supports between the bottom and top of the shade to maintain shape.

This soft-backed drum lamp shade emits light through the shade itself, for a softer light, and reveals a textured pattern in the shade material.

Cylinder Lamp Shades

Cylinder-shaped lamp shades are taller than they are wide, with vertical straight sides. These tall shades are best for unusually tall lamp bases, or floor lamps. They funnel equal amounts of light out of the top and bottom without spreading the light outwards, producing a large amount of ambient reflected light.

Because they are so much taller than wide, their proportions look good on narrow lamp bases. Their very open-ended nature maximizes the amount of light output.

Drum Lamp Shades

Drum-shaped shades are similar to cylinder shades except they are flatter, typically wider than they are tall, similar to a musical drum. Drum shades look good on a variety of table lamps and floor lamps, but also can be suited to pendant light fixtures. With vertical sides, maximum light emits through the top and bottom of the drum shade producing ambient reflected light in the room.

When used in an overhead pendant it provides ample light output for visual clarity. On a table lamp the drum shade gives a contemporary, modern look. A drum shade is well suited to a lamp base with wide proportions. Being open-ended allows a maximum amount of  light to be released through both ends of the shade. 

Floor Lamp Shades

Floor lamps typically require a slightly larger shade than table lamps. Also due to the height of the lamp, they tend to look better with a drum or floor-style shade. A floor shade is almost a drum shade, except the sides are slightly slanted. This shape complements the proportions of the floor lamp.

A floor shade distributes light out through the bottom with a slight spread, illuminating a larger area around the lamp base. Similarly, the top of the floor shade is less open, slightly restricting the amount of ambient reflected light shining out through the top. Often a floor lamp is located near to a seating area and thus provides a cone of light which can extend at least partly across the furniture. Floor lamps, in general, provide a large amount of light close to functional spaces.

Empire Lamp Shades

Empire-shaped lampshades strike a balance between slanted sides and visually-appealing proportions. These straight-sided shades are found commonly on many table lamps and some floor lamps. The narrower opening at the top is still large enough to vent heat from the light bulb, yet allows the bottom of the shade to flare more in order to spread light outwards.

This wider cone of light illuminates a wider area beneath and to the sides of the lamp, providing a hotspot of local light ideal for reading and other activities. Since most of the light is cast downwards, there is less ambient light reflected off the ceiling and more light spread outward near to seating areas or top of furniture. Empire shades are popular lamp shades for table lamps.

Coolie Lamp Shades

A coolie lamp shade features a very wide spread of light, since the top of the shade is very narrow and the bottom very open. The sides of the coolie shade are heavily slanted. Coolie shades tend to be flatter (less height) due to the proportions of the shape.

The coolie shade restricts ambient light emitting from the top of the shade, while maximizing the amount of light spreading out from the bottom. The shape of the shade also directs the light to spread as widely as possible to the sides of the shade for maximum coverage. This can be useful when your lamp is serving to illuminate tasks or projects or for reading.

Bell Lamp Shades

The bell shade is very popular and provides an elegant, relaxed shape. The sides of the shade curve inwards producing a shape that resembles a `bell`. The flare at the bottom helps to distribute light outwards for maximum coverage, while the top of the shade remains quite wide to help facilitate the escape of heat and ambient light.

The bell shade is well suited to table lamps with a more curved base shape. Empire lampshades are popular lamp shade for table lamps to use.

Oval Lamp Shades

With an oval-shaped shade, looking down on the shade from above reveals an oval shape rather than a perfect circle. The shade wider than it is deep, front-to-back. An oval or flatter style of lamp base goes well with it. It can help to situate a lamp on a narrower piece of furniture closer to a wall without extruding into the room, helping to ensure the lamp will not be knocked over by passers by.

Oval shades are less common but look good when their shape complements the shape of the base. An oval shade may have an oval profile from the top, while having any of the other shapes when viewed from the side, such as an oval bell, an oval empire, an oval drum etc.

Square and Rectangular Lamp Shades

Square and rectangle-shaped shades complement a lamp base which is very rectangular in appearance. Suited mainly to contemporary modern lamps, they work well with floor lamps and table lamps. The rectangular shade has flat edges rather than circular edges, and thus produces corners. Some varieties of square shade also feature a ‘cut corner’ as a decorative modification to its shape.

Square or rectangular shades are most obvious when viewed from above or at an angle, but from the side may feature a bell shape (pagoda), drum shape, or empire shape. Rectangular or square shades with a very narrow or no opening in the top may be thought of as a pyramid shade.

Art-Glass Lamp Shades

Art-glass is a special kind of toughened glass designed to be lighter and less fragile than real or tiffany glass. Lamps with an art-glass shade make a bold statement. Commonly a single piece of art glass is used in a very unique hand-crafted shape. Since art-glass can be molded into endless shapes, it can be manipulated to resemble flowers, animals or even traditional shade shapes with unusual edge designs.

In addition to the shape, art-glass shades feature extraordinary patterns of vibrant color, with swirls of multiple hues mixed in. While art-glass lamps are readily available, finding replacement glass shades is less simple – usually through contacting the manufacturer of the original lamp, since each piece is so uniquely specific to the lamp itself.

How to Match Lamp Shade Shape to the Lamp Base

A base featuring a curved profile is complemented by a curved bell shade. You can see here the pattern of a curve ending in a platform is repeated from the base to the shade, albeit inverted. Bell shades match well to a curved base profile.

A barrel, drum lamp shade or cone-style lamp base is reflected well by a rounded drum/cylinder shade. Rounded/cylindrical bases tend to work better with rounded shades than square shades.

Sometimes shapes are directly repeated in the base as in the shade. Here, trapezium shapes occur multiple times and the shade is an extension of the base’s design theme. Since the base’s view from above/below is a square, the square shade works well.

Bases with a square or rectangular profile do well complemented with a rectangular shade. Since these angular shapes tend to be more modern, a square/rectangular shade is a good match.

Sometimes the shape of the shade may reflect the shape of only a portion of the base. Here, trapezium/pyramid shapes are repeated in the shade and the foot of the base, as well as in the patterning of the shade itself.

Proportions of shade and base should be reasonably similar. Here an unusually tall/thin lamp base is well complemented by an unusually flat/thin drum lamp shade, continuing the theme of elegance. Also very narrow lamp bases look good with a drum or rectangle shade.

While both lamp base and shade here are circular, since the base features a bold shape, the shade chosen is also a boldly contrasting shape. Use a partly contradictory or balancing shape of shade for added drama. Notice the shade is still round and the base is still round when viewed from above or below.

While this lamp base bends outward, the shade bends inward. Both elements thus feature a curved surface, but they work together to form a balance. This also produces a flowing visual line from the bottom of the lamp to the top. Notice also the need for a square-style shade due to the base’s square sides.

Matching with your furniture

As an extension of your lamp, consider the furniture it sits on or is near to. What shapes do you see there? What are the proportions like, as a whole and for individual parts?

Rectangular furniture: is likely to be best complemented by a more angular or rectangular shade

Sculptured rounded furniture: is likely to match best with a more rounded shade especially if the furniture has rounded corners

Proportions: Is the furniture wide and flat or tall and narrow? Consider how your lamp may complement or balance the shape

Decor: Consider the rest of your room’s theme. Think about the textures and colors and shapes that your lamp could tie into. Is there a strong color that you’d like to match or contrast with?

Lampshade Sizing Rules

Shade height should be about 3/the height of the base. The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base. Shade width should approximately equal the height from the bottom of base to socket.

Reading lamps need a wider shade to provide plenty of light. 

Consider the Bulb

Be sure you have 2-inch separation from bulb to shade, especially for higher wattage bulbs. Be sure the top opening is wide enough to vent the heat. Compact Fluorescent bulbs are great for most lamps because they burn cooler, but you may need larger harp since CFL’s are taller than standard light bulbs.

How to measure a lamp shade

Find the right size shade for your lamp. Follow these tips for correct measuring.

Shade Dimensions are typically given Top x Bottom x Height on the SLANT. Be sure to measure the slant height and not the vertical height.

The taller the lamp, the larger the shade. Most table lamps take a shade with a bottom diameter (B) of 16″ or less. Floor lamps take a shade with a bottom diameter (B) of 16″ or 18″ or larger.

Measure the lamp’s height from the bottom of the base to just below the socket(s). The basic rule of thumb is that the shade you choose should have a bottom diameter (B) that’s approximately equal to this measurement.

Choosing the Right Fitter 

A “fitter” is simply the way the shade connects to your lamp. Most lamps have “spider” fitters. Other common fitters include UNO or clip-on fitters. Check your existing lamp against the diagram and descriptions below to determine what type of fitter you need:

Choosing the Right Drop

Shades with a spider-type or UNO-type fitter usually have some distance between the top edge of the shade down to the center of the fitter. This makes the fitting less visible when viewing the lamp from the side but does raise the position of the shade by the drop distance.

Shades with spider-type fitters typically feature a 1/to 1-inch drop.

Shades with a Slip-UNO fitter have several inches of the drop which varies per-shade since the fitter has to drop down to below the bulb.

Threaded-UNO fitter shades typically feature a drop of to inches so as to conceal electrical attachments above the shade.

Coolie Shade

Simple designed straight-sided shades that usually feature a bottom width 3-times larger than the top, resulting in a shade that emits most of the light from the bottom.

Distance from the top of the shade to the center of the fitter.


The metal structure that attaches the shade to the lamp base. The most common type is the Spider Fitter which resembles a spoked wheel and connects to a harp with a finial. A Clip-On Fitter features metal loops allowing the shade to attach on top of the bulb. Larger clip-on shades are designed to attach directly to a standard Edison bulb, while smaller chandelier shades have smaller loops to fit a candelabra bulb. An Uno Fitter is designed with a larger center opening which fits snugly into the socket. Slip Uno Fitters feature a large drop and rest on the socket of a table lamp. Threaded Uno Fitters actually screw on to the socket so it can hang downward, typically on down-bridge floor lamps.


A stiff backing applied to the inner surface of a lamp shade to keep its shape over time. During the creation of a hardback lampshade, the fabric is laminated over a stiff but bendable backing material, typically a plastic such as a styrene. The hard backing helps the shade to keep its form, prevents drooping or warping, and extends the life of the shade. With a hardback shade it often becomes unnecessary to use extra metal framework running between the top and bottom of the shade, since the backing maintains the shape. This removes the shadows or blocks to light caused by the presence of vertical framework showing through the shade.


Decorative covering, usually fabric, used to diffuse and direct the light from the bulb. A properly chosen shade will enhance the base and bring out its best features without competing with it for attention. (The life of the party can also use it as a hat late on a wild evening.)

An additional surface applied to the inside of a lamp shade, used to filter or reflect light. A reflective lining such as gold or silver helps to reflect light away from the shade surface and focuses it out of the top and bottom. This keeps the outer appearance of the shade the same color and tone as when the light is off. This is useful for dark or black shades that you want to stay dark-looking even when the lamp is on. It also prevents the shade from absorbing some of the light, increasing overall light output. A reflective lining also hides the appearance of a bright-spot from the light bulb, as seen through the shade. Other types of lining include plastic, linen and other fabrics, each with its own degree of diffusing and reflecting light. Some linings allow some light through while also increasing the output through the top and bottom of the shade.

Slant Height

The measurement from the outermost tip of the top edge of a lamp shade, to the outermost tip of the bottom edge, on a diagonal and in a straight line. We use the slant height to describe the `height` (length of the side) of the shade. The slant height is easily measured outside the shade, even when the shade is installed, and should be measured in a straight line regardless of any curvature in the shape of the shade. Bell shades are just as easily measured, measuring in a straight line from top to bottom, ignoring the curved surface. (Since most shades do not have vertical sides, it is difficult to get an accurate vertical measurement, usually requires the shade to be removed from the lamp. It is easier and more intuitive to measure the outside of the shade on the slant from top to bottom.)

Metal receptacle at the top of the lamp base that holds the bulb and usually contains the switch. A slip-UNO fitter or a harp generally sits beneath the socket.

Which Dog Nail Clippers Should You Pick

The dog nail clippers you pick will depend upon your experience with clippers and your comfort with using them. If you are experienced with grooming a dog, you’ll probably use the guillotine-style dog nail clippers as they give precise cuts and you can replace the blades with ease which saves you money in the long run. If your dog is a bit edgy about nail clipping or you are a beginner, a dog nail grinder may be your best starter.

Money will also play a factor in your decision on choosing which clippers to get. Whatever you decide to use, it’s important to take your time with the clipping procedure so you’re calm and your dog is comfortable. Once you get used to it, your dog will enjoy the experience.

Resco Original Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers

What does a replaceable cutting blade mean for you? No more nail trimmer purchases! With your Resco Dog Nail Trimmer you’ll only need to replace your blade if it gets dull with the PF0400 or PF0440 Resco cutting blade replacement kit. Lifetime warranty.

Quick view

Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor For Large Breed Dog

Easy to Use, the Cut Is Clean and Precise, and They Cut Straight Through With Little Pressure. Sharp Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Designed For Life Long Clean Cutting. The Safety Guard Eases Any Fear of Cutting the Quick.

How To Properly Groom A Dog and Clip Dog Nails

Professional dog groomers have undergone dog grooming training to take special care when they groom a dog, especially when it comes to clipping. The trimmers must securely go over the nails’ diameter and not cut at an angle. If you plan on doing this part of the dog grooming task at home, you need to know where you must cut and how deep into the nail to clip.

The majority of dogs hate this part of the dog grooming process; it’s extremely stressful to them.

Platform size

The bigger the pedal surface area, or platform, the better the relationship between the cleat and the pedal will be. This helps keep the pedal as comfortable during the fifth hour of a ride as it is during the first, while also providing the most efficient power transfer.

Q factor adjustment

The Q factor is the distance between the centreline of the pedals, laterally. Not all pelvic widths are the same! To produce maximum power, the knee needs to track in a vertical line as this is both most efficient and reduces the risk of knee pain. Look for cleats with good lateral adjustment or, even better, use pedals that are available with different axle lengths.

A cleat and pedal system with a zero-degree or ‘fixed’ float will lock your feet rigidly in place. However, most riders will prefer to have a little wiggle room. Measured in degrees, float is the amount that your heel can move side-to-side before disengaging from the pedal.

Most manufacturers sell different cleats with different amounts of float, while Speedplay cleats can be carefully adjusted to tailor their degree of movement. 

A good range and adjustment of rotation

Riders with biomechanical imbalances and lower-limb issues may need a more precise set-up and require more rotation. Speedplay pedals are the perfect choice for this, allowing 15° of rotation right down to zero. Time pedals also allow a large degree of float.

This not only protects your knees against potential damage, but means there’s less chance of you accidentally unclipping.

Time RXS Speed

French brand Time has a great reputation for producing some of the best pedals around for sensitive knees thanks to the available float and action of the spring mechanism.

For this round-up, we’ve included the extremely cost-effective RXS Speed – previously the headliner for Time and still sufficiently good that it remains worthy of consideration.

Using a steel axle and composite body gives a very respectable weight of 246g – an 11g lighter carbon-bodied version is an extra £40 – while a brass connection on the cleat means they’re more durable if you walk on them than many rival systems.

Being the previous generation means they’re not quite as supportive as the current crop, however.

Verdict: Bioposition concept and two stance widths means these are great for those on budget and achey knees! 7/10

Crank Bros Egg Beater 1

Designed to take a beating, the Egg Beaters are primarily designed for off-road use but thanks to their simple functionality, they make for a great system that we’d suggest for those starting out or crossing over from the dirt.

Any of the four contact points will allow you to clip-in, so getting in couldn’t be much easier – the release angle is from 1degrees.

The predominately steel construction makes for a tough and long-lasting pedal yet they only have a list weight of 286g.

If the Egg Beater seems a little too minimal for you then the Candy range offers the same system but with a small platform around it and starts at £74.99.

Verdict: A simple and therefore timeless design that takes some of the mystery/fear out of going clipless. 7.5/£49.99, extrauk.co.uk 

Wellgo R096B

Wellgo is one of those brands you’ve probably heard of but aren’t sure in what context.

A significant manufacturer, it mostly supplies budget pedals to bike manufacturers but also makes some worthy clipless versions too.

The R09is an unashamed clone of the Look Keo. With a chromoly axle running on sealed needle roller bearings and an alloy body, it offers a great budget option for those starting out into the world of clipless, or for a winter bike that’s expected to take a beating – yet they still only weigh 326g.

Three cleat options give either nine, six or zero degrees of float; the red version (six degrees) are supplied as standard.

Verdict: A well respected budget option, Wellgo’s R096B would be a great value entry point to clipless pedals. 8/10

Shimano SPD A520

Big plastic wedges aren’t for every rider yet clipless connections make sense.

If this sounds like you then the Shimano SPD A520 are probably your thing.

Based around the small metal SPD cleat used by mountain bikers, the A520 is a distinctly road-oriented design.

At 318g and quite minimal in construction, the outer cage helps stabilise the connection between shoe and pedal, but allows the use of SPD shoes where the cleat is recessed into the sole, so does away with the horse sound effects whilst walking.

Single-sided and with adjustable tension, A520 is ideal if you expect to have to walk further than from your front door to you shed and back.

Friction Earring Backs

This is the simplest and most common type of earring back (also known as “push backs”). It consists of a flat plate with a hole the size of the post. It slides onto the post and goes against the ear. It has scrolls of metal that curve up and press against the post with a light spring tension that holds the back in place. Friction backs are easy to pop on and off so are very convenient. They come in a variety of sizes, with the smaller ones being the most affordable type earring back.

La Pousette Earring Backs

The La Pousette back is a finely tooled and cleverly designed mechanical back. It features a spring loaded mechanism that is pressure activated. You pinch the back by the tabs thereby retracting small connections inside the back that contact the post. Releasing them engages the connection which holds the back tight to the post. The post also has a safety notch near the end. If the back was able to slide down the post it would catch at the notch without falling off.

Optional Plastic Earring Disks

For added support, simple clear plastic disks are sometimes added between the back of the earlobe and the back. This has the same effect as jumbo backs increasing the stability of the earring. This can be helpful in getting earrings to sit straight on certain types of earlobes. If you are having trouble with earrings not presenting straight forward, try this simple and inexpensive solution.

Choice of Precious Metals

Also part of the decision making is choice of metals. Fine jewelry is generally made with gold or platinum alloys. Gold alloys are generally yellow and white, and that decision is based upon taste and preference. Platinum is a premium price alternative to white gold, and although it looks very much the same, a small percentage of people have skin sensitivity to some white gold alloys. In this case we recommend platinum as it is hypoallergenic.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Clip Rings wisely! Good luck!

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