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Top Of The Best Chest Freezers Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Chest Freezers of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Edgestar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer – Grey

Edgestar 80 QT Portable Fridge/freezer - Grey
Storage for both fridge and freezer foods for added convenience
Temperature range: -8 F to 50 F, Fast freeze mode
Storage capacity: 83 qts, Dimensions: 23 6/16″ H x 28 3/16″ W x 18 12/16″ D.


№2 – Smad 110V Gas 2-Way Chest Absorption Freezer,7 cu ft,White

Smad 110V Gas 2-Way Chest Absorption Freezer,7 cu ft,White
2-way power supply – AC and Gas
Electronic battery ignition,Flame indicator,Front mounted controls
Adjustable, removable shelves with tall container storage   


№3 – Smad Electric/Propane 2-Way Chest Freezer with Flame Indicator,5.7 Cu.Ft,White

Smad Electric/Propane 2-Way Chest Freezer with Flame Indicator,5.7 Cu.Ft,White
2-way power supply – AC and Gas
Electronic battery ignition,Flame indicator,Front mounted controls
Adjustable, removable shelves with tall container storage   


Make Sense of Size

Most chest freezers run between and feet wide, and between and feet long. Since you clearly can’t wedge a 5-foot-by-3-foot appliance into a 4-foot-by-3-foot clearing in your basement, you’ll need to measure your available space and make sure your chest of choice will fit. Measure the space where you intend to put the appliance, as well as such spaces as doorway width to ensure you can get the freezer into the spot.

Feature Focus

Chest freezers tend to be no-frills appliances, but some models offer worthwhile features. Storage bins, for instance, allow you to sort items while an interior light helps you see what you’ve got in there. And a lock will keep nosy parkers out of your frozen fodder. These extras are generally worth a slightly higher price if you’ll be accessing the chest on a regular basis, it’s kept in a dark area, and/or theft is a concern.

Magic Chef Chest Freezer

The one characteristic about the Magic Chef chest freezer which is unique is, it offers more storage space for your food than any other product in the line-up. The storage space for the fridge is 6.cubic feet of interior space; this freezer has great space for food storage. To be more precise, this freezer can hold up to 420 pints of ice cream in it. Its lowest temperature can go up to -7.degrees Fahrenheit.

Though it is large in space inside, the exterior of this tiny chest freezer is not more important and will be space- saving for your home. It is 32.inches in height, 36.inches in width and 2inches in depth, with the lid open it would height 54.inches. The weight of this freezer would be 73.pounds. This freezer uses 24Kilowatts hours per and its preserves your food throughout.

This small chest freezer comes with power on indicator light and with adjustable legs

It has a drain to help with the manual defrosting and has a detachable basket that lets you keep frozen foods you often cook easily available. But, it does not have a door safety lock, which could help to keep the kids protected.

GE 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

With a storage space of 7.0 cu. ft., this freezer is considerably larger and hence has a larger freezing area, comparatively.

It is 3inches in height, 33.2inches in width and 2inches in depth. The weight of this freezer would be 9lbs pounds making it easy to lift and move around the house.

The power indicator light indicates you of the power status of the freezers. It has Two storage baskets that help in sorting your freezer chest and gives you more space to store mini food items. And these baskets are removable.

Frigidaire 7.cu. ft. Chest Freezer

This Freezer comes in black color and a good option for those who are looking for a non-white, small chest freezer to match their décor.

This little chest freezer has dimensions of 3in x 34.2in x 23.2in; it is a space saver. The fridge weighs 1Lbs.

The internal dimensions of the freezer would be 30 in x 28.7in x16.in of this black fridge provide a lot of storage for your foods.

Getting it into your home

It is always worth measuring doorways and any other points of entry that your appliance will need to fit through. Check for narrow hallways and stairs – some American fridge freezers are particularly large and may prove tricky to fit through tight spaces.


Before measuring up, you need to think about ventilation. Whether freestanding, under counter or built in, all fridges and freezers need a little space around the appliance in order to provide optimum performance. As a rule, allow a 5cm gap at the back and a 2cm gap around the sides so you know air can circulate and the appliance won’t overheat.

Outside storage

When you need additional storage, it can be a great idea to keep an appliance in an outbuilding such as a garage. Freezers are the most popular choice for this as you can store a lot more food out of the way. Most freezers are designed to be stored at temperatures between +10°C up to +40°C. Temperatures below this range can cause the appliance to malfunction or stop working altogether. Some brands now produce appliances built to handle more extreme temperatures so look out for information advising they are suitable for outbuildings.

Ice and water dispensers

For some fridge freezers with water or ice dispensers you will need to attach the appliance to a mains water supply – this is referred to as plumbed. This gives you a constant supply of water ‘on tap’. You will need to make sure the appliance is within metres of your water supply – any further and a plumber will be needed as this makes for a bigger job to connect.

The bonus of non-plumbed is that you can situate the appliance without worrying about connections, providing there is a plug socket within reach. You will need to manually top up the dispenser to keep a supply of water available.

Wine chiller

If you’re big on entertaining or a bit of a wine buff you’ll want one of these. Designed with style in mind, the glass door lets you showcase your favourite tipples.

If you need to chill wine fast, wrap a damp dish cloth around the bottle and pop it in the freezer. The cloth conducts the cold faster and is more efficient as it covers the whole bottle surface.

Frost free and auto defrost technology

Appliances with ‘frost free technology’ circulate air around the interior of the freezer to stop ice building up, meaning you’ll never need to defrost the freezer.

Many fridges come with an ‘auto defrost’ function. This stops the build-up of ice at the back of the fridge by intermittently warming the ice so it can drain cleanly. A clever function as it does all of this without affecting the performance of the fridge or the preservation of your food.

Energy rating

The energy rating is particularly important for fridges and freezers as they are on all the time. The energy rating shows how efficient the appliance is, factoring in considerations such as noise, capacity and running costs. A++ and A+++ are both very high energy ratings, which means they are the most efficient to run.

To find out more about eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances and how you can save energy, check out our Eco guide.


Features worth looking out for include open door alerts which sound an alarm if a door is left open for too long. Holiday setting mode ensures food is stored at a steady temperature when the door won’t be opened for a long period of time.


Our recycle service will take away your old appliance when we deliver the new one. Just remember:

Hold off on the food shop! You will need to allow around hours for your fridge to stand once it has arrived before turning it on.

When you spend £299.9or more on any large kitchen appliance you can pay 1months later on an Argos Card.

Mr. FW demonstrating our energy use monitor

After allowing the energy use monitor to gather data for four days, we inspected the results and were faced with the grim realization that our benign assumptions about this monstrous fridge were entirely suspect. There was no doubt about it, the basement fridge was gobbling up a shocking amount of our otherwise meagre monthly energy usage. A fie upon you, monstrosity fridge!

How To Pick A Freezer

Spend some time thinking or writing down exactly why you’re getting a deep chest freezer and what you’re looking for. Do you have a set budget? Is there a specific place in your home where you want the freezer placed?

These questions lead to details that help you specify exactly what you’re looking for.

Most consumers think of the obvious features like width, height, weight to get this freezer inside. But there are many other features to think about:

All deep chest freezers are manual defrost freezers as opposed to the automatic defrosting freezers(or no-frost freezers). This means if ice crystals build up in your freezer you’ll need to remove the frozen food and let all the ice melt to clean it out.

Usually you should do this about once a year, but you can go longer if you rarely notice any ice build-up.

I sincerely recommend watching this 4-minute video created by ABT. It explains a few big ideas to consider before buying a chest freezer.

Generally speaking, all deep chest freezers will save you money and keep your food colder for longer. Since cold air tends to sink it’ll generally stay put every time you open up the freezer to grab something. This also makes cooling a lot simpler so you’ll be consuming less electricity.

Ultimately the “best” chest freezer is whatever unit meets your needs. Do you want a large extra frozen storage freezer in your garage? Then you’ll probably want a deeper & pricier model than someone who just wants a little extra storage in their laundry room or basement.

Key Features to Consider in a Chest Freezer

And, when reviewing and comparing the chest freezer to another, here are the main features you might want to remember and use to compare against. They are blackout performance, ability to keep food frozen, manual defrosting vs self-defrosting, energy efficiency, and freezing sections.

Just to note that, many freezers could perform very well when when the electricity goes out. And, that is actually a nice feature to find in a freezer because you will not known when the electricity goes out while you do not want the food to spoil. Commonly, best performance in a freezer could let it maintain temperature up to 2hours after the blackout. Actually, for some poor quality upright or chest freezer, they could not maintain the temperature well even the electricity does not go out. This could result in food spilling and many more. So, you had better make this clear.

Also to be mentioned for your guide, the shelf system and the freezing sections are another area to find a good one. Those freezers on the market have different ways to organize the shelves, an the good ones would leave enough space and flexibility to your food storing. Additionally, for many new models of the best chest freezer, shelves by sections are also added. There will be sections for soft freeze, and there will be a heavier one. That is to suite the different types of food you may have. That is a quite useful design option in a freeze. If you find that is necessary for your need, you might particularly look for the ones that own that.

These above mentioned features are typical but extremely good to probe, and if you have times, you might consider these extra features too in the freeze you want to order. Those include door lock, interior light, alarm and quick freeze.

How users are satisfied with this item

This is one of the best small chest freezer the users like. And, if we scan through most of the reviews, many users talked about their satisfaction over the small size of this chest freezer that it consumes less space and could even be brought with on the boat or on truck. However, the interior design of this small chest freeze allows users to put plenty of things. A couple of users have also mentioned its goodness it maintaining the temperature after they unplugged this freeze and bring along. Also, working quietly is another top feature users like about this Chest Freezer.

What users think need to improve for this item

Not many people have pointed out about the improvement room for this freezer. However, a couple who need bigger freeze but have bought this wish it were bigger to them. That is it. It is hard to find information to fill in here since no one rated this or stars.

Product Features in Brief

Midea WHS-258Ccomes with the adjustable thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature in the freezer easily depended on your need. Its dimension is 37-inch length, 20.59-inch width, and 33.46-inch diameter, which enables you to store many things with the maximum capacity load of 144/40 HQ. The door is reversible, so you can access to the freezer fast and comfortably. It also features the recessed handle to let you open the door conveniently. Furthermore, the storage basket is removable to help you to store your small items properly and safely. Besides, its unique design enables you to clean with ease, so you can store your food or meal in the hygiene safe atmosphere. Last but not least, this product will be backed with 1-year warranty to ensure its high quality.

French door

Highly popular, French-door models combine the drawer-style freezer of a bottom-freezer unit with the low-clearance doors of a side-by-side unit. This means that you’ll have a full-width, double-door fridge with plenty of storage space. With your refrigerator door effectively split into two, it also means that you won’t be letting quite as much cold air out when you’re opening just one door to grab the milk.

With the high demand for French-door refrigerators, you’re sure to find a huge variety of options, including models with top-of-the-line smart features you won’t find with other styles. You can also upgrade the look of your fridge to match your kitchen or even camouflage itself entirely among your cabinets, but be aware that you’ll likely be tacking a few thousand dollars onto the already steep price tag.

Take care of the foods you love

First, think about the things you like to cook and/or eat, then look for features that take really good care of those things. It’s a safe bet that those are the features you’ll enjoy using the most. Are you a devoted foodie who always wants a variety of fresh ingredients on hand? Many models offer sectional climate controls for the different compartments in your fridge or even dedicated, temperature-adjustable drawers. Do you live off of TV dinners and frozen leftovers? Look for advanced defrosting features designed to help eliminate freezer burn. Love a nice glass of pinot grigio? Look for a fridge with a built-in wine rack.

Consider the water dispenser

One trend that we’ve seen over the past few years: creativity from the water dispenser. GE is been leading the pack here, with French door models capable of dishing out the exact amount of water you want, and even ones capable of shutting off automatically once they detect that your glass, pitcher or pot is full. You’ll even find nifty features in GE’s less-expensive top-freezer models — most notably, ones that come with an “Autofill Pitcher” that’ll fill itself back up whenever you place it back in the fridge.

This GE fridge comes with a special pitcher that fills back up with water whenever you dock it into place.

Pull Quote

If you only measure one dimension, make it width—that’s probably the limiting factor for what will fit in your kitchen.

Depth can be a factor if you have a kitchen island or a galley-style kitchen, where you might need a shallower fridge (or at least a fridge with half-width doors that won’t bonk into a fixture when they open completely).

Height can matter if you need to slide the fridge in beneath cabinets, but usually it’s the least-important dimension.

Paying more for a fridge (up to a point) does get you extra capacity, style, and convenient features like an ice maker or shelving flexibility. As best we can tell, paying more does not guarantee reliability, longevity, quiet operation, or better food preservation.

But you can get all kinds of different features, finishes, and designs if you’re willing to pay for them. It’s up to you to decide if you want to spend extra for, say, a black stainless finish that’ll serve as the centerpiece for your super-modern kitchen, or a hot-water dispenser that can make K-cup coffee, or a door-in-door design.

While you’re shopping, remember that fridge prices can swing by hundreds of dollars in just a few days, particularly if you’re shopping at Sears. Keep your eye out for promotional deals—you shouldn’t have to wait more than a couple of weeks for one.


Use the yellow Energy Guide sticker as your reference. The blue Energy Star badge is awarded to so many big models that it’s practically meaningless, yet isn’t awarded to some super-efficient top-freezer refrigerators.

User reviews and Consumer Reports are your best sources for figuring out if a fridge is loud or grating or otherwise obnoxious. We’ve only recommended models with Very Good or better noise scores at CR that weren’t regularly criticized in user reviews.

That said, it’s tough for anyone to guarantee you’ll personally be comfortable with a given fridge. Compressors all hum and whine at their own unique frequencies, and it’s tough to tell which combinations might drive certain people nuts but be totally cool for others. (We run into this same problem every summer when we review air conditioners.) And you can’t learn much in a showroom because the environment is too loud and the compressors are rarely turned on. If you’re the type with sensitive ears, best of luck to you.

Ice maker

Consumer Reports has found that refrigerators with automatic ice makers are more likely to need maintenance than fridges without ice makers. Based on user feedback, common problems include cracked water lines and dispensers that freeze themselves shut.

Door dispenser

Ice and filtered water direct from the fridge is just the best. The downsides are that a dispenser usually adds hundreds to the cost of a fridge, and the ice maker takes up valuable space in the refrigerator, and it’s one more finicky feature that might need to be repaired. But if you think that’s all worth the near-magical level of convenience, go for it.

Climate control and food freshness

Don’t get too worked up about this. Does lettuce wilt faster in some fridges than others? Or do blueberries mold quicker? Or do venison steaks get freezer burn sooner? Sure. But the huge majority of fridges do their job just fine. The small variance in performance makes so little practical difference that it’s not really worth obsessing about or paying extra for.

The competition

If you’re shopping at Sears, check out the Kenmore 7041It has a larger capacity than the Whirlpool and a neat control panel. The user reviews can be rough, though, and several cite problems with the cooling system and related customer-service dickery (though ratings at Sears tend to be harsher than at other retailers’ sites, and the quality of your service depends on your local Sears branch).

At this price, you can pick from tons of 36-inch-wide side-by-side fridges. Most of them even have through-the-door water dispensers. The GE GSE25HGHWW and Frigidaire FGHS2631PF are both well-liked. The thing is, though, they’re side-by-sides. If you know that’s what you prefer, great. But if you want to be able to fit giant pizzas in the freezer or big platters in your fridge, this isn’t the style for you. French door fridges outsell side-by-sides about to these days, even though they’re more expensive, so take that for what it’s worth.

Care and maintenance

The first step to a trouble-free fridge is buying it from a dealer with a good reputation that you feel will be responsive if you have any problems during the warranty period. They’re responsible for delivery and installation, and if those are mishandled, it can cause problems with the fridge from the get-go. And if you do end up with a faulty fridge, a good dealer tends to be able to resolve the problem much faster than the manufacturer’s customer service—even if you’re under warranty.

As far as a DIY maintenance schedule, we like the advice the Repair Clinic publishes. Their suggested best practices include cleaning your condenser coils, wiping down (or replacing) the door gaskets, cleaning the drip pan, and replacing the ice or water filter.

If you want tips on how to keep your fridge clean and smelling fresh, listen to cleaning writer Jolie Kerr.

We also like most of the tips in this infographic about the best practices for using your fridge, like where different foods should go in the fridge, and which crisper humidity settings work best with various kinds of produce.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Chest Freezers by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Chest Freezers wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Chest Freezers



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Chatting about Chest Freezers is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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