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Top Of The Best Chairs Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Chairs of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Zenree Luxury Comfortable Padded Collapsible Oversized Lounger Chair White Sherpa Soft Cushion for Living Room Dorm Bedroom Patio

Zenree Luxury Comfortable Padded Collapsible Oversized Lounger Chair White Sherpa Soft Cushion for Living Room Dorm Bedroom Patio
Comfy Armless Accent Lounger ! Add Beauty to Any Room !
Ergonomic Contoured Curves and Durable Frame ! Great Body Support !
Comfortable Upholstery ,Charming Shape ! Fashionable Plush Seating !


№2 – YAMASORO Leather Office Chair High Back Computer Gaming Desk Chair Executive Ergonomic Lumbar Support Brown

YAMASORO Leather Office Chair High Back Computer Gaming Desk Chair Executive Ergonomic Lumbar Support Brown
YAMASORO presents this brand new ergonomic high-back PU leather swivel tall Executive office chair.It designed to perfectly fit everyone.
Comfortable Office Chair : designed in high back style and upholstered in rich faux leather, armrests, shoulder support and seat zone, this office chair offers a professional, executive look while providing day-long comfort.


№3 – Flash Furniture Black Leather Executive Side Reception Chair with Black Frame Finish

Flash Furniture Black Leather Executive Side Reception Chair with Black Frame Finish
Guest Chair
Contemporary Design
Tufted Upholstered Seat and Back



Ergonomics is the application of scientific information to the design of objects, systems and environment, making them more efficient and comfortable to use.

Ergonomically correct and comfortable seating should provide stable body support in a varietyof postures. In addition, the design of the workplace and furniture should encourage a certain amount of movement and changing of posture.

Seat height

This is the most important feature. Your feet should rest flat on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs, otherwise you’ll restrict blood supply to your lower legs and feet – resulting in tired and possibly numb legs.

When you’re working at a table which can’t be adjusted in height, adjust your chair according to the height of your table, lowering the chair until your elbows are just above the table top. If your feet still don’t rest flat on the floor, get a footrest.

Seat depth

If the seat depth isn’t adjustable, it should at least allow you to sit right at the back of the chair without pressing the backs of your knees. You need to sit right at the back of the chair to use the backrest correctly and support your lumbar.

Backrest tilt

Tilting the backrest allows you to adopt different postures, e.g. upright, or semi-reclined. When you sit on a work chair, the angle between your thighs and back should be around 9to 10degrees so that your abdomen and chest are open and not compressed. Opening up more of the angle between your body and thighs lets you breathe better, sending more oxygen to your muscles.

Dynamic sitting

The human body isn’t designed for static postures, especially sitting. The longer you work, the more important the chair movement becomes, such as the ability to recline. It’s better to make small movements in the chair rather than continually fidgeting.

Such chair movements depend on your weight, so office chairs should ideally have auto weight adjustment. If not, you should be able to adjust the tension of the backrest, so that you’re in total balance whether you’re upright or leaning back, and able to maintain good posture without having to exert excessive force.


If you’re going to spend some time in the chair, you need to support the weight of your arms. Fixed height armrests are fine for occasional use, but for extended use, they should adjust, at least in height. Height adjustable arms can be lowered to go neatly under the desk when the chair’s not in use.

The best ergonomic chairs will allow you to change the width between armrests to suit your body width, so that they are close to you where you need them.

If the armrests prevent you getting close to the table or desk, you’ll end up sitting at the front edge of seat and not be able to use the backrest correctly, losing lumbar support.

This is also a very important feature. When you’re working, you may need to reach other parts of the table or desk. If the chair doesn’t swivel, you may have to frequently twist your back to reach – not good for your back.

Seat Height Adjustment

For optimal flexibility, the height range of the seat should include heights both slightly lower and slightly higher than your ideal setting. To give you some idea of where your seat height should be in relation to how tall you are, seated heights from 15″ – 22″ will accommodate users from 5’0″ tall to 6’4″ tall – you can use our Ergonomic Office Desk, Chair and Keyboard Height Calculator to find the correct height for you. Few ergonomic chairs offer a seat height range that large, so pay careful attention to the seated height range of any chair you are considering. Many ergonomic office chairs offer a choice of height cylinders so the chair can be ordered with the correct height range for the individual. The seat should have pneumatic height adjustment so you can easily adjust the seat pan height while you sit on the chair. Adjusting your office chair to the right seated height helps minimize stress on the knees and lumbar. You should adjust your seat so your knees are slightly lower than your hips, and so that your thighs are almost parallel to the floor and your feet are resting flat on the floor.

Seat Pan Size

The seat pan should be deep enough to support most of your upper leg, but not so deep that it contacts the back of your knees when you sit back in your chair. The width of the seat should be at least one inch wider than your hips. Conversely it should not be so wide that the user cannot rest his or her arms on the armrests without stretching them out to the side.

Note for larger users, weight capacity is not a good gauge when choosing a chair, as this is a safety measurement. Seat size and weight capacity must both be appropriate for the user. Your seat should fit your body.

Seat Pan Depth Adjustment

The seat pan of a desk chair is properly positioned when it allows for two to four fingers to fit between the back of your knee and the front of the seat. A proper seat depth setting allows the user to sit all the way back so the user can position the curve of the seat to meet their curves when sitting back and utilize the lumber curve of the chair back. There are two ways seat depth adjustment can be done. A seat slider is a lever on the seat that allows you to slide the seat in and out while seated in the chair. A back depth adjuster is usually a knob on the chair back that moves the back in and out rather than the seat. This type of adjustment is harder to adjust while seated, may require a helper, and is better suited for a one-user chair.

Chair Mechanism Selection

The mechanism controls how the seat and back move. It includes controls that are typically levers under the seat that the user can push, pull, or twist to adjust the office chair. Some models may offer more than one choice of mechanism for the same chair. These two mechanisms are the most popular:

Multifunction Mechanism This mechanism is preferred due to the wide range of adjustability it offers. The back and seat angles adjust independently of each other as well as independent of the tilt. This allows you to lock the chair into an infinite number of positions. This type of mechanism will rock/tilt back from the center of the seat. The Neutral Posture NPS800 and the Bodybilt J350are two examples of chairs that offer this type of mechanism.

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism The seat and back are linked and tilt simultaneously as you lean back (typically the seat back tilts back two degrees for every one degree of seat pan tilt). Since there is less adjustability with this mechanism it is not as ergonomic as the multifunction mechanism. A chair with a synchro-tilt mechanism should have a waterfall front or flexible front seat edge or it may press into the back of the thighs when reclining. This type of mechanism also rocks/tilts from the center of the seat. The Raynor Ergohuman and the Allseating Cpod Chair are two examples of chairs that offer this type of mechanism.

These are less common but may be appropriate for many applications:

Dynamic This type of mechanism is popular for its simplicity. When you recline, the seat will move forward and down, instead of up like a synchro-tilt. These chairs recline rather than tilt and may or may not have a tension adjustment. Those that do not offer tension adjustment are counterbalanced to the weight of the user. The back angle may lock or not lock depending on the chair. The Humanscale Freedom Chair and Steelcase Leap are two examples of chairs that offer this type of mechanism.

Knee-Tilt This type of mechanism will tilt/rock from just under the knee. When combined with an independently adjustable back angle, this type of mechanism can provide the maximum recline. This type of mechanism is popular on executive and conference room chairs and is less applicable to a computer user. When considering a knee-tilt, check to see if all other necessary adjustment features are included as knee-tilt mechanism often do not include seat depth adjustment, or may be missing back height and back angle adjustments. Some users may need a lower cylinder with this mechanism as the knees will end up higher than the hips when rocking. The Neutral Posture NPS8000 is available in a knee-tilt without sacrificing full ergonomic adjustability.

Task This is the most basic mechanism and adjustments may be limited to just seat height, seat height plus seat depth, or seat height, seat depth, and back angle. Task mechanisms do not offer tilt. As this discourages movement, a task mechanism is best suited for lighter duty such as a home office or conference room.

Back Angle Adjustment

This will also help fit the chair to your body type. Reclining in your chair supports the weight of your upper body and thus relieves some weight from your lower back. Many chairs have a locking back angle adjustment that will let you find your most comfortable reclined or upright position and then lock that position. Both lumbar disc pressure and back muscle activity are lowest with a supported recline angle of 110° – 130°. Reclined postures often are preferred (Grandjean, 1988).

Back Tilt Tension Adjustment

This adjustment knob allows you to adjust the amount of force required to recline to your body weight. The Humanscale Freedom Chair and Liberty Chair are counterbalanced to the weight of the user and do not require a tension adjustment.

Lumbar Support

The best lumbar support offers both vertical and depth adjustment. This is especially important if the user has lower back issues, or if multiple people will use the chair. The most basic lumbar supports are adjusted vertically as you raise and lower the chair back. A fixed depth lumbar is acceptable if it fits you well and does adjust vertically. A chair without either an adjustable back height or an independently height-adjustable lumbar support may not fit many people.


The armrests should, at a minimum, be height adjustable. At their lowest point they should be below thigh height so they don’t interfere with your elbow movement when they aren’t needed (ideal is height adjustable from 7.1″-10.6″ above compressed seat height). Alternatively, a swing back arm will also allow the user to move the arm out of the way when not needed. Ideally, arms should be fore-aft and width-adjustable to allow a more personalized fit. A pivoting arm is a useful feature as it will allow some users to better position the arms for support while typing.


With the number of the chair’s settings it’s like with the number of frags or XP in a game: The more, the better! The right pc gaming chair needs adjustment settings for any height. The best models also allow, for example, to set a completely flat backrest in order to rest a little bit during a long session.

Ewin Flash XL

At £322, the Ewin Flash XL is one of the most expensive chairs in our roundup – but for good reason. It’s available in either black and blue or black and red, and comes with two matching ergonomic pillows for lumbar and neck support.

We usually discard of lumbar pillows fairly quickly, but the included pillow is firm enough to provide support without being too bulky.

Beneath the PU leather cover, you’ll find high-density moulded cold foam that is softer than what’s on offer with cheaper chairs. As you sit down, you feel slight adjustments in the large seating area as the foam moulds to your body. It’s comfortable, and more noticeable than in other chairs that feature the same material.

It also features 4D armrests, allowing you to adjust just about every aspect of the armrests.

That’s backed up by a durable steel frame and large, five-star base that means anyone up to 150kg can comfortably sit in the chair with no worry.

And that’s who this chair is aimed at; those of us that are a little larger and don’t find standard gaming chairs comfortable. It has a wider and longer seat than many gaming chairs, along with a wide back rest that doesn’t dig into your sides.

It also allows for reclining between 85- and 15degrees. Oh, and you can get a 1percent discount by using our exclusive code TA on the Ewin Racing website. 

Nitro Concepts S300

Priced at £229.9from Overclockers UK, the Nitro Concepts S300 is the next step up from the £14C80, also featured in this roundup. The first thing you’ll notice about the S300 is the material it’s made from; while many gaming chairs are made from leather (or pleather), the S300 features fabric upholstery.

The use of fabric gives the chair a different feel from other gaming chairs, and once you get over the fact that it attracts cat hair like a magnet, it provides a soft, comfortable seating experience. It’s available in seven colours, and the embroidery will even match the strips on the chair’s base. It’s the little details that make the S300 shine.

The S300 offers 130mm of height adjustment along with 1degrees of rocking, allowing you to rock gently in the chair using your body weight. The only issue? It lacks a lockout, so you can’t keep the chair in a leaned-back position. It can also recline to 13degrees, providing an easy way to have a quick nap during lengthy gaming sessions.

It features 3D armrests that, as the name suggests, allows them to be moved in three directions – up and down, forwards and backwards and inwards and outwards. While it allows you to find the perfect position for your setup, the arms don’t lock into place and will often slide forwards/backwards with a bit of pressure from leaning.

It comes with two ergonomic supporting cushions for the neck and lumbar regions, but we found the chair to be much more comfortable without the latter present.

Overall build quality is decent, although the arm rests do rattle a bit when knocked. Oh, and beware of the white colour option as, being fabric, it’ll get dirty fairly quickly. noblechairs Icon

The Icon is essentially a follow-up to the Epic, and noblechairs says it has incorporated feedback from users to make the Icon even better.

In terms of the overall design, it’s less ‘racing car bucket seat’, more executive office. The style is much more understated and refined with less branding and should appeal to those that don’t want anything garish.

To this end, the colour option applies only to the signature diamond stitching, and you can opt for black if you really don’t want any colour.

We tested out the non-leather version which has 1.5mm PU fabric. That’s thicker than the cover you’ll find on most chairs, though the Icon is proportionally more expensive for it.

If you go for one of the leather options you get the choice of more colour. It’s available in black, midnight blue and – for the cigar-smoking gamer – cognac. You’ll get 2mm-thick hide, and an even more premium price of £519.95.

Similarly, the Icon’s internal steel frame is 2mm thick, whereas most rivals use 1-1.5mm. It’s paired with a sturdy metal base and oozes quality.

As with the Epic, the foam is cold cured and not recycled. The 5percent density may feel initially hard, but this also means it retains its shape and doesn’t sag after months of use.

In terms of ergonomics, the back has been improved over the Epic and you probably won’t need to use the included lumbar cushion. There’s also pillow for your head.

The back reclines and you can unlock the chair’s rocking mechanism and set the resistance to match your weight.

Armrests are adjustable in four dimensions, but unlike the Epic’s they don’t rotate. The darker chrome finish looks better, though.

Although it’s a gaming chair, it’s just as good if you want a comfortable chair for working all day at a desk: it’s certainly one of the best we’ve seen yet.

SpeedLink Regger

The Regger is one of the few chairs that doesn’t offer any colour options: it’s black-and-red or nothing. Build quality and finish are pretty good, and we’re fans of the combination of faux leather for the sides and rear and a softer suede-like material for the seat base and back rest.

The red stripes are part of the seat back, and not separate belts on which the removable lumbar cushion moves (it has elasticated black straps which clip together). The ‘swoosh’ logo is embroidered in subtle black thread, but the SpeedLink logo in red on the back is much more conspicuous.

Assembling the chair is easy and takes around 30 minutes: the arm rests come already bolted on.

Seat height ranges from 46-53cm, which is a smaller range than some chairs. SpeedLink recommends the chair for people between 170-190cm (5ft 7in to 6ft 3in) but we’d say it’s fine for even shorter people down to around 5ft 2in.

A lever on the right lets you recline the back from 90-16degrees, but unless you’re catching a few winks you won’t even need half of this range.

Comfort obviously depends on your body size and other factors, but we found it very comfy to sit on all day. The arms have six positions for height adjustment, and also swivel inwards (good for typing or keyboard-based games) and outwards (we’re not sure why this is useful) as well as click into a straight-ahead position.

For around £150 from MoreComputers, the Regger is comfortable, looks good and is great value.

Vertagear SL4000

There’s a good range of colour options, although not many of them appeal to us. We were sent the black version with white highlights, which most of our testers thought looked great.

As with most others here, you get a removable lumbar cushion and pillow: only one of our testers liked the former. Everyone else preferred the chair with no additional cushions.

Most people were convinced it was a leather chair, but it isn’t. The PU material is good quality, and the foam is fairly hard: the SL4000 isn’t as soft to sit on as the Nitro Concepts or Speedlink Regger, but could be more durable in the long run.

The back reclines and the arm rests are fully adjustable. They look identical to those used by the noblechairs they also swivel which is a bonus. Initially we were sent the wrong gas lift which was too tall and meant the seat was over 500mm from the ground, but a shorter replacement reduced this to 470mm, making the SL4000 usable by shorter gamers, down to around 5ft3in. 

Our only complaint about the SL4000 concerns the side bolsters. These aren’t merely foam: there’s a hard frame inside them which some of our testers complained was too uncomfortable when sitting for long periods in the chair. Others, though, said it was supportive and had no such complaints. noblechairs Epic

Germany-based noblechairs has only been around for a year or so, but has already produced some stylish and well-made gaming chairs. The Epic s the latest model and comes in two versions: PU leather and real leather. The former costs £299.9from Overclockers UK, while the latter is £479.9That’s a steep premium for real cow hide, but it’s also supremely good quality.

There are a few colour options with the PU version which only affect the stitching – all the chairs are black with black faux suede stripe around the edge. The leather chair comes in either all-black or black with a white leather stripe, white stitching, and red highlights.

Under the covers is “cold foam with 5percent density”. This is noticeably firmer than on most chairs, and some might find it a little hard. However, it should be durable.

In addition to height adjustment, the Epic also tilts back up to 1degrees and has a lever to lock it in position. There’s also a reclining back. The arm rests are more customisable than most with height, sideways and forward-backward adjustments. Plus they also swivel in and out – initially we thought they didn’t but they’re just very stiff.

Another reason for the high price is a metal base into which the castors and hydraulics fit; cheaper chairs have plastic bases.

It doesn’t take long to put the chair together, but we’d recommend using a proper screwdriver as the bundled Allen key/screwdriver isn’t up to much.

If you can stomach the high price, the leather version is fantastic but for everyone else the non-leather model is very nearly as good.

Nitro Concepts C80 Comfort series gaming chair

However, you get a choice of accent colour including orange, red, white blue and green. Or, if you prefer, all black.

Also, beneath the PU leather cover is moulded cold foam, similar to that in the noblechairs Epic. It’s softer and should be more durable than the foam scraps used in many cheaper chairs.

There’s 70mm of height adjustment and 1degrees of rocking, plus the usual spring adjustment so you can comfortably rock backwards using your weight. Unlike the noblechairs EPIC, there’s no lockout to keep the chair rocked back.

A bigger problem is the lack of a recline mechanism: the arms secure the seat base to the back, so it’s fixed in position (as are the arms). Some might find it perfectly comfortable, but we felt it needed to be more vertical. You can add your own lumbar cushion to give you the back support you need, but none is included in the box.

Wood Furniture

Lovers of natural materials will gravitate towards wood furniture. For premium wood material, center-cut hardwood lumber with consistent grain is the best way to go—especially if the screws are stainless-steel or zinc-plated or stainless-steel screws. That way, you can maintain your wood furniture yourself by being able to tighten the screws if they ever get loose.

Metal Patio Furniture

Many people love the sturdy quality of metal, and it has been one of the top selling outdoor living material for years. This material—often in the form of aluminum or wrought iron—is well known to provide comfort, versatility, and durability.

Ornate Iron Furniture

From the Victorian Era comes the elegant curvy designs of wrought-iron furniture. If you live in windy conditions, you will like this heavyweight structure. The cost of this elegant furniture will all depend on the complexity of the ironwork design.

Cast Aluminum Furniture

If you want something  less flimsy than extruded aluminum and lighter in weight than wrought iron, then try cast aluminum.

You have the benefit of more sophisticated metalwork, and you also enjoy the same benefit of powder-coated finishing that you get with extruded aluminum. Unlike extruded aluminum, cast aluminum costs a little more.

Wicker Patio Furniture

There are two types of wicker styles: traditional and all-weather. They may look alike, but the maintenance is very different. If you choose traditional wicker, it is best placed in covered locations. Always clean it with a damp cloth, vacuum, or soft brush.

You can use a water hose to clean off all-weather wicker because it is more durable and can withstand the elements. Read our guide on reviving old wicker furniture here.

Traditional Wicker Furniture

Bamboo, rattan vine, or cane can  be used to make traditional wicker. This material is best used in covered locations outdoors.

Take care to let the material completely dry before sitting on it to prevent stretching. When the piece starts to age, just apply a new coat of paint.

All-Weather Wicker Furniture

Synthetic materials or twisted paper is used to make all-weather wicker (also known as outdoor wicker). To make the material weather-resistant, the manufacturer uses a special finish, but vendors will still warn against exposing the furniture to too much sun.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Wicker Patio Furniture and 

Things to keep in mind

Consider all of your options. Are you hoping for an outdoor space to lounge around in the shade? This would qualify you for a chaise lounge set, with an umbrella. Or, are you more of a bar set type? In this case remember to consider bar height, chairs, or stools?

Decide on color. Would your outdoor paradise look better in black or white? Once the type of patio furniture is decided, its time to choose the color.

Research which stores carry patio furniture sets. Look in your local newspaper, or explore online.

Begin window shopping. Take the list of stores which have outdoor, home and garden patio furniture available and hit the streets.

How to adjust your ergonomic chair

To be considered ergonomic, a chair must be adjusted according to your size. To find the most comfortable position for you, you must:

Even with the best posture, moving during your office hours is the most effective way to stay healthy. Despite this, an adequate office chair will limit the negative effects of being in a sitting position for too long. Discover our range of ergonomic chairs online today!

Single motor chairs

Single motor chairs are designed to automatically extend the foot rest whenever the chair is in a reclining position. When the chair is brought back to the upright sitting position the foot rest automatically retracts. Single motor chairs are sold as either two position chairs, which can be used upright or reclined to 4degrees, or as three position chairs, which add the ability to fully recline. Single motor, two position chairs are generally the most affordable riser-recliner option.

Custom fabric choices

While you will doubtless want to select a covering that matches or works well with the rest of your furniture, you should be aware that many manufacturers offer a variety of custom fabrics that address special needs. This could be particularly important for users who spend a great deal of time in the chair, who eat or sleep in the chair, or who are frequently accompanied by pets when sitting in the chair.

Know how you intend to use the chair

Will you be using the riser-recliner for watching TV a few hours each evening, or will you be sitting in it to do most of your daily activities? Will you be taking some or all of your meals in the lift chair? Do you plan to sleep in the chair? The consultant will need to know what kind of use the chair will get in order to recommend the one that suits you best.

Be ready to describe your medical conditions

In order to recommend the best chair for you the consultant will need to know if you have any special medical situations to be taken into consideration. Circulatory problems, neck or back issues, arthritis, neurological conditions, and more can all be helped by the right riser-recliner, but the consultant needs to know about them in order to make informed recommendations.

Single Motor

Single motor riser recliners are incredibly simple and easy to use as many models are fitted with sleek, compact handheld remotes, typically featuring only three buttons. As the motor controls both sections of the chair the back and foot rests recline simultaneously, gently easing you into a comfortable, relaxed position perfect for watching television, reading or socializing from.

Extra Features

Looking for something offering a little more? Then why not consider a riser recliner with a built-in heat and massage system? Included to help relieve pain and pressure, recliners with heat and massage are ideal for those who suffer from back problems as the system works on your neck/shoulders/hips whilst you relax.


As with many other types of mobility aid, there is a huge range of accessories available for your riser recliner. From cushions and blankets to hobby aids and cleaning kits, CareCo stock a varied range of extras all suitable for use with your recliner.

Not for you?

Set your budget

Purchase of certain massage chair usually depends on how much money people are you willing to spend.

There are different budgets and that is why there are also massage chairs in different price ranges.

When you are decided that you would like to purchase a massage chair I recommend the first thing that you do is set the budget.

Once you know how much you want to spend the decision will be much easier.

If you are not limited with lower budget there are best massage chairs with a lot of great features and you can find them above in the review space.

The price is usually determined by next things: specifications, features, quality of the material, size etc.

Choose the brand

There are a lot of different manufacturers on the market and you will probably get lost at all that assortment.

When you are starting to check the brands you should look for a chair which is a product from a more recognized and well-known brand because they usually are a reflection of high quality, reliability and satisfied customers.  Where to buy a massage chair?

Buying a massage chair is much easier in the 21st century because you can simply do it online if you don’t have time to check all the stores.

A very important thing is also to read the reviews about the products because that way you will be able to see the true opinion on the product.

What Features are Important to You

There are chairs with basic features and chairs with a lot of different features available and that is something you should decide about too.

If you are looking for a chair with a lot of different features that might infect your budget too because those chairs are usually the most expensive ones.

But if you want to save up some money you can still get a chair which doesn’t have so much features.

Here are some different features which are available: zero gravity zone, air massage, foot rollers, chromo therapy, heating option, music system, 3D rollers, quad rollers etc.

Upholstery Material of Recliner

The material of the chair is also very important and because purchasing a message chair is a huge investment it is important that you choose a chair made out of durable and high quality material.

The best materials for massage chairs are leather, synthetic leather and faux suede. Every material has his bad and his good sides and that is why we should read the information about the material.

The leather chairs are much more wear resistant but they also need much more maintenance and they also cannot be used with heating systems.

The synthetic leather or maybe PVC are softer and also wear resistant as leather but unlike leather those materials are easier to clean.


With a higher price comes a number of high-end features. In addition to head to toe massage using a variety of techniques (kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu), this chair uses technology to make the massage customized for your body. There is also a heat option and a full stages of zero gravity. The SH-Chiro feature helps target and relax your spine while a unique yoga stretching program will provide full body stretching.

Adding to the value of this chair is the white glove delivery service that fully installs your chair where you want it.

What Buyers Are Saying


Not every office chair on the market has a backrest. If your chair does, however, then make sure that it is adjustable to prevent any discomfort when you’re seated for a long time. Most backrests are 1to 1inches wide, and should your backrest be separate from the seat, do make sure that the height and angle are adjustable. You also want to look for backrests that support the unique curve of your spine, and pay special attention to good lumbar spine support. Should the seat and backrest be a single piece, you want to look for a backrest that can still be adjusted forward and backward, also with a locking mechanism to secure it from falling too far backwards.

You’ll find that most executive chairs have backrests that will tilt, which gives the lower back proper support. It’s not as common to find an office chair that allows for adjustment of the height of the backrest. When you have this feature, it makes it possible for you to adjust the backrest according to your height so that it hits the proper spot of your lumbar spine.

Chair Height

It’s important to never overlook the chair height, since everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. The height of the office chair should be adjustable so that it fits many body types. Look for a chair that features a pneumatic adjustment level that will be located below the seat. Any seat height that is between 1and 2inches should be suitable for most adults, but maybe not necessarily for you. Your feet should be comfortably able to sit on the floor while sitting in the chair, with your thighs horizontal and arms at the same height as the desk.

As we said, people come in all different sizes and shapes, and that’s why it’s smart to find an office chair that has a seat with enough depth and width to support you comfortably. The width of an office chair seat is generally within 1and 20 inches, and it’s important that the seat be deep enough that you can sit with your back against the backrest with to inches between the back of your knees and the front of the seat. It’s possible to purchase an office chair that has a seat that can be adjusted forward and backward for the ultimate in ergonomic support.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support for the lower back is incredibly important when you want the best ergonomic office chair. The lumbar spine has a natural, unique curvature, and sitting for long periods of time without proper support will lead to slouching and hunching. This will flatten the natural curve of your spine and adds unwanted strain. Any good office chair with ergonomic support will fit you properly with a few adjustments, and support the inward curve of your lumbar region.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Chairs by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Chairs wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Chairs



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