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Top Of The Best Cake Pans Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Cake Pans of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Wilton 2105-0472 Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set

Wilton 2105-0472 Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set
1 pan – 4 x 2 in (10.1 c 5.08 cm), 1 pan – 6 x 2 in (15.2 x 5.08 cm), 1 pan – 8 x 2 in (20.3 x 5.08 cm)
Durable Non-stick coating providing excellent release
Do not place in dishwasher and avoid using metal utensils


№2 – Elite Bakeware 3 Piece NonStick Cake Pans Set with Silicone Handles – Easy Release Non Stick Coating – Wide Round Ends For Easy Handling – Commercial Grade Baking Pans For All Cakes

Elite Bakeware 3 Piece NonStick Cake Pans Set with Silicone Handles - Easy Release Non Stick Coating - Wide Round Ends For Easy Handling - Commercial Grade Baking Pans For All Cakes
Ultimate 3 Piece Nonstick Cake Pans Set – comes with three 9 inch traditional round cake pans. Intelligently designed with our proprietary non-stick coating and wide rounded handles with silicone grips for easy handling.
The difference? Our nonstick cake baking pans are made with heavy duty commercial grade steel and are guaranteed not to rust or warp. Our culinary testing has demonstrated that normal circular cake pans with no handles can be difficult to grab and handle during the baking process. Our solution? We’ve added wide rounded handles with silicone grips to our cake baking pans to make handling easy and baking effortless.


№3 – Wilton 2105-0472 Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set

Wilton 2105-0472 Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set
1 pan – 4 x 2 in (10.1 c 5.08 cm), 1 pan – 6 x 2 in (15.2 x 5.08 cm), 1 pan – 8 x 2 in (20.3 x 5.08 cm)
Durable Non-stick coating providing excellent release
Do not place in dishwasher and avoid using metal utensils


Secrets to Popover Recipe Success

There are a number of different factors, that when combined, yield success every time when making popovers. To ensure success, please remember these tips:

It is important to make sure your eggs, milk and melted butter are all at room temperature before mixing. Eggs, right out of the refrigerator, may be warmed for minutes in tepid or warm water BEFORE cracking.

All-purpose flour works best when compared to cake flour or bread flours like whole wheat.

Pay close attention to the size eggs called for in your recipe. Too much egg yolk can keep your popovers from rising.

Where possible, use whole milk versus skim milk or low fat varieties.

Skim milk and low fat milk may cause your popovers to burn and may not provide a uniform base in the popover tin.

Oven temperatures can be adjusted down by about 2degrees when using skim or low-fat milk to prevent burning, however, all ovens are different and you may need to experiment to see what temperature adjustments work best for your oven.

Preheat your oven AND your popover pan before adding the batter. Set the popover pan on a cookie sheet in the oven while preheating (lowest oven rack). The high heat, when baking, causes all the steam in the batter to rise at once, pushing the popover to new heights quickly, and the continued high heat lets them “set.”

No peeking! Popovers are leavened by steam. If you open the oven door, the heat escapes, the oven cools down, the steam inside the popovers condenses, the popovers collapse and your efforts are wasted.

To ensure a quick release of these delicious little puffed pastries, grease the cups with butter or vegetable oil and avoid a non-stick cooking oil spray. The non-stick spray will impact the popover rise as well as the stabilization of the popover sides when baking.

Hiware 7-inch Non-stick Springform Pan

This spirngform pan has a diameter of 7-inhes, which is just the perfect size for most cakes. Given its size, it will work without any problem in a pressure cooker with capacity of quarts.

Another good thing about this product is that it comes with double layer of non-stick coating, which is perfect even if you are baking a fragile cake. There is no need to season the pan with oil or to sprinkle it with flour. This is a guarantee that you will be able to easily take off the cake from the pan and there is no worry about sticking.

It is also a good thing that it comes with a well-design buckle. With the latter, it will be effortless to release the ring when it is time to take out the cake.

You might also love the fact that it is safe and non-hazardous for your health. It can withstand temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. To add, it does not contain any toxic materials. It is free from BPA, PFOA, and PTFE, among others.

Wilton 2105-217Mini-Springform Pan

The mini size of the three pans included in this set can be a good and bad thing for different people. It can be a con if you are looking forward to baking larger cakes. On the other hand, if you want personal-sized or mini desserts, this will be a good choice.

One feature that you might find to be impressive is the reinforced coating. With the latter, it has an impressive nonstick surface, which means that cakes will not end up sticking. This is also beneficial in terms of making cleaning a lot easier.

The construction of the spring is another reason why we love it. It is durable, which means that it will withstand the test of time. It is also well-designed, which means that releasing the spring is going to be easy.

KitchenAid KB6NSO9X1Classic Nonstick Bakeware

One thing that should be emphasized about this product is the fact that the sides cannot be detached, unlike in the case of a classic springform pan. With this, it may be quite difficult to take out the cake from the pan after baking.

If you are conscious about your health, this is one thing that you will love. It is free from toxic chemicals that could possibly get into your baked treats.

It is also a good thing that it comes with a folded edge design, which is one thing that makes it different from other types of rectangular bakeware. This means that there are no sharp edges, which will be good for your safety.

Lastly, the pan is also dishwasher-safe. This means that cleaning and maintenance will require minimal effort on your end.

Bundt Pans  

Wilton 2105-680Perfect Results Nonstick Fluted Tube Pan

The Wilton 2105-680Perfect Results Tube Pan is what we consider as the best cake pan. It has a non-stick surface that offers quick release and easy cleanup. Also, it has a convenient handle that will allow you to work efficiently. You don’t have to take any hassle while putting the pan inside the oven and take it out from it. Therefore, it comes with heavy gauge construction that offers equal heat while baking cakes. The quality is of this cake pan will surely flatter you. Let’s see the specialty of this cake pan:

USA Pan Bakeware Round Cake Pan

The USA PAN Bakeware Round Cake Pan is made in the USA! so, I can assure you the quality is impressive. It is an 8-inch nonstick cake pan that offers easy food release and cleans up activity. Therefore, it is constructed with aluminized steel that is famous for durability and equal heat distribution. Besides, it also has Americoat that helps in the quick release as well. Overall, the price of this product is good for the quality. Let’s see the specialty:

Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Round Cake Pan

The Chicago Metallic Professional Cake Pan is another fantastic addition in our best cake pan reviews article. It is fantastic because of its ability. It can even bake triple layer cake quite effectively.  Therefore, it is constructed by heavyweight-aluminized steel that ensures durability and provides equal heat during baking. Therefore, nonstick pan release food easily. It is dishwasher safe, so no more worrying about the cleaning. Let’s see the feature:

Wilton Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake Pan

Who doesn’t love the Mickey Mouse? Kids to adults, everyone has true affection for the mighty Mickey Mouse. Make a Mickey Mouse Shape cake and surprise your kid on the next birthday. This cake pan is pretty fun for the kids and adults. It is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum materials.  That’s why it is easy to release foods and clean up. Let’s see the specialty of this one:

Springform Cake Pans

Cake pans that have removable sides are widely known as Springform cake pans. Those pans are mostly used to bake cheesecakes. Also, these type of pan is suitable for baking those type of cakes that are hard to remove from the pan. Those are even perfect for coffee cake. Have look on two of the best cake pans of this kind.

Square Cake Pans

Well, a square Cake Pan Produce square shape cakes that are why the name is like this. If you are sick of those rectangular and round shape cakes, this one will provide you a different taste. Let us see the best cake pans of this type.

USA Pan Bakeware Square Cake Pan

The Baker’s Secret 110717Signature Square Cake Pan is the true example of quality. It is constructed with premium quality metal. But you can easily use spatula as the material is spatula safe. It features non-stick surface that will allow you to release food easily. The manufacturer guaranteed the complete satisfaction of the customer in every aspect. The pan is easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe. The price is inexpensive as well. Have look on the feature:

Rectangular Cake Pans

The Rachael Ray Oven Lovin’ Rectangle is another amazing addition in this panoply of ours. The specialty of this product is that it can withstand to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is oven safe cake pan. Therefore, it has comfortable silicon grip for operating convenience. Both the interior and exterior is nonstick. You don’t have to take any hassle while cleaning. It is a good cake pan for the price lets observes the specification:

Pure aluminum made Nordic Ware Classic Metal Cake Pan is fascinating. It is durable and it will never rust. Therefore, it bakes amazing quality cakes with even heat. The surface is nonstick. Therefore, it is easy to release food from it. Besides, it is easy to clean as well. But It is not dishwasher safe. It is recommended to wash only with hands. This cake pan is made in the USA. So, nothing need to worry about the build quality of this cake pan. The price is also affordable. Let’s see the features:

I am sorry I cannot suggest you one from the above best cake pans. I am personally confused as all of them are tremendous for their class. You can pick one according to your need. The prices of those are not that much as well. However, we have a buying guide section below. Have a look hope this will help you to pick the correct one.

Cake Pans Materials

First of all, think about the materials. It is important while purchasing a cake pan. However, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silicon Paper etc are the most common materials in cake pans. All of those materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instate, aluminum materials is amazing heat conductor and bake cake evenly. However, those are tough to wash. Stainless steel material made pans are durable and dishwasher safe. But those don’t conduct heat perfectly. So, your cake may not bake properly on a stainless steel made cake pans. In that case, you can pick cake pan that is made of both aluminum and stainless steel. You can also pick silicon made cake pans that are microwave and freezer safe. Silicon made plans is flexible so if you forget to take out it from the oven at the right moment, it may break or crack. Also, there is paper made plans available in the market that is oven safe as well. but those are for one-time use. So, think which type of material should be appropriate for your purpose.

Oven Safe

Most of the best cake pans of modern time are oven safe up to 450 degrees. Some of those even withstand heat up to 500 to 550 degrees. While purchasing, see whether the pan is oven safe or not. And if it is oven safe look whether it can conduct much heat or not. It is better to have a cake pan with better heat conduction ability.

Nonstick Pans

Non-stick pans are great for making cheesecakes because it prevents the food from sticking to all sides of the pan. This means that even if the filling of your cake clings to the pan’s surface, you can still remove the pan’s sides without ruining your cake.

Dark And Light Pans

Dark and Light colored pans can actually affect your baking time and the overall outcome of your cake. Light colored pans tend to reflect heat, making it great for cakes that require longer baking times.

While dark colored pans absorb heat, which is why it is perfect for cakes that need to be baked quickly.

Silicone Pans

Silicone pans can offer you extreme versatility when baking cakes. Silicone springform pans tend to be tighter that other pans, making it great for baking pudding with runny batters.

Silicone pans are also easier to remove. All you’ll have to do is peel the sides away from the cake.

Glass-based Pans

Glass-based pans are significantly better than metal based pans because it doesn’t give off a metallic taste. Glass-based pans are also easier to maintain since they don’t get marred when the cake is being cut while it’s on the base.

Aside from their material, springform pans can also differ in shapes and sizes. You can now buy springform pans in the shape of a square, rectangle, heart, and even stars. However, it might be hard to find unusually shaped pans with glass bases.

As for the sizes, springform pans usually come in or 10-inches. There are also smaller sizes that come in and 7-inches.

What’s great about the smaller pans is that you can make small pieces of cake instead of one whole piece. Doing so can make it easier for you to split your recipe and make two sets of desserts.

How To Use A Springform Pan

Springform pans are fairly easy to use. The pans come in two parts, the base that fits into the sides, and the sides that have a spring or latch that lets you clamp it on the base to seal the pan.

Once you have sealed the pan, simple use it as you would a normal pan, and unclamp the sides after baking to easily reveal your baked cake.

On the other hand, if you are using a silicone pan, you will need to wrap the silicone ring around the base tightly before clamping the ring shut to seal the base.

When using a silicone springform pan, you should make sure that every side of the silicone ring clings perfectly to the base. Silicone springform pans tend to get leaks since it can be a bit hard to perfectly seal around the base.


This is one of the key challenges of springform pans. You might need to check how the manufacturer of your best springform pan has tried to manage this challenge. Otherwise, the pan will leak its contents into the oven and lead to a poor bake.

Let’s be honest; you will never find a perfectly leak-proof pan. Nonetheless, you will find a less leaky spring pan. A less leaking springform pan will mean fewer leaks to the oven. It will also mean less water is leaking into the pan when you are doing a water bath. The obvious results are high-quality cake.

A springform pan without a latch is like a car without brakes. You might want to consider having a springform pan that has a better latching system. A good latching system allows for the quick and effective release of the cake.

The latch should, therefore, be firm. In other words, it should not bend or warp when tightened. It should latch the parts of the pan together as firmly as possible. It should be made of a material that won’t rust. Rust will compromise the durability of the latch and the pan.

Another thing you will need to consider is how the bottom parts of the pan latch together. In most cases, this will be the part you will use to release your cake.

Depending on the specification of your recipe, you may choose the best diameter of your choice.

There are basically many sizes of these kinds of pans.The inch and 7-inch springform pans are the common ones. They will all work effectively but will mostly work with your recipe and what you have in mind.

Having a nonstick springform pan is necessary. For some people, that might not be the case, but it is recommendable. You would want to release your cake without it coating the surface of your pan. That is why it is important to consider choosing a nonstick pan.

These pans have a special coating on their surfaces. They are easy to clean as they only require a wipe using a sponge.

Thickness is related to weight. A thicker pan will be heavier. A thin pan will also be lightweight. A thick pan will lead to an even bake. The heat will slowly an evenly move to the inside of the cake and eventually lead to a terrific cake. A thin pan on the other side makes the cake crispy,and the edges may get burnt.

Thickness is also associated with durability. A thicker pan will last long as compared to a thin pan. You would also not want to have an excessively heavy pan. That will lead to cumbersomeness and reduce convenience.

Color also plays a key role in absorbing heat. A light-colored pan will absorb less heat which in the long run may lead to a smooth and even cooking of the cake. That is why we would recommend that you go for a light-colored pan.

A dark-colored pan, on the other hand, can speed things up. If you are after speed and time, then a dark-colored pan will be the best one for you. However, too much heat may lead to a spoiled cake.

Silicone springform cakes are good with tighter side walls.This makes them excellent for being leak-proof which means you can add pudding and running batters to your recipe. Releasing a sticky cake on a silicone springform pan has proven to be easier and successful without pulling the cake apart.

You can choose between stainless steel pans or aluminum pans. Stainless steel pans are firm and steady and most of the time will not warp. Aluminum pans are light, and a little bit flimsy which makes them warp over time.

If you would wish to add fun to your baking, then one way is by choosing pans with different shapes. For example heart-shaped, square, rectangular shaped and more shape options.This will add more fun to your experience.

View Product

1.Hiware Inch Non-stick Springform Pan / Cheesecake Pan / Leakproof Cake Pan Bakeware

If you are cooking a delicate cake that you can’t afford to mess up with, then Hiware spring pan is the one to go for. Measuring inches in diameter and with a latched side panel, you can easily and confidently serve you fragile cake without worry. This feature makes it great for use in 6Qt or 8Qt instant pot pressure cooker.

Another amazing feature that they have added is a nonstick coating seal that renders the pan clean as a slate after your cook. That means you will need not to flour your pan. Even at its working limit of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, this pan will still confidently leave no stick at the bottom of it. This will give you a downhill cleaning exercise.

Lightness is also a key factor when using these kinds of pans. This pan weighs 0.6pounds, extremely light which is attributed to its steel and carbon aluminum body construction. Not forgetting its side buckles which provide an easy and simple way to release your baked cake.

Has a diameter of inches which makes it great for 6Qt or 8Qt instant pot pressure cooker. expeditedssl

The lock does not tighten well

3.Farberware 4640Nonstick Bakeware Round Springform Pan, 9″, Light Gray

If you are in the hunt for the best springform pan for creating luscious cheesecakes and savory treats, then this 9-inch springform pan might be the one for you. With an experience of over 50 years,

Farberware has been improving this pan for years.Let’s first look at its material construction. It is made of steel which is constructed in such a way that it resists scraping and offers even heating. A well-designed pan’s surface like this kind eliminates hot spots which are an enemy of any cake baker.

With an oven working limit of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, this pan can still offer you a good performance in high temperatures.This makes this pan an ideal addition to your covered cakes and covered cakes pans collection. For easy storage and use, it weighs only 0.9pounds. expeditedssl

Wrapping Up

We have come to an end of the review.Clearly, from the above five springform pans, you will realize that they all have almost the same features but differ in a very small way.Finding the best would be as hard as a puzzle. They are all great pans and will make you have an excellent cook.

We have however considered the one whose price relates to its features and what other people have had to say about it. The best springform pan among the five is, therefore, Hiware Springform Pan.

It is the perfect one for us because of these three reasons, it is affordable, it has high working temperature limit, and it can be used in 6Qt or 8Qt pressure cookers. In addition to these three features, it is averagely lighter than the rest, and it also has good buckles for the release of the baked cakes.

These are some of the reasons why this pan is our best springform pan, and we would like to recommend it for you. Don’t forget to look at the other four as well as they carry with them some unique features. We hope that this article has been of help in your quest for the best springform pan.

Why you should trust me

Before turning to writing, I worked for several years as a professional baker in Brooklyn, at Pies ’N’ Thighs and the Greene Grape Annex, so I’m familiar with all the ins and outs of making everything from bundt cakes to cupcakes. Now that I don’t bake for a living, I still love doing it in my spare time, and will use any excuse to bake a fancy layer cake.

I also interviewed three well-respected experts in the realm of cake baking, all of whom have extensive experience with home baking. Rose Levy Beranbaum is an award-winning cookbook author; she wrote

The Cake Bible, which is considered one of the essential resources for cake bakers. Nick Malgieri is a former pastry chef and the current director of the baking program at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education, as well as a James Beard Award-winning author of 1cookbooks, including

Pull Quote

The most important quality in a springform pan is that it should leak as little as possible.

The most common use for a springform pan is cheesecake, but really a springform is designed for any cake or tart that can’t be flipped upside down to remove it from the pan. The sides of the springform are separate from the bottom, and they can be loosened and removed with a latch, easily freeing baked goods. A springform pan is great for extra-deep-dish quiches and pot pies. And it can also be used for especially delicate items like flourless chocolate cake, or even for building an icebox cake, which needs to firm up in the fridge before it can stand on its own.

A good springform pan should also be well-built. The latch should work smoothly and stay rust-free. It should be easy to fit the bottom tightly in place. The bottom should be sturdy enough not to warp or dent, and to double as a serving platter, since delicate cheesecakes and flourless tortes can’t usually be picked up off the bottom in one piece. The pan should be heavy enough to bake any cake or crust gently and evenly, not so thin that the edges come out overbaked. And for the same reason, light-colored pans are preferable, since dark pans absorb more heat, cooking cakes too quickly.

Springform pans most commonly come in a 9-inch or a 10-inch diameter size, but I chose to test only those that came in a 9-inch size, since in my experience and the experience of the experts I spoke to, this is the size most commonly found in recipes.

There are also a few things to look for in any pan. A good cake pan, no matter what the shape, should be sturdy and resistant to denting or warping, otherwise you risk ending up with a misshapen or leaning cake. The large majority of cake pans are made of metal—either aluminum or coated steel—and I think it’s best to stick to those. Thin, flimsy metal pans or pans with a dark-colored nonstick coating (pan coatings come in many shades of gray; “dark” means anything closer to black than silver) should also be avoided because both conduct heat too quickly. They’ll completely bake the outside of your cake well before the middle is done, so that by the time the middle is done, the crust will be dark and dry, if not burned.

A good pan should release a cake effortlessly and clean up easily. Many cake pans these days come with a nonstick coating, though a few widely used varieties don’t. I chose to test both, because each has its pros and cons. Both Boyle and Beranbaum told me they like nonstick pans best, because they release cakes like a charm and can be quickly wiped clean with a sponge. As Boyle explained, “You really want any little bit extra that’s going to ensure that the pan is not going to stick.”

That being said, nonstick pans can be easy to scratch—you’re not supposed to use metal utensils on them, and most are not dishwasher-safe—and the coating can wear off over time. For that reason, you’ll never see them in professional kitchens, and Nick Malgieri told me he “would never trust them.” He prefers uncoated pans, which may be prone to sticking, but will work just fine if lined with parchment.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

One flaw of the Farberware pan is that the bottom has a small lip around it, which makes it a little tricky to slide a serving utensil under slices of cheesecake. It was easier to remove slices from the Nordic Ware and the Kaiser pans, which have a bottom shaped like an upside-down plate, and Frieling Zenker’s glass bottom was best for serving, since it has no lip at all, is scratch-proof, and looks elegant. But these pans had bigger flaws than the Farberware in other areas—leakage, sticking, and overbaking—that ultimately outweighed the ease of slicing and serving.

The competition

Wilton’s Excelle Elite 9-Inch Springform Pan also felt thinner than most, plus it leaked terribly when water got past the aluminum foil barrier.

We liked the handles of the Frieling Zenker Handle-It Glass Bottom and Non-Stick Springform Pan, and the glass bottom makes a nice serving platter, but it’s not worth the price for dark, corrugated sides that don’t bake as pretty a cake as the Farberware.

And water gushed out of the Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum Inch x Inch Round Springform Cake Pan so quickly that we didn’t think it was worth testing further.

Copper Chef Pan             

Copper Chef As Seen on TV pan from Fusion Life Brands, a division of Tristar Products, is a premium quality nonstick cookware. The 9.inch square pan features deep heatproof sides that can withstand heat up to 450 degrees.

Versatile pan

The cookware is suitable for cooking in oven and all other hob surfaces including electric, gas and induction cooktops.  With approval from Good Housekeeping Institute for its high efficacy and safety features, Copper Chef is a in cooking pan that serves as rice cooker, wok, baking dish, steamer, roasting pan and frying pan saving you plenty of space in the kitchen.

Sheet Pans

Sheet pans can be baking pans, which are generally designed with one or two raised edges, or bun pans, which are also known as jelly roll pans and have raised edges on all four sides. Both can be used to bake items that don’t produce liquid, like cookies and pastries, while bun pans are capable of containing juices that foods release as they bake. Sheet pans are commonly half- or full-sized, but are available in smaller fractional sizes as well.

Loaf Pans

Loaf pans can be designed for baking one or multiple loaves of traditional, French, or sub sandwich roll bread at once, so you’ll be able to find the right size pan for your commercial baking needs. Specialty bread pans, like those used to bake brioche bread, are also available.

Cake Pans

Cake pans, which are available in a variety of sizes and can be round or rectangular, may be used for any basic cake and might come in sets with multiple pans for businesses that make cakes with more than one layer. Tube cake pans are used for bundt and angel food cakes, while springform cake pans are used for cheesecake and other delicate cakes.

Cupcake and Muffin Pans

Muffin pans are commonly used for muffins, cupcakes, cornbread, and popovers, as well as other breakfast pastries and baked treats. Muffin pans come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to make jumbo, standard, or miniature products. Some manufacturers also offer specialty pans for baking hot dog and hamburger buns.

Quiche and Tart Pans

Quiche pans feature a removable bottom, which allows you to remove the dish without damaging the delicate crust of the food. The diameter of a quiche or tart pan can range from to 1inches, so you’ll be able to find the right size pan for your restaurant.

Ramekins and Soufflé Dishes

While the smallest ramekins are used as sauce cups, larger ones made from oven-safe materials can be used to bake single-serving entrees and desserts. Although soufflé dishes, which are generally larger than a ramekin, are made specifically for baking that dessert, ramekins can be used for that purpose, too.

Braising Pots and Dutch Ovens

Braising pots and Dutch ovens are popular types of oven-safe cookware and are designed to slow-cook food, whether it’s meat and vegetables or a casserole. Dutch ovens are deeper, which also makes them ideal for stews, while braising pots are better suited to dishes with less liquid. These can be crafted from brightly-colored enameled cast iron and are often used as serving dishes.

Roasting Pans

Roasting pans, often available with a lid, are another popular type of oven-safe cookware that can double as a serving dish. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can also be used to cook meat, vegetables, and casseroles, but are shallower than braising pots or Dutch ovens and are more compatible with dishes that don’t require a liquid base.

The problem with non stick pans

PFOAs have been shown in numerous studies to potentially cause heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, immune system damage, and pituitary gland damage.

This is so toxic that the FDA is pressuring manufacturers to phase this chemical out due its health and environmental concerns.

Enameled cast iron or steel

Be sure to choose a brand made in Europe or the U.S.—not China—to avoid the chances of lead being in the coating.

This type of cookware can be more expensive. Additionally, the enamel coating may start to chip after a lot of wear and tear.


Ceramic cookware is another good choice. It’s safe, heats evenly, and lasts a long time. It can also be put into the dishwasher when needed. Ceramic cookware is also ideal for going from stovetop to dinner table (it retains heat well) to refrigerator.


Stoneware is a great choice for anyone worried about chemicals leaching into food. Stoneware made in the U.S. or Canada is lead-free and safe to use. It’s the best non-stick cookware, because after seasoning, you never have to add oil again (YAY!).

It can be heavy and may chip, but when cared for, stoneware can really be your best cookware and it last a long time.

Again, be careful of foreign products that may be manufactured with heavy metals. Products made in the U.S., Canada and the European Union are usually safe. Also, glass is more fragile than other metals.

Stainless Steel

The metals, which usually includes aluminum, used in stainless steel are particularly stable, so leaching is a low concern.

Here’s a pro tip for stainless shoppers: take a magnet and put it up to the stainless steel pan. adding your oil of choice. (Doing it in this order should reduce or eliminate the sticking of food!)

Large skillet

A large skillet in the size of 10-1inches for a family of 4+ or inches if you are a family of two.

Skillets are perfect for everyday meals like frying bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, chicken and veggie stir fries, and reheating leftovers.

Pick an enameled cast-iron option here.

You can also go with these stainless steel options, which are excellent for shorter cook times.

Stockpot  A quart stockpot is perfect for a family of 4+. If you love making large vats of bone broth, I like the 1quart size. For smaller families, a or quart size works well.  This is the best cookware to make your own bone broth or meat stock, which are excellent ways to cook meat (for meat stock) or use chicken carcasses or beef/lamb bones (for bone both). For most people, these are great ways to support your gut health, as well as make use of the whole animal. Stockpots are also wonderful for vegetable soups, steaming veggies like broccoli, and cooking pasta.

Dutch oven

A Dutch oven is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware you can own. It goes from the stovetop to the oven to the table, all while looking great. When it comes to one-pot meals, a Dutch oven is a lifesaver. You can cook risotto, meat dishes, apple butter, bread, or a whole chicken. I told you it was versatile! For Dutch ovens, I prefer enameled cast iron, since they are heated for long periods of time, and food sits in them for even longer. Here’s a 5.5-quart option and a 7.5-quart.

Closing: The Safest, Non-toxic Cookware

OvenArt Bakeware Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan

First off, if you know anything about Chinese cooking in America, you’ll know that Helen Chen makes some of the greatest kitchenware products. This steamer represents this company for all of its quality and efficacy, making it one of the top bamboo steamers on the market.

Made entirely from 100% natural tightly woven bamboo, the construction of this steamer is very sturdy and water resistant. Standing high on two-tiers, the steamer allows you to cook two different styles of cuisine saving you time. Also, if you want a more secured cook, you can purchase the steel ring fasteners here.

In the end, we are very impressed with this bamboo steamer. We know you will enjoy the delicious cuisines you will cook with this steamer. Once you use it, you’ll never want to use any other steamer again!


Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Silicone 9-Inch Round Cake Pan Baking Mold

First off, if you know anything about Chinese cooking in America, you’ll know that Helen Chen makes some of the greatest kitchenware products. This steamer represents this company for all of its quality and efficacy, making it one of the top bamboo steamers on the market.

Made entirely from 100% natural tightly woven bamboo, the construction of this steamer is very sturdy and water resistant. Standing high on two-tiers, the steamer allows you to cook two different styles of cuisine saving you time. Also, if you want a more secured cook, you can purchase the steel ring fasteners here.

In the end, we are very impressed with this bamboo steamer. We know you will enjoy the delicious cuisines you will cook with this steamer. Once you use it, you’ll never want to use any other steamer again!


Silicone Bread and Loaf Pan Set of Red, Nonstick, Commercial Grade Plus Homemade Bread Making Recipe Ebook

First off, if you know anything about Chinese cooking in America, you’ll know that Helen Chen makes some of the greatest kitchenware products. This steamer represents this company for all of its quality and efficacy, making it one of the top bamboo steamers on the market.

Made entirely from 100% natural tightly woven bamboo, the construction of this steamer is very sturdy and water resistant. Standing high on two-tiers, the steamer allows you to cook two different styles of cuisine saving you time. Also, if you want a more secured cook, you can purchase the steel ring fasteners here.

In the end, we are very impressed with this bamboo steamer. We know you will enjoy the delicious cuisines you will cook with this steamer. Once you use it, you’ll never want to use any other steamer again!


The points applying to ceramic hobs also apply to halogen. The difference is that the heat comes from halogen lamps under the glass which efficiently transmit heat and light upwards. Use pans with thick bases, as they can be subjected to short bursts of intense heat with this type of hob. Avoid very shiny bases as they can reflect the light, causing the lamps to switch off.


Induction hobs are made from smooth, ceramic glass, the heat coming from a magnetic induction coil which heats the cookware but not the cooking surface. The heat from the cookware is transferred to the food.

Pans suitable for this type of hob must be made from magnetisable metal such as cast iron or steel. Pure aluminium or copper pans will not work with this type of hob unless the base is bonded with a magnetic metal.

Hard anodised aluminium

Hard anodising is a chemical process which changes the surface of aluminium, making it non-porous, glass-smooth and stronger than steel. This creates a scratch-resistant surface which cannot chip, crack or peel. A nonstick coating may also be applied to the interior. This material is suitable for all types of hob except induction.

Coated aluminium

Many aluminium pans have an enamel coating on the outside and a nonstick coating on the inside. An enamel exterior is tough and easy to clean, while a good quality nonstick interior is resistant to scratching and staining and will last for several years providing you use the correct utensils and take care not to overheat the pan. The nonstick coating also works as a barrier, protecting the food from the transference of metal.

Cast iron

Cast iron is thick and heavy and retains and distributes heat well. Although it takes a while to heat up, once it has done so it will retain heat, requiring only a low to medium heat, ideal for food which needs slow, steady cooking. Bear in mind that this will mean the food will continue to cook for some time after the heat has been turned off.

Most cast iron pans have an enamel exterior and an enamel or non-stick interior. They are suitable for all types of hob, including induction. You should, however, be mindful of the weight of a full cast iron pan if you plan to use them on a hob with ceramic surface, since care must be taken to lift rather than drag them. If this is likely to prove difficult you should consider another type of cookware.

For square or rectangular cakes

Make a parchment paper template to use as a guide when cutting your cake into sections. Trace the outline of your cake pan onto a piece of parchment paper using a pencil. Cut the shape out. Fold the shape in half and open it back up again.

Use a ruler to mark lines dividing one of the halves into thirds. Repeat on the other side. Turn the template and repeat the folding and marking process on the other two sides. 

Use the ruler to draw straight lines to makes squares out of the the outer lines and then the inner lines. Cut the template along the outer lines.

Use the template as a guide to cut the outer ring on all of your cakes. Next, cut the template along the smaller outline. Use the smaller template (No. 2, below) as a guide to cut the inner rings from your cakes.

Step 4

Adhere the first layer of cake to your cake board or plate with a thin smear of buttercream. Fill and stack the layers of your cake just as you would any other cake.

Pop your cake into the fridge to chill completely before applying a crumb coat or decorating, at least 30 minutes.


Designed to aid your baking, accessories will always help with some of the most basic tasks. Cake testers will make sure your cake is baked all the way through. Pie funnels allow steam to escape from your pie filling allowing the contents to cook thoroughly. Baking beans will help you blind bake your pastry before you add your filling to avoid a soggy bottom!

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a relatively new trend in baking. They are small decorated balls of cake on a long stick like a lollipop. Products to help you in making these will be shapers or scoops for cutting out pieces of sponge cake for your cake pop shape. There are also a large variety of sticks and cake pop holders for standing your decorated cake pops in, including pretty carousels and presentation boxes.

Chocolate and Treats

In this category you will find lots of items for creating and finishing off your chocolate creation. Chocolate moulds are made from silicone and come in a variety of designs like hearts, letters and flowers, they are easy to use because the silicone is soft and pliable. To finish off your homemade chocolates there are foil wraps, mini cases and presentation gift bags.

Cooling Racks

Cooling racks are perfect for cooling down cakes and other baked items as the air to cool them can circulate all around. A cooling rack is normally made from wire and can be rectangular, square or round. It will have little feet to raise it off the work surface allowing your baking to cool underneath too.

Icing Accessories

When icing cakes and cupcakes there may be a small degree of fine detail modelling or painting that will require intricate tools. Tiny brushes are used for applying edible glitters or paints onto fondant leaves or flowers. In the same way, modelling tools are used when working with small pieces of fondant or sugar paste.

Icing Bags and Nozzles

Icing bags are made from a variety of materials. Disposable plastic icing bags are great for smaller icing jobs, but for more time consuming piping tasks a stronger plastic-lined cloth piping bag will be needed. Nozzles come in a huge variety of sizes and designs, so always make sure when getting a new nozzle that it fits the width of your piping bag hole or coupler if you are using one. Nozzles are available in both stainless steel and plastic.

Rolling Pins

Rolling pins can be used for rolling out icing or pastry and are available as wooden, non-stick plastic or silicone. Some will just be a solid cylindrical pin and others will have handles on the end to allow the pin itself to move freely. There are also rolling pins available with spacing wheels that are interchangeable for adjusting the thickness that the icing or pastry is rolled out at.

These sets are great for beginners or children to get started in baking and icing. They will include tools for decorating cupcakes or a variety of cutters. With so many to choose from there is something for everyone to get started and good for adding to at a later date.

Storage and Stands

Once you’ve made your cake you’ll need somewhere to store it (assuming you’re not going to devour it in one sitting!). You can choose from either a bulk-standard storage tin (available in different sizes and designs) or one that doubles as a server. These have a platter-style base with a domed lid. A stand is a great way to show off and serve your master piece. These vary is design and size and some come with a glass dome to stop your cakes from drying out. There are also wire tree stands which can hold a number of cupcakes – great for celebrations and parties.

Bakeware Buying Guide, there are so many types of bakeware, from trays and tins to specialist items to help you in your baking adventures, please refer to bakeware guide for further advice.


Fry Pan (aka Skillet): the workhorse of the kitchen, this shallow pan is best for fast cooking with oils over high heat (e.g. frying, searing, browning). With a flat bottom and a long handle, these pans are designed to help cook close to the heat source without getting fingers too close.





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Most important, have fun and choose your Cake Pans wisely! Good luck!

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