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Top Of The Best Bathroom Mirrors Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Bathroom Mirrors of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Large Framed Wall Mirror with Angled Beveled Mirror Frame | Premium Silver Backed Glass Panel Vanity, Bedroom, or Bathroom | Luxury Mirrored Rectangle Hangs Horizontal or Vertical (24″ x 36″)

Large Framed Wall Mirror with Angled Beveled Mirror Frame | Premium Silver Backed Glass Panel Vanity, Bedroom, or Bathroom | Luxury Mirrored Rectangle Hangs Horizontal or Vertical (24
SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: Bring opulence and sophistication to any room with our 24″ x 36″ classy, angled, mirror framed, piece. Our premium, large, rectangular, mirror is surrounded by a substantial, 3 inch, angled, mirror, frame. Mirrored edges gently slope towards the beveled center. The large glass mirror is backed by our solid core wood for reinforcement and stability. Avoid the warping and distortion found in cheaper brands.


№2 – Large Rectangular Bathroom Mirror, Wall-Mounted Wooden Frame Vanity Mirror, Silver (38″x26″)

Large Rectangular Bathroom Mirror, Wall-Mounted Wooden Frame Vanity Mirror, Silver (38
✔ LARGE, BAROQUE STYLE: The baroque style framed mirror will be a focal point in any room. It is large enough for practical use such as vanity mirror, but small enough to work in any room.
✔ DOUBLE-WAY HANGING: The 38″x26″ framed mirror can be used horizontal or vertical. Ship with all mounting hardware.


№3 – Wall Mirror Decorative Bathroom – Vanity Copper Bronze Rectangular Beveled Frame 21×25″

Wall Mirror Decorative Bathroom - Vanity Copper Bronze Rectangular Beveled Frame 21x25
Attached D-ring hangers for easy wall mounting. Hangs vertical or horizontal.Dimensions: Overall size including reflective area and molding, 21″x 25″ x1″
Modern Design: Good for bedroom, living room or bathroom. For matching picture frame see ASIN B073G6NQ3K



Bathroom mirrors are generally best placed where they will be most practical and this is almost always above the wash basin. Due to bathroom layout, this is sometimes not possible due to windows, however, an adjacent wall may provide the necessary space. Failing this, a freestanding bathroom mirror that can sit on the windowsill might be the best solution.

Most, but not all, bathroom mirrors are designed in a portrait format (taller than they are wide) as this layout requires less wall space, tends to suit more user height ranges and often is a similar width to the basin it sits above.

A landscape mirror is great for larger bathrooms and those with a wider basin beneath.

In all cases, the larger the mirror, the more light that will be reflected around the room resulting in a brighter bathroom with an enhanced feeling of space.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

Similar in design to backlit mirrors but with smaller illuminated areas.

The number of LED bulbs will be quite high to give the mirror stance and presence.

Virtually any pattern of lights is possible although these will often be based along straight lines.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, illuminates the whole room. This type of light provides enough illumination to safely navigate through the space, read the labels in a first-aid kit and bathe kiddos in the tub. When used with a dimmer, ambient light can also transform into warm, soft illumination to offset the bright glow that results from task lighting.

Ambient lighting is most often achieved through ceiling lighting. A flush mount ceiling light with a frosted diffuser is perfect for providing just enough warm, ambient light to illuminate the whole bathroom.

Accent Lighting

As the finishing touch to a bathroom lighting arrangement, accent lighting balances out the overall brightness of the room. Enhancing ambient lighting and softening task lighting, accent lighting provides a subtle glow that creates depth and highlights different parts of the bathroom.

An easy way to add accent lighting to a bathroom is through the addition of wall sconces. Positioned next to a door, a piece of art or mounted on a blank wall, a wall sconce will provide soft, diffused light to counterbalance ambient and task lighting.

Areas of a Bathroom to Light

Now that the type of light that is needed in a bathroom has been determined, it is important to identify the appropriate areas that need to be illuminated and what light fixtures will sufficiently illuminate the space.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

A ceiling light is a successful way to provide the necessary general light that is needed in a bathroom. The previously mentioned flush mount light is a great option, as is an arrangement of hardly noticeable recessed lights throughout. Both will casting general light downwards while blending in subtly with any design.

The placement of ceiling lighting in a bathroom is also key. The center of the room is perfect for casting light around the whole space. Definitely avoid putting a ceiling light directly above the vanity—the result will be splotchy illumination, unwanted shadows and potentially a glare from the light bouncing off of the mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

For tall or round mirrors, or for personal design preferences, simply mount a wall sconce along either side of the mirror. The wall sconces should be mounted 60 inches from the ground and 2inches apart to provide the proper distribution of task lighting.

Or you can forego the separate installation of lighting and mirror by combining the two together. Lighted mirrors put the lights just where you need them without the need to measure or take up more wall space.

Bathroom Wall Lights

Apart from their possible duties flanking a mirror, elsewhere in a bathroom, wall lights add a soft fill light that enhances ambient light and balances out bright task lighting. A single wall sconce is perfect for lighting a dark corner or highlighting a piece of art. A second option is to create a symmetrical installation by framing a door or window with a wall sconce mounted on both sides. For best results, mount wall lights at eye-level, or 5-feet off the ground.

Wet Location

In areas directly exposed to water, like the area around a shower or bathtub, bathroom lights should be listed for wet locations. This means that, even if the light fixture is splashed or comes in contact with water, the water will not damage or build up in the electrical area of the lamp.

Becca Bird

Becca is a Senior Site Merchandiser for YLighting and a firm believer in the idea that sometimes more really is more. As a lover of bright colors and bold patterns, Becca loves for her affinity of color to transcend into all aspect of her life – from her clothes to her home decor. When not at work, Becca can often be found online shopping, watching the latest scary movie, or brushing up on her fun facts.

LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are a stylish and environmentally efficient addition to a bathroom. The use of small but mighty LEDs within the mirror means that you can have attractive and practical lighting without the large energy bills. Because of the inherent economy of LED lighting, you will even find some LED mirrors that are battery operated, meaning no hefty electrician’s bills to have them installed – a great retro-fit option if ever there was one. This Bauhaus Radiance Mirror not only has lighting on the front, it has ambient back lighting around the mirror to create a warm and inviting feeling to your bathroom.

Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

The backlit mirror is one of the most popular mirror types. Using fluorescent lighting tubes that sit behind the mirror teamed with etched glass to allow the light through, backlit mirrors give off a subtle but sufficient light that makes it easier to shave, apply make-up or do whatever it is that requires a well-lit reflection. If the word ‘fluorescent’ doesn’t sound particularly attractive to you, this type of fluorescent bulb is a far cry from the picture of harsh flourescent lighting you are conjuring up in your head!

Mirror Cabinets

Worthy of an article all to themselves, mirror cabinets are essentially just mirrors with the extra practicality of storage. They are available in just as many types, including LED, fluorescent, and shaver socket, as well as a grand array of sizes and shapes. The best mirror cabinets are manufactured from aluminium, have double sided mirror doors and movable internal glass shelving. An infra-red sensor turns them on and off.

Assembly and Installation

Most of our freestanding furniture collections are delivered straight from the manufacturer pre assembled straight to your door, so you don’t have to worry about damaging anything during assembly. You’ll find an extensive choice of modern and traditional floorstanding bathroom furniture at Drench often ready and available for quick dispatch.

Molly Freestanding Vanity Unit & Tall Wall Hung Storage Unit in Chestnut from Drench

We offer a range of toilets in different styles and sizes to suit all bathrooms, your choice of basin and toilet can determine the size of furniture you require. It is important to measure your bathroom accurately and even draw a floor plan to make the best use of space.

Burlington Close Coupled Toilet & Burlington Classic Round Basin & Pedestal

Wall mounted Bathroom Furniture

Wall mounted bathroom furniture can be nearly fitted to any wall. They create an exceptional feeling of space within a smaller bathroom by not using up any valuable floor space with the added bonus of extra storage space ideal for keeping your bathroom clutter free. We offer an extensive range of wall mounted bathroom furniture and vanity units, typically comprising of either doors or drawers combined with a beautiful ceramic, resin or polymarble basin.

Modular Bathroom Furniture

For a much more contemporary look you might prefer modular bathroom furniture. At Island Bathrooms we offer an extensive collection of worktops, plinths, and more. Modular Bathroom Furniture allows you to choose a combination of furniture to suit you. We have an extensive range of worktops ideal for contemporary and traditional bathroom designs in a variety of soft and sharp tones of colour including, sure to act as an eye-catching addition to your bathroom. Modular furniture is a great option if you’re working with much smaller bathroom spaces.

Burlington Contemporary Semi-Recessed Basin, Back to Wall Toilet & Unit, Floorstanding Single Door Storage Unit, Double Door Mirrored Cabinet, Double Door Cabinet, Wall Hung Storage Unit & Carrara White Minerva Worktop, 

Cloakroom Furniture

We also offer a range of short projection furniture specially designed for bathrooms where space is at premium. Choose from compact cloakroom toilets, small freestanding or wall mounted vanity units featuring inset basins designed for smaller bathrooms. Our cloakroom furniture collections are available in a range of over 2finishes including glacier black, gloss red, walnut, wenge and beech.

All of our cloakroom furniture has been specifically chosen because of its quality and excellent value for money. Whether you require a compact cloakroom toilet or small vanity basin, we have all you need to create a stylish yet affordable cloakroom bathroom.


The Most Common Mistakes People Should Avoid When Decorating Their Bathrooms – Interior design – Since bathroom is one of the most vital areas in your house, you should take great care with designing and decorating it. However, people make mistakes when

Using a Ceiling Light in the Bathroom

Basically, this type of lighting provides general lighting for the whole bathroom. Sometimes the light is combined with a fan and function trumps style. A ceiling fixture will provide enough lighting to maneuver through the room, assuring that you will be able to see everything in it, and contribute to your safety.


Bathroom exhaust fans are measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), which gives the amount of air moved by the fan each minute. The product’s box will list the CFM number, and it will typically give a suggested room size as well. As a general rule of thumb, homeowners should buy a fan with a minimum CFM rating that equates to your bathroom’s square footage. For example, you’ll want a 50 CFM rated fan for a 50-square-foot bathroom and a 100 CFM rated fan for a 100-square-foot bathroom.

For even more accuracy, measure your bathroom and use the following mathematical formula from Home Depot:

Length X Width X Height X 0.1= Suggested CFM

Suppose your bathroom is feet wide, feet long, and feet high. Then you’d multiply by by by 0.1for a total of 83.In this case, a fan with a CFM rating of 80 would probably be sufficient for your bathroom.


In addition to CFM measurement, consumers should consider a fan’s noise level. The noise emitted by an exhaust fan is rated in “sones,” and most fans have a sones rating between the range of 0.to 6.0. The lower the sones number (which is typically printed on the fan box), the quieter the fan will be when operating. Since a sones ratings of 1.0 compares to the sound of a quiet refrigerator, any fan with a sones rating of 1.0 or less is considered very quiet. On the other end of the scale, a sones rating greater than 4.0 might be loud enough to drown out your shower singing. Nowadays, many manufacturers produce bathroom fans that operate quietly. If you’re very worried about sound, consider installing a 6-inch ducting attachment for your fan rather than the standard 4-inch attachment. Air can move easier in a wider duct, so 6-inch duct puts less strain on the fan and allows for quieter operation.


When you draw moisture-filled air out of the bathroom, it needs somewhere to go. Some bathroom vents release exhaust into a home’s attic; however, this setup isn’t ideal, since excess moisture in the attic can lead to mold-related issues. Therefore homeowners should opt to vent their bathroom fans to the outdoors.

If the bathroom is located on the first level of a multi-story home, you’ll want to vent the air through the side of your house. A standard ceiling-mounted fan is suitable for this type of venting, as long as you can run the ducting through the ceiling joists to an exterior wall. If you can’t run ducting between the joists, and if your bathroom has at least one exterior wall, you can install a wall-mounted fan that vents the exhaust directly out the side of the house. For any bathroom located on the floor directly below the attic, your best bet is to direct the vented air to the attic and then, via ducting, either to a soffit under the roof’s eave or out through a vent pipe in the roof.

Power showers

These suitable for houses with low water pressure. They use a pump to increase the pressure of the water, and mix both your hot and cold water like a mixer shower to give you the temperature of your choice.

Usually ceiling-mounted, and with some you can make minor adjustments. Best for an “full body” shower

Digital showers

Offer the convenience of turning on your shower remotely so you don’t have to wait in a cold bathroom. You need a data cable, which runs behind the tiles

Some showers now let you save your preferred temperature, so you don’t have to fiddle around finding it the next time

Offers the function of switching between shower and taps

Provide an extra boost to low water pressure households so your shower provides a strong performance. Only compatible with gravity-fed water systems

Shower curtains

Our range of shower curtains has a wide array of designs made from high quality polyester, with long lasting nickel-plated eyelets.

Not all are completely waterproof, so you’ll need to buy a waterproof inner liner if this is the case. Extend your shower curtain to dry fully after each shower to prevent the build-up of mould, and wash it regularly.

Shower screens

Shower screens ensure that your bathroom stays dry when you shower.

There are various shower screen designs, such as a towel rail on the outside, framed, frameless or concertina folds. Sailed half frames are good for small showering areas.

Taps and wastes

Before deciding on the type of taps you’d like for your bathroom, consult your plumber. Apart from making sure they’re right for your water pressure, there are rules and regulations to follow, such as a legal obligation to prevent contamination of the main water supply.


Basin mixers (or ‘Monobloc’ taps) are designed for basins with one tap hole. Hot and cold water flows through one pipe and you can mix to your temperature preference. Our basin mixer taps come in a high quality finish, with some offering ‘anti-splash’ spouts as standard and high quality copper pipes for smooth installation. Remember to check your pressure before committing to buy a basin mixer tap, as it needs relatively high pressure to work well.

We also offer wall mounted mixer taps, many of which come with flexible pipes for fast and simple installation.

Pillar taps

Basin taps (or pillar taps) are designed for basins with two holes. This separates the hot and cold water. Some of our pillar taps are custom-designed for houses with low pressure, so they may be worth considering if you have a gravity-fed water system.

Bath filler

This works well for baths with two tap holes. With a bath filler, one component is fitted over both tap holes which mixes the water internally. The water is then delivered through the spout. A bath filler tap is ideal for homes with lower water pressure.

We also offer floor-standing bath fillers for bathrooms with underground plumbing, but these need high water pressure.


Clean taps with warm soapy water and a small sponge; if you use a cleaning solution because of hard water, do check that it’s suitable for chrome taps but bear in mind that they can still tarnish the finish.

When buying a waste it needs to be slotted, or unslotted, depending on whether your basin has an overflow or not – that’s the small hole at the back of the basin, usually under the tap, which drains excess water to prevent overflow.

If you basin has an overflow, then it needs a slotted basin waste. The slots are connected to the main waste to help dispose of overflowing water. If your basin doesn’t an overflow, then it probably needs an unslotted waste.

Dual push button cistern

Some of our toilets have dual push button cisterns, designed to be more economical when using water.

They have two buttons, with one outputting litres of water (liquid waste), and the other outputting litres (solid waste). If used correctly, this feature can cut water use by up to 50%

We offer stand-alone bidets in store, which are more suited to larger bathrooms, but also attached bidets for bathrooms where space is at a premium.

Most bidets are best fitted next to the toilet, so consider whether you have the right amount of space to both fit it and use it.

As well as blending into the rest of the bathroom, size is a key consideration with basins, plus how much splashing about there’s likely to be – we’d probably advise you go as big as you can, meaning you’ve more space for basin-related toiletries. Measure up carefully before you choose.

Don’t forget…

Remember to buy an unslotted click waste if you find that your sink doesn’t have an overflow fitted, as it will prevent spillages occurring.

Most of the bathtubs we sell in store are freestanding baths with legs included, but we can also arrange to install an inset bath to match your décor, if you wish.


P-shaped bathtubs are a great space saving option, and also feature a smooth recess for showering.

Most of our P-shaped baths are left undrilled, meaning you can install the type of taps you see fit. As most people use p-shaped baths for showering, several of them also come with a shower screen, and they come in both left hand and right hand builds to suit the arrangement of your bathroom.

IP rating

When buying a light for the bathroom you need to check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating.The higher the rating, the more protected lighting is.

The first digit refers to the degree you’re protected from any contact with moving parts, and the degree thelight is protected from anything getting inside. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘6’ (dust tight).

The second digit indicates how much moisture (drips, spray or jets) the light can withstand.This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘8’ (protection from complete, continuous submersion in water).For example, an IP4rating means nothing bigger than 1mm can get in, and it’s safe from splashing water.

For bathroom lighting you need a minimum IP4rating. All our bathroom lighting comes with a 2-year guarantee.


Ranging from single spotlights to ceiling bars which include several lights, spotlights are great if you want to accentuate any area of the room to create a certain ambience, or avoid shadowing. And because they’re individually adjustable, how your bathroom’s lit is up to you.

We offer an array of flush fitting lights in different finishes. These include chrome, glass, metal and plastic.

Over mirror lights

Over mirror lights  work well positioned above the basin. Shaver lights combine simplicity with convenience, offering a shaving socket integrated into the plastic housing of the light. This must be kept at a radius of 60cm from any taps for safety reasons.

Cabaret bars include or bauble-shaped bulbs, and can be positioned either above or to the sides of your mirror.

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails useful in any bathroom, offering you the comfort of warm towels with the convenience of a standard radiator. We’d recommend a plumber installs one for you.

There are three types to choose from when you buy your heated towel rail:

Central heating is when the towel rail is plumbed into your hot water system, much like your radiator is. The pipes it connects to will come from either the wall, or the floor. Make sure your towel rail is fitted with valves so that it can work well with your central heating system.

Electrical heated towel rails are filled with a fluid that’s electrically heated. This component will need to be connected to your home’s electrical system by a qualified technician.

Dual fuel heating

The dual fuel type combines the best of a central heating towel rail and an electric one. For colder months, the towel rail can be run via the central heating system, but then can also be used electrically when you turn your heating off in summer.

The standard dual fuel format menas you can choose whether to heat your towel rail via the mains or electrically. Valves are sold separately, so remember to pick them up if you buy this type of towel rail.

Toilet accessories

They might not be the most glamorous item on your accessory shopping list, but a toilet roll holder and toilet brush are essential items for any bathroom. You may even want to include a spare loo roll holder, so you don’t have spare toilet rolls cluttering up your bathroom.

Toilet roll holders come in a variety of styles ranging from geometric shapes to smooth curves and elegant designs. Most feature a chrome finish that blends in easily with any bathroom décor such as the taps and shower.

To ensure a neater finish, opt for a wall mounted toilet brush that complements the design of your chosen toilet roll holder.

Towel accessories

From heated towel rails to towel rings and towel rails, there’s a number of ways to organise your bathroom towels. Heated towel rails provide the basic luxury of warm, dry towels, and they come in an array of sizes to suit any space. A heated towel rail will only work if your central heating is switched on, unless you opt for an electric model, which means you can enjoy toasty towels all year round.

Ideal for large bath towels, towel rails come in single and double designs, as well as modern and traditional styles. To keep towels warm you could fit a towel rail above a radiator, or place one next to the bath or shower so your towel is easy to reach.

Towel rings are designed for hand towels, and the best place to fit one is next to the basin. When choosing a towel ring and rail, make sure they are from the same collection for a coordinated look. Again, most feature a chrome finish that blends seamlessly in with any décor.

Soap accessories

Soap dispensers are designed to hold liquid soap, while soap dishes are for bar soap. Your choice will all depend on whether you prefer bar soap or liquid soap. They both come in a wide range of styles to suit your bathroom.

Wall mounted soap dishes and dispensers will keep the surface around your basin clear for a neater finish.

Storage accessories

The bathroom can easily become cluttered with toiletries and beauty products. Shelves and shower baskets offer a sturdy and stylish way to keep your bathroom essentials neat and organised.

Corner shower baskets and caddies are ideal for storing shampoo and body wash, while glass shelves can be used for perfume and make-up. It’s these simple accessories that go a long way to creating a tidy bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors

A mirror is a must-have in any bathroom, and is essential for your morning and evening routine. A stylish mirror will complete your bathroom perfectly, and can help to enhance a sense of space in a small bathroom or en-suite.

Mirrored cabinets combine a mirror and storage into one handy unit, and they are great for keeping toiletries hidden away.

Mirrors come in many designs and sizes to suit any requirement. Illuminated mirrors provide bright enough illumination for applying make-up or the morning shave, but are also dim enough to create a relaxing ambience in the evening.

Shaving mirrors are a handy accessory for your bathroom too. Most feature a two-sided design, with one being a standard mirror and the other side featuring a magnifying mirror.

Bathroom accessory sets

The main advantage of opting for a bathroom accessory set is that it creates a coordinated look. At BigBathroomShop, accessory sets typically include a toilet roll holder, towel ring, soap dish or dispenser and a tumbler holder. They are available in both modern and traditional styles, and all feature a chrome finish.


Think of a mirror as a surface option and add it to your moodboard alongside the wallpaper, tile and paint swatches. Just as these choices can make an impact on bare walls, the polished look of a mirror speaks volumes en masse. If you’re planning to add a mirrored wall, be aware that the clutter of one space will double with its reflection. On the other hand, a considered design approach will magnify the best features of your zone. This open-plan living and dining area makes use of clean lines and opulent details to tap into a luxe look. Metallic hits are picked up in the reflection without overwhelming the space.


Trend watchers will have seen the custom-designed barn door pop up in more and more design-savvy homes, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it look super streamlined and add industrial appeal, a barn door is also a fantastic piece for small spaces, as the sliding mechanism means there’s no swing space needed and there’s flexibility as to where it’s positioned. This door always offers the mirrored side, whether open or closed; while a hinged mirrored door becomes hidden when it’s completely opened.


Getting a mirror custom made to fit a particular space is a sure-fire way to add real wow factor. Rather than opt for a small-scale mirror, this living area makes use of a large-format design that has been specially created to fit between the mantelpiece and the ceiling. With its dark frame that extends to the ceiling, the mirror becomes a focal point that exaggerates the room’s dimensions. Many businesses cut mirrors to suit your specifications, but you may need to tag in a framer if you’re after the ideal finishing touch to your mirror. Add a strong frame for definition, or keep it frameless for a more airy feel.


Subway tiles are the look du jour in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, and the use of a mirrored tile takes this look to the next level. Going with tiles also marks a departure from a single mirror as a splashback, and adds a more eye-catching detail. This space incorporates mirrored tiles with bevelled-edge options and a smoky dapple. The slight dark tinge ensures that any splashes won’t be too visible, as opposed to a pristine mirror where every errant drop is glaringly obvious.


Think outside the square and add a mirror to an unlikely spot for an element of surprise. The sleek and seamless joinery of this kitchen gets a practical lift from a mirror in a spare nook. The mirror also creates a focal point that draws the eye away from the sink and prep zones. This application is also great for those who want the look of the mirrored splashback, with less maintenance required. Adding a mirrored kickboard to the base of kitchen cabinetry is another way to make an impact in an often overlooked area.


A sleek mirror splashback is often chosen to suit contemporary kitchen designs. With polished looks and a streamlined appeal, this option is a sound choice. Here, ‘smoke’ glass is a softer take on glare, as well as the sparse white scheme. There are some factors to consider prior to installation. A single mirror’s join-free surface may limit the growth of mould, but, don’t forget about the cleaning up-keep of this type of splashback. If your cooktop is positioned close to a glass splashback, a professional must install toughened glass with a minimum thickness of 6mm, which is made to strict safety standards. This glass is able to withstand heat and moisture, so it’s made to last in a hard-working zone.


While a classic gleaming mirror stands the test of time, an antique-look treatment makes cleaning a little easier. The expansive polished surface of a mirror splashback is best when it is just that, so when food prep and cooking get a bit messy (likely), you’ll need to clean it as well as your benchtop. Choosing a mirror with a pattern detail via faux patina helps mask the spray of bubbling pots and pans, so you can get away with a less intensive clean-up. The dappled look will mean a quick post-cooking wipe down is all you need, rather than a full-scale clean every time you use the kitchen. Choosing this finish also adds a subtle textural detail to a zone that is often made up of strong block colours and hardwearing surfaces.


Bathrooms are one of the home’s hardest-working spaces, and you can keep yours streamlined to ensure maximum efficiency with the lustrous look of a mirrored wall. This bathroom taps into a thoroughly modern look. The strong lines of the fittings and fixtures showcase the bathroom’s minimalistic style – definitely the right approach if an entire wall is devoted to a mirror. In this case, the mirror also becomes a space-saving saviour, as it not only conceals the toilet cistern, but it also integrates hidden cabinetry behind the four panels above the sink. With only the bare essentials on display, and the strict white-and-steel colour scheme, the mirror is a fitting choice to give this bathroom its strong look.


The faded beauty of antiqued mirror tiles softens the crisp look of a standard mirror. The weathered patina of these tiles offer a  more muted finish, so they’re a fantastic choice for a bathroom. Similarly, the choice of tiled options, rather than a whole mirrored glass surface, also helps to mellow the reflection, which can be a  nicer prospect in a space that demands more privacy. As bathrooms can sometimes err on the clinical side with stark white palettes and bright task lighting, any chance to play with texture and tones should be relished. With each mirror tile offering a variation on the artfully distressed design, this bathroom achieves a unique and intriguing look that sets it apart from the usual powder room. 

Tip: Clever placement of tiles with less of the antiqued patina above the basin ensures that users can still make the most of the mirror.

Cleaning tip: Avoid abrasive glass cleaners when cleaning mirrors, as they will damage the backing. A soft microfibre cloth and warm water will do the trick – add a bit of white vinegar to cut through streaks.


Playing with the silhouette of a mirror is an easy way to set a space apart from the rest. While you can always rely on a square or rectangular frame to deliver good looks, a mirror with a curved or uniquely shaped form becomes a real hero piece. A rounded edge imparts a smooth look to bathrooms, which are often furnished with angular or strong-lined pieces. The striking silhouette of this bathroom’s mirror complements the curved shapes of the fixtures, and also contrasts with the cubic form of the basin. Keep an eye out for mirrors with ornate shapes to bring a point of difference to your bathroom.

Tip: Backdrops can play up a cool shape. Here, the generous curve of the mirror’s edges are amplified by the small-format tiles.


There’s definitely still a place for the good old mirrored bathroom cabinet. Not only will bathroom joinery ensure all and sundry are stashed away, but, with the addition of a long-mirrored panel, your morning dressing routine can be contained to the bathroom. Plus, as bathrooms should house strong task lighting, you’ll be able to see a crystal-clear reflection. The dimensions of this option are also fantastic for adding to the illusion of height which, when combined with a mirror’s ability for exaggerating dimensions, are great in smaller spaces.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Bathroom Mirrors wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Bathroom Mirrors



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