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Top Of The Best Artificial Snow Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Artificial Snow of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – SnoWonder Instant Snow Artificial Snow – Mix Makes 10 Gallons of Fake Snow

SnoWonder Instant Snow Artificial Snow - Mix Makes 10 Gallons of Fake Snow
Makes approx 12 sq feet, one inch deep. Just add water and watch it erupt instantly.


№2 – 9′ x 8″ Pre-Lit Snow White Artificial Christmas Garland – Clear Lights

9' x 8
Pre-lit with 50 clear lights
160 tips
Metal hooks on each end for easy hanging


№3 – FloraCraft, 4 Liters, Plastic Snow

FloraCraft, 4 Liters, Plastic Snow
Styrofoam Brand Trusted by Customers for Over Sixty Years
Light and Durable
Can Use a Variety of Finishing Techniques


An impressive newcomer

With more lights and more branches (but a lower proportion of realistic ones), this new-for-201GE is worth a look.

The GE 7.5’ Just Cut EZ Light Frasier Fir Dual Color LED (model 17161HD) is new for 2018, so we’re still working on a hands-on review, but several of its specs are favorable when compared with our top pick from National Tree. It’s the same height and width, but it has more branch tips for a fuller appearance (2,07versus 1,867). Like our top pick, the GE lets you switch between white and multicolor lighting modes, and the lights connect directly as you assemble the three sections of the tree. But we are especially fond of the way GE’s LED Christmas lights look—in our test, we found them closest to the familiar warm glow of incandescent bulbs. However, the GE has 600 lights, versus our top pick’s 750, meaning it falls just short of our recommended 100 bulbs per foot of tree. And at 30 percent polyethylene, versus 3percent on the National Tree pick, the GE tree has a lower proportion of ultra-realistic branch tips—and a higher proportion of fake-looking PVC “needles.” You’ll never notice a difference from across the room, but up close you may find the GE slightly more artificial-looking.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

As we learned from experience, a major drawback to owning this or any artificial tree of a similar size is that it takes up considerable storage space in the off season, and is hard to fit back into its original box.

People often overlook the fact that they’ll need to store an artificial tree for or 1months out of the year, Gurino pointed out. And lack of storage space is the main reason, he added, that city and apartment dwellers favor live trees. (He also noted that when live trees get thrown out, they often become free mulch for public parks—in effect, they’re recycled.) Our tree, after being packed up after the photo shoot, took up a corner of our test space for a month before we were able to send it off to another Wirecutter editor for long-term testing. So unless you have lots of storage room in your place, a live tree may make more sense.

And even if you have room to store an artificial tree, bear in mind that, as Gurino noted, it won’t easily go back into its original box: “Once you fluff it, it’ll never fit exactly.” After we were done with our photo shoot, I spent about half an hour painstakingly collapsing each branch of our tree, one by one, as tight as I could against the central pole, to prep the tree for shipping. My best advice: Start from the top (the shortest branches) and end at the bottom (the longest branches). First pinch the branch tips together into a sort of bundle; then fold up the branch itself. Even after I did that, though, it made some obvious bulges in the original shipping box.

The re-boxed artificial tree of this size is heavy (over 50 pounds), difficult to fit on most shelves, and has a volume comparable to a tank-style water heater. But if you have ample storage space, you don’t have to keep a tree in its original box. Rather, Gurino said, keeping it covered and dry is the main thing. You can separate the sections and flatten the branches as compactly as you can, or keep it whole; just don’t store it somewhere it’ll be trampled or moved a lot. Do cover it with a light plastic painter’s tarp or an old sheet to keep the dust off, or buy a tree bag. And a climate-controlled space (converted basement, storage closet) is always preferable to an attic or garage.

The competition

Aside from appreciating the quality, beauty, and value of our pick, we chose a National Tree model for a few other reasons, namely exceptionally wide availability (online, in national chain stores, and in mom-and-pop shops), diverse options (in lighting, height, girth, and other considerations) to fit everyone’s unique needs, consistently great reviews, and the solidity of 50-plus years of a family-run business.

But the fact is, more than one company can claim most of those qualities, and you can find great trees under numerous brand names.

Much of the situation is due to the way artificial trees are manufactured: Almost all of them come out of a handful of factories in Taiwan and China. So while the companies selling the trees specify the details of their designs, the companies making the trees use similar materials and even many of the same basic components. That means you will be able to find a great artificial tree, even if it’s not our pick.

Puleo is Larry Gurino’s favored brand at House of Holiday; like National Tree, it’s a New Jersey–based, family-run business. Unfortunately, Puleo is not as widely available as some other brands, but its quality ranks among the best. Gurino has sold Puleo trees for 20 years, and they were some of the nicest-looking trees we came across in our search. If you find one you like, you can be confident in your purchase.

Balsam Hill is the top-selling artificial-tree brand in the US, and it offers an extraordinary array of top-quality trees in three ranges of realism. After viewing and handling examples in person, we consider its Realistic line comparable overall to National Tree’s Feel Real series. Both have a mix of realistic PE branch tips and plasticky PVC filler branches. And both do a great job of fooling the eye. An exact apples-to-apples comparison isn’t possible (due to differences in lighting options, for example), but Balsam Hill’s trees tend to feature more branch tips and light bulbs at a given height-width combination.

Pull Quote

Frontgate mostly competes with Balsam Hill in the premium category, as it focuses on super-realistic and super-expensive trees. We didn’t encounter Frontgate trees in person, but their specs—and prices—are impressive.

There are many, many more competitors than what we list here. Given the way artificial trees are produced (described in How we picked), it’s not uncommon for companies to buy trees “off the shelf” and rebrand them under their own names. So if you can’t find one of our picks or a comparable tree from the makers listed here, you can still find an excellent tree. Here’s how.

Look at the tag—most brands are eager to note the presence, number, and often the percentage of realistic polyethylene branch tips; we like to see at least 30 percent polyethylene.

Simply look at the branch tips themselves. Although highly realistic artificial trees with polyethylene branch tips are becoming the norm, most manufacturers also still produce 100 percent-PVC trees. They’re much cheaper—and they look it. Polyethylene looks like real, living branches and needles; PVC looks like thinly sliced green paper.

Pines and Needles

Norway spruce: Very common in the UK, the Norway Spruce tree has a rich emerald green colour and strong branches. However, be aware of needle drop as they do tend to shed.

Scotch pine: The Scotch doesn’t shed needles and stays fresh for longer, so it’s relatively low maintenance. However, they are very spiky so not ideal for houses with children.

Balsam firs: These have a dark green colour and have flexible branches so are not really suitable for very heavy ornaments. It keeps its shape well and does not drop many needles.

The Nordmann fir: A favourite in the UK as this tree has soft needles that do not easily shed, and has a glassy dark-green colour that remains healthy for over weeks before beginning to dry.

What to look out for

When buying a real tree always select an unwrapped tree so you can really see how the branches sit and gauge the true width. Also make sure you give the tree a little shake and check if there is any needle loss; if there is, it is pretty much guaranteed that the tree will shed rapidly as the tree is older and less fresh.

Once Christmas trees have been cut they have begun to die, like flowers, so the longer it has been cut the faster it will begin to wither and brown. The branches should be bendy and the needles glossy as an indicator of freshness.

Check the tree base to ensure you can fit it in a stand. It should be a maximum of nine inches wide. Also beware of bugs and insects that are on the tree as these can be taken into your home.

How to care for your tree

When you get the tree home, saw about 2cms from the base before placing in a tree stand that also has a water reservoir. Make sure the water is topped up and keep the tree away from heat sources like radiators and fires to stop it from drying out. It is essential to stop the tree drying out and becoming a fire hazard. Always make sure lights are switched off when you leave the house as they can also cause a fire.


Think about it. Your foot is trapped for hours inside of a large boot. With that noted, breathability is a must to sustain comfort while skiing. With the use of ski specific socks, you will experience built in ventilation. Ski socks are made for the purpose of providing, warmth, comfort and breathability. A ski sock provides ventilation for your foot so that your feet stay dry from perspiration, allowing you to remain warm after a certain amount of time riding.

Sock Care

Ski socks are probably more expensive than your usual athletic socks, so protect your investment.  Turn the socks inside out to wash them – this is where skin cells and dirt build up.  It is best not to dry ski socks in commercial dryers. They get too hot.  For best results, remove them from your home dryer before they are completely dry and finish drying them at room temperature.

Here’s how to make fake snow at home…

Snow in seconds is an “As Seen on TV” product that closely resembles real snow.

It’s the same product that is used on movie sets when they need to make snow!

All you do is add water, and you’ve instantly got what looks and feels like real snow.

You can put it on your trees or wreaths outside, and you can even make snowmen with it.

Insta-snow powder is another fake snow product that looks super realistic.

The powdery snow flakes expand to 100 times their original size!

Some downsides

I personally like the idea of using little pieces of white plastic bags — because it’s a way to re-use plastic bags that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

I thought it was important to include ideas for all wallet sizes.

So, now you know how you can have snow on the holidays even if you live somewhere that it is 80 degrees in December!

Some of my favorite things to write about are topics that have to do with living green, saving money, pregnancy, weddings, and dogs. When I’m not writing, I love to spend time with my husband, read, create 3D artwork and Native American beadwork.

Kalavrita Ski Center

The next closest ski resort to Athens is on 2340m Mount Helmos at the Kalavrita Ski Center in the Peloponessos, about two and a half hours drive from the city. This is the second largest ski resort in Greece and has 1slopes: difficult, intermediate, easy and very easy, with ski lifts and special areas for snowboarding and extreme sports. The resort has snack bars, cafes, restaurants, shops for renting or buying ski equipment and a ski school.

Kalavrita, where most people stay, is a beautiful town, especially in the winter and is famous for the small train that climbs the mountain from the seaside town of Diakofto through the Vouraikуs Gorge to the railway station in Kalavrita. Early and late in the season it is easy to ski in the snow and go for a swim the same day. Nearby is the Agia Lavra Monastery and the Cave of the Lakes. Kalavrita is full of cozy restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels and guest houses. for photos, reviews and booking information.

Mount Mainalos Ski Center

The Ski Center of Menalon is located on the plateau of Ostrakina on 1600m Mount Menalon in

Arkadia, Peloponessos. The center has lifts taking you to slopes and includes a ski school, ski and snowboard equipment renting shops, and a chalet with a guesthouse, cafes and restaurant . The ski season normally lasts for about months, from January to March. The area is also popular with hikers and kayaking and rafting on the Lousios River. For beginners this may be the best resort and you can easily come for the day from Athens. information.

Velouxi Ski Resort in Karpenissi

Located just km from the town of Karpenissi, about hours from Athens in the region of

Evrytania the Velouxi Ski Resort has ski lifts taking skiiers to 1different slopes of varying difficulty. There is also a chalet, snowboard park, ski-mobile rentals, ski equipment for sale or rent and a ski school and cafeteria and is open from December until April. It is located on 2200m Mount Tymfristos. Evrytania is known as ‘Little Switzerland’ though many have compared it to the mountains of North Carolina. Accommodation can be found in Karpenissi as well as the lovely villages in the surrounding area which is also known for its grilled meat and fresh trout.

Karpenissi Page for photos, reviews and booking information.

Elatochori Ski Center

Of course if you had to choose one mountain to ski in Greece it would probably be 2917m Mount Olympus. The Elatochori Ski Center is located on the northern slopes of Greece’s most famous mountain and has slopes and lifts as well as a snowboarding and sled run. There are ski schools, a shop for buying or renting equipment, as well as a chalet and there is accommodation in the various towns and villages nearby. Mount Olympus is about hours drive from Athens and the nearest village is Elatohori which has restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Vasilitsa Ski Centre

Located about 4kilometers from the town of Grevena about 100 miles west of Thessaloniki  at an altitude of 2113m in the Pindos Mountains,  the Vasilitsa Ski Centre is considered one of the best snowboard destinations in southeastern Europe and attracts young adventurers from all over the world. The ski center has 1ski runs of varying levels of difficulty and different types of terrain with lifts that take you close to  the summit. With spectacular views, including of Mount Olympus over 200 kilometers away, there are two chalets which offer accommodation and meals, a cafe bar, equipment rental shop and a snowboard shop. The place to stay is at the though you can find other options by using the

Metsovo Ski Center

Located in the Pindos mountains the Metsovo Ski Center is located at 1650m Profiti Ilias about kilometers from the town of Metsovo and is actually made up of three resorts with lifts, five slopes and kilometers of cross country trails. The easy ski runs are relatively short and the center is one of the best ski areas for beginners. There are also more difficult runs for more experienced skiers. The center is open from November to

March and has an artificial snow system available when necessary. The chalet has a restaurant, cafeteria and coffee shop, ski school and equipment rental shop. Metsovo has a number of comfortable hotels for winter clients which you can find on

Pisoderi Ski Centre

The Pisoderi Ski Center is located in Vigli on 1939m Mount Verno close to the borders of Albania and FYROM and about 1kilometers from the town of

Florina. The resort has lifts and 1runs for skiers and snow-boarders (downhill ski slopes, cross country ski runs and one slope for snowmobiles) including the longest and the best in Greece at 2100 meters made for Olympic standards. The chalet is located right at the ski center and has restaurants, cafes, shops and accommodation. There is also a guesthouse located in a refurbished old school. The ski center is one of the biggest and most modern in Greece and provides ski lessons for beginners, ski and equipment rentals and has a medical center. Florina is a very nice town with restaurants, cafes and shops and you can find hotels on

Some of the mountains have snow on them in

November but don’t count on it unless you go to one of the resorts that has snowmaking capabilties. 

You can contact Fantasy Travel who can arrange ski trips either self-driving or they can provide a driver-translator-guide. For a 10% discount on groups of or more go to Fantasy Travel’s Groups Page. If you have a good idea of what you would like to do go to my Create-an-Itinerary


Amazing Painting (The Night Watch – Rembrandt): In the fake version the man in black is standing to the right of the man in white.

Basic Painting (The Blue Boy – Thomas Gainsborough): The boy in the fake painting has both of his hands on his hips.

Dynamic Painting (Great Wave off Kanagawa – Hokusai): In the fake version Mt. Fuji is huge! It should be in the distance and look small in comparison to the big wave.

Famous Painting (Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci): Look very carefully at this one, as in the fake painting the woman’s left hand (from her perspective) is above her right hand.

Graceful Painting (Beauty Looking Back – Hishikawa Moronobu): In the fake version the woman is looking to the left, but she should be looking over her right shoulder.

Jolly Painting (Summer – Giuseppe Arcimboldo): In the fake version the man has a nose made out of a carrot.

Moving Painting (The Birth of Venus – Sandro Botticelli): In the fake version the shell is upside down, it should be facing upwards.

Neutral Painting (Basket of Fruit – Caravaggio): Look very closely at this one, as it can be hard to spot, but in the fake painting the big leaf on the left will have a hole in it, as if it’s been nibbled by bugs.

Quaint Painting (The Milkmaid – Johannes Vermeer): In the fake version the woman isn’t wearing the white bonnet.

Scary Painting (Otani Oniji II – Tōshūsai Sharaku): In the fake painting the man is only pointing one finger from each hand, when he should have all fingers extended in both hands.

Serene Painting (Lady with an Ermine – Leonardo Da Vinci): In the fake version the woman is holding a fluffy white kitten, instead of an ermine.

Solemn Painting (Las Meninas – Diego Velasquez): In the fake version the lady in the white dress is very tall, whereas in the real version she is a young, small girl.

Wild Painting (Wind God and Thunder God – Tawaraya Sotatsu): The white God is on the right in the fake version.


Ancient Statue (Dogū – Unknown): The fake version of the statue has its eyes open.

Beautiful Statue (Venus de Milo – Unknown): The fake statue has long hair.

Gallant Statue (David – Michaelangelo): The fake version of the statue has a towel over both shoulders.

Great Statue (King Kamehameha I – Thomas R. Gould): In the fake version the man is holding his hand with his palm facing downwards, rather than upwards.

Motherly Statue (Captoline Wolf – Unknown): In the fake version there is only one child beneath the wolf, when there should be two.

Mystic Statue (Bust of Nefertiti – Thutmose): The fake statue has a rounded crown.

Robust Statue (Discobolus of Myron – Unknown): In the fake version it looks like he’s throwing a flying saucer, when it should be a smooth disc.

Pre-cut Trees

Local tree lots are likely your best bet for pre-cut trees.

A number of local charitable groups open tree lots every year so you can buy a tree while helping others.

Vancouver South Lions Club – the lot is run by volunteers and proceeds go back to projects supported by the Lions club including projects for kids and seniors. They’re located outside John Oliver Secondary at the corner of Fraser Street and E. 41st Avenue. Credit cards are accepted. – 


Scouts Christmas Tree Lot – The North Shore Scouts host an annual tree lot to raise funds supporting a number of groups in the area. You can find them at Park Royal at the corner of Taylor Way and Clyde Avenu

Students trim the end of a trunk at Prince of Wales high school’s TREK tree lot. (Trektrees2014/Twitter)

Potted Trees

For those in smaller homes or want a live tree, potted options might be more desirable.

Keep in mind if you plan on re-planting the trees outside after you’ve had it in your home, it can only remain indoors for up to two weeks.

Garden Centres – stores like Figaro’s Garden in East Vancouver and Art’s Nursery in Surrey have stocked up on a selection of potted trees that you can nurture year-round after the decorations come down. 

Tog ratings

The weight, softness and warmth of a duvet depends on its tog rating and filling, and tog ratings are based on a duvet’s ability to trap warm air. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet, with 2.– tog perfect for spring and summer and 10.– 13.ideal for autumn and winter.

Natural-filled duvets traditionally have better thermal properties than synthetic, and need less filling to achieve the same level of warmth, so their weight can be deceptive.  Our best quality Canadian goosedown, for example, is very light indeed but has excellent thermal performance.

We have also specifically designed a lightweight synthetic duvet to combat those that do not like natural. The Lightweight Luxury has excellent warmth without the heaviness.

If you want flexibility and versatility, all-season duvets are a great choice. They consist of two separate duvets, usually a lightweight 4.tog for summer, a warmer tog for autumn and spring, and connect together for a 13.in winter.

Lightweight summer duvet 3.0 – 4.togSpring/Autumn weight duvet 7.0 – 10.togWinter weight duvet 12.0 – 13.tog

Ask in our shops about custom-made duvets made at our Herbert Parkinson factory in Lancashire, for couples who like differing levels of warmth in bed; no compromise is necessary as each side of the duvet can be given a different tog rating.

Fill power Duvets containing feather and/or down are also given a “fill power”. This is the volume occupied by the filling and it varies depending on the quality. It’s about how well the filling recovers and relates to thermal efficiency.

The higher the fill power, the better the duvet. With fill power ratings between 345gsm (grams per square metre) and 750gsm for our feather and/or down duvets and 475gsm to 750gsm for our synthetic and specialist duvets, you’re sure to find bedding that suits you perfectly.


All our natural duvets come in a boxed wall construction, where the filling held in each box allows an even distribution and prevents cold spots. Always shake your natural duvets from the side, and not the bottom, to prevent the filling from moving between boxes. For added comfort and quality all our natural duvets (except duck feather and down) have Nomite cases – Nomite guarantees that no feather escapes.

All synthetic duvets are constructed in a way that allows the filling to stay in its place, making them easier to maintain.

Duvets for children

When choosing a full-sized duvet for a child, unless their bedroom is very cold, it’s best to stick with a lighter weight duvet of 4.tog. As children are smaller it means that their duvet traps more air and increases the level of warmth over and above that experienced by most adults. A heavier duvet may well prove uncomfortable and is not recommended.

For babies and toddlers, we sell cot and cotbed duvets in our Nursery departments. Please note though, that duvets and pillows aren’t suitable for children under 1months, and that a room temperature of 18°C is recommended by many health professionals. 

Duvet sizes

Single – 13x 200cm (mattress size W90 x L190cm or 3′ x 6’3″)

Double – 200x 200cm (W13x L190cm or 4’6″ x 6’3″)

Kingsize – 230 x 220cm (W150 x L200cm or 5′ x 6’6″)

Super kingsize – 260 x 220cm (W180 x L200cm or 6′ x 6’6″, or 2x zip and link beds)

Natural fillings

Duvets with natural fillings are soft, light and comfortable, in the same way that natural fibres help your skin ‘breathe’ more effectively. They are also highly resilient and tend to last longer than those with synthetic fillings. We guarantee all our natural duvets for years.

Down duvets are lighter in weight than feather and down, but still offer the same level of warmth, and our options are all hardwearing and great value. 

All our natural bedding suppliers provide us with a guarantee that their feather and down is sourced only as a by-product of the food industry. In addition, they’re monitored to ensure they practice the highest standards of animal welfare. 

The higher the proportion of feather in a duvet, the cheaper and heavier it becomes. Many people prefer a heavy duvet, but don’t confuse weight with warmth, as a top quality down duvet may feel very light but has extremely effective thermal properties. 

Natural-filled duvets should be professionally laundered because they need to be thoroughly dried, and this may be difficult for you to achieve at home. Please refer to the care guide that comes with your product on how to look after it. The number of times a duvet is laundered will have an impact on its lifespan, as will repeatedly lying or sitting on top of it as this has the effect of compressing the filling and eventually diminishing its ability to trap air.

Classic Duck Feather & Down Featuring an 80% duck feather and 20% duck down filling encompassed in a plain 230 thread count piped pure cotton cover with down-proof casing.

Great value and high quality, it’s designed to keep you warm and comfortable with natural breathability for a good night’s sleep.

Fine European Duck Down Naturally lightweight and comfortable, our Fine European Duck Down collection is made in the UK and filled with 80% duck down and 20% duck feather, encased in a 240 thread count cotton casing with down-proofing.

Breathable and filled with clusters of down that are lighter and softer than feathers, it’s lightweight but warm and boxed construction helps to prevent any cold spots.

Supreme White Goose Down Beautifully soft and lightweight without compromising on warmth, this naturally breathable Supreme White Goose Down range is made in the UK.

Made with European goose down and feather, it provides more warmth with less weight than duck down for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Luxury Hungarian Goose Down A truly luxurious offering for a wonderfully comfortable night’s sleep, our Luxury Hungarian Goose Down range features a 90% Hungarian goose down and 10% goose feather filling within a down-proof cotton cover with a rich 300 thread count, woven stripe finish and piped edging.

Made at our Herbert Parkinson factory in Lancashire, the down filling offers a lightweight insulated solution that is naturally breathable.  

We also offer this filling in a split Mine and Yours duvet, perfect for couples who can’t agree on how warm their duvet should be – it comes with a cosy 10.tog on one side, and a cooler tog on the other. 

Anti Allergen Pyrenean Down Innovative and groundbreaking, our Anti Allergen Pyrenean Down range is not only super soft and comfortable, but is also hypo-allergenic and therefore perfect for allergy sufferers who prefer to sleep in natural down.

Clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms, it does not contain optical white, formaldehyde, perfume or any other unnecessary treatments that can affect airways and allergies.

Filled with the large, soft clusters of down from Pyrenean ducks, it is encased in a luxurious and tightly woven cotton cover that is down-proofed to seal in the natural filling.

Synthetic fillings

Our synthetic duvets give the same warmth as natural fillings, and are a practical choice if you’re allergic to feathers and down, or if your duvet is likely to require frequent washing as synthetic fillings dry more easily. 

However, the number of times a duvet is laundered will have an impact on its lifespan, as will repeatedly lying or sitting on top of it as this has the effect of compressing the filling, eventually diminishing its ability to trap air – especially with a synthetic duvet.

Soft Touch Washable

Silky and soft, for the ultimate in comfort look to our Soft Touch Washable range. Featuring a microfibre filling that is encased in a super-soft polyester cover, it offers lightweight warmth and a comfortable, bouncy feel that recovers shape well after washing.

Active Anti Allergy

This innovative Active Anti Allergy range is sure to give you a great night’s sleep, free from the worry of allergies. Featuring a special microfibre and Amicor filling that actively prevents dust mites, it is clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms.

It’s encased in a pure and soft cotton cover with a luxurious 200 thread count and piped edging for comfortable breathability.

Breathable Microfibre Luxurious with innovative breathable filling, the Breathable Microfibre range features modal, which regulates body temperature and wicks away moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Featuring a microfibre and modal filling encase in a light blend of cotton and modal with piped detail, it is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Natural/Synthetic Blend: Cashmere Soft Soft and luxurious with a lovely ‘bounce back’ quality, this Cashmere Soft bedding range is filled with a hypoallergenic blend of plump microfibre and opulent cashmere encased in a silky soft pure cotton cover with 230 thread count and piped edging.

Lightweight Luxury A luxuriously lightweight duvet that boasts a lovely natural drape across the body for added comfort. It features an ultra-light and very fine Dacron Quallofil hollowfibre filling that is encased in a smooth cotton cover.  

Each duvet is individually made by combining two separately quilted panels, which are then hand finished and bound together, creating an extra air layer inside the duvet that eliminates all cold spots.

Specialist duvets Perfect Mulberry Silk Filled with pure silk that has been created by silkworms that mainly feed on the leaves of mulberry bushes, these duvets are naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

The super-soft 300 thread count cotton sateen cover helps to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, making it the ultimate in bedtime luxury and ideal for allergy suffers.

Gingerlily Silk Made from only the finest ‘A’ grade mulberry silk, Gingerlily’s luxurious 100% silk filled duvets have been designed to improve the quality of your sleep.

Devon Duvets Wool Handmade in Devon using wool from pure breed flocks of Texel sheep, these wool duvets are a natural alternative to a down-filled duvet.

A sustainable product as the sheep is reared solely for its wool, the duvet is naturally resistant to dust mites and breathable, so it helps to regulate body temperature all year round.

Duvet protection We also provide protection for duvets in the shape of an anti-allergen duvet liner, which zips up fully to enclose it; this helps prolong its life, and is ideal for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Mattress and pillow protection

Mattress protectors not only help to prolong the life of mattresses and pillows by protecting against soiling and general wear and tear, but create an extra layer of softness too. They can also keep your bedding fresh and revitalise tired mattresses and pillows. 

The majority of our mattress protectors now come with a Microfresh finish to allow you a healthy and fresher sleep. Exclusive to us, Microfresh eliminates nasty bacteria and odours.

Mattress toppers are a means of softening the feel of your mattress and providing extra support – see our guide to mattresses for further information.

If you are looking for basic, practical protection, we stock a wide range of mattress covers  from completely enclosed polyester protection to luxury pure cotton quilted. We also have pillow protectors to help stop soiling and prolong the life of your pillow.

Our breathable waterproof mattress covers provide a discreet way of ensuring extra protection against soiling.

For anyone who suffers from asthma or other respiratory problems, our breathable anti-allergy protection can be helpful. Our zipped anti-allergy protector is made from a special barrier fabric that allergens cannot penetrate and completely encloses your mattress or pillow.

Use our anti-allergy protectors to keep new bedding allergen-free, or as a safeguard against the allergens already present in old bedding. Look out for the BAFA logo on anti-allergy products.

Duvet protection We also provide the same protection for duvets in the shape of a duvet liner, which zips up fully to enclose it, helps to prolong the life of your duvet, and is ideal for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Artificial Snow by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



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First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Artificial Snow wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Artificial Snow



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