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Top Of The Best Andirons Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Andirons of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Fireplace Accents – “Villa Medici” Andirons – Bronze Iron with Brass Medallions – Fire Place Andirons

Fireplace Accents -
Our stunning fireplace andirons are crafted of iron and brass and beautifully finished with a rich bronze iron patina accented with brass medallions
Measure approximately: 22″H x 22″D x 6″W
Set of two


№2 – Uniflame, A-1251, Black Cast Iron Cat Andirons with Reflective Glass Eyes

Uniflame, A-1251, Black Cast Iron Cat Andirons with Reflective Glass Eyes
Increase airflow and keep logs in place with these classic andirons.
Cast iron construction
Black wrought iron finish


№3 – Panacea 15403 Wrought Iron Fire Grate, 24-Inch

Panacea 15403 Wrought Iron Fire Grate, 24-Inch
Wrought iron fire grate
Smaller pieces of burned wood fall to the fireplace floor through the openings in the grate, creating a bed of hot coals and allowing your fire to burn from the bottom up
Raising the fire off the floor of your fireplace not only creates a hotter fire but helps draft the smoke and fumes out the chimney instead of into your home


The Mil-Spec controversy

My old brand X rifle functions well and *might* give me a lifetime of use. Take of its brothers and pit them against Bravo Company rifles and I would bet cash money a few brand X rifles would go down while all the Bravo Co rifles would still be functioning. This is the difference.

Common Builds

Recce: A carbine with a 1inch barrel utilizing a stainless steel barrel for match grade accuracy. A great choice for a do it all style rifle. Top this type of gun off with a 1-4x variable and you have a jack of all trades. Accuracy in a small package.

M16A2: You are likely to find one of these clones in the gun shop rack. An Afixed carry handle upper receiver with a 20 inch barrel and a fixed butt-stock. Overall a good rifle but many view the lack of a railed upper receiver as outdated. The carry handle does limit your optics choices, but is a very shootable as is rifle.

Mclone: You are likely to find one of these referenced online. This build will typically need a 14.inch barrel with a long flash hider permanently installed on the barrel. This ensures that the total barrel length is 1inches. If you choose to buy one of these rifles you must pick a flash hider that you like since it is not going to be user replaceable. A very small and handy AR1package.

CAR: Typically these will be found as carbine length gas systems with a 1inch barrel and a Acarry handle. Gun-shops might have a few of these configurations on the rack. Optic options are poor. These rifles can also be found with an 1inch barrel and a very long pinned flash hider. I would avoid that configuration due to velocity loss and poor upgrade potential.

1inch Mid-Length: Very common. Not a clone of any service rifle per se, but a compact and very shootable rifle that is a great compromise system.

Mix and Match

There are too many options to discuss in the AR1world. You will encounter many groups of shooters who enjoy building clones of older AR1variants all the way to the latest military configurations. Many of these clones are great shooters, but I would recommend that you build a rifle to your needs and specifications. Choose a rifle that suits your needs. Maybe you need a tiny package with extreme accuracy to fit in the trunk. It is perfectly OK to build a rifle with a 14.inch stainless steel barrel, a pinned flash hider, a collapsing stock, and a 6x optic. Not a clone of anything, but if it suits your needs then make the purchase.

Green Valley Ranch

One of the best bets in Vegas is happy hour, that time of day when restaurants and bars offer up discounted food and drink specials. Customers looking for a deal can find these deals all up and down the Strip, in Summerlin, Henderson and at points in between. Get deals early in the day, late at night, on certain days or even seven days a week. Then prepare to eat and drink your way through an afternoon or night with deals that are too good to pass up.

Fun idea — bar and restaurant hop all afternoon and into the night to make the most of deals at a variety of places.

Eco Fire Glass

Eco Fire Glass is a great option for consumers living the green lifestyle. It has been made from recycled postindustrial glass that has been melted down, then fused together. With its familiar “jelly bean” shape, eco fire glass is a great option to save some money and the environment.

Recycled Fire Glass

Recycled Fire Glass has been refired using the same process as all other types of fire glass in order to create the same high quality product with an eco friendly result. Recycled Fire Glass come in two different size ranges, 1/2″ or 3/4″ and comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Sizing of Fire Glass

Not only are there multitudes of colors and styles, but the sizes of fire glass differ between the styles. While size ultimately doesn’t make a difference in the performance of your fire feature, you may decide you like larger or smaller fire glass. Use the image below as a guide to how large the fire glass styles are in reference to each other. If you have a hard time deciding what you like best, order one of our sample packs of fire glass and choose a small handful of styles to get an idea of what it looks like in person – only for the price of postage!


Before you toss the ashes, consider spreading them over your garden: Ashes (not creosote) are a great source of calcium, potassium, and other nutrients for plants that like low-acidity, high-pH soil. And if you have issues with slugs, snails, or other soft-bodied pests, lay ashes around plant bases as a deterrent. Store ashes in a dry, air-tight container and you’ll have them on hand to replace after rainfalls, which will wash away the ash salt that repels invaders.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Corded Stick and Handheld Vacuum SD20000RED

Nitrile Exam Gloves – Medical Grade, Powder Free, Latex Rubber Free, Disposable, Non Sterile, Food Safe, Textured, Indigo Color,Convenient Dispenser Pack of 100, Size Medium

How we picked and tested

We looked for affordable irons that heat up quickly, have a reasonably large water tank, produce plenty of steam for flattening wrinkles, and don’t leak. Photo: Michael Hession

We also wanted an iron that works fast. If the goal of most people is to press something quickly and move on with life, you want an iron that heats up in seconds. The irons we liked used 1,500 to 1,800 watts, which typically take about 6to 7seconds to reach 400 ºF.

Aside from soleplate material, wattage, steam rate, and auto shutoff, we recommend several other features common in mid-priced irons:

I set up boards and irons in my dining room and ran each iron through some basic tests: heat-up time, water tank size, and wrinkle-busting ability on a variety of fabrics. I used cotton quilt fabrics, acrylic sweaters (known to melt onto the plate of a hot iron), t-shirts, some synthetic fabrics, and a piece of silk for testing. Referring back to the feedback from our last testing with staffers in the Sweethome office, I noted how each iron felt to hold, how easy it was to use, and how much steam each seemed to release. And because durability is hard to gauge in one testing period, we’ll continue to use all of our picks to see if they maintain their great performance over time.

Our pick

The Maytag M400 hits the best balance of a reasonable price and great performance that we’ve found. Photo: Michael Hession

The Maytag M400 Speed Heat Iron and Vertical Steamer packed the best combination of features in our testing: quick heat-up time, good steam, agility, reliability, and a great price. We also like that this iron comes with a longer-than-average two-year warranty.

Though it didn’t give off as much steam as our other picks, the M400 felt more powerful than many irons we tried with more wattage. It also heated up very quickly, producing steam on the highest setting in just 2seconds. We also liked that the Maytag M400’s steam burst button was easier to push repeatedly than those on the other irons we tested, which helped produce a lot of steam quickly.

The Maytag was actually the lightest iron we tested overall, and it still managed to push out wrinkles with barely any pressure. It glided quickly and smoothly over every fabric we tested. But if you’re ironing something big and heavy, or something with stubborn creases (like linen), the Maytag may be too light.

We do wish the Maytag had a cord longer than feet. Sometimes extra length helps you maneuver the iron around an ironing board. But this limitation is minor, and overall we stand by the Maytag as our pick.

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Damper Pulls

One of the oldest and the most frequently used fireplace accessories, damper pulls are used to open and close a fireplace damper.

Typically measuring about a foot long, a damper pull is made of brass and has a hook on one end, which makes closing the damper easy.

The damper pull can be hung from the fireplace stand, mantle or wall whenever the fireplace is not in use.

Iron Bars

Andiron are horizontal iron bars where logs are laid on for burning in an open fireplace. They stand upon short legs and are typically linked with an upright guard, which may be made of steel, iron, bronze, copper, or even silver. Andirons are often richly adorned with conservative patterns or heraldic ornaments.

A fireback is a thick iron plate located at the back of a hearth. It is placed against the back of the wall of the hearth. It shields the wall and reflects the heat of the fire toward the room. A cast iron fireback is still the best way to shield a hearth’s back wall from damage. It efficiently protects the back wall from any further damage.

Head design

Shallow-faced fairway woods are better from the fairway and rough, while deeper-faced models are great for tee shots. This is why some companies have brought out very deep-faced fairway woods, because players need a strong alternative off the tee when the driver is misbehaving.

Callaway 201Org 1Golf Cart Bag

For a person who started playing golf in his childhood, there is no way he wouldn’t be familiar with this beauty residing on one side of their local shop. Every year, the company introduces a new bag with additional features and that exactly is the case with Callaway 2016.

As per its features, it is a large golf bag with separate spacing for every single club. The clubs are divided by lined slots, thus differentiating everyone from the other in its interior. These dividers are of full length, so a user will have no trouble in sliding the clubs in or out while being on the golf course. The opening size is 10.inches along with a separate way of retrieving every single club.

Coming towards its pockets, this bag is equipped with a handful of pockets which can store almost every single accessory being used by a golfer. Ranging from tees, markers, towels, you name it and this bag will provide you with a separate spacing. Even if you’re a recreational golfer, who likes to have some fruits with him, this bag will provide you with a pockets’ galore. And there’s more. These bags have additional pockets which keep six of your favorite drinks cool on the entire golf course.

One major improvement in Callaway 201from Callaway 201is their arrangement of straps. It is equipped with a shoulder strap to help the person in shifting the weight equally on both shoulders. With a weight of 5.lbs. it can be a handy option even in the absence of golf carts. This choice is greatly enhanced with the availability of an integrated handle so the player can easily pick it up.

It is designed to be placed on the carts, these bags have the traditional e trolley base system, thus providing them with an easy fit on this particular vehicle.

However, these bags are a bit pricier considering the fact that a user cannot use its straps for a longer duration. While it struggles to stand straight, it has to be placed against something to keep it from falling behind. So when this is a different thing to find on the golf course, it eventually results in a drawback of Callaway 201Cart Bags.

RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bag

Fabricated with Nylon, this bag can be used for a longer duration thanks to its material of construction. While Nylon is famous for being durable, same is the case with RJ Sports EX-250 Cart Bags which will serve you for an unlimited period.

Coming towards the arrangement of clubs, these bags are equipped with such a top which is divided into no less than 1ways. Since the Golf governing bodies allow a golfer to put in a similar number of clubs in his golf bag, this bag will be of great help to pros. With the help of its 1full-length dividers, you won’t have any trouble in picking out your desirable club at the moment of need before placing them back at their appointed position.

When golfers are looking for some sort of warranty, RJ Sports EX-250 comes with a 1-year warranty on a retail purchase. As per its warranty from the weather, this bag comes with a rain hood which will protect it from rainy conditions. As a result, your clubs will remain as safe as ever even in the harshest weather conditions.

However, these bags have a total of pockets, which is much less than what is currently available in most of the other cart bags. And making the situation worse, only three of these can be used to store accessories.

If you’re looking for a long lasting cart bag, this should be your first choice. Because even if gets tarnished, you can replace it with the help of the above-mentioned warranty.

Ogio Silencer Golf Stand Bag

When it comes to standing bags, the first problem being encounter by a handful of golfers is its reluctance to hold different clubs in their position. While they can clatter against each other, it results in different marks being engraved on the clubs. But in order to solve this problem, Ogio has come up with a perfect solution.

Equipped with a series of membranes, it helps the golfer to keep his expensive clubs in place while traveling the golf course from one point to the other. Fitted at the top and locked at the bottom, the clubs won’t spin or move with the help of these rubberized membranes.

Even though it’s a stand bag, but a person can also load it into the back of a golf cart thanks to its cart strip channel. As per its pockets, these bags have a total of pockets, of whom are zippered. There is a separate insulation for a water bottle which keeps it cool. And when it comes to storing valuables, Ogio has introduced a Velour Pocket which protects the mobile phones from getting scratched.

Since it is equipped with legs, this bag won’t require anything to lean against in order to help it stand straight on the golf course. It is made of Nylon – a feature which will help you for a long time.

OGIO Golf 201Ozone Stand Bag

Another premium golf bag coming from OGIO, the Ozone Stand Bag comes up with a total of full-length dividers. Apart from it, it is easy to fit in the clubs and then take them out thanks to the superior construction of this golf bag.

When it comes to its weight, the straps are heavily padded. They also adjust themselves automatically to the shoulders of a golfer so that he doesn’t feel much weight while carrying one of an 18-hole golf course. One can even keep his/her drink cool with the help of its insulated drink pouch.

Moving towards the valuables, such as mobile phones or another kind of jewelry, there is a special kind of arrangement for storing such accessories. Talking about it, it’s a weather resistance pocket covered with fleece coating. So apart from protecting them from unwanted scratches, your valuables will be out of the reach from harsh weather conditions.

CaddyDaddy Constrictor Golf Bag Travel Cover

While it is designed to travel, the bag is provided with wheels at the bottom so that the golfer will have no trouble pushing it from one place to the other. While a user buys it, he’ll be provided with two extra sized pockets for shoes and other extra accessories.

When it comes to writing the address, this bag comes with two separate address label slots. And when it comes to its weight, it weights no greater than a mere lbs.

Stand up or Cart

As you could extract from their name, both these bags come with an extremely different set of properties. While the former is made for golfers who’ll travel by foot, the latter favors those which possess the option of golf carts. As the standup golf bags are lighter by weight but difficult to be carried via golf carts, the golf cart bag is bulkier but can be easily transported via electronic vehicles.

As a result, it depends on the golfer himself on what kind of facilities does he have on the golf course. And only then he will select a perfect one amongst these two for himself.


Apart from holding in clubs of different types, a golf bag is considered as a home for many other things on the golf course. Starting from Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putters, you’ll find golf bags, tees, gloves and even cup holders residing somewhere inside a golf bag. In order to perform so many functions, a golf bag should be versatile in its design and spacing.


While professional golfers have the option of a caddy, which transports their bags from one place to the other on the golf course, that isn’t the situation with amateur players. As they have to pick their bag by themselves, they just couldn’t afford to buy a bulky carrier. Even after carrying so many clubs, the bag needs to be made in such a way that it shouldn’t cast the huge burden on the shoulders of a golfer. Because when they already have to do enough work on the golf course, a heavier bag will only increase their problems by multiple times.

Easy to Organize

A golfer is allowed to take 1clubs with him on the golf course. Even though no golfer carries so many clubs with him in a professional tournament, but golf bags should be capable of holding the maximum number of sticks.

In order to hold so many equipments, there should be some special arrangement in the bag. From residing woods on one side to placing Irons on the other, it should contain a separate place for every club. Because it helps a golfer in picking their favorite club without wasting any time searching through the bag.

Number of Pockets

There are different types of accessories which a golfer needs to have in order to deal with unforeseen circumstances on the course. While he needs a jacket to protect him from rain, sunglasses are also must to provide him with a perfect vision. Apart from it, a golfer needs golf tees, ball markers, extra balls and a handful of other options when it comes to a professional level.

To perform so many functions, a golf bag has to be equipped with a series of pockets. The number of pockets should be good enough to hold the maximum number of accessories without any trouble.

As you could imagine, a quality golf bag will have a greater effect on your budget than the one with a humble set of features. In fact, there is a direct relation between money and quality when it comes to almost everything on this planet. Because when the developers are providing you state of the art facilities, they can’t afford to charge less than a substantial amount of money for their goods.

Having said that, an experienced golfer can have the best golf bag at a considerably low price. When he is well familiar with the ins and outs of this equipment, he can find a pretty useful thing on low rate as well.

After going through the ideal properties of a golf bag, let’s look at some of them which actually holds them in today’s markets.

Gas Fire Pits

A modern take on the classic fire pit, gas fire pits offer more convenience and more safety in a controlled fire to provide warmth and ambiance. Gas fire pits feature a gas burner to provide the flames and can be used with different fire medias like lava rock, fire glass, or ceramic log sets.

Fire Urns

More of a decorative patio enhancement, fire urns provide a one of a kind statement to enhance any patio atmosphere. These gas powered units feature a high quality burner to provide bright and beautiful flames contrasted by the traditional decorative urn.

Last Drop

WHEN THREE-TIME world surfing champion Andy Irons was found dead on Tuesday, November 2, in a Dallas hotel room, the news reverberated far beyond the sport’s core of devoted fans and followers. The second was the date of crucial midterm elections throughout the United States, but the most frequent Google search that day was for a person who had nothing to do with politics: Andy Irons. His passing was covered by hundreds of media outlets all over the planet, a clear measure of the impact Irons had during his amazing athletic career.

Short acting

Short acting ESAs must be administered frequently. Pharmacologic studies have shown that erythropoietin blood levels drop rapidly from levels of several thousand to basal levels < 30 mU/mL during the interdialytic period.3  This unphysiologic profile produces two effects: apotosis of developing cells in bone marrow and neocytolysis – hemolysis of young red blood cells (RBCs) less than days old as plasma erythropoietin levels suddenly fall.4,One option to avoid supaphysiologic concentrations of erythropoietin in managing anemia is use of agents with intrinsically longer half lives.  


A number of agents have been developed whose pharmacologic duration of action is longer, maintaining erythropoietic levels longer and minimizing peak levels. The second generation ESA, Darbepoetin alfa, has a serum half-life three times longer than first generation ESAs and can correct or maintain desired Hb levels in CKD-hemodialysis and CKD-nondialysis patients when administered weekly to once every weeks. 6,In Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim, pegylated epoetin beta, (Mircera), with a half life of 130-140 hours, has been available since 200and can be dosed at still greater intervals of every 2-weeks.8  Phase III trials demonstrated that pegylated epoetin beta Q3W to QM corrects and maintains Hb levels in hemodialysis patients. 9  This agent may be available in the U.S. in mid 201Recently, a nonerythropoietic peptide, peginesatide linked to PEG (Omontys), again to increase circulating half-life, had been approved for once monthly use in the U.S. for hemodialysis patientsbut was voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer (Affymax) after three patient deaths due to hypersensitivity reaction.

Within limits, shorter or intermediate acting agents should not be dose-escalated to achieve less frequent administration as clearly shown by Carrera et al. 1in hemodialysis patients maintained on Q2W dosing of darbepoetin. These patients could not be maintained on once monthly dosing of darbepoetin despite large escalations in total monthly dose. Dose escalation is counterproductive. It is not only cost-ineffective but such a strategy may be harmful if supaphysiologic peak levels of ESA from higher individual doses are in the pathway for harm.12

Although the exact mechanisms for harm are not known,1increased shear stress from higher Hb, accentuated by hemodialysis-induced hemoconcentration,1could produce endothelial injury or alter endothelial function, increasing risk for thrombosis in some susceptible patients. Recombinant erythropoietin increases platelet aggregability through a tyrosine phosphorylation–signaling pathway.15  In addition, epoetin has the following effects on vessels: increased endothelin,1impaired endothelium-dependent nitric oxide–induced vasorelaxation,1perturbed calcium homeostasis in vascular smooth muscle cells,1and enhanced platelet serotonin release.1These nonerythropoietic effects of ESA on platelet reactivity, seen only at concentrations of erythropoietin levels  > 1000 mU/ml, may produce ‘‘harm’’ from ‘‘non hemoglobin’’ effects of ESAs.

Age vs size

Just be wary that age brackets designated to certain sets shouldn’t be taken at face value. After all, different girls grow at different stages, and to varying extents. Instead, focus on the recommended size/height attributed to each set when you go club shopping. Also, don’t forget to factor in that they may be due another growth spurt at any time. Leaving a bit of wriggle room is never a bad idea.

Drivers, for example, can be difficult to hit. An extra bit of loft will help to get the ball up in the air. This is also something to consider when you decide which fairway woods, hybrids and irons your little girl will need. Getting good launch, and some good hang time, will be key to building consistency.


Ultimately, golf is one of the more difficult sports to master, and this in itself can be a deterrent. It’s thus important that you make things as easy as possible for your little one by ensuring that all clubs in the bag – from driver to putter – are as user-friendly and forgiving as possible. When sampling prospective clubs, it’s the quality of the bad shots that will tell the tale, not the good ones.


A driver or wood which enables your little girl to hit the ball a bit further will invariably help to boost her interest in the game. Increased head volume can help with this, while you’ll also want to check the quality of the materials or composite that’s gone into it. Longer clubs will help with this too, although you don’t want your youngster to have to grip down too far.

Know your purpose

Soldering guns or irons need to be chosen based upon the purpose for which you would be using it. For most of the common applications such as electronics applications, hobby DIY projects, a soldering iron of 30 Watts would fit the purpose.

Wattage requirements

Again, wattage comes into picture when more power is required for soldering jobs. More the power, higher will be the heating temperature.

Read this detailed post on deciding about how much wattage you need in a soldering gun.

Multiple Tip Support

Soldering irons come with provision of using multiple tips (bits) so that user has the flexibility of applying right amount of heat on different sized objects being soldered. See that the soldering iron has this option of supporting multiple tips.

Temperature control features

Recent soldering stations come with digital displays that show the tip temperature and allow the user to control the temperature during the job.

Applying right temperature is extremely important while soldering delicate parts such as PCB. An excess heat can damage the PCB tracks easily.

Pull Quote

The higher the wattage, the faster the iron heats up and the more steam it puts out.

We also wanted an iron that works fast. If the goal of most people is to press something quickly and move on with life, you want an iron that heats up in seconds. A good iron only needs heat, steam, and pressure to transform a crumpled heap into a natty button-down. Heat relaxes fibers enough that the iron’s steam and pressure can then push them into submission. Watts are the key to how quickly this happens.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Maytag may be too light to get creases out of some fabrics. If you’re ironing something big and heavy, or something with stubborn creases (like linen), extra weight is useful for pushing out and smoothing those wrinkles. We still think the Rowenta Steamforce’s combination of heft and powerful steam bursts are worth the investment if you iron a lot or iron anything with precision creases like quilt seams. But for occasional ironing, or even light everyday ironing, we think the Maytag’s agile design more than meets those needs.

We wish the Maytag had a longer cord, which is only eight feet. Sometimes extra length helps you maneuver the iron around an ironing board. And it would give a little more flexibility for setting up your ironing station if you have limited space and limited outlets.

What to look forward to

In fall of 2018, Rowenta will release a new version of their Focus iron, the DW5260. We looked at older versions of this iron (the DW5080 and the DW5183) but skipped both for testing when we heard one or the other might be discontinued this year. We’ll consider trying the new version during our next round of tests.

What we didn’t test

The Rowenta DW519iron has already been out for a few years, and it was a special edition when it was released. We couldn’t confirm its continued availability.

We heard that the Rowenta DW5080 will be discontinued later this year, so we passed on testing it.

The Black+Decker D2030 was one of our runner-up picks in the original guide, but the D3030 has replaced this model and is much, much better.

We tested the Oliso TG1100 in the past but decided to skip the upgraded model. We’ve read complaints that the big selling point—feet that automatically lift the iron off of fabric so it doesn’t burn—often breaks and fails. Plus, it is another really pricey iron.

The Kenmore 8059is now Consumer Reports’s third choice for best iron, but we had trouble actually finding it for sale anywhere at a decent price.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Andirons by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Andirons wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Andirons



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Andirons is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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