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Top 10 Best Portable Basketball Hoops Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated August 1, 2018
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Choosing a Good Portable Basketball Hoop online may be a little bit difficult job because the landing page of every product describes its quality and features but no one mentions their deficiencies.

So, in this post, we are going to give you a detailed review of top 10 best portable basketball hoops with a detail table of comparison and their pros and cons.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – In Ground Basketball System by Lifetime

In Ground Basketball System by Lifetime
The backboard is made of high-density polyethylene and guaranteed to be durable and strong. This hoop adjusts between 7.5-feet and 10-feet. The pole is 3.5-inches round and contains a friction-weld joint that ensures the hoop stays in place.

This 52-inch basketball hoop has a shatterproof backboard and a power lift height adjustment mechanism. This is a great option for a larger basketball hoop that comes with a 5-year warranty.


№2 – The Courtside Adjustable Basketball System

The Courtside Adjustable Basketball System
This basketball system contains a 27-gallon base that can be filled with water or sand. The rim contains a spring-back action that helps protect the entire system from damage during play. This basketball system is great for any weather and comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

This portable basketball system has a 50-inch backboard that is sure to last even the toughest game. The entire backboard is 50-inches wide, 30-inches tall, and 2-inches thick, built with superior materials that are guaranteed to last.


№3 – The Beast Portable Basketball System by Spalding

The Beast Portable Basketball System by Spalding
The pole system comes in two pieces and contains a 5-inch square pole system that is angled. The pole contains a water level gauge base cap. The gray insert on the base acts as a rebounder during games and helps with movement before game time.

The Beast system by Spalding has a massive 60-inch glass backboard with a pro image breakaway rim and an all-weather net. The base holds over 50-gallons and can billed filled with water or sand to keep the system in place.


№4 – Poolside Adjustable Basketball System

Poolside Adjustable Basketball System
This basket all hoop has a 27-gallon base that provides stability while remaining portable. The base can be filled with sand or water to keep it in place. This system is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. The pole is 2-pieces and has a 3-inch pole. The pole adjusts from 4 1/2-feet to 7-feet tall.

This poolside adjustable basketball system by Lifetime has a 44-inch backboard and is made for any weather conditions. The backboard is constructed with high-density polyethylene to be shatterproof and extremely durable.


№5 – Pro Court Height Basketball System by Lifetime

Pro Court Height Basketball System by Lifetime
The steel pole is 3 pieces and made to withstand some of the harshest conditions. This hoop can be used indoors or outdoors. The classic rim design contains a nylon net that is made to withstand any weather conditions. The system is backed by a 5-year warranty and this system requires no cement for set-up.

Lifetime presents their pro court height basketball hoop that adjusts from 7 12-feet to 10-feet tall. The backboard is 44-inches, fade-free, and shatterproof.


№6 – Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop
This system contains a 31-gallon base that can be filled with sand or water to keep the hoop firmly in place. This hoop has a speed shift adjustment mechanism that can adjust from 8-foot to 10-foot in 6-inch increments. The rim is made of solid steel and has double compression springs and welded hooks to keep the net in place.

This 48-inch portable basketball system by Lifetime is virtually unbreakable. The backboard is shatterproof and designed to withstand any weather conditions.


№7 – 44-inch Portable Basketball System by Lifetime

44-inch Portable Basketball System by Lifetime
This hoop can be adjusted from 7 1/2-feet to 10-feet by 6-inch increments. The pole is a 3-piece construction and it is attached to a heavy duty base. The base can be filled with water or sand to keep it in place.

This 44-inch basketball hoop is attractive and fun. The impact backboard is extremely durable and boasts an attractive finish that is sure to liven up any game.


№8 – Lifetime’s 52-inch Basketball System

Lifetime’s 52-inch Basketball System
This system contains a solid steel rim built with double-compression springs that provide a spring back action when you slam dunk. The base is powder-coated and rust-resistant. The base is 35-gallons and can be filled with water or sand to hold it in place. The 52-inch backboard is Makrolon and virtually unbreakable.

This basketball system is stylish and extremely durable. The lift system is a patented pneumatic type that allows you to quickly adjust the height from 7 1/2-feet to 10-feet.


№9 – Youth Basketball Hoop

Youth Basketball Hoop
This best-selling hoop contains a 10-gallon base that is stable and portable. The base can be filled with water or sand, which keep it firmly in place. The system is rust and weather-resistant. The system is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Lifetime presents their basketball hoop system for children. This stylish backboard is 30-inches with a 15-inch folding rim. The telescoping height adjustment mechanism grows from 5 1/2-feet to 7 1/2-feet in 6-inch increments allowing your child to continue playing as they grow.


№10 – 44-inch Pro Court Height System by Lifetime

44-inch Pro Court Height System by Lifetime
The steel rim is black and measures 18-inches wide. The rim contains 1/2-inch steel braces sure to hold the net in place. The 27-gallon base fills with water and sand to roll to any location. This hoop adjusts from 7 1/2-feet to 10-feet high.

Lifetime shines again with their 44-inch pro court basketball system. The backboard on this is virtually unbreakable and is made to withstand any weather conditions.


Basketball Hoop Types

There are three main hoop types that are available for purchase. These three types are portable, in-ground, and wall-mount. We will now break down each type so that you will have a greater understanding of the pros and cons of each option.


Likely the most popular basketball hoop type today as far hoop choice and number of hoop purchases. Portable basketball systems generally come with a base that can be filled with either sand or liquid which keeps the unit in place and stable. These can range greatly in size and capacity from 27 to 42 gallons. Some larger hoops will also have space to place bricks and other materials to help weigh down the basketball system. Portable hoops are a great choice for most homes as they are easy to transport and easier to install than in-ground options. The draw back to portable hoops is that especially at the cheaper level these hoops will shake and vibrate more than more heavily supported hoops that are attached to a wall or supported by concrete in the ground.


Wall-mount hoops have become less popular over time due to the convenience of the portable basketball hoop. However, these are fairly stable units due to the support brackets used and because they are often attached to a building. If you have a garage and a driveway next to each other then wall-mount systems will be a great choice.

Standard Rim (No Springs)

The most basic rim that comes with recreational basketball hoops is the standard rim. Standard rims have been around for decades and used to be used on all basketball hoops. Ever since spring loaded breakaway rims came into existence standard rims are not used as often. These days standard rims are found primarily on low priced portable basketball hoops.

Exposed Spring Breakaway Rim

Most modern recreational basketball hoops for sale today have a spring loaded breakaway rim where the springs are exposed. There are usually one or two springs on these hoops. The exposed springs may have a tendency to rust over time if you live in a humid climate.

The truth about these exposed spring rims is that often their springs are low quality. This often makes the rims too bouncy when the basketball hits the rim on shots, which impacts the performance of the hoop overall. Not to mention that over time these rims will still wear down with dunking.


Polycarbonate backboards tend to be common on less expensive basketball hoops. This is actually a type of plastic that is rigid and can hold up to mother nature quite well. On the down side, the performance of polycarbonate on backboards is often less than stellar.

You will notice when using a polycarbonate backboard that the ball does not come of the board with much force, which in part can be attributed to a lack of brace support provided in cheaper hoops. However, for someone just looking for a recreational hoop for the family, a polycarbonate backboard will likely meet your needs.


Backboards made the thermoplastic acrylic will generally perform better than their polycarbonate counterparts. This is why many middle-tier hoops come with an acrylic backboard, which makes acrylic a great choice for the majority of basketball system purchasers. The quality and durability is evident when playing on an acrylic hoop as the ball will come off the board with more bounce.

Tempered Glass

Finally, we have the mother of all backboard materials, which is tempered glass. While acrylic and polycarbonate are both forms of plastic, tempered glass is the real deal and is used in gyms across the country. That is why this type of backboard will provide the most refined performance available.

Because tempered glass excels in backboard performance it should come as no surprise that it is also the most expensive backboard material available. This will suit advanced players who are very serious about their game and intend to spend many hours honing their skills.

The only downside to tempered glass is that it is far less durable than polycarbonate and acrylic. This means that if your portable hoop happened to tip over during bad weather or a dunk then the glass could shatter.

Tempered Glass Backboard

Backboard sizes also vary and can be in one of two shapes: fan or square. Most basketball hoops today do come with a square backboard which offers a greater surface area for missed shots to hit. Square backboard come in sizes from 42 inches to the regulation 72 inches. Remember, larger backboards are generally more expensive depending on the material.

Pro Tip: Check to see if the hoop you are interested in comes with backboard padding as this makes play safer for everyone!

Support Pole Design

Support poles come in three different designs: three-piece, two-piece, and one-piece. This means that a three-piece support pole literally uses three different pieces of metal to make up the support pole, while a two-piece support pole uses two pieces, and a one-piece support pole uses one piece.

The bottom line when it comes to support poles is that the less pieces a support pole has the more stable it will be. So one-piece support poles are found exclusively on top of the line in ground hoops. While two-piece support poles are found on top of the line portable hoops and mid-tier in ground hoops. Three-piece support poles are found on cheaper portable basketball systems.

What is a Portable Basketball Hoop?

A portable basketball hoop is a standalone unit that includes a pole, base, rim and backboard. The base can be filled with either sand or water and typically has wheels on one end for moving from one place to another. They are very popular for putting in driveways for the kids to play basketball with as they don’t require a post to be installed into the ground or concreted in.

They are not as solid as in-ground posts, however, a good quality portable basketball hoop can handle recreational play and even harder play between adults. As long as it is assembled correctly and the base is filled, it provides plenty of stability for enjoyment.

The Popularization of Basketball at Home

The NBA was founded in the 60s but even into the 80s basketball wasn’t the popular sport it is today. Not many people had access to a basketball court and having one at home definitely wasn’t common at all. This all changed when the heavy hitters in the industry decided to create something that people could use to have fun with the sport from their own backyards. This is when the portable basketball hoop was born.

Two major companies, Lifetime and Spalding, were the first to come up with this concept. It started with a simple backboard and hoop that could be mounted on the outside of garage doors. While this was a popular method, they further developed the idea and designed a completely independent system that packed up in one box and contained everything a person needed to set up a portable basketball hoop including the base and pole.

They made it even more appealing by adding the capability of adjusting the hoop height and the popularity of having your own basketball hoop system exploded. Now you see them everywhere and many people have them in their driveways and even at the office or loading docks of companies to add some stress relieving exercise for the employees during break times.

The Benefits of Having a Hoop

There are many benefits that a family can receive by getting a portable basketball hoop. It’s a sport that can be played by anyone of any age and it’s been around for a long time. Many people only like to play it for recreation or on a rare occasion. Some love to set up trick shots and have fun that way. Others are a little more serious and want to have basketball games with friends or family. And then there is the person who seriously wants to perfect the sport, especially shooting, and will use it to practice for hours at a time.

Whatever your reason is for liking basketball, the portable basketball hoop enables all of these reasons to be fostered. There are many other benefits as well.

Introducing your child to sports

A normal sized basketball hoop is way too tall for a young one of 4 or 5 to play with but with the adjustable height, it can be lowered to its lowest height and young children can begin to learn the specifics of a sport that will stay with them throughout their lives. The great thing about portable basketball hoops is that as your child grows and increases their skill, the hoop can be raised to higher and higher levels until it is at the standard height.

Having a portable basketball system at home enables kids, teens and adults to learn all kinds of new skills they may not have had before. Your arms and legs will become stronger, your agility will improve, you’ll become faster and can even learn things about discipline and competition.

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.

Childhood weight problems are at an all time high and it is largely due to the inactivity of kids in today’s society. Instead of running around playing chase and doing various sports, children are sitting in front of video game consoles and computers. Having a portable basketball hoop is a great way to incorporate exercise into your child’s life without it feeling like exercise. Before you know it, they’ll be slimming now from the new activity and you won’t have to have them diet at all. (Diets for children are not a good idea due to their growing bodies) It’s especially effective if they see YOU out there too so be sure you’re setting a good example.

Sometimes a child will really take to basketball and want to become serious about it. Having a portable basketball hoop at home allows them to practice on a daily basis and improve their skills and performance. It is a must for anyone who wants to play basketball on a competitive or professional level.

The Components of a Portable Basketball Hoop

All portable basketball hoop systems come with a few standard components. Depending on the type of component it is, there will be some variations among different types of units. – this is the circle that the ball goes through to make a basket. It’s usually made of metal of some kind like steel, and there are two types that are the most common: breakaway and spring-loaded. Both of these styles detach themselves from the backboard when too much pressure is exerted on the rim. This prevents damage to the backboard. The standard size of the hoop is 18 inches and the thickness is usually 5/8 to ½ inches. Most people who play basketball play with standard sized basketballs, so almost all hoops will meet these specifications.

What are You Looking For in a Basketball Hoop?

If you’re looking for ease of installation, you will love a portable basketball hoop. Once they are put together, you can move them to different locations via the wheel casters that are on the bottom of the base. Some units might be a bit challenging to put together initially but there is the option of hiring someone to put it together for you. Many people do this and are extremely happy with the speed in which the professional assemblers get the goal together and up.

You can get a lot of stability from your portable basketball hoop by filling the base with sand if you are fairly certain that where you put it, it will be staying for a long time. You can also use water, but sand is heavier and weighs down the base better than water and allows for a bit rougher play.


There is no need to mix cement the way you would have to do for in-ground poles. With the portable basketball hoop, you can typically get it assembled and ready for playing within a few hours. For additional stability, you can add additional sandbags to the base on top of what you use inside. In fact, many customers who buy a portable basketball hoop will fill the base with water and then add sand bags to the top of the base. This makes the base able to be emptied in the event you need or want to move it, and the extra sand bags on top give it even more sturdiness.

This type of basketball system is great for people who may have to move a lot due to their jobs. Since the system can be folded or taken apart and the base emptied, you don’t have to leave it behind. You don’t want to disassemble it all the way, but you can take it apart some to make it better able to be loaded onto a moving truck.

If you ever need to store your portable basketball hoop, you will love the ease in which the system can be stored. It doesn’t take up a lot of room either. These portable basketball hoops are not as expensive as some other systems although you can purchase high end portable basketball systems that have a lot of features or special materials that will cost a lot more. A quality system can be just as durable and will last just as long as the in-ground systems do with the proper care.

What Height for the Goal is Good for Your Child?

When the portable basketball goal will be used for only adults, it can be kept at the standard 10 foot height. If children only are using it, or both adults and children will be using it, you want to make sure that the unit your purchase is able to be adjusted easily. Most units adjust from 7 feet to 10 feet. There are even a few that lower as low as 5 feet. If it’s not adjustable, then the young members of your family won’t be able to play and enjoy themselves as well.

So what height is the right height for the goal for your child to have fun? It depends on the age of your child. If you have elementary age children you will want to lower the goal to 7 feet for them to truly enjoy playing with it. You can raise it to 8 or 9 feet for children that play in youth basketball leagues and standard 10 feet for children in Junior high and above.

Adjusting your basketball hoop can be done through different methods depending on the model you purchase. Your instruction manual will explain exactly how to adjust your particular type of portable basketball goal. The two most common are hydraulic and springs. Springs can last a long time and are one of the easiest and most reliable methods for adjusting the basketball hoop. The hydraulic system is most often used on smaller backboards and can be a bit difficult or awkward to work with.

What Are The Main Types Of Basketball Systems?

There are several types of systems when it comes to selecting your style of hoops. You can find the details of the most popular 3 types of goals here. The main 3 systems are Wall mount, Portable and In ground basketball goal systems. What does matter with these different systems is how the manufacturers suggest you to install these hoops.

There are a few ways that manufacturers can use these 3 main systems for adjusting height on your basketball hoop. The first criteria to consider is if the system is internal, or external. Some will mount the mechanisms internally inside the poles. The thinking (or sales pitch) is that this is more appealing, or that it looks better that way.

Alternatively, on certain crank models, you will note that there are either compression or tension models. This refers to the way the weight relates to the screw. That is, in the compression system, gravity pulls the weight of the backboard in such a way that it pushes down upon the screw. In a tension system, the weight of the backboard pulls on the screw. In other words, the tension systems are easier to lift when adjusting the height of the backboard. The compression systems are usually easier to lower than raise.

If this mechanism seems to be so embarrassing to you, then portable system is suitable for you.

So, Why In Ground Basketball Goals?

In-ground basketball hoops are the permanent systems that are built to last for years and stand the test of time. The main differences between the portable one and in ground system are the price and the durability. So, if you don’t like to buy a new goal hoop every year, then the in ground goal hoop will be the best fit for you.

You simply need to choose wisely which is what I hope to help you with. (Make sure you bookmark this website so you can stay on top of the latest in basketball technology: the technology just keeps improving with new materials and design practices.) In the meantime, you can save your time as you won’t have to surf the whole web to find the top brands, from Spalding and Lifetime to Goalsetter, Goalrilla and others.

Why should you consider an in ground hoop system?

An in ground hoop not only will help your children to have a lot of fun for years, but it is also a good way to get their daily exercise done. So, if you are serious about buying an in ground basketball system that will be around for years, consider the following questions.


Acrylic and plastic (AKA composite or graphite) are cheaper materials, and should not be considered for those looking to practice for league-level play. The main reasons are that the plastic will warp in the sunlight, which will also come back to haunt you.

In fact, in most neighborhood’s goal systems you can see how plastic and acrylic systems are great for a while and wind up as sun-damaged, warped junk. Moreover, there’s a problem in the rebound capacity: if a board is warped, then it adversely affects the game play.

For a better choice, opt for polycarbonate construction. These backboards perform much like the acrylic models, but offer more durability. Thought theyre better quality than their plastic and acrylic counterparts, they are still more affordable than top-of-the-line backboards. Glass backboards are the most expensive, but for a reason: they offer more responsive rebounds and outlast the other types of backboard construction.

Do you have everything for installation?

As I prefer the in ground one so this question is very important. Most of the places you shop at will have some sort of service or recommended vendor to install your in-ground hoop. But, if you want to install it yourself, make sure you have:

Buying Guide For Basketball Backboards:

Check the lower-limit on the height adjustment. The better systems will be able to drop to about 60 or 5 feet for the rim.

For families with kids, be sure that the system will adjust to accommodate them.

Be sure that you can easily adjust the backboard height. If not, you need a lift-assisting mechanism.

Look for hoops that are fully adjustable, and beware of systems that have a pin system (with pre-set heights), since these tend to be very low-quality.

Some manufacturers offer the option to lock the adjustments in place. If you are buying the backboard for a commercial or institutional use, then this is a recommended feature but not so much for home use.

Watch for the warranty language. If the adjuster is exempt from the warranty , this would indicate that the adjustment device will simply not last the lifetime of the basketball goal.

If you happen across a system that uses an adjustment rod that is not part of the main body of the post, then thats a sign of lower quality. Food for thought, as the rod may also get lost over time.

Portable vs. Fixed: Which Basketball Hoop Type Is Better?

But, beyond the seemingly obvious attributes of fixed and portable hoops, are there other deciding factors involved which may only be known to manufacturers, insiders or experts?

1. Building material. Whether they are portable or fixed, one key deciding factor is building material. Do you want a cheaper steel or plastic composite material, or a more durable, fiberglass or straight glass hoop? If you can spend it, get the more durable type of hoop, the experts would tell you.

2. Moving residence frequency. How often the hoop owner changes residence is another factor. A portable hoop can move with you from place to place.

6. Adjustable-height vs. fixed-height. The difference here is simple: If smaller players and kids will be using the hoop, the adjustable-height one is what you want. If heights will stay the same, get the hoop that stays the same!

Beyond these key points, the individual hoop buyer will have to weigh what they value, in terms of playability, structure, material, style, and budget. One cannot really say that one type of hoop is better than another per se, but rather, must weigh all of the attributes they are seeking in a hoop, and if the list comes out longer on one side or another, choose that type. And remember the most important factor when choosing a basketball hoop: have fun!

Why do you need a portable basketball Hoop?

These Portable basketball systems are specifically designed to service all of your basketball needs be it practicing free throws or a friendly game of horse. Bring your basketball experience to the next level. Give your children the best basketball experience without having to go through the tedious process of using the grounded concrete basketball hoops or over the garage door hoops, which not only does not give you mobility but also deprives you of changing the height of the hoops to suit the growing up, youngsters.

Advantages of Portable Basketball Goals

The trend in portable basketball goals took off in the 1990s. In addition to the ability to move around, portable basketball goals have a multitude of benefits over in-ground hoops . Their space saving ability means they can be economically accommodated in a constrained area and are easily transportable from one place to another.

This quality makes these portable basketball goals adequate for home use.

Though once considered to be substandard instability, in comparison with in-ground hoops , the quality of portable hoops has considerably advanced. Many portable goals now hold the same level of security, yet carry the added benefits of portability.

A big concern consumers face in their pursuit creating a “home court” in the driveway is receiving permission for the installation of a (permanent) basketball goal.

Many homeowners’s associations hold rigid rules against the ongoing display of a basketball goal for aesthetic purposes. This could be a downfall as well if you or your loved ones are also working on their dribbling with an indoor basketball . As we all know, you need to have a lot of space for playing hoops.

In situations where your homeowner’s associations may have strict rules concerns hoops, you can just store the portable hoop system in a garage or basement, when not in use. This is also advantageous for families who just prefer not to have a goal taking up space in their driveway.

The ability to easily store and move the portable basketball goal is also an appealing option to those who change residences often, such as military families, or those who are renting a house and wish to bring the basketball ball system with them upon moving to their new residence.

Portable basketball hoops are easy to set up and have the ability to go from ‘box to game’ within a few short hours.

Going mobile with your hoop eliminates the need for digging holes, mixing and pouring cement, and then anxiously waiting for the cement to dry before you can begin playing the beloved sport.

The convenient wheels on the bottom of many portable systems enable you to move the goal around for different styles of games, to relocate into a cul-de-sac or to open space in your neighborhood, as well as, to store the system properly when not in use.

There are many important parts of a portable basketball system. To make an informed decision about buying the best portable basketball hoop for your family’s needs, you would need to spend hours researching the various components.

With a diverse and extensive range of hoops available, it often becomes mind boggling for individuals to decide which system is best for their needs. To make the sport easier and accessible to everyone anywhere, this article reviews key attributes to consider when selecting the right portable basketball hoop for your family.

The key to making the best choice in selecting a portable basketball goal for your family is being informed about what each system has to offer as well as its limitations. We make it simple for you to decide which suits you best.

Therefore, we had reviewed the most important components to consider when selecting the best goal system for your family, as well as, the top rated portable adjustable basketball hoop available in the market and discussed their styles and unique features.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Outdoor Basketball Hoop

Determine your budget

Just like any consumer product, options are varying from cheap products that often break quickly to more durable products at a higher cost. It is important first to assess your budget and determine what you are willing to spend on your portable basketball system.

Each portable basketball hoop offers benefits and negatives tailored to the particular needs of your individual family.

Keep in mind that as with most products, “You get what you pay for”, but that does not mean the most expensive products are the best. Compare the different components of the portable systems to determine the product that is the best fit for your family.

Explore some of the recommended products in this article and the highlighted pros and cons. The best way to save money is to extend the life of your portable basketball goal by taking proper care of it.

Adjustability in height

When buying a portable basketball hoop, you should look for the adjustments in height as well. You should ask the supplier if it comes with adjustable height increments or not. If you are buying for your kid, you can easily adjust the height accordingly.

Often these hoops come with an adjustable height from 7 feet to 10 feet where 7 is the lowest and 10 ft. the highest. Some units adjust to lower height for younger children.

Not only is choosing the right height important, but selecting the right height adjustment mechanism is important, as well. If you are readjusting the height frequently to accommodate both children and adults playing, you will want to get a mechanism that easily adjustable.

Some mechanism that is harder to adjust; offer a better product, thus it is important to determine what is best for your personal needs.

There are five types of height adjustment mechanisms including, telescoping pole, broomstick adjustment, trigger handle, pneumatic adjustment, and crank handle.

Most professionals agree that crank styles offer the most longevity and durability, but are harder to assemble than other systems.

If you want to use a high-quality crank system, don’t be afraid to hire someone to install properly it. It is worth the extra time and money to be able to enjoy the product longer.

Quality Materials

When purchasing a portable basketball system, you want to get the most “bang for your buck”. Buying a product made with high-quality materials increases the longevity of the product. However, in general, the higher quality the materials are, the higher the price is.

There are some ‘middle of the road’ products that may be sufficient for the amateur basketball player, while only the best quality materials may be preferred if you are planning out your child’s future NBA career or if you just simply desire to have the best quality product, built for longevity.

Many products offer top of the line portable backboards with a lower quality height or base or the different combination.

Knowing exactly what is most important to you when purchasing your portable system will help you select the best product for your family’s needs.

Durability of The Portable Goal

Depending on if you are buying the goal for young children to play with, planning for many adult games, or a mix of ages and purposes, your durability needs may vary.

Obviously, durability is an important thing to consider for all purposes, but each component of the portable basketball system contributes to the strength of the product in some form or fashion. Thus, determining your primary objective in using the basketball goal will help you decide which components of the system are more important for your needs.


If you choose to use water or a mixture of water and sand in the base of your portable goal, consider either adding anti-freeze to the contents in the base or to clean the bottom out by removing the water during the winter months to prevent freezing. If the substance in the base freeze, it can cause cracks in the base.

Preparing for inclement weather and rust

When possible, try covering the goal during periods of rain to prevent rust. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes or intense wind storms, lay the goal on its side to keep it from being blown over and damaging the rim or backboard. If possible, store the portable goal in a garage or basement during times of inclement weather.


It is vital to research on the materials from which the backboards are made up of so that you are well informed on the technical know-how of each type of equipment. Backboards are usually made up of one of four materials: plastic, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass. , as well as, University and most high school games. .

In addition to coming in a variety of materials, backboards also vary in shapes and sizes.

Most portable and in-ground backboards are either shaped rectangular or like a fan. Skill plays a role in selecting the best form for your family. Rectangular boards are most popular with beginner players.

Some systems come with multiple poles that are installed together, whereas, other systems come with one solid pole. Systems that break down to two or three poles are less durable. Additionally, poles often bear weak spots where the poles connect.

Many people report instability in as little as three years in multiple pole models. For best long-term durability, consider buying a portable system with a single steel pole

The pole comes in a round shape or a square shape. The square shape gives better strength and stability as it vibrates less when compared to a round shaped pole.

It is also important to consider the diameter of the pole. They come in various grades of thickness from sixteen gauge to seven gauges. The lower gauged poles have higher levels of steel and provide the best play with the least vibration. However, regardless of the thickness of the pole, it should never bend if it is made of one individual pole, instead of multiple poles.

The hoop is typically made of heavy metal for durability. Many people find steel hoops to be most desirable because of their strength. The most frequent types of hoops are spring loaded and breakaway hoops.

Both of these portable hoops are designed to detach from the backboard when too much burden is applied to the rim. This feature protects the backboard from breaking after an ambitious slam-dunk!

The thickness of a hoop varies with different systems between 5/8 and ½ inches The diameter of the actual hoop is usually the standard eighteen inches, for most systems. The net hanging from the hoop typically ranges in length from fifteen to eighteen inches. They also vary in thread count all way up to one-hundred and twenty thread count.

Supporting base

A portable basketball system requires that it is stable and will not come apart during aggressive play. Since it is not fixed to the ground, these portable goals come along with a base, which is needed to be filled with a certain level of sand or water for stability.

Range of use

In determining the best portable system for your family, it is important to determine what your range of use is. If you have growing children or have a goal that will be shared between children and adults, your focus should be on selecting an adjustable goal that you are comfortable with the adjustment mechanism.

However, if only adults will use your goal, you can stick with a regulation height goal.




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Final Word

Portable basketball hoops come in a very wide price range! If you are looking for the first basketball hoop for your little kids, and you are not sure if they are going to stick with it, then the Lifetime Pro Court is a great beginner hoop.

The Silverback NXT is more expensive but extremely well engineered and great for more ambitious basketball players!

If you want to go all out and buy the best portable basketball hoop there is, then the Spalding “The Beast” is the answer!​

So, TOP10 of Portable Basketball Hoops:



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