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Top 10 Of The Best Pool Tables Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated December 1, 2018
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As you wish to buy a pool table then you have to explore the Best Pool Tables Reviews to be aware of pool table price according to different size. Playing Billiards as well as pool games make a person socialize among his friends and also make him popular. Among other essential gaming equipment a pool table is must for gaming pool.

A pool table also presents your gestation and personality. A well designed and proper sized pool table makes your residence adorned and striking. Playing for a long time you need to maintain your table with proper height and size. Your gaming setup makes your play time comfortable and it will be enjoyable to all. So it will be beneficial for us to discus about best pool tables reviews 2018 before buying a pool table.

As well as your budget the game’s ability to prioritize, age and measure of the place of your room should be considered when buying a pool table. From here one can find out the best one which is related with his interest and category. Here we provide you a clear guideline to choose the best one for you. We also inform you the process of its best use and some necessary tips for maintenance your table. From the list of different category and a wide scale price range you will able to settle up your mind to chose the correct one best for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – HLC 55″ Folding Space Saver Pool Billiard Table

HLC 55
This easy to fold pool-table is available with pre-assembled, thus you don’t need to get a person to assemble it.
Because this table is light-weight, shifting it around and managing it is very easy.
The supreme quality of your table makes sure that you have a soft playing surface
You wouldn’t need to be afraid of the balls getting trapped in the pouch. The balls are made of with high quality material and that’s why can be rolled around the table easily.

If you are a person who would like to play a peaceful game that would make the contest alive, then you would find HLC 55″ Folding-Space pool-table to be the best choice. Pool-games can be quite pampering and can be the best medium of entertainment when you are expecting some guests at your house and you would want to keep them engaged. As being the spirited game, it is not actually demanding, thus making sure that you don’t have any trouble while enjoying the game after coming back from office. If you have recently started playing the billiards game, you need to know that the regular pool tables would cost you too much. So, it would be better to begin with a small pool-table and enjoy the game. If you are seeking something that can also be used by your kids and that can also be employed to learn the game, then you should certainly consider the HLC 55″ Folding-Space pool-table.


№2 – Barrington 84 in. Billiard Table

Barrington 84 in. Billiard Table
Full sized leg levelers enable you to achieve as well as upkeep an even playing field.
Complete panel leg supports, unbreakable playfield apron, plus top rail for extra longevity and stability
Scratch-resistant finish and premium UV-paint provides the pool table a furniture style appearance and finish.
Polyester velvet-felt for steady and even ball roll.
K-818 specification cushion guards give precise play and ball bounce

This Barrington 84″ Billiard Pool Table is only the thing to perk up your family’s game room or basement. Real K-818 design bumper guards provide a constant ball bounce whereas the tricot polyester felt peak enables a flat ball roll. 3/4″ unbreakable play field for improved level playfield and durability. It’s apt both for experienced and armature players. This pool table is very simple to install and has leg levelers for making sure that you can achieve and keep an even playing field.


№3 – HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Snooker/Pool Table

HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Snooker/Pool Table
You will get Snooker and pool table in one
It is available with whole accessories that are required to play
It is easy to install, therefore you could play nearly right away as soon as you got your product

This is a two-way pool-table which can be used for playing snooker as well. This model provides you with all the facilities that you are seeking in a pool table and provides you snooker-table and pool-table in one. This comes inclusive with both snooker accessories as well as pool accessories. What more could you demand?


№4 – Carmelli NG2520PB Hustler 8′ Pool Table with Slate Graded Rails

Carmelli NG2520PB Hustler 8' Pool Table with Slate Graded Rails
Stiff pedestal style legs together with metal 6″ alleviating leg levelers
Internal ball revisit system
Metal drawl cabinet trim

This pool table is not just cheap particle board, and it gives unique quality and superior style. The Hustler range of pool tables provides the type of durability, quality, and style you anticipate from Carmelli™ games. This pool table is much higher-quality as compared to the beginner level pool table and is considered as one of the Best pool tables under 1000$. This pool table is designed for potency; it’s strong structure make sure solid performance and true billiard fun. The ¾” CARB licensed MDF playing field and game tested K-66-gum rubber cushions gives a real ball roll and great accuracy. It is enclosed with elegant blue finish. The black cupboard is maintained by strong pedestal-style legs for even ball rolling movement. The primary ball revisit system makes re-racking a waft. The Hustler pool table is accessible in 8 or 7 foot models.


№5 – Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table
It is Lightweight as compared to other models of pool tables.
It has smaller style
It looks awesome
This table is easy to assemble
It comes with several accessories

This pool table will surely please anybody who is willing to buy a new pool-table, however it is just short in required space. This model is best for people who have limited space but also wish to board and enjoy billiards. It’s Leg levelers enable you to control the size of every available space for a completely even playing surface part even when the floor is not, whereas a dual enclosed MDF play-bed gives a durable move and ignores bending.


№6 – Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table 84 Inches

Harvil Beachcomber Pool Table 84 Inches
Impressively designed with a fresh propose
Finished with clear assembly guide and free accessories
This table has practical and useful features
It is engineered and designed by Harvil
Dazadi money back warranty and guarantee

This pool table hosts a friendly and cool billiards game with Harvils Beachcomber pool-table. This striking pool table has a laid-back and fresh vibe that will have your visitors feeling the exact same way. This pool table is made of the solid fiber wood substance and refined with a wood morsel finish, providing it simple and clean lines that are calm on the eyes. The panels and legs are also built of strong wood, making the whole pool table steady on any interior field. Additionally, graceful metal chrome rail angles add more to the appeal of this tables.


№7 – Hathaway Hustler Pool Table

Hathaway Hustler Pool Table
It is easily transportable
It can be assembled very easily
It’s comes at quite a reasonable pricing
It comes with stabilize leg-levelers
It is accessible with many accessories for example, chalks, brush, rack, cues, and standard-sized balls
It is durable and strong
It looks so stylish

Well, this model is larger as compared to normal bar pool-tables however its quality makes it the best choice for several years for family amusement. It is a very strong table and the same is supported with a simple-folding feet system as well as leg levelers. This table is available with a huge range of accessories.


№8 – Fat Cat 7 ft. Frisco Billiard Table

Fat Cat 7 ft. Frisco Billiard Table
This good quality pool table includes 6 inches strong wood rails
This pool table has fringe drop pockets
The Accuslate playing field is enclosed by warranty period of minimum 7 years

This is the pool table we advise the most to each and every pool table lover who wish to have a wonderful playing surface for less than 1000 USD. The field being Accuslate, this pool table looks same as a true slate-table. Hence, at first sight it looks similar to a table that costs two doubles as much as its original cost. Its stylish appearance is further improved by the charisma of veneer mahogany legs and brown wood cloth. This pool table is available with a triangle, a brush, 2 chalk pieces, 1 set of balls, and 2.57-inch cues. The installation process is rather simple, mostly because of the clear instructions. On the whole, this pool table provides extremely even playing sessions, plus it is full value of your money. On top, it is obviously more famous compared to most of its counterparts.


№9 – Playcraft Black Knight 8′ Pool Table Style: Ball Return

Playcraft Black Knight 8' Pool Table Style: Ball Return
It comes with 1-Year Warranty
Its height is 31.5″, width is 100″, and length is 56″
It has 6″-Wide stand legs with 6″ modifiable base for leveling
It has K66 profile rubber pads
Big rounded corner posts
Apron foot edge molding element
It has chrome corner caps
It comes with ball return and drop pocket models
3/4″ and 3-Piece slate bed, supports all the corners

The reasonable and sleek design of all Playcraft pool-tables will assist to bring pool in your contemporary house. its 3-Piece 3/4″ slate system is polished to 1/1000th of one inch, for a clean and crisp roll whenever you play. And there are nearly 24 billiard-cloths to choose from, and you will be capable to tailor the Silver Knight pool-table as per your choice.


№10 – Fat Cat 7 ft. Tucson Billiard Table

Fat Cat 7 ft. Tucson Billiard Table
It gives wonderful gaming experience. Its features, design, and dimensions work hard to provide you super exciting games.
This pool table will provide great stability means it will be steady on any surface.
Its ball retrieval system decreases the time among every shots.
This pool table has strong and sturdy construction. Plus it is highly defiant to break and impact.
You will surely love the design of this table which looks stunning in your house.

This pool table is for anybody who desires a full-size and stylish table but also worth contemporary design. In place of the engraved wood, this pool table has a lustrous, design with black and neon blue shade that feels enthused by cloisters. The expediency presented by this piece is the ball goes back to the end; hence you need not to walk around in search of the ball in ever pocket. Place it in your room to give everyone a perfect place to play the game and set a avowal regarding your atmosphere and style.


How to Find Out Whether My New Table Will Fit in The Room?

Pool Table Buying GuideThis is a tricky question because you will not only want to be certain that the pool table alone does not exceed the size of the room, but also due to the fact that it needs to allow you sufficient space to aim your cue and shoot. In other words, if you hit the wall in your back every time you position your cue, then the game quality will be considerably diminished.

Before presenting the general guidelines concerning the dimensions of the table, be advised that these specs do not take into account the size of the rails, which can vary between 4 and 6 inches. At the same time, even though the standard length of cue is 57 inches, you can still order shorter ones – E.G. 42 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches – to account for the lack of space. Back to the topic at hand, let’s evaluate your options, considering that you are utilizing a standard length cue:

  • 7 feet tables (39 inches by 78 inches) require at least a room of 13 feet and 3 inches by 16 feet and 6 inches
  • 8 feet tables (44 inches by 88 inches) require at least a room of 13 feet and 8 inches by 17 feet and 4 inches
  • 9 feet tables (50 inches by 100 inches) require at least a room of 14 feet and 2 inches by 18 feet and 4 inches

It is also necessary to point out that you need to consider the particular architectural specifications of the room, potential furniture pieces that could get in the way, etc. However, as mentioned, you can supersede space shortcomings to a certain extent by utilizing shorter cues in difficult situations, such as the ball hugging the rail.

What Are The Components of The Pool Table to Consider?

Pool tables consist of the following:


  1. Frame
  2. Slate
  3. Rails
  4. Pockets
  5. Felt

In order to be able to evaluate the quality of the pool table, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of each module as well as with the more intricate aspects involved. Let’s start with the beginning.


There is not really a lot to say about the legs of the pool table, but most experts consider that the best material for this part is solid wood. Certain tables have legs carved into various shapes, but that is really more related to your aesthetic preferences and will not affect the precision of your shots.


A pool table’s frame is important because it constitutes the structure that binds together all the other components. In the earlier days, the only material utilized in the construction was also solid wood, but today medium density fiberboards are rapidly making their way onto the market. While it is fairly true that the debate between manufacturers who prefer hardwood frames and the supporters of their MDF counterparts is far from over, the gameplay is overall similar for both materials. The situation is similar for tapered frames and straight ones: no difference whatsoever in terms of stability or durability.

Now, as far as the structure of the frame is concerned, the optimal pool tables support the slate via a central beam (reinforced by two additional crossbeams) that runs throughout their full length. On a side note, certain manufacturers advocate the double central beam as superior in terms of stability, but most expert installers view this approach as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. To put it simply, it doesn’t hurt to have double central beams, but it won’t do much for you either.


The slate of the pool table provides the actual play area. Originally, the slate consisted of a singular piece, a practice which still persists today. However, the slates that are constructed from three components have proven superior in terms of accuracy and individual leveling adjustability. Even though they come in various thicknesses (3/4 inches, 7/8 inches, 1 inch, etc.), it is advisable to purchase an 1 inch slate for optimal results. The ¾ inch slates are slightly less expensive, but also less durable and accurate. Whether or not you want a wood backing for it is completely up to you.


In addition to ensuring that the rails are constructed from solid wood – this material provides the perfect bounce – the rails also have to be fastened into place with bolts that run through the frame and the slate. This installation method guarantees that the rails are firmly fastened so that the cushions confer an excellent response. In regards to the cushions, the accepted standard is K-66 BCA approved. Furthermore, the tack strip should be present on the railings, because this component is the best way to tighten the felt to the table.


The only aspect that truly matters here is the material of the pocket. You have three categories to choose from, as following:

  • Plastic, main option of inexpensive and poor quality pool tables
  • Rubber, frequently utilized for commercial pool tables
  • Leather, typical selection for residential pool tables

You will notice that you can also improve the aesthetics of the pockets via fringes and shields, but experts state that the gameplay benefits of these additions are quite limited. Overall, you could go for the rims if you don’t mind spending a bit extra.


You can typically choose between wool-blended fabrics and a worsted version of this material. The latter one seems to be a better option and it has been gaining more popularity because of superior gameplay consistency, better resilience and the fact that it can be cleaned easier. As mentioned in the section discussing the railings, the best way to attach the felt to the slate – irrespective of the type – is via the tack strip. However, if the felt presents folds, they can be addressed by a table mechanic, whereas holes in the texture entail that it needs to be replaced.

Why Buy a Pool Table?

If you’re in two minds about buying a table, or you’re looking for positive arguments to win over a less than certain other half, here are five very good reasons for considering a pool table purchase:

Having a pool table in the house will give you the perfect excuse for all the family to spend time together. Nowadays it’s all too easy to end up with each member of the family in separate rooms involved in different activities, but with a pool table you can all get together and play together.

A pool table is a one-off expense that can be used over and over again. As activities and days out become more and more prohibitively expensive – especially when you have children – a pool table can be considered a good long-term investment that will provide hours of fun every week.

Children who become interested in playing pool will have a more active mind and body than their peers who simply sit in front of the TV, PC or games console. What’s more, if your children are inside playing a game of pool, you know where they are and you know they’re safe.

You can invite friends round to enjoy a game of pool as part of a day or evening’s social gathering. Everyone enjoys at least one game, no matter how skilled they are, and you’ll quickly find that playing a community type activity together breaks the ice and helps new guests get to know your old friends.

Any space can be made into a space for a pool table. You can fit one in the garage, loft, dining room, children’s playroom or the formal living room that never actually gets used anyway!

What is the difference between English Pool tables and American Pool tables?

English Pool Tables are either 6ft or 7ft in size, as found in the pubs and clubs around the country. The balls are 2” in size, on coin-operated pool tables the cue ball is 1 7/8”. Most commonly you will find reds and yellows used, but many prefer the look of American style spots and stripes. The pockets are smaller than American ones, because the balls are smaller. But their “jaws” or pockets are also narrower in the corners. The centre pockets are more open than American ones, allowing you to pot from a tighter angle.

American Pool Tables are generally larger, starting at 7ft up to 9.5ft. The pockets are larger to accommodate the larger 2 ¼” balls. The corner pockets are wide and welcoming, making long shots along the cushions easier than on an English table. The centre pockets are not as open as on English tables. They have a “straight-cut” style, rather than opening at an angle.

What is a Pool Dining Table?

Pool Dining Tables, or pool diners as they are also known, are hugely popular. A large percentage of the pool tables we sell here at Home Leisure Direct are pool dining tables. These tables are designed so you can put the matching two-piece top in place when you need to use the table for entertaining. The height of the table and depth of the body are designed so you can sit at the table using any regular dining chairs and eat at a normal height. Then, when you want a game of pool, you can remove the top, store it away safely, and set up your game.

When you don’t have enough rooms in your house to accommodate a regular pool table, the pool dining table is the ideal option. There are many designs now available to suit a range of interior decors, from traditional to contemporary, in many different finishes.

What’s the difference between 8 Ball and 9 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is where the object of the game is to win by being the first player to pot a group of colours in any order and in any pocket and then pot the 8 Ball in any pocket. This is the type of game most commonly played in pubs around the country. For the rules please check our Guides section for the Official World 8 Ball Association rules.

9 Ball Pool is where 9 balls (surprisingly!) are used – each has a different colour, and they are numbered 1 to 9. The balls are set up in a diamond formation – the 1 Ball sits at the front of the rack, on the spot nearest the back cushion. The 9 ball goes in the middle of the diamond – the rest of the balls can be placed anywhere in the rack. The object is to pot all 9 balls in number order, lowest to highest, finishing with the 9 ball. Whoever pots the 9 ball wins. Again, for the rules please check our Guides section for 9 Ball Pool rules.

You can play both types on either type of table, but you will need to have spots and stripes balls to play 9 Ball pool.

What is the difference between a Slate Bed pool table and a MDF bed pool table?

Slate bed tables have the playing surface made from slate, which is then covered in cloth. Most often the cloth is stuck to the surface of the slate to ensure a consistent playing surface. The slate can vary in thickness from 19mm to 30mm. The thicker slate is used on larger and more expensive tables, and some larger tables will use 2 or 3 pieces of slate. Slate bed tables are the ones used in pubs, clubs and pool halls. It gives the best and truest playing surface, which will not deteriorate over time. If the cloth starts to wear or gets damaged you can just get a new one fitted.

MDF bed tables have the playing surface made from MDF. MDF is a type of hardboard which is made from wood fibres glued under heat and pressure. This makes the tables very cost effective to build and lighter to ship and carry once in your home. The downside to MDF is that it’s response is not the same as you get on a slate bed table and that, over time, the MDF can begin to warp slightly, so the ball doesn’t play true.

Our advice is to go for a slate bed which allows for a better game and a huge range of finish and cloth colour combinations. But this costs more! Prices start from around £579.

If you are working to a budget you will find that an MDF table will give you a great game, but you need to ensure you don’t use or store it in a humid environment. Also, take care when moving it about, as they are not built as robustly as the slate bed tables. Prices start from £349.97.

What is the difference between ball return and drop pockets?

Ball return is where the ball, once potted, returns to the end of the table using a system of gutters built into the table. The ball is then held at the end of the table awaiting the start of the next game. Coin-operated tables will dispense the colours at one end and the cue ball at the other. On freeplay tables all the balls go to one end.

Drop pockets are where the ball is potted and then just sits in that pocket. You simply retrieve them from each pocket at the end of the game. This is most commonly found on American Pool Tables.

What is the difference between freeplay and coin-operated?

A freeplay table is where the balls return to the holding area at the end of the table once potted. These types of tables are ideal for home use, or for use in the work place or private club.

Coin-operated tables are identical to their freeplay counterparts except they have a coin mechanism fitted, requiring the player to pay to retrieve the balls. Most commonly these are held in a trough behind a window in the side of the table. Some tables have the option of either mechanical or electronic operation. These tables are used in commercial locations, although some home users like to have a coin-mechanism fitted to appear authentic, so they can see the order the balls were potted and to help them make some money from their friends!

How much should you spend on a Pool Table?

As with so many things in life, you really do get what you pay for with a pool table. There are three price ranges to consider:

Affordable – in this range you will be looking at spending anywhere between £350 to £500, and the type of table you can buy will tend to be for those who enjoy the occasional game or who do not take the game so seriously. The frame will be made of MDF, or a lesser grade wood, and laminated. The cloth covering the table will be of a lower grade, but with careful use a table like this can still be enjoyed for many years.We recommend you avoid any tables costing less than £350 due to their inferior build quality and playing characteristics.

Mid-range – in this range prices reach from £600 to £1,500 and you’re looking at buying a more robust and aesthetically attractive table for your money. The slate is usually supported by cross and centre beams and the materials used for the entire table’s construction are of premium quality. These tables are the type you would find in pubs and pool halls. They are of a commercial standard, well finished, and are available in a wide range of finishes and cloth colours.

Professional – for those who are committed to pool, custom and superior table models are available for sale from £2,000 and above. You will benefit from being able to customise elements of the table’s design from the type of wood finish to the type and colour of the cloth covering the table. What’s more, such tables offer durability, excellent playing conditions and are more like a work of art than a mere table! When it comes to deciding how much to pay, remember that the more you pay, the more solid the construction of the table, and the better the game quality you can enjoy.

The History of Billiards, Pool & Other Cue Sports

The game of pool (sometimes referred to as billiards) is a cue sport played with billiard balls and cue sticks made of wood or synthetic material. Historically, sports played on pool tables have been known as billiard sports and include snooker or English billiards, typically played on a table with six pockets, carom billiards, usually played on 10-foot tables without pockets and pool, the most common billiard sport, generally offering six-pocket tables of various lengths. In addition to these pool tables there are further types, such as bumper pool tables and others that offer various playing surfaces, obstacles and table configurations, but are not as popular as the standard billiard or pool table game.

The development of indoor cue sports such as pool is linked with outdoor stick games popular in Europe during the 15th century such as golf, croquet and bocce. A version of outdoor billiards was played with cue sticks on a field; this cue sport was eventually moved inside to be played on indoor pool tables.

The first recorded indoor pool table was built by King Louis XI of France, and the new game’s popularity among French nobles helped spread it to virtually every French cafe by the middle 1700s. These early tables were built by furniture makers, while early balls were made from ivory, clay and wood.

The earliest games were carom-style games played on tables without pockets with three or four balls. The various games in this style relied on striking the cue ball to either bounce off of rails into other billiard balls or bounce a billiard ball into other balls without hitting the rails or other obstacles; pockets were developed initially as deathtraps to balls, but eventually became targets to earn points.

By the end of the 1800s games played on billiard tables and pool tables became so popular in both Europe and America that these games were now referred to as “sports”, with tournaments, rules and regulations. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) was formed in 1948 and currently is the governing body for professional tournaments in the United States.

Prior to 1961 all BCA approved tables had a minimum of 1″ slate and double center main beams (more on slate and beams below), and most pool tables, regardless of the level of play, offered this type of slate. This changed in 1961 when the movie The Hustler was released starring Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason (pictured right), which followed a young pool hustler (Newman) being mentored by pool master Minnesota Fats (Gleason).

This film increased the popularity of pool and prompted the industry to make pool tables more affordable to the general public. To achieve this aim, the industry introduced 1/2″ and 3/4″ slate. Frames, cabinets and legs were downsized to cut costs and double center main beams were eliminated as the slate was not as heavy.

While initially these changes were good for the billiard industry, increasing the number of sales, the long term impact was bad. Due to the fact that the tables were now much lighter, the playing characteristics suffered. Tables were vulnerable to racking and warping.

After a few years the sales of billiard tables declined. This decline would last until 1986 when The Color of Money, another billiard-themed movie but starring Tom Cruise, was released. Demand once again increased, and 1″ slate made a comeback.

This time pool table manufactures did little to beef up the now downsized frames to support the reintroduction of the heavier slate. Needless to say, the tables failed due to uneven weight distribution and lack of support for the slate. This caused issues such as bowing or sagging slate.

Today the best pool table manufacturers have addressed these issues, but low-quality versions still exist from manufacturers searching for a way to make a quick dollar. Keep reading below to learn how to identify a high-quality pool table from inferior options.

Playing Equipment / Accessories

While the pool table itself is probably the single most important aspect that will determine the playing experience of the games, the playing equipment is quite important. Here’s a quick rundown of billiard equipment and accessories:

Pool cues, cue sticks or billiard cues are tapered pieces of wood used to strike the billiard balls. While historically cues offered strictly wood, today modern versions feature not only natural maple but synthetic materials such as fiberglass, graphite and carbon fiber. They range in size from 48″ to 58″ long and can weigh between 17 and 22 ounces.

Bridge sticks are used when the pool player cannot reach his or her desired shot without lying upon the pool table. Many games require players to keep at least on foot upon the ground during shots; bridge sticks allow players to place the shooting cue on the bridge so they accurately hit their shot. Bridge sticks normally offer a tapered wood shaft complete with a brass bridge head.

Billiard balls are the balls used to play pool, billiards and other cue sports. A normal billiard ball set includes 15 numbered balls sometimes divided into stripes and solids, and one white or clear cue ball. Color, size and diameter can vary depending on the cue sport being played and the location. For example, Russian pool uses larger cue balls, while American-style pool uses smaller cue balls. Initially billiard balls were made of clay, bone and ivory; in 1869 John Wesley Hyatt introduced a material called nitrocellulose, later called Celluloid, for pool balls. The industry eventually moved on to plastic compounds such as Bakelite and Crystallite, and currently relies on phenolic resins, plastics, polyester blends and acrylics to create modern billiard balls.

Pool ball racks are framed pieces of wood used to set the billiard balls at the beginning of play. The most common rack is the 15-ball “triangle” rack that offers a pattern of 1-2-3-4-5. These racks typically require the eight ball to be placed in the center of the third row, with the #1 ball being placed at the apex of the triangle (the front corner). These triangle racks can be used to play pool, snooker, eight-ball and other games. Another type of pool ball rack is the nine-ball “diamond” rack with a pattern of 1-2-3-2-1 and is used to play nine ball.

Other pool accessories include table brushes, rail brushes, training balls, cue repair kits, cue chalk, chalk holders, talcum powder, tally ball shakers, tally balls, table covers, pool cue cases, wall racks and much more. View pool table and billiard accessories here.

Pool Table Installation

Pool tables are normally delivered in pieces; assembly is required and can become a headache. To ensure your new pool table offers accurate play, level surfaces and a great experience, Family Leisure recommends homeowners hire an experienced pool table installer for the installation. Of course, if you purchase a pool table from Family Leisure we will install the pool table ourselves or find a reputable pool table installer in your area to perform the installation. But many people choose to install their pool table themselves. If you fall within this category our Pool Table Installation Video will walk you through the process.

The CHOICE Frame by Leisure Select

The three main components of the Upper Interior of the Choice Frame are:

Center Main Beams – Continuous solid hardwood support beams extend from the head of the table to the foot of the table. They are notched out for exact placement of the cross members. (The only exception is the San Antonio, pictured right.)

Cross Beams (or Slate Supports) – Continuous solid hardwood support beams extend from one side of the table to the other. They are also notched out so they can interlock into the main support beams. Together the center main beams and cross beams create what is called the Quad Beam Support System. Tri-Beam support systems offer one center beam.

Framed Slate – This billiard line incorporates framed slate to unitize the entire table while providing increased support for the slate. Framed slate also provides a better means for attaching the cloth to the table so it can be pulled tightly to eliminate wrinkles (staples vs. duct tape).

The three main components of the Lower Interior of the Choice Frame are:

Cabinet – This cabinet is 1″ thick making it 25% thicker than the industry standard. When it comes to pool tables thicker is stronger and stronger lasts longer. (Pictured right is the Minnesota by Leisure Select.)

Forged Steel Corner Bracket – The unique shape and design of these brackets is what sets them apart. There are eight points of contact where each bracket meets the cabinet panels (for a total of 32 brackets in all). Once they are all attached the bond is tight and permanent, preventing the table from ever racking or coming out of square.

Jumbo Leg Design – If you look closely where the leg meets the pool table cabinet you will notice that the top portion of the leg is oversized. The larger surface area creates more contact where the leg meets the cabinet, providing increased strength and support.

The three main components of the Upper Interior of the Elite Frame are:

Center Main Beams – Continuous solid mahogany support beams extend from the head of the table to the foot of the table. They are notched out for exact placement of the cross members. (The Bradford by Cannon is pictured right.)

Cross Beams (or Slate Supports) – Continuous solid mahogany support beams extend from one side of the table to the other. They are also notched out so they can interlock into the main support beams. Together the center main beams and cross beams create what is called the Quad Beam Support System.

Sub Frame – This is the part of the table that sits directly under the slate. The Elite Sub Frame is also made of solid mahogany. Mahogany is a very dense hardwood which will not compress under the weight of the slate, therefore making it an optimum choice for a sub frame.

The three main components of the Lower Interior of the Elite Frame are:

Cabinet – This cabinet is 1 ¼” thick, making it nearly twice as thick as the industry standard. Every component has a metal to metal MLD connection which allows the table to be disassembled and reassembled multiple times, versus screws in wood which can back out over time and loosen each time the table is reassembled.

Quad Anchor Gusset System – This system provides incredible strength and support to each leg of the table while also guaranteeing that the leg will never twist or turn from the table being leaned on and bumped into over time.

Transition Plate – The transition plate serves a dual purpose; it provides a much larger area of contact between the leg and cabinet, thus making the table substantially stronger and more stable. It also provides a more visually pleasing look to the table by adding balance and character.

The Ultra Frame by American Heritage

The three main components of the Upper Interior of the Ultra Frame are:

Center Main Beams – Continuous multi-layer cross laminated support beams extend from the head of the table to the foot of the table. They are notched out for exact placement of the cross members. (Pictured right is the Danville by American Heritage.)

Cross Beams (or Slate Supports) – Continuous multi-layer cross laminated support beams extend from one side of the table to the other. They are also notched out so they can interlock into the main support beams. Together the center main beams and cross beams create what is called the Quad Beam Support System.

Sub Frame – This is the part of the table that sits directly under the slate. The Ultra Frame incorporates a one piece seamless sub frame made of MagnaBoard (or MDF), so flat that some companies use it as the actual playing surface. It provides the flattest surface possible for the slate while virtually eliminating the need for shims as well as unitizing the entire table.

The three main components of the Lower Interior of the Ultra Frame are:

Cabinet – This cabinet combines state of the art technology with old fashion wood joinery methods, such as mortise and tenon. The cabinet is routered out at every point in which a support beam makes contact with the cabinet. This is achieved by using a cad machine that cuts with exact precision. This process provides five points of contact at every connection point which unitizes the entire table. Lastly they apply the strongest wood glue made at every contact point. This glue is so strong that it is physically impossible to break the actual glue joint. (Pictured right is the Artero by American Heritage.)

Mounting Blocks & Anti-racking Gusset Plate – Each leg incorporates two 2″ thick mortise and tenon mounting blocks and a 2″ mitered & tapered anti-racking gusset plate. Together, these components add great strength and stability to each corner of the lower interior of the table.

Transition Plate – The transition plate serves a dual purpose; it provides a much larger area of contact between the leg and cabinet, thus making the table substantially stronger and more stable. It also provides a more visually pleasing look to the table by adding balance and character.

Rails & Cushions: An In-Depth Review

Now that you understand the importance of owning a well-engineered pool table, it’s time to look at another aspect of the table that plays an equally significant role. Since the rails and cushions are the area of the table which receives the most contact and use, it’s vital the rails and cushions are engineered to the same high standard as the rest of the table.


Oversized (Professional Series) – Provides a larger area for the shooter to rest his or her palm when attempting shots in which the cue ball rests close to the rail. They also add more beauty and style to the table.

Metal to Metal Fastener – Creates the tightest bond when assembled so the rails play truer and quieter. Also allows the table to be disassembled and reassembled an infinite number of times without wearing out.

Mother of Pearl Sights – Found in Abalone and Oyster shells on the ocean floor, mother of pearl sights add beauty and value to a pool table.

Solid Hardwood with Reversed Growth Ring (RGR) – Forms a stronger bond than composites or soft woods, while adding longevity and strength to the pool table rail. RGR also prevents warping and wood to wood rail separation.

Deep Dado – Mortise-and-tenon technique provides more wood to wood contact which helps lock the blind to the rail, adding greater strength to an otherwise vulnerable part of the table.


Natural Gum Rubber – There are two advantages to using 100% non-recycled natural gum rubber: better performance and longevity. Black or dark color cushion rubber is used to hide impurities found within recycled material.

Injection Molded – Using stainless steel injection molds ensures even, consistent play at every point of contact on every rail. Each cushion rubber cures for the exact same amount of time in a pressurized mold. All cushions are made in sets of six. Each set is for a specific table. Extruded cushions are made in large quantities, have variable densities as well as tiny air bubbles.

Control Fabric – Control fabric is used to strengthen the rubber to wood bond when the two pieces are glued together. It is also helps hold the rail cloth in place.

Relief Pocket – The relief pocket is essential in providing a perfectly consistent rebound when the ball comes into contact with the cushion rubber. The rail also has an alignment indicator that fits into the relief pocket to ensure a permanent and level bond.

K-66 Profile – K-66 profile cushions are used on all tables offered by Family Leisure. This is the exact profile recommended by the BCA. K-66 describes the height and angle in which the ball comes into contact with the rail. The K-66 profile has been proven to be the best for many reasons such as riding the ball along the rail, keeping the balls on the table and creating an accurate rebound.

Used Pool Tables

Used Pool tables are everywhere on Ebay, Craigs List, and Local Classifieds. “Buyer Beware” tags should be posted on each of them. What does it really cost to buy a used pool table? What are the risks? How can a buyer protect themselves from the unscrupulous seller?

Would you buy a used car without a car fax history report? How about without looking under the hood or having a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle? Buying a used pool table presents some similar challenges. Unless the seller will allow you to take the table apart, even a certified table technician can not tell the true condition of the table from a visual inspection.

You must also consider that there are no manufacturers guarantees on a used tables. If you buy a used table from a reputable local dealer they will usually give an installation guarantee or offer to warranty the table through the dealership, like Certified Pre-Owned Warranty at a car dealership.

You must factor in the cost of the tear down, move, and reset of the used table as well. Three piece slate tables are easily damaged when moved in one piece or by untrained individuals. The charge for a reputable local dealer to tear down, move, and reset the table will range from $300 to $600, depending on the make, model, age of the table, and part of the country. If the pool table cloth needs to be replace (which it usually does on a used table), be prepared to spend an additional $200 to $400 on a re-cover. Be careful using contractors who work out of the trunk of their car. They charge less but are not certified or insured, and will not usually guarantee thier work in writing.

You need to research the used table to make sure the manufacturer is still in business and builds quality tables. Particle board tables with 3/4″ slate are next to impossible to keep level and don’t last long unless they were built by quality engineers (Major Manufacturers like Brunswick, Olhousen, Connelly)

How old is the table? We recently had an inquiry about a used Brunswick. The seller represented that the table was only 3 years old. We identified that the model had been discontinued 10 years earlier and sold new for around $1200.. The seller was asking $1000.. Buyer beware. Even new tables are regularly misrepresented as quality wood when in reality they are a wood product such as MDF. A gentleman proudly stated that he purchased a solid hard rock maple table for $895. delivered. When it arrived I pointed out to him that it was a maple finish and not solid maple. He continued to insist it was solid maple until I pointed out that the box stated solid maple finish not solid maple wood, it was MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard or Particleboard).

Quality used tables range in price from $1,000. to over $100,000 for a true antique. Remember, if the table was truly a good deal, wouldn’t the sellers friends, co-workers, or Family buy it before it had to be put in a classified ad? The fact is, 90% of used tables “for sale” are in such bad condition or so out-dated in style, the seller is usually looking to get rid of it before it costs them any more money.

Remember these rules when looking for a used Table:

1: Look for Major Manufacturer Tables less than 5 Years Old. Check the Manufacturers Web Site or email them to confirm that the table was in production during the time frame the seller claims. Avoid E-Tailers Tables Used (pooltablesusa, billiardsdirect, BilliardEX, ec.), you will not be able to get parts and they do not hold up well after the first few years of use.

2: Inspect the Table in Person, Take Digital Pictures, Look under the Table for Damage, Play on the Table a Little, and Look for tables with relativly new billiard cloth (not worn or over 5 years old)

3: Verify that the seller is the original owner, ask them where they bought it, and call that dealer to find out what they really paid for it!

4: Always try to get the original dealer to Tear Down/Move/Reset/Recover the Table if possible, they prefer to work on tables they originally setup and might cut you a break on the price!

5: Finally, Check your total investment against buying a new table from a local dealer, most of the time you will be within a few hundred dollars of getting a new table with a warranty!


Slate bed pool tables are specialised, precision-built games tables which are often made to order. As such, depending on which model you choose, you may have a bit of a wait until it’s delivered.

Due to its size and weight, it’ll be a two-man courier team delivering the table and they’ll carry it to a ground floor location of your choice. There’ll be a surcharge if you need it carrying upstairs.

You can opt to build the table yourself, but this can be tricky. At least three strong people are needed to assemble a slate bed table, due to the weight of the bed. Each table is different, and will have its own instructions – follow them carefully!

What Size Table Is Best For Gaming?

Consider an 8-foot table (refers to a length twice its width of four feet) as presenting a medium challenge. Smaller sizes create many clustered balls and larger tables can cause frustration by forcing longer, difficult shotmaking.

If you have adequate room space, though, you might opt for a 9-foot table. As skills grow you’ll be a champ when visiting “puny” 8-footers.

Allow for space on all sides of the table to stroke cuesticks and for convenient cue storage. Show me a tight poolroom and I’ll show you wall marks from cues smacking the walls. Use six feet of space per side, plus a few inches for backswings.

  1. 4 x 9 Pool Tables Are Best
  2. A Word On “Regulation” Tables
  3. Bar Tables

Warranty, And Available Repairmen?

Always get references from satisfied customers before placing an order. What guarantees and service after the sale will seller provide you by written contract? If your new table breaks or becomes not level after time, will the seller be there to make it right?

The seller may warrant a table for 10 years but be closed for business in five years. Who is a trustworthy table restorer you may rely on located near your home?

What will they charge for house calls for various repairs or routine maintenance (a semi-annual change of table felt and a tightening of the rails)?

Economy Vs. Enjoyment?Don’t skimp. Paying $500 more for a bigger or better table may not seem a good investment until you consider the possibility of owning the table for 40 years or longer.

Three generations enjoyed pool on my grandfather’s table until his home sold, when the table was given to the incoming homeowner still in excellent condition for play.

What Colors For Your New Beauty?

Blues and greens are simplest to sight upon. Red is a frequent choice for felt, too, but other colors can be distracting and show chalk and liquid or grease stains more easily. Felts are available in any color of the rainbow to suit your décor.

Can you get a table with special inlays on the rails, a personal monogram or inlaid counters at a reasonable price or free of cost? How long will you be waiting for such an order to be fulfilled by the table company?

Leveling Visits Provided, Free Of Charge?

Leveling or re-leveling a new or used table becomes a simple matter with the correct caliper and some plastic playing cards (cards make easy shims, hundredths of an inch thick to go under a table leg as needed).

What you want is to have your new or used table installed at home, followed by a second and possibly third leveling visit months later after giving the table time to settle in place. Do not purchase a table without service after the sale to keep it perfectly level.

Slate Composition?

Cheap, mass-produced tables use a wooden bed beneath the cloth.

The best playability and durability is with heavyweight slate underlay instead.

A less costly surface is also easier to transport than a one-piece slate–slate made as three-piece construction–but they ought to be laid in place by a highly competent installer, so the table is level throughout and the fine seams between sections do not affect play as bumps under the felt. Ensure that the table has slate at least 7/8 of an inch thick, undergirded by slate liners.​

Where Will Your Table Anchor?

Pick a spot for your poolroom with the most level flooring possible. Bare floors or carpeting is no matter; a table may weigh over one ton and will settle into place on its own. Be prepared to leave the new furniture in place for years to come!

Humidity and temperature play a role also and affect the balls and cloth both.

The best location for your table is inside in a cool, dry room of your home.​

How About Accessories?

A few cues with a floor rack for storage or even a simple clip holder, a set of decent balls with a wooden rack to gather them in place on the table, a specially made table brush for cloth maintenance (available for a few dollars from most poolrooms) and you are ready.

No greens fees or club memberships are required. You’ll want a personal cue but won’t need three rackets or 14 clubs in a big bag. Once the new table is in place, all the fun is free of cost going forward.

Tips for maintaining your pool table

A pool table is a considerable investment and definitely something you can pass on to your children as an heirloom. This is possible if you conscientiously maintain and take care of your table. Here’s how:

Brush the surface of your pool table after every use to remove talc. Brushes can be bought at pool supply stores.

Don’t allow anyone to put food and drinks on top of your table, whether on the surface or on the railings. This is the quickest way for spills to happen and stains to form on your table.

The frame of your pool table can be sensitive and can be prone to scratches. Discourage wedding rings, bracelets, and watches from getting close. Of course, we understand that you don’t want to be a party pooper, and sometimes you can’t avoid guests with jewelry approaching the table. So just maintain the leather and wood surfaces with oil based furniture protectants which you can find at furniture stores.

The sun can be harmful to your pool table. So position it where there will be little or no sun exposure which can cause warping and fading. If you like natural light, make an effort to position the table out of direct sunlight and use a table cover to protect your pool table when you’re not using it.

Keep your billiards balls clean. Balls that are covered in chalk makes for a dusty table cloth later.

Pay attention to moisture levels in your room. If you live in a super dry climate, your table can get brittle as the moisture gets sucked from it making it brittle and prone to cracks. So if you live in a high altitude or in the middle of the dessert, make sure to have humidifiers in your game room.

Teach the kids how to play pool! The better they know about the game, the better they know about taking care of the game equipment. This will ensure that they care as much about the pool table as you do.

Play often. A pool table actually needs to be played on to keep it in good shape. Also, playing more often lets you interact with the table so you can easily see areas that need maintenance and get it taken care of right away.

Our Recommendation

We know you are super excited to shop for your pool table and welcome it to its special place in your game room. We tried and tested some of the top rated pool tables and let us tell you, there are a lot out there that will make your heart race. But you will want to know which we ranked the Top 5 Best Pool Tables and read about why we believe they deserve a place in your home. We absolutely adore the 19th century inspired Olhausen Huntington Pool Table. Steeped in tradition, the Huntington pool table is 100% American made by the master woodworkers of this family owned company. Read about why this pool table captured out hearts and is our top pick for the best pool tables to add to your game room.




How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the pool tables by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

A pool table is one of the most sensible recreational investments that a family can make. Imagine the long hours of fun and bonding over this piece of furniture that you can pass on to generation after generation.

Do not be intimidated by the weight or composition as most of them are fairly easy to set-up and maintain. A lot of them also offer convenience features such as leg levelers, a complete set of accessories, and a ball return system – all to make life easier and more enjoyable for you!

Hathaway and Fat Cat offer the best options. Their decades of experience and passion for the game allow them to really know what buyers want: quality, affordability, and beauty. Their tables give you all that and more.

So, TOP10 of pool tables:



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about pool tables is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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