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Top 10 Best OBD2 Scanners Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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An OBD2 diagnostic tool is a great addition for every car passionate, amateur or professional mechanic. This tools will allow you to check your car’s performance in real-time. Not only will the best OBD2 scanner display the data clearly, but it will also create easy to understand graphs you will be able to save. This data can be used by tuners to increase their car’s performance. Read the following OBD2 scanner reviews to find out which are the best models available on the market today and make sure you read the buying guide to learn how to properly use one.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Foxwell NT624 All System OBD-II Scanner

Foxwell NT624 All System OBD-II Scanner
Easy to use
Ruggedly built and ergonomically designed for shop as well as road tests

The Foxwell NT624 can diagnose and instantly display all errors in multiple systems and allow you to view and clear the errors with a single click. Both the software and device are of high standards and can easily be updated over the web. The scanner provides extensive vehicle coverage, with over 50 American, European, and Asian vehicle makes. It is compatible with SUVs, minivans, 16-PIN OBDI 2 cars, and light-duty trucks sold worldwide.


№2 – Launch X431 Creader Vii Plus Code Reader

Launch X431 Creader Vii Plus Code Reader
Broad car coverage- compatible with all cars matching OBD 2 standards after 1996
Has a wide diagnostic function

Creader V11 is a scan tool that is well built and comprehensive. It not only includes the full-function of OBD 2/EOBD, but also perform more functions of the four systems (airbag, engine, anti-lock braking system, and automatic transmission) of major car models such as a data stream graphic display, multi-languages, and read and reset code among others.


№3 – FOXWELL Nt301 Obd2 Code Scanner

FOXWELL Nt301 Obd2 Code Scanner
Supports multiple code requests
Reads, graphs, records, and playbacks live sensor data

The NT301 Code Scanner is the quickest and easiest solution for all your OBD faults. It provides such useful information for both entry-level pros as well as the savvy DIYer to be able to efficiently and quickly troubleshoot OBD2/EOBD issues on OBD 2 vehicles.
The NT301 Code Scanner is compatible with OBD2/ EOBD complaisant vehicles from 2000, SUVs, minivans, and light-duty trucks sold worldwide.


№4 – OBD MATE OBDII Car Vehicle Code Reader Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool

OBD MATE OBDII Car Vehicle Code Reader Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool
Small in size and comfortably fits in your palm
Comes with an LCD screen that is large and easy-to-read

Find out what is wrong with your car using this scanner. The OBD MATE is a compact, easy to read scan tool that produces real-time readings from many sensors, including voltages of oxygen sensors. What’s more, you won’t need any batteries as the device is powered via a detachable OBD2 cable.


№5 – Launch CRP129 ENG/AT/ABS/SRS EPB SAS Oil Service Light resets Code Reader

Launch CRP129 ENG/AT/ABS/SRS EPB SAS Oil Service Light resets Code Reader
Easy to use
Provides readings in different languages

The Launch CRP 129 provides a great data stream to allow you diagnose the most important systems in your car including ENG/AT/ABS/SRS/EPB/SAS/Oil Service Light (airbag, engine, automatic, Anti-lock braking system, and transmission ).
This scan tool has wide vehicle coverage, as it can be utilized with nearly 40 car manufacturer brands, including all popular models from Europe, America, Asia, and OBD 2 SYSTEM VEHICLES LIKE Chrysler, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, Lexus, Ford, and much more.


№6 – Car WIFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool

Allows you to reset all fault codes
You can connect to a phone or tablet and view real-time reading

The Car WIFI OBD 2 supports iOS devices ( iPad Air Mini 4, iPhone 6/6plus/ 5s/ 5c) and Android (Samsung S4/ S5/ Note 2/ Note 3, LG 2 Google Nexus) and Windows. The scan tool displays current sensor data; including coolant temperature, engine RPM, vehicle speed, calculated load value, fuel systems status, long term fuel trim, and short term fuel trim among other things. Compatible vehicle types include Chrysler, Mazda, Honda, Ford, Toyota VW, Nissan, and many more OBD 2 vehicles.


№7 – ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth

ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth
Has a battery saver technology
Can easily connect to many 3rd party Apps

The OBDLink is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, hacker proof Bluetooth OBD-2 adapter that will turn your Windows or Android smartphone, PC, tablet, or laptop into an advanced diagnostic scan tool. The tool is ergonomically designed and comes in frustration-free packing that allows easy installation.


№8 – Innova 3100j Diagnostic Code Reader

Innova 3100j Diagnostic Code Reader
Freeze Frame shows the conditions of the engine such as engine coolant temperature, fuel trim, etc. when the malfunction indicator lamp is turned on
Has a read and erase ABS and SRS

The 3100j is an all-new entry-level scan tool designed to liberate any consumer or mechanic when it comes to car repair and maintenance. This scanner is compatible with all 1996 and recent OBD 2 vehicles, SUVs, minivans, light trucks, and hybrids.


№9 – BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool
Supports all OBD 2 protocols
Connects quickly, allowing you to get results fast

This professional diagnostic scan tool allows you to read and clear trouble codes immediately the check engine light is ignited. You will be able to view a vehicle-specific repair data that contains information such as possible causes, reported fixes, and code definition, which can be emailed in PDF format.
For a hassle-free experience, the BlueDrive Sensor, as well as the free BlueDriver App (available on Google Play and iTunes), are designed to work entirely as a single tool.


№10 – Autel MaxiScan MS309 CAN OBD-II Diagnostic Code Scanner

Autel MaxiScan MS309 CAN OBD-II Diagnostic Code Scanner
Retrieves both generic and manufacturer-specific codes
Has an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen

The Autel MaxiScan MS309 code reader offers DIYers a quick and easy access to diagnostic codes as well as their definitions on all the 1996 and newer OBD 2 compliant vehicles found worldwide. Despite its small size, this scanner is powerful enough to give the same information as its large, expensive counterparts.


Obd scanner buying guide

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What is an OBD2 Scanner?

There are now a large number of scan tools on the market that work with vehicles from 1996 and newer, and these OBD2 scanners have a ton of features. Their price can range considerably, so if you’re looking to buy one you need to do a bit of homework so that you can find the scanner that suits your needs.

Will it work on your vehicle?

This is the most important question that you need to ask yourself, because buying a scanner that isn’t compatible with your vehicle is simply a waste of money. The tool that you purchase must support the vehicle that you’re going to be working on. Although OBD2 is the standard, there are actually five different types of hardware communications used by OBD2 vehicles. That’s why it’s so important to know before you purchase. Do your homework and ask your auto shop what is going to be the right purchase for your car. When you get something that is compatible, you’re going to enjoy how easy it is to run diagnostics on your smartphone. But some programs are only compatible with either iOS or Android devices.

Supported Parameters

Not all scanners are the same, and in fact, some are incredibly different from one another. Per the OBD2 standard, the US Environmental Protection Agency mandated that the basic set of emissions that are related to readings should be supported on all OBD2 vehicles. These legislation parameters are defined by the SAE specification that they created. You’ll find that low-end tools only support these emissions related readings, and they give you access to only a dozen or so truly helpful parameters; and this is clearly not enough. Although this is going to give you some basic information about your vehicle, this is small in terms of the amount of information that OBD2 scanners are capable of. You want to purchase a scanner that is going to give you as much information as possible, and that could mean investing your money in a scanner that is a bit more expensive to get the results that you crave.

Is it Upgradeable?

Every year, manufacturers of vehicles release new models and they revise existing models, and that’s why for a scanner to fully support new vehicles, it needs to be updated all the time. When you have a professional quality scanner it’s going to be updated on a frequent basis. But keep in mind that a scanner that does this is going to be expensive. Lower end tools are not updateable, and this means that they’re basically useless in the long haul. You definitely want to find a tool that updates itself, as this will ensure that it is useful for years to come.

Built in Help

If you’re going to be working on your own vehicle, then you definitely want to make sure that you have the Factory Service Manual. However, the scanner itself might be able to provide you with helpful information as well. When there is a DTC set, you want to check whether the scanner displays the DTC number or whether it gives you the full information. When the tool displays the full definition it’s going to save you a lot of time and frustration. You also want to check to see if the tool offers you any information on typical readings to explain what the reading is. With a simple sentence or two of explanation you’re going to save a lot of trips to the shop manual. See how much information your scanner is going to give you on the display, as the more high quality scanners are going to tell you more.

Data Logging or Storage

There’s nothing safe about watching the scanner while doing a road test. That’s why you want a tool that stores data to allow for safe viewing while you’re back at the garage. You need to make sure that the scanner that you buy has this capability.

Other Considerations

It’s of the utmost importance that your scanner is made from durable materials. If it’s going to stand the test of time, then it needs to be made for quality and performance. When it comes to the longevity of your scanner, it’s smart to spend a little extra money on something that is going to last. A good way to figure this out is to read what other customers have to say about the scanner, and how long it has lasted them. To ensure that it’s going to be useful through the years, you want to find something that is constantly upgrading itself, because this ensures that it’s going to work with newer makes and models of vehicles. You also want to check for readability. A screen that is difficult to decipher or read is not going to serve you in the long run, and that’s why it’s important to find something that is user-friendly and features a clear screen that you can quickly and easily read.

If you’re not a car buff, then you want to find a scanner that is going to do most of the work for you, so that you get clear results that you can understand. That means finding a tool that is intuitive, and speaks in the language that the average driver can get a hold of. Also, a lightweight, efficient design is going to ensure that the scanner is easy to install and use. You want a tool that doesn’t have a lengthy and complicated set-up process, as this can be quite frustrating and it makes you just want to give up on the device. With technology getting better each and every year, the latest scanners represent the very best in terms of ease of use and fast setup times. The higher end models are going to cost you more, but they can diagnose so much more than other scanners can, and that’s why they’re worth the added expense.

Where to Buy

You can easily find an OBD2 scanner online or at any automotive store. If you’re unsure about the purchase, then it’s best to go into a store and talk to a professional. But if you have a handle on what it is that you’re looking for, you can find some great deals on the internet, and this will make your purchase easier. Going online is also great because it allows you to read customer reviews so that you know what scanners are favored by most customers. You want to keep your eye out for reviews that state that the scanner is easy to use and read, and those that say that setup is quite easy. Not all scanners are alike, and that’s why it’s important to see what people really think, so that you’re not just relying upon the claims of the manufacturers.

OBD2 Bluetooth scanner

For several years now, Bluetooth connectivity has also become a must-have in car technology as several laws have been put in place to make driving more safe and secure.

A Bluetooth kit does not only allow drivers to speak hands-free over the phone, but it also allows them to listen to music through their compatible car stereo systems.

In this article, we will focus on the use of the Bluetooth technology in car diagnostics. We will likewise feature some of the most sought-after Bluetooth On-board Diagnostics II (OBD2) scan tools available today and draw attention to their most important features.

Why Choose a Bluetooth Auto Scan Tool

As we all know, the use of scan tools to diagnose possible issues causing a “Check Engine” light is extremely necessary. Thanks to the wide collection of sensors installed in vehicles nowadays, we’re now able to detect car engine, emission, and transmission problems using OBD scanners.

Over the years, OBD 2 scan tools have also become increasingly powerful as more features have been added. Most notable is the use of the Bluetooth technology.

Explained briefly below are some of the advantages of Bluetooth scanners we have today:

Compatibility with most devices means convenience. Bluetooth auto scan tools can easily communicate with Android smartphones, iOS devices, and Windows computers. This means more convenience to drivers who want to easily get information about their cars minus the hassle brought by some wires.

Portability and fast delivery of data are the norm. Bluetooth scanners nowadays have a compact size and have been integrated with features perfect for users who are always on-the-go. Moreover, data processing is ultra-fast that users can even view real-time car data in no time.

How do most Bluetooth scanners work? It’s simple.

1) While the ignition switch is still turned off, the Bluetooth scanner is plugged into Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC).

2) Without starting the vehicle, the ignition switch is turned on. The Bluetooth scan tool may then start scanning the car.

3) Once Bluetooth connectivity has already been established in between the Bluetooth scanner and the smartphone or laptop, users can begin viewing the results of the scan.

Who should consider buying Bluetooth scanners?

Bluetooth automotive scan tools are highly-recommended to amateur and professional auto mechanics. amateur auto mechanics , Bluetooth scanners can send out useful data like engine speed, temperature, and fuel economy. These can provide users a somewhat complex, but easy-to-understand view about their cars that can serve as guide when troubleshooting car problems. professional auto mechanics , reading generic and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) trouble codes would be a lot faster. Bluetooth scanners likewise offer more features that would surely complement to every professional mechanic’s existing set of automotive tools and equipment.

Essential Considerations when buying a Bluetooth scanner

When planning to purchase a Bluetooth auto scan tool, it’s important to take note of some important factors. Doing so would not only save you some money, but would also save yourself from all the hassles and inconvenience. Here are some important things to consider:

Compatibility with devices. Most of the devices we have now are Bluetooth-compatible. However, it’s important to check if your smartphone or tablet can communicate with each other. Some auto scan tools are designed to work only with Android smartphones, while some work mainly with iOS devices. Meanwhile, there are some scan tools that can work with various operating systems.

Price: Normally, products that offer more features are often more expensive. However, the more costly devices are not at all times the better ones. Other features offered are sometimes not too important, but are there for marketing purposes. It therefore pays to be smart when determining which product is the right one for you and your car.

Essential Factors to Consider

If you want the best value for money, make sure to exert effort to differentiate the options that you have. In this case, consider the factors that will be mentioned below to help you make the right pick:


The first thing that you should do is to think about the vehicle where it is going to be used. Think of the brand and model of your car, which will allow you to narrow down the possibilities that will confront you. It must also be compatible with your gadget, such as whether you are using an IOS or Android device.


To make it easier for you to pick the one that is right for your needs and preferences, you should consult with what other people have to say. Go online and seek for their opinions.


This will most likely depend on the price of the model that you will be choosing. In the case of cheaper models, they have basic functions and can detect common problems. If you want a more extensive diagnosis, you must be ready to spend more. They are capable of performing more advanced functions, such as data storage and live data.


If the manufacturer is confident about the quality of the product that they are offering, they will not hesitate to provide an extensive warranty. Within the warranty period, the manufacturer can have it repaired for free, provided that the problem does not result from your negligence.

Connecting The Scanner To The Vehicle

There would be a connector port located right in the driver’s compartment of your vehicle. Connect your OBD2 code reader to that port.

Then, don’t start the engine but turn on the key. You will see the scanner prompt you for different kinds of information like the VIN number of your vehicle, model, make, and engine type. You would also be offered several instructions on the screen. Follow these instructions and insert the information that is being asked.

Understanding the Codes

This is part where you get to explore the menu choices and understand what trouble codes are available. If you have bought an affordable OBD scanner, you would only get a code that looks random. Look to your manufacturer’s manual to find out what it means.

If you have spent ample money on your auto code scanner, the screen would not only display the trouble code for you but you would also be given a description of what that code means. Sometimes, you get a pamphlet with the scanner to understand these codes. Other brands offer an in-depth guide in the form of a CD-ROM for you to use. When in doubt, just use the internet for help.

Basic Menu Options (I/M Inspection)

One of the menu options would be I/M or “Inspection and Maintenance”. If the MIL of the car is off, you would need to drive your car around so that the PCM is satisfied that the fault is now corrected. The time taken largely depends on the manufacturers but I/M readiness tests usually take a couple of days and not more.

This is an important feature because when you take your car for inspection to a DMV or an independent body, they would have their own scanners that they will plug into your vehicle. At that time, your best automotive scanner will reveal that I/M readiness has not been met and you won’t be supplied with a sticker. If you want to score well on the emission test, make sure you use this option frequently.

Advanced Menu Options (View Data)

The view data option allows you to investigate further into a problem. You would be allowed to see the real numbers that the PCM receives from the sensors. You can also check other things like temperature of air and water, O2 sensor, RPM, engine load, and various other areas of the vehicle that frequently cause trouble.

This can be done in real time with pro scanners. Various pro scanners also allow you to directly connect your best OBD2 scan tool to your laptop so that you can sit indoors and perform your analysis. Others come with batteries so that this job is made easier. There are software programs available that let you connect your laptop to your vehicle as well.

What Is The Difference Between OBD1 and OBD2 Scanners?

For an average person, OBD1 and OBD2 scan tool are no different from each other. However, there are marked changed between OBDi and OBDii in terms of scope and coding. Here are some common differences to keep in mind when you are going through auto scanner reviews:

Different Types of OBD2 scanners

OBD2 car scanners come in three main types and are mostly handheld in nature. They are compact in size and are connected to the vehicle directly. They can also be based on the device and mobile in nature. The device based versions use a smartphone app to read the information. Here are the types of scanners you can buy:

Advantages Of Using OBD2 Scanners

Finding the best OBD2 scan tool and using it has tremendous advantages:

Because of this function, the vehicle always performs at top efficiency. As technology has improved, these computing systems have become extremely advanced and handle a lot of information at a particular time. By having an OBD scanner in the car, this humongous amount of information is sorted properly without any problems or breaks.

Installation is an easy process and the owners can connect the OBD2 scan tool to their car’s OBD2 port themselves using the cable cord that comes with the device. After inputting the relevant details, they just need to follow the instructions. Reading the codes is easy even in the basic handheld devices. The codes pinpoint the exact area that is causing problems in the car.

Factors & Features To Consider When Buying OBD2 Scanners

While purchasing an OBD code reader, there are some important factors to keep in mind. By ensuring that all these factors are ticked off the list, you can ensure that you are buying the best possible option that money can buy. Even while considering these factors, you should remember that it is not necessary to make your purchase by the book.

For instance, if you have a low budget, you cannot have a scanner with every available feature. Some concessions have to be made. Balancing the requirements with the price is the idea behind all these factors:

There are some top brands of OBD2 code scanner tools. These include Innova, Actron, Autel, OTC, Equus, and Autolink. If you are tired of looking for the best OBD scanner, you can choose the top models offered by these brands because the brand name is of immense importance when the efficiency and health of your car is at stake. These brands have good reputation and have been in the industry for a long time.

If you have a strict budget, you need to stick to it when you are buying the best OBDII scanner. However, thanks to the great options in the market, a low budget doesn’t need to have the last word. You can find a good scanner that falls within your budget and still meets your basic requirements. If you veer outside the scope of the top brands, you would be giving up on reliability but might get a few extra features. If you stay with the top brands, you would get the basic features but they would still perform as promised. When price is a constraint, you have to make a choice.

Check Out a Used Car Before Buying

When it’s time to turn in my old junker and get a new junker, I use my OBD-II scanner to look into the car’s sordid past to see if there have been recurring problems or has had any major mechanical faults. A CarFax report on actual repairs is a great thing, but there’s no substitute for plugging in the scanner and letting the car tells its story. If it’s something major, I hit the road. If it’s something minor, it’s a good way to open negotiations by saying that there might be something wrong with the car. At minimum, you won’t be buying a lemon.

Why Owning an OBD Scanning Tool or Code Reader is a Good Idea

Whether you want to know why your car is displaying warning lights without having to pay someone else for a diagnostic, or you want to make sure that everything is operating at peak efficiency under the hood, having an OBD2 scan tool around the house is extremely affordable and has the potential to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Using your OBD2 scanner helps you maintain better fuel economy and functionality by reading your car’s real-time performance and efficiency data, all of which can be used to adjust your driving and maintenance schedule to maximize your savings in long term maintenance costs and fuel expenditures

What you need to be careful of when shopping is that you understand the difference between a scanning tool and a code reader before making a purchase.

Code Readers Vs. OBD2 Scanning Tools

Code readers simply tell you which trouble codes are currently tripped in the onboard diagnostic system, whereas a scanning tool can tell you what repairs are likely needed, reset codes, check codes for ABS and SRS airbag systems, and even stream/record your car’s current performance systems data live as it runs. oil change . Simple code readers can’t do that, for instance.

Scan tools

Code readers are better for the average consumer, but scanning tools are better for confident car DIY repair enthusiasts and professional automotive repair technicians.

Now that you know exactly what to look for, you can go through the reviews to find the right OBD2 scan tool for you.

Getting Codes Ability

Nothing can beat with OBD2 scan tools even the simplest type when it comes to reading codes in a clear, detailed and easy way. These scan tools have the ability to scan and read codes appropriately while putting you on the right track. Since the most important function of code scanners is to get codes in a way that human can communicate, you should have one that is affordable and can lead hassle-free to a potentially long and complicated diagnostic process.

A wide variety of scan tools can be found everywhere; find one with clear and high-speed in getting codes for lifetime use.

Live Data Streaming Feature

Once you decided what scan tool you would buy, taking some time to consider live data streaming feature is somewhat like you got your money back. A scanner you choose should have the ability to interface with the car’s computer through a phone, tablet or laptop via wireless or USB connection. And it should be able to display live data as well. This can be a lot useful during the diagnostic process because it allows users to watch and warn when any problems occur during a test drive.

Some scan tools only have a long list of all data values available. But some of them allow users to pull specific parameter IDs or PIDs and then make a detailed custom list. Most decent scanners that perform this function need a few more dollars but you can still have them with the cheapest options.

Diagnostic Procedures

The best diagnostic tools for your car usually have diagnostic procedures. If you have one without it then you have something not worth the money. Aside from getting codes and displaying live data, professional scanners that provide technicians with diagnostic procedures is a lot more useful and efficient in car repair. Having a diagnostic procedure to follow can help the root of problems to be discovered easily.

Understanding the Limitations

Scan tools are great at providing high points for your diagnostic procedure. However, a single trouble code can have a number of different causes and that you are required to be skillful in finding what the root of the problems really are. This is the reason why most professional diagnostic technicians are looking for typically more advanced scan tools that come with various knowledge bases and effective diagnostic procedures for a bit clearer disposal.

But of course, most advanced tools are expensive but it does not mean you can’t go along with it. If you don’t have a sort of tool like this you can check basic trouble codes and other troubleshooting information online instead.

Reveal the Hidden Problems

First of all, one of the most beneficial means to making a good deal on buying a used car is to reveal the hidden problems immediately. OBD Auto Doctor is the tool for accomplishing this task. With our software, you can verify that the Check Engine Light (Malfunction Indicator Lamp, MIL) is really turned off, thus revealing a broken light bulb, for example. You can also check that the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) were not incorrectly previously turned off without fixing the real problems that caused the issues. The OBD2 software also reports the pending DTCs with a click of a button. A pending DTC is a diagnostic trouble code that is stored permanently only if the fault occurs a certain number of times. A pending DTC indicates a future issue and you should take them seriously when buying a used car. The pending trouble code will remain pending until the fault condition occurs the required number of times. In this case, the DTC will be then stored permanently. A permanent diagnostic problem will light up the MIL and requires you to fix the issue as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the malfunction does not re-occur during a set period of time, the pending DTC will be automatically cleared.

Check the VIN

Secondly, you should absolutely check the car’s history records before proceeding any further. You can do this easily even on-line with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is a helpful identifier in this case, since a VIN is a unique for every car and it specifies the fingerprint of the vehicle. Typically, the VIN can be found by looking at the dashboard near windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle (refer the car’s user manual for the specific location). You can also fetch the VIN with OBD Auto Doctor, and verify that the car engine has the same VIN as the physical tag. By comparing the physical VIN and the VIN reported by the OBD2 software, you can tell for sure that the car has the right engine in it.

Do you need a screen-based or app-based scanner?

A screen-based scanner has its own onboard screen which displays information. An app-based scanner is more compact, because it lacks an onboard screen. Instead, it sends the information to your smartphone or tablet, where it displays through an app. Obviously you need a compatible mobile device to use an app-based scanner.

Programming choices

A cheap handheld scanner will allow you to carry out the most basic functions of an OBD2 scanner: reading codes from the engine and erasing them. But they will not be able to diagnose less common problems, and also will not be able to provide you with detailed troubleshooting tips.

For this reason, the more basic models are best if you are trying to diagnose really simple problems or just double-check something a mechanic has said. But if you require detailed information for your own use, you will need to invest in a more expensive professional OBD2 scanner.

Compact design

A bulky OBD2 scanner can be a hassle to use, so if you can, you should shop for a reasonably compact design. The easiest way to do this is simply to shop for an app-based device instead of a screen-based device. But if you hunt around, you will discover there are plenty of streamlined screen-based options as well.

Sturdy build and weatherproof design

Especially if you are going to be using your OBD2 scanner professionally, it is important to shop for a rugged device which can stand up to daily use. As a mechanic or salesman, you may be running around out in the parking lot with the device, which means you will be subjecting it to rain, dust, heat and humidity. So look for a scanner which includes some weatherproofing.

Basic Handheld OBD2 Scanners

The basic handheld usually has a black and white screen. The advantage of the basic handheld scanner is that it doesn’t need too much technical knowledge to operate.

A vehicle owner with the most rudimentary knowledge about cars can read and interpret the information it provides and act accordingly.

Professional OBD2 Scanners

The Professional OBD2 scanners are the kinds often used by mechanics and auto-experts. They are pricier than the basic handheld OBD2 scanners. The price difference is well deserved as the professional OBD2 scanners are capable of a lot more.

They usually have coloured screens and detailed displays.The major advantage of this scanner is that it provides automobile professionals an easier and more comprehensive way of discovering what needs to be done in a vehicle.




How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the OBD2 Scanners by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

Buying the best OBD scan tool like any device takes reading and understanding what is needed to fix the job you have on hand.

If you only need to troubleshoot one car a small cheap low cost OBD2 unit will likley be best.

For working on multiple cars a better built unit with more features is likely the better option.

Most any tool will give the codes for any car 1996 and newer since the interface have been standardized on these models.

Once a code is given software is usually included to give more information about the code. While this is OK it is always best to simply Google the code and read through the many forums about the problem, which will give more clarity to the problem and how to fix it.

More expensive units will have more information built into them to give more details about a code without looking it up.

Whichever unit is bought as always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it does what you need it to do.

So, TOP10 of OBD2 Scanners:



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Chatting about OBD2 Scanners is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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