Top 10 Best Kegerators Reviewed In 2017

They are a staple at frat houses, and beer snobs are known to have them, but what exactly is a kegerator? Is there a certain brand or model that stands out against the rest?

What features should you look for before purchasing? There are so many questions that go into a big purchase, and it can be overwhelming.

We hope to answer all these questions and more in the below article on how to buy the best kegerator. Whether it is for parties or casual use you should be happy with your decision, and we aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.



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№1 – EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator
Very reasonable size
Easy basic maintenance
Simple to move around
Decent price point
Permits very low temperatures near 30 degrees Fahrenheit

This model from EdgeStar is designed to accommodate either one regular-size keg or two 5-gallon containers. It’s 4 inches narrower than a standard kegerator, making it an ideal choice for apartment living.

Although it offers a digital display, the temperature is actually controlled by an analog knob. One element that makes it very convenient is that most of the serviceable parts are easily accessible on the backside. When you need to refill a CO2 bottle, this can be very beneficial.

It also has wheels on the bottom to make moving it easier. As it weighs over 100 pounds before it’s loaded, that feature is helpful. It isn’t a particularly attractive kegerator, but you can get it in a jet black or faux stainless steel design that looks like a college dorm fridge except for the taps on the top.


№2 – Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler

Danby DKC5811BSL Keg Cooler
Solid build and castors
Good price point
Good basic functionality
Accommodates all but the largest kegs
Fits craft beer containers
Castors can be removed for countertop use
Defrosting features work well

If you’re looking for a cheaper model that combines good looks with basic functionality, this single-tap model from Danby might do the trick. It accommodates both full- and half-size kegs. It also features removable shelving in case you want to use the fridge for other purposes.

One thing I found a bit frustrating with this model is that the hoses and CO2 bottle aren’t cleanly housed in the back. There’s nothing around them to protect them, and that can present problems in any high-traffic environment. I’d have preferred dealing with a model that has all those elements nicely tucked away.

I found the castors for this model to be more solid than some others. When you’re moving around an object that can weigh over 150 pounds loaded, it’s good to know the kegerator can handle the job.


№3 – Versonel VSL155TDSS Freestanding Full Keg Kegerator

Versonel VSL155TDSS Freestanding Full Keg Kegerator
Solid build despite its light weight
Incredibly easy to clean, including a readily accessible drip tray
Accommodates a wide range of different sizes and types of kegs
Great instructions for beginners
Superb customer service and tech support
Reasonable price point

For the hardcore beer aficionado who just wants a system that works well at home, this one from Versonel is likely to be your model. This no-frills unit features a rather industrial look. I could easily see this looking attractive in a loft-style apartment with exposed brick and pipes, but it’s not exactly suited to typical game rooms or suburban kitchens.

If you have traditional decor in the space where you’re planning to install your kegerator, this may not be the choice for you.Despite its looks, it’s fairly light, weighing just under 90 pounds. It also accommodates up to a half-barrel keg. It’s a single-tap system, and the neck is simple. When it malfunctioned, the customer support staff was excellent to deal with, and the instructions were thorough.


№4 – Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs

Edgestar Ultra Low Temp Home Brew Dual Tap Kegerator with Kegs
Includes nearly everything you need to get started
Lines and CO2 bottle neatly tucked in back and protected
Fairly light at just over 80 pounds
Stainless steel look
Easy setup using online instructional video
Offers ultra-cold temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit

If you’re buying a kegerator rather than trying to build one from scratch using a kit, you want a model than includes as many of the needed supplies as possible. Most kegerators come with a CO2 bottle, taps, lines and other required items. This EdgeStar model goes one better, providing two appropriately sized kegs.

Unlike the other EdgeStar beer dispenser on this list, this one excels in good looks. That may seem like a minor issue, but having a kegerator in your home is an overt statement to make, so you want it to complement your decor.

It’s nice to have a system that has a stainless steel look and features a long-neck, dual-tap dispenser.The narrow dimensions of this kegerator make it convenient in terms of width, but the extra height can be a bit of an issue in some spaces.


№5 – Kegco K209SS-2 Full Size Kegerator

Kegco K209SS-2 Full Size Kegerator
Cools quickly and stays cool
Streamlined look
Actual stainless steel doors
Dual-tap model
Accommodates up to three smaller containers
Very efficient
Surprisingly small for the amount of beer it holds

If you’re intent upon putting up some money and getting one of the better looking kegerators on the market, this one from Kegco might do the job. It features a sleek design and an elegant two-tap dispenser. It’s also truly a stainless steel model, not one that just looks like stainless steel on the exterior.

For the rather high price tag, however, I found one aspect of this kegerator a bit disappointing. Not only do the CO2 tank and its line stick out unprotected in the back and in the inside, but the regulator peeks a bit past the edges of where it should be. This seems a bit dangerous so close to the kegs.

I did, however, find that this kegerator ran less than the other models, likely due to its heavy build. If having an energy-efficient unit matters to you, this is likely the winner on the list.


№6 – Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator

Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator
Lockable rolling casters for easy transportation & sturdy placement
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Includes a 13-inch beer tower for easy dispensing
Lockable output valve for CO² tank to ensure steady CO² levels

This kegerator from Nostalgia is perfectly suited for providing a dependable, fresh flow of beer from home. The kegerator itself features 5.1 cubic foot capacity, a spring-loaded tap, and an American Sankey “D” Double Tap system to ensure widespread keg compatibility.
Its sleek, black design is sophisticated enough for indoor or outdoor kegerator use. With four rolling casters, this kegerator is easily transported from one place to another, making it an entirely versatile at-home unit.


№7 – EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler
Two-piece drip tray for easy cleanup
Domestic “D” system Sankey coupler for maximum compatibility
Holds one 5-pound aluminum CO² tank
Streamlined design is 4 inches less wide than competing models

For those who like their beers frosty, the EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator is a great choice. This model boasts the coldest temperatures possible, with temperatures easily reaching down to the low 30s. Not only does it come with rolling casters for easy mobility, but it also features a reversible door, making installation and placement much easier.

A chrome safety rail around the top helps keep beer mugs in place, preventing slips and spills. As an added feature, the metal floor plate provides enhanced protection and durability, making for a long-lasting and dependable kegerator.


№8 – Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap

Keggermeister KM2800BK Kegerator Full-Size Single-Tap
Fits one full-size keg, one pony keg, or two 5-gallon kegs
Adjustable temperature control to ensure taste & quality
Approved for commercial & home use
Clear, concise manual & directions

Whether you’re looking to develop a serious hobby or a casual appreciation, the Keggermeister Full-Size Singe-Tap model is one of the best models on the market. Kegs can stay chilled and beer can stay fresh for as long as 3 months inside this kegerator, making it a great option for those who prefer to take their time.

Its stylish, all-black design allows it to fit seamlessly into any room of the house without interrupting décor. With fully adjustable temperature control, users can ensure that the quality and taste of their beer is fully protected by the Keggermeister.


№9 – Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator

Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator
Includes 5-pound aluminum CO² tank
Attractive black & stainless steel styling
Expanded interior to hold Miller, Coors, or rubber kegs
Chrome guardrail to keep drinks safe

While perhaps larger than most of its beer-dispensing counterparts, the double-tap Kegco Kegerator is the best option for those who demand versatility from their kegerator. The large interior is built to hold a variety of different kegs, including those that other kegerators leave out, like Coors, Miller, and rubber kegs.

With fan-forced cooling and a digital thermostat display, temperature settings can be evenly dispersed and controlled. This Kegco kegerator is built with efficiency and durability in mind, as a stainless-steel bottom ensures that kegs are easily installed and removed on a stable surface.


№10 – Versonel Freestanding Full Size Kegerator Keg Fridge Beer Dispenser

Versonel Freestanding Full Size Kegerator Keg Fridge Beer Dispenser
Comparable value at a lower price tag
Large enough to hold 1/2, 1/4, or 5-gallon barrels
Lockable casters allow for mobility
Quiet compressor operation

For those who want the same quality and performance of Versonel with a slightly lower price tag, the Versonel SPP155BDSS model is a great choice. Similar to the previously reviewed model, this kegerator comes with a wide range of compatible keg types, making for a versatile beer dispensing system.

With wire shelving included, this model can also easily convert into a bar fridge when not in use. The chrome tap front features snap-back springs to allow for easy removal and installation. The Smart Plus collection from Versonel features temperature adjustments between 34°-45°, allowing any household to have flavorful, high-quality draft beer.


Tips for the Perfect Kegerator

Fresh draught beer at home—is there anything better in the eyes of a craft beer enthusiast? Let’s face it: the dishwasher is never going to pour a perfectly-drawn glass of craft beer into that favorite glass of yours—it’s just not. And while a refrigerator full of buckling shelves always looks dangerously appealing, you can’t argue with the idea of draught beer always being within arm’s reach.

Serving kegs of commercial or homebrewed beer at home sounds like a perfect scenario. But a kegerator is like a puppy: you’re going to have to feed it, walk it and give it a bath.

Just kidding! But you get my point. Just like any consumer purchase, there are pros and cons that the buyer must take into consideration. Here are four things that are important to think about before welcoming a kegerator into your life.

Size and Space

Rather than get super technical on consumer purchase behavior, let’s keep this simple. We know you want a kegerator. But do you have space for one, and where will you put it?

A kegerator has to be at least as big as a keg, of course, so you’ll need about two to three square feet of floor space (more for a multi-keg system). Many kegerators have a draught tower on top that can bring the height up to around four feet, so keep that in mind when scouting for a spot.

Let’s say you’ve found space in the garage, basement or kitchen. Is it easily accessible? No one wants to be hauling a half-barrel keg up or down stairs, or maneuvering it around tight corners.

Tip For Tap: Make sure that the kegerator you purchase fits the space you choose for it. When we first added a kegerator to our office (pretty sweet, right?), the kegerator was not designed to be installed into an inline countertop. The result was that the vent fan was enclosed by the counter and couldn’t cool the fridge properly. Lesson learned, but not the easy way!

Buy or D.I.Y?

Once you’ve found a great place for your home draught system, next you’ll want to consider your options. Most of your decisions will depend on your budget and whether you want to purchase a prefabricated kegerator or plan on going with a do-it-yourself conversion kit.

Today, there are a number of companies that specialize in kegerators for commercial draught systems and the home bar. Kegerators can be freestanding or installed inline with an existing bar or counter. They even come in walk-in cooler versions—a guy can dream, right?

Going the pre-fab route may mean a higher initial investment, but you’ll save the time and energy of hacking into a standard fridge or freezer and using a conversion kit. I mean, some people just aren’t very comfortable with a Sawzall!

That said, some of you Sawz-all-the-time, and are comfortable with the potential dangers that come with partially dismantling or cutting holes in appliances. The opportunity to custom-build a kegerator or keezer that is totally unique might make it worth the challenge.

Tip for Tap: I currently have a refrigerator for my keg system, but I have not made any holes…yet. Someday I’ll get around to installing some faucets on the door, but until then, it works fine just the way it is.

Draught Maintenance and Balance

I was only sort of kidding about a kegerator being like a puppy. Are you ready for the commitment? Some craft brewer worked way too hard on the beer in that keg for you to serve it as a foamy mess out of dirty beer lines at the wrong pressure.

It is recommended that draught beer lines be cleaned with a caustic cleaning agent every two weeks, and cleaned with an acid to bust up any “beer stone” that may form every three months.

Fun fact: beer stone (calcium oxalate) is the same chemical compound that makes up a majority of kidney stones!

Line-cleaning and properly balancing your draught system is not that difficult. But if you want a freshly-poured IPA without the effort, you might be better off walking to the nearest bar.

For those who are game to take on the responsibility of amazing draught beer at home, check out the Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Manual for tips and instructions to keep that beer tasting great!

Tip for Tap: Safety first and foremost. The chemicals used for cleaning beer lines are no joke! Be sure to wear the suggested protection when handling them—usually sturdy rubber gloves and protective eyewear.

What exactly is a Kegerator?

The Kegerator ~ a new and improved version of the Keg for your home.

The Kegerator is a draft beer dispensing system that is made specifically for those that enjoy drinking a nice cold draft beer at home a few days a week. Imagine an ice cold keg of quality draft beer of your choosing and a refrigerator bond together in the magical Hopsy creation of a one beer dispensing system does all.

This unique creation allows its owner to choose their beer, and drink till their hearts content, or till the keg is empty. The fully functional cooling system is combined with a dispensing and carbonation system, making an all in one design that lasts as long as you keep it, and continue to change out the kegs.

There are Three Types of Kegerators

Despite your living arrangement, there is a Kegerator type that will fit your needs and your personal living space.

Under the Counter Kegerator Units – these kegerators fit securely under a counter or inside a cabinet. This prevents the Kegerator from being the focal point of the room, and allows for discrepancy. The negative aspect is this type of system is not as flexible as some of the others. It is rather stationary. Pricing Information is hard to estimate on custom kegerator units.

Stand Alone Kegerator – These kegerators can be placed anywhere in a room and are considered mobile. These units pretty much look like a mini-fridge with a tap on the top. These are perfect for someone who is indecisive about what room they’d like to compliment with the Kegerator. Starting Price for a good Kegerator is around $500 dollars. Take a look below at what a few different units are priced at.

Outdoor Kegerators – These wonderfully mobile Kegerators are perfect for those who want to utilize their wonderful tap in the great outdoors on a camping trip, or just a back yard cook out. This style is usually made of stainless steel and the wiring and inner components are protected from moisture. We did some pricing research for Outdoor Kegerators and you can expect to pay a few grand for a good one.

Additional Benefits of the Kegerator

The Kegerator is not JUST about drinking beer, it is also about saving money. Kegerator owners can save as much a 50% to 70% off their average beer tab each month. How? Kegs come at a discounted price, and quantity wise, there are big savings when compared to the cost of bottles versus kegs. The Keg holds around 15 gallons, which in comparison would be around 6 cases of beer.

The Kegerator also allows the drinker to choose their own quanity, unlike a bottle or can. If someone wants to go light and only drink 4 or so ounces, the Kegerator makes that possible without any beer waste. Not to mention, Keg beer will stay cool even in storage because it has not yet been pasteurized.

Kegerator Safety

Yes, even the soon to be famous, or infamous Kegerator has some safety concerns. Just like any other household system, it occasionally will need to be cleaned. The ideal time is when the keg is being changed. This makes it easy to clean out the lines used to deliver the beer.

Beer lines become the ideal temperature when unhooked for the growth of bacteria, which can make drinkers feel very uncomfortable.

Beer Sustainability

Another excellent reason to consider getting a Kegerator is the fact they help to save the environment. The Kegerator uses one Keg at a time. This prevents the use of bottles or cans, thus reducing the amount of waste build up. Preventing extra trash and waste, though it might seem trivial, have a big impact on the environment. This could be considered one of the most environmentally friendly products for beer, thus, drinkers can enjoy their cold draft beer in the comfort of their own greener, living environment.

What kind of beer you want to store?

To find the best kegerator that suits your needs, you will need to decide what kind of beer you will want to keep stored in your home bar. This is because the most crucial part of the kegerator, the coupler, is what lets you quickly connect or disconnect hoses from the appliance.

Different beers have different standards for couplers. For example, American beers perform best using a system D coupler, while European brews perform best when using a System S coupler. When it comes to a stout or an ale, you would likely want to use a System U coupler for best results. If you like to serve different kinds of beer at parties, you may want to consider owning multiple cool kegerators if you can afford it or even a wine cooler too.

How to choose the best kegerator?

Many questions may run through your head when looking at a kegerator online.

You should think about where your kegerator will be installed on top of all of the features you may need. You should then go through each factor carefully because that is the best way to make the right purchase the first time around. You want to do the job right as opposed to quickly in this case.

Factors to consider when buying the best kegerator

There are many factors that come into play when searching for the best kegerator for your home.

  1. Size

As with every home machine, best kegerators come in many varying sizes. You have to double check the dimensions and make sure the kegerator you are looking to buy fits where you want to put it. You should measure your space twice and search every website you can. Researching a product like this is important before making a purchase.


Unless you leave the door open, you will not have to defrost your kegerator. In most models, any ice build-up is automatically defrosted as the compressor switches off. But you will need to clean it pretty consistently and you will need to use a kegerator cleaning kit to clean your beer lines as a tap and coupler.

Keg Type

If you are going to go for a particular brand of home bar kegerator, you should make sure that you can get your hands on, and are familiar with, the style of keg it takes. A lot of units can use more than one type, but you need to make sure that you know what it can and cannot be used with, to avoid wasting time and money.


In a lot of ways, this can be the most important factor when making this sort of purchase. How much you are willing to pay for your unit is up to you and your family. On top of what is hopefully a one-time investment, you will need to buy CO2 fairly regularly, depending on how much you drink, how fresh you want to keep your beer, the delivery of kegs and CO2 tanks, spare parts, repair etc. Having lovely fresh beer on tap at home is a luxury that you will have to pay for.

Types of kegs


These generally hold about five-liter kegs and they are often found in supermarkets today. They are only made by specific kegerator brands (Edgestar, Kegco, Nostalgia), so your choices are a little limited. These are specifically for use with mini kegerators.


This type of keg is somewhat confusingly called “full-sized” kegs. Half barrel kegs hold about 58 liters of beer and are designed to be used with standard full sized kegerators. They are about 23 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.

Quarter Barrel

These kegs are half the size of “full-sized” kegs. They come in two different shapes: the short, squat quarter barrel, and the tall, slim quarter barrel.

The standard quarter barrel has the same diameter as the half barrel (16 inches) but roughly half the height (13.5 inches).

The slim quarter barrel has the same height as the half barrel (23.5 inches) but is only 11.5 inches in diameter.

Both of the quarter barrels hold the same amount of beer, but take up vastly different amounts of space inside you kegerator, so you may want to check your set-up before buying these home kegerators.

Design of Kegerators

Stainless Steel Kegerator

A stainless steel kegerator features a modern and sleek look that allows this machine to be a feature in just about any room. These kegerators are by far the most popular because of its appearance, easy cleanup and popularity, as they are easy to find in today’s market.

This type of material looks great in a contemporary room and clearly shows that you are a refined individual. Everyone who sees this kegerator in your home will realize that you are modern and have a great taste in home appliances.

Black Kegerator Cabinet

A black kegerator cabinet will blend in with your surroundings and create an environment that is not centered on your kegerator. You will want your basement to bring attention to everything else in the room, not the appliance.

DIY Wood Kegerator

Many people are now buying up old refrigerators to convert into their very own brand spanking new kegerator. A DIY Wood kegerator is the mecca of beer dispensing machines. A home kegerator made from wood is elusive and difficult to find. If you have one of these machines, you are definitely a beer enthusiast.

While you still need a refrigeration unit on the inside, surrounding it with wood is the perfect touch to your cabin or basement. All you need for a DIY kegerator is some power tools, an old refrigerator, a kegerator conversion kit, some instructions to follow, and a free afternoon.

Parts of a Kegerator

The beer keg (goes inside): These are made of either stainless steel or aluminum, and can normally hold 15.5 gallons of beer. There is a hole on one end of the keg that is known as the “bung,” and a plastic tube comes out of this opening. The flow of beer is controlled by a self closing valve. The beer is pushed out of the keg by carbon dioxide.

CO2 Tank: This will be what maintains the pressure of the beer over time. These tanks can be purchased at many party supply stores, or beer supply stores. They come in sizes ranging from 2.5lb to 20lb. Which size you end up choosing is dependent on the size of the keg you will be storing. For example a 2.5lb CO2 will be good for 2 to 4 15.5 gallon kegs, and many more smaller kegs (eg. 12-15 3 gallon kegs).

CO2 Regulator: This device is critical. It attaches directly to the CO2 supply and is used to set the desired pressure for your beer. Some beers require more pressure than others, but in general 12 PSI is a standard pressure. If you want to be exactly certain it is recommended that you contact the distributor or brewery that provided the keg, and ask their advice in regards to PSI.

Beer Tower: This is the part of the kegerator that actually dispenses the beer, and resembles a draft beer tap that you would find in a bar or pub. There are different configurations of these dispensing towers. Some can only dispense one beer, but others are able to do upwards of 8. You are limited by how many different kegs your kegerator can store. Most beer towers will not be cooled. A cooled tower produces less foam when beer is dispensed, so if possible buy an air cooled beer tower or buy a small fan that will cool the tower internally (see “accesories” heading below).

Drip Tray: This is a perforated metal tray at the bottom of the tower (similar to the tray on the bottom of a fridge water dispenser). It is meant to prevent spillage onto the ground if you overfill your glass.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Size: Kegerators are like bulky mini fridges, so you are going to need space in your home to put them. They must be able to accommodate a standard keg, which is about sixteen inches wide and twenty three inches tall. If you at least this much room available then you’ll be fine. Some models can fit into existing rows of cabinets. Depending on whether the style of the kegerator matches your home decor this can be a viable option.

Maintenance: It would be great if you never had to take care of it, but there are some duties that will have to be performed on a regular basis. The first is cleaning the beer lines. Dirty beer lines will make you sick and your beer taste disgusting. You should have your lines cleaned every two weeks. Commercial establishments have a service do this for them (around $20) but that would be incredibly expensive over time for home usage. Cleaning is not too difficult, and entails mixing some powdered beer line cleaning compound with water, and flushing it through the beer lines. It should take around 15 minutes. See the “accessories” heading below for a recommendation on which cleaning kit to get.

In addition to cleaning you will need to fill the CO2 tank every 2-4 standard (15.5 gallon) kegs. This will cost around $10 and can be done at a paintball or welding shop. These establishments are normally best equipped to fill smaller size CO2 tanks.

Buy vs. Convert: Since kegerators are basically an upgraded fridge many people opt to buy conversion kits to transform their existing mini fridge (that can fit a keg) into a kegerator. This can be a viable option as it saves a lot of money, but you lose the aesthetic appeal, and some functionality. How much functionality you lose is dependent on how heavily you modify your fridge. If you are comfortable cutting large holes in it to accommodate a beer tower then there will not be much difference, but if not then you will have to open the fridge and dispense through the nozzle. In the end this is a decision that you’ll have to make based on your level of DIY experience.

Benefits of a Kegerator

Taste: Draft beer is the primary choice of beer drinkers, because of its freshness, and incredible “texture” due to the carbon dioxide. Having draft beer at home means you will always get the freshest tasting beer whenever you like.

Less Cleanup: When drinking from bottles and cans there is always the hassle of cleaning up tons of bottles/cans/caps/and cases. Having a draft beer system at home means you can use the same glass over and over again. Less cleanup and more enjoyment!

Portion Control: Ever want half a beer, but there’s no one to split it with? Problems like these are easily resolved with a kegerator, because you get to choose the exact amount of beer you want dispensed at each pour.

On Demand: Having the kegerator means that your beer is always stored at the right temperature, and the draft system means no bottles to open. This creates a beautiful situation where you can come home from a hard day’s work, and pour yourself a cold one complete with foam on top.

Social: While a kegerator can’t help you make friends it can make your house the de facto hangout spot for a guy’s night out. People love the taste and convenience of draft beer, and being able to enjoy all of this at a friend’s house in comfort is a huge attraction. Be warned though, you may have to keep some friends away as they’ll turn into keg moochers. That’ll be your problem not ours.

Kegerator Accessories

Beertower Cooler: One of the main causes of foamy beer is a warm beer tower. An easy fix is a kegerator tower cooler, which blasts cold air into the beer tower and cools it. Our prefered brand is Coldtower, which is the go to brand for these cooling solutions. They are easy to install, and significantly reduce the foam that comes out during dispensing. The only complaint some reviewers had is that the power cord is too short.

Perlick Faucets: These faucets are one of the main upgrades that new kegerator owners perform on their machines. They are high quality and don’t stick after a few days of non-usage. Additionally, the spout angle is non-vertical which allows for a better pour.

Tap Handles: This is the easiest way to add some character to your home kegerator. Simply unscrew the current handle, and attach a new one that best suits your personality. From retro themed to solid wood there is a handle to fit your home’s decor and personality.

Tap Soother: This is a beer faucet cap that prevents pests (most notably fruit flies) from constantly landing on the faucet. It also helps prevent the faucet from sticking in place.

Cleaning Kit: You will have to clean your beer lines eventually (read: every two weeks) so might as well buy a kit early on so you are ready. Everything you need to clear the lines is included in this kit. Instructions can be easily found on YouTube, and the overall process only takes about 10 to 20 minutes depending on your level of experience.

Kegerator Skin: Some people may like the modern aesthetic of most models, but some prefer personalizing their unit. One of the easiest ways to do this is with skins that have different designs and pictures. From flames to an Iowa Hawkeyes logo the possibilities are endless. These skins are definitely not for everyone, but if you want some extra flair then these should fit the bill without breaking the bank.

Save Money Using Kegerator

No one would like to usage greater levels of energy than is required considering energy is costly. Fridges are among the most awful causes regarding usge of a whole lot of power at home, and kegerators belong to this family. Fortunately you can preserve the expense of operating it if you-know-what to-do.

Keeping your kegerator running as appropriately as possible is essential for keeping your expenses low. You have to be sure that the beer refrigerator just isn’t operating any harder than essential.

One of the greatest aspects which play a role in the performance of the kegerator is actually how it’s made. If you purchase one, look for the power Guide sticker-on it to check out exactly how economical it is.

For those who have built your very own, there’s something you should check to find out if it’s performance can be made better. The most crucial points to consider are the seals. If the seals tend to be worn-out, plenty of heat might sneak inside by way of them and result in the refrigerator to run often. If you’re looking for the best performance, purchase a best kegerators rather than building one.

Another thing you will need to take into consideration is where you’re gonna keep your kegerator. Make sure that it is not seated someplace where direct sunshine will reach it. Additionally, keep it in an open space and it help it be much more efficient. People like the very idea of placing his or her kegerator within a cubby below their bar to hide it, however this can certainly make it work much harder.

Freezers put-off heat when they’re working, like any machine. If they’re closed in within a space, heat from as well as sides are unable to escape. This might lead to the kegerator overheating, that will consequently make it work much harder than it requires to. Try to look for an area for it exactly where it is out-of-the-way, however may also have room to oxidize.

For those who have a basements or cellar, this is the best spot for the kegerator and every other refrigerators. The continual temperatures that you usually get with underground rooms is perfect for helping your kegerator to be efficient.

A different way to ensure that it stays efficient is to open it as few as possible. Considering kegerators are generally tapped, you should not need to open it frequently anyway. Always keep a thermometer inside kegerator. This way you could make certain that it’s staying in the right temperature. The usually suggested temperature is about 38 degrees. If you discover your kegerator is becoming cooler than this, you are able to adjust it appropriately. Getting too chilled is not good for the beer, but also costs a lot more money, therefore it is damaging overall!

Through checking out some things as well as keeping your kegerator in the right place, it can save you lots of money on your power bills. This makes taking pleasure in your beer very much better.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Kegerator

Kegerators are great storing and dispensing devices for beer and soda. Everybody is enthusiastic about buying these they’re generally hold back by belief whether or not these products will turn-out beneficial to his or her domestic usage by any means.

If you’re thinking upon purchasing, the suggestions below layout the primary benefits of having kegerator devices in your home.If you enjoy drinking draft beer and you’ve got a lot of friends at home, having Kegerators will largely help you enjoy each others company.

The cost of a genuine beer keg prices around $70 while a 12-pack relating beer may be rounded around a sale price of $10. Within the equivalent amount of seventy dollars , one is only able to choose around 7 12-packs with beer, attaining you a maximum of 84 separate draught beer bottles. On the other hand with a brand new beer keg, which consists of 15. 5 gallons, making it possible to hold upto 165 bottles of brewskies. So your $300- $700- expenditure to the kegerator device will surely help you get more personal savings in a short period of time as compared to purchasing a number of packs introduced.If you’re in the business of micro-brewery , these units will allow you to perform the activities you desire. Making use of regulated cool temperature, you can do lagering, fermentation as well as cold conditioning on your beer at the residence itself. The conditioning of all beers is effective if they are typically kept in good temperature.

These kegerator units greatly prevent the beer from growing bad.Another advantage that could be had from having these products is to make you money from some bragging rights. With these devices available, it is certain you can envy on your friends and family. Your celebrations at the home will be way cooler, it can provide abundant drink for all. Beer along with soda would be free flowing for all with nobody will fail to remember having fun at your house. The unites also be used as another income source for you. You can get rent your kegerator for any fee to When friends and neighbors, friends or other associates have parties of their. Simply think of the very idea of getting your booze-storage and also using your machine to earn a few dollars and it’s great. Get your kegerator now and it won’t be long before you use them as a steady way to extra money.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To completely clean the tap and lines, first:

Turn Off CO2.

Next, clean the exterior of the kegerator, clean drip tray, and about guardrail. Clean the cabinet by wiping with a damp fabric. The clean gasket indoor to greatly help gets rid of trapped, spilled beer which could produce mildew and mold.

Disconnect the beer hose from the tap twist and coupler dispenser faucet carefully off the very best of the kegerator.

Set the dispenser deal with to the open up or perhaps down position before flushing. Then placement the faucet more than a sink and contain the beer line below running water for about five minutes, allowing the drinking water to get rid of out the faucet mind. It will help get rid of trapped also, spilled ale that could produce mold and mildew.

  1. Reconnect beer line plus dispenser faucet when carried out or leave shut off if you plan to shop for an extended period.
  2. Always keep this device out of children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What parts are incorporated with a kegerator?

Though incorporated parts vary between versions, most kegerators add a tap kit with the right parts you will need for dispensing beer. These types of typically consist of a good beer tower along with faucet, handles plus hoses and skin tightening and (CO2) reservoir, regulator, and coupler.

Question: What size of keg will fit in the kegerator?

This all depends on upon which kind of kegerator you obtain. Several products cannot keep particular brands of black beer kegs, most Coors Light and Miller Lite commonly that are “oversized” or heavier than additional standard-sized kegs. A good way to gauge if these brands will easily fit into your kegerator is by checking its width.

Question: How many kegs may I tap using one CO2 tank?

A standard and 5-pound CO2 fish tank can last from 2-4 half barrel (full-size) kegs, depending on if it is kept cold largely.

Question: Is a kegerator built-in or freestanding?

Most kegerators are really freestanding (of course not supported by other structure), but undercounted kegerators that construct into cabinetry are available also.

Question: Can I make my kegerator?

Absolutely! It’s quite simple to re-purpose a freezer or refrigerator into a working draft actual beer dispenser. So you can either purchase all of the elements separately or get yourself a kegerator conversion package that already has all the components you’ll need.

Question: Is usually a kegerator freestanding or built in?

Many kegerators will be freestanding (not maintained another framework), but undercounted kegerators that build into cabinetry are also available.

Outdoor Kegerators

Outdoor kegerators are specifically designed to work in temperatures both significantly lower and higher than typical indoor temperatures. For most models, this range is from 45-100 degrees. They’re great for garages, unfinished basements, outdoor patios, and caterers who are working outdoor events. If you need something a little more portable, keg container beer dispensers are a great option! They’re easy to use and maintain. Just drop the 1/2 barrel keg into the container and fill with ice to chill the beer. The rest of the unit works just like a kegerator by using CO2 to dispense draft beer through a tap tower. These are great for tailgating and outdoor parties. When you’re finished, they’re easy to clean.

Important Factors

Here are some important things to consider when selecting a kegerator. Keep these questions in mind when you’re looking at the different options.

Note: All of the models shown in the comparison table below have a temperature range of 33-38 degrees Fahrenheit. Kegerators are grouped based on how many 1/2 barrel kegs they can hold. Stainless steel finishes are more expensive than black finishes.




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Final Word

Delivering fresh-tasting and cold beer is an important job, and I found that the Freestanding Full Keg Kegerator from Versonel does it better than anything else on this list.

It’s not ideal choice from a looks standpoint, but it has a solid build and is fairly low maintenance. The instructions for setting it up were easy to follow, and the customer support from the company was terrific. That matters because everything with a kegerator is about getting the initial setup right.

So, TOP10 of kegerator:



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