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Top 10 Best Ironing Board Cabinets Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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An ironing board is a flat often narrow board covered with soft material and which has folding legs used together with an iron. Ironing boards are generally free standing with the exception of built in ironing boards. A built in ironing board is a special iron board cabinet that is fixed on a special wall mounted cabinet. An ironing board wall mount offers convenience and ease of storage as the board does not require to be moved anywhere. However these ironing boards have their limitations and may not be the best choice.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – Premium Ironing Center with Swivel

Premium Ironing Center with Swivel
14.38W x 46D x 59.86H in
Features a built in iron board on a swivel
Modern look

To start today’s review, IRON-A-WAY provides an excellent storage solution for your ironing board with their premium ironing center. This attractive cabinet consists of a chic unfinished wood door and cool gray metal finish that will accommodate most interior designs. This cabinet features a spring-activated, well-ventilated metal iron board to keep moisture out. The iron board moves on a 90 degree left or right swivel with a four-inch height adjustment.


№2 – HANDi-PRESS EL-42-1000

HANDi-PRESS EL-42-1000
47.6 x 16 x 3.5 inches
Built in metal iron board
Built in electrical outlet
Beautiful unfinished maple door

Next up, the HANDi-Press EL-42-1000. If you live in a smaller home or aren’t hip to adding a cabinet in your space, the EL-42-1000 is the perfect solution. This cabinet is a recessed wall mount cabinet, which means you can stick it in a closet, mount it on your wall if you have the know-how. One of the more convenient features of this cabinet is the built-in power outlet and on/off the master switch. Safe, slim and modern, this cabinet is one of the unique selections on our list.


№3 – Organizedlife Hide Away Iron Board

Organizedlife Hide Away Iron Board
Convenient, easy to stow iron board
Four shelves, clothes hook, and dressing mirror

Organizedlife designed this hideaway cabinet with maximum space reduction in mind. This lean, small cabinet mounts directly to your wall that easily folds up into a small cabinet while not in use. The leg for the iron board even folds up into the cabinet, so to the unsuspecting eye, it’s just a cabinet. This cabinet also features four storage shelves, a dressing mirror, and hooks for hanging all your freshly pressed clothes.


№4 – Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Fold Out Iron Board

Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Fold Out Iron Board
Folds and stores in a vanity drawer
Chrome construction

The next board on our list is an excellent storage option. This vanity fold out Iron board folds up into a vanity drawer when not in use. The board, its self, is wire and chrome construction, so it’ll stand up to the test of time. If a cabinet isn’t the best option for you, this is an excellent alternative.


№5 – USAFlagCases Built in Iron Board Cabinet

USAFlagCases Built in Iron Board Cabinet
Easy to custom match to your home decor
Mount anywhere

This is the perfect iron cabinet for the modern family because cabinet mounts directly to a wall and the board is included. One of the interesting features of this cabinet is the raw wood construction, giving you the option to sand, paint, and finish to accommodate any interior design scheme your home may have.


№6 – Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Iron Center

Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Iron Center
Excellent storage
Internal iron board
Brass hardware
No assembly required

Southern Enterprises delivers a simple, yet elegant iron center which is neutral to match any home decor. This cabinet features two shelves and two hooks for storage. The exterior is an off-white finish with a mirrored front.


№7 – Corner Housewares Portable Iron Board with Laundry Baskets

Corner Housewares Portable Iron Board with Laundry Baskets
Provides plenty of storage
Four fabric lined laundry basket
Folding iron board
On wheels

If the cabinet isn’t the route you don’t want to take with storage, this portable iron board is on wheels with four accommodating fabric lined laundry baskets to provide the most storage and organization in the smallest package possible.


№8 – Hefele America Wall Mounted Iron Board

Hefele America Wall Mounted Iron Board
Sturdy construction
Easily mounts to walls
Swivels 90 degrees left and right

The wall mounted ironing board by Hefele America is as simple as it comes. Just mount it to your wall, and you’re finished. One of the nice things about this its steel and epoxy construction, it’s going to last a long time. The iron board itself swivels 90 degrees to the left and right so that it will meet most accommodations.


№9 – Honey-Can-Do Over The Door Ironing Board

Honey-Can-Do Over The Door Ironing Board
User friendly
Sturdy construction
Space saving

Honey-Can-Do delivers an excellent solution if a cabinet or alterations to your home isn’t a possibility with this over the door iron board. This ironing board is designed with a sturdy, rust-resistant steel frame, so you don’t have to worry about the board collapsing while in use. Thankfully, this iron board comes preassembled, so there’s no guesswork or surprises, just mount it to the door, open, and iron!


№10 – Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board

Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board
Fully adjustable iron board
180-degree swivel
Left and right handed users
Features internal storage

Household Essentials in-wall ironing board cabinet is the ideal stowaway ironing board for any home. This space saving wall mount comes with all the necessities for installation and use. Installation is simple, just install the mounting brackets into the recessed area of the wall. The cabinet also features two shelves that allow you to store all of your iron equipment but leaves enough room to store the flip down ironing board. The iron board itself features a swivel that moves in a full 180-degree arc, which accommodates left and right handed users. The height of the iron board is fully adjustable.


Buying Guide, Sizes & Advice

If you own an iron, then almost always you will need an ironing board. Some people still use a cloth on top of a table, but most UK consumers, opt for the safer and sensible option of a good quality ironing board. There are normal stand alone boards, but also table top boards. In this article we look at the best ironing boards, that are currently available in the UK market.

Normal Steam Iron

Steam Generator Iron ​These irons are different sizes and more importantly different weights. Should you own a steam generator iron, then you will need a different type of ironing board. It is larger in terms of width, and also has a different end piece. If in doubt. most people will own a standard steam iron.

This article is about normal ironing boards for your normal or typical steam iron. Click on the following link to read reviews on steam generator ironing boards​.

Ironing Boards Explained​

The simple task of buying an iron board sounds very easy. It should be of course, but like many things in life, perhaps not as easy as it seems. Hopefully we can clear that up for you with some useful basic information.

It is worth noting before we go any further that these boards come in different sizes, shapes and prices. Some people like to sit down to iron, others prefer to stand. In addition to that, some people are short and some people are tall, so is the board adjustable for all those heights?

Where are you going to store your ironing board? Do you need a spot to set your iron on when not in use? Below we try to answer all of those important questions.​

Ironing Board Sizes in the United Kingdom

Manufacturers of these make them in five different sizes.​ These are referred to as standard sizes, however you will also find sizes slightly different to these as well. There is no clear designed standard as manufacturers often change the size option. The best seller for example is 122 x 38 cm. The guide below is a useful general guideline. Always check the exact size though before ordering.

Below I have completed a full ironing board buying guide. That will help you to pick the best ironing board for your needs. I also appreciate that some readers will be pushed for time. To help save you time, I have made the top 3 recommendations just below.

Any of these sizes will be able to handle a normal steam iron. The reason you may want a smaller board would be, if you are stuck for storage space. Some users like the larger boards for ironing sheets, or larger items. (Size C and above) It really is a matter of personal preference.

Which Brands Make Ironing Boards?

Believe me there are lots of choices. The most popular are: Brabantia, Minky, ​Philips, Leifheit, Lakeland, Addis, MSV, Multiware, AllRight, and Russell Hobbs. The biggest selling brands in the UK appear to be Brabantia and Minky.

Quality of Your Ironing Board

You can buy these from as little as ​£15, and all the way up to £150. Crazy right? The price difference happens for a number of reasons. I have shown the main reasons below:

Quality​ – You get what you are prepared to pay for. Well made boards that will last a lifetime will cost more than a flimsy board, that will break after a short period of time

General Construction – Made from good quality materials, strong joints for adjustments and stability, lightweight for easy of portability and good quality covers.

Brand – You will always pay more for a better brand of board. They will also give you more extensive guarantees and better customer service.

Adjusting the Height of Your Ironing Board

Almost every single board will have some element of height adjustment. The legs normally fold under the board for easy storage, and usually click into place to keep them from inadvertently falling out.​

When putting the board up, the height adjustment is made by clicking the movable leg into a slot. There are a number of slots. You simply pick the right one to suit your own height. For taller people they will want a higher board, so make sure that the height you need, is provided by the board that you buy.

Ironing Board Cover​s

This part often gets confusing. Good ironing boards will always come with a cover of some kind. A good board will last for years, but covers usually require replacement every 2-3 years. Many people also decide to buy a cover to upgrade the quality, and to make ironing easier. Typically these will be non-slip covers.

There are basically three types padded, metallic or mesh styles.

The most common are the softly padded. They essentially take the hardness out of the main board underneath.​ That makes ironing a lot easier. The problem with these is they they go out of shape, especially if the padding is too thin. A good padding thickness should be around 6 mm thick.

They can also be metallic in nature. They are made from fabric with metal woven in (usually copper) Those help reflect the heat of the iron back into the fabric, and as such also speed up the ironing time.

Here is our advice on picking the best ironing board suiting your requirements?​

Before deciding on buying the best ironing board for your home, we advise you to keep in mind the following pointers:​​

Size, height, and weight – Before deciding to buy an ironing board for your home, check for the room dimensions where it will be placed in. A full sized ironing board is about 4 feet long and 18 inches wide. Also, ask yourself – “How frequently will it be used?” If you are closely looking at the aspect of its height, a good ironing board must be at the level of your hip, to prevent any strain on your back when standing.

Mobility – An ironing board used in a regular home must be light weight. If you have a frequent use for it and, feel comfortable with its mobility, a stand-alone will serve you better. However, if you are comfortable placing it in the laundry room, a wall mounted should suffice.

Adjustability and Robustness – An ironing pad should have an adjustable height that is appropriate for people of varying heights, in a home. Also, it should be sturdy.

One of the most commonly used ironing boards is the free standing one.

Sturdy and light weight at the same time, the free standing boards are wide and long with an adjustable height, making them a good choice for home.

Table tops, on the other hand, are suitable for places that do not require mobility such as in, RVs, dormitories, and small apartments.

Iron boards that are of the built-in kind are best suited for huge laundry rooms.

In apartments where optimum space utilization is the goal, wall mounted iron boards work beautifully, as they can be placed against the wall and, rotated at a comfortable angle as per the user’s convenience.

Different Kinds of Ironing Board

Depending upon one’s ironing habits and ironing needs, there are different kinds of ironing boards that one can choose from. These ironing boards differ on how these are used.

Built-in Ironing Boards: This kind of ironing board is a great space-saver. However, not all people are fortunate enough to have their own sewing room or laundry room with a built-in ironing board. These are usually installed in a wall cabinet or in a drawer. There is a great difference in terms of convenience when it comes to these two locations, though. Having a built-in ironing board inside the sewing room is much more comfortable as it is primarily built for the sole purpose of creation or taking good care of clothing and other fabrics. On the other hand, the laundry room is made for washing clothes too which makes it usually crowded. Ordinarily, the laundry room contains washing machine, drier or spinner, and hangers and clothespins. One can hire a professional installer to have a built-in ironing board. One can also purchase a complete kit so they can do it himself or herself. Homeowners should just consider their space, their tools, and their skills for installation of such ironing board.

Full-size Ironing Boards: These boards are usually 15X54 inches. However, in some cases, it can be as big as 19X63 inches. Professional ironing boards are a lot bigger than conventional ironing boards. One thing to remember about ironing boards is that the wider the boards is, the better. So if there are no issues regarding the space, it would be best to have a wider ironing board. It is also better to choose an ironing board with a heavy frame so that it would be stable and could not be knocked over easily. There are also boards that are adjustable in terms of height. It would be best to opt for one which reaches one’s hip level or even higher for sewing purposes. It is also important to choose adjustable ironing board if more than one person will use it. Likewise, this is great when one has to iron clothes for a long period of time as it can easily be adjusted to the right height whether one chooses to stand up or sit down or change from one position to another. One should make sure that the ironing board that he or she will buy has vent holes as these release steam from the iron. It would also be better for one to buy an ironing board with an iron rest.

Tabletop Ironing Boards: This is best for those who do not have much floor space. With its name, it is actually built to be used on top of any capable platform such as a table, a counter, or a chair. Another plus for this kind of ironing board is that it is very affordable so not only it is perfect for people in a tight space, it is also perfect for people in a tight budget. However, this kind of ironing board is best used for craft projects and some touch-up ironing. It is not highly recommendable when it comes to heavy-duty ironing.

Boarding Time: Time to Tackle Covers

Stay away from reflective iron board covers. These covers get hot easily as it reflects the heat from the iron. It crinkles which is definitely a pain as its effects will surely show on the ironed piece of clothing. It also cracks which may require one to buy or make a replacement more frequent. Cotton and Muslin covers are the best sellers among ironing board covers. However, there are some iron users who prefer reflective covers as it makes ironing easier and quicker. This is because the heat is reflected back from the ironing board to the piece of clothing as it gets heat straight from the iron.

Avoid lots of bold prints. Lots of people have trouble when ironing clothes against large, loud, and boldly colored prints. They prefer plain ones, usually plain white in color as one can easily tell whether the clothing item is well-ironed or not. Plain ironing board covers allows one to see what he or she is doing clearly even with sheer fabrics.

Opt for non-stick covers. From its name, this type of ironing board cover prevents the ironed piece of clothing from the ironing board.

Factors To Consider When Buying Ironing Board

When you check out the best ironing boards, you should look at a few factors that would help you make the right choice. You should notice these factors when you go through reviews of ironing boards because otherwise, you would end up making the wrong purchase. Also, these factors state the best case scenario.

For instance, if you live in a small flat, you have to compromise on the size of the board. However, you can change the type of the door to ensure that you get the best of both worlds.

These are the general considerations that separate the best iron board from mediocre ones:

When you look for an ironing board, the first thing you notice is the length. How big is the space where you would be ironing your clothes? Do you have a lot of space in the house or is space an issue? If you house or ironing space is extremely small, chances are that you would go for an ironing board that is smaller in size. On the other hand, if you have ample space, there is nothing to worry about. Here is how to settle the length debate of small vs. long ironing boards:

Textile Material

Your ironing board has a covering material over which you place your clothes before ironing. The covering material must be of top quality so that it would be able to add some efficiency to the padding inside the board.

The textile must be able to withstand the heat from the iron without any problems. When you buy a cheap ironing board, it comes with a synthetic material. Remember that the wrong material could ruin your expensive ironing board and you might be forced to buy a new one.

Here are some things to know about regarding the textile material of the cover:

You can find more useful tips on how to choose the best ironing board cover here.


What is the main reason behind your getting an ironing board? You obviously want to make the job a bit easier and wish to save valuable time while ironing clothes. After all, ironing is nobody’s favorite chore. However, without padding on your board, you would be making a useless investment.

Without padding, your board will not provide an efficient ironing experience and your iron would not be able to smooth over the fabric properly. Also, not all boards come with adequate padding. Here are some things you should know about the padding on your ironing board:

Drawstring vs Bungee

When you invest in a decent ironing board, it would usually come with a cover. The cover has fastenings through which it is tied to the ironing board. These fastenings have to be pretty tight so that when you iron clothes on top of the cover, it does not move about.

Better Option: It is always recommended to go for drawstring instead of bungee.

Board Build and Quality

The board should be built using top quality materials that are durable. At the same time, the legs should also be made from good quality metal so that they don’t collapse when heavy fabrics and iron are kept on top of the board. It is quite easy to look at the board and find out its sturdiness by testing it beforehand. Lightweight

The board should ideally be light in weight. Lightweight boards are easy to move around for all the members of the family. They would also be easy to adjust, should the need for the same arrive. Lightweight boards can also be sturdy. A heavyset board that is large and durable can also be lightweight if the manufacturer uses the right material to build it. Adjustable Height

There are many features that make an ironing board sturdy. The nose of the board, for instance, can help with the balance of the board and add stability to its structure. Other features like adjustable height can also be useful for different members of the family using the board. Modern iron boards have a small sleeve board, iron rest, clothes rack and vacuum peddle as additional features.

Making The Decision

Do you still face problems ironing your clothes despite investing in a quality iron? Then an ironing board is exactly what you need. The best ironing board to buy would be something that has all the features you desire. You don’t need to spend money on expensive features if you are not going to use them. For instance, if you are the only user of an ironing board in the house, you don’t need the height to be adjustable. So, always keep your personal requirements in mind when you go through best ironing board reviews.

Make sure you buy your ironing board online so that you can enjoy discounts and lower prices. You will also find amazing variety in online stores when you buy a board there. If you want to check the sturdiness of the board, you would be able to read customer reviews on online sites as well.

Now that you know everything about an iron board, you are ready to make your purchase. Simply go through all our reviews after making a list of basic and advanced features you need. Then, visit your favorite online store when the sale is on. Buy a brand new iron board now and say goodbye to worrisome ironing.

You know what people say. You can have the best steam iron on the planet, but if you don’t have an ironing board, you don’t have anything.

Okay, so maybe nobody actually says that. But if you have an iron, you also have need of an iron board.

I mean, have you ever tried ironing a shirt without one? I did when I was a freshman in college. Let’s just say it didn’t go very well.

Unless you’re well-versed in iron board shopping, you might feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. But buying an iron board isn’t rocket science. With the help of this guide, you’ll be ready to brave those impossibly diverse storefronts in no time.


The length and width of the ironing board are probably the most important feature to look for. After all, the size of the board determines how much room you have to work. If your iron board is too small, you’re going to have to reposition your clothes constantly. However, you also want to make sure your board isn’t so big that you struggle to set up in your apartment.


Second, in important to length and width, the ideal height of an iron board is a little more subjective, as it depends on the height of the user. Therefore, the best iron boards will have adjustable height, making them better suited to more people.


No one wants an iron board to collapse while they’re using a hot iron. That’s why stability is so important. There are a lot of different ironing boards with different designs, and some are a lot sturdier than others. Try to make sure your iron board locks into place in some way.


Not all ironing boards are made from the same material. Generally speaking, you may not have to be too worried about it, but depending on what the board is made out of, you may want to get a cover for it. This will protect the surface and can improve your ironing experience.

Verified Purchase

We’re very pleased with this unit. So many excellent features: swivel board, adjustable height, digital timer (which shuts off the power to the iron after a set period of time), storage location for iron, hot iron rest, task lighting, bar for hanging ironed clothes on a hanger, extra storage shelves, etc.

A few details that aren’t immediately apparent:1) the ironing center is installed into the wall at the ‘low’ height setting. There’s a single height adjustment available which is 4 inches higher which is easily adjusted once you’ve lowered the board.2) The task light doesn’t swivel, so you need a wide angle flood bulb.3) There’s a safety switch that automatically disconnects the power when you close the door, so the iron can’t be left ‘on’ by accident.

Free Standing Ironing Boards:

These are easy to store, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are lightweight. They fold out to a sturdy ironing table that can be moved to any room of the house. A lot of these boards offer adjustable heights for maximum ironing comfort. Their sizes vary to fit into any room and even come in portable sizes for situations where you need to take them with you or as an added luxury for your RV.

Table-top Ironing Boards: These board have short fold out legs and are designed to fit onto a table-top or counter. Table-top boards are perfect for smaller rooms where standing space is limited or as an added accessory for your craft or sewing room.

Built-in Ironing boards : These boards are a permanent fixture and a space saver. They can be secured inside closets, onto doors or walls and can even be included into a roll-out draw. Built-in ironing boards are perfect for small homes where storage may be an issue and offer a neat solution.

Mounted ironing boards: These often include a cabinet (with or without doors) which is mounted to the wall or behind a door. Offering a full size ironing board plus convenient space within the cabinet to store your iron or clothing steamer.

All your ironing things tidy and in one place

The new improved Robinhood IC1300 Ironing Centre now has a deeper cabinet to store larger irons and extra useful storage space. The Robinhood Ironing Centre is the ultimate in comfortable safe and convenient ironing.

The Ironing board is height adjustable and can be rotated up to 90 degrees left or right to suit your preferred ironing position.

How long will it take for my item to be delivered?

When you make an order, a member of our customer support team will contact you within 90 working minutes to provide an estimated time of delivery. Items that are in stock (in your state) are usually delivered the next business day.

All your ironing things tidy and in one place

The new improved Robinhood IC1300 Ironing Centre now has a deeper cabinet to store larger irons and extra useful storage space. The Robinhood Ironing Centre is the ultimate in comfortable safe and convenient ironing.

The Ironing board is height adjustable and can be rotated up to 90 degrees left or right to suit your preferred ironing position.




How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Ironing Board Cabinets by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

Designed to make ironing easier, ironing boards are novel household accessories that also work well in commercial settings. Because of their spacious tops, people can iron most types of clothes easily. Frames are sturdy, durable, and have safety features that make them ideal day-to-day accessories. If you are shopping for one that offers these benefits, choose one of our 10 recommended brands. They are affordable and made of the best materials.

So, TOP10 of Ironing Board Cabinets:



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