Top 10 Best Dumbbell Sets With Rack Reviewed In 2017

Whether you’re new to exercising or want to enhance your existing workout, dumbbells are a great bet. Also known as free weights, dumbbells are simple, versatile, and generally inexpensive. You can opt for a set with several different pairs of dumbbells or go with an adjustable dumbbell kit. If you’re considering a kit you’ll want to keep in mind factors such as the material, the mechanism that holds the weights in place, such as a clip, and the overall weight capacity. Regardless of your fitness level you will benefit most from having both a lighter and heavier set of dumbbells to use during a workout. The heavier weights help build muscle mass while the lighter weights support tendons and joints.



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№1 – Fitness Republic Steel Dumbbell Rack

Fitness Republic Steel Dumbbell Rack
Neoprene is very soft and comfortable to hold.
Protects the cast iron metal from corrosion.
The rack is compact and easy to move around.

These are soft neoprene coated dumbbells. They dome in different colors. The vertical steel rack has horizontal dumbbell stands. There are two options to choose from, one with three weights and the other with five weights. The weights start from 2lbs and go up to 10lbs.


№2 – Body Solid GDR44-Rubber Dumbbells

Body Solid GDR44-Rubber Dumbbells
The black rubber coating makes the package more durable.
A bigger set that included heavier weights.
Hex dumbbells for improved safety and convenience.

This one is a slightly more advanced set with six different sets of weights. The smallest one weighs in at 5lbs, while the heaviest is 30lbs. The tall vertical rack has two sides to hold one dumbbell each. It can be placed close to the wall or in the center of a room. The weights are all coated with black rubber.


№3 – Body Solid Grey Hex Dumbbell Set

Body Solid Grey Hex Dumbbell Set
A wide selection of weights to choose from.
Available in both painted and rubber coated options.
Durable build quality, and safe hex shape.

This is a huge set, with ten different pairs of weights. It is more suitable for smaller professional gyms and the more experienced fitness enthusiasts. The cast iron dumbbells have a gray paint finish and come in hex shapes. Weights range from 5lbs on the lower side, while the heavier options can go all the way up to 50 and then 100lbs.


№4 – Cap Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

Cap Barbell Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set
Excellent vertical stand takes up very little space.
A nice amount of choice in weight classes.
Hex shaped for extra safety.

A great addition to any commercial or home gym, this set features weights ranging from 5-50lbs, available in 5lbs increments. That amounts to 10 pairs of dumbbells. The four-sided vertical stand is very well designed and is one of the highlights of this package. The rubber covered weights offer extra protection and durability.


№5 – Xmark Fitness 550lb Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack Combo

Xmark Fitness 550lb Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack Combo
Environment-friendly manufacturing.
Innovative rack design for improved access.
A complete package of weights for the home gym.

You get ten pairs of premium rubber coated hex dumbbells in this package. The included rack is a 3-tiered horizontal design, and sports tilted shelves for easy access. The cast iron heads have recycled rubber coating, which improves durability and safety while being environment-friendly. There is 5lbs of spacing between the weights, with the lightest being 5lbs and the heaviest 50lbs.


№6 – Fitness Republic Steel Rack Holder

Fitness Republic Steel Rack Holder
High-quality neoprene coated weights.
Even the handles are neoprene-coated, which makes them very comfortable to hold.
Great looking dumbbells in pleasing colors.

This brand comes with a lot of variants and options to choose from. The model is almost identical to the other Fitness Republic set reviewed above. But the difference lies in the weight categories, with this one sporting heavier weights going all the way up to 20lbs. The dumbbells get the same colorful neoprene coating, which is a premium in this category.


№7 – Body Solid Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set With Rack

Body Solid Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set With Rack
The dumbbells are rubber coated.
Comes with a rubber floor mat.
Great option for commercial gyms and seasoned pros.

For those who need a wider range of dumbbell weights to choose from, this massive set from Body Solid is a great pick. It has no less than 14 different pairs of dumbbells. The weights range from 5-70lbs. This is a commercial rated product that would be perfect for a fitness club as well. The rack is a 3-tiered, horizontal variety with ample storage space.


№8 – CAP Barbell Neoprene Dumbbell Set With Rack

CAP Barbell Neoprene Dumbbell Set With Rack
Ideal for a small home gym, and even for trips.
Hex shape and neoprene coating make these weights very safe and durable.
Excellent pricing.

If you want a very cheap set of weights, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has just three sets of dumbbells, weighing between 2-5 lbs. The weights are all fully coated with high-quality neoprene for increased comfort and durability. Along with the set, you get a very snug looking rack to hold the weights securely. There is also a heavier 30lbs version available.


№9 – Body Solid GDR363-RFWS Dumbbell Rack With Rubber Dumbbells

Body Solid GDR363-RFWS Dumbbell Rack With Rubber Dumbbells
Broad and comprehensive set of weights.
Durable construction, with protective rubber coating.
Comes with a rack and rubber mat.

Another humongous set with ten different pairs of dumbbells, this one is for the seasoned lifter or a commercial gym. The weights are black, cast iron pieces with a coating of high-quality rubber. These hex dumbbells are available in weights ranging from 5-50lbs. You also get a sturdy PVC rubber mat to protect your floor from any falling weights.


№10 – CAP Barbell 150lb Hex Dumbbell Set With Rack

CAP Barbell 150lb Hex Dumbbell Set With Rack
Outstanding value for money.
Hex design with an attractive silver finish.
The rack is very easy to put together.

A large set of dumbbells needs not cost a ton of money, as exemplified by the number one pick in this list. These small silver colored weights come with a two-tiered rack for safe storage. The weights are evenly spaced, with the lightest rated at 5lbs and the heaviest at 25lbs. That kind of weight range makes this an ideal choice for the beginner as well as seasoned fitness enthusiasts.


Three Types of Dumbbells Explained

Fixed weight: The classic as-seen-in-the-gym dumbbell that’s set at an unchangeable weight. Gym sets typically start at 2kg and go up in 2kg increments, and a single pair of fixed-weight dumbbells is the cheapest option. However, if you opt for these you will be restricted to using the same weight for all your home gym moves. That’s a problem because for some exercises it will be far too light (such as squats or lunges) and for others far too heavy (such as lateral raises and triceps extensions). You could buy an entire set of fixed dumbbells, but that’s pricy and takes up a lot of space.

Adjustable (standard): A far wiser choices for home weight training because you can simply add or subtract weight plates to each dumbbell quickly and easily to change the amount of weight you’re lifting for different exercises. This gives you a much greater range of lifts you can do at home safely, and you can always buy extra weight plates once you get stronger and need more resistance – although there is a limit to just how many weight plates you can stack on each side.

Adjustable (selectorised): The resistance of these higher-tech dumbbells are adjustable through the addition or subtraction of weight plates, followed by the simple turn of a dial when the dumbbell is resting in its stand. This means you can adjust the weight more quickly than with a standard set of dumbbells, and these models can typically reach a much heavier weight, meaning this might be the only set of home dumbbells you ever need to buy. That said, they’re by far the most expensive option – not to mention seriously heavy when moving them from one room to another.

Fixed Rubber Dumbbells

Fixed Rubber dumbbells tend to best meet the needs of someone looking for a hard wearing, robust dumbbell for their commercial gym which will withstand the daily abuse of a busy facility. They would also make a great addition to a premium home gym because the quality and feel you get from these dumbbells is exceptional.

One of the main benefits of a rubber dumbbell over bare chrome or cast iron is that the rubber offers a protective outer coating that protects both the dumbbell, the storage stand and the surrounding lifting area. Scratches, chips and dents are easily noticeable on metal weights, but are far less common on rubber dumbbells. Rubber dumbbells also help to reduce noise when they are dropped by the user.

Rubber dumbbells tend to have more attractive, colourful designs and clearer numbering of weight denominations. They are also readily customisable so you can display a company or team logo on each end.

Fixed Urethane Dumbbells

Fixed urethane dumbbells are another very popular, more premium commercial equipment option. Although, to the naked eye urethane (technically polyurethane or PU) doesn’t exhibit a huge difference to rubber dumbbells there are numerous performance benefits which command it’s slightly more premium price tag.

Firstly, urethane products are stronger than rubber. It’s much harder to cause cosmetic damage to these products because the outer layers are much tougher and resistant to the scratches, chips and marks that can occasionally occur on rubber weights products. PU dumbbells also have the benefit of being non-marking, which is often sited as an issue with new rubber dumbbells when they are dropped on a new wooden or vinyl floor. Another benefit of PU over rubber dumbbells and other fitness products is that urethane doesn’t produce the signature odour rubber is known for.

Fixed Hex Dumbbells

Hex Dumbbells are named after their unique shape. Thanks to their many facets, the dumbbells will not roll around once placed on the floor. This is a great advantage if you are switching between weights or exercises and are constantly picking them up and putting them down. They are also excellent for floor based circuits, such as dumbbell push-ups because of their added stability.

The Hex Dumbbell usually comes cheaper than a standard rubber or urethane dumbbell which makes it a great budget option. Next to this, the facets make them easy to store if you happen to be missing a rack.

Fixed Chrome Dumbbells

Metal dumbbells have been popular in the past and are often a cheaper alternative to more modern rubber or urethane dumbbells. Cast iron weights are often found in older, more old school gyms and are readily available for great value second hand. These also come in classic and ‘hex’ shapes and are strong, solid products which stand up to a heavy lifting environments, the risk of chips and scratches is still there.

You will see many gyms using steel, chrome plated dumbbells which are very stylish products. They are all made with toughened metals and anti chip chrome but they are not as robust as dumbbells coated in rubber or urethane. Having said that, for home gyms and facilities which don’t see enormous footfall through their free weights area chrome dumbbells can look great and deliver their function perfectly well.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a great product for buyers who want a variety of weights but either don’t have the space, storage or budget for a full set of fixed dumbbells. The technology behind this type of dumbbells has been developing quickly and one of the current market leaders, Power Block boasts that some of their products replace the need for up to 34 pairs of dumbbells with just 2.

In addition to Power Block, various brands such as Bowflex offer similar adjustable dumbbell solutions but with different, shapes, sizes and designs. Bowflex dumbbells work more like a traditional dumbbell bar and plate set, where the weight increases as additional discs and combinations of discs are selected from the storage unit. Power Block products work by inserting a pin which selects the number of weighted cases you pick up, not dissimilar to a weight stack on a fixed resistance machine.

The difficulty with adjustable dumbbells is that they are normally quite bulky because of the ways in which the weight needs to be segmented. It can also make life quite difficult if you are trying to do drop sets where you need to be able to change weights very quickly.

Adjustable dumbbells do make great products for home use and are exceptional value compared to buying a full set of fixed dumbbells, especially if you are looking to save space and don’t have a need for multiple sets.

Dumbbell Plate Sets

Another popular dumbbell solution for home users is a dumbbell set, consisting of small bar with plates which attach on either end. These are a very cost effective option for people looking for a range of weights and to save on space.

Plate sets will normally utilise a spinlock collar, which isn’t always the most secure method of fastening plates to the bar, but it is quick and easy to fasten and remove. Plate sets allow you to adjust the weight of the dumbbell by adding or removing weight plates to the bar, which normally come in weights between 0.5kg to 2.5kg. This kind of plate can’t normally be used on a barbell and is predominantly a home solution. It’s highly unusual for a commercial gym to use these as fixed dumbbells are a more convenient alternative. However, you can get Olympic sized dumbbell handles, which use larger collars and weights. The only issue with this is the handles are wide and restrict some movements. Fixed dumbbells allow you to be far more dynamic.

Studio Dumbbells

Many popular studio classes use light resistance work as part of their programme of activity. These are cheap to buy in large quantities and normally include a studio storage unit. They also tend to be colour coded by weight for easy identification during classes.

Studio dumbbells are fully coated; meaning the whole dumbbell (including the handle) is covered in a layer of textured rubber or neoprene to protect the product against the regular use and abuse it will be subject to. The full coating makes the dumbbells easier to grip especially during cardio-heavy group exercise classes. Studio dumbbells have an anti-roll shape, to ensure that during classes, equipment on the floor doesn’t cause a hazard.

Studio dumbbells are usually sold in pairs and are a perfectly good home dumbbell solution if you are looking for very low weight denominations. Studio dumbbells typically range from 0.5kg – 10kg and for commercial purposes can normally be purchased in sets of between 40-50 pairs.

Dumbbell Racks & Storage

A sure fire way to irritate a gym manager is to leave the weights room with dumbbells and plates strewn across the floor, so to avoid this it’s important to have adequate storage and dumbbell rack facilities. Rubber, Urethane and cast iron dumbbells are normally racked on either horizontal or vertical stands. Horizontal racks will normally be able to hold 10-12 pairs of dumbbells over either two or three tiers and upright racks can often hold a similar number. Studio dumbbell racks hold pairs of dumbbells in separate vertical slots for each weight.

About Weights Coatings

Paint. In general, the paints used for dumbbell weight plates are corrosion-resistant, oil paints. Evidently, the cheaper the dumbbell set or plates, the cheaper the paint. Cheaper paint may peel off after a while. But on the other hand, the weights can be re-painted.

Chrome. Similar to paint, the chrome finish for various weight plates prevents them from catching rust. It also gives the dumbbells a shiny, sleek look which for some can be quite a motivation factor. But on the other hand, depending on the chrome coating quality, it can peel off just like regular paint, especially if the weights are dropped on a hard surface. Chrome plates or dumbbell sets that feature chrome weight plates, are usually a bit more expensive than painted ones.


PowerBlock is a company focusing on adjustable free weights, benches and other accessories for exercises that involve the use of free weights. Their adjustable dumbbells feature an unconventional construction and adjustment system, involving several sets of weight plates connected by metallic rods, which attach to the handle via a connector pin.

Body Solid

Body Solid is a company that offers various types of fitness equipment, including free weights of various sorts, gym systems and cardio training machines such as treadmills and ellipticals. In terms of free weights, they offer different dumbbells and barbells sets. The dumbbell set that stands out is the SDRS550.


The material used can vary and should be carefully considered when you are looking for the best dumbbell to buy. Metal or chrome dumbbells are often priced cheaper, but they are prone to chips and scratches over time. Rubber dumbbells are durable since the coating helps to protect the metal. You can also find them in fun colors with the weights clearly marked.

If budget isn’t a concern, you might want to choose a set constructed from urethane. This premier material is considered more durable than rubber. It also has the added advantage of being “non-marking”.

Other considerations

When you’re looking for the best home dumbbell set, one important consideration is storage. The last thing you want is to trip over a heavy metal dumbbell. Many dumbbell sets come with convenient racks. Typically designed to fit in a corner or against a wall, a rack is the best way to keep your dumbbells safely contained.

Most major cities have used sporting good stores.

Rogue offers two different plate-loaded dumbbell handles that are in almost every way superior to the threaded dumbbell handles previously discussed. They are also far more expensive. So what makes them better? For starters, Rogue uses the same 190k PSI, 28.5 mm shaft for their dumbbell handles that they use for their Ohio line of barbells. They also apply the same knurling. They have multiple finish options available (currently stainless steel and black zinc), and you can buy them as either 10-pound (DB-10) or 15-pound (DB-15) handles.

Edit February 2017: There was a previous version of this product that was recalled for safety reasons (CPSC link). I seriously doubt this issue exists five years later, but on the off-chance any of you try to buy this product used I thought you should be made aware.

What Are the Benefits?

The main reason people love working out with them is that they can quickly change the amount weight by using a simple pin. If you use traditional dumbbells, you need to change the plates whenever you want to increase or decrease the resistance. And if you have non-adjustable dumbbells, you will need a lot of single pieces of free weights to work out efficiently (that costs a lot of money, and they need a lot of space.)

With a pair of dumbbells, you can train your entire body at home. You do not need to buy other weight machines (however an adjustable weight bench is recommended). For example, you want to strengthen your arms and legs. You can do some sets of biceps curls, then overhead triceps extensions and finish with goblet squats or reverse lunges. And all you need is just one piece of equipment.

What is the Best?

In my opinion, and by checking out the buyers opinion, the best option is Ironmaster Quick-Lock System as it provides the widest range of weights, and it is a high-quality equipment. However, it is a rather expensive. If you cannot afford it, I recommend Bowflex SelectTech.

Why Invest in a Dumbbell Set for Your Home Gym?

For all the reasons already mentioned above, a complete dumbbell set is not a luxury but rather a necessity when you’re setting up a well-stocked home gym.

You can certainly accomplish a lot with a plate loaded barbell set (and my ideal home gym setup most definitely includes a plate loaded barbell set as well), and various home gym models such as the Total Gym or

Bowflex home gyms offer lots of movement patterns and resistance choices, but if you’re only going for one or the other, get the dumbbells.

When compared to a barbell/plate-only setup, dumbbells will prove more versatile in terms of the exercises you can do, while also ensuring that you work both sides of your body evenly rather than letting your strong side overcompensate for the weak side.

What’s the Point of Adjustable Dumbbells Sets?

If you’re serious about your home strength training program, you need to train in a way that ensures progressive overload. That means when you adapt to a certain amount of resistance for a certain exercise, you need to add more weight (and/or cycle your rep scheme) to keep making progress. Our bodies only adapt to the specific stresses we put them through.

We require more stress, that is, more training volume and more weight to overcome, to keep getting better with time. Keep doing the same thing forever, and you will stop gaining strength, building muscle, and losing body fat. You will hit a plateau, a frustrating condition loathed and feared by exercisers the world over.

You can’t be willy-nilly with your weight selection if you want to make progress. You need to dial in the specific weight you need to overload your muscles, and this weight will be different from exercise to exercise. If you’re going to do serious dumbbell training at home, you have two options: buy a complete dumbbell set in different resistances in five pound increments starting from five pounds up through however high you can go for the heaviest exercises (probably dumbbell deadlifts), or buy one or two sets of adjustable dumbbell sets that allow you to dial in specific increments of weight with just one product.

For my money, I’m with the adjustable dumbbells sets. As a personal trainer, I don’t want to devote my money, space, and time to buying, storing, transporting, cleaning, and managing the dozens of individual dumbbells I would need to ensure my and my clients’ progressive overload. I’d rather have a good set of adjustable dumbbells to keep my life on the simpler side.

Additionally, buying a solid set of adjustable dumbbells can save you a TON of money compared to buying all the individual resistances, which only get pricier the heavier you go.

What Types of Exercises Can You Do With Dumbbells?

Oh goodness me….just about every major muscle group and functional movement pattern can be worked out using dumbbells. If you don’t have a ton of money to invest in a complete home gym, you don’t have ton of space to devote to lots of home gym equipment , or you’re simply a minimalist, you can get almost everything you need from dumbbell-based strength training workouts.

To break down just the essentials, you can do lower body pushing and lower body pulling by using your dumbbells to add resistance to squats, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts, dumbbell swings, and more. You can do upper body horizontal pushing by doing dumbbell chest press variations (ideally from any of several affordable home weight bench options to allow you to work full range of motion and multiple pressing angles). Upper body vertical pushing is accomplished with dumbbells through overhead press variations. Upper body horizontal pulling is trained through dumbbell row variations. You can also add resistance to tons of core exercises such as sit ups, get ups, crunches, back extensions, and many more to carve out your abs and back muscles while becoming more stable and preventing back injuries.

The only fundamental movement pattern that cannot be effectively trained through dumbbell-based workouts is upper body vertical pulling (think pull ups and pull downs). But with the addition of a simple doorframe pull up bar (and some bands such as Monster Bands if you can’t do sets with your own body weight), you can get an amazing full body workout on the CHEAP simply by investing in dumbbells of appropriate weights!

Features And Specifications

One of the most important things you should check before buying a set of dumbbells is the weight range. For example, while some brands offer up to twenty five pounds for each piece of the dumbbell, totaling fifty pounds on each hand, others can offer you up to 90 pounds per hand. As you can see, it’s very important that you get a set that can help you achieve your fitness goals, so if you want to just tone your body, then you just need to go for a lighter weight set.

Weight Options

Weight options vary with each adjustable dumbbell weight set and they are again something that depends on how much and how hard you want to train and of course, whether you want to bulk up or just tone your body. If you’re someone who generally works out or plans on working out lightly, then going for a set that can be adjusted from five to fifty pounds is recommended.

Some people go ahead and purchase the Best Dumbbell Set that can be adjusted from five to 120 pounds, thinking that this way they can get their money’s worth, but if you don’t want to bulk up, then you’ll never use the set to its full potential. Therefore, don’t spend money on it just because you think it might be useful in the future, since chances are that it won’t.

Modern And Durable Design

The design and durability of a set are paramount, since at the end of the day durability impacts safety and no one would like to take a chance by purchasing a cheaper set with a weak build quality instead of spending a few extra bucks on one that is extremely well built and guarantees you can train safely with it. Design wise, go for dumbbells that have a small form factor, a good grip and are made of materials that won’t tear or wear over time.

As for adjusting the weights, it is best to go for a set that features a dial system which can easily allow you to add or remove weight plates. Make sure the pin is made of cast iron or stainless steel, since this guarantees it won’t fail on you after heavy use.


Last but not least, just make sure that you buy dumbbell weights that has a long warranty, since this gives you the peace of mind that whatever may happen to it during this time, you’ll be covered by the manufacturer. Don’t forget to also read dumbbell set reviews before, because this can give you an idea about how well it performs and how well it may suite your needs!

Bayou Fitness Pair Best Dumbbell Set Review

This system has a solid metal body, which will make you feel as if you were working out at a gym, not at home, with this Bayou Fitness system. The adjustable weight dumbell system is very easy to maintain, use, and allows you change the weight from one to another, with just modifying them; you clearly don’t need to get an entire set to suit your needs; you will be able to eliminate a great number of weights with this well made, new adjustable weight system, that can be used from home or even on the go, for a great wrokout each day.


The great, chrome plated set is of an amazing quality and is made to last. It also has a storage tray, so you`ll be able to move it to any corner when you won`t be using it, which makes it take almost no space at all inside the house, or in a small gym.

It is water or any other fluid resistant, and because of the metal plated, not plastic material, it offers a sleek design, unlike any other systems available, if you are looking for an adjustable weight set. This system is rugged, has a smooth grip for the hands and a simple handle grip bar and features weights from 10 to 50 pounds. No matter where you plan to use this system, the design, although simple, has to quality that is needed for a perfect fitness routine and it will last you for years.

Weight Range & Increments

In weight, this system goes from 10 and up to 50 pounds. You can go quickly from 10 pounds to 20 with the simple dial system. You can go up to even 50 pounds with the same simple twist of the dial. When you are prepairing for a great workout from home, all you need to do is lock the pin in place and you will be ready to go. You don`t need to worry about anything slipping out or any other dangers. Just lift with confidence.

This type of device is best for intermediate or advanced lifters, because the amounts are only in 10 pound increments. To make your workout the safest it could be, when you are using this best dumbbells for home use set, always be sure you are ready to increase the weight, the increments being in 10 pounds jumps, if you aren’t ready you could injure yourself.

Going from one exercise to another has never been easier, just twist and lock in the new weight, into place. Jumping up more than 10 pounds is also easy, depending on what exercise you`re going to take on, by twisting the dial more than once when you are adjusting the weight set.

Ease of Weight Changing

With this Bayou set, you can do the adjustment process yourself and with ease. By twisting the dial in a clockwise direction, you`ll add more weight by jumping to the next 10 pound increment. It`s very simple to adjust the weight when working out with this set of weights, from 10 up to 50 pounds.

You will be informed that you can lift the weight up safely when you hear a click, meaning that the weight quicky locks into place with a pin. This is what makes this system not only simple to use but also very safe for you or anyone else; Listen carefully for the click noise, to be sure that you can lift the weight up safely. You have to hear the click, else you simply have to continue to turn the dial, to ensure that the lock is in place, before you can start the workout.

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This may cause all of your exercise to go off balance, and, of course, it may lead to injuries as well. In some cases, if the locking mechanism fails, the weights slip off the dumbbell and crash on the floor or on a part of your body. The weights are firmly locked in place by secure mechanisms at PowerBlock adjustable Dumbbells. The dumbbells won’t slip away from the user’s hands, because of the padded handles that offer a solid grip.

PowerBlock SportBlock Dumbbells

PowerBlock’s products are also protected by a solid and reliable warranty. The warranty periods are huge and may be as long as 15 years, depending on the adjustable set of dumbbells that you purchase. Their customer support team is great and will always be available for your concerns and will even replace broken parts at will.Here is the list of the best sets released by PowerBlock: The SportBlock dumbbells are a much lighter version of the normal dumbbells. You will get weights that range from 3 to 24 lbs, with increments of 3 lbs. The lite design and the light weight make them great for performing normal exercisesbut with proper forms. If you are looking for a set of dumbbells that are durable, to help you start out a fitness program or for time to time exercises, you will be satisfied with the SportBlock 2.4 adjustable dumbbells.

You can buy the standard PowerBlock version. You will notice it being heavier than the SportBlock dumbbell series and is made for expert trainers and people who are serious about their workout. It has a weight range of 5 to 45 lbs, in increments of 5 lbs. It will substitute an entire rack of dumbbells, with its compact size. Before you think about switching to a heavier set, the classic PowerBlock set is perfect for you, whether you want to focus on building muscle mass or you’re just toning up your muscles.

For Serious Weight Lifter

It’s a grea name for this set, which is in fact one of the best dumbbell sets available on the market. The Elite 90 pack features weights that range from 5 to 90 lbs, in adjustable 5 lb increments. The dumbbells are the most compact available from this manufacturer, a set taking up no more than 2 feet of space in your home or gym. If you think that 90 lbs are not enough for your workout, you can expand this set to 130 lbs by getting the 8-11 Elite Big Block kit. Get the Elite 90 if you are a serious weight lifter or a professional trainer. The ease of use is combined with the raw strenght in this pack offered by Power Block. Don`t look beyond PowerBlock Elite 90 best dumbbell weights Set if you want the top dumbbells for some intense body training.

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review

When you are planning to workout with a sef of different weights and resistance, traditional dumbbells can be a problem. You have to outfit a full rack of the weights you will need which will take up space and will cost you a lot of money.Adjustable dumbbells offer you the possibility of picking and choosing the weight you want to workout with and, at the same time, it won`t take too much room in your home. Most adjustable dumbbells are created from a single piece where you select the weight using a button or a switch. This process can lead to a mechanical failure.

Ironmaster weight dumbbells are just right for people that want the feel of traditional dumbbells while also enjoying the liberty of a set of weights suited for anyone’s preferences. Ironmaster has been in the adjustable dumbbells business with the classic design and the traditional look for over 30 years. Many consider the Ironmaster sets to be the best dumbbell set for home available because of their integrity of design and their traditional look. Over the long period of 30 years, the great quality of their products and their customer support have been talked about by many both online and offline.

Attractive features & Construction

Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells are made to have a classic dumbbell look. You won’t find any adjustable weight sliders or any other complex settings that could be toggled to fix the weight. You will get a set of weights that range from 5 to 75 lbs with the classic dumbbells set that can be fixed on the handle. So here are the most important features of the Ironmaster weights.

Solid reliable handle

Ironmaster dumbbells are made with a very durable and solid steel handle. The grip will not slip from your fingers, the steel that it is made from is knurled ina a great way. The handle will function as a minimum weight itself, having a weight of around 5 lbs. Although they have a handle that resembles the traditional dumbbell with squared ends, they have a locking mechanism that allows for different weights to be attached to them.

Locking mechanism

Their quick locking mechanism is one of the top feature. This Quick Lock system helps you add or remove weights with ease with just a simple turn of a screw. The screws are very smooth and will turn very easily and will let you chance weights without much trouble, having clearly marked positions. After you have added the desired weights, you simple need to close the screws so that they rest in their place. As soon as the weights are fixed, there is no fear of jitter or shakein the dambbells at all. This is one of the key features of the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells over any other types of adjustable dumbbells available online and offline. It features far less moving parts than the wellknown adjustable dumbbells and this simplicity in design makes it reliable for use.

The locking system features the best stability that can be found in the dumbbells nowadays. It is virtually impossible for the weights to fall off due to any failure in the system, once they are locked in their place. The weights are locked in place and you will see that they do not move in any direction or form when you are performing your workouts. This is one of the great attributes of the Ironmaster dumbbells.


The standard set of Ironmaster Best Dumbbell Set has weight plates that range from 5 to 75 lbs in increments of 2.5 lbs. These plates are made of solid iron and are made durable enough to take any amount of pressure that is pushing on them. The square plates will be locking into place as firmly as possible because of their design, made to align one with the other perfectly. Don`t forget to lock the weights in place after you added them to the handle. If you wish to change the weights, you have to unlock the current ones and then add or remove plates as you wish.

The system for changing weights can look more difficult than the simple pin mechanism available for other adjustable dumbbells. However, as soon as you learn the technique of changing the weights, you will find that it doesn`t take all that time.

Other features

Once you buy the Ironmaster weight set you will receive a free storage rack to hold the weight plates. You will also receive a lifetime warranty and a 30 days exchange offer in which you can receive a full refund for the Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set if you think you won`t be able to use them. If you feel that you need bigger weights, you can expand the standard dumbbells pack with an add-on kit for a very reasonable price, that will allow you to go up to 120 lbs in changeable weights.

Weight Plates

When buying weight plates and bars for home use it’s crucial to understand the two different sizes they come in. Standard weight plates have a 1 inch diameter hole in their centre therefore they are only compatible with standard bars, Olympic weight plates follow the same principle but they have a 2 inch diameter centre hole so you can’t interchange between the two sizes. This is the only real way that they vary from a compatibility perspective, certain gyms and weight benches will be designed to take either standard or Olympic sizes so it’s important to make sure that you get the correct corresponding weights to match that specific piece of equipment.

Barbell Sets

We have a selection of packages in both standard and Olympic that consists of a series of weight plates and a barbell; these packages are perfect to combine with a bench that features a rack, just be careful to make sure that the length of the bar will be wide enough to fit onto the rack on the bench. We always try to provide a range of large and small plates so that you can interchange depending on what muscle group you’re training.

Barbells are great for pushing heavy weights because you use compound exercises that are perfect for exhausting larger muscle groups such as your chest or legs, the only downside is that you can struggle with isolation exercises for definition.


The most versatile training tool you could ask for, dumbbells dish out a close to limitless expanse of exercises for you. They are ideal to put with an adjustable utility bench for upper body training but they’re plenty useful without too. Our adjustable dumbbells are your most cost effective option where you simply slide weight plates on and off a pair of dumbbell bars to tailor the weight to your needs; they don’t take up a lot of space and can easily be stored away making them perfect for home training.

Benefits of using dumbbells

Free weights provide better overall muscle development because they automatically engage stabilisation muscles to assist your larger muscle groups and preventing certain areas from become neglected or undertrained which can lead to injury

You have more flexibility with dumbbells to follow a natural path of motion which is particularly beneficial for your elbows; barbells are notorious for flaring up elbows because they restrict their motion

Free weights are considerably more versatile then a simple barbell allowing you to sculpt and define every possible angle of your body but also able to add gains in muscle size too

They ensure better muscular symmetry as they require both sides or both muscles to lift an equal amount of weight where barbells can let one stronger side dominate the other creating a weaker, unbalanced and out of proportion physique


If you’re looking for a full body workout then the Kettlebell is the tool for you, they’ve recently taken the fitness industry by storm exploding back into fashion and for good reason too. The unique design provides new realms of training possibilities that conventional weights simply can’t provide so if you’re looking to mix up your training and try something new then these come highly recommended.

Kettlebells are available like most weights in either vinyl or cast iron, the cast iron versions are a bit more expensive but worth paying the extra. The vinyl handles can really grate away at your hands making them uncomfortable and unpleasant to use.




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Final Word

For the end of this post, I would like to say that in my opinion these are the products I would highly recommend. I had the opportunity to see all of these products for once or couple of times in my fitness career and the reason they got my attention is mostly because of their quality. When searching an equipment for your gym, you should always have answered the following questions –

1.Is this equipment worth the money?

2.What do you get for the money?

3.What other customers have to say about this product? Is it known?

4.Is the equipment practical? Will this product fit in my gym place?

Once you have positive answers on a couple of these questions then you should definitely think about buying the product. If out of 4 questions, on 3 the answer is NO, then search for the better product.

I hope my review post of dumbbell sets with rack helped you making a decision about buying a quality gym equipment and remember ALWAYS CHOOSE CAREFULLY

So, TOP10 of Dumbbell Sets With Rack:



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