Top 10 Best Bug Zappers Reviewed In 2017

There’s plenty to look forward to in the summer months, but nicer weather does also brings some downsides with it. One of the more pesky consequences are the flies, mosquitos, and other insects that can invade your backyard and make spending any amount of time outdoors challenging.

While there are some general precautions you should take to make your yard and home less inviting for mosquitos and other bugs, it’s important to have the right set of tools on hand in order to stay bite-free. Here are eight options to consider if you’re looking to expand your bug-killing arsenal this summer.



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№1 – Flowtron BK-15D

Flowtron BK-15D
Amazon best seller
Highly effective
Non clogging killing grid
Very powerful
Offers continuous and uninterrupted service
Instant operation

If you want to purchase the best insect killer, you can surely consider Flowtron BK-15D bug zapper. This highly advanced electronic insect control device is highly efficient for killing all insects, mosquitoes, and bugs. It has non clogging killing grid and it can cover an area of acres of killing radius. It can provide you continuous and uninterrupted service. A 15 watt bulb is used in this device, which is perfect for attracting flies and biting insects. Flowtron BK-15D is perfect for making your outdoor space free from insects. The protection range of Flowtron BK-15D varies between 1/4 acre to acres.


№2 – Hoont Powerful Bug Zapper

Hoont Powerful Bug Zapper
Effective for killing limitless amounts of insects
Detachable chain
High-voltage, electrically charged grid
Wall mounting design
Easy to clean
Large coverage area
Very powerful
Easy to use

Hoont Powerful Bug Zapper comes with 2 high intensity 10 watt UV bulbs, thus it is highly effective for controlling insects and flies. The device can attract all pesky flying insects and they are killed instantly when they come in contact with the extremely powerful high-voltage metal grid. The wall mounting design is highly useful for keeping it out of the reach of children and pets. You can also use it free standing. Removable bottom tray makes cleaning process easy. It offers a large coverage area of up to 6,000 sq ft. Hoont Powerful Bug Zapper is highly effective for getting protection from disease causing mosquitoes and flies. You need not use dangerous chemicals and pesticides for killing insects and bugs.


№3 – PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper

PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper
Maintenance free
Free standing device
Cleaning is very easy
Safe and chemical free
Offers hassle free protection
Highly effective insect control
Designed for wall mounting or ceiling
100 percent odor free

You will get continuous protection from all types of insects and flies if you use PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper. It is highly efficient, so it can cover up to 6,000 sq ft area. Thus, it is ideal for protecting your home, hospitals, schools, kitchens, etc from mosquitoes and insects. You can enjoy an environment, which is completely free from mosquitoes if you use PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper. The metal grid of this device is extremely powerful. This high voltage electrically charged metal grid can kill flies and insects instantly. PestZilla UV Electronic Bug Zapper can set up very easily. You can simply plug in this bug zapper.


№4 – Home Innovations Bug Zapper

Home Innovations Bug Zapper
Highly effective indoor bug zapper
Attracts and kills flying insects effectively
Practical and efficient
Very hygienic extermination system
Portable and convenient
Free from chemicals, fumes, or smells
Easy to install

Home Innovations Bug Zapper is ideal for protecting your indoor areas such as apartments, houses, hotels, warehouses, restaurants, etc. A high-frequency blue light is used in this device. Thus, it can attract and kill mosquitoes and other insects effectively. If you are searching for an efficient, practical, automatic, and most hygienic option for eliminating mosquitoes, you can surely purchase Home Innovations Bug Zapper. You can operate it by simply plug it into an electric outlet. The crawling or flying insects nearby will be attracted to this light and electrocuted. The total coverage area of this device is around 320 sq ft. The Home Innovations Bug Zapper is effective for destroying flies, mosquitoes, etc automatically. It is portable, durable, convenient, economical, and sanitary. The Home Innovations Bug Zapper comes with 6 foot long cord and a cleaning brush. It does not produce any chemicals, smell, fumes, etc.


№5 – EasyGo Zapper

EasyGo Zapper
Highly effective
Slim modern design
Superior performance
Covers acres of area
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Quiet and effective

If you want to eliminate the pesky flying mosquitoes and nasty bugs from your environment, EasyGo Zapper is the best option. The performance of this device is superior. It uses 16 watt UV-A lighting for doing the task. Thus, it offers 8,000 working hours and acre coverage area. Now, you can avoid the hassles of grabbing mosquitoes by using a tennis racket. You can operate this device without using man operated power. This is also the best solution for avoiding chemical and toxic mosquito killers. You can clean it very easily because it has a detachable bug catch basin. EasyGo Zapper consumes very less electricity, thus it is highly effective and low cost bug lamp.


№6 – Stinger Flat Panel Bug Zapper

Stinger Flat Panel Bug Zapper
Very powerful
An effective insect killer
High quality construction
Offers vast coverage of acre

Designed by Kaz Inc, the Stinger Flat Panel Bug Zapper is the other effective bug zapper for making your environment free from mosquitoes and flies. You can avoid the use of chemicals and toxic substance for eliminating mosquitoes if you purchase this device. The LED light in this device is very powerful, thus it can attract all flying insects and protect you from the deadly bites of mosquitoes and other bugs. Best quality material is used for making this device. It is long-lasting, affordable, and really effective.


№7 – Solario Solar Powered Zapper

Solario Solar Powered Zapper
Solar-powered bug zapper
Highly effective insect killer
Portable LED machine
Long lasting
Water and dustproof
Made from UV-resistant ABS plastic

You can eliminate annoying mosquitoes and bugs from your environment completely if you purchase Solario Solar Powered Zapper. You can use this device without worrying about electricity bill because it is used by solar power. It uses 0.5 W LED, which is highly attractive. So, you can eliminate insects from your premise completely. It offers completely automated operation because of an in-built photocell. Solario Solar Powered Zapper has a portable design, so you can use it during fishing or camping. Installation is very easy and quick by staking into the ground or handing. It can resist water and dust. UV resistant ABS plastic is used for making this device.


№8 – Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System

Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System
Energy smart settings
Clog resistant killing grids
Cleaner and smarter
Safer design
Effective for attracting and killing insects
3-years limited warranty
Covers an area of up to 1.5 acres

If you want to eliminate bugs, mosquitoes, and flies from a wider area, Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System is the ideal option. This is a scientifically tested bug zapper and it is effective for covering an area up to 1.5 acres. UV black light is used in this device for attracting bugs and mosquitoes. Thus, it is 40 percent more effective than the UV white light. The Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System is equipped with an energy smart sundown system, which is helpful for turning on and off the device automatically at peak times.


№9 – SereneLife Waterproof Bug Zapper

SereneLife Waterproof Bug Zapper
Water resistant and waterproof
Can be used in indoors and outdoors
Offers hassle-free pest control
No harmful chemicals
Wide coverage area
Durable construction
Easily removable tray

SereneLife Waterproof Bug Zapper is highly effective for eliminating unwanted pets and bugs from your house and surroundings. This eco-friendly bug zapper is weather resistant and water proof. You can control pests and bugs in your house without any hassles if you purchase SereneLife Waterproof Bug Zapper. It is very easy to operate this bug zapper. You can do it by simply plug in this device. The marine grade water-resistant and waterproof construction allows you to use it in outdoors as well. It has an integrated UV light, which is helpful for removing all flying flies. The device offers a wide-ranged insect coverage. Thus, it is ideal for any living environment.


№10 – LiBa Bug Zapper

LiBa Bug Zapper
Highly effective Electric Indoor Insect Killer
Attracts insects instantly
Emits a 365 nm wavelength
It attracts mosquitoes, flies, and all other flying insects
Very powerful 2800V bulbs
Natural and chemical free
Ideal for all indoor environments
36 months warranty

People always prefer to eliminate bugs and insects from their environment naturally. If you purchase LiBa Bug Zapper, you can kill bugs and insects naturally and effectively. This is the best method to avoid costly chemical products. Inhaling such toxic fumes create lots of health problems. LiBa Bug Zapper is the most effective method to eliminate all these problems. Strongest attraction bulbs are the most important feature of this bug zapper. It has wire chain, which is helpful for saving the space. You can also clean dead insects very easily because the tray is removable. The device comes with 2 free replacement bulbs. This is a smart insect zapper because it does not require any maintenance.


Bug zapper buyer’s guide for 2017

After doing your everyday work, we all want a good sleep. But, many times we face a situation where bugs make our day horrible. So, we need the best indoor bug zapper for our home.

These insects not only produce buzz sound which makes us mad, along with the itchy bites, they are also good carriers of diseases. Now, if you want to get rid of bugs, then bug zapper is a preferable option. But, it’ll be a mistake if you purchase an outdoor zapper and use it in your house.

So, the question arises, what is the best fly zapper for home?

There are hundreds of products available which claim to be the best, but in reality, there are only a few good products available which do what they say.

We all know people who’ve gone out and purchased an inexpensive bug zapper and then been disappointed that they’re still fighting off mosquitoes, night after night. You may have done the same thing.

There’s a reason for that. You’re probably aware that most bug zappers (more formally known as “electrical discharge insect control systems) work by attracting insects with a powerful ultraviolet light, and then electrocuting them to Kingdom Come once they come into contact with the zapper’s electric grid.

However, mosquitoes aren’t really attracted to UV light, and the ones more likely to fly toward the light are males – which don’t bite. Study after study has shown that 5% or less of the insects killed by bug zappers are mosquitoes, mostly male, with many other varieties of beneficial insects likely to be collateral damage. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans exhale much more than they are to a light.

What does that mean for those looking to buy a bug zapper? Quite simply, a lesser model may not do everything you’re expecting it to. The Groom+Style review team has looked at a number of zappers that have additional features that make them more effective than simple “plug-em-in-and-let-em kill” machines; the most effective release streams of carbon dioxide – the gas that mosquitoes seek out naturally – while others use non-toxic pheromones like Octonel that attract mosquitoes, or chemicals which block mosquitoes’ ability to “smell” carbon dioxide. Some of these devices don’t even have electric grids; the mosquitoes are sucked into a net where they’re left to die after dehydration, with the added benefit that the units run quietly on propane gas so no electricity is required.

In short, if you go the cheap route on a bug zapper, you may be buying a device whose primary function is keeping you awake at night without killing many mosquitoes.

Judging Big Zappers: Is Bigger Better?

Let’s move on from the issue of attracting and killing mosquitoes. You’ll also need to consider a bug zapper’s effective range, because it’s easy to buy a bigger unit than you need. Some models are big enough to take care of a side or back yard, while others can effectively cover several acres of land. It’s easy to think that a powerhouse model will kill even more bugs in a small area, but it doesn’t work that way; a huge zapper isn’t going to be any more effective than a properly-sized one in your backyard. The power consumed by the bug zapper and the number/size of light bulbs it requires go hand-in-hand with its effective range, but you may want to think about how energy-efficient the unit is and how expensive it will be to change bulbs regularly.

There’s one other major consideration to think about before buying an electric bug killer and not after you take it home, plug it in and shudder at how overwhelming the ZAPPPPP! is: noise. Some bug zappers are noticeably louder than others, and if you don’t plan on turning off your machine before going to bed each night, you should have “quiet” high on your checklist.

Ease-of-maintenance features like a pull-out bug tray and easily-cleaned components are definitely plusses, as are the length of the power cord and safety protections such as protective casings that stop you from accidentally touching the powered grid inside, or clog-resistant grids that won’t short-circuit due to all the dead bugs getting stuck.

It’s possible to find cordless bug zappers on the market, but the Groom+Style team has decided that their battery life (usually three hours at most) make them too inefficient to be considered for this best bug zapper top 5 list. Some people take zappers that are designed for indoor use and use them outside; there’s nothing wrong with that but an indoor unit is likely to have an extremely small effective range when taken outdoors, and indoor zappers won’t have capabilities for emitting carbon dioxide or pheromones to attract mosquitoes. On the flip side, though, there are models which are designed and rated for both outdoor and indoor units, and they will spell out their effective ranges for each environment.

Mosquito killers

Another good thing about there is mosquito killers that can be used outdoors. Whether you are having a picnic or whatever outdoor activity that you are planning to do, you can safely do it because you can bring your electronic mosquito killer with you. If you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors, then choosing an electric mosquito killer that can be used outdoors is essential.

Now that you know the different benefits that you can get from using an electronic mosquito killer, it would be best to know some of the tips to consider when buying one for your home. Below are the different factors to look for when purchasing an electronic mosquito killer.

BudgetOne of the factors that you need to consider is your budget. There are a lot of electronic mosquito killers today and choosing an affordable one with good quality is essential. Always remember to avoid sacrificing the quality for the price. You don’t want to end up buying a new one, just because you decided to purchase a cheaper mosquito killer, which will only make you spend more.

Size of the Electric Mosquito KillerThe next factor that you need to check is the size of the device. For you to be able to do this, make sure that you have enough space in your house for it. There are mosquito killers that are available in different sizes, so choosing the best one for the space that you have is important.

Intensity of the Problem

Of course, you also need to consider the depth of the mosquito problem that you are dealing with. There are electric mosquito killers that are powerful enough to cover a wide area of your house. This usually comes at a much higher price, than the ones that can only handle a limited space.

Now that you have read some of the most valuable information about an electric mosquito killer, then it is time for you to read some of the best mosquito killer reviews, so you know what options you have.

Bug zapper – what type to use?

There are very few people who enjoy being around bugs and for that reason, since time began, humans have tried all kinds of methods to rid themselves of these annoying insects.

These days, we can turn to bug zappers to help to make our environment more pleasant by eliminating or vastly reducing the number of bugs in our space. However, with the several types of bug zappers that are available, it can be difficult to choose one that is right for you. Here are a few tips that can help with your decision making.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Bug zappers are separated into two distinct groups – those made to be used indoors and those made to be used outdoors. There are a few too, that are dual purpose, in that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. For indoors, you have a range of options to deal with pesky insects.

Insect Traps

For those persons who might not like the idea of an insect being zapped to smithereens, there is a trap-like device that will lure the insects with a light, and then they are sucked into a vacuum and remain there until they die of dehydration, at which point you empty the unit.

Electronic Zappers

This is the more traditional type of zapper where the insect is lured by a light and is electrocuted when it makes contact with the electrical grid. Many of these units come equipped with a tray at the bottom to catch the insect debris, which you can then easily dispose.

Electrical Swatter

If you do not have a major insect problem, and only want to get rid of the occasional mosquito or fly, you can invest in a swatter, which is usually shaped like a racket. It uses batteries to power its grid and, like the plug in variety, the insect is electrocuted on contact, you simply have to wave the racket to hit the insect.

This is also something you can consider using as a zapper on the go; if you have to go to the beach or a picnic, it can be useful. However, if there is a heavy insect presence, it may not work in that setting.

Outdoor Use

For outdoors, the units available to you will depend on your needs. If you want to combat insects on your patio, it would be a different consideration than if you wanted to cover your large backyard, so the area to be covered is of importance here.

If you are going for wide coverage, go for a unit that handles at least an half acre, while for a smaller space you can use many of the mid-sized units available.

Bug Zapper/Garden Lamp Combo

If you are going to be placing a bug zapper outdoors, it may as well serve more than one purpose. There are machines on the market that are very good at killing insects, but at the same time look great on your lawn or in the backyard.

Solar Powered Units

Not all units are powered by an electrical outlet. There are many cost-effective units now available that use solar power and they are said to be just as effective as the plug-in versions.

Battery Powered

There are many units that now use batteries for power. These are usually rechargeable batteries so that you will not have to be constantly buying batteries run the unit.

Electric bug zapper

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of electric bug zappers: those that can be used indoors and those that can be used outdoors. Although the vast majority of manufacturers make insect repellents that can be used indoor and outdoor alike, you will find devices specifically designed for one use. Therefore, you have to determine which type is most appropriate. It is important to highlight that you cannot use an indoor insect control system outside because it is not strong enough. The same goes for outdoor big zappers. They do not provide optimal results when used inside the home.

Look through the different types of insect killers

The matter of fact is that there are different types of electric insect killers on the market, which is the reason why making a choice is quite difficult. While it is true that insect protection has come a long way, not all products are capable of providing optimal results. When analyzing the different options, you have to take into consideration a few factors. The question is, however, what should you be looking for in an insect killer? It is important to consider the coverage area as the gadgets are designed to cover a specific surface. Think about power consumption too; you do not want to pay extra on electricity bills. Last but not least, do not forget about the cost factor. Different brands have different prices and it is advisable to avoid devices that are too cheap.

Is the bug zapper effective for eliminating mosquitos?

Contrary to popular opinion, mosquitos are not really drawn to such machines. This does not mean that a big zapper is not capable of killing mosquitos, just that some devices are more effective than others. Even though they are not typically attracted by the ultraviolet light, they will get curious and make the mistake of getting too close. What happens is that the electricity deprives them of their existence.

To conclude, you should never purchase an electric bug zapper without knowing all the details. Read consumer reviews to get an idea of the effectiveness of the product and ask for additional details. The last thing you should do is buy the first insect repellent that you find.

Portable Electric Mosquito Swatter

This type is shaped like a tennis racket and can be carried around easily. Commonly powered by AA batteries, this type has the advantage of being portable, and is relatively cheap.

The major disadvantage of using this type is that you will have to aim for the mosquitoes yourself, a frustrating task for a lot of people.

Insect/Mosquito Fogger

Fogging insects with pesticide has been a well-known and effective method to repel many types of insect, mosquito included.

Foggers can be battery or electricity powered or use propane as its fuel. Although pesticide could arguably be the most effective way to repel mosquito, it does have a major drawback of being harmful to your health and the environment.

Electric Mosquito Trap

Electric mosquito traps work for mosquitoes and other flying insects in general, taking advantage of the common weakness of flying insects: their attraction to lights. Let us dig a dig deeper into how electric mosquito trap really works:

How Electric Mosquito Trap Works

As mentioned, the basic principle of electric mosquito traps, or more formally known as electrical discharge insect control system, is to lure insects with lights and zap them with high-voltage electricity.

They are, actually, very simple in nature, and the basic parts of the electric mosquito trap are:



Typically use fluorescent light bulbs with mercury, neon, or black (UV) light. UV light is less effective to attract mosquitoes, so usually, mercury or neon bulbs are utilized for mosquito trap usage.

Electrified Wire Mesh

Electrified wire grids surround the light bulb, will zap and kill approaching insects. Usually, two wire meshes are used.


  1. Electrical transformer to change the 120-Volt (or 220-Volt) electrical line voltage to high-voltage (2000-Volt or more).
  2. The core process driving the electric mosquito trap revolves around the transformer, increasing the voltage supplied by your main electricity to at least 2,000 Volt.

The transformed high-voltage electricity is applied across the wire grids surrounding the

Solar-Powered UV Bug Zapper

This solar-powered model of a mosquito killer attracts and entraps insects like mosquitoes to their death. It features 8 LED light bulbs for providing local illumination on the patio, walkway or garden, attracting the bugs. Optimally, it works in a range of nearly 3000 sq. ft. it is super sensitive to the high and also the low level of the sun as well as general light. You can excellently keep mosquitoes and other disturbing insects away when you use this trap. It is very efficient and eco-friendly.

Premium Electric Insect Killer and Bug Zapper

This zapper perfectly gets rid of any flying inset around it, and operates with minimal noise. It is 100 percent safe for pets and humans. It is absolutely chemical-free, emits no fumes, utilizes no sprays, and is odor and mess-free. Easy to clean, it features an insect collection tray that is easily washable. Its aluminum body construction is quite durable, and the bulbs can be replaced. Most of its customers are satisfied with its performance.

Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

This is an ideal mosquito killer for indoors like the kitchen, bedroom, workplaces, or hospitals. It covers as wide as 6,000 square feet, eliminating any mosquitoes around. It is chemical-free and comes with an easy to wash collection tray. It kills mosquitoes and other flying bugs instantly. It is a great poison-free pesticide control device.

TaoTronics Bug Zapper Electronic

This electronic bug zapper from TaoTronics is one of the very best insect killers designed for outdoors. It emits a wavelength light that is a magnet for mosquitoes and other insects, getting trapped when they fly near. It is safe, containing no-chemicals and odorless solution. It features a protective mesh screen that separates you from its electric grill to avoid being shocked. Its collection tray is removable and easily washable. This zapper is so versatile that it stands on its own. It is a great device for eliminating any trespasser insect.

The models highlighted in the above top 10 best electric mosquito traps reviews are superbly designed to trap and eliminate mosquitoes with efficacy. They do so without producing any disturbing sounds, and they are completely safe for pets and humans.

Generally, we can divide electronic mosquito trap and insect killer products into three main categories, they are:

Portable Electric Mosquito Swatter

This type is shaped like a tennis racket and can be carried around easily. Commonly powered by AA batteries, this type has the advantage of being portable, and is relatively cheap.

The major disadvantage of using this type is that you will have to aim for the mosquitoes yourself, a frustrating task for a lot of people.

Insect/Mosquito Fogger

Fogging insects with pesticide has been a well-known and effective method to repel many types of insect, mosquito included.

Foggers can be battery or electricity powered or use propane as its fuel. Although pesticide could arguably be the most effective way to repel mosquito, it does have a major drawback of being harmful to your health and the environment.

Electric Mosquito Trap

Electric mosquito traps work for mosquitoes and other flying insects in general, taking advantage of the common weakness of flying insects: their attraction to lights.

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Your satisfaction is important to us. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. That’s why we offer an exclusive 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products. We are very confident in the quality of our products, but if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, we will gladly issue a refund of the product prices back to you.

Before returning your product, we hope you contact our Customer Care Center for FREE advice! You can speak to a member of our team at +1-888-997-3787 or you contact us by filling in the form on the contact page of our website. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing you with the best care and will offer trouble-shooting tips to help you make the most of your product.

Are electric bug zappers worth buying?

A bug zapper is a device you can use indoors and outdoors as well, in order to eradicate insects. It looks like a lamp with ultraviolet light, which works as a magnet for bugs, mosquitoes, flies and other tiny flying creatures. The illuminated fixture in the middle of the device attracts insects, but is covered with a mesh cage containing a low voltage current. Once mosquitoes get closer, they expect to pass through the grill and reach light, but they are immediately electrocuted. Initially, the zappers were used exclusively outdoors, for gardens and patios, they have evolved and can now be also installed inside the house.

Do bug zappers work?

Yes, without any doubt, bug zappers are efficient. Most of the people who are currently using it would totally recommend it to those who have insect issues in their garden or their bedroom. If you do decide to get one and send some time around it at night, you can actually hear the sound bugs make the moment they reach the electric grill and are electrocuted. Obviously, the device works, but there are some things you need to know in order to adjust your expectations when buying an electric bug zapper.

It does not kill all sorts of insects. These tiny animals are different, which is why they are attracted by different things. This means that not all of them will be drawn by the UV light emitted by your bug zapper. However, the good news for you is that traditional devices will kill a large number of annoying and dangerous insects, among which mosquitoes and biting gnats.

Mosquitoes are mostly attracted by carbon dioxide. More than the UV light, what seems to draw the attention of this particular insect species is carbon dioxide that comes from your breath. For this reason, there are certain devices that emit not only UV rays, but also carbon dioxide.




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Final Word

Don’t get stung or bitten by mosquitoes, wasps or any other insects. You shouldn’t allow houseflies or moths to enter your eyes, nose, and ears or contaminate your food. Furthermore, you shouldn’t use insecticides or bug sprays that are harmful to you, your family and pet’s health or the environment.

All it takes to efficiently eliminate the annoying creatures is zapping them with the right device. In addition to being time efficient and cost effective, the above-listed product will assure you of longevity. After going through the above review on the best electronic bug zappers in 2017, which one is your preferred choice?

So, TOP10 of Bug Zapper:



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