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Top 10 Best Body Vibration Exercise Machines Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated August 1, 2018
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Vibration machines, the latest innovation in fitness, have become wildly popular for 2 reasons: they make exercising easy and they get results. These machines are fun, simple to use and effective at helping you lose weight, tone up and improve your overall health. Built to maximize fitness and health benefits with minimal strain, they use plates that vibrate to contract and relax your muscles, doing some of the work for you and boosting the moves you perform.

The result? You become leaner, stronger, improve your circulation, right in the comfort of your own home. Plus, these machines require less time, so workouts are shorter, but just as effective.

Finding one of these machines for your home is easy, but finding the one that best suits you and your family is a different story. As simple as these machines are, there are factors to consider, like size, weight and features before buying one, which is where we come in. We’ve done the research for you and composed this ultimate Vibration Machine buyer guide, complete with the top 10 models and a breakdown of what to look for and what to expect.



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№1 – 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine

3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine
Supports up to 400 pounds
ETL Certified
State of the art electronic display
Oversized platform offers the ability to comfortably perform both standing and lying exercises
Durable and high-quality
1 year in-home labor warranty; 2 year part warranty

The 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine offers 3 custom programs – stretching, strengthening, and massage, mostly vertical vibration, ergonomically correct handles, comfortable vibration platform, sleek design, and impressive power.
The machine also includes a removable 10mm dampening mat and a set of adjustable resistance straps with AVT performance handles.


№2 – DKN Technology Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Machine

DKN Technology Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Machine
No set up required
Lifetime warranty on the body and frame; 2 year warranty on electrical components
330 pound user capacity
High-density-grade steel along with carbon reinforcement
12G acceleration
Low-speed, low-magnitude vibrating platform suitable for home or club use

The Whole Body Xg10 Vibration machine from DKN Technology features an integrated personal coach to take users through four preset programs – upper body, lower body, midsection and total body. The powerful, efficient machine offers 7 frequency settings and is capable of causing the muscles to contract between 20 to 50 times per second.
The DKN whole body vibration machine creates a consistent, vertical vibration across the platform as opposed to other machines that utilize tilted or rotational vibration that can cause stress to joints.


№3 – G Force Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

G Force Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine
1 year warranty
3 HP
400 pound weight capacity
High G force capabilities

The G Force Professional Vibration Machine, rated “Best of the Best Vibration Platform Machines” by BestReviews May-July 2016, offers powerful dual motors with triangular oscillation and tri-planar vibration, 6 operating modes (3 automatic and 3 manually set), and 60 speed settings for each motor.


№4 – Emer Dual Motor Vibration Platform Machine

Emer Dual Motor Vibration Platform Machine
4 adjustable settings
Wheels allow for easy transportation and storage
3 sport intensities – walk, jog, run
4 suction cups to securely affix the unit to the floor

The Emer Dual Motor Vibration Platform Machine include 3 built-in system controlled speeds, attached yoga straps for an added upper body workout, and portable design. A 3-D mode capability offers the feeling of swaying or surfing.


№5 – Emer Vibration Platform Fitness Machine – Full Body

Emer Vibration Platform Fitness Machine – Full Body
Includes attached fitness straps for a full body workout
Settings allow for the intensity and speed to be increased every two minutes or you can self adjust at your own pace
Lightweight, portable design
Affordably priced

The Emer Vibration Platform features 2 adjustable settings, a remote control, and a premium anti-slip rubber surface. It also includes 4 suction cups that affix to the floor for added stability and noise reduction.


№6 – Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine

Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine
90 day warranty
Fairly lightweight design (75 pounds)
270 pound user capacity

The CrazyFit Massager, by Luyan Inc, features a large number of reviews, 20 different speeds of vibration and an affordable price.


№7 – Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine Platform

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine Platform
20 adjustable speeds
Easy to operate
275 lb weight limit

The Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform boasts next generation 3D oscillating motion technology and also includes resistance bands for a full body workout. It provides a wide range of different workouts and also includes a remote for convenience.


№8 – Merax Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Merax Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine
Over 200 customer reviews, most of which are 5-stars
400 pound capacity
4 LED display windows

The Merax Platform features a powerful 1.5 HP motor at a great price. It offers 10 different preset programs, varying speeds and vibrations, and also includes yoga straps. The easy to operate machine also features triangular oscillation frequency and a silent drive motor.


№9 – Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine
Features the highest number of reviews (over a thousand) on the list
Small footprint and lightweight design (62 pounds)
300 pound weight capacity
Includes yoga straps
Includes wheels for easier transportation

The Confidence Fitness Slim Vibration Platform features a user-friendly display console and simple navigation for an easy, comfortable experience. The machine also offers 50 various speed settings, 3 built-in programs, a compact build, and a platform big enough to stand, sit, or lay on.


№10 – Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate

Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate
Efficient 600 watt motor
Anti-jamming and anti-static mechanism
3 automatic programs
Display shows time, speed, and pulse

The Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate features 50 incremental speed settings, high reviews, and a powerful motor at an affordable price. Additionally, the machine offers a fairly lightweight design (less than 70 pounds) compared to other units.


What is the best vibration machine?

Do you pride yourself on staying up with the latest and greatest fitness technology? If so, you are likely familiar with vibration machines, which are gaining popularity and exposure in rehabilitation, physical therapy, and commercial gyms.

With anything new comes sharp critique, and the vibration machines are not exempt to skeptics or critics. But while it is widely believed that this is something new and revolutionary, it is pretty interesting to consider that vibrational therapy dates way back to the 1960s.

Yep, that’s right, vibration machines are actually making a comeback!

If you know about the Space Race in the 1960s, then you know about the stark competition between the USA and the USSR (now Russia) to be the leaders in space technology. One of the problems that needed to be solved was the fact that astronauts could not stay in space for long period of time; being unable to perform weight-bearing exercises led to quick muscle atrophy and weakened bones (gravity is so underrated!).

The Soviet space program introduced vibrational therapy to counteract this consequence of space travel, as they had researched the bone-strengthening and muscle-building benefits.

How cool is it that training that was once exclusive to astronauts is now widely available?!

But before you hop on a vibration machine or decide to invest in one of your own, it’s important to point out the range of benefits you can get…

Vibration Machine Benefits The benefits that vibration machines provide seem less obvious than those of traditional rigorous exercise, because vibration machines are categorized as passive exercise.

This simply means that an outside force (person or machine) is stimulating the various systems of the body; one such example is a physical therapist helping a patient stretch.

Passive exercise has less time in the spotlight and therefore less research behind it, but that does not negate the benefits that have been discovered. The same is true for using a vibration machine. Here is a short list of what you can gain from regular vibrating sessions…

How Vibration Plates Work

Vibration plates belong in the low-impact exercise category, and therefore are more appealing to more people because it requires only minimal exertion than most other types of exercise. This equipment generates powerful vibrations that transfer energy to the user’s body, which in turn causes the muscles to destabilize and make them correct the instability on their own.

The vibrations that emanate from the machine are produced in waves to allow a second’s rest from all that muscle activity. The plates themselves also stimulate natural cellular movements that we make whenever we use or flex our muscles during physical exertions. When you get on a vibration plate and turn it on, the equipment induces anywhere from 30 to 50 reflexes each second, significantly more than a regular workout.

Before trying on a vibration plate, users should have already mapped out a fitness goal they wish to achieve. From here, they can check out what different vibration plates do and correctly choose one that’s right for their needs.

Vibration plates require more than just standing on to maximize results. Users can utilize different techniques to target specific muscle groups- they can either squat, sit, lie down partially, and of course, stand to get the desired results. You can choose which muscles to develop using vibration plate techniques (glutes, hamstrings, calves, etc.) and still get the full benefits of a physical workout.

Different Types

As mentioned above there are many terms used to describe vibration plates however there are also different types with slightly different characteristics.

Oscillating Plates

The plates themselves are resting on a pivot point, working much like a see-saw. When you stand naturally and set your feet apart, one side will raise while the other one falls. The oscillating vibrations may cause your body to shake vigorously. This type of vibration plate can be normally seen in weight loss salons, and are the more popular choice for shoppers who want to get good value for their money.

Vertical Plates

Vertical plates feature a wider range of vibration types and are much more complex than oscillating plates, but with all those additions come a higher price tag. Basically, the whole plate is subject to the vibrating forces generated by the motor underneath. Instead of “jiggling”, the plate vibrates by going up and down quickly.

Why Use a Vibration Plate?

Vibro plates directly increase a person’s muscle mass and bone density while providing optimal toning. It greatly improves balance, stability, motor functions and overall coordination because the equipment simulates vigorous vibrations in which a user will have to stay on to complete a workout session. All that internal stimulation also has a direct effect on a person’s metabolism, making it run faster and therefore coaxing optimal weight loss and a boosted reduction of cellulite. Blood circulates better, and the muscles themselves are massaged for therapeutic benefits. Vibration plates are great equipment for first-time users or fitness veterans who want a new and better way to exercise.

With continued use, vibration plates can provide a significant energy level boost throughout the day and can help you sleep better at night. There’s a feeling of euphoria and a good sense of well-being. You will also begin to see the effects and rewards of using this machine depending on your fitness goal.

Try Before You Buy

Whether you want to shop online for the best price or purchase a machine from the store, we recommend you try it out in person. You might notice a problem with the ergonomics that you can’t detect by sight or user reviews alone—maybe your knees keep bumping against the elliptical’s framework or the machine just doesn’t move to your liking.


On average, ellipticals are about 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide but can range in length from 50 to 84 inches. Keep in mind that during operation, the pedals may extend out beyond the length of the machine. You’ll also be more elevated than you would on a treadmill, so make sure you have a space with a sufficiently high ceiling. We’ve measured step-up heights between 5 to 15 inches with pedals reaching up to 25 inches above the floor at the apex of the elliptical cycle. You’ll also need a minimum of 20 inches of free space on at least one side and either the front or back for safety.


Unlike a treadmill, which allows you to move free-form, an elliptical constrains you to its movement. Pay special attention to how comfortable you feel when using an elliptical. You should be able to maintain an upright posture when holding on to the moving handles. Moving handgrips should be easy to reach and not force your wrists into an awkward position. The elliptical path should feel comfortable. For most people, pedals should be as close together as possible. And the moving handgrips and fixed frame components should not interfere with your arms, shoulders or knees.

Exercise Intensity

All ellipticals have variable resistance. Make sure the lowest resistance setting is easy to pedal and it becomes challenging to pedal at about 75 percent of the highest setting. This will provide some room to grow. You should feel a significant but incremental change whenever you increase or decrease the resistance. Some ellipticals come with an adjustable incline. Check to see whether it’s automated or requires you to manually adjust it.

High-Tech Features

Exercise equipment in general is becoming more and more connected to the cloud to provide workout tracking, a competitive environment, social networks and access to a library of exercise programs. Ellipticals can have built in wireless connectivity and browsers, or Bluetooth that connects to an app on a mobile device. Some use USB drives to move workout data to a web-based tracking feature accessed via a laptop. Keep in mind that it’s not all that easy to use a browser or an app while exercising.


Exercise programs can make a workout more varied and less boring, which might get you on the machine more often. But don’t pay for frills that you don’t care about. You can get by with a few basic programs that address specific types of workouts. Programs may be called different things by different manufacturers but an essential offering might be: Manual, Random, Hill Climb, Interval, Long Slow Distance, and Target Heart Rate. Custom programs would allow you to create your own resistance profile.

Safety Features

Ellipticals are inherently dangerous for children, who could get pinched or trapped in the moving parts. People with children at home or as visitors should make sure that the little ones can’t access the machines (by locking the room) and employ safety features.

Workout Bench

This is a great companion for any type of whole body vibration machine. Allows the user to perform many floor exercises while utilizing the soft top padding of the bench. Increases your height off the floor to closely match the height of the machine platform. Has built in foot pegs to accommodate the perfect sit up. Also includes built-in retractable rowing handles that are spring loaded with just the right tension for resistance. 42” X 14” X 8.5” H. Available in black or white.

What You Need to Know

While it is true that vibration machines can provide you with immense benefits ranging from muscle accumulation and strength to prevention of osteoporosis and strengthening of your immune system, you need to first of all make sure that you are buying the right machine. As is the case with any other merchandize, there numerous brands and models accessible in the market. There are full-body vibration machines that have been specially designed for commercial clients, while others have been made for home use and therapeutic purposes.

Hence, if you are considering buying vibrating machine exercise, you need to take several elements into consideration. Listed below, are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while shopping for the right whole-body vibration exercise:

#1: How much money are you planning to spend?

Before stepping into the market, you need to first of all determine the amount of money you would like to spend. As is the case with buying any other product, the amount of cash you have in your pocket will determine the brand you’ll purchase. Determine the minimum and maximum amount of money you are comfortable spending. By doing so, you will have more room to make a decision on the best total-body vibration training machine to purchase.

#2: Do you have a separate room where the machine will be kept?

The amount of room you have in your house will determine the type and model you will purchase. If you are planning to convert your basement into a gym, then you need to opt for an upright model. On the other hand, if you have limited room in your apartment, then the last thing you want is something that will take up more space. In this instance, you need to look for model that allows you to fold it and keep it in a storage area once the training is complete.

#3: Is the model you are purchasing come with accessories?

Depending on the model you are purchasing, the exercise vibration machine may come with accessories or you may be compelled into buying accessories separately. Since you are shopping for a home workout machine, you do want to spend your entire savings on the device. Therefore, if the machine does not come with certain accessories, make sure that the accessories you are planning to purchase are really essential. If they are not necessary, then there is no need of spending money on them.

#4: Have you considered the weight of the machine you are buying?

The size of the whole body vibration you are planning to purchase will hinge on the place where you are planning to utilize the machine. Then again, even if you have a space in your room, the last thing you want is a huge machine that will only function to add clutter to your room.

In addition to the above, you need to take into consideration how easy it is for you to assemble the machine. If the full-body vibration machine doesn’t come with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, look for another brand and model that features money back guarantee.

Vibration Machine Benefits

The benefits that vibration machines provide seem less obvious than those of traditional rigorous exercise, because vibration machines are categorized as passive exercise.

This simply means that an outside force (person or machine) is stimulating the various systems of the body; one such example is a physical therapist helping a patient stretch.

Passive exercise has less time in the spotlight and therefore less research behind it, but that does not negate the benefits that have been discovered. The same is true for using a vibration machine. Here is a short list of what you can gain from regular vibrating sessions…

Improve circulation

As soon as you step on the vibration machine, the oxygen in your blood increases; this results in increased blood circulation throughout the body.

How? The contraction of the muscles demands that more oxygen be released to sustain it. And when your circulation improves, it means your body can receive nutrients more efficiently, thus being a key component of optimal total-body health.

Boost lymphatic drainage

We are constantly bombarded with toxins, from the environments that we live in, the food that we eat, and the products that we use. It’s a lot for the body to filter out, and more and more research is pointing to the resulting inflammation and disease, thanks to this influx of toxins.

The lymphatic system is the primary waste removal system that the body employs, and the vibration machine stimulates this system in order to help with removal. This has a positive effect on overall health, as it flushes out harmful toxins that would otherwise stay trapped.

Increased muscle strength and bone density

As mentioned, this was the original reason that vibrational therapy was created. So how does it work? When a muscle contacts and expands, the result is not limited to improved circulation; it also means that the muscle itself will grow stronger.

Why? Your muscles consist of slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibers; the effects of the vibration machine recruit the fast-twitch muscle fibers into action, and therefore improve their strength.

While this is happening with the muscles, the vibrations also cause osteoblasts to occur in the bones; those are responsible for the increase in bone density. Because the muscles and bones are being stimulated in this unique way by the vibration machine, many users report improved balance and coordination as well.

Speeds up weight loss

As mentioned above, the use of the vibration machine asks the muscles to work differently, and therefore improves their function and strength. But what’s really cool is that if you’re looking to lose body fat, you can actually perform exercises on the vibration machine.

Yes, there are entire workouts dedicated to vibration machines (keep reading the product reviews at the end of the article to learn more). Building lean muscle mass is the key to long-term weight loss, and the extra push from the vibration machine gives a major boost in that direction.

Cellulite reduction

Cellulite has become one of the most elusive, misunderstood, and dreaded conditions that affect women in particular; it often manifests on the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms, and it is dubbed the “cottage cheese” skin condition that is named after its dimply appearance.

In a nutshell, the subcutaneous tissues contain a web of connective tissue that store much of the body fat. Because there are many layers of tissue, the surface of the skin shows up with cellulite when the the fatty cells get enlarged. This is also due to the fact that inelastic fibers connect these layers. Add poor circulation, hormonal factors, and cellular waste in the form of toxins to the equation, and you have a true cellulite problem.

The vibration machine fights against cellulite by improving circulation as well as lymphatic drainage, which keeps the fat cells from enlarging and the toxins from stagnating. Sign me up.

Better flexibility and mobility

Vibration machines provide relief to overworked, tight muscles, by stimulating them and also sending more blood to them. This opens up the muscles, which directly leads to improved flexibility.

It is recommended to do some light stretching after using the machine, in order to maximize flexibility potential.

Postural stability

What leads to poor posture? In most cases, it is a result of muscle tightness or weakness, sedentary lifestyle, stiff joints, lack of exercise, or poor core stability and strength.

The vibration machine assists in fighting against all of those causes and leads to users being able to stand straighter and taller. Long-term studies have shown a decrease in rambling and trembling motions in the frontal plane, which leads to more stable posture.

Natural relief for back pain

Similar to understanding the causes of poor posture, it is important to understand the reason behind back pain – a condition that affects approximately 80% of people. When the spine or pelvis move out of alignment, you feel back pain due to the muscular system trying to compensate.

The vibration machine helps loosen tight muscles and therefore, allows you to adjust your posture (as mentioned above). When your posture improves, your back pain does, too. We call that a win-win.

Boosts digestion

If you haven’t heard, a healthy gut is the new gateway to good health. Scientists are beginning to uncover the importance of a pristine microbiome, which is a fancy word used to describe the ratio of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestines.

While the vibrating machine does not add to the much-needed good bacteria (only things you ingest can do that!), it does help in the removal of the bad bacteria by stimulating the intestines and improving digestion. Many users find major relief from constipation after a few vibrational therapy sessions.

Instant mood boost

We could not possibly write this article without telling you that the vibration machine is just plain fun to use. It is interesting and feels good, and it doesn’t require work (unless you choose to exercise on it). It also provides relaxation because it gives you time to unpack mentally as you receive the benefits of the session.

You don’t have to worry about whether you’re “doing it right,” which is a major stressor when people exercise, particularly with new machines. Many users opt to put on their head phones and sit down on their machines for a relaxing session. Overall, you’re provided with a stimulating but relaxing experience that improves your body and mind.


Some vibration machines are portable and do not come with a handlebar system. A good question to ask yourself is: Do I need to hold onto something for stability? If your answer is yes, you would need to consider how strong of a handlebar system you require. Some machines are designed specifically to allow users to put 60-80% of their weight on the bars, whereas, others are merely there for stability and do not recommend you to push or lean too heavily on the handles.

Platform Size

Vibration machines come in various size, shapes, and form. Depending on what you are using it for, you may choose to purchase a machine with a really wide platform size, or a narrow one. Maybe you want to be able to just stand on the platform, or perhaps you need to work on the upper body and will be doing Shoulder Presses or Push-ups. Wider platforms allows the user to perform more complex exercises that may involve laying on the platform such as those involving core exercises. Choosing a platform with a good size will allow you to work on and perform more exercises on the particular platform plate. Some platforms use a hard, non-slip surface that may be uncomfortable standing on with your bare feet, whereas, others use a rubberized mat which make the contact much more bearable.

Accessories and Warranty

What is included with the wbv vibration machines? Generally, many vibration machines come with certain accessories, and others do not. These may include arm straps for upper body exercises, exercise posters, training videos, and foam pads, or mats. Arm straps can be very useful in increasing the metabolism and burning rate of calories while standing on the vibration machine. There are usually two types, resistance band-types, or non-stretchable types. Resistance band-type hand straps do not transfer the vibration from the platform upwards towards the body. It relies on the user’s core muscles and major muscle groups to extend these bands fully. Non-stretchable types must be held tight when used and transfers the vibration from the platform upwards through the straps and into the upper body, skipping the hip which may reduce the vibrations felt in the upper body. Posters and training DVDs are very useful especially when you first being vibration training. They can be used as references for the exercise positions you could perform to work certain parts of your body. Some machines come with extra foam pads or mats to help dampen the vibrations you feel or to make it more comfortable when laying down on the machine to do core exercises.

Motor size and output

All machines should have a motor rating that is comparable to other machines made by other manufacturers. Beware of the ones that have a rating that is not standard (ex. Ricco) as they are meaningless and can’t be compared against other vibration machines. Depending on the type of vibration machine, some machines have two motors to control two separate vibration types and some are limited to just one motor. The size and power output of a motor is an important feature. Generally, the higher the output, the more powerful a motor is and the easier it is for the motor to do its job in providing the user with the correct vibration levels. Stronger motors are usually smoother because it doesn’t need to work as hard. Whereas, an underpowered motor may get overworked and overheat–leading to premature failure.

Types of Vibration Exercise Machine

If you plan on using or buying a whole body vibration machine, you would want to have a whole body vibration review that explains the different types of machines available. Which ones to use for what purpose and what are the differences between them?

To answer some of those questions, it’s important to first discuss the different types of vibration exercise machines available and get a better understanding of why there are different types of machines.

There are many different motion systems incorporated into whole body vibration machines. They all vibrate, but they vibrate in different ways, and the way they vibrate will produce different results on the human body. Some of these motion systems are compound motions, which means there is more than one motion occurring at the same time, and other machines use single motion systems.

The main types of machine motions are broken down into the following categories (alphabetically listed):

  • Biplanar
  • Cross lateral
  • Dynamic wave
  • Hard triplanar
  • Pivotal oscillation
  • Pure vertical
  • Soft triplanar
  • Spiral rotational

The term Biplanar refers to the fact that the machines platform (the standing area) is moving in 2 different planes at the same time. The platform will be moving up/down and front/back on models where the motor is mounted underneath the plate along the X axis, and on machines where the motor is mounted along the Y axis the platform will move up/down and left/right. Biplanar machines typically have one motor and have a very rudimentary mechanical system internally, with an off center counter weight attached to the shaft of an electric motor. As a result this type of machines would generally be the lowest priced machines found on the market today. Typically this class of machine use AC electric motors, as these are less expensive compared to DC motors, but a few Biplanar machines do utilize DC motors. These Biplanar machines often produce a buzzing sensation from the vibro plate to the user and are typically used for massaging purposes. They are not very effective for any purpose other than a light massage, which may induce a slight increase in blood circulation, localized to the point of contact with the machine, such as the feet, if standing on the machine. Some users will place their back or arms on the machine to receive the benefits of the vibrations to that specific area. The amplitudes (amount of physical travel of the platform) of these machines are typically very low (1mm – 2mm) and their speeds are relatively high, reaching lows of 25 Hz and highs of 45 Hz. Along with the massaging vibrations, these types of units also produce very erratic and uncontrolled vibrations from the vibro plate, with approximately 30% – 50% of all vibrations being non harmonic in nature, since they have no externally mounted vibration dampening systems. Non harmonic vibrations are the dangerous wave patterns produced by mechanisms that are not well balanced or where the motion is not very controlled.

Cross lateral is one of the newest motion systems designed and patented by one specific manufacturer. This motion is based on the principle of having the platform move only along the X axis, with no vertical motion at all. Amplitude is very high, nearing 17mm and the speed is relatively slow. This combination of speed and amplitude lends itself very well to increasing lymphatic drainage and improving balance. Vibrations are very controlled and filtered by use of vibration dampening (both external and internal), which makes the unit well suited for rehabilitation purposes and is often used by people with knee or joint concerns, who normally would not be able to tolerate the vertical motion associated with other systems.

Dynamic wave motion is a compound motion system which in essence is a combination of oscillation and cross lateral motions combined. Driven by 2 separate motors and 2 separate mechanical systems, the platform moves along the X axis, while also moving in the Z axis. This high amplitude and relatively low speed is well suited for users looking for weight loss, increased lymphatic or improved balance. Similar to the cross lateral motion, this motion is considered perfectly safe for people with knee or joint concerns. Since there are 2 different drive systems working in unison, vibration dampening systems are put in place to remove all unwanted mechanical non harmonic vibrations. Though more expensive to manufacture compared to biplanar, these units are still economical when compared to other single motion units.

Hard triplanar, which is often referred to (incorrectly) as simply triplanar, is a motion system that is used by many pro and amateur athletes, and typically marketed to that audience as a power plate workout. A wide range of manufacturers make this style of machine and though the internal mechanisms are more elaborate than oscillation motion systems, they are less complicated to manufacture than multi motion mechanisms, and hence are typically less expensive. They are simply a variation of biplanar mechanisms with the exception of the fact that the off center counter weight is not firmly attached to the motor shaft, but rather is mounted in such a way that allows for the weight to ‘wobble’ while being spun, producing motion in all 3 axis at the same time. Since the amount of ‘wobble’ is not the same as the amount of spin of the counter weight rotation, the Z axis and the Y axis would be identical but the X axis amplitude would be less. In situations where the motor is mounted sideways the Z axis and the X axis would be identical and the Y axis would be less. Some models of hard triplanar machines use 2 motors for increasing the amount of available power. Better manufacturers place the 2 motors in sync with one another, where lower priced units do not sync the 2 motors. In these 2 motor drive units vibration dampening is essential, though few companies incorporate dampening. The dampening can eliminate the large amounts of non-harmonic vibrations produced by having 2 different motors, since their speeds and positioning can never be exactly identical or matched precisely. This hard triplanar motion system is very effective for increasing muscle strength, improving blood circulation and extremely effective for building bone density. However, since hard triplanar motion is a low amplitude (typically 2mm-3mm) and relatively high speed (30Hz – 60Hz) system, it is not very effective at improving lymphatic drainage, nor is it effective for improving balance, and should not be used for weight loss purposes either. The last few years independent studies and continued research has shown that there is an inherent risk of knee and soft tissue damage from using hard triplanar machines. The danger comes from the fact that the Z axis (vertical component) movement is low amplitude and high speed and the users weight is constantly ‘bouncing’ up and down generating enormous stress levels on the knee joints and other soft tissue regions. Some manufacturers of these machines have recently begun adding air bags under the platform, between the user and the motion mechanism, in hopes of reducing the stress levels on the joints. The procedure has worked to some extent, but in theory these air bladders simply reduce the effectiveness of the entire principle of this movement altogether. Hard triplanar types of machines often include a strap system which enables users to perform upper body, arm shoulder and back exercises by transferring vibrations from the platform through the straps to desired body areas. Though machines with this mechanism system were one of the first machines to enter the marketplace and can be easily found when searching for ‘gyms near me’, they are still popular and are in use in many fitness centers. However, their popularity is quickly diminishing as more information is becoming available about their potential damaging effect on joints and soft tissue.

Pivotal oscillation motion is the most common type of motion system found on machines today. Many workout routines for women are featured on oscillation type machines. In fact it’s estimated that 70% of the machines on the planet are of this type. These types of machines are commonly used in weight loss programs for women. Often referred to simply as oscillation motion, these machines move the platform under the user very similarly to the way in which a see saw operates. One side goes up, while the other goes down. To achieve this the platform is mounted to a central fulcrum or pivot point and the platform is connected by a belt drive to a motor or crank system with an eccentric wheel. Though many people believe the platform is moving only in an upright manner along the Z axis, the platform is actually moving on 2 axis, predominantly the Z axis, but there is some lateral motion as well along the Y axis. The platform is moving in an arc, so there is some lateral shift occurring at the same time as vertical shift happens. The motion is a relatively low speed, but with high amplitude, typically 10mm – 12mm. This combination is suited for weight loss, increased lymphatic drainage and for improved balance, however, since there is no low amplitude or high speed motions, it is not effective for strength training, circulation or bone density concerns. Differences between different manufacturers of oscillation motion machines center around the amount of power available to the motor (some use DC motors and others use AC motors), and the rate of acceleration of the platform. Some units have the platform accelerate very rapidly, slow down quickly and repeat with every cycle, which is a very effective method of producing better results and lowering potential injury. Other less complicated mechanisms, however, operate at the same speed throughout their range of motion, which will produce a very linear speed from the top of the arc to the bottom of the arc, during the platforms movement and therefore produce much less usable or desired force for the user, as there is no force without acceleration and acceleration is based upon the change in speed, not the speed of the movement. Something could be moving very quickly, but if it is moving at the same speed constantly, there is no acceleration. Vibration therapy is based upon acceleration, so without it the machine is really doing nothing beneficial. These lesser models will produce a feeling of discomfort and are not very effective and should, therefore be avoided. They are producing vast amounts of non-harmonic vibrations which are dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. Proper oscillation motion is a gentle movement which is not dangerous to joints or soft tissue as movement of the platform is following a proper sinusoidal wave pattern, which eliminates undue stresses on knees and other joints. Many of the lower priced oscillating machines found on the market today do not have sinusoidal wave patterns.

Pure Vertical movement machines are a rarity in the market place and are typically only found in medical facilities and are used for treating very specific types of injuries and are also used in some chiropractic facilities for vibration therapy. These machines tend to be rather expensive, with their price tags often reaching close to $15,000 or higher. These machines produce a movement where the platform is moving only on the Z axis, that is to say the platform is only moving straight up and down. They will often have controls to dictate the amplitude, which would be adjustable anywhere from 2mm – 15mm. These pure vertical motion machines also have the ability to adjust the speed or frequency of the movement. There are very rare circumstances during treatment where, it is vitally important to only move a joint in one direction, with absolutely no lateral movement across the joint, and these scenarios are where this type of machine is invaluable. However, in most rehab and therapeutic uses the direction of movement using other types of vibration machines can also be controlled by simply adjusting the direction in which the patient is facing in relation to the machine.

The drive systems which move the platforms on this class of machines can vary, and no one particular style is better than the other, and the ‘uniqueness’ of the drive unit is strictly a marketing tactic. One of the drive systems is often referred to as ‘Sonic’ vibrations or something similar. This is a system where the platform is raised and lowered by having an inaudible speaker system push air in a closed cylinder, and an inserted piston in the cylinder is attached to the platform plate. The piston is pushed further away from the speaker by the air trapped in the cylinder, raising the platform. And the adjustability comes from the ‘volume’ of the noise from the speaker and the timing of the pulses of the ‘sound’. It does take great energy to properly drive this style of motion system, and these machines are prone to breakdowns as any seals that are worn will leak air and reduce the effective or responsiveness of the machine.

Another common technique used to achieve movement on pure vertical machines is through the use of magnetic forces. In these machines very strong electromagnets inside cylinders or directly under the platform are powered on and off and repulse against stationary magnets under the platform. This magnetic repulsion technique is very effective, quiet, energy efficient and powerful. In fact there are many passenger train systems throughout the world that use the same principle of movement, just on a much larger scale. Often also referred to as magnetic levitation, or mag-lav, this technique has its opponents however, with many scientific communities showing great concern about exposing human tissue to such vast amounts of electro-magnetic energy.

Soft triplanar machines have been on the market for only a few years and are a direct result of the recent research that has been introduced on the detrimental effects of using hard triplanar machines, which were very popular a few years ago. The detrimental effects of hard triplanar machines are not present with soft triplanar motion, though these machines still offer the many benefits associated with hard triplanar motion, such as improved blood circulation, increased strength and increased bone density. These newer style of whole body vibration machines are very safe on joints and soft tissue. Typically this motion is the culmination of having oscillation motion and spiral rotational motion occurring at the same time. The oscillation motion provides the necessary vertical (Z axis) motion, while spiral rotational motion provides the low amplitude/high speed lateral motion along the X and Y axis.

Often this new class of machine is referred to as a class 3 or level 3 motion system, referring to the fact that there is multiple and separate motions emanating from the machine from 2 separate drive systems. Typically these machines have 2 separate electric motors driving the machine, with independent speed controls for each motor. This allows users the option of using the machine in one of 3 different ways. The user can opt to use the machine simply in oscillation motion, spiral rotational mode or in the combined soft triplanar mode.

Being the direct result of new research this class of machine has only been in the marketplace for approximately 5 years and is quickly becoming the machine of choice for vibration therapy and is used by chiropractors, wellness centers and rehab facilities as they show no potential of being able to cause harm to users.

Spiral rotational machines have been available in North America for approximately 8 years. However it is difficult to find a unit these days that only offer spiral rotational motion, as the majority of units with this movement are found in multi-motion machines, such as soft triplanar machines. This type of movement propels the platform under the user in a cyclic manner. Clock wise or anti clockwise, but always having the platform facing the same direction. The platform is not spinning, but rather it is being driven by a spinning mechanism which forces the platform to move from front to side, side to back, back to opposite side, then side to front again. This spiral rotational movement is performed at high speed, but very little movement is incorporated (low amplitude). Typically 2-3 mmm of amplitude is as much as these machines move, along the X and Y axis. The drive system for this motion mechanism has seen very drastic changes in the past few years with respect to the mechanics of the structure that permits this fashion of movement. The mechanical structure for this movement style is very difficult to build correctly. Many manufacturers have used and continue to use drive systems which rely on a plastic or rubber ‘O’ ring design to maintain a steady connection between the motor unit and the moving platform. This connection system is inherently designed to fail however, as there is too much friction caused by the high speed movement and premature failure is unavoidable. Newer industrial technologies has allowed some manufacturers to construct this movement connection system from high strength steel, instead of plastic, though this is more costly to produce, but provides a stable long life solution. Spiral rotational motion machines can use either AC or DC electric motors, with the AC motors produce more EMF and more non harmonic waves. The more expensive DC motors produce negligible amounts of EMF and far less destructive vibration patterns. Units utilizing DC motors will cost several hundred dollars more than units which use AC motors.

The Buyer’s Guide

Outlines which two features of a vibration machine play a key role in creating a slimmer, stronger body in the shortest possible time. FACT: only the top 9 out of 41 machines had both!

Will give you the confidence of knowing which machines are backed by scientific research.

Will identify the unique ability the best machines had in common and why astronauts are now using machines with this ability. FACT: 32 machines FAILED to demonstrate this ability when pushed to their limits by the engineers!

Demonstrates which machine settings were most commonly used in over 250 research experiments to achieve maximum muscle benefits.

Will tell you the surprising machine which out-performed 38 of the other 40 machines – yet costs a lot LESS than the other top 8 performers.

I suspect you are guessing which machine was a hands down winner…but watch the video to see and hear all of the details yourself. It is worth it!

I know from all of the reading I have done on whole body vibration that Australia is a leader in producing research that has been used by doctors, physiotherapists and trainers. I cannot imagine what one would have to go through to participate – and then win – the Biggest Loser contest. The fact that Adro Sarnelli was the program’s first winner speaks volumes to his commitment to losing weight, staying fit and maintaining the gains. It is pretty exciting to know he has created a whole exercise program based on HyperVibe in his own fitness studio in Australia.

Compare vibration machines

The criteria used for the comparison chart was based upon information provided by manufacturers as well as customer satisfaction and critiquing by actual users of the machines from blogs to personal experience from those users that I personally spoke to. Reliability was based on numerous factors including longevity, and condition that shipped machine was received by customers. Construction information took into account the materials used for construction of the machine. Plastic components were the lowest rated and stainless steel the highest rated. The quality heading took many factors into consideration, among them user friendliness in design, assembly, overall appearance and feel of the machine and overall design. Performance was judged by the operation of the machine and how well it performed compared to its claims. The supporting manuals, videos (if any), literature, telephone customer support, as well performance lead to the customer satisfaction rating. The final overall rating was based on the average of all the criteria. As I said earlier, I will let you decide which machine is best suited for you. But in case you were still curious to know which machines my friends and family have purchased, I have compiled a short list below and have tried to categorize the people involved so you can find an appropriate match to you.

I get many people emailing me everyday asking if I could recommend a machine for them. It’s very difficult for me to do this as people have many different reasons for choosing to buy a machine in the first place. Some are looking for weight loss, others are looking for a machine to help with their diabetes, osteoporosis or arthritis issues. Yet others are looking for a machine to help with their lymphatic drainage because they want to de-tox. And yet others are looking for a way to tone their bodies or to maintain their health. So its very difficult for me to suggest one machine over the other, plus everyone has a different budget. Some of my readers balk at spending more than $500 on a machine, and others think nothing of spending $15000 for a machine, though I have to say most people are in the middle somewhere and can justify spending around $3000 on a machine that’s actually good for their overall health.

So I created this buyers comparison chart with the intention of letting shoppers choose for themselves based on whats important to them. My job in creating the buyers guide comparison chart was to look at some of the factors that the average consumer may not be aware of. A great number of the machines available today may look very similar to one another because many of the external cosmetic components are made by companies that sell their products to anyone. It is the internal components that make a very large difference in the operation of the machine and its usability and its ability to accomplish the task of what it was selected for. There are ‘Premium’ oscillating mechanical systems which were invented and patented by VibraPro, there is the ‘duo-sync’ patented drive system from PowerPlate, there is the ‘Helio’ drive invented by a European firm and used exclusively in the Pro-ellixe and many more amazing inventions. These are the core internal parts that make a great machine or the lack of which make a dud of a machine. From the outside they may look the same, but buyer beware. I’ve spoken with countless gym owners that bought cheaper machines and have paid the price from the burnt out internal electronics in the no name machines they chose. The proper operation of a vibration machine is very dependent upon the electronics that drive them and cheaper brand electronics will fail under heavy and sometimes under regular use. I want people to be aware of these limitations in no name products. Stick to the top 3 brand names: Pro-ellixe, Power Plate and VibraPro, as these companies use only the best internal components and are pioneers in designing new drive and electronic systems that are used exclusively in their branded machines. They do not sell the fancy trademarked components to other companies, so if you see some other company touting ‘Premium’ oscillation or ‘Helio’ drive, they are not telling you the truth. They are using imitation cheaper drive systems.

Build quality – This looks at how well the machine is built. Do pieces fit together out of the box. Cheaper units are notorious for needing drills and other tools to make the holes line up and often are missing bolts or screws and use cheap screws that strip when trying to put it together. These are things that wont show up in the glossy photos of the machines on their websites, so be careful, unless you are very handy with tools.

Component quality – This category looks at the quality of the internal components. Tiny microprocessors and similar parts are made by numerous manufacturers and quality ones can be considerably more expensive than inferior ones, so this is the first place no name manufacturers of machines will scrimp to save on costs. Motor and drive systems fall into this category and obviously these are major components in vibration machines. Again this is an area where no name machine manufacturers will save a lot of production costs because after all consumers don’t see what’ inside the machines.

Weight loss / muscle strength / bone density / rehab – These categories look at the usability of a machine for that specific purpose. For example the dual motion machines are great for a number of purposes, where as an oscillating machine is generally good for lymphatic drainage increase but fairly useless for building muscle strength. Decide which uses are important to you and see which machines score high in their respective categories.

Overall rating – Looks at all the criteria and averages out the results. Keep in mind that dual motion machines have an advantage here as their inherent design lets them easily score high in many categories so they will automatically get very high rankings.




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Final Word

If you like the idea of losing fat, gaining muscle and strength, increasing bone density and improving your balance and coordination, consider purchasing a vibration platform for the home. It may cost you a reasonable amount of money, but the long-term benefits should outweigh the initial investment.

So, TOP10 of Body Vibration Exercise Machines:



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