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Top Of The Best Fireplace Fans Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated April 1, 2019
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Adrian HoffmanHi! My name is Reginald Meyer. After putting in 50+ hours of research and testing, I made a list of the best Fireplace Fans of 2018 and explained their differences and advantages.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 10 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.



Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.



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№1 – KINDEN Fireplace Fans 4-Blade – Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood Log Burner Ultra Quiet Increases 80% More Warm Air than 2 Blade Eco-Friendly with Stove Thermometer (Aluminium Black)

KINDEN Fireplace Fans 4-Blade - Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood Log Burner Ultra Quiet Increases 80% More Warm Air than 2 Blade Eco-Friendly with Stove Thermometer (Aluminium Black)
[No Electricity Needed]: Generate power by converting the heat from your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Highly effective at distributing heat throughout the entire house nicely. Never need to turn it on or off.
[Updated Model 2018]: 4-Blade increases 80% more warm air than 2 blade, the air flow can reach 360 CFM, fan starts to rotate when temperature reach 50C(122F), The hotter the fire, the faster the blades turn.


№2 – Eagle Shape Heat Powered Eco Fans for Stove Fireplace Wood Log Burners 4 Blades Ultra-quiet

Eagle Shape Heat Powered Eco Fans for Stove Fireplace Wood Log Burners 4 Blades Ultra-quiet
Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.Increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove oven or wood/ log burner to generate more warmth.
Eco Friendly Fireplace Fan.Requires no electricity or batteries,heat driven.The fan speed varies automatically by the temperature of the stove. Never need to turn it on or off.


№3 – 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood / Log Burner/Fireplace increases 80% more warm air than 2 blade fan- Eco Friendly

4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood / Log Burner/Fireplace increases 80% more warm air than 2 blade fan- Eco Friendly
Heat powered – no batteries or electricity required.
Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.
Less consumption, more efficiency.


Start-Up Temperature

This is the minimum temperature required for the fan blades to start moving of their own accord. If you normally run your stove at a lower temperature then it makes sense to buy a fan with a low starting temperature (100-150F). Otherwise, you will have to manually start the fan by giving it a spin. It is not a big deal, but we prefer the completely hands off approach.

Log Set Inserts

An Electric Fireplace Log Set is the perfect solution for someone wanting to repurpose an old or unused wood burning/gas fireplace quickly and easily. Requiring the least amount of effort with installations, these units simply slide into an existing fireplace and plug in to the closest wall outlet. For those who want to hide the electrical cord, you may opt for a slightly more complicated installation and have a licensed electrician place an electric outlet within your fireplace.

Log sets are just as they sound: a 3D log set with a base and a rear projecting flame effect. Some units project the flames onto the back wall of your fireplace, while others have a built-in back plate. Both create a realistic flame appearance –this is where your own personal preference comes to play. The majority, though not all units, offer a fan-forced heater which can create supplemental warmth for areas up to 400 Sq. Ft. All units offer a hand-held remote for convenient and easy operation from virtually anywhere in your room.

Plug-in Inserts

Plug-In Electric Fireplace Inserts also offer a relatively easy installation; only slightly more complicated than a log set. These units are square or rectangular, fully encased boxes that can be used in existing cabinets, mantels and fireplaces. These units simply plug into a standard household wall outlet, which you may or may not prefer to have an electrician add to the inside of your fireplace.

These fireboxes feature glass fronts that encase either realistic log sets or contemporary glass ember beds depending on your preference. The integrated heaters vent from the top of the fireboxes and create supplemental warmth to help take the chill out of your room. Traditional fan-forced heaters warm 400 Sq. Ft. while Infrared heaters can warm up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. You’ll want to take this into consideration when deciding which unit will be best for the room you are planning for installation.

Built-in Inserts

A Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert requires the most complicated installation process. These fireboxes are designed for more permanent and direct installations into a wall or fireplace. Built-In units can be plugged into a standard outlet using a plug-kit or hard-wired (preferred) into your home’s electrical grid. We encourage you to hire an electrician or carefully read the detailed instructions prior to installation. Depending on the voltage, built-in fireboxes are able to provide additional heat due to the larger circuit capacity. A hardwired 110V firebox will warm up to 400 Sq. Ft. (4,600 BTUs), whereas a 220V will heat up to 800 Sq. Ft. (9,600 BTUs).

Like plug-in units, these boxes are fully encased with glass fronts and offer either traditional log set or modern glass ember bed options.

Infrared Heater

On the other hand, infrared heaters are designed to warm larger areas, specifically rooms up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. in size. Heating much like the sun, infrared heat warms objects and not just the air within a room. Utilizing quartz infrared tubing, a copper heat exchanger and fan, these units create highly efficient, supplemental heat which is evenly distributed across your area.

Electrical Requirements

Most of models of electric fireplaces can be simply plugged into a standard household outlet. However, you need to make sure that this outlet is on a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse Dedicated circuit breaker means that this breaker is not shared with any other outlets or lighting fixtures and serves only one outlet. 

Plugging an electric fireplace into an electrical outlet that shares one circuit breaker or fuse with several other outlets and lighting fixtures could overload the circuit, trip the circuit breaker and create a safety hazard.

Never plug in your Electric Fireplace to an extension cord!

If your Electric Fireplace is a built-in model that needs to be hardwired, a new circuit breaker and wiring is required. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician if you need new wiring for your plug-in fireplace or installing a hardwired model.

Make sure to always follow manufacturer’s instructions provided in the product manual. 

Fan-forced Coil Heaters

Electric fireplaces with fan-forced coil heaters can provide supplemental heat for a 400-500 sq.ft. room. This is the majority of electric fireplaces. Here is how these heaters work – a silent fan blows air over the heated coils and the heated air comes out of a vent that can be located at the top, bottom, or front of the fireplace.

Depending on where you want to install your fireplace, the location of the vent might make a difference because it needs to be at least feet away from the combustible materials, like curtains, carpet, or furniture.

Electric Log Inserts

Electric log inserts look like a grate with logs and they have built in lights that create a flame like effect on the walls of your existing fireplace. Log inserts have a built in heater and come with an included remote allowing you to control the flame height, intensity, heat and even the ember bed lighting.

Zone Heating

Electric fireplaces are great sources of supplemental heat. They are 99% efficient meaning that there is no loss of energy all of it gets converted into heat. Electric fireplaces can be placed in any room to add some warmth just there thus helping you save on your heating bill.

Plug-In Electric Insert

The plug-in electric fireplace insert is a simple and inexpensive solution for anyone who wants to install an electric fireplace into a cabinet or mantel. Plug-in units are completely self-contained units, like a space heater. The units are fully enclosed on all sides and have glass fronts, which make them great for modern-style homes. The fan-forced heat output comes from the top of the unit above the heating element. Like electric log inserts, most plug-in inserts plug into a standard 1volt outlet and can heat up to a 400 square foot room. Infrared plug-in inserts can provide safe, comfortable heat for up to 1,000 square feet.

Flashing and Trim Options

Some inserts offer decorative flashings and trim to enhance the look and style of your installation. For example, instead of a basic black sheet metal flashing, some inserts offer a cast iron surround trim. In the rare case that none of the appropriate flashings or surrounds will cover your entire fireplace openings (particularly for those with very large fireplaces), it is possible to purchase the insert only and then have a custom surround fabricated by a local machine shop or sheet metal expert. Some of the best retailers offer services to help you do this.

Flame Effects

All electric log inserts and fireboxes are designed to pulsate and glow while the flame effect is in use. The result is a realistic flame effect without the nuisance of smoke or the dangers of burning logs. How the effect will look, however, will differ based on the design and style of each of the inserts.

Some flame effects are generated using a pan of water that mists. Originally patented by Dimplex, this is the most realistic-looking approach. Others mimic flames using blown air and fireproof materials.

As a Source of Heat

Some natural gas fireplace products can be used for heating. Look for the product descriptions “vented natural gas fireplace heater” or “vent-free room heater.” These offer substantial zone heating. Products certified as a “vented natural gas fireplace” are not designed to heat, but offer the ambiance of a beautiful fire.

Product Details

Moda Flame Houston 50-inch Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace

This is a first-class fireplace offered in today’s marketplace. This Houston model is a 50-inch-wide electric fireplace with brilliant flames. The contemporary black or white metal frame provides a beautiful look that harmonizes with its glass front. You can install this fireplace in your home or office for heat and visual interest. Enjoy your electric fireplace having three heat settings of low, high, and no heat with flame only, with a brightness control, and a quiet fan. The wall-mounted unit adds atmosphere and character without fire, smoke, and fumes. With the built-in timer, you can program the fireplace to shut off for 30 minutes and up to 7.hours. You will need a 36-inch clearance if you plan to mount the fireplace under a flat screen TV. The power usage with the flames is only 2.Watts each hour. The flames look true-to-life and are mesmerizing to look into. The Houston fireplace heater requires no gas, ethanol, gel cans, chimney, or vent to work—just plug it into a standard 120-Volt outlet. The heater with settings for supplemental heat has no smell or ashes. A 6-foot power cord is located at the bottom right when facing the unit—no hardwiring required. Wall mounting hardware is included for any flat wall; cannot be recess mounted into the wall. The hand-held remote unit has an auto-off switch for controlling the flame and heat and uses 2-AAA batteries not included. The Houston fireplace is energy efficient with long-life LED lights. A mounting bracket included ensures easy and level wall mounting. Installation can be accomplished usually by one person. The easy-to-open glass door remains cool to the touch having no combustion in the fireplace. This electric fireplace is one of the highly demandable fireplaces in the marketplace.

Size and Heating Power

Electric fireplaces come in different amounts of heating power. The power to heat the room where the fireplace is to be located depends on the size of the room. More power is offered for larger rooms while less power is provided for smaller rooms. To know the BTU and Watt output for the amount of energy needed to heat your room, check out this cool


The fireplace marketplace offers many different features for your consideration when you want to create a dramatic effect while protecting your budget. Listed below are characteristics you will want to think about.

Flame-only Operation—When you don’t want heat, this type of electric fireplace or stove produces authentic looking flames but without heat. This feature is ideal when you only want to have the fireplace or stove be visually appealing to harmonize with your home décor enjoying the glow and flame effect.

Adjustable Thermostat—You are able to regulate the heat level generated from your fireplace with this feature. It enables you to increase or decrease the heat depending on your preferences. For your personalized comfort, an adjustable thermostat is a welcomed feature.

Flame Speed Control—Electric fireplaces feature realistic flames. For controlling the flame, you will need this control feature for the flame to flicker and dance bringing the fireplace to life with this effect.

Digital Control—The fireplace responds to the remote control with the digital control circuit board in the electric fireplaces. The features provided allow you to use the remote for selecting functions such as setting the flame speed, the flicker, blower fan, interior brightness, speed, heater, and on/off functions without leaving your chair when you are in the same room with the fireplace.

Brightness Control—An important feature if your fireplace is located in your bedroom for dimming the unit as you read or go to sleep.

Self-trimming Firebox—Today’s electric fireplaces have self-trimming similar to a picture frame around the front of the unit. It allows the fireplace to have that complete look without having to buy trim because it is already beautifully framed when purchased.

Portability—An electric fireplace should be flexible enough that it is movable to another room. Portability and functionality are not mutually exclusive. Purchase your fireplace that provides both functions where you can have the movability and the functions in one unit.

Remote Control Options—The hand-held remote allows you to select fireplace features for your needs. Being in the same room with the fireplace, you simply press the buttons for your comfort and pleasure experience.

Safety Features—An electric fireplace and all electric appliances come with important safety features to insure your safety. Thermal overload protectors prevent overheating of your unit and you want to be sure the fireplace you plan to purchase has this feature. It will automatically shut off your unit if it overheats. An electric fireplace should never feel hot to the touch. They have no combustion so should always feel cool.

Inexpensive and Eco-friendly Operation—Search for a top-rated electric fireplace that is energy efficient. These fireplaces are eco-friendly as well. With budgetary considerations, you will also need to know the maintenance costs for components to operate the fireplace.

These are some of the things you want to keep in mind when shopping for an electric fireplace. To meet your needs for a beautiful unit with all the bells and whistles for your home, we hope our information will help you with your selection process.

Companies that specialize in electric fireplaces produce specific types for the consumer. Some companies are not as reliable as others are. Duraflame and Dimplex have years of experience and enjoy a reputation for manufacturing quality fireplaces, service, and parts. When you’re considering a new fireplace, keep these things in mind. The integrity and professionalism of a brand company is worth searching for when you are shopping for a mesmerizing and unique fireplace.

Heating Water and Radiators

Why heat your whole home? Save fuel by switching off your heating and using your stove.

Using a Wood Burner or Multi-Fuel Stove with a Hot Water Thermal Device.

Carbon monoxide detectors must be fitted with all newly installed stoves. (new regulation)

Wood-Burning Stoves and the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Use an Inset Multi-Fuel Stove to Improve Efficiency.

The importance of using properly dried wood in a multi-fuel stove.

Why the latest rise in oil prices means there has never been a better time to fit a wood burning stove.

The social benefits for a family that gathers around a wood burning stove.

As discussed in our

What Remote Works For You article, the easiest way to determine your fireplace’s remote compatibility is by finding the Wiring Diagram in your fireplace Installation & Operation manual. For a standard millivolt valve, it should look something like this:

Once you’ve determined your fireplace has a standard millivolt, you’ll have plenty of remote control options – most remote options have the option to include a battery powered receiver box or a 110V AC receiver box suite your preference, so let’s take a look at them.


In addition to the On/Off function, Timer remote controls provide an additional countdown timer function to your remote system in order to allow you to set your fireplace to run for a certain period of time. The timer function is easy to use and offers versatility in controlling your appliance – especially if you have the habit of accidentally leaving it on.


Similar to the Timer remote controls, Thermostatic remote controls allow On/Off control with a thermostat function in place of a countdown timer. The thermostat control works just like a regular thermostat would but from the convenience of your remote control. *Note – you can also get a remote with both Timer and Thermostat functions in one unit, like the


The upper echelon of fireplace remotes, Programmable units allow the ultimate control for your fireplace. They include the Timer, Thermostat, and simple On/Off controls in addition to a programmable function to have those features operate automatically based on the temperature, time of day, or day of the week – it’s your choice. and the

Fan Control

For those of you with a fireplace blower/fan, a special remote is available to provide control of the fan in addition to normal fireplace control. This remote is similar to the 3301-P in that it provides complete thermostat, timer, and programmable control of your fireplace, with the added benefit of simple On/Off fan control.

Arrives with a remote

This fan may be more difficult to clean and maintain compared to similar models

The Hurricane Classic Fan has three speed settings and is 20 inches in height. This budget choice features a space saving design. This fan gets the job done without a bunch of fancy bells or whistles making it perfect for those wanting an economical, easy to use fan.


The Patton High-Velocity Fan features three different settings for speed and an adjustable tilt head. It is comprised of 18-inch metal blades that efficiently move air. This model has a powerful motor and is built to last. The Patton High-Velocity fan is an excellent option for individuals wanting to cool a workshop or garage. This fan is very loud, so it may not be best suited for home or overnight use. You could also use this heavy duty box fan as a tool to help you dry carpets after shampooing them.

Very loud

The Holmes Twin Window Fan is composed of lightweight plastic and fits easily into windows with an opening of at least 2inches wide and 1inches in height. It also can be used with extender panels which will extend the fan to a width of 3inches for larger windows. The fan has a comfort control thermostat to help you find and maintain the ideal temperature for maximized comfort. The Holmes Twin Window Fan is a lovely choice for those individuals that want a window fan and live in moist climates. The fan motors are water resistant to guard against issues in rainy weather. It has three speeds and is easy to install and use. The fans operate independently to allow cold air inside the home while pushing hot air outside.

Basic fan without many higher tech features

The Lasko 20-Inch Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan is a basic model with the addition of a weather shield to protect the unity form rain. It has a compact design and is easy to carry and transport. On the downside, it is louder than other similar models.

Fan Maintenance

When compared with other household appliances, box fans are relatively low maintenance. The most common issues involved in the upkeep of your fan lies in the prevention of dirt, grime, dust, allergens, and any other debris from building up on the fan’s blades.

If you have purchased a fan that is unable to be easily taken apart, you can try to use cleaning brushes, a spray, or even canned air to remove debris and buildup. It is important that you exercise caution in keeping water off of the fan’s motor and other electrical components to avoid a shocking situation. You can help lengthen the life of your fan by keeping it out of the reach of kids and pets. Running the fan only when you need to instead of letting run twenty-four hours a day is also helpful. The fan should be used in a way that allows the air a clear path to circulate, so try not to put it in front of furniture or appliances. Securing it safely during use on a table or other off the floor surface can keep the fan, and your family, safe. In closing

Purchasing a box fan can make your home much cooler and more comfortable. You can also cut down on energy used and electricity bills. There are many helpful features on box fans that can help you to create a cooling scheme that keeps everyone happy and comfortable. We hope you enjoyed our box fan review and buyers guide. Be sure to leave us a

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Wood-burning fireplaces provide great ambience, but they can’t beat the easy, no-fuss efficiency of gas. • You don’t have to split, stack, season, or haul logs.• There are no ashes to bag, no smoky smells, no chimney to clean.• You can start, adjust, and snuff out fires with the touch of a remote control.• The fire needs no tending and won’t die out from neglect.• A wall thermostat can control the flame size—and therefore heat output—to maintain a specific temperature setting in the room.• The fixed glass panels covering direct-vent fireboxes ensure that the furnace- or boiler-heated air in the rest of the house doesn’t escape up the flue, as it does with a wood fire. • You can get as much as 7to 9percent of a fuel’s energy back as heat, instead of the to 30 percent for wood fires.• Gas fireplaces can go almost anywhere—in an upstairs bathroom, in a basement, or outdoors—without needing a chimney.

Painted handles = SHIT

It’s exactly as the title says. Avoid painted/colored handles like the plague(this includes black). Having painted handles makes the fans spin poorly(the paint causes too much friction against your skin), and in humidity, it makes the fans completely unspinnable. Tell the manufacturer that you’re considering buying from that you do not want the handles painted. If they do not offer the option, go elsewhere. If the handles are anything other than copper/silver: go elsewhere. “This fan I want to buy has a double ring on the bottom. Is this a bad thing?

These handles work fine for the most part, but the gap between the rings can catch your pinky if you’re not careful, and they make scissor gripping more difficult to do as well. Other than these issues though, they aren’t necessarily bad and you really don’t have anything to worry about if you purchase a fan with double rings on the handle. They’re there to give you more to grab onto since theyre probably made of thinner wire than say a fat copper ring.

Photon Performance and Props

This shop currently sells a Modular ring russian grip fan(as seen in photo), that allows the user to switch between a russian grip to a tech grip(small hole grip), and from fire wicks to LED wicks. They also offer standard wick fans(nonmodular) upon request

But before that

What To Look For Before Getting The Best Electric Fireplace Heater?

As usual, we start by enlightening you on some important things you should always look for when purchasing an electric fireplace. Features make a product. The better the features, the more efficient the product proves to be.

Check the primary feature that will lead you to your ideal electric fireplace:

Ease of Installation

You want to buy an electric fireplace, head straight to your home and put it into action. Unfortunately, if you purchase a system that gives you a headache on the installation part, things might not go as you wanted them to.

But you can avoid this by buying an easy to install unit that does not make your spend whole day put it into place. Ensure you go for the electric fireplaces that fit easily and smoothly, without much effort.

Most of the units available today comes with the necessary mounting hardware and a list of well-outlined instructions on how you can get the thing ready in a matter of minutes.

Wall-mounted electric fireplace models do not require much installation job. They don’t demand that you reconstruct the wall you hang them on or a major remodeling of your house.

Energy Efficient

This is no brainer. How much power does the unit you’re planning to buy consume?

Have you confirmed the manufacturer’s claims with the reviews of the previous users of that unit? Of course, an ideal unit should consume energy efficiently.

Let it not be a liability that keeps n raising your energy bill every single bill. Rather, it should be a valuable asset that heats up your room allowing you to realize huge savings on the amount of cash you spend on energy annually (at least up to 50% energy saving in most cases).

More factors to keep in mind while searching the market for an ideal electric fireplace…

At this point, I’ll take you straight to our list of Top-Notch electric fireplaces that are ruling the market.

Highlighted Feature

Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace, 70″, Black

Altra Furniture is a reputable company behind the manufacture of top quality electric fireplaces for over 20 years. Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace is one of their latest releases that serves the dual task of an electric fireplace as well as a television stand.

The gorgeous black finish of this TV stand will defiantly create a beautiful focal point in any room in your home. It’s made from high-quality, laminated Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and durable particleboard.

These active materials enable it to hold your flat screen TV and other media accessories for a longer period. With the molded details of this unit, it has enjoyed millions of visual appreciation. The 2inches wide fireplace is incredibly easy to operate using remote control.

You can easily warm up your room with a couple of heat settings that fall between 7and 8degrees. You can opt to enjoy the ambiance of the flames with or without the heat- it all depends on your needs.

You can quickly switch between levels of flame light for varied ambiance. The unit’s heater blower will automatically go off whenever it reaches the set temperature.

Highlighted Features

You can mount the 50-inches electric fireplace anywhere- on the walls of your bedroom, children’s room, etc., living room, and even office.

You can install it to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this finely crafted unit without any safety hazards.

The unit allows you to use it for stylistic reasons or simple mood, without producing heat. And when you want it to warm up your room, it lets you choose between two heating levels- High and Low.

These are sufficient to heat up approx. 400sq. Feet of your room. On top of all this, the Onyx electric fireplace demands only a simple installation job (comes with step by step instructions for this part).

If you’re mounting the unit under your flat-screen TV, make sure the unit stands at around 2inches below the TV base.

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater

This is a highly affordable fire insert that you can use to enhance any room with existing traditional fireplace. Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater is ideal for the retrofit applications. Given its compact size, you can easily insert it even in the smallest fireplaces.

The design of this particular fireplace is unlike the others we have discussed before. The unit has no back part which means that flames will project to the back of your fireplace.

When not running, this unit looks as realistic as your traditional fireplace. It comes with a fan- forced heat near the base of the great which effectively and quietly generates instant warmth of approximately 4,600BTU’s- more than enough for a 400 square feet space.

The unit proves to be even more unique given the fact that it comes fully assembled. So, the moment it hits your doorstep, you plug it in and add that feel of warmth and a real fireplace instantly!

Like other top-quality fireplace inserts, this unit too allows you to operate it without heat (or with flame effect only).

Thus, it’s ideal for any season, through the year. A user-friendly multi-purpose remote control that comes with the unit lets you adjust flame and heat settings independently, at the comfort of your sofa. The unit remains cool to the touch- making it 100% safe for young kids and pets.

Duraflame DFS-750-Pendleton Electric Stove Heater

If you’re looking for a freestanding electric fireplace stove to take you through the cold winter seasons, the Duraflame-750-is the ideal product for you.

The heater not only adds warmth to any room but also introduced ambiance and charm to any room in your home. The stove adopts the traditional designs while delivering the modern heating characteristics. The stove comes with efficient heat output capability that will amaze you.

The ember bed and the glowing logs produce a gorgeous burning effect that makes you fall in love with this stove. The ember alone gives you a beautiful glow that is also highly realistic.

An upgraded door handle that comes with this product will make you mistake it for the conventional wood stove. The doors resemble each other in all aspects, only that the door for this electric unit does not get hot.

You can open it to view the inside of the stove (not necessary, though). Durable metal construction sets the stove ready to give you unlimited service for an unlimited number of years.

The included remote control lets you control the temperature and the intensity of the flame from anywhere in the room. You can use this stove in condominiums, apartments, lofts, and single rooms.

The unit provides the warmth of up to 4,600 BTUs adequate for use as supplemental heat for a 400 Sq. Ft space. Because the oven makes it possible to utilize zone heating, you’ll only heat the rooms you’re using and save utility bill spending.

Highlighted Features;

Duraflame DFS-450-Carleton Electric Stove with Heater

This is the lightest weight and the most affordable freestanding electric fireplace we’ve reviewed so far. With less than 20lbs, this unit is a compact powerhouse that you simply unplug and transfer to any area in your room where you need extra warmth as well as the glow of the fire.

Cheap maintenance finds a new meaning in this product. No costly gas lines or chimneys. No smokes, soot, or ashes to clean.

The 100% efficient electric stove meets your heat needs without much hassle.

With an enormous heat capacity of up to 4,600 BTUs, the unit can sufficiently heat around 400 square feet of your home space.

It’s also an ideal freestanding stove for zone heating- you’ll find out that you’ll be able to heat only the specific areas that require heat and thus save a lot of cash on the energy spending. The design of this stove is great!

It features a picture of a window with arched frame. This, together with the ambiance produced by the realistic flames, adds the ultimate charm to your room.

With a durable, matte finish that stays cool (which is incredibly easy to clean), you’re guaranteed f the safety for your kids and pets.

Additionally, this perfectly laid finish hides the thermostatic dial as well as two switches behind the door. The unit is ideal for any room in the home, apartment, condo, etc. It’s also great for RV’s.

Home Heating Options

Featured: Fireplace Blower kit with power cord & temp sensor

Man has been using fire to combat shivering cold weather and chilly nights since time immemorial. Despite all the technological advances, fire is still used as a common means to increase the room temperature. The problem with fireplaces is that, no matter how much fuel you add in the furnace, the heating effect won’t be uniform and some part of the house will remain cold.

To alleviate this problem fireplace blowers and fans are used. These devices maximize the performance of your fireplace, first by collecting the heat accumulated during the burning process and then blowing it into the room with the help of a fan. This mechanism is somewhat comparable to air conditioning system, but here in this case, hot air is circulated instead of cold.

Strange Sounds

Some noises may be normal for your fireplace. If the sound isn’t new and your gas fireplace acts fine, you have little cause for alarm. New sounds, coupled with operating issues, are clues that the two are related. Try to pinpoint the exact sound and, if possible, from where it originates. Contact a service professional for more intensive troubleshooting and repair.

An Abundance of Soot

You may instinctively think that since your gas fireplace doesn’t burn wood, you won’t have problems with a dirty fireplace or soot in the chimney. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. Try to reduce the amount created to protect your family’s health and to avoid a fire hazard.


Beat the cold with a super-effective heat powered Eco fan. Without a fan, the heat escapes to the ceiling leaving cold spots in the room. Eagle Shape Eco Fan, blows the heat from the wood burning stove horizontally, fast and further ensuring even distribution leaving the entire room warm and cozy.

Rotating speed of the blades depends on the temperature of the stove. The Heat Powered fan starts to operate at a minimum temperature of 50ºC. The stove top fan can withstand a temperature of up to 340ºC meaning it should not go beyond that.

Also, it’s intelligent and starts and stops automatically. Place it on the stove, and it’ll start spinning provided the temperature is okay. As the temperature rises, it runs faster. When most of the fuel gets burnt, it will slow down until it eventually stops when there’s not more fuel.

Even more, Eagle Shape Eco Fan is versatile. It works with wood, gas and pellet stoves. Some wood burner stove top fans don’t work with gas stoves since it does not gain the temperature enough to power the fans. Working at a low temperature of 50 degree Celsius renders it ideal even for gas burner stoves making it stand out from the competition

What’s more, Eagle Shape Eco fan doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. Just place it on the stove, and it will draw the heat energy used for powering the fan. As a result, it’ll cut your costs significantly as you’ll no longer need to incur more on electricity bills and expensive oil and gas.

Besides, if you value the appearance, you can never go wrong with Eagle Shape Eco Fan. Placed on top of the stove, it not only ensures even distribution of warm but also boosts the look of your room thanks to the sleek design and compact size.

And in case your concern is the whirling sound popular with ceiling fans, this Eco Fan is not your average type. It operates at a low sound of 25dB such that you cannot even tell it’s running.

8. Vulcan Stove fan stirling engine powered review

Vulcan Stove Fan (Stirling Engine Powered) ​Feature Highlights:

Last fan on our list is the Vulcan Stove top Fan. This particular model uses a Stirling Engine to keep everything moving. However, unlike other stove top fans on this list, the Vulcan needs to be hand started, so you’ll have to get it going manually at first.

The Vulcan is a high-quality wood burning stove fan insert since it is entirely mechanical and runs on the heat from the stove. There is no lubrication needed either, so this fan is completely maintenance-free. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that this device will last for the lifetime of your wood stove.

This wood stove fan is highly efficient and quiet, and can pump out up to 21cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). At this rate, the Vulcan can generate almost twice as much airflow as other similar models.

Difference Between Heat Powered fan for a wood stove or a gas stove?

Wood stoves get hotter than gas stoves. A fan designed for a wood stove may not turn as fast on a gas stove, and a fan designed for a gas stove may not be able to handle the heat of a wood stove.

Categories of Wood Burner Stove Fans

Depending on their operating mechanisms, wood stove fans fall into two distinct categories.

This wood stove fan functions by Seebeck Effect mechanism which generates a small electric current that drives the fan.

Stirling Engine type of wood stove fan work by producing mechanical power used to drive the fan. The Ecofans for wood burners create their own electricity and don’t rely on household electricity or batteries to operate.

Usually, both types of stove fans sit on top of the wood stove itself and then direct the warm stream of air to the rest of the room.

How does Heat Powered Stove Top Fan work?  Watch a real example video

As pointed out, the Stirling Engine powered and the Seebeck effect wood stove fans require placing on the top of a wood burning stove from where they draw the heat directly.

Stirling Engine Wood Stove Fan

In the case of the stove fan with Stirling engine, the heat from the stove makes the air inside the cylinder of the Stirling engine to heat up and expand, which pushes the piston upwards. The Stirling engine contracts when the temperature of the air drops drawing the piston down with it.

The rapid expansion and contraction of the engine creates a cycle which in turn converts the heat energy to mechanical energy enough to spin the fan blades.

The rotating speed of the blade increases with the increase in the temperature of the top of the stove. As a result, the blades can adequately disperse the heat even to the far end of the living space.

New Developments in the Wood Burner Stove Fan Technology

Ecofan is a relatively new heating technology that has hit the market with a bang and is somewhat impressive. Just like the Stirling Engine wood stove fans, they also sit on the top of the stove.

The Ecofan features alternating metallic strips that generate some voltage and current, which powers the fan unit and it begins rotating. Ecofans are more efficient and come with controls so optimize the performance. ​One thing that sets apart Ecofans from the rest of the Stirling and Seebeck effect wood stove fan is the ability to work even at modest temperatures.

Estimates show that they can provide an efficiency of up to 38% and saves fuel by up to 18% as per a study conducted by the University of Waterloo. That means you’ll not need to burn much wood before the heat gets distributed in the house. ​The wood stove fan blades’ speed will depend on the how hot the top of the stove is. As it the stove gets hotter, the faster the fan blades rotate. The fans start automatically as the heat builds up and slow down and eventually stop as the top of the wood stove cools down.

High Temperature efficiency wood stove

Fortunately, modern technology has not forgotten about wood stove fans and these days you can find many models that are much more efficient than older ones. What you can look for is the temperature threshold, which is the level of heat which will start the fan rotating.

If you get a model with a low threshold (say 130 degrees Fahrenheit), then you can maximize your efficiency since it starts working much sooner.

Wood Burner Stove fan Performance

There are three methods in which a wood stove fan can operate.

Electricity: these fans require a constant power source and need to be turned on and off manually. However, you may get more control over speed and duration if the fan has a timer. Electric fans, unfortunately, will operate just as fast whether there is heat or not, so they aren’t very efficient.

Stirling Engine: Modern wood stove fans use pistons that rotate as the material heats up. This method is much more efficient and uses far less energy. However, most Stirling Engine fans will only go at one speed once the threshold is met.

Ecofans : these ultra modern fans use something called the Peltier Effect to maximize efficiency and performance. Basically, the fan rotates faster as the heat increases. Thus, if you have high heat, the fan blows harder. For low heat, it blows softer. That way, you get as much performance as you need without having to adjust anything manually.

Your Turn

My family has a cabin, and every year we love to go out and spend a week in there for vacation. While we all love the cabin, during the winter months it can get brutally cold. We have a standard fireplace and wood stove, but typically we would all need to huddle by the fire to get warm.

Once we got a wood burner stove top fan, however, we felt the difference immediately, and we will never go back. Suddenly the whole cabin is warm, so we can roam around to different areas without being married to the fire.

Of all the heat powered wood burning stove fans I featured on this list, my top picks are the Valiant and Caframo Ultrair. These wood burning stove top fans have the performance and versatility that I love, and they are all built to last. However, I am a big “fan” of Caframo products, so anything by them is a winner.

What I Hate

I wish the flame were more brighter. check price and availability

BCP 1500W Heat With Glass XL – Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Appearance alone kills it. That is possible because of the large glass that comes with this Best Choice Products 1500 watt fireplace. The look of it alone, will tell people about your house. Not only will it make your space have a royal appeal, but it will be a focal point of everything. Everyone will tell talk about it, i promise. At least that happened with me when I install in my drawing room.

Tempered glass XL panel

Composed of tampered glass panel that brings out a stunning 3D view of the flames. That perfect if you want to make your small room look bigger than it looks. >> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

The black ebony finish will enhance the look of your decor

The black sophisticated finish will give your visitors the impression of class and elegant, the moment they step into your house.

Thick tampered glass panel

That alone, will keep you all night glue to the 3D flames. It takes your viewing experience to the next level. The glass is 35” length, 22” height and 6” thick, almost the size of an average television. >> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

What I Like

Unmatched customer services. We’ve all been there, you try to contact a company because of a concern you have. And you get a reply after days. Well, fire sense customer service system appreciate the value they contribute to the customer. Have any concern, they get you within a 60 second or less…and you get a solution within the shortest period of time.

Wall mounting hardware

You get the screws and hooks so that you never have a rough time mounting the unit onto the wall. Comes with a clear instruction for drywall installation with or without stud. >> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

Fan-forced heater

Comes with a powerful heater that throws lots of heat in your space to make any 400 square foot room warm. >> Check Verified Customer Reviews and Ratings on This Product <<

Weighs about 26.pounds that means that even your teenager can carry and install it with easy.

Heat Settings

The high, the low and no heat. All this settings gives you the convenience of operating the unit throughout the year the way you want it.

Comes with a large powerful cord. The cord has a cable cover to prevent it from wear and tear.

Q. How many kilowatts does it take in each the dual heat settings?

An automatic timer

An automatic shut off timer that gives you the freedom to never worry about the heater overheating. And the ability for it shut itself, the moment you decide to go to bed.

Q. Does it have a thermostat? >> See More Questions and Answers on This Product <<

The cord and manual controls are on the right hand side that makes it easy for you to install it.

Heating Area

You need to know the space that you have so that you can determine what kind of fire insert to have. You never want to go for a fire insert that is meant to heat a large area in a small house. It can pose health problems. A normal fireplace insert can heat 400 square foot area while others can heat up to 1000 square foot area.

For you to choose the best infrared heater, you need to know the two heating systems. The fan forced system heats up to 400 square foot area. The infrared heating system can heat either a 1000 or 3000 square foot area. Now you are probably asking….what is the best heating system to choose is. The infrared heating system is more effective and efficient. But your choice here will depend on the space that you have.

Flame effect

Some fireplace inserts will come with different flame effects. This includes things static flame or dancing flame. Other fireplace inserts will feature different colors of the flame and height. The different brands include different features to their fireplace inserts; all you need is for you to look at what will suit your needs.

When you are in the market for fireplace inserts, there are two designs that you can choose.

The traditional styles feature the traditional design but feature a classic real flame. The firebox has a flame effect with heat or no heat.

Contemporary styles feature modern design that has gone into account to transform the old style traditional fireplace insert.

Most contemporary styles will be designed with an aim of blending with your decor.

Eco Fire Glass

Eco Fire Glass is a great option for consumers living the green lifestyle. It has been made from recycled postindustrial glass that has been melted down, then fused together. With its familiar “jelly bean” shape, eco fire glass is a great option to save some money and the environment.

Recycled Fire Glass

Recycled Fire Glass has been refired using the same process as all other types of fire glass in order to create the same high quality product with an eco friendly result. Recycled Fire Glass come in two different size ranges, 1/2″ or 3/4″ and comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Sizing of Fire Glass

Not only are there multitudes of colors and styles, but the sizes of fire glass differ between the styles. While size ultimately doesn’t make a difference in the performance of your fire feature, you may decide you like larger or smaller fire glass. Use the image below as a guide to how large the fire glass styles are in reference to each other. If you have a hard time deciding what you like best, order one of our sample packs of fire glass and choose a small handful of styles to get an idea of what it looks like in person – only for the price of postage!

RSF Opel 3

High-Efficiency Wood FireplaceBehind the elegantly shaped door of the Opel burns a fire that reflects the traditions of our ancestors. Yet this is no ordinary fire. This fire yields low emissions, overnight burns, and efficiency on par with most basement furnaces. The patented technologies used in the Opel give you the peace of mind that your fireplace burns a renewable energy source in a beautiful and environmentally responsible way.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Fireplace Fans wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Fireplace Fans



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