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Top 10 Best Ashley Furniture Bunk Beds Reviewed In 2018

Last Updated March 1, 2018
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When bedtime arrives, bunk beds rise to the occasion of getting kids tucked in. Bunk beds are making a huge comeback and kids love them every bit as much as adults. Discover the top five benefits of bunk beds and give your kids’ room a makeover.



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№1 – Ashley Embrace Wood Twin Right Lower and Upper Loft Bed in Merlot

Ashley Embrace Wood Twin Right Lower and Upper Loft Bed in Merlot
Replicates Mahogany Grain

This is a black wooden bunk bed with a dark merlot finish. It replicates mahogany grain. It’s style is considered casual contemporary. If you’re looking for storage, this bunk bed does have three drawers on the side below the steps.


№2 – Signature Design by Ashley Furniture Juararo Loft Bed with Caster Bed in Dark Brown

Signature Design by Ashley Furniture Juararo Loft Bed with Caster Bed in Dark Brown
Replicates Oat Grain

This bunk bed is similar to the previous bunk bed we reviewed. The only difference is that it’s a different color, and the materials used to build the bed are different. This bed has a dark brown finish with replicated oat grain. If you’re looking for a bunk bed with a vintage style, this may be the perfect one for you. The biggest downfalls about this bed is that it’s small, and it doesn’t have any storage.


№3 – Ashley Lulu Wood Twin Cubby Drawer Storage Loft Bed in White

Ashley Lulu Wood Twin Cubby Drawer Storage Loft Bed in White

This bed is very different compared to previous bunk beds we reviewed. This wooden bunk bed is white with a casual vintage style. This type of bed is smaller compared to the previous bunk beds we reviewed, so it’s only ideal for very young children. If you’re looking for a bunk bed to last you a long time, this wouldn’t be the one you’re looking for since they’ll quickly grow out of it.
Some advantages is that it does have storage compartments with three drawers under the bed. It also has a side ladder that is sturdy and easy to climb. This bunk bed only has one bed.


№4 – Ashley Embrace 4 Cubby 6 Drawer Wood Twin Right Loft Bed in Merlot

Ashley Embrace 4 Cubby 6 Drawer Wood Twin Right Loft Bed in Merlot
Replicated Mahogany Grain
Merlot Finish

This bed is similar to the white bed that we just reviewed. The only difference is the stairs, storage and color. This is black wooden bunk bed with only one bed. It’s replicated mahogany grain with a merlot finish.
The style of this bed is considered casual contemporary. It has four adjustable storage compartments with nine drawers.


№5 – Ashley Embrace 3 Drawer Wood Twin Left Loft Bed in Merlot

Ashley Embrace 3 Drawer Wood Twin Left Loft Bed in Merlot
Engineered Wood

This is a black wooden bunk bed with a merlot finish. The bed is made out of engineered wood. Engineered wood is the same as replicated mahogany grain. The style of this bed is considered casual contemporary.
This bed only has one bed with empty space below it. It has three drawers for storage.


№6 – Ashley Embrace 8 Cubby 3 Drawer Wood Twin Right Loft Bed in Merlot

Ashley Embrace 8 Cubby 3 Drawer Wood Twin Right Loft Bed in Merlot
Engineered Wood

This is a black wooden bunk bed with a merlot finish. It was built using engineered wood. It has eight storage compartments with three drawers. Four of the storage compartments are adjustable.


№7 – Youth Metal Twin/Full Bunk Bed Black/Silver Finish

Youth Metal Twin/Full Bunk Bed Black/Silver Finish
Twin Bed & Full Bed

This is a metal bunk bed with a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom. If you’re looking for an expensive bunk bed that’s sturdy, this bed is probably the best for you. It’s black and silver. It will go with any bedroom.


№8 – Signature Design by Ashley Furniture Juararo Loft Bed with Open Bookcase and Drawer in Dark Brown

Signature Design by Ashley Furniture Juararo Loft Bed with Open Bookcase and Drawer in Dark Brown
Replicated Oak Grain

This is a dark brown bunk bed that only has one bed. It has four storage compartments with three drawers. You can also use the stairs compartments for storage as well. The bed is made out of replicated oak grain.


№9 – Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Shelves & Drawers

Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Shelves & Drawers
Replicated Mahogany Grain

This is a dark wooden bunk bed with only one bed. It has a dark merlot finish over replicated mahogany grain. It has four storage compartments with nine drawers.


№10 – Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Trundle

Embrace Youth Twin Loft Bed with Trundle
Replicated Mahogany Grain

This is a dark bunk bed made out of replicated mahogany grain. It has three drawers on the side of the steps for storage. This bunk bed has two beds. The bed on the bottom is built to be pulled out to use.


What is bunk bed?

Bunk bed is considered to be a kind of bed where a single bed frame gets stacked on top of the other one. Bunk beds are known to permit two or more adults, kids or teens to sleep in same room and to maximize available floor space to have different types of activities. It allows people to use it in places having limited floor space like ships, army garrisons and where floor space is required to be maximized like dormitories, hostels, summer camp cabins, children’s rooms, university residence halls or prison cells.

These are generally supported by four pillars or poles, with each one present in the corners of the bed. Ladder is used for getting to the top most portions that is surrounded normally by railing for preventing sleeper from falling down. Some models are said to have privacy curtain for lower bunk.

Why bunk beds?

Bunk beds do make plenty of sense, since they are versatile. As the child outgrows the crib and you are not aware of the future, purchasing a good and high quality bunk bed for the kid is what you might be looking for. You are required to purchase one having an option to separate beds so that it can be stacked or used apart. A classic style can be purchased which can be utilized with any type of bedding that suits the child’s preference with passage of time. Once the children have used this bed, it can easily be passed on to grandchildren or just sold off for good money. It is without doubt that a high quality bunk bed is likely to withstand abuse and use over a period of time and still appear great.

Is space a precious commodity?

Bunks are great space savers, and if the room is narrow or oddly shaped, they can really help you maximize square footage. If you are struggling to make a small space work, consider the following: shop the Get It shop the Triathlon

Do you love cuddling and reading before bed? Need some extra space for downtime?

If you cherish some quality time before bed, you may want to go for some extra space on the bottom bunk. A Twin over Full Bunk gives lots of space for parents to be comfy too. Bedtime story reading just got better for you and your little one! Or, just add a few back and bolster pillows and turn the bottom bunk into a permanent couch, which is ideal for reading, homework or just chilling out. shop twin over full bunks

Indoor Playgrounds!

A bed can be so much more than just a place to sleep – you can trick out your kids bunk beds with slides, curtains, towers and a top tent to create the ultimate indoor playground. A bed with so much fun value is serious competition to any playground! shop bunks with slides

Need to sleep more than 2?

There are plenty of options for triple or even quadruple bunk configurations to consider. Put 3 beds on top of each other, link 2 bunks with a staircase for a sleek looking hex bunk, or consider a triple or quadruple L shape or corner bunk. And remember you can choose from lots of different ladder options to customize your perfect fit. Adding trundle beds to the mix – like the hex bunk – makes space for 8! The possibilities are endless. shop corner beds shop l shaped bunks shop quad bunks


Guard rails help to keep our children safe while playing and sleeping. Make sure the bed you purchase has the maximum possible guardrail height. Remember that even if you have a really tall guardrail, if you add a plush, thick mattress you reduce that safety rail height right down again. Try to go for the tallest rail and the slimmest – but high quality – mattress to get to the maximum height safety rail. shop low profile mattresses

Opt for quality beds! Maxtrix bunk beds are made from solid hardwood, so even the strength of three boys isn’t enough to make our Triathlon budge! 😉

Also, consider a staircase bunk bed for the safest entry. Designed for little feet with grooves for placement and support, you can’t go wrong with this option.

A Word about Bunk Beds:

Bunk bed is one of the most versatile types of bed in modern American furniture, also it’s very popular and most demanded category among all others due to diverse range in functionality as well as themes and styles. Further different unique models of bunk beds have been introduced to assist the users according to their different needs.

In this article, our topic of discussion is kids’ bunk beds. If it’s all about children, everyone needs to choose everything perfect for them. No one wants to compromise the comfort or reliability of their children. We will suggest you the best ideas so that you may effectively purchase a right Kids bunk among different categories and types.

Futon Bunk Bed:

If you have a small bedroom for your children and don’t have much place for seating, then futon bunk bed for kids is one of the highly efficient solutions. A futon bunk bed is the combination of standard bunk bed and a futon. The top of the bed consists of a standard bed, but consists of a futon. Futon is bed, which can be folded to convert into a comfortable sofa when needed. At night, you can fold it back to use it a as bed for sleeping.

Bunk Beds for Three:

If you need a kids’ bunk for three, check out bunk beds for three. You won’t dare to rule it out once you check it out. A bunk bed for three, contains three discrete beds, two on the top and one underneath them. It’s a perfect sleep package for three!

Loft Bed:

A loft bed is specially designed for the use of a single person. It consists of a top bed, space underneath it is empty. Loft bed frame also contains shelves and drawers. You can use this space according to your own needs and taste. For example you can set a workstation or study for your child in this area.

Bunk beds for kids sleep two children comfortably.

Using vertical stacking, two mattress sets are fit into a room where as only one would have before. The come in many different sizes, such as a double on the bottom and a twin on the top tier.

Frames for these pieces of furniture come in metal or wood and most have a safety railing on the top bunk. Although these frames are sturdy enough to accommodate an adult’s weight if necessary, they are designed primarily to withstand long term use from children.

These kids beds maximize space in the bedroom, allowing for double occupancy without all the excess clutter of two mattress sets.

Double Loft Choices

If looking for a unique look that takes up much less space than separate furniture, double loft beds for kids are a good choice. These offer not only the convenience of stacked bunk types, but also offer other furniture accessories as well. They can be found with drawers for clothing or toy storage.

Some come with a homework desk. Loft styles are highly functional as they utilize the vertical, stacked aspects of bunks and double lofts add a second sleeping area. These make for exceptional space utilization and add a nice touch to any decorating style.

The frames of these beds are often times made of solid woods and are very durable. Although they are space saving, they can be slightly bulky because of the added features. However, when using these loft beds, space is saved by removing the need for added separate pieces of furniture. These kids beds make for a nice addition to any décor.

Benefits of Twin-Over-Full Bunk Beds

Why would someone buy a twin-over-full bunk bed, which has a full-size bed on the bottom and a smaller, twin-size bed on the top, as opposed to a traditional configuration? There is really one major advantage here: more space. Indeed, this type of bed can easily sleep three. It makes sense that families love them, as they come in handy when guests come to stay or when children have friends stay the night.

There are two major configurations for twin-over-full bunk beds: either they are overlapping, with the two beds arranged parallel to one another, or they are L-shaped, with the larger, lower bed perpendicular to the other. Overlapping models are ideal for bedrooms that have limited amounts of space. If you have extra room, however, an L-shaped design is nice because it provides extra space on the bottom for accessories like shelving units, drawers and cubbies.

Features to Consider

Twin-over-full bunk beds are available in a wide array of designs and configurations. Before purchasing one, keep the following considerations in mind:

Stairs vs. Ladders

Most bunk beds have ladders that can be used to climb up to the second bunk. Sturdiness is of the utmost importance here, and many folks prefer ladders that are slanted for superior safety. Some ladders extend to the floor, covering up the base of the bottom bunk, but others are built into the bottom portion to free up a little more space. Stairs are very attractive and safe, and they double as storage areas too.

Modular Design

If you plan to use the bed exclusively as a bunk bed, you do not have to worry about whether it’s down-stackable or not, which simply means that it can be broken down into its components and turned into separate beds. If you would like to have that flexibility, seek out models that are down-stackable and easy to break down if necessary.


Guardrails for the top bunk are a must. Read the measurements carefully to ensure that they will adequately protect your child. Consider also the design of the rails. Are they spaced far enough apart to prevent mishaps such as arms getting stuck between slats?

Slat Kits

Avoid having to buy box springs or other accessories for your mattresses by choosing a model that includes slat kits. These simply include the support slats that are needed for the mattresses. Most models include them, but not all. Don’t assume that yours does or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise!


When it comes to twin-over-full bunk beds, form is as important as function. After all, it is going to be the focal point of the bedroom, so it should look nice with the rest of the decor. The most popular designs are offered in a variety of finishes. You can buy some models that are unfinished and finish them to your liking. Different types of veneers, or overlays, are available too, as most beds of this kind are made out of solid hardwood and then overlaid with more attractive wood veneers.

Materials Quality and Craftsmanship

Look for bunk beds that are made out of solid wood. If they are beyond your budget, metal bunk beds are perfectly safe too, and they are often available in a wide array of colors. High-quality metal hardware should be used. Ideally, it should be metal-to-metal construction, which is far less likely to degrade over time.

Weight Limit

Finally, keep in mind that all bunk beds have weight limits. This is especially important for the top bunk, which usually has a far lower weight limit than the bottom. For everyone’s safety, choose a model that can easily accommodate the weight of whoever will use it–top and bottom bunk–even if they only plan to sleep on the bottom.

Loft bed with desk

Loft beds are a great addition to many different small spaces. Lofts can be small areas just large enough for a bed, or they may have enough room for a few choice pieces of furniture. Choosing the right bed can make the difference between a space that is enjoyed and one that is largely ignored because it is unwelcoming.

Children’s Lofts

Children tend to love lofts. A loft bed can create a nice secret hideaway that is just the right size for a child. When selecting a child’s loft, consider the youngster’s preferences, such as color or hobby, but remember that children grow, and you may want to take that into consideration when you look into buying a loft.

Adult Loft Beds

Loft beds take up less space in an apartment or home and they can serve multiple purposes, making them ideal for adults as well as for children. The area under a loft bed can be used as a small home office or simply as a place to put a couch and bookcase. The only drawback to using the area under a loft bed is the clearance; most people cannot comfortably stand under a loft without ducking or hitting their head.

Adult loft beds are made larger than a child’s bed to accommodate their size and weight. A typical loft bed is made to give an adult at least 33 inches of clearance from a ceiling (to avoid head injuries when you sit up in bed) and is built to hold someone weighing 200 pounds.

Loft beds are convenient for use in dorm rooms, efficiency apartments, teens’ rooms or in guest rooms. Due to their versatility, manufacturers have designed a wide array of adult loft beds for their customers.

Purchasing Tips

Loft beds are convenient and space saving, as well as versatile and available in a wide range of styles. They work well in numerous areas, but not in all, so before you purchase be sure to use these questions as a guideline to help you find the right model for your home.

If you are thinking of buying your loft bed online, check out similar models in local furniture stores first. This will give you an idea of how much room you will have under the bed, and help you decide if it is comfortable enough for you or your children to sleep on.

Loft Bed Pros

Loft beds offer extra space; a second bed, a workstation or storage can all be added to the plan. Many loft beds are customizable, which means that no matter how much space or how many features you desire, it is usually possible to find a way to add them.

Comparison Shop Carefully

Just as there is a wide range of quality in any furniture piece, so is there a range in loft beds. Comparison shop carefully for your loft bed to ensure that you get a sturdy frame with the features that you want for a price that is comparable with the competition.

Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest option you come across, as quality is an important factor. It’s also important to make sure the bed is assembled and installed correctly. After all, a loft bed can pose a safety hazard if not made from top notch materials and put together the right way.

A few notes on safety

Bunk beds are incredible space savers and provide tons of fun for children. Their elevated design, however, requires some extra parental care as there is a certain risk involved. To make sure your child is safe in his loft bed at all times, you should always adhere to the safety guidelines that your twin bed comes with. Here’s what to pay extra attention to:

Strictly follow the assembly instructions that come with the bed.

Make sure the guard rails are safely adjusted on both sides of the bed and the ladder/slide is safely attached to the bed frame.

Allow at least 5 inches between the mattress’ top and the upper edge of the guard rails.

Double check that the size of the mattress is what’s recommended for your twin bed model.

Don’t let children under 6 years sleep on the top bunk (you can use a pull out bed for them or simply put the mattress on the floor under the upper bed).

Don’t let more than one child sleep on the upper bunk.

Give clear instructions to your child about what’s allowed (e.g. climbing up the ladder and sliding down the slide) and what’s not (e.g. horse riding under the bed or on the upper twin bed) and supervise their play at the beginning to make sure they are doing it right.

Introduction to the Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been popular for decades as a means of creating more space in a room that has 2 or more children in it. A bunk bed provides each child with their own sleeping space and there will still be room left for toys, desks and other things. Most children love bunk beds which can make bedtime a lot more fun as well.

There are hundreds of different styles of bunk beds available to choose from. With all of the choices and configurations that are available nowadays, choosing one can be a real challenge.

With the right information you will be able to sort through all of those choices and make a good decision on the right bunk beds for your kids. Even college students enjoy bunk beds and with the advanced styles available, you’re sure to find just the right set.

With the new designs that have come along, bunk beds are more creative than ever and can incorporate dressers, desks, trundle space for a third bed or even sofas or tables. If your kids are sharing a room or you are looking for a creative way to give an older teen a lot of space, you should look at the different styles and designs that are available and take into consideration the different points we have outlined in the buyer’s guide below our reviews.

Bunk Bed Sizes

There are a couple of different sizes available when it comes to bunk beds. The most common sizes are twin and full and they are available in different configurations. Some even have queen size beds on the bottom but these are much rarer. We’ve listed the two most common bunk bed sizes below.

Twin – The most common size for bunk beds is the twin size. Twin bunk beds free up a lot of space in a room and allow there to be more play space or room for other furniture like a desk, dresser or play table. There are different configurations of the twin over twin style bunk bed. They can be standard with each bed directly over the other or they can be in an L shape with each bed at a 90 degree angle of the other.

Some twin bunk beds are situated as loft beds with the top bunk in place and a work station underneath complete with dresser, desk and/ or book shelves. A good quality bunk bed will have all the safety features in place such as sturdy, well secured ladders, railings to prevent the child from rolling out and other safety features.

Full – Full size bunk beds are great for older kids and still have the advantage of opening up extra space in the bedroom. Some of the full size designs include a twin over full which means there is a twin bed on top and a full size bed on the bottom, or in rare cases, full over full where both beds are full sized.

A lot of these bunk bed designs can be disassembled and turned into two separate beds which are great for when the children get older. Many of the twin over full designs also incorporates drawers, shelves, desks, stairs and other great features. They also have the needed safety features such as railings and sturdy stairs. Twin over full bunk beds work very well, in rooms where one child is several years younger than the other.

Types / Materials

The majority of bunk beds are made from either metal or wood. There are benefits and disadvantages to both kinds. The material you choose your bunk bed to be made of will depend on the situation you are working with. Other factors include the safety features that are present, what the child or parent prefer and the durability and longevity of the bed itself. These are all things to think about when it comes to purchasing a bunk bed.

If your child is a restless sleeper that moves around a lot, metal bunk beds are not the best choice. Metal bunk beds are a lot lighter than wooden sets and that makes them ideal for families that move a lot or for a child that won’t be using them for long. They are usually less expensive than the solid wood bunk beds and are also resistant to problems like bed bugs.

Wood – Wooden bunk beds are very popular with parents for their longevity, style and beauty. There are a lot of different finishes, features and colors to choose from. The durability of wooden bunk beds is one of the things that make them so popular. They are much heavier than metal bunk beds which means they don’t move easily, but if you plan on keeping them in the same place they are a good choice.

Wooden bunk beds will keep their like new condition for a long time with the proper care and can even go with your child to college if it is allowed. Without the proper care, the wood can deteriorate and can crack and splinter. Most wooden bunk bed sets can be separated into separate beds as the children get older and want their own rooms.

There are many different styles and designs of bunk beds to choose from. We have outlined the different styles that are commonly seen.

L-Shaped – This unique style of bunk bed offers parents another creative way to utilize the space in a smaller room. Most L shaped bunk beds resemble the letter T more than a L. The bottom bunk is typically centered underneath the top one and is positioned perpendicular to the top bunk. In many cases, dressers, side tables, shelves, desks and other useful pieces of furniture are often incorporated into this design on both or one side of the bottom bed. These two beds can be separated into separate beds when the children get older or if they get their own rooms later on.

Bunk Bed with Desk Underneath – This useful bunk bed style involves several possible configurations including twin over twin with the desks built into the frame, L shaped with the same premise or twin over full, again with the same built in desk idea. This type of bunk bed is perfect for the older school-aged child and even college students. This style is a great space saver since both the sleeping space and work space is taken care of in one unit. Parents will find that the bunk beds that have a desk built in are usually sturdier thanks to the extra weight on the base that the desk provides.

Bunk Bed and Slide – A child’s room is not only where they sleep it is where they play, read and enjoy time as well. One of the best inventions created for a child is the bunk bed that has a slide. This provides a place for the child to sleep as well as giving them an opportunity to enjoy some good sliding time. Most bunk beds with slides do not have a bottom bunk although there are models that do have the bottom bed. Sometimes the bottom area is a tented play area or a place for a reading area, a desk or just dressers or shelves.

Selecting a Build Style

For kids, a standard twin-size bunk bed would be the most appropriate. However, there are other build styles you can choose from. Some models come as full or twin bunk beds for extra space that may be required for older occupants. Bunk beds come in at least five main build styles, and each style has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the intended purpose and aesthetics. The style of a bunk bed can either be ornamental or simplistic, thus you should weight both purpose and aesthetics when selecting a bunk bed.

Type of Material

Bunk beds are typically available in either wooden or metal materials and they come in a wide range of colors to suit any room’s color scheme. Bunk beds that are made from metal often have a contemporary, industrial look and they tend to be cheaper because the materials are widely available. Nevertheless, these types of bunk beds usually have rungs that may injure young children’s feet while climbing. Additionally, they are hard to repair.

On the other hand, bunk beds that are made from wood come in different types of wood such as oak, maple, pine and cherry. They are also easy to repair as compared to the ones made from metal and the y usually have solid, flat supports for the legs and mattress. When they are properly finished with a high-quality stain, wooden bunk beds offer a more rustic feel, as well as more comfort to some users.

Ladder and Storage Features

In case the intended users of the bunk bed have a lot of items or clothing that requires storage, then you should go for bunk bed options that come with drawers at the end of the bed’s frame or underneath the lower bunk. You can choose one where the lower bunk is free moving and allows you to rotate the lower bunk so that the bed is set in an “L” shape. This adds to storage space and aesthetic variety.

Similarly, you can choose a bunk bed with a mobile stepladder. This is ideal for older users who may need to move the ladder in order to save space. However, it is unsafe for young kids. Other bunk beds come with built-in stairsthat offer a more secure way for climbing, and additional storage room.

Types of mattresses

Most standard RV mattresses are made from some type of foam, because it is light and easy to package. These vary from low-priced plastic foam to sophisticated natural latex. You can also get sprung mattresses and inflatable air mattresses sized to fit RVs.

Scott Oster works for the specialist retailer Park Lane Mattresses, and recommends matching the type of mattress you use at home: “Your body is used to sleeping on a specific mattress type, so a drastic change from your home to RV is a recipe for poor sleep and an uncomfortable trip.”

Of course, this may not be possible for everyone – if your budget is tight, you will have to take your pick from the mattress options available.

Pros and cons of foam mattresses

They are usually petroleum based, but some more expensive ones are topped with eco-friendly soy or natural latex foam – many RV’ers prefer latex foam, as it has a naturally cooling effect.

Mattress foam needs to be tough to deal with fluctuations in temperature. The higher the density of the foam, the more durable it is: 1.5 to 2lbs per cubic foot is the usual range, and 1.8lbs per cubic foot is usually the minimum recommended for comfort.

Bear in mind, though, that higher density foam doesn’t ‘breathe’ well, so firm mattresses can feel a bit sticky on warm nights. However, many come with toppers that quickly solve this issue.

Lesser quality foam mattresses eventually get squashed flat and start to sag in the middle, so they are best suited to RVs which are only used occasionally (no more than 3 months a year).

High quality high density foam mattresses are used fulltime and are known to comfort even those with back problems.

Pros and cons of memory foam mattresses

This reduces tossing and turning (great if your partner is a wriggler), and can reduce back pain. As with other types of foam, the density tells you the quality – 2.5-5lbs per cubic foot is usual for memory foam.

Arizona native Mello Mike uses a compact truck camper, so he knows all about comfort in restricted spaces. He prefers memory foam: “It’s more comfortable and insulates better. Ditch your old spring mattress and buy a memory foam. The difference in comfort is quite stark and worth the extra cost”

The Dynasty Coolbreeze Memory Foam RV Mattress is cheap, very supportive and comfortable (especially in hot weather) and ventilates well. Keep in mind that you will have to give this mattress a few days to lose its new smell.

Pros and cons of air mattresses

Some air mattresses (such as the Sleep Number brand) have two sides which can be individually adjusted to different levels of firmness, which is fantastic if you and your spouse have different sleeping habits.

They are also fairly easy to move and store, making them ideal for beds which aren’t often used (e.g. extra bunks).

Mello Mike mirrors many RV users’ feelings when he says, “I don’t trust air mattresses. They can be punctured and deflate.”

Pros and cons of spring or coil mattresses

These are mattresses like the type most people have on their bed at home – spring and coil mattresses are just two different names for the same thing. They are definitely more comfortable than a foam mattress, but they are not always suited to the average RV. A thick sprung mattress is very heavy, and a thin one tends to lose its bounce pretty quickly.

Ikea carries some cheap sprung mattresses in odd sizes which may fit your vehicle; if you have no luck with that, you’ll probably have to commission one made to measure, as most RV mattress sellers specialize in foam or air mattresses.

Commissioning a mattress

If you can’t find quite the right mattress for sale, you can order one made for you. This can be the best option if you have an oddly-shaped bed or your bed is not a standard RV size.

For various RV brands such as American, Airstream, Baja, Coachmen, Fleetwood, Sunnybrook, Allegro Bay, Edge, Jayco, Northwood, Skyline, Thor, and Winnebago you may need a custom mattress.

Scott Oster at Park Lane Mattresses points out that the mattress industry is the oldest cottage industry left in America, and the craftsmen who make the mattresses have decades of experience: “A mattress that goes through craftsmen’s hands will be of higher quality than one made by automated machines and assembly lines. It is comparable to a fine meal prepared by a well-trained chef versus a frozen dinner made on an assembly line”

Most of the cost of a hand-made mattress is in the specialist labor, so if you’re commissioning a mattress you might as well go for the most luxurious finish you can get.

Personalizing a mattress

An electric carving knife (the type you use to cut turkey) is the best tool for cutting through thick foam – scissors or a knife will leave jagged edges.

There are several websites which sell different types of foam cut to measure. Thrifty RV users have found that you can buy a block of dense polyurethane foam cheaply online, trim it to shape if necessary, and then attach a soft foam topper.

This gives an effect similar to a purpose-built foam mattress. Although this won’t be quite as durable as a professionally-made mattress, it’s fine for a bed which is only used occasionally.

Buying your RV mattress

If you have the chance to visit an RV mattress showroom, take it. Advice is helpful but it only goes so far: the only way to be really sure that a mattress is right for you is to test it.

Lie on it for at least 15 minutes, on your back and on your side, noting any pressure points or discomfort. RV mattress showrooms are few and far between: if you’re driving close to one and you have a few hours free, it may be worth stopping to test out a few different options even if you aren’t planning to buy a new mattress immediately.

Your next best option is a specialist RV mattress retailer. Some online retailers only sell mattresses, others manufacture them from scratch. Although you won’t be able to test out the mattress before buying, the staff should be happy to talk to you on the phone about your options and advise you.

Scott Oster says that good mattress companies are easy to contact and should be happy to help you: “Phone, email, and physical addresses should all be easily available. Can you actually talk to a live person at the company, or is it simply automated responses?”

He recommends checking where the mattresses are actually manufactured – many RV companies are US-based but quietly import their mattresses from Mexico or China. (Of course, mattresses from Mexico and China aren’t necessarily worse quality than ones made in American factories. They are, however, much cheaper to manufacture. If your mattress company imports from abroad, make sure they are passing the cost savings on to you.)

The size of the room:

Before thinking about the size of the bed, you should think about your room. Measure the height, width, length of the room to get an appropriate measurement of the room. Again, in which side you will place it, you have to fix it before getting it.

If you bring a bed which takes most of the floor space of your small room or if you buy such a bed which stays dangerously close to your ceiling surface, then it will come in no use. So measuring every angle of the room is mandatory. After getting the result, you should go for choosing the style or size of the bed.

The material quality of the bunk:

Bunks are generally made of metal and wood. Both of them are available in the local market and also in the online market. If you want to make a bed by yourself, you can also do it. These two types are enough strong and durable. Pick any of them, which one will be more beneficial for you.

But some bed’s material quality can be poor also. So double check their quality. Do not buy those products which have cracks in their body or physical damage. Poor quality products will not last long and they may break down after some usages.

Types of material:

We have already said that it is made of two materials. So the wood type beds are very popular among the buyers. It has enough strength and its weight is also heavy. In the market, you can get it in different types of bunk beds with different styles and also with multipurpose options. You can customize the design as you want. Only this type gives so many facilities to its owners.

Now, another one is the metal type. It is also very durable and strong like woods. Even, some of them are more long lasting than the wood types. Its weight is light and you can change its position without doing so much hard labor. It is obtainable in different colors and designs. But it does not offer so many multi options which timber types do.

The size of the bunk:

The height of the bunks usually stays between 5 to 6 feet. So choose the suitable height among them. These beds are available in many standard sizes. Twin-over-twin, it is the most standard size. In this bed, a twin sized bed is stacked above another twin sized bed.

In the market, you will get some more sizes’ bedstead. Like: full-over-full or twin-over-full type or bunk beds with desk underneath. They are also popular and they can accommodate more than 2 people at a time. If you want to go for some unique sizes, then we can suggest you trundle, L-shaped and loft type bunk beds.

Can be separated into two beds or not:

Many models of the bunks can be detached and you can place them side by side or separately. Metal or wood, any of them can give this option. It is useful for the owners, who think that they may in need of separate beds in future. So you will not have to buy another bed and a good amount of money will be saved.

Stability of the bunks:

Kids will love to bounce and jump during playing on it. You cannot stop them from playing here. So, check the stability of the bed before going to pick it. How much weight it can carry, you should examine it. Especially gives importance to some factors.

Space between bunks:

There should have enough space between the beds of the bunk, which is very essential. Try to keep a distance about two feet between the beds to prevent bumps. Without this distance, the bottom kid’s head will hit the hard bottom surface of the upper bed and it will hurt him badly.

An adult person can measure the safety distance by sitting on the bottom bed also. If the person’s head is not touching the bottom surface while he is sitting on the lower bed, you will be sure that it is in the perfect position.

The space between the ceiling and top bed:

Like the beds, you have to keep a safe distance between the top bed and the home’s ceiling. Keeping two feet space is mandatory. Your room’s ceiling should be at least 8 feet long and the height of the bunk should be less than 6 feet. This measurement will prevent the upper kid from getting bumps. You must read bunk bed safety tips as a concern parents to save your kids from injury.

Ladder types:

Usually, bunks come with ladders and it is the only option to climb up and down. The ladder should be enough safe for using. Check the ladder’s installing system and the stairs which are slippery or not. Many models give the option to change the position of the ladder. That is one of the benefits of bunk beds.

The height of the rails:

The rail of the bunk beds is a very important thing. It saves our kids from falling down the bed. Pick the bunk, which has a good height of rail around the beds. The mattress of the bed can reduce the rail’s height. So use only the mattresses which are 6 inches thick. It is very helpful to get safety level of rail.


Give importance to the color choice of the users. If your kids are going to use it, then take their opinions from them. If you find that their choices is logical, and then go for it. If you are clear about the color selection, next check its finishing quality. The wood’s body should be sanded, smooth and polished well.

If the bunk has drawers, then check its sliding performance, which is smooth or not. Many people think that these things are not such a big thing to consider. But it is not true. You have to consider them seriously like you are doing for the major factors.

Space of the storage:

L-shaped, loft, and study type bunk beds come with desks, dressers, shelves and other work space and storage. If you want to have this type bedstead, you should think about free space. The free walking way is needed around these storage, otherwise, you will not able to use them. And one more thing, these type beds are not cheaper. So pick the best one which is under your budget.

Matter of Cost:

Now come to the last part “cost”. People always like to do a great deal. But many of us often do not like to spend a good amount of money for getting a good one. They like to go for the cheap price’s products. But honestly, these products are too risky and money wasting items. They have no longevity and they may decay and break down anytime. Always pick the products which are durable, strong and have a well past report.

You know that good things are always costly. So if you want secure, good quality and multipurpose bunk beds, you have to pay well. Do not compromise the safety of your kids for money. To get the right idea about the costs of the bunks, you can research on them on our review articles.




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Final Word

Hopefully the above reviews have provided you with a good overview of the differing options available concerning price range, materials, and construction design in the bunkbed world. Whether you are looking for a child’s room, or guest room, there is sure to be a choice for you. Our clear choice is the Acme 10170 Allentown Twin/Twin Bunk Bed despite the other choices making a very, very stiff competition. The three system sleeping design along with added storage and stairs made it a winner in our books.

Sturdy construction for growing and playing children, and the elegant wood design would fit well into any decor as well. Plus having a series of drawers that are accessible to little hand to stash toys or clothing is a huge bonus.

So, TOP10 of Ashley Furniture Bunk Beds:



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