Top 10 Best 3000 PSI Pressure Washers Reviewed In 2017

3000 PSI pressure washers make dirt-busting easier and quicker. They are also time saving and use almost 80% less water than what the traditional hose pipe consumes. If you’re hunting for a pressure washer, you’ll need to determine where you want to use it first. If you intend to use it for home purposes like patios, vehicles, lawn equipment, house sidings, and other projects, 3000 PSI Pressure Washers will do a perfect job.

Secondly, consider the portability of the washer. A lightweight unit with sturdy wheels makes it easy for maneuverability. Again, it’s important to identify the accessories accompanying the machine. For instance, can you adjust the spray to suit your projects? If so, are the nozzle tips onboard or do they come separately?

You’ll also have to choose between electric and gas powered models. These 2 vary in several aspects. For instance, electric pressure washers are less noisy and also require less maintenance. However, you’re limited by the position of power outlets and the length of the cord. On the other hand, gas-powered washers are more versatile. Unfortunately, they are noisier, and you’ll have to stop over for gas refills.



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№1 – Briggs and Stratton 20656 Pressure Washer

Briggs and Stratton 20656 Pressure Washer
Its user manual helps you assemble and maintain your pressure washer.
This pressure washer has a two-year warranty.
Its transport wheels let you move it around easily.

This 3000 PSI pressure washer from Briggs and Stratton features a steel frame that lasts long. The pressure washer has a fold down handle that lets you store your pressure washer in limited storage spaces. Other features on this pressure washer include a 190cc engine, never go-flat wheels, and a 30-foot hose.


№2 – Power Boss 20309 Gas Pressure Washer

Power Boss 20309 Gas Pressure Washer
The pressure washer has a two-year warranty.
Its user manual lets you set up and maintain your equipment as required.
The engine is easy to start.

This gas pressure washer from Power Boss features a180cc engine that produces medium duty power to help you clean your car, driveways and any other soiled surface. Furthermore, the pressure washer features four quick to connect spray tips that give you an appropriate control. This pressure washer has other features like the never go flat wheels, a detergent injection system, and a hose pipe.


№3 – Generac 5993 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac 5993 Gas Powered Pressure Washer
Its engine is easy to start up.
The pressure washer has a 3-year warranty.
It features a durable welded frame.

This commercial grade gas powered pressure washer features a 212cc engine that lets you remove stubborn stains on your concrete works alongside cleaning any other soiled surface. Its five quick click nozzles give you the control you need while cleaning. Other essential features on this pressure washer include 35-foot hose, transport wheels, an accessible spray gun, a pressure control valve and ceramic coated pistons.


№4 – Yamaha 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

Yamaha 3000 PSI Pressure Washer
A three-year warranty backs Yamaha 3000 PSI pressure washer.
Its 30-feet long hose lets you clean a large surface area while your machine remains at a fixed position.
You can adjust the PSI according to the nature of your cleaning task.

This 3000 PSI pressure washer features a 192cc engine that gives you enough power to clean your car, driveway, and any other soiled surface. Its rotating grip lets both left and right handed people to use the pressure washer comfortably. Furthermore, Yamaha pressure washer has large, never-flat tires that let you move the machine easily.


№5 – Briggs and Straton Power Boss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Briggs and Straton Power Boss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure Washer
The machine requires less effort to start.
Its pressure regulator lets you adjust the pressure washers’ PSI according to the nature of your cleaning task.
Briggs and Straton Power Boss 20649 Gas Powered Pressure Washer have a two-year warranty.

This pressure washer features a 187cc engine that provides sufficient power for residential cleaning purposes. Other notable features on this gas pressure washer include four quick-to-connect spray tips, an on-board detergent tank, never-go-flat wheels, a maintenance-free axial cam, and a 25 feet hose.


№6 – Powerstroke PS80544B Pressure Washer

Powerstroke PS80544B Pressure Washer
This 3000 pressure washer is PWMA certified.
It is easy to assemble.
The 12-inch flat-free wheels move easily even on rugged terrain.

This pressure washer from Powerstroke features a 212cc engine that gives you adequate power for medium size to large size cleaning tasks. It also features an on-board detergent tank, a four pro-style spray nozzle, and transport wheels. Furthermore, the pressure washer has a trigger hose, nozzle storage, and a 25-foot hose.


№7 – Simpson cleaning MS60763- S Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson cleaning MS60763- S Gas Pressure Washer
The pressure washer’s engine has a two-year warranty, and its frame has a five-year limited warranty.
Its hose is non-marking and abrasion resistant.
The pressure washer is designed according to EPA emission standards.

Simpson cleaning gas pressure washer features a 196cc engine that runs smoothly to let you clean stubborn dirt, mold, and any other soiled surface. Moreover, Simpson’s cleaning gas pressure washer features a sturdy steel frame that lasts long. Other attractive features on this gas pressure washer include a lock-out that prevents accidental gun trigger, a thermal relief system, a hose, and nozzles.


№8 – Generac 6922 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac 6922 Gas Powered Pressure Washer
Its compact size consumes less storage space.
You can regulate its pressure according to the nature of your task.
The pressure washer is easy to start.

This gas powered pressure washer from Generac features a user-friendly design that is easy to operate and easy to assemble. Its wheels never go flat and move smoothly through most terrains. Its shaft engine is precisely positioned to let you connect your hose easily. Other useful features on this pressure washer include cushioned grips, an easy-to-pull trigger, four easy-to-change nozzles, and a detergent tank.


№9 – Generac 6602 One Wash Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac 6602 One Wash Gas Powered Pressure Washer
A 2-year limited warranty backs the pressure washer.
Its variable pressure control helps you regulate the pressure according to the nature of your work.
The pressure washer is ergonomically designed to make your job easy.

This gas powered pressure washer features a powerful engine that lets you clean your car, patio, and many other surfaces. It features an easy to adjust pressure control, a foldable handle, a large capacity gallon tank, and easy-to-access connections. Furthermore, this gas powered pressure washer has a padded spray gun and a 30-feet pressure hose.


№10 – Simpson Cleaning MSH3125- S Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125- S Gas Pressure Washer
Its compact size consumes less storage space.
The pressure washer features an easy to use ergonomic design.
It has a two-year warranty.

Simpson Cleaning gas pressure washer features a new technology combustion chamber that utilizes less fuel but produces more energy. Moreover, the gas pressure washer has pneumatic tires, a spray wand, five spray tips, an axial cam pump, and a 25 feet pressure hose. The pressure washer meets EPA’s emission standards.


Features To Look For

Does it have a detergent system? A downstream (after the pump) detergent system is pretty hand to have. It allows you to use chemical to more effectively clean your vehicle or driveway.

AR Blue Clean

AR Blue Clean is a brand of pressure cleaner created by the well-known Italian pump company, Annovi Reverberi. They offer medium and light-duty electric units at an affordable price. They are very popular because they match affordable with durable and reliable since their pumps are well-built and designed.


Greenworks is the lawn and garden euipment brand of Globe Tools Co. These unit are manufactured in China, but manufactured with enormouse attention to quality control on the assembly line. They only offer electric power equipment ranging from lithium-ion battery powered lawn mowers to electric pressure washers.

Campbell Hausfeld

Campbell Hausfeld is a large company owned by the well-know Berkshire Hathaway Company. They offer all sorts of power tools and are especially well-know for their compressors. Their range of pressure washers includes 4x electric and 5x gas models.


Pressure-Pro is a relatively small company based out of South Florida. They are extremely well-know to American pressure washing contractors due to the custom built skids and trailers they make. They stick to the professional market and do private label deals to increase profit. They have unmatched quality according to many contractors.

Types of Pressure Washer

There are basically two types of pressure cleaners based on the kind of power it uses to run: gas and electric pressure cleaners.

Motors are installed inside the electric pressure washer which is run by electricity. There are basically three varieties of electric pressure washers: Universal which is pocket friendly and suitable for small household work. Induction has better performance than the Universal one, but you need to pay extra for that. Lastly, Water cooled is best electric pressure washer variety but it is pretty expensive and the performance is also much better than the other ones.

On the contrary, engines are installed inside the gas pressure washer. So pressure washers with greater cc engines will be more powerful and vice versa.

Light-duty Pressure Washers

This class of power washer produce 1500 to 1900 PSI of water pressure. These are economical and the best pressure washers for most home cleaning tasks:

The best value in a power washer at this level is the AR Blue Clean AR383SS 1900 PSI Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer. Its 13A of power puts out 1900 PSI. The 30-foot hose reaches all around a pickup. The cord storage, hose reel and wand holster make storage simple and fast.

The on/off switch and hose connections are accessible on the front. It comes with a fan spray nozzle, pencil spray, low pressure detergent nozzle and a turbo nozzle for the toughest grime-removal jobs. No wonder it is the top-selling home power washer in North America.

Medium-duty Power Washers

This power range puts out 2000 to 2800 PSI. This size of water blaster performs all the jobs that a light-duty machine can but faster:

Usually, this pressure range requires power from gasoline engines. The best pressure washer for car cleaning is in this category: the YardForce YF2200BL Electric Brushless Pressure Washer. This electric washer puts out 2200 PSI and 1.25 GPM and four digitally-controlled pressure settings to exactly match the application.

Heavy-duty Water Blasters

This level of pressure washer outputs 2900 to 3200 PSI plus ample GPM for blasting the toughest dirt, grease and grime. They do everything the medium-duty washers do, but more efficiently. They make quick work of preparing the exterior of a home for painting.

In our opinion the Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM blaster is the best power washer in this class. It has a lot of pro features such as a commercial-grade Honda GX200 OHV engine with Oil Alert, a poly-braided, kink-resistant hose, and a welded steel frame with pneumatic tires.

Commercial-grade Pressure Washers

These are the most powerful pressure washers you can buy. They produce 3300 PSI and above and plenty of GPM. They feature commercial-grade engines and durable components to withstand daily use through the toughest cleaning jobs.

How powerful is the Pressure Washer?

Two things that will help you to determine the cleaning power of the pressure washer you have chosen is its GPM and PSI.

GPM stands for gallons per minute and it determines that rate of flow of water per minute. If the force or flow of the water is more, then the area would be cleaned faster. Therefore, higher GPM would mean more water pressure and less time.

PSI stands for Pounds per square inch and it indicates the pressure of the water with which it is coming out. Cleaning power or CP of any pressure washer is determined by multiplying the GPM and PSI. The greater it is, the better it will be for the users. However, we must remember one thing in this context, that machines with the greatest GPM and PSI are very expensive and suitable for professional use.

Kinds of Pump

Pressure Washers generally have three kinds of pumps installed in it. They are the Triplex pump, Axial pumps and wobble pumps. Amongst these three the Triplex pumps are the best as they have shelf life of about 30 years and more even if it is used regularly. However, as all of us know that better things come with a better price so a pressure washer having Triplex pump will be dearer. If you are looking for a pressure washer to keep your house dirt free, then a machine with Axial pumps is pretty suitable as it is going to last long and is pocket friendly as well. If you are looking for a cheap and basic pressure washer and not a very expensive one, one with wobble pump is pretty suitable.


Expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI), low-pressure cold water power washers usually start at 750 to 1500 psi and are ideal for light jobs, such as cleaning decks, fences and patio furniture. Lighter pressure is also recommended to prevent scratching delicate surfaces. Mid-range products generate pressures in the 1500 to 3000 psi range. Higher-pressure products above 3000 psi are ideal for cleaning concrete, brick, industrial equipment, stripping paint, and eliminating grease as well as most stains.

Water Flow

Expressed in gallons per minute (GPM), lower-flow models in the .25 to 2.5 GPM range are popular with customers concerned about the impact of water on the surface, drainage considerations, and water usage — the lower the flow, the less water is used. On the other hand, higher flow pressure washers of 2.5+ GPM to 5+ GPM range expel more water and can clean more surface area in less time.

Water Temperature

Pressure washers offer a variety of water temperatures, ranging from those that use mainly cold water to machines that include their own heating units, which include boilers for some all-electric machines or heating coils for most other systems. Most hot water pressure washers range in temperature up to 210 ºF while the highest steam temperature levels for wet steam generation are up to 330ºF. Tri-mode pressure washers clean with cold water, hot water temperatures of 180ºF-210ºF or steam of up to 330ºF.

Steam pressure washers are the best, most effective power washing machines for degreasing, disinfecting/sanitizing, decontaminating, and more much, typically without the need for chemicals.

The higher the temperatures, the “greener” the pressure washing machine. Wet steam offers a dramatically higher level of cleaning power, allows for much faster cleaning, lower water usage, energy, and labor costs. Seek steam pressure washers with the highest temperatures possible for the most productive and fastest cleaning results.

Cold water power washer equipment is best used with approved cleaning agents and detergents. Green pressure washing chemicals are the most popular nowadays.

Power Source

The motors that generate the water pressure are usually powered by electricity, propane, or gasoline. Electric pressure washers are ideal for indoor use because they generate no exhaust. Keep in mind 120 volt as well as 230 volt, single phase electric motors are typically configured with pressure washers up to 1000 psi, while those above 1500 psi require 230 volts up to 600 volts, depending upon the combination of pressure, pressure, and flow rate levels.

Portable pressure washers are often gasoline, propane, or diesel powered since users can operate the machines when it is impractical or impossible to connect to a power outlet. Certainly, portable generators are available and popularly used for those who desire electricity to power and electric power washer even when cleaning in a remote area.

Heating Source

For heating water and steam, pressure washers generally use a burner-coil system that can be fueled by kerosene, diesel, heating oil, or propane. Coil quality is a key consideration when shopping for a heated machine. For less-expensive machines, choose long-lasting stainless steel heating coils. Some, low priced products use more fragile aluminum coils, which are prone to holes and eventual failure. Higher priced pressure washers should have heavy duty schedule 80 heating coils.

Do You Need 3000psi?

A pressure washer with this much PSI can be great to have around the house. They are able to clean the toughest dirt and grime. They can peel old paint off so that you can put new paint in its place. Mold, mildew, pollen, grease, oil, mud, and more will be washed away within seconds of firing up this pressure washer. Even dirt that has been ground in for years will be no match for this very high powered machine.

The downside to a pressure washer with this much power is that there is potential for it to damage some items. For instance, if you want a pressure washer that will wash your vehicle, this one will do it quickly, but you will have to be careful to not damage your vehicle’s paint. For washing vehicles you may need to either use a fan spray or stay back away from your car. Wooden surfaces, lawn furniture, bicycles, and other things will need the same consideration. In most cases, when dealing with softer items, you may want to angle the pressure washer nozzle as well to ensure that you do not risk causing damage.

Is 3000 PSI Worth It?

A lot of people feel that 3000 PSI is not something the average person needs. This amount of PSI is most often reserved for professionals who need to get a large area as clean as possible, quickly. That is why there are not many pressure washers available with this amount of pressure. However, if you do consider purchasing one of these units, you will never have to worry about whether you can handle that cleaning job or not. They can clean anything, even the most delicate items around your home, by simply adjusting the spray.

What Is Electric Pressure Washer?

Electric pressure washers are used to wash small and light materials, like vehicles or patio furniture, etc. There are gas pressure washers available too, but those are quite cumbersome and difficult to use for regular household work. Using an electric pressure washer is easier than the gas model as you can turn on the machine just by putting on the switch and operating it is simpler as you just need to run it on the dirt to remove those.

Several manufacturers claim that running their device is super easy as it can be plugged directly into an outlet with a built-in cord and no extension cord is necessary. But, here you need to follow the manufacturer’s guide or the user manual. If it can be run with the help of extension cord, then watch out for the specific cord that is compatible with your device and mentioned on the users’ manual.

Wobble Pump

Wobble pump is a kind of entry level pump and it’s better for home use.

This pump uses a wobble plate by connecting to the drive shaft that pushes the piston back and forth. Then the piston sucks in the water and pushes out water with huge force.

Large spring with the piston is a great matter as this allows the wobble plate work against the piston. That’s the reason for this wobble pump being just 70% effective. This kind of pump is of low PSI and GPM. This pump can run dry, producing high pressures. This pump works usually 400+ hours.

Axial Cam Pump

Better than wobble pump which can work at high pressure like 3400 PSI.

This is kind of intermediate level pump. The pistons rotate around a swash plate that strokes the piston in this pump. Then the pistons suck up water from one side and push it out to the other side. This kind of pump lasts longer than wobble pump (almost 800 hours).

Triplex Plunger Pump

Triplex plunger pump is named for having 3 plungers in it.

There is crankshaft, connecting rods to drive positive action pistons to suck in water. After each stroke, the pistons push out the water almost similar to the car engine. These pistons are 90% efficient and run cooler at less RPM. Triplex plunger pump is built with heavier components and bearing than axial cam pump.

Things You Should Consider before Buying a Pressure Washer

If you are going to buy an electric pressure washer, then you need to know certain things. A thorough buying guide for electric pressure washer will help you to get the right one

The most important thing you need to know is the purpose of buying an electric pressure washer for your home. Is it for industrial use or home use purpose? Based on the usage, you should buy the pump. Often people buy a gas pressure washer, but those are mainly for industrial use. For home use, electric pumps are the better options.

Know about Different Brands

Once you know what kind of pressure washer you want, you can go for the brand. There are several types of brand available at the market. You just need to find out how one brand is different from the other and why the chosen brand is the best suited for all your requirements.

Choose the Perfect Model or Design

You will get a variety of options when you decide to buy a pressure washer. Each pressure washer is different from the other by specifications, usage, features, etc. Check out the models, know the details and then select the perfect one for your usage.

Check out the Reviews

Once you figure out the model and the particular brand, you should go through the reviews before buying it finally. Today, online reviews are very important as those determine whether the product will get a good sale or not. Before deciding to purchase one, you can go through those reviews; you will get the fair idea and know whether your investment is going to the right appliance.

Check out the Warranty Period

Whatever you buy today, you must check out the warranty period. Usually, you will get one year warranty from maximum manufacturers. Buying a warranty-based product makes consumers quite comfortable as they can get guaranteed to get free servicing within that warranty period.

These are the important tips you need to know before buying an an electric pressure washer. When you have it, there are certain tips to follow to make the most use of it.


With pressure cleaners, power is measured in PSI, Pounds per Square Inch. This is the total water pressure created and the capability it has to dislodge grime per square inch of surface area. The higher the PSI the stronger the pressure power. The other measurement to take into consideration is the GPM, Gallons per Minute, this is an indicator of how much water is delivered through the pressure washer and will help determine how much surface area you will be able to clean per minute. The Pump is the most important part of any pressure washer, the higher the PSI and GPM produced, the more powerful the pump.

Soap Dispensing

Most pressure washers come with some form of detergent dispensing facility. The best are the built in soap dispenser tanks that are removable for storage so you can reuse the detergents at a later stage. Other units come with a plastic siphon that can be attached for dispersing the soap. It is always recommended that you use detergents that are safe to use with pressure cleaners and follow manufacturer’s directions carefully. Using bleach or any unsuitable soaps can damage the pump. Most units have a specific black nozzle which is essential for using when dispensing detergent.

Water Hoses and Connectors

Most pressure washers have two connection points, one to the garden hose which is low pressure and the other which is high pressure and connects to the hand held wand. Generally, copper connectors are considered to be a lot stronger and more reliable than plastic, and most come with a quick connect system. With regard to hoses typically high pressure hoses like M22 threaded are considered the best. Storing and winding the hose is also a consideration, and most pressure washers have a connection for collecting the hose, with some units suppling a wind-up reel which makes it easier to collect and store.

Wands & Nozzles

The pressure washer wands are connected to the hose with a quick connect system and the nozzles connect to the wand. Some units come with more than one wand give you the option of an extension wand or turbo wand. The wands are usually fitted with an auto stop trigger which gives you full control with a simple press and release system. The nozzles control the intensity and the type of spray required for specific jobs. Usually, a set of color coded interchangeable nozzles are included and these include white (40 degrees) green (25 degrees) yellow (15 degrees) and red (0 degrees) Black is usually supplied and used only when dispensing soap. Adjustable nozzles are easier to use as all it takes is a twist of the nozzle to change the spray pattern, but replaceable nozzles will give you more choices. Consider were you will be storing the nozzles, most units come with storage facilities for protecting and keeping all your extras in one place.

Safety First!

Pressure washers are not a toy, and it is advisable to carefully read the Owner’s Manual and follow the rules and regulations in order to avoid any unfortunate accidents. As suggested, and it is not extreme, wear sturdy footwear and goggles, surfaces get really wet and it is inevitably very slippery. Keep away from children and when in use never aim the hose at any person or animal as the sheer velocity of the water pressure can cause serious injury. When in use start with the widest spray angle at 2 feet away, this way you can test the pressure first and move closer if you feel you need more strength. Getting too close to surfaces can result in damage to paintwork or even puncture tires that are why it is advisable to keep a safe distance and choose the right nozzle for the job at hand. Always turn off the pressure washer and drain excess water before changing nozzles.

Are pressure washers safe?

Pressure washers can be dangerous tools and you should always follow strictly the manufacturer’s instructions. The pressure itself is powerful enough to cause severe injuries. The cleaning itself can dislodge small objects at great velocities. You should always use adequate clothing and protections when you are using a pressure washer.

We would recommend the use of safety glasses. You should never use a pressure washer from a ladder. And you should engage the safety lock whenever you are not actually cleaning.

There are many brands of power washers and I am not going to list them all. We have compiled a list of the 5 best brands by scanning through all the pressure washer reviews we could find.

Our result is based on the renown of the brand, the quality of their products and customer service and most importantly on the opinion of the users themselves. It’s not enough to have a well-known name, the customers must love your products.

AR stands for Annovi Reverberi and they have manufactured pumps for over 50 years. It’s an Italian company and they are present in more than a hundred countries across the globe. They are a major company in the cleaning sector. They are the pumps’ suppliers of several brands like Black&Decker, Michelin, Stanley, and Dewalt.

Storage and Maintenance

Storage of an electric machine is easier due to the non-existence of gasoline. All you need to do is to place the detergent suction hose in a bucket of water and use a hose to remove and clear the system of any soap residue. Empty the system completely, wipe down and store indoors to protect the pump and motor from extreme weather conditions. With the gas motors, it is essential to flush out the system with a fuel stabilizer. Make sure that there is no water left in the pump by placing the injection tube in a bucket of clean water and running the pump on a low setting for a few minutes. Depending on climatic conditions you might also need to add some anti-freeze to flush out the system as well. Release pressure and any water remaining with the spray gun and make sure that it is empty. Once the unit cools down, disconnect all the parts, wipe down and store in a cool dry place.

Chemical Injector

This power washer component makes it easier to clean with this type of device by pushing chemicals into the stream of water.

This is a way to describe how much water goes through the pump. Faster cleaning comes with a higher GPM.

Pressure Washer Features to Consider

High-pressure hose: These put out more cleaning power. They typically extend to approximately 25 feet, allowing you to easily move around while you clean.

Nozzles and tips:

Most consumer pressure washers have a single nozzle or tip that you can adjust. However, there are various options allowing you to use a nozzle or tip that is focused on the job at hand.

Detergent tank:

This is where you put approved cleaners and chemicals to use during pressure washer cleansing.

Sturdy tires:

You will need to move your pressure washer around, so you need tires that allow for easy movement and transport.

Accessory storage:

Many pressure washers have several accessories that you can remove and switch between.

Water temperature:

Some jobs require a certain temperature of water and you want to make sure that your chosen pressure washer can provide it.

Telescoping handles:

This allows you to adjust the length of the handle to ensure more efficient use.

Quick-connect capability:

This ensures that you are able to easily switch between various components so that you can get the job done as quickly as possible and without constant breaks.




How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

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Final Word

It’s difficult to find any sort of appliance that will last for years but costs less than you’d probably pay for a single professional visit. Pressure washers fit that description, though; you can get a high-quality electric unit, or even a very good gas one, for less than you might pay a home maintenance company or handyman to bring a commercial machine to give your property a good going-over. As we’ve mentioned, the other great thing about many of the electric pressure washers we’ve reviewed is that good light-duty machines can take care of chores which would be best suited to medium-duty machines, as long as you’re willing to put in a little more time and work.

When you’re ready to buy, first be sure to do an honest appraisal of how much washer you really require, and decide whether you’d rather deal with a machine connected by an electric power cord or one which requires the extra maintenance that comes with any gas-powered motor. With those decisions made, this list of the pressure washer reviews should give you the rest of the information you need to get the most for your money- and finally have a sparkling-clean property you’ll be proud to show off to neighbors or visitors.

So, TOP10 of 3000 PSI Pressure Washers:



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